Category: GENERAL (25 records) 06/27/2017: CLOSED - Gates Estates in Tuckahoe VA 23228 - Bids close Tuesday June 27th 2017 from 10am ET at 4 lots per minute
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Item Photo Description Price Bidder
135.1t.jpgThirty Greek Language Lessons and European history.
4.00 11972
1119.1t.jpgSix hanging stained glass figures including a palm tree, hummingbird, clown, etc. Three colored glass candle holders and a wooden candle holder. Please preview for contents.
3.25 11972
1369.1t.jpgGlass cake stand (can also be used as a punch bowl), a teacup and matching plate with infuser and matching plate, a teapot with infuser and a marble cheeseboard.
4.51 5447
1376.1t.jpgSoda dispenser, Tupperware squeegee, a home made bread slicing guide and five trivets.
1.00 9583
7889.1t.jpgBronze mortar and pestle, onyx box with vintage marbles, two vintage to antique doilies, etc. Please preview for completeness.
7.50 11972
7890.1t.jpgFur and leather cushion and a fur and leather hat. Please preview.
3.00 4524
7923.1t.jpgInflatable air mattress and what appears to a Vintage Army bag.
3.25 10267
7924.1t.jpgLevered door room divider four panes each 12" wide and 80" tall
32.00 11030
7934.1t.jpgOdyssey Compact telescope 54" tall with detachable eye piece. Please preview for functionality.
39.01 11972
7939.1t.jpgThree shelf lot to include: painting supplies, caulking gun, stains, paint thinner, etc.
10.00 10421
7940.1t.jpgThree shelf lot including shelf of tape, glue, flashing, etc.
6.29 11972
7943.1t.jpgFour shelf lot to include shelf, wire, cleaning supplies, Kilz, various light fixtures, etc. Please preview for contents.
5.03 3315
7944.1t.jpgDrafting table with T-Square, floor protector and rolling stool.
26.01 4489
7947.1t.jpgContents of "Garden Shed" to include: garden cart, snow shovels, rakes, hoses, tarps, fertilizer, spades, pruners, buckets, aluminum ladder, etc. Please preview for contents.
55.01 12553
7951.1t.jpgLot of cleaning supplies to include:
4.01 8323
7952.1t.jpgErte poster, tourist map of London, needlework of hot air balloons. And a black metal torchiere. Please preview for working condition.
1.00 1344
7955.1t.jpgMultiple shelf lot to include Umbra bath tray, an unmarked pitcher, assorted telephones, clocks, battery operated lanterns.
3.25 11972
7961.1t.jpgEsseick Air Humidifier, collection of space bags, etc.
4.05 12553
7967.1t.jpgContents of shelving unit to include: Automatic coin roller and box of rolls, Cross pen refills, two Cross pencils and wood box, several pair of binoculars, American flag, can crusher, tripods, etc. Please preview for contents. DOES NOT INCLUDE SHELVING UNIT.
16.00 11972
7974.1t.jpgTwo box lots of surge protectors, VHS Rewinder, giant remote control, etc. Please preview for contents.
2.01 10267
7982.1t.jpgA cabinet of household and paper goods to include: Off, plastic cutlery, plastic cups, plastic bows, Skin So Soft, etc. Please preview for contents.
6.75 3315
7996.1t.jpgShelf lot of household things such as: Sur la Table mini food mill, cook books, Pomegranate tool, containers and the shelf itself 48" x 84" x 8.5". Please preview for contents.
5.15 4489
8032.1t.jpgHanging multi colored hammock, appears to be in good condition. One wind chime and one ceramic fish hanging on a string.
6.00 11972
8033.1t.jpgMetal bowl 16" diameter, cast iron lady bug, a frog figurine, etc. Please preview for contents.
4.00 9700
8041.1t.jpgTwo boxes of picture frames and photo albums. Please preview for Content.
1.00 12553

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