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06/27/2017: CLOSED - Gates Estates in Tuckahoe VA 23228 - Bids close Tuesday June 27th 2017 from 10am ET at 4 lots per minute

Item Description
131.Two Realistic Optomist One speakers 23" tall and a box 8 tracks.
132.Fisher audio components system model MC-4040
133.TruMark sling shot with lots of ball bearings
134.Collection of vintage albums to include Moody Blues, Swing, Disney, etc. Please preview for contents.
135.Thirty Greek Language Lessons and European history.
136.Two shelves of books to include: authors such as James Mizner, Dan Brown, David Eddings, etc. Many fiction, many non-fiction travel related.
137.Two shelf lot of DVD's and The Rolling Stone History of Rock & Roll
138.Four book shelf lot to include: Tolkien, David Baldacci, etc. Please preview for contents.
139.Two shelf lot of Cd's and a coffee table books about Greece, cd's to include Jethro Tull, Bonnie Raitt, etc.
140.Panasonic Cassette Player and cassettes in three wooden wine collector boxes.
141.Two VHS players one from GE and one from Sound Design and switchers. Please preview for content.
142.Black metal directional lamp 25" tall
143.Brookstone massaging comfort pillow for the bed with light (we do not have the cord) and a box of books. Please preview for condition and content.
144.Two framed and matted photographs of nature and a matted, signed and numbered Amish Photograph no 662AP
145.Set of horse head bookends 9" High and a clam shell lamp. Please preview for condition.
146.Two candlestick holders, two tiles by Mercado de la Artesania Espanol, etc. Please preview for contents
147.Wood reproduction of a 1930's London phone booth , has 3 shelves inside. 19" high.
148.Tin windmill music box and figurine of lady carrying rice. Both approximately 10". Please preview for condition
149.Three very heave statues of a seal, a koala and a Panda bear. One is marked an S and all are approximately 10"H. Please preview for content.
150.Lot of books to include: The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Ken Follett, etc. Please preview for contents.
1098.Books to include: Gray's Anatomy, Death By Black Hole, etc. Please preview for contents.
1099.Books to include: Mythology, World Mythology. Please preview for contents.
1100.The History of Man's Space Flight and more flying books. Please preview for contents.
1101.Lot of art books to include: Erte, Pablo Picasso, etc. Please preview for content.
1102.Lot of fancy things to include: Small clock, varnished gourd, wind chimes, Murano like ornament, ceramic box, etc. Please preview for content.
1103.Lot of more fancy things to include: Four decorative wall plates from Greece, a ginger box, a lovely tray, etc. Please preview for content
1104.Decorative array of animals. To include a Rhino, seal, beaver, bison, etc. Please preview for types of materials.
1105.A lot of eggs! Four different sized eggs, with a clown figurine, and stands. Please preview for content.
1106.Collection of backpacks, purses, evening bags, shopping totes, etc. made of fabric, leather, etc. Seventeen pieces total
1107.Six string electric guitar, music book, hard sided case, and Fast Track Personal Recording Studio. Must preview!!!
1108.Hand made trunk contains a machete with hand made sleeve, four wallets, an authentic Chilean cowboy belt with fringe, a tapas hand made in Fiji. Please preview for completeness. You'll love it!
1109.Lovely fire screen has three panels and is approximately 40" W x 30" H with a fireplace tong.
1110.Replogle12" Diameter Globe - World Classic Series on 29" stand.
1111.John Murphy matted photograph of oranges 8.5" x 10.5" , a matted photograph of quilts on a clothes line 8.5" x 10.5" and an 18" x 20" print in frame with some damage to the print. Please preview for condition.
1112.M.C. Escher photograph on glass "Waterfall" 11" x 14". Original ink and watercolor painting by N. Abdullah 11" X 14"
1113.Three collector plates first 12" in diameter with an Egyptian theme, second is a 10" plate with an Egyptian theme and finally a 6" glass plate from France with a marking "Henriot Lumpier 82 France" with a boy and flowers painted on the front. Two glass hanging pieces. Please preview for quality.
1114.Lot of international trinkets to include: Three collector plates that appear to be from Chile and Mexico. Two boxes from Chili, two small containers , a painted slate coaster, and a bell. Please preview for contents.
1115.Frank Lloyd Wright inspired and certified by the foundation an 13" x 7" window pane and a 7.5" x 40.5" glass pane of a Lewis Tiffany stained glass piece.
1116.Three 7" x 18" glass panes depicting a mountain, trees, and waterfall.
1117.Clay nativity set, six pieces tallest is 2.5" and a pretty gold toned wood (?) frame with a saint on one side and "Simple Prayer" on the other 5.5" x 4". Please preview for quality.
1118.Small solar powered lamp with a person riding a bike. When the sun shines on it the little person starts pedaling!! So cute! Approximately 8" tall.
1119.Six hanging stained glass figures including a palm tree, hummingbird, clown, etc. Three colored glass candle holders and a wooden candle holder. Please preview for contents.
1120.Display plate depicting a wedding from Chile, a small metal plate from Mexico, a set of maracas and an instrument for dancing from Alaska.
1340.Mouth blown glass vine with three pulled glass decoration.
1341.Framed and matted print 34" x 29".
1342.Signed, numbered, framed and matted print depicting Greece. 19" x 15"
1343.Framed and matted watercolor 18" x 22"
1344.Framed vintage Coca-Cola ad 10" x 13"
1345.Framed and matted photo of a barn and a pond 25" x 19"
1346.Two signed, numbered, framed and matted sketches purported to be from China by the family.
1347.Two framed and matted and signed "artist proofs" by K.D. Stark '68 20" x 20"
1348.Two Asian inspired art pieces larges is 18" x 14.5"
1349.Framed and matted Audubon Print of Blue Grass Beak Grouse 27" x 36"
1350.Framed and matted print by Georges Rouault 22" x 28" Owner says it is signed and numbered but that part is covered by the matt. Please preview for quality.
1351.Drum set with most pieces by TAMA, there are several maker, includes drums, stool, cymbals, extra parts, catalog, how to books, drum sticks. Preview for content.
1352.Cordova Acoustic guitar with stand, pick and book.
1353.Group of oil lamps the largest is 7" in diameter, two small globe like, and a lovely glass fish lamp.
1354.Brass piano lamp, a handmade doily and a small 12" painted wooden tray.
1355.Kolher & Campbell Spinet Piano includes music books and bench.
1356.Three step stool made by Cosco
1357.Vintage Teac Reel-to-Reel Model A-3440 Four Channel Simul-Sync. Please preview for functionality.
1358.Iris Giclee with Certificate of Authenticity by Deborah Jansen "Love, Love" original medium is watercolor and it is signed, matted and framed. The matting does have the poem "Love, Love" on it. 19" x 25"
1359.Framed and matted poster at Hot Air Balloon Rally at Leeds Castle, Kent, England
1360.Print on canvas of Picasso's Don Quixote 17" x 21"
1361.Book shelf, media rack, you decide! Eight feet long with shelves, 18" deep and 37" tall.
1362.Portable Cromwell vintage organ has a sustained pedal.
1363.Pine banquet table with two chairs. Banquet left side facing 52" L, right side facing is 68" long it is 34" tall, the table is 42" x 27" x 30" One chair needs leg reattached please preview for condition.
1364.Vintage framed print. 22" x 39"
1365.Two shelf lot to include: a glass pitcher with flowers, blue and yellow swirl martini glasses, two crooked leg martini glasses, hand painted small vase, two mugs, wine glass, etc.
1366.Fourteen inch wok, a 10" tube cake pan, 10" bunt pan.
1367.Knife set by Cook at Home in knife block and two tins. Honer is missing.
1368.Two shelf lot to include: Twelve multi-colored fiesta-like 11"plates , six multicolored lotus rice bowls, two ice cream bowls, five octagonal soup bowls and eight octagonal plates.
1369.Glass cake stand (can also be used as a punch bowl), a teacup and matching plate with infuser and matching plate, a teapot with infuser and a marble cheeseboard.
1370.Eight inch tall blue Fiesta pitcher, a small green Fiesta creamer and a cute little glass fish!
1371.Five assorted vases tallest is 13" tall, a toothpick holder and a shot glass.
1372.Stainless Steel Spinning spice rack 13.5" twenty glass jars with lids
1373.Three item lot to include a 10" stock pot, a 17" warming tray and a National Rice-0-Matic.
1374.Three bowl dip holder with three bowls, a multi colored trivet and mug.
1375.Stainless Steel flask from the Soviet Union the lid has an insignia of Lennon.
1376.Soda dispenser, Tupperware squeegee, a home made bread slicing guide and five trivets.
1377.Four piece place setting by Guy Fieri white with red rim. To include Four 10" dinner plates, 4 8" salad plates, 4 bowls and four mugs.
1378.Two shelf lot to include: 10" mixing bowl by Longaberger, four unique double old fashion glasses by Nova and four individual crocks for French onion soup or anything else your heart desires!
1379.Drawer lot to include: can opener, bottle opener, wine stopper, tea bag holder, watermelon slicer, etc. Please preview for contents.
1380.Three item lot to include cork board 25" x 37", a three tier letter holder and a decorative wooden goose.
1381.Art Deco Waterfall 1920's mahogany table with interesting base, table pads included. Matches lots 1382 - 1384, 68" x 38" x 30" (68" length is fully extended with 12" leaf .Please preview for condition, some nicks and apron veneer.
1382.Art Deco Waterfall 1920's mahogany buffet, with three drawers and two doors. 60" x 19" x 39" Matches 1381, 1383, 1384.
1383.Art Deco Waterfall 1920's mahogany glass cabinet, one glass upper door and two wooden lower drawers. 36" x 15" x 67" Matches lots 1381, 1382, 1384.
1384.Art Deco Waterfall 1920's mahogany chairs, one arm, five sides. One chair does need slight repair. Please preview for condition. Matches lots 1381, 1382, 1383
1385.Floral border rug eight feet by ten and a half feet. Rug is unmarked.
1386.Six Noritake dessert/salad plates, Waterford crystal ashtray, Lenox chamberstick and vase, Aynsley salt and pepper shakers.
1387.Hummel little girl 3.5". 1987 25540
1388.Two glass ashtrays, one cut glass miniature vase, Velvet lined crystal trinket box with prism, porcelain box with lid, matching diminutive mirror and perfume bottle, two glass figurines tallest item is 3" tall. Please preview for contents.
1389.Cut glass decanter and vase, machine cut glass cream pitcher, etc. Please preview for contents.
1390.Shelf lot to include shelf, candle holders, candles, Bobeches, etc. Shelf measures 36" wide.
7881.Cross stitch and embroidered angel by Judy Leone 19" x 14"
7882.Crystal chandelier with five lights numerous cut crystal prisms. Please preview for contents.
7883.Stained and leaded glass fixture with bronze mounted trim, one light, and is currently wired to be plugged in, with a six foot chain. 17" in diameter and 12" high. Please preview for functionality.
7884.Vintage WM Rogers coffee pot (engraved), E G W & S Staffordshire tray 21" long, Silverplate candlesticks, mismatched flatware. Please preview for contents.
7885.Silver plate chased footed tray with gallery rail and handle 14" long, julep cup, Reed & Barton centerpiece, beautifully repousse made in England silver soldered jar.
7886.Silverplate wine coaster, pewter coasters engraved, a Silverplate hot water pot, pewter bowl, Swedish olive grabber, etc.. Please preview for contents.
7887.Drawer lot to include: wooden and straw placements, cloth placemats, two tablecloths one pink linen and one vintage printed linen, etc. Please preview for content.
7888.Four Victorian Mahogany chairs with needlework seats.
7889.Bronze mortar and pestle, onyx box with vintage marbles, two vintage to antique doilies, etc. Please preview for completeness.
7890.Fur and leather cushion and a fur and leather hat. Please preview.
7891.Collection of costume jewelry and Florentine box. Please preview for condition.
7892.Contemporary style leather recliner 47" x 37" x 36. Matches Lots 7893, 7893
7893.Contemporary style leather three seat sofa 84" x 37" x 36" Matches Lots 7892, 7894
7894.Contemporary style two seat love seat 64" x 37" x 36 Matches Lots 7893, 7892
7895."This End Up" wooden lamp table with open shelf 27" x 20" x 20" Matches lot 7896
7896.This End Up wooden lamp table with open shelf 27" x 20" x 20" Matches lot 7895
7897.Wooden pedestal with a file drawer, pencil drawer, storage drawer, with a sliding top with more storage and a 27" Sony Trinitron
7898.Large collection of The Three Stooges memorabilia to include: 1965 Gold Key Comics No's 21 & 23, collection of International Collectors Society stamps from several different countries (all in plastic sleeves with Certificates of Authenticity), lithograph steel lunch box, set of three Hallmark Christmas ornaments, shot glasses, cigarette lighter, land line phone attachment, golf balls, etc.
7899.Sideshow Collectibles "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" Prince Herbert doll. Appears to never have been taken out of package.
7900.Three Chicken Run Playmates figurines unopened in original packaging. Characters include Rocky, Mac, and Ginger.
7901.Two Accoutrements Jesus Action Figures with posable arms and gliding action. New in package.
7902.PEZ dispenser glow in the dark vampire, unopened in package.
7903.Set of four collectable Star Trek glasses from the 2008 movie featuring the characters Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Nero. In addition to that we have Captain Jean Luc Picard from Star Trek the Next General.
7904.Collection of items to include" three candle holders, a Hilton ashtray, a music themed wall clock still in original packaging, and a hand signed ashtray
7905.Wonderful hand carved rosewood box with chopsticks, a collection of stones, minerals, shells, fossils, etc., painted steel stegosaurus, wall hanging kerosene lamp, Wittenberg College cup, etc. Please preview for complete contents.
7906.Paper Macie mask of a puffin, a paper mache mask of a laughing Chinese face, ceramic figurine (devil??), stones and mineral and fossils, etc.
7907.Collection of primarily souvenirs from: Athens, Egypt, The Alamo, Asian fans, champlev? box, etc. Please preview for contents
7908.White laminated cabinet with one door and two adjustable shelves. 12" x 12" x 29"
7909.Seven bed risers and seven carpeted furniture coasters
7910.Six inch blade hunting knife with sheath.
7911.Lot of National Geographic magazines and maps. Most are in six months National Geographic magazine holders. Dates range 1/88 - 12/2003. Photograph of Florida from the sky. Please preview for completeness.
7912.Two Lewis Black bobble head figurines, a mug, a ball pump, etc.
7913.Three nylon kites in bags and a vintage BrumBerger Pro- Ject-O-Scope in box.
7914.Presidential Commemorative coins mounted George Washington - Lyndon B. Johnson and a box of international coins such as: Argentina, Peru, Chile, England, Spain, Turkey, Jamaica, Italy, Canada, etc. Please preview for completeness.
7915.Lot of craft supplies including: paints, colored paper stock, feathers, beads,, needles, embroidery thread, pipe cleaners, one unused blank canvas 22" x 28", etch. Please preview for contents.
7916.Large lot of leather working tools, pattern books, leather, fur, leather dyes and glazes, cutting surface, leather awl, leather punch, etc. Shelf is included in lot.
7917.Phillips CDR 775 Auto CD Recorder, Technics Stereo Cassette Deck and a pair of Harman speakers. . Please preview for functionality.
7918.Hitachi DVD/CD/Video CD player Model No. DV-P315U and Sharp CD player Three beam laser pickup system Model DX-R750 (BK) and a pair of Sony 878-A27 speakers approximately 5" high, and zippered CD holder. Please preview for functionality.
7919.Sony Digital MAVICA MPEG Movie Quick Access FD 2X Model MVC-FD91 with case and GM 8mm Camcorder has 8x power zoom Model CG814 with manual and case. Please preview for functionality.
7920.ZUNE by Microsoft Model 0806 Part X12-59532-03 with case leather pouch, and manual . Please preview for functionality.
7921.Olympus OM 10 film and manual focus camera with and an Fotodix Lens mount adapter and case, and a 50mm and 52mm lens. Also includes case and various filters. . Please preview for functionality.
7922.Lot of three bags a data case with wheels and back pack straps and two camera cases
7923.Inflatable air mattress and what appears to a Vintage Army bag.
7924.Levered door room divider four panes each 12" wide and 80" tall
7925.Framed Coventry Cathedral poster an abstract combining the Piper window and the Head of Christ from the Southerland tapestry. 21" x 35"
7926.Matted and framed print by B.T. Keller. 23" x 19" Coordinates with lot no 7928
7927.A poster of a bear in the woods. Please see photographs! 20" x 16"
7928.Matted and framed print by B.T. Keller. 23" x 19" Coordinates with lot no 7926
7929.Framed photograph of the Grand Canyon 8" x 10"
7930.Matted and framed photograph of a cathedral 12" x 11"
7931.Matted an framed original painting acrylic on canvas by John Wright entitled "Solace" 14" x 23"
7932.Framed and matted appears to be an original work of art by Margot Gronholz
7933.Small foyer table six sided pedestal with a detachable round top. 18" W x 20" tall. Please preview for condition.
7934.Odyssey Compact telescope 54" tall with detachable eye piece. Please preview for functionality.
7935.Pair of matching doormats 32" x 20" and Small runner 44" x 20"
7936.Pair of matching doormats 47" x 30"
7937.Vintage pilot's flight bag containing flight manuals, flight manual performance data, USAF flight crew checklist, integrated dual flight director location guide.
7938.Lot of camping to include: Coleman Cooking Stove, Coleman Heater, Coleman Lantern, Coleman fuel, camp cooking utensils, seat cushions, beach umbrella, etc. Please preview for contents.
7939.Three shelf lot to include: painting supplies, caulking gun, stains, paint thinner, etc.
7940.Three shelf lot including shelf of tape, glue, flashing, etc.
7941.Bench lot to include hardware, screws, nails, tools, crowbar, handsaw, electrical supplies, plumbing supplies, lights, ceiling fans, etc. Please preview for contents.
7942.Two vintage ammunition boxes in good condition.
7943.Four shelf lot to include shelf, wire, cleaning supplies, Kilz, various light fixtures, etc. Please preview for contents.
7944.Drafting table with T-Square, floor protector and rolling stool.
7945.Three separate metal tool boxes and contents to include utility knives, allen wrenches, pliers, files, plumb line, clamps, socket wrenches and sockets, more wrenches, soldering guns and solder, electric drill, reciprocating saw blades, etc.
7946.Epic Floor Pro Heavy Duty Carpet Shampooer by Electrolux, carpet shampoo, multiple new replacement brushes and misc. vacuum parts.
7947.Contents of "Garden Shed" to include: garden cart, snow shovels, rakes, hoses, tarps, fertilizer, spades, pruners, buckets, aluminum ladder, etc. Please preview for contents.
7948.Lady's Schwinn Wild Sport Street Bike, with accessories to include: basket, tire pump, extra tire, three helmets, locks, reflectors, lights, etc. And as a bonus a small box of tricycle tires! Please preview for contents. Please preview for contents and condition.
7949.Snapper Big 6 with ninja recycling mower. Six horsepower. Has bag attachment and cover with folding handle. Please preview for functionality.
7950.Pair of aluminum circular garden trellises. 7.5 feet tall
7951.Lot of cleaning supplies to include:
7952.Erte poster, tourist map of London, needlework of hot air balloons. And a black metal torchiere. Please preview for working condition.
7953.Lot of holiday decorations mainly Christmas and Easter. Cards
7954.Two wool throws and three cotton.
7955.Multiple shelf lot to include Umbra bath tray, an unmarked pitcher, assorted telephones, clocks, battery operated lanterns.
7956.Sears Kenmore Portable Sewing Machine it is vintage and has an assortment of fabrics, felts, etc. Please preview for contents and working condition.
7957.Contents of closet to include a number of women's clothing to include: dress, shirts, outerwear, shoes, etc.
7958.Lot of toys and games to include: Pente Board Game, Go Board Game, Light Up Jigsaw puzzle, Hot Wheels Cars, etc.
7959.Star based office chair with adjustable seat.
7960.Two Stanley Facets door mirrors in package measuring 12" x 48"
7961.Esseick Air Humidifier, collection of space bags, etc.
7962.Vintage to Antique Lolling chair with matching gout stool.
7963.A green bound rug 107" x 72"
7964.Collection of space related models to include a capsule, landing module and a zeppelin.
7965.An assortment of soft side bags of various sizes and a vintage hard side case from Kenneth Cole and Samsonite, an assortment of hangers, mostly wooden, etc. Please preview for contents.
7966.Franklin Mint Limited Edition Three Stooges plates, twelve total. Please preview photos do not do them justice.
7967.Contents of shelving unit to include: Automatic coin roller and box of rolls, Cross pen refills, two Cross pencils and wood box, several pair of binoculars, American flag, can crusher, tripods, etc. Please preview for contents. DOES NOT INCLUDE SHELVING UNIT.
7968.A lot of sports equipment to include: two tennis rackets, bats, Jump-Aroo Pogo Stick, etc. Please preview for contents.
7969.Wire shelving unit with five shelves 35.5" x 72". DOES NOT INCLUDE CONTENTS..
7970.Wire rolling filing unit with two attached wire baskets. Will fit both letter and legal size hanging folders. 25" x 15" x 24"
7971.Veneer armoire with two doors and two drawers 35" x 58.5" x 16" and a miniature cabinet 17" x 4" x 15"
7972.Office Max shredder. Please preview for functionality.
7973.Book case (?) has four shelves, a sliding glass frosted door. 29.5" x 23.5" x 19.5"
7974.Two box lots of surge protectors, VHS Rewinder, giant remote control, etc. Please preview for contents.
7975.Lot of office supplies to include: book shelf, binders, tape, pens, pencils, waste basket, binder clips and so much more!! Please preview for contents.
7976.Windmere standing fan and a Lakewood vertical oscillating fan.
7977.Vintage "Stereo Realist" camera in leather case.
7978.Four posters framed. One depicts the cockpit of a space shuttle, another of a Starflight cockpit. Please preview. Largest is 38" x 25.5"
7979.Closet of men's shoes mostly nine and a half includes Converse, Claymore, several pair of leather boots, etc. Please preview for size and content.
7980.Vintage to Antique Plate with President and Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower and two postcards from the White House. Please preview.
7981.Two Three Stooges collector metal signs approximately 16" x 13", lantern type candle holder, etc. Please preview for contents.
7982.A cabinet of household and paper goods to include: Off, plastic cutlery, plastic cups, plastic bows, Skin So Soft, etc. Please preview for contents.
7983.Approximately six foot Christmas tree in storage bag.
7984.Lot of Christmas!! To include: C3 Garden Ridge two four foot trees, on five foot tree with white lights, white light wreath, reindeer candelabra, candles, etc. Please preview for contents.
7985.Lot of Halloween decorations to include: giant spider, some not so giant spiders, Jack-O-Lanterns, decorations, etc. Please preview for contents.
7986.Four foot fabric Hosta plant, five plastic planters 7.5" (some with soil still in them), Scott's All Purpose plant food, two 25-count packages of peat pellets, etc. Please preview for contents.
7987.Neo Style 24" towel bar and pair of Vista vinyl mini blinds in alabaster 31" Wide x 64" Long. New in box.
7988.Small side table 28" x 18" x 20" H and a large plastic kibble container full of bird food. Same table as lot 7991
7989.Lot of four seed bird feeders, two hummingbird feeders, two plastic candle holders, and a fish tank/terrarium 10.5" x 20", etc. Please preview for contents.
7990.Twenty five inch tube tv with remote and antenna, framed and matted photograph of a house 26" x 22", and a wood side table 22" x 28" x 30". Please preview for functionality.
7991.Small side table 28" x 18" x 20" H and a large plastic kibble container. Table is the same as lot 7988
7992.Two vintage to antique leather bags and a sleeping bag. Please preview for condition
7993.Presto Heat Dish Plus 15" diameter. Please preview for functionality.
7994.Canvas container of children's things to keep them entertained! Includes: two basketballs, Disney's Elena Stitch N' Style Purse activity (appears to be new in package), jump rope with wooden handles, Pull and Learn Phonics books, School Memories Scrapbook for children, Kindergarten and First grade workbooks, rubber kick ball size ball and small one (both need air), etc. There a really nice things here! Please preview for contents .
7995.Shark floor steamer. Please preview for functionality.
7996.Shelf lot of household things such as: Sur la Table mini food mill, cook books, Pomegranate tool, containers and the shelf itself 48" x 84" x 8.5". Please preview for contents.
7997.Four shelf lot to include: Windex, cedar grilling planks, remote cooking thermometer, small laundry basket with lid, six Corelle coffee cups, suction cup bird house (you get to watch the babies!), whipped cream bottle with box of chargers, portable water pump, etc. Please preview for contents.
7998.Cabinet lot of cups, juicer, mugs, thermos, scale, pans, etc. Please preview for contents.
7999.Seven outdoor table clothes in several themes to include: Fourth of July, Halloween, Autumn, St. Patrick's Day, etc. And two fabric tablecloths. Please preview for contents and sizes.
8000.Six gargoyles made of different materials largest is 9" tall. Please preview for condition.
8031.Flower punched tin hanging lamp 19" in diameter.
8032.Hanging multi colored hammock, appears to be in good condition. One wind chime and one ceramic fish hanging on a string.
8033.Metal bowl 16" diameter, cast iron lady bug, a frog figurine, etc. Please preview for contents.
8034.Shop Vac by QSP Quiet 3.5 horse power. Please preview for functionality.
8035.Woven (braided) Browns and tans rug. 97" x 139" Please preview for material.
8036.Lot of books to include: Tom Clancy, James A. Mitchener, Rick Mitz, Weird Virginia, Little Women, Chronicle of Aviation, etc. Please preview for contents
8037.Lot of space photos such as: framed and matted photo of the earth from outer space, framed photo of rocket launch, framed photo of Florida from space, etc. Also to include books about space to include: Genesis, Rock Encyclopedia, Quantum Mechanics. Please preview for contents.
8038.Box of Central American books very old. Some written in 1825. Please preview for contents and condition.
8039.Relics of Ancient English Poetry volumes one through four. Copywrite 1823. Please preview for condition and content.
8040.Lot of books to include: Ghost Stories, Signing for Dummies, The Joy of Singing, Gulliver's Travels, Architectural Digest from 1979 -1981, etc. Please preview for contents.
8041.Two boxes of picture frames and photo albums. Please preview for Content.
8042.Collection of antique books to include: Jefferson and the Ordeals of Liberty, Jefferson and the Rights of Man, The Comic History of England, Gods and Heroes, etc. Please preview for content.
8043.Old wooden cranberry scooper.
8044.Two framed album covers. Collection of books in Spanish to include: La Civilization Espanola, Facundo, Poesias Completa de Jose Marti, several alumni directories from Queen's College, Cleveland Heights High, etc. Please preview for contents
8045.Large collection of books to include Prologue to Conflict, Tattoo U, What if?, The True Believer, Inferno, The Conquest of New Spain, The Awakenings of American Nationalism, etc. Please preview for contents
8046.LED cordless picture light.
8047.Antique leather folder with antique writings. Please preview for content and condition.
8048.Two framed Ansel Adams posters. Largest is 22" x 20"
8049.Framed Alice Dalton Brown poster entitled "Summer Breeze" 38" x 26"
8050.Alice Dalton Brown poster framed 40" x 26"
8051.Thirteen original ink on paper drawings of various places in Peru. All are beautifully and professionally framed. Each one is approximately 8.5" x 11"
8052.Acrylic painting on textured paper "Mother and Child" by Eustas P. Ziegler. 21" x 17"
8053.Scunci Steamer Cleaner handheld with attachments. Please preview for contents.
8054.Multi color squares rug runner 245" x 34"
8055.Weighted silver candlestick marked STERLING
8056.Five mismatched pieces of silver flatware, three teaspoons, child's fork and an olive fork, all marked STERLING, 80 grams
8057.Georg Jensen sterling silver compote marked "Wessin, Denmark, 17 A, STERLING" and hallmarked. 4"H, 186 grams
8058.Two sterling silver pin dishes, each one with a 1907 5 Sol Peruvian coin. The dishes are marked PLATA ESTERLINA A MANO. 252 grams
8059.Theodore B. Starr silver open sugar bowl and matching creamer, hallmarked, marked 1445 STERING, 199 grams
8060.Round silver tray marked "Sanborns Mexico STERLING", 11" Dia., 561 grams
14561.Six transitional dining chairs of braided rush and wood. Totally unique!!! ** Consignor Item **
14562.Multi Media three dimensional wall hanging made of all natural materials depicting a ship 40" x 43" ** Consignor Item **
14563.Framed print of roses with French writing in the background. 22" x 26" ** Consignor Item **
14564.Console that turns into a desk with fitted interior. Jacobean style legs with a lower shelf. 48" x 19" x 33" ** Consignor Item **
14565.Matted and Framed diploma. 20" x 17" ** Consignor Item **
14566.Framed still-life, 38 x 40H ** Consignor Item **
14567.Handmade maple dulcimer, with wall mounted rack, by Dirk Rotti in Southwestern Virginia. One string should be replaced. ** Consignor Item **
14568.Reclaimed mahogany bachelor's chest, three drawers, 34 x 17 x 24H ** Consignor Item **
14569.Handmade mango five drawer pedestal, 12dia. X 30H ** Consignor Item **
14570.Four shelf, wooden slatted unit, 24 x 16 x 76H ** Consignor Item **
14571.Steel and rush tea tray, 24 x 17 ** Consignor Item **
14572.Cast iron doorstop, painted, Goose theme, 8H ** Consignor Item **
14573.Leather composite elephant, 18H ** Consignor Item **
14574.Emerson Creek Pottery of Bedford, Virginia Teapot, Irises, dated 1992, 7H ** Consignor Item **
14575.Emerson Creek Pottery of Bedford, Virginia Teapot, violets, dated 1993, 7H ** Consignor Item **
14576.Lot of acrylic and plush throws ** Consignor Item **
14577.Framed print, "Fishing by Arthur Hunter, 23 x 29H ** Consignor Item **
14578.Reclaimed mahogany drop front writing desk, fitted interior, ball and claw feet, 28 x 15 x 41H ** Consignor Item **
14579.Framed and matted botanical print, 14 x 25H ** Consignor Item **
14580.Framed and matted dimensional piece, 16 x 31H ** Consignor Item **
14581.Wooden frame 31 x 32, wooden frame 29 x 65, two Kenney metal drapery rods, new in package with hardware ** Consignor Item **
14582.Stretch mounted print on canvas, 16 x 20H ** Consignor Item **
14583.Five shelf oak bookcase, three adjustable shelves, 24 x 12 x 72H ** Consignor Item **
14584.Bamboo cutting board from Farberware, 21 x 15 ** Consignor Item **
14585.Paper shredder, Tech Solutions, please preview for functionality. ** Consignor Item **
14586.Carved wooden overlay framed, guilt, mirror, 17 x 59H ** Consignor Item **
14587.Drop leaf mahogany Pembroke-style lamp table with one dovetailed drawer, 15 x 23 x 26 closed, 36W open ** Consignor Item **
14588.Rattan or wicker wing chair with ottoman, three cushions and bolster pillow, 29 x 36 x 40H chair, 26 x 17 x 17H ottoman. ** Consignor Item **
14589.Rattan or wicker wing chair, two cushions and bolster pillow, 33 x 32 x 34 ** Consignor Item **
14590.Portable folding massage by Fitmaster, with detachable headrest, 29 x 84 x 28H ** Consignor Item **
14591.Stretch mounted print on canvas, 32 x 44H ** Consignor Item **
14592.Wood framed mirror with beveled glass, 16 x 34H ** Consignor Item **
14593.Stretch mounted print on canvas, 48 x 38H ** Consignor Item **
14594.Framed print, 34 x 46H ** Consignor Item **
14595.Vintage cherry headboard, footboard, with side rails and slats, 57 x 43H headboard ** Consignor Item **
14596.Better Homes full-size embroidered coverlet with two matching pillow shams, two coordinating Euro pillows ** Consignor Item **
14597.Large wheeled Rubbermaid bin chocked full of exciting stuff! Three inflatable vests, three sets of diving gloves, air pump, two four pairs of flippers (two are Cressi Frog, one Scubapro Jetfin, one AMF Skin Diver), four snorkels, two weighted belts, two ankle weights, two collection bags. Please preview for complete contents. ** Consignor Item **
14598.Reclaimed mahogany and glass tower, three shelves, one door, 12 x 12 x 49H ** Consignor Item **
14599.Wooden model of "Frigata Siglo XVIII" with fabric sails, wooden base, brass plaque, 24H. Please preview for condition. ** Consignor Item **
15670.Large collection of gardening and birdwatching books, hardback and softcover. Please preview for complete contents. * Consignor Items *
15671.Large collection of cat related books, ranging in theme from comedic, inspiring, informational, anecdotal, and geared towards care. There are large, coffee table sized books down to smaller, pocket sized gift books. Please preview for complete contents. * Consignor Items *
15673.Assortment of self-help and inspirational books by various authors ranging from Norman Vincent Peale to Richard Carlson. Please preview for complete contents. * Consignor Items *
15674.Collection of annuals and yearbooks from Bishop Byrne High School, Nederland High School, Hillboro Community High School, Lamar State College, C. O. Wilson Junior High School, etc. Please preview for complete contents. * Consignor Items *
15675.Large assortment of primarily Roman Catholic oriented books, many about the Popes. Please preview for complete contents. * Consignor Items *
15676.Assortment of cookbooks from various authors and publishers to include Southern Living, Good Housekeeping, Paula Deen, etc. Please preview for complete contents. * Consignor Items *
15677.Collection of books pertaining to the British royal family from Edward the Confessor to Elizabeth II, including many books about Henry VIII and a coffee table book from Charles' and Diana's wedding. Please preview for complete contents. * Consignor Items *
15678.Books about crafts, needlework, organization, etc. from Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Living, Laurel Burch. Please preview for complete contents. * Consignor Items *
15679.Assortment of miniature books with various subjects including Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, cats, etc. Please preview for complete contents. * Consignor Items *
15680.Wide assortment of books related to World War II, reflecting multiple viewpoints. Please preview for complete contents. * Consignor Items *
15681.Large collection of books, primarily history, to include European, American, and Asian subjects. Please preview for complete contents. * Consignor Items *
15682.Broad assortment of books pertaining to the Civil War, from various viewpoints. Please preview for complete contents. * Consignor Items *
15683.Wide array of text books and teaching manuals with broad interests. Please preview for complete contents. * Consignor Items *
15684.A selection of classic literature to include such titles as "A Separate Peace", "Silas Marner", "The Idiot", "the Turn of the Screw", etc. Please preview for complete contents. * Consignor Items *
15685.Wide assortment of oversized, softcover novels, more contemporary in nature, to include authors such as Lisa See, Michael Robatham, Lee Smith, Ann B. Ross, Abraham Verghese, and many others. Please preview for complete contents. * Consignor Items *
15686.A number of "The Far Side" books by Gary Larson as well as Rich Hall and W.B. Park. Please preview for complete contents. * Consignor Items *
15687.Primarily hardcover novels to include "Downton Abbey", "Bulls Island", "Gone With the Wind" (oversized softcover, in non-pristine condition), and "Dust on the Sea". Please preview for complete contents. * Consignor Items *
15688.Children's books to include "The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus", "The Velveteen Rabbit", "Winnie-the-Pooh", "Sounder", etc. Please preview for complete contents. * Consignor Items *
15689.Small assortment of vintage English textbooks. Please preview for complete contents. * Consignor Items *
15690.Assortment of classic literature to include "The Norton Anthology of English Literature" volumes 1 and 2, "Shakespeare, The Complete Works", etc. Please preview for complete contents. * Consignor Items *
15691.Array of older books, including "The Poetical Works of Robert Burns" 1887, the oldest book being "Fourteen Weeks in Zoology" dated 1876. Several miniature books as well. Please preview for complete contents. * Consignor Items *

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