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Item Photo Description Price Bidder
147.1t.jpgWood reproduction of a 1930's London phone booth , has 3 shelves inside. 19" high.
12.50 6890
1108.1t.jpgHand made trunk contains a machete with hand made sleeve, four wallets, an authentic Chilean cowboy belt with fringe, a tapas hand made in Fiji. Please preview for completeness. You'll love it!
20.00 3499
1110.1t.jpgReplogle12" Diameter Globe - World Classic Series on 29" stand.
31.00 1844
1113.1t.jpgThree collector plates first 12" in diameter with an Egyptian theme, second is a 10" plate with an Egyptian theme and finally a 6" glass plate from France with a marking "Henriot Lumpier 82 France" with a boy and flowers painted on the front. Two glass hanging pieces. Please preview for quality.
4.00 11972
1114.1t.jpgLot of international trinkets to include: Three collector plates that appear to be from Chile and Mexico. Two boxes from Chili, two small containers , a painted slate coaster, and a bell. Please preview for contents.
2.25 5256
1115.1t.jpgFrank Lloyd Wright inspired and certified by the foundation an 13" x 7" window pane and a 7.5" x 40.5" glass pane of a Lewis Tiffany stained glass piece.
100.00 4854
1116.1t.jpgThree 7" x 18" glass panes depicting a mountain, trees, and waterfall.
32.00 1654
1117.1t.jpgClay nativity set, six pieces tallest is 2.5" and a pretty gold toned wood (?) frame with a saint on one side and "Simple Prayer" on the other 5.5" x 4". Please preview for quality.
3.25 5841
1370.1t.jpgEight inch tall blue Fiesta pitcher, a small green Fiesta creamer and a cute little glass fish!
22.00 3845
1375.1t.jpgStainless Steel flask from the Soviet Union the lid has an insignia of Lennon.
10.00 10238
1387.1t.jpgHummel little girl 3.5". 1987 25540
4.00 1344
1388.1t.jpgTwo glass ashtrays, one cut glass miniature vase, Velvet lined crystal trinket box with prism, porcelain box with lid, matching diminutive mirror and perfume bottle, two glass figurines tallest item is 3" tall. Please preview for contents.
3.00 11972
7898.1t.jpgLarge collection of The Three Stooges memorabilia to include: 1965 Gold Key Comics No's 21 & 23, collection of International Collectors Society stamps from several different countries (all in plastic sleeves with Certificates of Authenticity), lithograph steel lunch box, set of three Hallmark Christmas ornaments, shot glasses, cigarette lighter, land line phone attachment, golf balls, etc.
30.00 13127
7899.1t.jpgSideshow Collectibles "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" Prince Herbert doll. Appears to never have been taken out of package.
4.00 9164
7900.1t.jpgThree Chicken Run Playmates figurines unopened in original packaging. Characters include Rocky, Mac, and Ginger.
5.00 13127
7901.1t.jpgTwo Accoutrements Jesus Action Figures with posable arms and gliding action. New in package.
25.00 13268
7902.1t.jpgPEZ dispenser glow in the dark vampire, unopened in package.
1.00 5256
7903.1t.jpgSet of four collectable Star Trek glasses from the 2008 movie featuring the characters Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Nero. In addition to that we have Captain Jean Luc Picard from Star Trek the Next General.
6.25 13127
7912.1t.jpgTwo Lewis Black bobble head figurines, a mug, a ball pump, etc.
5.00 8268
7914.1t.jpgPresidential Commemorative coins mounted George Washington - Lyndon B. Johnson and a box of international coins such as: Argentina, Peru, Chile, England, Spain, Turkey, Jamaica, Italy, Canada, etc. Please preview for completeness.
18.00 13245
7937.1t.jpgVintage pilot's flight bag containing flight manuals, flight manual performance data, USAF flight crew checklist, integrated dual flight director location guide.
29.83 1018
7942.1t.jpgTwo vintage ammunition boxes in good condition.
12.01 12553
7964.1t.jpgCollection of space related models to include a capsule, landing module and a zeppelin.
56.00 1344
7966.1t.jpgFranklin Mint Limited Edition Three Stooges plates, twelve total. Please preview photos do not do them justice.
42.00 13127
7980.1t.jpgVintage to Antique Plate with President and Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower and two postcards from the White House. Please preview.
2.00 13245
7981.1t.jpgTwo Three Stooges collector metal signs approximately 16" x 13", lantern type candle holder, etc. Please preview for contents.
11.00 13127
7992.1t.jpgTwo vintage to antique leather bags and a sleeping bag. Please preview for condition
40.88 10238
8043.1t.jpgOld wooden cranberry scooper.
4.00 5746
8047.1t.jpgAntique leather folder with antique writings. Please preview for content and condition.
22.00 1018

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