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Item Photo Description Price Bidder
131.1t.jpgTwo Realistic Optomist One speakers 23" tall and a box 8 tracks.
26.00 4524
132.1t.jpgFisher audio components system model MC-4040
12.00 10507
133.1t.jpgTruMark sling shot with lots of ball bearings
8.00 9140
134.1t.jpgCollection of vintage albums to include Moody Blues, Swing, Disney, etc. Please preview for contents.
12.00 11599
135.1t.jpgThirty Greek Language Lessons and European history.
4.00 11972
136.1t.jpgTwo shelves of books to include: authors such as James Mizner, Dan Brown, David Eddings, etc. Many fiction, many non-fiction travel related.
2.00 12553
137.1t.jpgTwo shelf lot of DVD's and The Rolling Stone History of Rock & Roll
3.35 5256
138.1t.jpgFour book shelf lot to include: Tolkien, David Baldacci, etc. Please preview for contents.
18.88 10238
139.1t.jpgTwo shelf lot of Cd's and a coffee table books about Greece, cd's to include Jethro Tull, Bonnie Raitt, etc.
2.35 5256
140.1t.jpgPanasonic Cassette Player and cassettes in three wooden wine collector boxes.
7.25 11599
141.1t.jpgTwo VHS players one from GE and one from Sound Design and switchers. Please preview for content.
4.25 11972
142.1t.jpgBlack metal directional lamp 25" tall
3.00 5645
143.1t.jpgBrookstone massaging comfort pillow for the bed with light (we do not have the cord) and a box of books. Please preview for condition and content.
10.65 5746
144.1t.jpgTwo framed and matted photographs of nature and a matted, signed and numbered Amish Photograph no 662AP
1.00 13336
145.1t.jpgSet of horse head bookends 9" High and a clam shell lamp. Please preview for condition.
14.52 1312
146.1t.jpgTwo candlestick holders, two tiles by Mercado de la Artesania Espanol, etc. Please preview for contents
2.00 11972
147.1t.jpgWood reproduction of a 1930's London phone booth , has 3 shelves inside. 19" high.
12.50 6890
148.1t.jpgTin windmill music box and figurine of lady carrying rice. Both approximately 10". Please preview for condition
1.00 11972
149.1t.jpgThree very heave statues of a seal, a koala and a Panda bear. One is marked an S and all are approximately 10"H. Please preview for content.
24.13 1018
150.1t.jpgLot of books to include: The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Ken Follett, etc. Please preview for contents.
2.00 12553
1098.1t.jpgBooks to include: Gray's Anatomy, Death By Black Hole, etc. Please preview for contents.
4.01 1003
1099.1t.jpgBooks to include: Mythology, World Mythology. Please preview for contents.
2.00 12553
1100.1t.jpgThe History of Man's Space Flight and more flying books. Please preview for contents.
4.00 1344
1101.1t.jpgLot of art books to include: Erte, Pablo Picasso, etc. Please preview for content.
4.25 5256
1102.1t.jpgLot of fancy things to include: Small clock, varnished gourd, wind chimes, Murano like ornament, ceramic box, etc. Please preview for content.
5.25 9758
1103.1t.jpgLot of more fancy things to include: Four decorative wall plates from Greece, a ginger box, a lovely tray, etc. Please preview for content
6.78 10238
1104.1t.jpgDecorative array of animals. To include a Rhino, seal, beaver, bison, etc. Please preview for types of materials.
4.00 13299
1105.1t.jpgA lot of eggs! Four different sized eggs, with a clown figurine, and stands. Please preview for content.
2.00 11972
1106.1t.jpgCollection of backpacks, purses, evening bags, shopping totes, etc. made of fabric, leather, etc. Seventeen pieces total
0.00 11124
1107.1t.jpgSix string electric guitar, music book, hard sided case, and Fast Track Personal Recording Studio. Must preview!!!
110.00 4524
1108.1t.jpgHand made trunk contains a machete with hand made sleeve, four wallets, an authentic Chilean cowboy belt with fringe, a tapas hand made in Fiji. Please preview for completeness. You'll love it!
20.00 3499
1109.1t.jpgLovely fire screen has three panels and is approximately 40" W x 30" H with a fireplace tong.
37.00 9164
1110.1t.jpgReplogle12" Diameter Globe - World Classic Series on 29" stand.
31.00 1844
1111.1t.jpgJohn Murphy matted photograph of oranges 8.5" x 10.5" , a matted photograph of quilts on a clothes line 8.5" x 10.5" and an 18" x 20" print in frame with some damage to the print. Please preview for condition.
2.00 12553
1112.1t.jpgM.C. Escher photograph on glass "Waterfall" 11" x 14". Original ink and watercolor painting by N. Abdullah 11" X 14"
29.23 5008
1113.1t.jpgThree collector plates first 12" in diameter with an Egyptian theme, second is a 10" plate with an Egyptian theme and finally a 6" glass plate from France with a marking "Henriot Lumpier 82 France" with a boy and flowers painted on the front. Two glass hanging pieces. Please preview for quality.
4.00 11972
1114.1t.jpgLot of international trinkets to include: Three collector plates that appear to be from Chile and Mexico. Two boxes from Chili, two small containers , a painted slate coaster, and a bell. Please preview for contents.
2.25 5256
1115.1t.jpgFrank Lloyd Wright inspired and certified by the foundation an 13" x 7" window pane and a 7.5" x 40.5" glass pane of a Lewis Tiffany stained glass piece.
100.00 4854
1116.1t.jpgThree 7" x 18" glass panes depicting a mountain, trees, and waterfall.
32.00 1654
1117.1t.jpgClay nativity set, six pieces tallest is 2.5" and a pretty gold toned wood (?) frame with a saint on one side and "Simple Prayer" on the other 5.5" x 4". Please preview for quality.
3.25 5841
1118.1t.jpgSmall solar powered lamp with a person riding a bike. When the sun shines on it the little person starts pedaling!! So cute! Approximately 8" tall.
14.47 9164
1119.1t.jpgSix hanging stained glass figures including a palm tree, hummingbird, clown, etc. Three colored glass candle holders and a wooden candle holder. Please preview for contents.
3.25 11972
1120.1t.jpgDisplay plate depicting a wedding from Chile, a small metal plate from Mexico, a set of maracas and an instrument for dancing from Alaska.
2.00 11972
1340.1t.jpgMouth blown glass vine with three pulled glass decoration.
2.00 8268
1341.1t.jpgFramed and matted print 34" x 29".
4.35 8323
1342.1t.jpgSigned, numbered, framed and matted print depicting Greece. 19" x 15"
3.35 5256
1343.1t.jpgFramed and matted watercolor 18" x 22"
7.00 10238
1344.1t.jpgFramed vintage Coca-Cola ad 10" x 13"
2.25 5256
1345.1t.jpgFramed and matted photo of a barn and a pond 25" x 19"
2.00 3499
1346.1t.jpgTwo signed, numbered, framed and matted sketches purported to be from China by the family.
3750.00 1168

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