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Item Photo Description Price Bidder
145.1t.jpgSet of horse head bookends 9" High and a clam shell lamp. Please preview for condition.
14.52 1312
146.1t.jpgTwo candlestick holders, two tiles by Mercado de la Artesania Espanol, etc. Please preview for contents
2.00 11972
148.1t.jpgTin windmill music box and figurine of lady carrying rice. Both approximately 10". Please preview for condition
1.00 11972
149.1t.jpgThree very heave statues of a seal, a koala and a Panda bear. One is marked an S and all are approximately 10"H. Please preview for content.
24.13 1018
1102.1t.jpgLot of fancy things to include: Small clock, varnished gourd, wind chimes, Murano like ornament, ceramic box, etc. Please preview for content.
5.25 9758
1103.1t.jpgLot of more fancy things to include: Four decorative wall plates from Greece, a ginger box, a lovely tray, etc. Please preview for content
6.78 10238
1104.1t.jpgDecorative array of animals. To include a Rhino, seal, beaver, bison, etc. Please preview for types of materials.
4.00 13299
1105.1t.jpgA lot of eggs! Four different sized eggs, with a clown figurine, and stands. Please preview for content.
2.00 11972
1109.1t.jpgLovely fire screen has three panels and is approximately 40" W x 30" H with a fireplace tong.
37.00 9164
1120.1t.jpgDisplay plate depicting a wedding from Chile, a small metal plate from Mexico, a set of maracas and an instrument for dancing from Alaska.
2.00 11972
1340.1t.jpgMouth blown glass vine with three pulled glass decoration.
2.00 8268
1380.1t.jpgThree item lot to include cork board 25" x 37", a three tier letter holder and a decorative wooden goose.
1.00 8323
7904.1t.jpgCollection of items to include" three candle holders, a Hilton ashtray, a music themed wall clock still in original packaging, and a hand signed ashtray
1.00 11972
7905.1t.jpgWonderful hand carved rosewood box with chopsticks, a collection of stones, minerals, shells, fossils, etc., painted steel stegosaurus, wall hanging kerosene lamp, Wittenberg College cup, etc. Please preview for complete contents.
3.00 11972
7906.1t.jpgPaper Macie mask of a puffin, a paper mache mask of a laughing Chinese face, ceramic figurine (devil??), stones and mineral and fossils, etc.
2.00 11972
7907.1t.jpgCollection of primarily souvenirs from: Athens, Egypt, The Alamo, Asian fans, champlev? box, etc. Please preview for contents
2.25 5256
7986.1t.jpgFour foot fabric Hosta plant, five plastic planters 7.5" (some with soil still in them), Scott's All Purpose plant food, two 25-count packages of peat pellets, etc. Please preview for contents.
7.01 12553
8000.1t.jpgSix gargoyles made of different materials largest is 9" tall. Please preview for condition.
12.00 12553

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