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RAL.RICHMOND ANIMAL LEAGUE Pet of The Week: Hey folks! This week's pet of the week is a beautiful, all black cat named Murica who's been with us for a few months now. Murica gets overlooked because he's so chill he spends all of his time hanging out on our catio, so here's a little highlight for him! He's a six year old, solid black Domestic Shorthair cat. Murica is neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped.

Have you ever had a dream of encountering a bear while on a solo hike through a forest? If you have, then you need this cat. Murica is a fearless panther who will selflessly defend you from the biggest, baddest dogs on the block one minute, and then curl up in your arms like a beautiful, innocent kitten the next. He cohabitates well with other cats, and adores laying in the sun with his feline friends. This large-and-in-charge boy will be your knight in glistening black fur. Do you have a sunbeam and a squishy bed waiting for him? Come meet him today!
PS: Murica is one of five cats at our shelter that have been with us since 2016! He has never been adopted, and I have no idea why. He's amazing.

Richmond Animal League has been finding homes for homeless dogs and cats in the Richmond area since 1979. Believing in the no-kill philosophy since the beginning, Richmond Animal League is the area's oldest no-kill shelter. Contact Richmond Animal League on 804-379-0046, or find out more at

150.Hamilton open faced pocket watch with monogrammed gold tone case and 17 jewel movement, numbered 1909784, inscription dated 1922
151.Waltham gold tone open face pocket watch 15 jewel movement, numbered 18413593
152.Trumpet form sterling silver vase with weighted base; 10" tall
153.2 Gorham sterling silver napkin rings; combined weight 22.6 gms
154.Glass bowl with weighted sterling silver base; 5" tall
155.Sterling silver and turquoise jewelry, includes pins, pendants and necklace; combined weight 62.1 gms
156.Sterling silver and turquoise jewelry, pin and pendants; combined weight 44 gms
157.Sterling silver and turquoise bracelets and pendants; combined weight 44.7 gms
158.Sterling silver and turquoise pendant and earrings; combined weight 18.8 gms
159.2 sterling silver and abalone pendants; 26.8 gms
160.Sterling silver pins and pendant; combined weight 29.8 gms
161.Navajo sterling silver and polished stone pendants; combined weight 29.7 gms
162.Sterling silver and cabochon stone jewelry; 34.2 gms
163.Sterling silver, 14K gold and semiprecious stone pendant signed Newman 2000; weighs 13.1 gms
164.Sterling silver and 14K gold pendant pin with cabochon opal; 12.9 gms
165.Sterling silver and 14K gold butterfly pin signed RMT; 22.2 gms
166.Sterling silver, turquoise and carnelian bracelet; 42.9 gms
167.Assorted sterling silver flatware; combined weight 205.1 gms
168.Tiffany and Co sterling silver bracelet; 28.8 gms, preview for authenticity
169.Assorted sterling silver jewelry, includes bracelets and chains; combined weight 35.6 gms
170.19th century portrait tintype, girl with flowers, hand tinted; 3.75 x 3.25"
171.Waterford crystal sea seahorse paperweight, includes box; 3" long
172.4 Japanese animal netsukes; largest .75"
173.Group of hand-painted Britains and other soldiers and figures
174.Vintage Miller and Rhoads delivery person's hat and carry bag
175.Sterling silver ring with green stone, and gold plated sterling silver tennis bracelet; combined weight 16.2 gms
176.Sterling silver and turquoise bracelet; 40.9 gms
177.2 sterling silver weighted candlesticks; 4" tall
178.2 sterling silver weighted candlesticks; 3" tall
179.Sterling silver handled carving knives, bottle opener and forks
180.Sterling silver and iolite ring and matching bracelet; combined weight 16.7 gms
181.Art Deco sterling silver bracelet with clear stones; 8.9 gms
182.Mexican heart-shaped pin and necklace with red stone
183.Bead and cloisonne enamel bracelet, includes box
184.Sterling silver filigree bracelet; 32.8 gms
185.Mexican sterling silver and turquoise bracelet; 99.3 gms
186.Sterling silver and cabochon stone bracelet; 20.7 gms
187.Sterling silver bracelet; 22.6 gms
188.Sterling silver and stone bracelet; 40.3 gms
189.2 sterling silver and polished stone pendants; 13.5 gms
190.Sterling silver and colored stone bracelet; 50.4 gms
191.Sterling silver and stone bracelet; 32.5 gms
192.Sterling silver bracelet; 37.5 gms
193.Sterling silver and turquoise bracelet; 30.8 gms
194.Sterling silver and tigers eye bracelet; 51 gms
195.3 sterling silver bracelets; 49.5 gms
196.Sterling silver and polished quartz bracelet; 34 gms
197.Oval-shaped sterling silver pendant by Charles Albert; 23.5 gms
198.3 sterling silver pendants; 32.6 gms
199.Navajo sterling silver and turquoise eagle pin/pendant; 25.2 gms
200.Assorted sterling silver and semiprecious stone jewelry; combined weight 37.3 gms
201.Assorted silver jewelry; 33.2 gms
202.3 hand wrought copper and turquoise bracelets
203.3 copper, brass and turquoise bracelets
204.2 copper bracelets
205.2 nickel silver and turquoise bracelets
206.Matching bead necklace, bracelet and earrings
207.Amethyst colored stone and silver tone necklace, bracelet, and sterling silver ring weighing 6.1 gms
208.Silver tone necklace and 7 sliders
209.Bead necklace and clear stone bracelet
210.Silver tone costume bracelets
211.Beaded costume necklace
212.Assorted costume jewelry and sterling silver cross set with semiprecious stones
213.Vintage costume jewelry pins
214.Vintage gold tone pins
215.Bag of assorted rhinestone and other costume jewelry
216.Sterling silver earrings made by artist Mary Martin
217.Bag of assorted costume jewelry
218.Bag of assorted costume jewelry
219.Sterling silver necklace; 13 gms
220.Bag of assorted costume jewelry
221.Bag of beaded costume jewelry
222.Bag of vintage and vintage style costume jewelry
223.Bag of vintage and vintage style costume jewelry
224.Cameo bracelet, earrings, pins and ring
225.Vintage and vintage style costume jewelry
226.Bag of assorted military pins
227.Vintage and vintage style costume jewelry
228.Costume jewelry, includes stone and glass necklaces and earrings
229.Bead necklaces and bracelets
230.1950s vintage bead necklace
231.2 silver tone necklaces
232.4 assorted wristwatches, includes Timex, Harvel and Benon
233.Assorted costume jewelry
234.Bag of assorted costume jewelry
235.Bag of assorted costume jewelry
236.Bag of assorted costume jewelry
237.Bag of assorted costume jewelry
238.Bag of miscellaneous wristwatches
239.Bag of assorted costume jewelry
240.Bag of assorted rings, costume jewelry
241.Bag of assorted wristwatches
242.Assorted costume jewelry
243.Bag of assorted costume jewelry
244.Bag of assorted costume jewelry
245.Assorted stone necklaces
246.Bag of assorted costume jewelry
247.Assorted costume bracelets
248.Vintage and vintage style costume jewelry
249.Assorted costume jewelry including pins and pendants
250.Italian made gold tone micromosaic pin
251.Box of assorted costume jewelry and watches
252.1995 Louisa High School ring
253.Jewelry box with contents, includes jewelry, folding pocket knife, watch case and other items; 11" wide
254.Lionel Trains collectible wristwatch, includes box
255.Train case with assorted costume jewelry
256.Five vintage Virginia tobacco advertising posters, includes T C Williams Golden Eagle and Pigeon, Watson & McGill Black Swan and Enchanter, and Maclin-Zimmer-McGill Southdown, largest 11 x 11"
257.Five vintage Virginia tobacco advertising posters, includes British-American Piper-Heidsieck plug, Cora, T C Williams The Nosegay, Watson & McGill Enchanter and McRae Fine, largest 14 x 7"
258.Five vintage Virginia tobacco advertising posters, includes Dash and Cora, T C Williams Octoroon and Pigeon, and David Dunlop Belle of Virginia, largest 14 x 7"
259.Five vintage Virginia tobacco advertising posters, includes Lucky Hit, La Pollera, La Plata, and Maclin-Zimmer-McGill Just The Thing, largest 13 x 6.5"
261.Lionel 100 year anniversary 671 steam turbine locomotive pocket watch, includes presentation case
262.Czechoslovakian made Art Deco glass perfume bottle with stopper; 5" tall
263.Assorted Swarovski ands other crystal figures, animals and scallop shell; 11" wide
264.8 sterling silver and glass coasters; largest 7"
265.The Life of General Robert E Lee for Children book (preview for condition)
266.Sterling silver pig rattle; 3.75" long, weighs 21.8 gms, includes Helms box
267.Display of gold and silver tone costume jewelry; 14 x 11"
268.Jewelry box with assorted costume jewelry and watches
269.Assorted military and other medallions
270.United States World War I first-aid kit
271.United States World War I first-aid kit
272.United States World War I first-aid kit
273.2 vintage wood medicine containers
274.Miniature dice
275.Assorted collectibles, minerals, beaded doily, bookmarks, medallions
276.Sports pins and keychains
277.7 Sunoco presidential coins featuring Kennedy, Nixon, Bush and others
278.Assorted vintage pins, jewelry
279.12 Sunoco presidential medallions featuring Bill Clinton
280.3 Pinkertons Tobacco limited-edition belt buckles made exclusively for Redman
281.Assorted keychains, buckles, medallions, other items
282.Galaxy Note 3 smart phone (no accessories-preview for condition)
283.Jive portable Bluetooth speaker, preview for working condition
284.Texas Instruments TI-3X Pro scientific calculator, includes user manual, preview for working condition
285.Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus scientific calculator, includes instructions, preview for working condition
286.Fitbit Blaze smart fitness watch, includes box (preview for working condition)
287.Bag of assorted military and other buttons
288.Leather draw string bag, mah-jongg marker and carved bone bracelet
296.Imperial folding machete with leather case
297.Box of 325 Federal .22 long rifle ammunition
298.Box of 325 Federal .22 long rifle ammunition
299..22 long rifle ammunition
300.James River Richmond Virginia oil painting on canvas, signed and dated Perrin 1988 lower right; gold frame measures 31 x 44"
305.John MacLeod limited-edition print titled "The Pride of Baltimore Passing Cedar Point", signed in pencil and numbered 144/1250; frame measures 30 x 38"
306.Original 19thC hand colored etching "Winter Evening", after the original by Hendrick Dirk Kruseman Van Elten; frame measures 29 x 42"
307.19th century portrait oil painting on canvas, appears unsigned, canvas has been relined; gold frame measures 32 x 29"
308.Geo. G Fox portrait oil painting on panel, signed lower right; antique gold frame measures 17 x 15"
309.Colin Poole oil painting on board titled "Indian Summer", signed lower right; gold frame measures 23 x 17.5"
310.William Fernando Vasquez watercolor painting "House on the Rise", with Gallery of Hope photograph and frame; 13.5 x 16.5"
311.2 miniature watercolor paintings, Mediterranean landscape and cityscape, signed lower right; each measures 8.5 x 7.5"
312.Victorian portrait oil painting on panel, illegible signature lower right; measures 21 x 15.5"
313.Landscape oil painting on stretched canvas, signed lower right; 16 x 20"
314.Landscape color photograph, signed lower right; frame measures 11.5 x 24"
315.3 fruit still life oil paintings on canvas, signed Di Tuoro lower left; frames measure 10.5 x 12.5"
316.Landscape oil painting on canvas, appears unsigned; mahogany shadowbox frame measures 31 x 41"
317.Poppies oil painting on canvas, appears unsigned; 40 x 29"
318.Egyptian theme silkscreen print on fabric; frame measures 20 x 44"
319.Nautical theme framed print "Tug Champion and Tow"; frame measures 19.5 x 23.5"
320.Framed nautical print "Steamer Frank E Kirby"; frame measures 19.5 x 23.5"
321.Framed print "Schooner John Wesley"; frame measures 19.5 x 23.5"
322.Oriental print of horses; gold frame 27.5 x 22.5"
323.Framed oriental print, bird and flowers; 23 x 20.5"
324.Oriental print, bird with flowers; frame measures 23 x 20.5"
325.Musician oil painting on stretched canvas, signed M James lower right; measures 20 x 24"
326.Framed Texas state print; 22 x 22"
327.Pastel portrait on paper, framed behind glass; 30.5 x 26.5"
328.L. Griffith landscape oil painting on board, signed lower right; frame measures 24.5 x 44.5"
329.Framed portrait lithograph Etudes Choisies; frame measures 32 x 27" (matches 330)
330.Framed portrait lithograph, Etudes Choisies; frame measures 32 x 27" (matches 329)
331.Panama Canal artwork on fabric; gold frame measures 19 x 38"
332.Vintage landscape oil painting on paper signed and dated on March 1910 lower right; gold frame measures 21 x 27"
333.Sally Buck watercolor painting of daylilies, frame measures 19 x 16"
344.Copper Chilean plaque; 10 x 16"
345.Black-and-white landscape photographic print; frame measures 19 x 29"
346.Watercolor landscape painting signed and dated 92 lower right; frame measures 26 x 39"
347.Photograph collage frame; 26 x 26"
348.Rectangular wall mirror with beveled edge and gold frame; 32 x 15.5"
349.Coca-Cola plastic advertising sign "Enjoy Coke"; 24 x 46"
400.Lion theme framed print; 19 x 50"
401.H G Mulroney abstract artwork on canvas, signed lower right; frame measures 34 x 29"
402.Three piece 3-dimensional metal wall art; 25 x 25"
403.Seerey-Lester limited edition seal print, signed in pencil and numbered 189/950; frame measures 30 x 39"
404.Wall mirror with antique style frame; 46 x 34"
405.Tropical island theme oil painting on canvas, signed lower right; frame measures 32 x 43"
406.Framed portrait print; 16.5 x 12"
407.Beveled edged mirror; frame measures 50 x 37"
408.H. J. Smith limited-edition print "Holiday Preparations at the Phi Sigma House, Woodstock Virginia", signed in pencil and numbered 5/50; frame measures 16 x 18"
409.Rectangular mirror, beveled edge and green painted frame; 62 x 21"
410.Vintage metal Regatta Yacht Finishes advertising sign; 24 x 36"
411.Nude study oil painting on board, signed and dated FH '88 lower right; gold frame measures 32 x 27"
412.Rectangular wall mirror; 42 x 24"
413.Pine framed mirror; 43 x 24"
414.Gustav Klimt art artwork on stretched canvas; 55 x 22"
415.Roger Cook limited-edition print, signed in pencil and numbered 28/1000; frame measures 27 x 32"
416.Parks Duffey limited-edition print "University of Richmond", signed in pencil and numbered 11/850; frame measures 26.5 x 32"
417.Framed Spy print "Washington"; frame measures 19 x 11"
418.Metal and semiprecious stone wall plaque; 41" tall
419.Cries of London framed collage print; 17 x 26"
420.Much Ado About Nothing framed print; 15 x 12"
421.2 framed prints "Great Leg Goose" and "Pink Footed Goose"; matching frames measure 7.5 x 9.5"
422.Singapore River taxi framed print; 20 x 32"
423.2 Kensington Gardens still life prints for August and November; matching frames measure 25 x 20"
424.Gold painting frame; 21 x 18"
425.Floral still life print with gold frame; 31 x 38"
426.European etching, signed and titled in pencil; frame measures 13.5 x 15"
427.Gold framed circular mirror; 37" diameter
428.Hand colored Cancer limited-edition print signed in pencil and numbered 71/150; frame measures 7.5 x 9" (matches 429)
429.Aries hand colored etching signed in pencil and numbered 8/150; frame measures 7.5 x 9" (matches 428)
430.Vintage floral still life print with gold frame; 16 x 12.5"
431.Albert Fuller Graves framed print "Piece and Sunshine"; frame measures 27 x 38"
432.Portrait oil painting on board, signed lower right; frame measures 24 x 18"
433.Framed print; oak frame measures 31 x 31"
434.Map of New York; frame measures 27 x 20"
435.Miller Light lighted advertising sign; 21 x 16"
436.Print signed in pencil Edmundo Otoniel with oak frame measuring 25 x 31"
437.Gary Larson framed cartoon; frame measures 12 x 18"
438.Brass frame with porcelain plate (preview for condition); 14" diameter
439.Vintage mirror with beveled edge and white painted frame; 22.5 x 22.5"
440.Limited-edition Jerome Tiger print "Into Another Life", numbered 890/2000, unframed; 23 x 17", includes folio
441.Rutherford quartz wall clock with metal frame; 30" diameter
442.Country Style Ham advertising board; 19 x 11"
443.Framed child portrait print; frame measures 35 x 28"
444.3 floral still life prints and wood welcome sign; 18" wide
445.2 signed Anne Hershenburgh and prints, each signed in pencil; matching frames measure 16 x 12"
446.Antique style mirror with mahogany shadowbox frame; 22 x 18"
447.Colored engraving for September; silver finish frame measures 21.5 x 17.5" (matches 448)
448.Colored engraving for April; silver finish frame measures 21.5 x 17.5" (matches 447)
449.Gold framed mirror (matches 427)
450.Impressionist artwork on stretched canvas, gold frame measures 18 x 21"
451.Signed color lighthouse photograph; frame measures 12 x 10"
452.Beveled edge mirror with gold frame; 22 x 18"
453.Currier and Ives re-print "Lookout Mountain, Tennessee"; frame measures 12.5 x 16"
454.Leopard print; frame measures 16 x 12"
455.3 framed needlepoint; each measures 13 x 13"
456.Beveled edge mirror with mosaic frame; 14 x 14"
457.Edith Johnson watercolor "Southern Magnolia"; frame measures 22 x 17"
458.Framed impressionist print; gold frame measures 22 x 18"
459.Religious theme print on board; painted frame measures 28 x 23"
460.Leighton Jones sad clown print; frame measures 28 x 22"
461.Beveled edge mirror with silver frame; 26 x 22"
462.Miniature framed print "Burford Bridge and Box Hill"; frame measures 6 x 7"
463.Aubel and Fils advertising print; frame measures 26 x 20"
464.Watercolor on paper "Easton Point Lighthouse", signed lower right, unframed; 16 x 11"
465.2 framed still life prints; largest 15 x 12"
466.5 assorted framed prints; largest 17 x 16" 4 framed and one unframed
467.165 airplane prints (23 different images), all unframed,; largest 22 x 28"
468.Framed print; 23 x 18"
469.The Simpsons framed print; 24 x 36"
470.2 Kensington Gardens still life prints for January and June; matching frames measure 23 x 19"
471.3 Godey's Americanized Paris Fashions prints; matching frames measure 9.5 x 7.5"
472.Three-dimensional horse portrait artwork on board; 40 x 30"
473.Bacons Standard Map of United States; frame measures 20 x 28"
474.Bathroom theme framed print; 18 x 18"
475.3 framed bird prints; each measures 10 x 7.5"
476.Three-dimensional owl artwork; 39 x 16"
477.Wall mirror with gold painted wrought iron frame; 35 x 23"
478.Musical instrument theme framed print; gold frame measures 29 x 29"
479.Rectangular mirror with gold frame; 22 x 17"
480.Antique style world map, frame measures 11 x 13"
481.Mary Rose portrait drawing and framed plaque The 10 Commandments; largest 20 x 15"
482.Vintage print The Watermill; unframed 18 x 24"
483.2 framed color photographs, Nantucket Cottage and Nantucket Hydrangeas; matching frames measure 9.5 x 12"
484.Colored engraving for August; frame measures 22 x 18" (matches 447 and 448)
485.Jane Grissom ink drawing, clock tower; frame measures 22 x 18"
486.Framed color photograph Virginia; frame measures 20 x 24"
487.Papyrus Egyptian papyrus artwork; frame measures 22 x 18"
488.Aztec wall plaque; 12" diameter
489.Framed print, 1 Corinthians 13; frame measures 17 x 12.5"
490.Dog artwork on fabric panel; 20 x 12"
491.Rembrandt Nightwatch print on board unframed; 20 x 24"
492.2 oriental three-dimensional artwork; matching frames measure 17 x 9.5"
493.Mirror with painted purple frame; 10 x 12"
494.Paul Norton framed print "Mystic Seaport"; frame measures 20 x 25"
495.Cancan Oyster Bar advertising poster; gold frame measures 18 x 12.5"
496.3 Indonesian 3-dimensional panels; largest measures 33 x 24"
497.2 matching framed prints, Guernsey and Cornwell; matching frames measure 17 x 20"
498.2 framed magnolia prints; matching gold frames measure 32 x 27"
499.Metal angel wall plaque; 18 x 26"
500.Chinese blue and cream floral rug; 120 x 96"
501.Hand knotted oriental rug; 29 x 27"
502.Antique hand knotted Persian rug; 22 x 33"
503.Hand knotted oriental rug; 82 x 52"
504.Hand knotted Kerman type rug; 120 x 170"
505.Hand knotted Persian rug; 60 x 47"
506.Antique hand knotted oriental rug; 77 x 44"
507.Antique hand knotted rug; 38 x 25"
508.Mahogany extending dining table, double pedestals and one extension leaf; 30 x 66 x 48" closed, leaf is 24" wide
509.Mahogany piecrust tilt top table; 27 x 21" diameter
510.Antique spindle back kitchen chair on turned legs, remnants of original paint; 32" tall
511.Antique cherry ladder back rocking chair with rush seat
512.2 cherry arm chairs with needlepoint seats
513.4 drawer pine dresser with brass handles; 35 x 40 x 17.5"
514.2 Hitchcock style stenciled dining chairs with rush seats
515.Mahogany dining chair with needlepoint seat
516.Ethan Allen mahogany 2 piece high boy; 75 x 35 x 19"
517.Spindle back armchair with rush seat
518.Kerman rug; 53 x 72"
519.Kerman style rug; 34 x 60"
520.Antique walnut secretary bookcase, 2 glass doors above sloping front with fitted interior and 3 drawers; 86 x 46 x 21"
521.Knob Creek cherry double dresser with 8 drawers with brass handles, glass top and matching mirror; dresser measures 35 x 52 x 19", mirror 52 x 35"
522.Burgundy upholstered two-seat sofa with loose cushion; 61" wide
523.Hitchcock style stenciled spindle back rocking chair
524.Folding Victorian rocking chair
525.Antique oak dresser, 2 short and 2 long drawers with metal handles and attached beveled mirror; 81 x 41 x 19"
526.Brass and glass hexagonal coffee table; 17 x 40"
527.Antique solid wood bed frame, includes headboard, footboard and side rails; headboard measures 69 x 56"
528.White painted antique style metal bed frame, includes headboard, footboard, side rail and metal supports; headboard measures 57 x 62" wide
529.Chromed metal bed frame, includes headboard, footboard and side rails; 50 x 60"
530.Area rug in cream, blue and pink tones measuring 48 x 82
531.Vintage poplar sewing table, one fitted drawer; 31 x 23 x 17"
532.Mahogany drop side table; 30 x 12 x 42" closed, size are 11" wide
533.Oval-shaped walnut veneer coffee table with string inlays and cross banding; 49 x 27"
534.Rustic solid wood work table with 2 drawers, turned legs and metal casters; 29 x 50 x 27"
535.Cherry side table with one drawer and metal handles; 23 x 20 x 27"
536.Mahogany drop side table, pedestal base and 1 drawer; 30 x 17 x 36" closed, side to 17" wide
537.2 matching upholstered high wingback armchairs
538.Mahogany coffee table with cane top, turned legs and metal casters; 18 x 47 x 37" (requires glass)
539.3 upholstered chromed metal bar stools; 37" tall
540.Federal style mahogany bow front sideboard with fruitwood inlays; 40 x 72 x 24"
541.Ferraghan wool floral rug measuring 46 x 68
542.Oriental style rug in red, cream and black tones measuring 63 x 88
544.2 matching spindle back chairs with rush seats
545.Victorian walnut dining chair with needlepoint seat
546.Walnut tilt top candle stand; 28 x 22 x 22"
547.White Furniture Co mid century modern sideboard, 4 wicker front doors over 8 doors with brass handles; 76 x 72 x 20"
548.2 matching Century mid century modern oriental design cabinets, with 2 large and 2 small burl walnut doors with brass fixtures; each measures 82 x 26 x 18"
549.Antique dovetail pine chest with hinged top, original wrought-iron hardware; 19 x 48 x 21.5"
550.Neoclassical style inlaid side chair; 38" tall (requires seat)
551.2 Dunbar mid century modern side tables; each measures 20 x 20 x 19"
552.Antique Kimball pump organ; 48" wide
553.2 antique style high back mahogany dining chairs; 41" tall
554.Mahogany finish metal and flag display case; 46 x 17"
593.Brushed metal hanging chandelier; 42" diameter
594.Bronze metal and crystal chandelier; 17" tall
595.Painted metal and crystal floral form chandelier; 19" tall
596.Brass and beveled glass hanging light fixture; 14" tall
597.Bronze metal chandelier with 5 inverted frosted glass shade; 26" tall
598.5 arm metal and glass chandelier; 26" diameter
599.Brushed metal chandelier with frosted glass shades; 32" tall
600.Red and blue floral rug; 118 x 98"
601.Antique style hooked rug; 152 x 117"
602.Beige and brown floral rug; 114 x 19"
603.Floral oriental style rug; 129 x 93"
604.Indian made circular tufted rug; 36" diameter
605.Camelot wool rug; 108 x 72"
606.Abstract rug; 94 x 63"
607.Florence aqua gray rug; 84 x 60"
608.Green floral runner; 94 x 23"
609.Mahogany bed frame, includes headboard, footboard and side rails; 42 x 58"
610.Mahogany finish chest of 3 drawers by Legacy Classic Furniture; 32 x 34 x 18"
611.Cream painted bedframe, includes headboard, footboard and side rails; headboard measures 53 x 46"
612.Cream painted nightstand with 3 drawers; 24 x 21 x 16"
613.Pink upholstered armchair with loose cushions
614.Pink upholstered armchair with loose cushions
615.Floral upholstered armchair with loose cushions
616.Tartan upholstered mahogany framed armchair and similar ottoman
617.Mahogany finish curio cabinet, lighted interior; 71 x 25 x 11"
618.Oriental style rug; 23 x 48"
619.Oriental style rug; 48 x 24"
620.Oval-shaped braided rug; 25 x 64"
621.Hand knotted oriental runner; 108 x 31"
622.Pine sideboard with shelf back, multiple drawers and doors; 75 x 52 x 20"
623.Pine hexagonal side cabinet; measures 20 x 28"
624.Metal side table with beveled glass top; 22.5 x 26"
625.Antique style vanity with distressed painted finish; 31 x 38 x 33 x 23"
626.Child size maple spindle back rocking chair
627.Ladder back chair with rush seat
628.Poplar nightstand with turned legs and 1 drawer; 29 x 16 x 17"
629.Wicker headboard; 50 x 40" (matches 630 and 631)
630.Wicker nightstand with 2 drawers; 23 x 22 x 19" (matches 629 and 631)
631.Wicker chest with 4 drawers; 30 x 35 x 20" (matches 629 and 630)
632.Oval-shaped mahogany 2-tier coffee table; 20 x 47 x 26"
633.Mixed wood hall table with 3 drawers; 28 x 36 x 12"
634.4 American colonial style spindle back dining chairs
635.4 matching rustic spindle back kitchen chairs
636.Rustic side table; 18 x 20 x 26"
637.Pine coffee table with turned legs; 15 x 48 x 21"
638.Victorian style upholstered dining chair
639.White painted lyre back dining chair
640.Antique style mahogany side table; with shaped top; 27 x 25" diameter
641.Antique style mahogany side table, fan and string inlays and 1 drawer; 25 x 14 x 26" closed, size and 9" wide
642.Ion fiberglass mid century modern chair
643.Pair of White Clad oak side cabinet with 1 drawer; 24 x 23 x 18"
644.Mahogany side table; 21 x 23 x 23"
645.Mahogany finish two-tier coffee table with beveled glass top and 2 drawers; 17 x 48.5 x 26"
646.Upholstered armchair on mahogany frame
647.High wingback upholstered armchair on Queen Anne style legs
648.Shabby-chic painted dresser with 4 drawers and one door with brass handles; 30 x 31 x 17"
649.Antique gray painted wash stand with 1 drawer and 2 doors; 35 x 28 x 15"
650.American Empire form oval shaped table with one drawer on platform base; 29 x 42 x 26"
651.White painted chest with 4 drawers and metal handles; 31 x 40 x 17"
652.Marble top side table on metal base; 17 x 28 x 19"
653.Mersman mahogany side table with one drawer; 24 x 17 x 26"
654.6 rustic mule ear dining chairs with caned seats
655.Turquoise painted bedframe with painted design; headboard measures 38 x 58" wide
656.Circular kitchen table on painted turned legs; 29 x 41" diameter
657.Turquoise painted pine dining table; 27 x 41" diameter
658.4 cherry dining chairs, includes 2 arm chairs
659.Upholstered ottoman; 14 x 24 x 20"
660.Rustic form pine dry sink; 32 x 30 x 19"
661.Maple double-sided side table; 25 x 21 x 22"
662.Rectangular coffee table with beveled glass top; 17 x 52 x 36"
663.2 mahogany lyre back dining chairs; 33" tall
664.4 Pier One Imports dining chairs
665.Recliner armchair; 42" tall
666.Antique bow front oak chest with 2 short and 4 long drawers; 48 x 32 x 21"
667.5 matching oak dining chairs
668.Solid oak armchair
669.2 Victorian swivel top piano stools with metal and glass claw and ball feet; each 19" tall
670.Mid century modern two-tier media stand; 31 x 50 x 17"
671.Maple chest of 5 drawers; 39 x 33 x 17"
672.Mahogany mid century modern 2 door LP record cabinet; 30 x 27 x 16"
673.Mahogany finish octagonal side table; 27 x 33"
674.Side table with one drawer; 22 x 22 x 27"
675.Handmade arrow back walnut rocking chair
676.2 matching pine side tables; each measures 21 x 21 x 27"
677.Mid century modern wardrobe, 5 drawers and 1 door; 63 x 38 x 20"
678.Cedar chest; 49" wide
679.Spindle back oak chair with upholstered seat
680.Vintage smoking stand; 29" tall
681.2 spindle back upholstered dining chairs
682.4 matching ladder back chairs with caned seats
683.Twin size cherry bed, includes headboard, footboard, side rails and bed slats; 37 x 41"
699.Pine bedframe includes headboard, footboard and side rails; 54 x 66"
700.12 BOOKS OF AMERICANA. Virginia Genealogy; Seventy Five Years in Old Virginia; Houses of Old Richmond; Dumbarton Oaks and 8 other titles
702.4 BOOKS ON AMERICAN MUSICAL CULTURE. The Encyclopedia of Rock; Hippie; There is No Eye and Will the Circle Be Unbroken
703.5 BOOKS ON HOLLYWOOD AND THE MOVIES. Vertigo; Screen Deco; The Wizardry of Oz and 2 others
704.GREAT RELIGIONS OF MODERN MAN. 5 volume boxed set in hardcover with dust jackets
705.34 BOOKS OF EROTICA. Her Soul Went First; Nymph in Need; Jou Pu Tuan; Emmanuelle and 30 other titles
706.6 VOLUMES OF THE COMPLETE POPEYE. Covering the years from 1928-1938-ish
707.17 BOOKS ON THE CIVIL WAR. Including 13 titles in the Time Life series; 3 volume boxed set by William C. Davis and Back Door to Richmond
708.2 volumes "Portrait Gallery of Eminent Men and Woman" Johnson Wilson and Co., New York 1873
709.Shelf lot assorted vintage books
710.Shelf lot nonfiction books including Holy Bible, Real Dogs, Birds of South Africa, The Merchant of Berlin, Yacht Racing, Deepwater Cruising and others
711.Shelf loft vintage books including Stalking Big-Game with a Camera, Historic Gardens of Virginia, Dixons Farmer's Companion and others
712.5 books including Mandela, History of Slavery, The Black Athlete, The Greatest Mohammed Ali and Jackie's Nine
713.Shelf lot vintage books including 4 volumes Quincy's Works and others
714.Modern Postage Stamp Album, partially complete (preview for contents)
715.Shelf lot paperback and other books
716.Shelf lot assorted books including Louisa of Prussia, Guide to the Birds of Ceylon, Laugh Jew Laugh, In The High Valley and others
717.4 volumes Housekeepers and Mothers Manual
718.Shelf lot military theme books including World War II in the Pacific, Helicopters, United States Navy Aircraft, Canada's Fighting Airmen and others
719.2 Harley-Davidson books, Harley-Davidson shirt
720.Shelf lot cooking and food related books
721.Group of crafting and painting techniques reference books
722.Vintage children's books and others including Jack and Jill, The Lost World of the Kalahari, Fairy Know-a-Bit and others
723.Shelf lot military theme reference books including Fighting for the Fatherland, Tanks of World War II, Tiger Tanks, B-17 Flying Fortress, USAAF Fighters of World War II, and others; also includes John Warner framed art
724.3 books including World's Greatest Aircraft, 20th Century Small Arms and The Martin B-26 Marauder
725.Group of crafting, sewing and other reference books
800.Geisha girl makeup box with detachable mirror stand, and 2 geisha girl hand mirrors with box; largest 12 x 15 x 11"
801.Marine compass with box; 7.5" wide
802.Japanese tin plate locomotive, Dingdong Express"; 16" long
803.Wedgwood blue jasperware pottery pitcher and Wedgwood pottery bowl with box; largest 5"
804.Wedgwood porcelain sugar bowl with cover; 6" tall
805.Vintage Edgar Bergen Charlie McCarthy ventriloquist doll; 23" tall
806.Hohner professional HP base guitar with case
807.Evette Buffet Champion saxophone, serial number 470680, includes case
808.Child size cello; 40" long
809.5 gallon crock; 14" tall
810.2 cast iron Rodin's Thinker book ends; 5" tall
811.2 Virginia Metalcrafters Thomas Jefferson cipher book ends; 6" tall
812.Science Museum of Virginia ammonite plate; 6" wide
813.Singer 221 sewing machine, includes box and accessories (preview for working condition)
814.Franciscan Apple pattern china, includes 4 plates, 4 bowls, 2 mugs, cups and saucers; largest 11"
815.Waterford crystal liqueur cup, nativity angel and tree ornament; largest 4.5"
816.2 mid century modern lamps with matching shade; 34" tall
817.Virginia Metalcrafters cast iron horse doorstop; 12" wide
818.Antique stereoscope and group of vintage Keystone stereograph slides
819.2 vintage fire extinguisher metal signs; largest 23"
820.Roseville Futura pottery jardiniere; 10 x 14" (1 handle is repaired)
821.5 All-Clad copper pans and pots; largest 13"
822.Oriental oak tobacco box containing a quantity of vintage tobacco pipes and smoking accessories; 9.5" wide
823.Longaberger picnic basket with 2 smaller baskets, and Christmas 1988 poinsettia basket; largest 18"
824.Strutco pressed steel San Francisco Fire Department fire engine; 36" long
825.Vintage pressed steel cart; 14" wide
826.Blue Danube china, includes dinner plates, side plates, salad plates, dessert and soup bowls, cups saucers and assorted serving pieces; largest 11"
827.Lenox porcelain includes vases, bowls, candleholder, tree ornament and other items; largest 9"
828.Lionel 100 anniversary train clock and Lionel 100th anniversary locomotive souvenir with box; largest 12"
829.Group of Indian made beaded placemats
830.Dept 56 Heritage Village Collection New England series Christmas buildings including Arlington Falls Church, Dickens Village Sign includes boxes; largest 11"
831.Suite of etched crystal red wine and water goblets; largest 7"
832.Vintage purse marked Gucci, leather tag numbered 14-02-034; 9" wide (preview for authenticity)
833.Vintage purse marked Gucci, leather tag numbered 89-02-032; 10" wide (preview for authenticity)
834.Dept 56 Village Streetcar kit with box and accessories
835.Wicker picnic basket with cover; 18" wide
836.Lionel Kraft Nabisco Holiday 2002 train set, includes box; preview for can contents 24" wide
837.Modern design lacquered jewelry box; 12.5" wide
838.Vintage Operadio; 8" wide (preview for condition)
839.2 Remington ammunition cases; largest 15"
840.Vintage key welded copper pot with metal handle; 7" wide
841.Junghans anniversary clock with glass dome; 12" tall
842.Copper helmet with 2 pottery handles; 11" wide
843.Blue-and-white oriental pottery bowl with cover; 7" wide
844.Francoma pottery trivet "Seals of 5 Civilized Tribes of Indians in Oklahoma"; 6" diameter
845.Sensenich Corp model 276-17 wood laminate propeller; 45" wide
846.2 boxed sets Fort Apache Frontier Playset includes boxes; 20" wide (preview for contents)
847.3 glass paperweights; largest 4"
848.Park and Tilford Reserve advertising whiskey bottle; 26" tall
849.Beaumont art glass bowl; 7" tall, includes tag
850.Bag of cut crystal lighting prisms
851.Virginia Metalcrafters pineapple trivet; 8" tall
852.Brass candle stand with marble base and glass prisms; 16" tall
853.Red cut to clear glass and brass lamp on marble base; 27" tall
854.2 Baldwin 24 karat gold finish brass tree ornaments, includes boxes
855.Box of tobacco related items, includes ashtrays, pipes and, lighters
856.Noritake Enchanted china, includes dinner plates, includes 11 dinner plates, side plates, cups and saucers; largest 10"
857.2 cast brass marble and glass girandoles; 16" tall
858.Coca-Cola bottle crate; 18.5" wide
859.3 Coach leather purses; largest 11"
860.Coach black leather bag; 17" wide
861.Prestige silver plate flatware, setting for 9 includes knives, forks assorted serving pieces and flatware chest; 20" wide (preview for completeness)
862.Vintage Peanuts thermos, Bee Gees and Mork and Mindy thermos
863.2 vintage beaded purses; largest 8"
864.Vintage advertising items and collectibles including Piel metal tray, mineral oil bottle, motor meter thermometer and other items
865.Baltimore and Ohio Railroad stock certificate in frame, signed and dated January 13th 1846; frame measures 11 x 14.5"
866.Russian made nesting doll; 7" tall
867.Clinton China jug; 10" tall
868.Vintage Aristo System chess clock; 14" wide
869.Hansen nursery scale, model 3025
870.Superman collectibles with box, 13 x 13"
871.Hand crafted wagon light; 21" wide
872.4 beaded shell placemats and large tassel; 15" wide
873.Walt Disney's Bambi baby shoes
874.2 painted ceramic monkey figures; 8" tall
875.5 arm candle chandelier, wall pockets, rabbit cookie jar; largest 14"
876.Ceramic bull; 9" wide
877.Group of world souvenir dolls; largest 8"
878.Backgammon set, box set of poker chips with cards
879.Vintage sewing box with buttons and other items; 7" wide
880.Ceramic bottle with shell and fish motif; 21" tall
881.Globe Master 12" world globe
882.ESPN tabletop tennis, includes box (preview for contents and completeness)
883.Lenox collectibles, includes boxed vase sets; largest 16"
884.4 made in Japan Norman Rockwell "4 Seasons Illustrations" painted porcelain groups; largest 8"
885.Vintage cigarette lighters, cigarette boxes; largest 4"
886.20 David Winter painted porcelain cottages, 4 with boxes; largest 7"
887.3 scale model ships; largest 14"
888.Painted Mexican made ceramic skull with helmet; 10" tall
889.Box of golf balls and golf towel
890.2 Orion flare guns
891.Carved wood items, largest 9"
892.Painted ceramic sculpture, Venus Victrix by Antonio Canova; 15" wide
893.Aluminum footed lazy susan; 18" wide
894.Imperial candlewick glassware, goblets, sherbets and stemware; largest 5.5"
895.4 Hallmark Keepsake Christmas tree ornaments includes postage stamps
896.NFL tabletop football game with box (preview for contents)
897.L.L. Bean leather boots, size 8
898.Mid century modern decanter; 13" tall
899.Mid century modern table lamp; 11" wide
900.Antique mahogany vanity mirror with 2 drawers; 19" tall
901.Vintage milk bottle crate; 19" wide
902.4 Mrs Butterworth's syrup bottles and Double Taffy container with cover; largest 10"
903.2 electric hair trimmers
904.Mexican made pottery candle stand; 10" tall
905.Crip Waterpower model DP 300, includes box (preview for working condition)
906.Celadon glazed oriental pottery vase 10" tall, and Chinese enameled porcelain bowl with box
907.Copper bowl; 9" wide
908.2 hand painted mallard book ends and duck theme shelf clock; largest 9"
909.Studio pottery frog sculpture; 8" wide
910.Group of metal animal figures by Hudson pewter
911.Bag of assorted pins
912.Heritage China hand decorated ceramic boxer decanter; 17" tall
913.Ceramic tiger; 23" long
914.French language menu plaque from Bistro St Germain; 10 x 8.5"
915.Marx O gauge CSO X single green dome tanker car, and Atlas nickel silver HO scale train track
916.6 Christmas tree form ceramic napkin rings; 3.5" tall
917.Painted wood cross; 26" tall
918.Beer and cider advertising collectibles including Woodpecker, Franken Demuth, Cider Jack, Saranac and others, and boxed set of Japanese chopsticks
919.2 jewelry display trays; each measures 20 x 15"
920.Jewelry chest and vanity mirror; 16" tall
921.Duck theme ceramic lamp with fabric shade and wood finial; 23" tall
922.2 vintage beaded purses; largest 8"
923.Holiday Inn Express train set with box; 29" wide (preview for completeness and condition)
924.Brass covered bowl, silver plate teepee bell and chromed metal coffee pot; largest 10"
925.Alabaster lamp with white fabric shade and matching finial; 30" tall
926.Hand crafted musical instrument; 16" long
927.Decorative metal helicopter; 29"
928.Vintage cut crystal bowl 9" diameter
929.Painted ceramic rooster; 17" tall
930.Souvenir plates including Connecticut, Georgia, Bermuda and assorted china; largest 10"
931.Recurve bow, arrows and quiver; 49" wide
932.2 gaming controllers (preview for working condition)
933.2 bronze finish metal lamps with cream fabric shades and matching finial; 25" tall
934.2 metal and glass footed vases; 11" tall
935.Airguide barometer with bakelite case; 8" wide
936.Noritake Arlene china, includes 6 dinner plates, side plates, 4 cups and saucers, oval-shaped platter and vegetable dish; largest 15"
937.Double duvet cover with sham
938.White wicker lap tray; 26" wide
939.Oven dish with cover, wood shelf; 15" tall
940.Vintage comic books including Star Wars, Superman, Iron Fist, Archie
941.Made in Japan luster pottery footed bowl, salad servers, plates, dishes and other ceramics; largest 10"
942.Porcelain lamp base with cream fabric shade; 24" tall
943.Large group Hallmark Keepsake Peanuts tree ornaments, figures, Halloween theme collectibles, books and other items
944.4 vintage books including Tour of the World in 80 Days, The True Thomas Jefferson, Les Miserables's
945.Plastic ice bucket, cocktail stirs, enameled metal pot, yellow metal teapot; largest 13"
946.2 Hagstrom's map of New York, house number and transit guide, unframed
947.Vintage suitcase, decorative balls, throw, wood candleholders; largest 27"
948.Hand knotted bedspread
949.Mother-of-pearl inlaid vase, 2 candleholders, 2 cherub wall brackets; largest 14"
950.Brass table lamp with cream fabric shade and matching finial; 34" tall
951.Glass lamp; 19" tall
952.2 Gianni Berninni purses; largest 14"
953.Strada and Kenneth Cole purses; largest 15"
954.Bamboo placemats, watermelon placemats; largest 22"
955.2 porcelain figure lamps with matching shade; 15" tall
956.4 white painted wood shelves; largest 24"
957.Anne Klein and Liz Claiborne purses; largest 14"
958.Madame Alexander dolls of the world, Lovable and other dolls; largest 19"
959.Plastic desk organizer, 3 metal organizers; largest 11"
960.Assorted glassware, includes stemware, cake plate, bottles, sherbets, green depression shot measures, vases; largest 11"
961.Green painted lamp with white fabric shade; 26" tall
962.Vintage Pan Am airplane and Texaco North Dakota ship; largest 28"
963.White fabric placemats
964.Pressed glass and brass lamp with cream fabric shade; 31" tall
965.Wall mounting wood shelf; 25 x 20"
966.Mikasa Intaglio Garden Harvest China includes soup bowls, plates, storage canisters, salad bowls, assorted serving pieces, and French made opaque glass plates, side plates and bowls, Lenox porcelain cups saucers and side plates and other ceramics; largest 11"
967.Plastic food container with cover, black plastic case; largest 17" wide
968.Wicker basket; 24" wide
969.6 pairs assorted ladies shoes, includes boxes
970.Framed ceramic plate, beer stein, Corningware coffee percolator, bottles, plates, swan basket; largest 17"
971.4 pewter Jefferson cups, wood staked wine glass table; largest 17"
972.Oriental ceramic lamp with wood base; 15" tall
973.3 brass candleholders, brass vase, decorative items; largest 8"
974.Green glass decanter and etched glass vase; 12" tall
975.Glass bowl with silver plate base, divided dish, decorative bowls, miniature cedar box; 10" diameter
976.Tole metal lamp with shade; 18" tall
977.Jar of magic spell bones; 11" tall
978.2 bronze finish candle stands; 19" tall
979.Wilcox silver plate bowl, rectangular trays, entree dish with cover, gravy boat, trivets, assorted silver plate; largest 19"
980.Chromed metal lamp with white plastic shade; 24" tall
981.2 tall house candle holders; largest 10"
982.Traditional large dominoes with green bag
983.Tree works chimes; 17" wide
984.Assorted ceramics including Franciscan Winter Bouquet, Gibson Home, assorted plates, bowls, serving pieces, Mikasa Woodland coffee mugs, Gourmet Basics Briar Rose bowls and other ceramics; largest 11"
985.Unframed posters including Pink Floyd, Marilyn Monroe
986.Assorted chocolate molds
987.Vintage ephemera including Telly Savalas black and white photograph, fans, Duck Tales Viewmaster reels, Greyhound schedules, stamp album and mandates
988.Pewter Jefferson cups, silver plate footed bowls, coasters, silver plate shell dish; largest 9"
989.Copper food warmer on stand, ice shaver and baking dish with cover; largest 15"
990.Box of assorted books including Land of Saddlebags, Strong Hearts, The Story of Virginia, The Journal of George Washington and other items to include box set Smithsonian Collection of Recordings for Christmas
991.Tapestry type throw
992.Hallmark Keepsake Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas figures
993.3 Ertl scale model vehicles, Hamilton watch box and box with chess gaming pieces
994.Handcrafted souvenir totem, 2 fans, clay pipe, divided glass dish, handcrafted wood figure, brass coaster set; largest 13" and Japanese screens in miniature
995.Group of assorted dolls; largest 16"
996.Wood candleholder with seashells and sea stars; largest 17"
997.Oriental porcelain rice bowls, dishes, ginger jar; largest 7"
998.Tricycle wicker planter; 14" wide
999.2 ceramic tankards; largest 7"
1000.Dome top wicker box; 18" wide
1001.Octagonal display mirrors, vase stand; largest 6"
1002.Salem China Company "English Village" blue transfer printed china, includes plates, cups and saucers and serving dish; largest 9.5"
1003.Flatware chest; 16" wide
1004.Photography related items, 8 mm camera, digital cameras, electronic keyboard (preview for contents and condition)
1005.Cabbage Patch kids dolls, dolls clothing and other dolls; largest 18"
1006.Chromed metal samovar; 16" tall
1007.Vintage Bell and Howell 8 mm projector, serial number 188310
1008.7 wine glasses
1009.4 boxes Barbie and other dolls with doll accessories
1010.Decorative Christmas items to include stockings, lamps, snowmen and buildings
1011.Vintage metal tray with Boy Scout Fair decals; 26" wide
1012.Metal wall plaque, 2 metal bins, candle stands and one bottle holder; largest 12"
1013.Box of doll stands
1014.Vintage and later travel clocks and quartz alarm clocks
1015.Painted tole metal tray; 25 x 18"
1016.Painted wicker lap tray; 28" wide
1017.33 Mad magazines from 1972 to 1979
1018.Vintage Westinghouse cooker with steamer; 22" wide
1019.Galvanized metal bucket; 10" tall
1020.Spode porcelain creamer; 4" wide
1021.4 Rein Zinn pewter shot glasses with figural relief; largest 4"
1022.DVDs including Suspect, Zero Dark 30, World War II, Campaigns and box set Classic Comedies (preview for box contents)
1023.4 bottle wine stand; 14" wide
1024.Bag of assorted silver plate flatware
1025.2 Shirley Temple paper doll books
1026.Watercolor painting by JoAnn Taylor, hot-air balloons; 9.5 x 12"
1027.VTEC cordless telephone and cradle set (preview for working condition)
1028.Sorel boots, size 8 and Dickies leather boots
1029.Japanese moriage enameled porcelain lamp with marble base and white fabric shade; 21" tall
1030.2 wallets; largest 8"
1031.Brass plaque with stagecoach; 23" diameter
1032.I Home sound dock (preview for working condition)
1033.Eskimo table fan; 9" diameter
1034.Rocketfish keyboard case, model RF-iCAP23 (preview for completeness and condition)
1035.Mahogany finish vitrine; 20 x 18 x 13"
1036.Limoges porcelain bowl, shell vase by Fitz and Floyd, assorted dishes and vases; largest 8"
1037.2 waste paper baskets, oval mirror and tissue box; tallest 13"
1038.Tupperware salad spinner with cover
1039.4 necktie theme beer glasses; 9.5" tall
1040.Box of miniature Christmas houses with lights by Hometown America, includes boxes
1041.Coca-Cola sports theme Coca-Cola bottles and carriers
1042.Porcelain demitasse cups and saucers, assorted makers, and cup and saucer display stands; largest 5"
1043.Painted lamp with embroidered fabric shade; 31" tall
1044.Assorted shot glasses, drinking glasses; largest 4"
1045.Wicker basket with cover; 19" wide
1046.Hand crafted Big Leaf maple burl vase, signed and dated 2013; 12" tall
1047.Black leather Kooba bag
1048.Assorted fabrics, dress and crewel panels
1049.New York Pro solid white electric bass guitar with nylon carrying case
1050.New York Pro pink and white Stratocaster electric guitar with nylon carrying case
1051.2 Hamilton Collection plates including Star Trek IV and Winter Renegade; largest 8.5"
1052.Fabric purse; 11" wide
1053.California pottery ashtray; 12 x 12"
1054.Sony Cybershot camera includes box (preview for contents and completeness)
1055.Kodak Easy Share Z981 camera includes box (preview for contents and condition)
1056.Miniature bench; 32" wide
1057.Assorted letters; largest 15"
1058.Carriage type wall lamp; 16" tall
1059.Japanese hand painted theatrical masks on wood plaque; 15 x 10"
1060.Kirkland Signature Christmas tree ornaments, unused with original box; 21" wide
1061.Oriental collectibles, includes brass vase, hand-painted fan, 2 pottery plates, red lacquer bowls, and wood bowl; largest 10"
1062.Group of art related prints and books
1063.Pressed glass vase; 8" tall
1064.Chivas Regal lighted advertising sign; 12" wide
1065.Silver plated items, includes creamer, assorted bowls, butter dishes, trays, coffee pot and serving pieces; largest 14"
1066.Wire brushes, lawnmower blade sharpeners and other drill attachments
1067.2 framed architectural prints; matching frames measure 16 x 15"
1068.Mexican beaded collectibles, wall plaques, decorative items; largest 15"
1069.Ceramic tankard, green glass footed bowls, vases and candleholder; largest 9"
1070.3 etched glass vases; largest 9"
1071.Pfaltzgraff China, includes dinner plates, side plates, cups and saucers, bowls, canisters, soup terrine with ladle and cover, butter dish, assorted serving pieces and oval-shaped platter; largest 14"
1072.Chinese white porcelain waterlily bowl; 8" diameter
1073.Framed clown print; 20 x 16"
1074.Oriental style white ceramic lamp with wood base and white fabric shade; 25" tall
1075.Needlepoint embroidered pillow; 14 x 14"
1076.Christmas related items, tree ornaments, Christmas books, Christmas displays and angels
1077.Assorted pet beds, pet feeding station and other items; largest 27"
1078.Box of assorted comic books
1079.Bronze finish lamp with white fabric shade and matching finial; 29" tall
1080.Gold finish lamp with cream fabric shade and matching finial; 29" tall
1081.2 brass carriage type external lights; 17" tall
1082.Swann SW212-MXL MaxiBrite Security Camera and cables (preview for working condition)
1083.Ceramics including Noritake salad bowl, creamer, gravy boats and Bavarian creamer; largest 11"
1085.Metal lamp with cream fabric shade; 18" tall
1086.Mosquito net
1087.2 similar red finish lamps with cream fabric shades; largest 27"
1088.Secret garden canopy net
1089.Oriental wicker 3 section fruit container; 15" tall
1090.Good Friends sign; 20" wide
1091.English Abbey oval shaped platter; 13 x 10"
1092.19th century black and white portrait photograph with oval frame; 11.5 x 9"
1093.Assorted picture frames and glass vase; largest 10.5"
1094.Plastic crab and fish dishes
1095.Assorted trays, plate holders, decorative items
1096.Garden hose bracket, 2 metal stands; largest 24"
1097.Sephora jewelry box; 14.5" wide
1098.2 levels; largest 30"
1099.2 bags golf balls, golf tees
1100.New York Pro coffee burst electric bass guitar with nylon carry case
1101.3 cast iron trivets, 2 metal baskets and brass leaf plate; largest 12"
1102.Vintage lantern
1103.38" natural wood classical acoustic guitar with New York Pro nylon carrying case and Guitar Center stand
1104.Christmas related items, gingerbread man, Hallmarked Keepsake ornaments and nutcrackers
1105.Chromed metal lamp with wicker form shade; 17" tall
1106.Exterior 130 CX remote control helicopter, includes box (preview for contents completeness and condition)
1107.Rogue Fine Instruments natural wood tone acoustic guitar with nylon carrying case and guitar stand
1108.Metal figure candle stand; 18" tall
1109.Baseball theme wood wall shelf; 22 x 30"
1110.New York Pro left-handed classic electric guitar with nylon carry case
1111.Oval-shaped frame; 24 x 16"
1112.3 wall mounting payphones (preview for working condition)
1113.4 drawer bamboo chest; 15 x 10 x 10"
1114.2 piece carving set; largest 13"
1115.Milk glass lamp with metal base; 16" tall
1116.Books including From Auction Block to Glory, Marching Through Georgia, The Battlefields of the Civil War, Recipes from Old Virginia and others
1117.Kate spade, Rossetti and Nine West purses; largest 16"
1118.Driftwood lamp; 32" tall
1119.WEN model 1700 router (preview for working condition)
1120.Craftsman sander, preview for working condition
1121.Black & Decker cordless screwdriver and Craftsman 10-in shaping plane
1122.4 hammers; largest 13"
1123.Craftsman sander, preview for working condition
1124.Pampered chef bowl and quiche pan; largest 14"
1125.Enameled pot, cover and pot stand; 13" wide
1126.Metal stands, wall bracket, basket and plate stand; largest 22"
1127.2 doll size chairs; largest 10"
1128.Enameled porcelain bowl, etched glass decanter and metal key; largest 13"
1129.Chromed metal lamp and antique style lamp, one with purple shade; largest 20"
1130.A Clark Ascent Balloon wood sign; 18" tall
1131.Assorted candleholders and candelabra; largest 18"
1132.Moen brand Banbury tub and shower faucet includes box (preview for contents)
1133.Dome top jewel chest; 14" wide
1134.Black & Decker cordless drill, includes accessories and hard-shell case, preview for working condition
1135.Rid-O-Ray electric bag killer (preview for working condition)
1136.Ceramic cherub plaque; 12" diameter
1137.Bagel cutter, picture frames, oak cutting board and firestarter
1138.Pair of ceramic owls; 12" tall
1139.2 Norman Rockwell books; largest 15"
1140.3 walking canes
1300.Pair of Dahlquist audio speakers, model DQ M-9, serial number 10075; each measures 25" tall (preview for working condition)
1301.Wireless carbon monoxide detectors
1302.Collapsible sunshades
1303.Zebra and cheetah print bedding
1304.Bag including canvas and other art supplies
1305.Vintage wooden rocker; 22" tall
1306.Large and small Sterilite totes
1307.Quantity of double steering wheel locks; America's number one antitheft car protection
1308.Mechanics creeper by Promark
1309.4 Big Joe beanbag chairs
1310.GE Smart Water dispenser (preview for working condition)
1311.Stacking wicker baskets on bamboo stand; 31" tall
1312.Green wicker mirror; 48 x 21"
1313.Folding metal ladder; 53" tall
1314.2.4 GHZ wireless Phillips head screw hidden camera, camera is wireless and films in color, model no. HC-Screw-GC, made in the USA, preview for working condition
1315.Small black cube ottoman
1316.2.4 GHZ wireless wall clock hidden camera which films in color, model no. HC-WallC1-GC, ,made in the USA, preview for working condition
1317.Emergency light hidden wired camera, films in color, model no. HC-EMGLT-WC, made in the USA, preview for working condition
1318.Canon printer
1319.Cast-iron and wood bench
1320.Box of records; includes Mexican brass, Curtain Time, Jerry King and others
1321.2 concrete planters (preview for condition)
1322.Ionic-Pro air filter, preview for working condition
1323.Hoover Tempo Wide Path vacuum cleaner (preview for working condition)
1324.Poulan Pro model PP4218A chainsaw and accessories, includes box and instructions (preview for contents completeness and condition)
1325.2 wooden shelves
1326.Holiday theme tablecloths and placemats, excludes tote
1327.Records; includes Doris day, Mario, Lonza and various others
1328.Decorative shelves
1329.Pair of Klipsch audio speakers; model number 043699063
1330.Burgundy/maroon sandals (size 7); quantity 10 pairs
1331.Conair foot bath, preview for working condition
1332.Box of various books to include American Foreign Policy, Watson's Practice of Physic Condie, Pictorial History of the United States and others
1333.Large quantity of female form candles
1334.Burgundy/maroon sandals (size 8); quantity 11 pairs
1335.6 Wilson golf clubs
1336.Haan floor sanitizer (preview for working condition)
1337.Quantity of vintage books
1338.Quantity of dvds including Man of Steel, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Down with Love, Match Point and others
1339.Various cds and 45s; preview for content
1340.Quantity of glasses cases
1341.Drill bits and various other tools
1342.Decorative web and spider
1343.22 stainless steel 16 function Swiss knives, new with unopened packaging
1344.Quantity of books; preview for content
1345.2 blitz gas cans
1346.Burgundy/maroon sandals (size 6); 6 pairs
1347.Skil chainsaw model 946
1348.Luggage cart; 44" tall
1349.Oil painting on canvas signed Carlson lower left; frame measures 42 x 40"
1350.Audiovisual accessories includes Bose and GE computer speakers, GPX CD player (preview for working condition)
1351.Danville model TEC 20A 20 watt guitar amplifier, includes box (preview for working condition)
1352.Box of assorted CDs, computer games (preview for contents)
1353.Wood planter; 17 x 17 x 17"
1354.Wicker basket; 18" wide
1355.Quantity of scissors 3 packs by Better Choice
1356.Manual water pump; 18" tall
1357.Honeywell heater (preview for working condition)
1358.Box assorted table and other linens
1359.20 beige stone finish 6" textured pyramid candles
1360.Quantity of 16 function stainless steel Swiss knives by A 1 Tools
1361.Leather and fabric bag
1362.Assorted DVDs including The Emperors Club, Facing Giants, Fahrenheit 911, Expendables, Alone in the Dark, Fever Pitch (preview for box contents)
1363.20 beige stone finish 6" textured pyramid candles
1365.Bentwood hat and coat stand; 74" tall
1366.Folding chair
1367.Folding plastic chair
1368.Magic Vac Elite vacuum sealer and accessories
1369.Box of assorted T-shirts
1370.New York Pro guitar case
1371.Black & Decker model DR 210 electric drill (preview for working condition)
1372.Box of assorted yarn
1373.Littleton 42" ceiling fan with 7" light (preview for box contents and condition)
1374.Assorted buttons and sewing accessories (excludes tote)
1375.Pine shelf; 24" wide
1376.Calphalon and other pots and pans
1377.DVDs including Matrix, Phantom of the Opera, Wedding Date, Rambo, Beautiful Mind, History of Harley-Davidson and others (preview for box contents
1378.Lighting accessories (preview for condition)
1379.Ceiling mounted light fixture (preview for working condition)
1380.4 folding tray tables on stand; 29" tall
1381.Green metal floor lamp with fabric shade; 56" tall
1382.2 snow disks; 24" wide
1383.Quantity of cigar boxes
1384.GM Goodwrench service racing cooler
1385.4 hubcaps
1386.Quantity of dvds; preview for content
1387.Vintage metal trashcan
1389.Twin comforter, fitted sheets and case with matching sham and throw pillow
1390.Vintage American Tourister travel case
1391.Champ over the door expanded valet close hangers; quantity of 24
1392.Quantity of wicker baskets
1393.Collapsible sunshades; quantity of 12
1394.Pet carrier; 18" tall
1395.2 boogie boards
1396.New York Pro electric guitar pack, includes black-and-white electric guitar, Danville DA-01 6 watt portable mini amp, and nylon carry case with box
1397.Kirby Heritage II vacuum cleaner (preview for working condition)
1398.Records; preview for content
1399.5 piece set documents storage boxes
1400.Realistic automatic turntable, preview for working condition
1401.Metal table; 15 inches tall
1402.Knives, foldout rocker, jewelry box; preview for content, excludes tote
1403.Box of tools to include reapers, adjustable wrenches, powerless drill, and others
1404.Tote to include various tablecloths, throw pillow and others
1405.Bag to include quantity of Republican National Convention memorabilia
1406.I Home the kitchen system for your iPod, preview for working condition
1407.Box with quantity of old photos and ephemera
1408.Whirlpool humidifier (preview for working condition)
1409.Thera Pure humidifier (preview for working condition)
1410.Metal wall hanging display
1411.Vintage yarn winder; 41" tall
1412.Blue Rhino propane tank with heater attachment (preview for working condition
1413.Metal stand; 29" tall
1414.Quantity of Emerson surge protectors (preview for working condition, excludes tote)
1415.Quantity of books; includes Deer Hunting, Lost Classics, River Gods in Supported Devils, and various others.
1416.2 twin Tommy Hilfiger comforter with matching shams
1417.Electronic Battleship, preview for completeness and working condition
1418.Quantity of gaskets; model 10-014750 R/B
1419.Sanyo cd player; model MCD-Z16K, preview for working condition
1420.Zebra pattern pillows and blankets; preview for content
1421.Vintage metal cigarette advertisement sign
1422.Character form cake pans to include batman, Elmo, train and others, excludes tote
1423.Quantity of Master Pro Chassis Components, excludes tote
1424.Black vintage milk can
1425.Brass fireplace tools on stand; 36" tall
1426.Shark steamer (preview for working condition)
1427.Coleman 2 burner gas stove
1428.Christmas theme decor; preview for content, excludes tote
1429.Energizer jump box, preview for working condition
1430.Wall mounting candle holders
1431.Plastic drink dispensers
1432.DeLonghi beverage warmer, preview for working condition
1433.Metal ford Motorcraft sign
1434.Vintage metal dog bed frame
1435.Children's wooden wicker rocker
1436.Light fixtures and miscellaneous items; preview for content
1437.Steel milk can; 24" tall
1438.Circular mirror with beveled edge; 27" diameter
1439.Danville 20w bass amplifier, preview for working condition
1440.Electric fireplace heater, preview for working condition
1441.Vintage tape players
1442.3 dolls
1443.2 gun cleaning kits, books and drawstring bag
1444.Wii games and accessories; preview for content
1445.4 sawhorse legs
1446.Eco-tech water filtering system, preview for working condition
1447.Electric screwdriver, wire strip and crimp tool, and others (preview for content)
1448.Quantity of canvas; largest 18 x 24"
1449.Cat scratching post
1450.Pipe clamps, hoses, pvc pipe, and more; preview for content
1451.Quantity of shoes; preview for content
1452.Wally bags
1453.World globe on stand; 43" tall
1454.Red painted wall mounting cabinet with 2 doors; 33" tall
1455.Vintage gaming board by Carrom Industries
1456.10 pairs burgundy/maroon sandals, size 8
1457.Assorted frames and pictures
1458.Astroflight AC DC charger, model 114 (preview for working condition)
1459.Kyna-Colt drain cleaner
1460.4 metal table legs; 30" tall
1461.Box of Black Hawk sockets
1462.Hanging metal planters, wall mounting planter; largest 18"
1463.6 pairs burgundy/maroon sandals, size 6
1464.White painted stool; 19" tall
1465.2 backpacks
1466.Taskforce TF96V cordless drill/driver, includes battery, charger and cradle (preview for working condition)
1467.PowerStation model PS 1000 jump starter (preview for working condition)
1468.Vintage Revere 8mm projector with case, model 777
1469.Vintage Olympia typewriter with case
1470.Danville 6 watt DA-01 portable mini amp, includes box (preview for working condition)
1471.Black metal floor lamp with inverted glass shade; 70" tall
1472.2 vintage stools; each 18" tall
1473.Teac AG-550 stereo receiver, and UBL model ESC200 surround processor amplifier (preview for working condition)
1474.Wicker basket; 19" tall
1475.Blue canvas luggage by Pathfinder
1476.9 pairs burgundy/maroon sandals; size 7
1477.Box of assorted T-shirts, various sizes
1478.Box of vintage wrestling theme magazines
1479.White galvanized metal mop bucket
1480.Electrified bubble bright Christmas tree, includes box; 20" tall
1481.Metal log holder for fireplace; 24" tall
1482.Samsung model SVR 430 digital video recorder (preview for completeness and condition)
1483.Assorted toys, collectibles
1484.Vintage child size chair; 20" tall
1485.Antique mahogany frame; 31 x 22"
1486.2 piece kitchen play center; largest 37"
1487.2 boxes Joseph A Bank coat hangers
1488.2 boxes Joseph A Bank coat hangers
1489.New Air evaporative cooler, includes box (preview for completeness and condition)
1490.Poulan Pro 17" cut gas powered trimmer (preview for working condition)
1491.Mirror with mahogany frame; 40 x 31"
1492.Wall mirror with metal frame; 41 x 31"
1493.Rectangular mirror, no frame; 36 x 22"
1494.Mirror with oak frame; 53 x 38"
1495.Beveled edge mirror with gold frame; 35 x 30"
1496.Beveled edge mirror with silver finish frame; 33 x 27"
1497.2 Klipsch audio speakers model KS8.5; 37" tall (preview for working condition)
1498.3 Thalhimers and other jackets
1499.Washington Redskins jacket, size XXL
1500.6 metal and canvas patio chairs
1501.Wrought iron chair with loose cushion, matches lot 1502
1502.Wrought iron love seat with loose cushions measuring 46" wide, matches 1501
1503.Black metal patio armchair
1504.Wrought iron patio armchair with expanded mesh seat
1505.All weather wicker armchair
1506.White metal planter; 27" tall
1507.Wrought iron patio table with expanded mesh top and 4 matching upholstered chairs; table measures 29 x 55"
1508.Art Deco Lane cedar chest, walnut veneer finish; 47" wide
1509.Vintage oak 4 drawer file cabinet; 52 x 16 x 26"
1510.Sunbrella green canvas patio umbrella with metal base
1511.All weather wicker loveseat with floral cushions; 50" wide
1512.Antique style upholstered armchair with loose cushion
1513.2 bar stools; 30" tall
1514.Metal and wood shelf; 41 x 16 x 13"
1515.4 Chinese Chippendale style cream painted dining chairs with caned seats (preview for condition)
1516.Bassinet; 36" wide
1517.Chromed metal display stand; 76" tall
1518.Assorted puppets, decorations
1519.2 green painted interior doors; 80 x 28" (no hardware)
1520.Oak finish media cabinet with 2 tinted glass doors; 80 x 30 x 18"
1521.Brass headboard; 56 x 77"
1522.Aluminum extension ladder
1523.Charbroil outdoor beverage cart with keg tap; 40 x 25 x 25"
1524.Heavy-duty industrial floor polisher with 2 extra pads (preview for working condition)
1525.2 mid century modern wrought iron barstools
1526.Folding metal and mosaic chair
1527.Plastic teeter totter
1528.3 oak spindle back barstools
1529.White painted child size wicker chair rocking chair; 23" tall
1530.Metal bench, requires cushions; 26" wide
1531.3 plastic skateboard ramps; each 39" long
1532.Hot pink rug; 60 x 38"
1533.Steelcase Leap V2 ergonomic office chair
1534.Oriental brass tray on metal stand; 25 x 26"
1535.Scotts AccuGreen 1000 drop spreader
1536.Weedeater 500 series lawnmower (preview for working condition)
1537.Hyper Havoc bicycle with stand; 24" wheel
1538.3 items, wicker table, mahogany dining chair and mid century modern two-tier table; largest measures 27 x 42 x 14"
1539.Metal hammock frame
1540.Bolens 21" lawnmower (preview for working condition)
1541.4 metal and wood barstools
1542.Rustic rectangular patio table with outdoor table; 18 x 47 x 22"
1543.Mid century modern chest of 3 drawers; 34 x 40 x 19"
1544.Next Turbo bicycle with stand; 20" wheel
1545.Magna bicycle with stand; 20" wheel
1546.Oak wine rack; 38 x 18 x 9.5"
1547.5 drawer chest; 35 x 14 x 23"
1548.Rectangular marble slab; 32 x 12"
1549.Retro table with cast iron base; 29 x 29 x 24"
1550.Florence cast iron wood stove; 31 x 24 x 22"
1551.Tropic-Oak cast iron wood stove, includes base and chimney; 48" tall
1552.6 foot wood stepladder
1553.Vintage cast iron wood stove; 27 x 16 x 26", includes chimney
1554.White wicker stool measuring 19" high
1555.Portable air conditioner by Commercial Cool (preview for working condition)
1556.Weber smoker; 39" tall (preview for condition)
1557.5 matching swivel office armchairs
1558.Pro-form 785 treadmill (preview for working condition)
1559.2 all weather wicker outdoor chairs with loose cushions
1560.4 metal patio chairs
1561.2 all weather wicker chairs; 24" wide
1562.Outdoor mosaic top metal table and 2 outdoor chairs; table measures 29 x 30"
1563.Antique painted wood kitchen cabinet with 2 glass doors, 2 wood doors and fitted shelves; 89 x 9 x 49 x 20"
1564.Metal patio table with frosted glass top; 27 x 36 x 36"
1565.Aluminum outdoor table with glass top measuring 17.5" high
1566.Metal patio table with frosted glass top and 3 matching chairs; table measures 28 x 42 x 42"
1567.2 metal and canvas chairs
1568.Solid oak kitchen table on pedestal base; 29 x 48" diameter, includes 3 leaves with largest measuring 10.5" wide
1569.8 black painted metal interlocking fence panels; each measures 44 x 36"
1570.Wheeled shovel by Snow Wolf
1571.Vintage travel trunk; 22 x 35 x 19"
1572.Antique travel trunk; 28 x 42 x 25"
1573.Antique fabric and leather suitcase; 34" wide
1574.Vintage wood toolbox; 31" wide
1575.4 vintage wood boxes; each 30" wide
1576.Trek Series 3 Alpha Aluminum bicycle; 25" will
1585.Pair of oriental style mat size rugs each measuring 29 x 16", in blue, rust and cream tones
1586.Black painted stool measuring 28" in height
1587.Vintage fur coat
1588.Washing 10 Redskins jersey, size L
1589.Christmas wreaths, Christmas lights, Christmas ornaments, includes tote
1590.McGregor golf clubs with golf bag
1591.Boxes auto parts, Hyundai control arms (preview for specs and contents)
1592.Hello Kitty child's bicycle; 17" wheel
1593.Mirror and glass tabletop; 28" diameter
1594.Huffey Next child's bicycle; 15" wheel
1595.Six-foot green curly garland tree
1596.Heavy duty metal hand truck
1597.Female form mannequin on stand; 55" tall
1598.4 metal and glass wall mounting candle holders; 18" tall
1599.Meade telescope on tripod (preview for completeness)
1700.4 Kennedy half dollars dated 1964
1701.4 Kennedy half dollars dated 1964
1702.4 Kennedy half dollars dated 1964
1703.4 Kennedy half dollars dated 1964
1705.United Sates Bicentennial silver proof set
1706.Washington Dollar ICG-MS63
1707.2 Lincoln cents coin albums, preview for contents
1708.Binder containing a quantity of world coins, United States silver certificates, assorted world currency (preview for contents)
1709.2 Lincoln cents coin albums with assorted coins incomplete, preview for contents
1710.Mercury dime album with, preview for contents
1711.Album United States buffalo nickels, incomplete (preview for contents)
1712.1922 series United States $20 banknote
1713.1951-S United States Jefferson nickel, graded MS 70
1714.1971-S and 1972-S proof Eisenhower dollars, includes boxes
1715.1859 United States Indian head cent
1716.1856 United States large cent
1717.2 United States Barber half dollars, 1919 and 1908-O
1718.1909 United States V nickel
1719.Assorted Mercury and Roosevelt dimes, assorted dates
1720.Bag of assorted wheat and other Unites States cents
1721.1877 United States seated liberty half dollar
1722.1853 United States 1 cent
1723.1865 United States 2 cent
1724.1879-S United States Morgan dollar
1725.1938 Delaware Tercentenary half dollar
1726.1859-S United States silvered seated liberty dollar
1727.1952 United States Carver half dollar
1728.Bag of assorted world coins
1729.1944 Swiss 2Fr
1730.1824 Denmark 2 Skilling and 1806 Denmark 1 Skilling
1731.Assorted Canadian coins
1732.Bag of assorted world coins
1733.Assorted world coins
1734.Assorted world coins
1800.Large box assorted Fleer, Bowman, Topps, Ultra, Donruss and other sports cards
1801.4 boxes football cards
1802.2 boxes football, basketball and baseball cards, trading packs and sports magazines
1803.5 boxes assorted baseball cards, includes Topps, Donruss and other
1804.4 boxes assorted Fleer, Topps and Score baseball cards
1805.Binder containing 1970s star baseball cards
1806.550 Topps 1964-1969 vintage cards
1807.150 Topps 1967 baseball cards
1808.Autographed Wilson NFL football Willie Lanier Hall of Fame 1986

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