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02/17/2021: CLOSED - February 17th Gallery Online Auction - Closing: Wednesday 02/17/2021 from 10am ET at 5 lots per minute

Item Description
100.Sterling silver bowl; 9.25" diameter, weighs 200 gms
101.Wallace sterling silver footed bowl; 7" diameter, weighs 445.5 gms
102.Sterling silver bowl; 6" diameter, weighs 60.9 gms
103.Assorted sterling silver souvenir spoons and forks; largest 6", combined weight 211.5 gms
104.17" single-strand pearls with 14K gold clasp
105.Unmarked gold ring, size 9, includes box
106.14K gold ring, size 11, weighs 9.3 gms
107.10K gold and diamond ring, size 6
108.10K gold ring, size 6, weighs 2.1 gms and scrap 14K gold ring weighing 1.3 gms
109.3 jade pendants with 14K gold trim
110.Jade bracelet, earrings and pendant
111.14K gold and colored stone bracelet
112.18K gold Victorian mount ring with purple stone, size 4.5, weighs 3.1 gms
113.10K gold Victorian ring with tigers eye cameo, size 6.5, weighs 2.5 gms
114.14K gold ring with yellow stone; size 4, weighs 5.1 gms
115.Vintage 14K gold and diamond ring set size 6.5, combined weight 6.4 gms
116.14K gold earrings; combined weight 2.6 gms
117.Unmarked gold stickpin with red stone
118.14K white gold ring with Art Deco setting and purple stone, size 5, weighs 3.9 gms
119.Assorted jewelry, includes Victorian cameos, stone bolero, rosaries, religious pendant and others; sterling weighs 48.1 gms
120.Vintage jewelry including Siam sterling silver earrings, sterling pins, money clip, collar clips; sterling weighs 51.9 gms
121.Sterling silver and CZ bracelet, money clip marked Mexico and stainless steel bracelet with sterling ends
122.Sterling silver ring with pink stones; size 7, weighs 3.3 gms
123.7 pairs clip-on earrings including sterling, Mexico silver; sterling weighs 12.6 gms
124.Vintage costume jewelry, includes silver tone cherub buckle, sterling, pendant, sterling pin; sterling weighs 28.2 gms
125.Czechoslovakian green stone and gold tone bracelet, 2 sterling seahorse pins and other costume jewelry; sterling weighs 23.3 gms
126.Sterling silver necklace; 10.8 gms
127.Sterling silver necklace
128.Assorted vintage sterling silver pendants; combined weight 47.1 gms
129.Costume jewelry, includes sterling pin, necklace, earrings and pendant, other costume, mother-of-pearl jewelry and lipstick case; sterling weighs 27gms
130.800 silver bracelets with turquoise colored stones; weighs 42.8 gms
131.Sterling silver chain and pendant
132.3 sterling silver bracelets; combined weight 31.6 gms
133.3 sterling silver rings, green jade with marcasites, size 6.5, yellow Jade with marcasites size 7 and one green jade size 8
134.Veronese 18K bonded sterling multi strand mesh necklace, 17" long, includes original box, weighs 12.7 gms
135.Pair of carved wood salad servers with sterling silver handles; each 11" long
136.Trumpet form sterling silver bud vase with weighted base; 6.25" tall
137.11 glass and sterling silver coasters; each 3" diameter
138.Wood salad spoon with sterling silver handle; 11" long
139.Weighted sterling silver basket with weighted base; 6" tall
140.Pair of weighted sterling silver salt-and-pepper shakers; 3" tall
141.5 glass and sterling silver coasters; 4" diameter
142.Pair of Stieff weighted sterling silver candlesticks; 3.5" tall
143.Pair of weighted sterling silver candlesticks; 4.5"
144.Pair of weighted sterling silver candlesticks; 3" tall
145.2 Tiffany pens, 1 is sterling; 6" long
146.Sterling silver basket with weighted base; 6.5" diameter
147.Pair of weighted sterling silver tall candlesticks; 10"
148.Pair of weighted sterling silver Towle candlesticks; 4" tall
149.Duchin Creation weighted sterling silver 3-arm candelabra; measuring 11" across
150.Pair of weighted sterling silver candlesticks; 3.5" tall
151.7 assorted sterling silver and glass coasters; largest 4"
152.Pair of weighted sterling silver candlesticks; 3.75" tall
153.Pair of weighted sterling silver candlesticks; 3" tall
154.Pair of weighted sterling silver candlesticks; 3.25" tall
155.Pair of weighted sterling silver candlesticks; 3" tall
156.Pair of weighted sterling silver candlesticks; 3" tall
157.Pair of weighted sterling silver candlesticks; 2.75" tall
158.Pair of weighted sterling silver candlesticks; 3.5" tall
159.Hamilton Sterling silver bowl with weighted footed base; measures 4.5 x 9.5"
160.Sterling silver tea infuser weighing 21.2 gms, International sterling shot glass weighing 9.8grams, sterling silver and glass weighted saltshaker; largest 3"
161.Sterling silver basket with weighted base; 5.25" diameter
162.Sterling silver footed bowl with weighted base; 6" diameter
163.Glass bowl with detachable weighted sterling silver base; measures 4.5 x 6"
164.Pair of Priesner weighted sterling silver 3 light candlesticks; each 5 x 9"
165.2 weighted sterling silver salt-and-pepper shakers; 4.5" tall
166.Pair of weighted and glass lined sterling silver salt-and-pepper shakers; 4.5" tall
167.Pair of sterling silver salt and pepper shakers; 3.25" tall, combined weight 50.2 gms
168.5 sterling silver and glass coasters; each 4" diameter
169.Matching weighted sterling silver creamer and sugar bowl; each 4" tall
170.5 sterling silver knives, forks and serving pieces with weighted sterling silver handles; largest 12"
171.4 weighted sterling silver candlesticks; largest 8"
172.Etched glass bud vase with weighted sterling silver base; 10" tall
173.Pair of sterling silver and glass salt-and-pepper shakers; 3" tall
174.Sterling silver bowl with tall, weighted base; 6"
175.Bag of vintage and signed costume jewelry assortment
176.Gold fill and colored stone costume pin
177.Gold filled necklace
178.Collection of Bradford Exchange Yorky dog jewelry, includes rings, bracelet and 2 necklaces, includes boxes
179.Swarovski crystal gold tone pin with box; 2.75" diameter
180.Italian micro mosaic and Venetian glass jewelry, includes pins, bracelet and earrings
181.Costume jewelry, includes beaded necklaces with sterling silver clasp
182.Matching set faux pearl and beaded earrings, bracelet and necklace
183.Costume jewelry, includes tigers eye necklace, Egyptian pendant, necklaces, and German World War II red enamel stickpin
184.Vintage bracelets, and earrings, some are bakelite
185.Bakelite and cork necklace and pin
186.Costume jewelry, includes Safari and other
187.Silver tone Egyptian filligree bracelet
188.Wristwatches including faux Gucci, Bulova and unmarked
189.Baume and Mercier vintage wristwatch
190.Monarch rolled gold watch pin and W & W watch
191.Vintage watches, includes Hanover, Crawford, Hamilton, Bulova
192.German made Poresa locket watch with 17 jewel alarm movement
193.Assorted vintage wristwatches, includes Kronatron, Norbee, Chateau, Timex, Rotary, Lucerne, Medana, Gildcrest and Gruen
194.Bradford Exchange Washington Redskins wristwatch with box
195.Complete trilobite cast and mold, ammonites - raw, ammonite - polished, brachiopods - polished, cephalopods
196.Plastic tub containing quantity of Virginia amethyst
197.2 amethysts; largest 10"
198.Various fossils, includes 2 fish fossils dendritic iron in limestone; largest 7"
199.Geodes, roses and mica; largest 4"
200.Assorted minerals, slabs, cabochons and various polished agate; largest 7"
201.Petrified wood, lava, geode and amethyst; largest 7"
202.Assorted emeralds, various sizes and cuts
203.Assorted gemstones, obsidian quartz and thunder egg; largest 5"
204.1820 Register of the Land Office deed signed Andrew Jackson; paper measures 10 x 16", frame measures 16 x 21.5" (preview for authenticity)
205.5 miniature Collezioni miniature clocks
206.8 Pukeberg Swedish made knife rests or menu holders; each 1.5"
207.Vintage Sioux Tribe #9 ribbon and pin
208.Vintage Cranford Razor Works straight razor with case
209.4 silver plate and glass coasters; largest 4"
210.Vintage Evans and Mastercross advertising cigarette lighters for Lucky Strike
211.Miniature size perfume bottles
212.Nouveau silver tone notepad and pencil; 2.25"
213.Assorted folding pocket knives, includes fish knife; largest 5" closed
214.19th century lithograph back mirrors; largest 3"
215.Replica coins including 1866 Liberty Head gold eagle
216.Miniature size vintage perfume bottles
217.Bag of vintage miniature size perfume bottles
218.5 vintage folding pocket knives; largest 4" closed
219.Chromatic gold tone pen set with box
220.Matchbox and other diecast cars
221.Vintage fountain pens, mechanical pencils, assorted makers
222.Hot Wheels toy car carrier with assorted cars; largest 11"
223.Envelope containing assorted postal covers, stamps, postcards, ephemera, postal history
224.Matchbox container with assorted cars
225.Jewelry box with assorted collectibles, includes gavel, onyx shark, costume jewelry, glass, and pottery shards, enameled pillbox; largest 11"
226.Box containing 23 unused Gargoyles Cigar Company lighters, and 2 Bicycle lighters
227.Bag containing assorted necklaces, costume jewelry, bead and faux pearls
228.Bag of assorted gold and silver tone costume jewelry,
229.Faux pearl necklaces and collar
230.Gold and silver tone costume jewelry, pendants and necklaces
231.Assortment of costume jewelry, animal pins
232.Group of assorted costume bead necklace, all glass or crystal
233.Southwest sterling silver and turquoise jewelry, includes bracelet, rings and earrings
234.Bag of assorted gold and silver tone costume jewelry
235.Assorted costume pins, costume jewelry
237.Bag of assorted vintage costume jewelry
238.2 floral pins, vintage buckles, silver tone compact, includes Rosenthal
239.Matching gold tone costume necklace, bracelet and earrings
240.6 vintage buttons; each 1.5" diameter
241.Costume jewelry, includes butterfly pins and other pins with colored stones
242.Assorted costume jewelry, pins and pendant
243.Natural stone costume jewelry necklaces and bracelets
244.Vintage jewelry box with assorted gold tone and beaded costume jewelry; 8" wide
245.Silver cigar box with assorted enameled metal pins
246.Plastic tub containing assorted costume jewelry, Yorky dog figurine
247.Matched pair of antique Japanese Satsuma pottery vases; each 5.75" tall
300.Oil painting on canvas, sailboat, signed lower right; frame measures 25 x 27"
301.Oil painting on canvas, boat silhouette, signed lower right; frame measures 23 x 29"
302.Oil painting on canvas, sunset with sail boat, signed lower left and titled on reverse; frame measures 26 x 33"
303.Robert Ritter original watercolor signed on reverse; frame measures 11 x 17"
304.Oil painting on canvas, still life with violin and fruit, signed lower right; frame measures 14.5 x 18.5"
305.Ted Turner oil painting on board, still life with pottery vase and apples, signed lower right; oak frame measures 23 x 28"
306.Original watercolor signed M Ludwig, and titled My Back Fence at Noon Time; frame measures 14 x 17"
307.Oil painting on canvas, still life with roses, appears unsigned; frame measures 16 x 22"
308.Pencil drawing, still life composition with teapot, signed lower right; frame measures 23 x 27"
309.Chambers landscape etching, signed in pencil and numbered 1/1; plate size 8.75 x 12", frame measures 16 x 20"
310.Oil painting on board, landscape with figures, illegible signature lower right, left; frame measures 22 x 20"
311.Folk art style oil painting on canvas, signed lower right; measures 20 x 16"
312.Oil painting on board, still life composition with fruit, appears unsigned; oak frame measures 16 x 21"
313.Oil painting on canvas, still life with roses, signed lower right; white frame measures 29 x 41"
314.4 matching oriental mother-of-pearl inlaid black lacquer landscape panels; each measures 23 x 11.5"
315.Original watercolor, landscape, signed M Rylan, frame measures 14.5 x 11.5"
316.2 original watercolor caricature sketches "Hello and Goodbye Lydia"; frame measures 13.5 x 27"
317.Leaded and stained glass hummingbird sun catcher; frame measures 18 x 22"
318.Oil painting on board, portrait of a Rabbi with Tanakh and menorah, signed lower left; gold frame measures 8 x 9"
319.Oil painting on board, mid century cityscape, signed lower left; frame measures 17 x 20"
320.Oil painting on canvas, still life with fruit, signed lower left; 10 x 8"
321.Oil painting on canvas, orange, lemon and cherry, signed top right; frame measures 15.5 x 11"
322.Oil painting on canvas, still life with vegetables, signed lower left; 8 x 10"
323.Oil painting on canvas, lighthouse, signed J Kane lower right; 20 x 16"
324.Carved wood panel; 30 x 13"
325.2 complete and 1 partial painted screen panels; each 67 x 17"
346.2 Carin Palcer original watercolors titled January 2020 and New Year, each with artist inscription on reverse and handwritten certificate of authenticity; 12 x 9"
347.Carin Palcer acrylic and oil on canvas titled Instagram, signed and dated 2019 lower right, artist inscription on reverse; 16 x 12"
348.Carin Palcer oil painting on canvas titled Tulips, signed and dated 2021 lower right, artist inscription on reverse; 16 x 12"
349.2 Carin Palcer watercolors titled Lilies and Cherry Blossom, signed and dated 2021, artist inscription on reverse; each measures 12 x 9"
400.Framed lithograph, gladiator with dragon; frame measures 23 x 19"
401.Mid century lithograph, woman with harp; frame measures 21 x 15"
402.Lithograph titled Flowers, titled in pencil and numbered 1/50; frame measures 21 x 16"
403.Sealtest ice cream advertising poster in frame; 20.5 x 15"
404.Framed copy of The Dance magazine featuring Walter Winchell on Broadway and Gladys Hall in Hollywood; frame measures 16 x 13"
405.8 day brass framed wall clock; 13" diameter
406.Miniature framed print from the Gordon Wheeler Gallery Charleston, South Carolina; gold frame measures 9.25 x 11"
407.Russian miniature gold foil print; frame measures 6.75 x 5"
408.The Inaugural Address of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, framed behind glass; 17.5 x 13.5"
409.4 vintage military uniform prints, includes U.S Army 1899, and 3 x U.S Navy 1899, published by The Wernick Company Akron Ohio; matching frames measure 18 x 21"
410.Ray Harm limited-edition bird print, signed in pencil and numbered 1363/2000; frame, measures 32 x 20"
411.2 railroad theme prints, includes Union Pacific 3985; matching frames measure 18 x 21.5"
412.Ray Harm signed print titled Cardinal; frame measures 28 x 24"
413.2 Borghese George and Martha Washington silhouettes; oval-shaped frames measure 6.5 x 6"
414.Cat silhouette on gold; frame, measures 7 x 7.5"
415.Ray Harm signed print, Purple Martin; frame measures 28 x 23.5"
416.2 still life prints on board; each measures 11 x 9"
417.2 framed da Vinci portrait prints; matching frames measure 20 x 16.5"
418.2 German colored engravings, each signed in pencil; matching frames measure 16 x 14.5"
419.Richmond Virginia advertising print for Craft Fair 10; frame measures 19 x 24"
420.Brook Trout print; frame measures 18 x 22"
421.Don Whitlatch limited-edition print titled Bluebird, signed and numbered 67/1000; gold frame measures 28 x 23.5"
422.4 fruit topiary prints with matching gold frames; each 9.25 x 9.25"
423.Pat Gallagher printed paper, signed in pencil and numbered 34/50; frame measures 13.5 x 11"
424.Winter landscape Atkinson print with oak frame; 27 x 20"
425.19thC print "Carracheur de Dents"; frame measures 23 x 19.5"
426.Klay & Allison print "Battle between the Monitor and Merrimack"; frame measures 22 x 28"
427.Bald Eagle print with oak frame; measures 38 x 26"
428.Key Elements print with wood finish frame; measures 23 x 19"
429.Print of a tiger in mahogany finish frame; 15 x 17"
430.Collage of prints and portraits of General Robert E Lee; rustic pine frame measures 24 x 27.5"
431.Shield shaped wall mirror; 15.5 x 11.5"
432.2 miniature floral prints; each 6 x 7"
433.Print on board "SS United States"; painted oak frame measures 24 x 33"
434.Lou Messa limited edition print titled Oak Park, signed and titled in pencil and numbered 225/500; frame measures 27 x 33"
435.Oval-shaped wall mirror with gold frame; measures 27 x 19"
436.Framed abstract artwork; 26 x 22.5"
437.4 seasons rural landscape prints; frame measures 10.5 x 30"
438.2 fox hunting theme prints, matching frames measure 18.5 x 22.5"
439.UVA white and red wine print on canvas, signed on reverse; 14 x 11"
440.Magnolias at the Mansion Print by W Baxter Perkinson; frame measures 9 x 11"
441.Framed print, tureen with cover; 22 x 27"
442.4 ballerina prints, 3 are framed; largest 17 x 21"
443.Dried flower artwork with blue painted frame; 16 x 12"
444.Print on board, still life with red flowers; gold frame measures 32 x 30 2.5"
445.2 floral Italian prints on board; each measures 9 x 5.5"
446.Art LeMay signed print titled Ruddy Buddies, signed in pencil lower right; gold frame measures 16 x 29"
447.Willa M Frayser original watercolor of a horse, signed and dated 1983; frame measures 17 x 14"
448.Winslow Homer framed print titled Tornado, Bahamas, published 1947 by Catalda Fine Arts; frame measures 16 x 20"
449.Color foil artwork of a sailboat; rustic pine frame measures 21 x 24.5"
450.2 Audrey Hepburn prints; largest 39 x 27"
451.Magnolia flower print with gold frame; 31 x 37"
452.Still life topiary print with gold frame; 36 x 29"
453.Framed print, summer garden; frame measures 37 x 34"
454.Large size landscape print with mahogany finish frame; 47 x 35"
455.Rural landscape limited edition print, signed and numbered 26/175; frame measures 38 x 48"
456.2 floral design prints with mahogany frames; each measures 46.5 x 43"
457.2 Eddy Dalton Virginia Senate election posters; each 27 x 18"
458.Vintage pen and ink drawing of a horse-drawn wagon, shipping theme hand colored engraving and 19thC magazine page; 11.5 x 8"
459.19th century watercolor on paper, signed H Draper lower left, unframed; 7 x 9.5"
460.2 prints, Porcelain Vases and Porcelain, unframed; each 11.5 x 16.5"
500.Victorian carved walnut armchair with needlepoint back and seat; 47" tall
501.Painted canvas and wood 3 panel folding screen; each section, measures 72 x 25"
502.Vintage cedar cabinet with 2 doors; measures 70 x 36 x 23"
503.Bow front mahogany chest by Morganton, with removable serving tray, 2 narrow drawers, one wide drawer and 2 doors; measures 34 x 36 x 19.5"
504.French antique style carved mahogany armchair with floral upholstery; 36" tall
505.Antique oak and cast iron sewing machine cabinet with Cornell sewing machine; 33" wide
506.Antique oak and cast iron treadle sewing machine cabinet with antique Singer sewing machine; 37" wide
507.Vintage cedar cabinet with 2 doors; 60 x 28 x 18"
508.Mt Vernon mahogany corner display cabinet with glass door, fitted shelves and paneled door below; 75" tall, to fit corner 26 x 26"
509.Cedar blanket chest; measures 17 x 37 x 17"
510.Painted metal hanging light fixture; 32" diameter
511.Painted metal floral form hanging light fixture; 17" tall
512.White painted metal floral form hanging light fixture; 23" diameter
513.Vintage 2 drawer mahogany dresser with marble top; measures 34 x 43 x 21", preview for condition
514.Vintage mahogany bed to include headboard, footboard and rails; headboard measures 75 x 57"
515.Thomasville walnut veneer console table and hutch with 3 shelves; measures 81 x 66 x 18", in 2 sections
516.Henkel Harris cherry fourposter bed to include headboard, footboard, rails and slats; headboard measures 73 x 64"
517.Maple fourposter bed to include headboard, footboard, rails and slats; headboard measures 69 x 80"
518.Maple veneer cabinet with 2 storage doors and 6 drawers; measures 48 x 45 x 18"
519.Walnut octagonal dining table with 1 leaf and 6 matching chairs with upholstered seats; table measures 29 x 48 x 48", leaf measures 20" wide
520.Cherry dining table with 1 leaf and 6 matching chairs with upholstered seats; table measures 30 x 54 x 42", leaf measures 18" wide
521.Antique brass bed to include headboard, footboard and rails; headboard measures 49 x 54"
522.Unique Finishing Inc. cherry finish gun cabinet with glass doors and key; measures 80 x 36 x 18"
523.Antique Eastlake hall tree with mirrored back; measures 81 x 35 x 18"
524.Maple circular dining table; measures 29 x 48" diameter
525.Oak 3 drawer cutlery chest with Queen Anne legs; measures 37 x 25 x 16"
600.Beige upholstered 3 seater sofa with loose cushions; 92" wide
601.Narrow open front bookshelf; measures 87 x 38 x 7.75"
602.Pier 1 Imports red upholstered armchair and matching ottoman; 31" wide
603.Beige floral upholstered loveseat with 2 loose cushions by Harris House Indusries; 62" wide (matches 607)
604.Whitney maple chest with 3 drawers and turned wood handles; 35 x 41 and 19" (matches 605)
605.Whitney maple chest with 5 drawers and turned handles; 44.5 x 33.5 x 19" (matches 604)
606.Mid century teak rectangular coffee table; measures 16 x 59 x 26"
607.Floral upholstered bench on carved claw and ball feet; 45" wide (matches 603)
608.Vintage mahogany Victrola cabinet with hinged top; 43 x 18 x 22" (movement has been removed)
609.Mahogany writing desk, 7 drawers; 29 x 46 x 18.5"
610.Dark wood nightstand with magazine holder; 28 x 19 x 16"
611.Solid oak slat back armchair; 35" tall
612.Maple two-tier table on turned legs; 25 x 16 x 16.5"
613.Vintage painted pine shelf; 26 x 21 x 12"
614.Solid wood chest with 4 drawers; 40 x 28.5 x 17"
615.Vintage solid oak chest with 3 drawers; 33 x 36 x 18.5"
616.Mid century walnut veneer cabinet with 5 drawers, one door and metal handles; measures 57 x 34 x 20"
617.Antique style turned leg stool with rush top; 18 x 22 x 14"
618.Welch Furniture Co mahogany vanity with mirror; base measures 30 x42 x 18", mirror and frame measures 43 x 36" (matches 619 and 631)
619.Welch Furniture Co mahogany chest with 2 short and 4 wide drawers with metal handles; measures 51.5 x 32 x 18" (matches 618 and 631)
620.Magnavox Co mahogany stereo cabinet; 51 x 30 x 17" (stereo components have been removed)
621.Solid pine chest with 4 drawers and turned wood handles; 35 x 27 x 15"
622.Mahogany 2 drawer side table on turned legs; 24 x 19 x 19"
623.Pine nightstand with one drawer; 29 x 16 x 14"
624.Black finish cabinet with one door and metal legs; 31 x 16 x 14"
625.Upholstered circular stool on painted wood turned and fluted legs; 18 x 18"
626.Painted wood table with checkerboard top; measures 29 x 27 x 21.5"
627.Antique piano stool with metal legs and upholstered top; 20 x 14 x 14"
628.Two-tier hall table with distressed finish; 30 x 38 x 12"
629.Cherry bed frame, includes headboard, footboard and side rails; headboard measures 46 x 51"
630.Twin size bed frame, includes headboard, footboard and side rails; headboard measures 46 x 41"
631.Welch Furniture Co mahogany spindle bed frame, includes headboard, foot board and side rails; headboard measures 54 x 59" (matches 618 and 619)
632.Mahogany semicircular hall table with fruit wood inlay by Columbia Manufacturing; 30 x 34 x 16"
633.Vintage caned rocking chair; 33" tall
634.Vintage reading table with cherry finish; measures 24 x 22 x 10"
635.Metal and glass two-tier oval-shaped coffee table; measures 19 x 40 x 28"
636.Walnut veneer chest with 4 drawers and turned legs on casters; measures 50 x 32 x 18"
637.Walnut vanity with mirror, base measures 32 x 44 x 18", mirror and frame measures 30 2 x 38"
638.Italian style carved mahogany oval-shaped table with tooled leather top; 16 x 39 x 17.5"
639.Tall mahogany chest with 4 drawers and turned legs by Sandhill Furniture Corporation; 47 x 34 x 17.5"
640.Maple side table with one drawer and turned legs; 29 x 18 x 12"
641.Vintage oak chest with 3 drawers and pressed metal handles; 30 x 40 x 18"
642.Large size semicircular foyer entrance table on turned fluted legs; measures 38 x 98 x 28"
643.Beige upholstered sofa with loose cushions; 62" wide
644.Walnut chest with 3 drawers and turned legs; measures 36 x 40 2 x 19"
645.Antique painted metal bed to include headboard, footboard and rails; headboard measures 50 x 53"
646.Brandt drop leaf table with 1 drawer; measures 26 x 16 x 23", drop leaves measure 11"
647.5 walnut dining chairs with needlepoint seats, 2 have arms; each chair measures 41" tall
648.4 oak carved back dining chairs; each measures 43" tall
649.Cherry console table with Queen Anne legs; measures 29 x 52 x 16"
650.Vintage 3 tier cherry tea cart with drop leaves; measures 28 x 18 x 28", drop leaves measure 11"
651.Antique oak 3 drawer dresser; measures 30 x 37 x 17"
652.Vintage maple 4 drawer chest with porcelain knobs; measures 41 x 28 x 16"
653.Painted wood 6 drawer chest; measures 48 x 32 x 17"
654.Painted wood drop leaf table; measures 30 x 26 x 41.5", demilune sides measure 8.5"
655.4 maple pub height chairs with upholstered seats; each measures 41" tall
656.5 oak spindle back dining chairs with cane seats; each measures 34" tall, preview for condition
657.Vintage mahogany dresser with 4 full drawers and 2 half drawers; measures 50 x 36 x 20", matches lot 658
658.Vintage mahogany 3 drawer dresser with tilt mirror; measures 36 x 46 x 20", matches lot 657
659.3 maple spindle back dining chairs; each measures 38" tall
660.American Drew mahogany Queen Anne dresser with 5 drawers; measures 30 x 52 x 26"
661.Mid-century modern 2 tier veneer corner table; measures 23 x 28 x 28", matches lot 662
662.Midcentury modern veneer stepped side table; measures 23.5 x 17.5 x 29", matches lot 661
750.10 ART/GRAPHIC ART TITLES. Moore's Doll House; Big Foot; Big Mother; The Adventures of Zine; Eat That Toast and 5 others.
751.10 GRAPHIC ARTS BOOKS. Isaac The Pirate-2 titles; Bombshells (Vols 1-3); Strange Encounter; LunberJanes and 3 others.
752.11 GRAPHIC ARTS CHILDREN'S BOOKS. 3 Tintin titles; 2 5 Worlds titles; Marceline; Amulet; Aladdin; Chasma Knights and 2 others.
753.9 GRAPHIC ARTS BOOKS. Welcome Back (Vol 1); Monstress (Vol 1); Sabertooth Swordsman; RG; Mother Come Home and 4 others.
754.10 BOOKS VARIOUS. Super Mutant Magic Academy; Body Music; Kiss and 7 others
755.11 COMIC BOOKS. Including 5 issues of Amethyst (Vols 1-4 & 8); Star Wars; Chip 'n' Dale; Wacky Witch and 3 others.
756.1934 Official Pictures in Color, Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago
757.Book titled Lighthouses by Leo Marriott, includes dust jacket
758.Assorted reference books including 16 volumes Time Life Encyclopedia of Collectibles, and assorted magazines
759.1941 edition of My Girls by Helen E Hokinson, includes dust jacket
760.Presidents of the United States and The Torch is Passed
761.Walt Disney 1947 edition of Uncle Remus Stories (preview for condition)
762.2 books, includes Scottsville on the James and from Porch Swings to Patios
763.Books including Secrets of Scotland, History of New England, Hawaii the Big Island and David Baldacci
764.Shelf lot books and magazines, includes A Season Inside, Reader's Digest Book of Facts, The Nibble Theory, Elgin, The Southwest and others
800.Roseville pottery Freesia double handled vase; 9.5" tall
801.1920's Roseville studio art pottery low bowl; 7" diameter, printed RV mark
802.Native American pottery vase by Christine "Rippling Water" Custalow; signed Rippling Water Mattaponi Indian Reservation on base; 9" tall
803.Native American pottery vase by Christine "Rippling Water" Custalow; signed Rippling Water Mattaponi Indian Reservation on base; 4.75" tall
804.Native American pottery bowl by Christine "Rippling Water" Custalow; signed Rippling Water Mattaponi Indian Reservation on base; measures 4.5 x 7"
805.Native American pottery bowl by Christine "Rippling Water" Custalow; signed Rippling Water Mattaponi Indian Reservation on base; measures 4 x 6.5"
806.Native American pottery bowl by Christine "Rippling Water" Custalow; signed Rippling Water Mattaponi Indian Reservation on base; 3.5 x 6"
807.Native American pottery bowl, signed Gentle Breeze Pamunkey Reservation Virginia 1991; 6" tall
808.Native American pottery low bowl; measures 3.5 x 8" (appears unsigned)
809.Solid bronze wall plaque; 11.5 x 7.5"
810.Brass and glass kaleidoscope on stand; 9" long
811.Waterford crystal bowl; 3.75 x 7.25" diameter
812.Boehm porcelain Old-Fashioned Rose, F222; 7.5" wide
813.Boehm porcelain limited-edition Dogwood Flower; 12" wide
814.Japanese Satsuma pottery vase; 10.5" tall
815.Six 19thC Imari underglaze blue and iron red pottery plates and dishes; largest 8.5"
816.2 oriental enameled porcelain crescent-shaped dishes; each 8.5" wide
817.5 oriental painted porcelain teacups with saucers; 5 5" wide
818.2 Westmoreland black glass candle stands; 6.25" tall
819.Pair of Baldwin brass Corinthian style candlesticks; 8" tall
820.World War II era shell engraved "Victory Belleau Wood The Million Dollar Town"; 6" tall
821.Mid century modern porcelain cat sculpture; 5.5" tall, numbered 5021/37
822.10 Hawkes heavy cut crystal water goblets; each 5" tall
823.3 Baccarat crystal goblets; each 4.75" tall
824.6 Daum crystal liqueur stems; each 2.75" tall
825.4 antique etched crystal goblets decorated with birds; each 5.5" tall
826.2 Lalique frosted and etched crystal champagne flutes; 8" tall
827.Chicago World's Fair collectibles, includes 6 highball glasses, Memorial Aquarium box with cover, playing cards and New York Worlds Fair headscarf
828.Vintage hydrometer in case, includes brass weights, and etched bone ruler in mahogany case; 9.75" wide
829.Mid century stone inlaid brass box marked Mexico; 4.5 x 8"
830.4 hand woven Gambibgo alfalfa baskets from Ghana one has leather label; largest 11"
831.2 hand woven Gambibgo alfalfa baskets from Ghana ; largest 17"
832.Vintage Atari game console with assorted games, controllers, and paddles
833.Vintage Sears Super Pong IV Tele-Games video console with assorted controllers (preview for working condition)
834.Washington Redskins decorated enameled metal Tailgater barbecue grill by Sport Cook Inc, unused with original box and packaging
835.3 cloisonne enamel vases; largest 5.5"
836.Fenton carnival glass footed bowl on 3 legs; 5.5" wide
837.Fenton hand painted glass basket; 6.5" tall
838.Fenton pink hobnail glass bottle and glass vase; largest 5"
839.Fenton turquoise fan shaped vase and 2 smaller hobnail vases; largest 8"
840.4 multicolored cut to clear crystal goblets; 8.25" tall
841.Green cut to clear Bohemian glass footed bowl with cover; 7" diameter
842.Bohemian ruby cut 2 clear glass vase; 12.25" tall
843.Green pressed glass water pitcher and 6 matching goblets with gold overlay; largest 8"
844.2 tone amber and opaque glass vase; 7" tall
845.Venetian style purse shaped glass vase; 6.5" tall
846.Wedgewood jasperware Egyptian Collection vase and covered dish, both with boxes; largest 5.5"
847.6 Wedgewood Grand Tour Collection bone china demitasse cups and saucers; 4.75" diameter
848.Chinese blue transfer printed oval-shaped porcelain plate; 14 x 11.5"
849.Facet cut amber colored glass bottle with stopper; 4.5" tall
850.Dutch Delft blue and white pottery plates with bird and flower motif; 12 x 9.5"
851.Painted cast iron rabbit doorstop; 8.5" tall
852.Painted cast iron fruit basket doorstop; 8.5" tall
853.Large grouping of Fiesta pottery, includes coffee mugs, cups and saucers, bowls, plates, butter dish, cruet with sugar bowl and creamer, gravy boat and other items; largest 9"
854.Fiesta ware bowl with cover and green oval-shaped fiesta pottery platter; largest 13"
855.Vintage Vaseline glass tricorn shaped ashtray; 7.5" wide
856.Miniature size cast iron scale with weights; 6" long
857.Vintage brass laboratory scale and assorted weights; 9.5" wide
858.Vintage Pyrex ware, includes 3 mid-century Cinderella Butterprint nesting mixing bowls, and rectangular oven dish; largest 14"
859.Fenton Jade glass footed bowl; 9" wide
860.3 Goebel pottery teddy bears; largest 5"
861.2 Coach handbags; largest 11"
862.Coach leather wristlet and black Coach leather wristlet
863.2 Coach purses, silky pink and pink with pink leather; largest 9"
864.Dooney and Bourke handbag; 12" wide
865.Venetian candy glass ornament; 7" wide
866.Green spiral glass heart shaped paperweight; 5" tall
867.Pink spiral glass scent bottle with dropper; 5.5" tall
868.Kosta Boda crystal martini pitcher, etched mark on base; 8" tall
869.Roseville pottery double handled vase, numbered 173/7; 7.5" tall
870.Royal Doulton Sophistication china, 4 trios comprised of cup, saucer and side plate; largest 7"
871.Mid-century design lamp; 36" tall including harp and finial
872.Vintage Perfecscope stereo viewer with assorted Keystone Viewer Company stereo slides
873.Made in Japan tomato pottery teapot and 5 cups; teapot is 9" wide
874.Enameled oriental box with cover and tall pottery vase; 6"
875.Majolica style pottery lamp with brass finial; 27" tall
876.Mid-century Pyrex ware and oven dishes, 2 with covers; largest 13"
877.Longaberger picnic basket with cover, signed and dated 1993; 17" wide
878.2 Longaberger baskets, includes 1995 Edition Family Basket, signed and dated; largest 16"
879.Virginia Metalcrafters brass door knocker CW 17-68, includes original box,
880.3 carved stone and pottery candleholders, includes souvenir from equator crossing Kenya, and 2 polished stone pyramids; largest 6"
881.Handmade copper key wound airplane; 6" long
882.Large pottery cake tray on metal under plate, includes glass metal cake dome and 8 cake plates with metal holders; cake plate measures 17 x 17"
883.Faux bone and stainless steel knife set, includes three-piece carving set and 6 steak knives by E Parker and Sons, includes box; 16" wide
884.Fenton hobnail glass punch bowl set with punch cups and smaller Fenton glass bowl; punch bowl is 15" diameter
885.8 Wedgwood bone china double handled soup cups, all unused with original packaging; 5" diameter
886.10 blue glass stems by Seneca Crystal; 5.25" tall
887.Turquoise glazed tulip form pottery vase; 10" tall
888.Oriental Satsuma pottery vase; 18" tall
889.4 fishing reels, includes Hawthorne open face 60-6370, Compac Hornet, Langley Spin DeLuxe 830, and Spin Mitey
890.Emeril Lagasse cast iron skillet; 11" diameter
891.Cast iron mermaid; 18" long
892.Rectangular shaped Longaberger basket, signed and dated 1990, and Longaberger bread basket brick
893.Keurig model K550 coffee machine in box (preview for working condition)
894.Pair of metal and painted porcelain 4 light candelabra with rams head masks; 14.5" tall
895.Eterna model ES-21 6 string acoustic guitar, includes case
896.Noritake Chandon china, includes 15 cups and saucers; largest 6"
897.Grouping of German made pottery beer tankards and beer steins, some have metal covers; largest 8"
898.Needle point bell pull decorated with pheasants; measures 54 x 7"
899.Contemporary white and black glazed pottery vase; measures 11 x 16"
900.Martha Stewart red cast iron and red enamel double handled skillet; 14.5" wide
901.Beam Republican and Democrat pottery whiskey decanters; each 12" tall
902.2 antique cast iron flatirons and shoe form; largest 10"
903.Apple shaped pottery birdhouse; 8" diameter
904.2 brass duck book ends; 6.5" tall
905.7 frosted green glass side plates; each 8" diameter
906.Stained glass panel with metal frame; 1413"
907.Pittsburgh 8 piece wood lathe turning tool kit (unopened box)
908.50 pieces MTH O gauge model train track, includes straight and curved sections 3 rail
909.Bundy flute with case
910.Armani silver plate flute, includes case
911.Athearn, Model Power and Rivarossi railroad accessories, includes locomotives, rolling stock, track sections and other accessories, most with boxes; largest 13"
912.NFL metal electric tabletop game set; 26" wide (preview for completeness and condition)
913.Bag containing 7 Apple iPods (assorted models) and 3 Bose docking stations (preview for working condition)
914.Bose docking station; 17" wide (preview for working condition)
915.2 Aladdin lunchboxes, Heathcliff and Walt Disney World; largest 9"
916.Italian made inlaid wood musical jewelry box; 7" wide
917.German made metal liquor carousel; 10" tall
918.2 pottery vases, oval-shaped metal tray, 2 glass dishes; largest 9"
919.Limoges porcelain chocolate pot, 6 cups, sugar bowl and saucers; pot is 11" tall (preview for condition)
920.2 German pottery steins, one with metal cover; 7" tall
921.6 Gone with The Wind and Norman Rockwell theme porcelain collector plates; 8.5" diameter
922.3 blue willow teacups and saucers; 5.5"
923.2 antique American deep cut crystal bowls; largest 14"
924.2 American deep cut crystal bowls; largest 11"
925.Antique deep cut crystal vase; 14.5" tall
926.Antique deep cut crystal compote on stand; 9" tall
927.Antique deep cut crystal footed bowl; 9" diameter
928.Deep cut crystal bowl, pressed glass bowl and hexagonal glass ashtray; largest 7"
929.Mid century turquoise glass cookie jar with cover
930.Leonardo Collection porcelain balloon seller figure; 8.5" tall
931.2 majolica pottery leaf plates; each 9" diameter
932.Italian pottery rabbit and floral decorated pottery rabbit; largest 10"
933.2 Fitz and Floyd pottery pigs; 7.5" tall
934.Eastman Kodak Brownie model B camera and Kodak No 2 folding camera
935.4 vintage oriental carved wood sculptures, includes water buffalo and Buddha; largest 16"
936.Blue-and-white china, includes plates, cups, saucers, and 19th century Chinese underglaze blue pottery plates; largest 10"
937.2 Effanbee dolls with boxes, includes 1144 Lillian and 1149 Coventry; 14"
938.Effanbee 3379 Queen Elizabeth doll, includes box; 14" tall
939.2 Effanbee dolls, includes 1620 Harry S Truman and 7906 Dwight David Eisenhower, includes boxes; 16" tall
940.2 Effanbee dolls with boxes, includes 7903 Theodore Roosevelt and 7641 Winston Churchill; 18"
941.2 Effanbee dolls including Humphrey Bogart and Mae West, no boxes; 16" tall
942.Audiovisual components, includes Yamaha RX-V 567 sound receiver and with remote control, 5 Klipsch surround sound speakers and subwoofer, includes cables (preview for working condition)
943.Lenox porcelain photograph frame and Santa Claus chef; 19" tall
944.Barbie FPR57 convertible, includes box; 14" wide
945.Pottery and glass vases with artificial flowers; largest 29"
946.Blue-and-white porcelain serving dish and crab dish with spreader; 15" wide
947.Green studio glass plate; 9" wide
948.Etienne Aigner suede leather bag and ID holder; 9" wide
949.Coca-Cola Townsquare collectible with box; 10.5" wide
950.3 stained glass hanging ornaments, sun catches; largest 6"
951.Wild Irish Rose crystal vase; 8" tall
952.Assorted industrial spindles and wood mallet; largest 13"
953.Assorted glass perfume bottles, includes Murano and others; largest 5"
954.2 decorative tree ornaments; each 6" tall
955.2 boxes of vintage electron tubes, includes RCA, Sylvania, Raytheon, Westinghouse, Standard, Dumont and others (preview for condition)
956.Marx pressed steel parking garage toy with accessories, includes box; 27" wide
957.2 porcelain collector plates and blue-and-white plate from Richmond Virginia; largest 9"
958.Musical Angel collectible and 2 and Lefton china angels; largest 5"
959.Mikasa glass wine bottle stopper and 2 ceramic cherubs; largest 6"
960.Mid century glass bowl; 6.5" wide
961.Hand painted porcelain shell shaped dish; 6" wide
962.KPM oriental porcelain figure; 9.5" tall
963.3 pottery birds; largest 6"
964.Oval-shaped Limoges porcelain platter; 19 x 12.5"
965.Chinese made gold edged china, includes dinner plates, soup bowls, salad bowls, napkin rings, assorted plates, salt-and-pepper shakers; largest 9"
966.Elvis Pressley musical guitar collectible, includes box; 9.5"
967.Silver plated entree dishes, serving dishes, champagne coolers, food warmers, assorted serving pieces; largest 13"
968.Oriental ox drawn wagon and figure, includes box; 10" long
969.Corolla lighthouse sun catcher; measures 5.5 x 7"
970.Vintage porcelain Pirates Jug and 5 mugs, made in Japan; 6" tall
971.Assorted collectibles, includes coffee advertising sign, hurricane lanterns, oil lanterns, juicer, Coca-Cola bottle, bacon, press, oil bottle, painted eggs and egg timer; largest 17"
972.2 bags of assorted postcards, greeting cards
973.Russian made 2014 Olympics nesting doll and Russian tree ornaments; largest 7"
974.Wood box with painted porcelain top; 7" wide
975.Noble Excellence and cat theme dish and 2 floral decorated plates; largest 12"
976.Glass and mirrored chess and checkers board, preview for completeness; 11 x 11"
977.Florence Ceramics pottery figure and 5 miniature oriental teacups; largest 10"
978.Assorted green and amber colored drinking glasses; largest 6"
979.Decorative pottery bowl on wood stand; 9" wide
980.4 mid century water glasses; 5.25" tall
981.Lighted leaded glass Christmas tree and mosaic plate; 13" diameter
982.Frosted double handled glass bowl and 4 mugs; largest 9"
983.Large cut crystal salad bowl and Irena Polish made lead crystal plate; largest 11" diameter
984.Photography accessories, includes Olympus, Kodak and Nikon digital cameras, equipment and accessories
985.Collectibles including John Deere 5420 tractor with loader, Valnik pressed steel toys, assorted cars and trucks; largest 14"
986.2 John Deere metal lunchboxes and John Deere porcelain bowl; largest 9"
987.2 Hillshire Farm pottery tankards; each 7" tall
988.Raadvad vintage metal and wood slicer; 13" long
989.2 wood and metal book ends; 8" tall
990.Capodimonte style porcelain figure; 10" wide
991.Vintage glass tea caddy with cover, green glass perfume bottle with stopper, porcelain doll and Vaseline glass shoe; largest 6"
992.Gilt metal cross; 6.5"
993.2 boxes of electron tubes, includes Zenith, RCA, Raytheon, Sylvania, Philco, Motorola and others (preview for box contents and condition)
994.Heathkit model SB-10 single sideband adapter (preview for working condition)
995.Model GPR-90 communications receiver by Technical Material Corporation New York (preview for working condition)
996.Telcocount 500 counter (preview for working condition)
997.Daisy powerline 35 BB rifle
998.Assorted facet cut stemware, water goblets, wine goblets and other, includes Fostoria Diplomat; largest 7"
999.Etched mirror tray; 12" diameter
1000.Assorted silk and fabric headscarves
1001.3 Treasury Collection and 1 Camelia Garden porcelain head dolls with boxes; largest 20"
1002.Fishing theme lamp, no shade; 11" tall
1003.Vintage rotary dial telephone; 9" wide
1004.Grouping of silver plated items, includes hotel grade silver plated coffee pot from Hotel Statler, water pitcher, goblets, presentation trophy, butter dish with cover, trays, assorted serving pieces; largest 19"
1005.Kitchen items, includes melamine tray with roosters, wall hanging, gourmet rooster utensil holder and wine bottle stand; largest 22"
1006.Gerald Henn workshops Henrietta pull toy; 10" long
1007.Silver plated creamers, sugar, bowls, and teapot; largest 7"
1008.Assorted bar items, includes Beam Whiskey National Tobacco Festival decanter, assorted keg taps including Coors Light, Bud Light, Old Milwaukee and Schlitz, and Coca-Cola bottle opener; largest 12"
1009.Small size cedar chest; 20" wide
1010.2 boxes of vintage electron tubes, assorted sizes, includes RCA, Dumont, General Electric, Sylvania, Zenith and others (preview for box contents)
1011.Miniature size mahogany chest with 2 doors enclosing 3 drawers and brass handles; measures 14 x 16 x 10"
1012.George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine (preview for working condition)
1013.3 Build a Bear Workshop paint your own figurine collectibles, includes boxes
1014.Sony model SRS-X 830 wireless speaker (preview for working condition)
1015.Sturm, Ruger Co firearm locking device, unused in original bag
1016.Bag of assorted metal pins, includes Kenya, Washington, I Annoyed the Media, Jesse Jackson and others
1017.3 oriental silver plate bells; largest 3"
1018.2 sequined hats, Chinese made petti-point handbag, Art Deco silver plate mirror, perfume bottle, table lighter; largest 10"
1019.Assorted thermometers, includes Firestone, Temprite, Taylor and others; largest 8"
1020.2 copper chalices; each 6" tall
1021.Tall glass footed bowl containing 6 marble eggs; 11" tall
1022.6 whiskey glasses with etched stagecoach designs; 3.5" tall
1023.2 antique cut crystal tumblers; each 4" tall
1024.Green glazed art pottery vase; 6" wide
1025.3 blue glazed pottery steins; largest 5"
1026.Dambusters - Wartime Survivors 617 Squadron Royal Air Force mirror with gold frame; measures 12 x 19.5"
1027.3 boxes of electron tubes, includes Raytheon, Sylvania, General Electric, Philco and others (preview for condition)
1028.Carved wood gavel; 10.5" long
1029.Silver plate on copper tray and pewter tray with dragon crest; 10" diameter
1030.RCA metal emblem, electric pastille burner with bakelite base and The Beatles Yellow Submarine 45 RPM record
1031.8 pressed glass goblets; 6" tall
1032.Metal owl candleholder, 2 gilt metal candleholders and miniature oil lamp; largest 8.5"
1033.2 Art Nouveau German pottery low bowls; 3.5" diameter
1034.6 small size blown glass posy holders with original box; each 3.5" is long
1035.2 Noritake hand-painted porcelain cruets, each with mustard pot, salt-and-pepper shakers; 7.5" wide
1036.7 Poochware collectibles with boxes; largest 8"
1037.Italian made frosted glass dresser dish with cover, assorted perfumes and scent bottles; largest 8"
1038.2 Noritake porcelain Easter eggs from 1974 and 1976, both with boxes; largest 4"
1039.3 silver plate goblets, silver plate bud vase and miniature silver plate chair; largest 5"
1040.Rose Ramble china, includes dinner plates, side plates, cups and saucers, creamer and sugar bowl, assorted serving pieces; largest 12"
1041.Lenovo model 60041 tablet with charger (preview for working condition)
1042.3 milk glass vases, and 3 Seraphim Classics collectibles; largest 9"
1043.Pressed glass horse and wagon candy container; 10" long
1044.Wacom model CTE-450 Bamboo Fun drawing tablet (preview for working condition)
1045.Assorted glassware, Heisey punch cups and Heisey mugs; largest 4"
1046.3 metal hat and coat hooks on board backing; 25" wide
1047.Assorted ruby color glassware, includes goblets, stemware, assorted dishes; largest 7"
1048.Gold chalkware eagle sculpture; 11" tall
1049.4 Stieff pewter Jefferson cups; 3.5" wide
1050.GE world globe shelf clock and GE electric wall clock (incomplete-preview for condition); largest 7"
1051.Box containing Matchbox toys, MacDonald's happy meal toys, Nickelodeon and other
1052.Vintage pressed glass refrigerator dishes with covers; largest 9"
1053.3 boxes assorted electron tubes, includes Zenith, Philco, Sylvania, RCA and Raytheon and others (preview for condition)
1054.8 turquoise and gold water goblets and side plates; largest 8"
1055.Mid century 5 piece chip and dip dish on lazy Susan; 14" diameter
1056.Assorted metalware, candle stands, wall plaques and candle light; largest 24"
1057.Victorian glass oil lamp with metal base, and 4 Candlewick glass lamp shades; largest 8"
1058.Oval-shaped carved wood dough bowl; 24.5" wide
1059.Pressed glass bowl with zodiac motif, and assorted glassware; 11" diameter
1060.Carousel Jr Jackpot savings bank, carved and painted wood bird, and bubble light with box; largest 8"
1061.Assorted glassware, wine goblets, water goblets, assorted stemware; largest 7.5"
1062.Assorted bags and purses
1063.2 fur collars
1064.Mid century chromed metal ice bucket, and mid century wood finish ice bucket with leather handles; largest 11"
1065.Pink pottery swan vase; 13" wide
1066.Black metal candleholder with mirrored back; 17" tall
1067.Assorted turquoise glassware, includes wine and water goblets, jars, plates, saltshaker, cobalt blue tea cup and saucer; largest 9"
1068.6 green pressed glass plates with gold edging; 8.5" diameter
1069.Pair of matching 3 light candlesticks; 10" wide
1070.Assorted glassware, jar with stopper, footed bowls, covered compote, milk glass butter dish with cover, knife rest and Lenox wine glass; largest 12"
1071.2 unused cotton golf flags and carved wood plaque; largest 15"
1072.Assorted blue glassware, wine and water goblets, assorted stemware, dinner plates, side plates and candleholders; largest 6"
1073.Vintage kitchen items, includes grinder, meat slicer, and cutting board; largest 22"
1074.Heavy cast iron chalice; 8" tall
1075.Fostoria American glassware, includes stemware, cups, plates, and Fostoria Houndsville glass paperweight; largest 12"
1076.2 bisque porcelain and metal lamps; 17" tall
1077.6 cut crystal wine goblets; largest 6"
1078.Green depression and Sandwich style glassware, includes World Products measuring cup, footed bowls, side plates and coasters; largest 8"
1079.Pink depression glass, includes stems, coffee cups, and 2 plates; largest 9"
1080.3 green and red pottery red pepper form serving dishes; each 16" long
1081.Sandwich style glassware, includes stemware, punch bowl with punch cups, serving plates, dinner plates; largest 10"
1082.Texaco Special Edition coin bank collectible with box; 12.5" wide
1083.Cambridge glass oval-shaped bowl, yellow depression glass plates, gravy boat and vase; largest 13"
1084.Banana Republic canvas and leather sling bag; 12" wide
1085.Native American woven grass bowl ; 14" diameter
1086.Antique pottery jar filled with assorted match books; 9" tall
1087.Brass metal lamp with opaque glass shade; 26" tall
1088.Brownie 620 box camera and Brownie Reflex camera (preview for condition)
1089.Copper tray with creamer, and sugar bowl with cover; 9" wide
1090.Wood rolling pin; 19" wide
1091.Large grouping of pressed glassware, stemware, wine and water goblets; largest 6", assorted designs and patterns
1092.Assorted collectibles, pottery and glassware, includes Bavarian porcelain bowl, pink depression glass bowl, Plantation Scenes drink ware; largest 10"
1093.Sunpack 5858 photography tripod
1094.Mid century desk lamp; 16" wide
1095.Brass footed bowl with cover, brass vase, shoe ashtray and brass dish; largest 7"
1096.Red leather clutch purse; 8" wide
1097.Assorted glassware, plates, dishes, bottles, salt-and-pepper shakers, serving pieces, including West Moreland and other makers; largest 13"
1098.Quantity of assorted glassware, includes depression plates, cups, mugs, breakfast dishes, Sandwich style plates; largest 10"
1099.7 Lamberton transfer printed porcelain demitasse cups with additional saucers; largest 4.5"
1100.4 license plates, includes North Carolina, Virginia and Magistrate
1101.Assorted porcelain glass and collectibles, includes footed bowls, ornaments, 2 dogs and porcelain dresser jar with cover; largest 6"
1102.3 cloth body Raggedy Ann dolls; largest 25"
1103.6 HydroFlask insulated mugs and bottles, and 8 Christmas theme glasses; largest 10"
1104.Aluminum sieve with wood masher; largest 10"
1105.Kirk Stieff musical silver plate bell, aluminum shaped leaf dish and silver plated vase; largest 8"
1106.Oval shaped silver plated serving platter and circular tray; largest 17"
1107.Vintage glassware, sundae cups, goblets, wineglasses and sherbets; largest 7"
1108.2 vintage wood cigar humidors, and arts and crafts metal cigar box; largest 12"
1109.Assorted porcelain, and pottery, includes miniature pitchers, cups and saucers, creamers; largest 5"
1110.Assorted porcelain, and pottery, includes Royal Doulton harvest Garland cups and dinner plates, and assorted serving dishes; largest 10"
1111.Antique writing box with accessories, includes shoe and button hooks, ink bottle, blotter, 2 silver top bottles, and vintage picture frame; 10" wide
1112.3 antique brass candlesticks and brass bell with wood handle; largest 10"
1113.Wire work wreath, and glass bowl with artificial fruit and flowers; largest 16"
1114.Faux leather jewelry box by The Bombay Company; 10" wide
1115.Assorted glassware, multicolored depression glass plates, bowls, serving pieces, mugs, water goblets and green glass pitcher; largest 9"
1116.Royal Albert Old Country Roses miniature tea set, includes oval-shaped tray, cup and saucer, teapot creamer and sugar; largest 9"
1117.Large grouping of glassware, includes Springtime etched plates, vases, serving pieces, pitcher with cover, pigeon bookend, open salt, divided dishes, serving plates and platters; largest 14"
1300.Like new Guardian walker
1301.4 vintage wall mounted clocks; largest measures 24 x 14"
1302.Canon camcorder; various video cables, computer speakers and other items
1303.Fishing net, tire inflator, fishing rod holders and other items
1304.Framed erasable calendar; frame measures 17 x 23"
1305.Ladies multicolored hat with vintage Thalhimers box
1306.Circular upholstered footstool with storage; measures 17 x 15.5" diameter
1307.Invacare raised toilet seat with arms; in original box
1308.2 wall mounted beveled mirror; largest frame measures 18 x 19.5"
1309.Plaster wall mounted planter; measures 36" tall
1310.Decorative metal chicken basket with artificial eggs and wire basket; wire basket measures 8 x 18 x 12"
1311.Painted wood food tray; measures 7 x 21 x 15"
1312.Ohmmeter, sound level meter, deadbolts, fasteners, fuses and other items
1313.Circular container with lid; measures 5 x 15" diameter
1314.1 box of various locks and keys
1315.4 ladies hats and 2 hat boxes
1316.1 U.S. Air Force wool dress cap and one Churchill men's hat
1317.1 pair of Cole Haan men's shoes; size 13 M
1318.Various extension cords and surge protectors
1319.7 wall mounted clocks and 1 mantle clock; preview for condition
1320.Maple luggage stand with fabric straps and 1 maple folding dinner tray
1321.Brass finished floor lamp with shade; measures 57" tall
1322.Various trailer hitch accessories and spare tire carrier parts
1323.Trimmer line, cable wrap, clear hose, door pulls and other items
1324.Vornado air purifier; preview for condition
1325.Multifunction wet/dry auto vacuum in original box; preview for condition
1326.Cyber Home DVD player in original box
1327.Various DVDs to include Harry Potter, Breach, Can't Hardly Wait and other titles
1328.Various bags of collectible electrical tubes
1329.2 stuffed gourds and plastic bin; bin measures 11 x 13.5 x 14.5"
1330.Various children's toys and games to include Trivial Pursuit, fire engine, Barbie doll and other items
1331.Franklin Electric balance scales
1332.Vintage metal storage box with handle; measures 12 x 9.5 x 14"
1333.Various vintage electrical tubes
1334.Vintage Smith pump sprayer; measures 18" long
1335.Various bags of collectible electrical tubes
1336.Wood clamps, vintage metal tricycle art, DVDs and various other items
1337.Grease guns, pliers, screwdrivers, nut drivers and other items
1338.4 Sovereign of Old Town Petersburg Virginia pennants; each measures 18" long
1339.Vintage wooden ice cream bucket, vintage metal tins and plastic tote; plastic tub measures 17 x 22" diameter
1340.Wood framed medicine cabinet with mirror doors; measures 25 x 24"
1341.Vintage painted metal waste can with lid; measures 19 x 10.5" diameter
1342.Campbell Hausfeld air compressor; preview for condition
1343.2 small mahogany tables; each measures 16 x 12 x 10"
1344.Vintage metal toolbox with 2 drawers; measures 7.5 x 28 x 10"
1345.Various games to include Logo Board Game, Get The Picture, Teacher's Quiz and others
1346.Various DVDs to include Indiana Jones, Burn Notice, Armageddon and other titles
1347.Various classical CDs and cassettes
1348.James Dean doll and various board games to include Monopoly, Risk, Clue and others
1349.Various vintage albums to include Deep Purple, Cream, James Brown and other artists
1350.Kitchen faucet, washer hoses and other items
1351.Coleman 2 room dome tent; measures 144 x 120"
1352.Box of various collectible electronic tubes
1353.Wooden box with clamp on skates, croquet mallets, vintage ball glove and other items
1354.2 Bose 501 II speakers; each measures 24 x 14.5 x 14.5"
1355.3 tier metal corner shelving unit; measures 27" tall
1356.Vintage Apache transmitter; model TX 1, preview for condition
1357.1 tub with various silverplated items to include casserole holders, bowls and other items
1358.Mr. Coffee pump coffee dispenser; in original box
1359.Micro Machines garage, toy lawnmower, Dora the Explorer chair and other items
1360.Stainless steel sink insert; measures 7 x 15 x 13"
1361.Craig CD player/radio; preview for condition
1362.Outdoor hammock with carry bag; preview for completeness
1363.Coin banks, unicorn candleholder, framed wildlife and other items
1364.Vintage racecar telephone, Manny Machado figurine, Richmond Braves baseball and other items
1365.4 vintage porcelain head dolls; largest measures 18" tall
1366.Vintage Childs pegboard table; measures 18.5" tall
1367.Black & Decker mouse sander with carry case; preview for condition
1368.1 box with various vintage boot spurs
1369.Razor Crazy Cart battery powered scooter; preview for condition
1370.Vintage Carron gameboard in original box
1371.Vintage painted metal urn; measures 17" tall
1372.Antique and vintage embroidered linens to include tablecloths, napkins and runners
1373.Various sewing bobbins, sewing box and other crafting materials
1374.2 vintage Barbie dolls with various doll clothing and Barbie doll storage boxes
1375.Batman game, picture stories, Lion King figurines and other items
1376.Vintage metal model train trestle; measures 6.5 x 30 x 6"
1377.Wooden album box with various vintage albums to include Duke Ellington, The Brothers Four, Adam Wade and other artist
1378.Hard sided tool case with various hand tools; case measures 5 x 18 x 13"
1379.White metal spice racks and organizers
1380.Various posters to include Star Trek, Jenny McCarthy, Spice Girls and Beauty and the Beast
1381.Coleman 10 qt hard sided cooler; measures 10 x 13 x 9"
1382.Vintage Technics stereo receiver; model SA 424
1383.Folding utility cart
1384.2 Portfolio 3 bulb vanity light fixtures in original boxes
1385.Wall mounted coat rack with 4 vintage doorknobs; measures 5.5 x 23.5"
1386.Various vintage 45s to include Pointer Sisters, The Clovers, Rita Coolidge and CDs and reels
1387.Various vintage 45s and albums to include Benny Goodman, Guy Mitchell, Tony Martin and other artist
1388.Vintage wooden trunk with various vintage games to include Etch-a-Sketch, Western Frontier Set, toy cars and other items; trunk measures 22 x 32 x 18.5"
1389.Grilling toolset, wine corkscrew, visor extenders and other items
1390.4 metal tubs, metal pail, metal funnel and camping pan; largest pale measures 11 x 22" diameter
1391.2 wooden art frames; largest measures 31 x 19"
1392.Various vintage classical music albums
1393.3 replica gas masks inserts
1394.Hedge trimmer and tree pruner
1395.Various nesting gift boxes; largest measures 9 x 9 x 9"
1396.Bubbles, Spontaneous Song Game, Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit and other items
1397.1 tote with various vintage dolls and clothing
1398.Wall mounted mirror in Oriental bamboo frame; frame measures 18.5 x 40.5"
1399.Vintage wall mounted mirror in ornate gold tone frame; frame measures 31.5 x 21.5"
1400.Wall mounted mirror in maple frame; frame measures 33 x 21"
1401.Vintage wall mounted mirror in mahogany frame; frame measures 27.5 x 21.5"
1402.Wall mounted mirror in maple frame; frame measures 41 x 28.5"
1403.Wall mounted mirror in mahogany frame; frame measures 34 x 24"
1404.Wall mounted beveled mirror in painted frame; frame measures 25 x 47"
1405.Full length dressing mirror in painted frame; frame measures 50.5 x 15"
1406.Wall mounted beveled mirror in ornate gold tone frame; frame measures 52 x 30"
1407.Vintage wall mounted mirror in painted wood frame; frame measures 44 x 21.5"
1408.GE dehumidifier; preview for condition
1409.GE dehumidifier; preview for condition
1410.Various vintage dolls and painted wood doll crib; largest doll measures 28" tall
1411.Two 6 pane painted wood frame windows; each measures 27.5 x 24"
1412.USA International Shooting Team jacket; preview for size
1413.4 billiard cues; each measures 57" long
1414.Wall mounted mirror in painted wood frame; frame measures 31 x 42"
1415.Wall mounted circular beveled mirror in ornate frame; frame measures 42" diameter
1416.Mahogany coat rack; measures 72" tall
1417.6 folding letter size boxes with lids
1418.Vintage metal floor lamp with cone shade; measures 64" tall
1419.Ladies faux fur coat; preview for size
1420.Ladies alpaca wool coat; preview for size
1421.Wall mounted buck head with 6 points; rack measures 15" wide
1500.Antique dome top trunk with metal banding; measures 26 x 35 x 21"
1501.Antique metal and wood dome top travel trunk; measures 27 x 34 x 19"
1502.Rustic pine shelf; measures 33 x 13.5 x 13"
1503.GE Unitized Spacemaker 3.8 cu. ft washer dryer combo model GUD27ESSM1WW (almost new condition - please preview); measures 75 x 27 x 31"
1504.Maple veneer circular table on chromed metal legs; 28 x 35.5"
1505.2 tier painted metal table; measures 27 x 20"
1506.Pressed steel cabinet with 2 doors; 64 x 25 119.5"
1507.2 green metal patio chairs
1508.2 pressed wood side tables with clear glass tops; each measures 30 x 24" diameter
1509.White painted wood writing desk with 1 drawer; measures 29 x 31 x 18.5"
1510.2 bar height metal arm chairs with swivel seats; 47" tall
1511.Black finish aluminum two-tier patio table; 27 x 28"
1512.Red upholstered office armchair
1513.Solid wood bookshelf; 41 x 29.5 x 9"
1514.Adjustable wood and metal tray table; 28 x 36 x 18"
1515.Solid wood bookshelf; 37 x 14 x 8"
1516.2 black upholstered office armchairs
1517.2 pressed steel typewriter stands; each 27 x 20 x 14"
1518.Black upholstered office armchair
1519.Tech Craft multi shelf audio stand, model WF45B; 44 x 21 x 21"
1520.2 carved and painted gilt wood door side panels with cherub motif; each measures 90 2 x 11"
1521.Vintage cedar chest; measures 19 x 45 x 20"
1522.Cherry finish media cabinet with 2 paneled doors; 54 x 42 x 23.5"
1523.Antique Brunswick sewing machine table with machine; measures 30 x 33 x 17"
1524.Antique Standard sewing machine table with machine and cast iron base; measures 38 x 35 x 16.5"
1525.Veneer litter box cabinet with 2 doors and pet access; measures 28 x 33.5 x 23"
1526.Vintage storage trunk; measures 19 x 31 x 19"
1527.Wire rack shelving unit with cutting board; measures 63 x 35 x 14"
1528.Painted wicker sofa; measures 35 x 80 x 35"
1529.4 painted wood dining chairs with upholstered seats and cane backs; each measures 44" tall, preview for condition
1530.Painted wood futon with mattress; measures 33 x 79 x 38"
1531.LG top loading washing machine; not tested
1532.LG Hydro Shield close dryer; not tested
1533.2 door storage cabinet with black lacquer front; measures 29.5 x 47.5 x 16.5, leg needs repair
1534.Circular painted wood table; measures 26.5 x 27" diameter
1535.4 storage boxes, 2 have hinged tops; largest measures 25 x 42.5 x 33"
1536.2 pine end tables with 1 drawer and 2 shelves; each measures 27 x 17 x 11"
1537.2 pine 2 tier shelving units; each measures 28 x 14.5 X 11.5"
1538.2 pine 2 tier shelving units; each measures 28 x 14.5 x 11.5"
1539.3 pine shelving units; largest measures 56 x 14.5 x 11.5"
1540.Vintage veneer 2 door storage cabinet; measures 66 x 29 x 21"
1541.2 maple armchairs on casters with slats seats; each measures 36" tall
1542.Handmade pine blanket rack; measures 29 x 32 x 11"
1543.Circular pressed wood table with 3 legs; measures 26 x 20" diameter
1544.Whirlpool glass top range with stainless front; not tested
1800.Louisville Slugger 125 ash wood baseball bat, appears unused, with original box
1801.Oakland / Las Vegas Raiders #4 on the field football helmet with NFL tags (this helmet is being sold as a collector item for autographs and display only)
1802.Miami Dolphins on the field football helmet with NFL tags (this helmet is being sold as a collector item for autographs and display only)
1803.Kansas City Chiefs on the field football helmet with NFL tags (this helmet is being sold as a collector item for autographs and display only)
1804.Gale Sayers #40 Chicago Bears autographed and custom framed jersey with JSA COA and matching hologram
1805.Bob Lilly HOF 80 and Mel Renfro HOF 96 Dallas Cowboys autographed seat back from Texas Stadium with JSA COA and matching hologram
1806.Mike Hughes Minnesota Vikings autographed SKOL19x23 canvas print with TSE COA card and hologram
1807.Jerry Maren, Mickey Carroll and Karl Slover autographed 24x36 lithograph commemorating the 50th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz autographed by the artist Melanie Taylor Kent with JSA COA and matching hologram
1808.Jerry Maren, Mickey Carroll, Donna Stewart-Hardway, Ruth Duccini & Karl Slover autographed The Wizard of Oz 11x14 photo with JSA COA and matching hologram
1809.Danny White Dallas Cowboys autographed 16x20 photo with JSA Witness COA and matching hologram
1810.Muhammad Ali/ Cassius Clay autographed boxing 16x20 standing over the Beatles photo with GAI COA and matching hologram
1811.Pele New York Cosmos autographed 16x20 B&W with Muhammad Ali photo certify PSA/DNA COA and matching hologram
1812.Eddie Jackson Chicago Bears autographed 16x20 photo with JSA Witness COA and matching hologram
1813.Bernard McKinney Houston Texans autographed 16x20 color photo with Tristar Certified and matching hologram
1814.Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Polamalu and Hines Ward Pittsburgh Steelers autographed commemorative football with GAI COA and matching hologram
1815.Alexander Mattison Minnesota Vikings autographed logo white panel football with Total Sports hologram and card
1816.Sammy Sosa Chicago Cubs autographed baseball with Fujifilm LOA card
1817.George Springer Astros autographed 2015 Topps Gypsy Queen card and game used baseball with MLB hologram (JC288490)
1818.Dustin Poirier UFC autographed customed embroider fighting shorts with PSA/DNA ITP COA and matching hologram
1819.Bud Dupree #48 Pittsburgh Steelers autographed pro style jersey with Beckett Witness COA and matching hologram
1820.Mason Rudolph #2 Pittsburgh Steelers autographed pro style jersey with LEAF COA and matching hologram
1821.Anthony Harris #41 Minnesota Vikings autographed pro style jersey with JSA Witness COA and matching hologram
1822.Ari Lehman Jason 1 autographed Jason Voorhees #13 hockey jersey with JSA COA and matching hologram
1823.Ari Lehman Friday the 13th autographed toy machete Jason 1 #1 Slasher inscription with Pristine Auction card and numbered hologram
1824.Ari Lehman Jason 1 autographed Jason the 13th white mask with JSA COA and matching hologram
1825.Ari Lehman Jason 1 autographed Jason the 13th silver mask with JSA COA and matching hologram
1826.Mark Chmura Green Bay Packers autographed 8x10 photo with Beckett Witness COA and matching hologram
1827.Dan Fouts San Diego Chargers autographed 8x10 action color photo with Beckett COA and matching hologram
1828.Jim Brown Cleveland Browns autographed 8x10 color photo with Gridiron Authentics COA and matching hologram
1829.Whitey Ford New York Yankees autographed 8x10 photo with JSA COA and matching hologram
1830.Dak Prescott Dallas Cowboys autographed 8x10 action photo with GAI COA and matching hologram
1831.Rodney Harrison New England Patriots autographed Super Bowl XXXIX 8x10 photo with Patriots Alumni Club COA and hologram
1832.Rudy Ruettiger Notre Dame Fighting Irish autographed 8x10 photo with JSA Witness COA and matching hologram
1833.K.J. Osborn Minnesota Vikings autographed 8x10 photo with PSA/DNA COA and matching hologram
1834.Tony Dorsett Dallas Cowboys autographed 8x10 action photo with GAI COA and matching hologram
1835.Dan Hampton Chicago Bears autographed 8x10 action photo with Beckett COA and matching hologram
1836.Dwight Howard Orlando Magic autographed 8x10 rookie year color photo with JSA COA and matching hologram
1837.Vintage 1970 Topps baseball hall of fame, star and rookie cards in blinder (approx. 265 + total cards)
1838.Sports memorabilia vintage 1960s to present cards, sets, baseballs, autographed and game used cards, rookies, star and hall of fame player cards

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