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Item Description
140.Three fountain pens to include Sheaffer and Waterman
141.Three fountain pens to include Sheaffer
142.Sterling silver bowl weighing 73.3g
143.Kenilworth sterling silver compote with weighted base
144.Sterling silver bowl with weighted base
145.Cast iron nodder measuring 6.5" long
146.Slab of polished petrified wood measuring 6"diameter
147.Four pair of vintage eye glasses
148.Two pair of vintage 12k gold fill eye glasses
149.Political pins in display case to include Kennedy, Nixon, Roosevelt and others
200.Sterling silver necklaces, earrings, bracelet and rings; 146.7g
201.Sterling silver earrings and pendants; 41.3g
202.Sterling silver earrings and rings; 16.7g
203.Sterling silver scrap jewelry; 53.0g
204.Sterling silver earrings; 12.7g
230.Genuine pearl and sterling bracelet, fresh water pearl and sterling necklace and costume pearl necklace
231.Amber color necklace
232.Various watches
233.Various costume rings
234.Various cuff links and tie pins
235.Various costume jewelry
236.Various costume jewelry
237.Sophia and Kate costume jewelry
238.Various costume jewelry necklaces
239.Various pins and brooches
240.Various costume jewelry
241.Various pendants and charms
242.Various genuine and fresh water pearl jewelry
243.Various style clip-on earrings
244.Various style pierced earrings
245.Various style bracelets
246.Various costume jewelry
247.36 pounds of costume jewelry
248.Various costume jewelry
249.Various costume jewelry
293.Quantity of 10 silver bars (each bar is 1 gram of .999 fine silver)
294.Quantity of 10 silver bars (each bar is 1 gram of .999 fine silver)
295.Quantity of 10 silver bars (each bar is 1 gram of .999 fine silver)
296.12 assorted pocket knives
297.12 assorted pocket knives
298.5 vintage leather punches
299.Globe Master fixed blade knife with leather sheath
300.Oil on canvas of children in forest signed Liucan Daevies in lower left; gold frame measures 32 x 28"
301.Abstract oil on canvas in black frame signed lower right; measures 51 x 41" (matches lot 302)
302.Abstract oil on canvas in black frame signed lower right; measures 51 x 41" (matches lot 301)
303.Water color of small boys with paper airplanes, signed Lori Arden; frame measures 39.5 x 32"
304.Frederick Carl Frieseke print with frame measuring 31 x 37"
305.Floral print on stretched canvas by Lee Reynolds, measures 50 x 40"
306.Water color of small boy, signed Lori Arden; frame measures 31.5 x 39"
307.Oil on canvas of couple at the opera signed E Polito in lower right, gold frame measures 31 x 37"
308.Oil on canvas of landscape in spring signed G Mastens lower right with gold frame measuring 20 x 23.5"
309.Oil on canvas of winter woods scene, signed lower right; frame measures 25 x 13"
310.Oil on board of palm tree at water, signed Chalfont lower right; frame measures 18 x 16"
311.Pair of oil on canvas paintings of boys fishing, both signed; measures 14.5 x13.5"
312.Oil on stretched canvas of flower measuring 20 x 16"
313.Oil on stretched canvas of cherry blossoms measuring 20 x 16"
314.Painting on stretched canvas of sunset measuring 16x20"
315.Oil on stretched canvas of cow measuring 16x20"
316.Abstract oil on canvas in gold frame signed R Smith; frame measures 49 x 60"
317.Erte print in black frame measuring 43 x 24"
318.Erte print titled"Firebird" in black frame measuring 40 x 28"
319.Limited edition print by Baxter Perkinson Jr., DDS titled"Wisteria-Forest Hill Park", signed and numbered 09\500 in pencil, frame measures 22x27
415.Pair of floral prints titled"Strand of Pearls" and"Strand of Jewels" signed in lower right corner; measures 43 x 34"
416.Monet print in gold frame measuring 14 x 17.5"
417.Mirror with beveled edge in bronze finish frame measuring 41.5 x 29.5"
418.Oriental picture of bird in tree with black frame measuring 34 x 22"
419.Abstract painting on board signed M VanDam with black frame measuring 19 x 25"
420.Print of winter scene by William Greenday with frame measuring 30 x 39"
421.Mirror with beveled edge in black and gold frame measuring 42 x 30"
422.Print of lamp on table with wooden frame measuring 44 x 44"
423.Century House mirror in black frame measuring 52 x 45"
424.Monet print in bronze finish frame measuring 39 x 46"
425.Large BlockBuster sign measuring 36 x 72"
426.Print of doorway and house with gold frame measuring 31 x 36"
427.Abstract print in silver frame measuring 29 x 38"
428.Enhanced print on canvas of flowers in pots with gold frame measuring 42 x 44"
429.Mounted trophy on wood plaque measuring 31" h
430.Quadriptych oriental panels; each panel measures 48 x 16"
431.Print of Thaumalea Amherstiae in wood frame measuring 29 x 31"
432.Hunting print in shadow box style frame measuring 13.5 x 11.5
433.Print of man with hunting horn in wood frame measuring 15 x 12"
434.Mirror with green ivy theme metal frame measuring 28 x 38"
435.Print of cat on desk in wooden frame measuring 13 x 11"
436.Print of coffee grinder in black frame measuring 10.5 x 9"
437.Print of New England Mill in wood frame measuring 17 x 21"
438.Currier and Ives print titled The Road,-Winter in wood frame measuring 18 x 22"
439.Print of Rositas Bridge in wooden frame measuring 22 x 28"
440.Abstract pastel drawing in black frame measuring 24 x 20"
441.Print of women at table with frame measuring 22 x 28"
442.Two prints on canvas of beach scenes with white frames measuring 12 x 12"
443.Four small prints and 2 wooden framed mirrors; mirrors measure 23 x 18"
444.Print of 2 girls with teddy bear, gold frame measuring 12 x 10"
445.Two prints of children in matching gold frames measuring 14.5 x 11.5"
446.Enhanced print on board of New Orleans street scene with frame measuring 45 x 37"
447.Light house print in green wooden frame measuring 15.5 x 40"
448.Pair of floral prints in matching silver frames measuring 17 x 14.5"
449.Floral print in brown frame measuring 22 x 18"
450.Tuscan print on board with wood finish frame measuring 17 x 41"
451.Enhanced print on stretched canvas measuring 38 x 48"
452.Floral table scape print in gold frame measuring 27 x31"
453.Two prints of camels with largest frame measuring 25 x 25"
454.Oriental painting on fabric in gold frame measuring 20.5 x 13.5"
455.Pair of"Cries of London" prints with gold frames measuring 16.5 x 13"
456.Enhanced print on canvas of canal scene measuring 44 x 32"
457.Reverse painting on glass of children with dog; frame measures 12 x 15"
458.Two prints of plants with largest frame measuring 22 x 19"
459.Three Kensington floral prints; largest measures 21.5 x 17.5"
460.Vintage mirror in wooden frame measuring 18 x 14"
461.Print of woman with dove in gold tone frame measuring 29 x 33"
462.Print titled Colonial Days in cream painted frame measuring 33 x 40"
463.Van Gogh Starry Night print on stretched canvas measuring 24 x 36"
464.Two nature prints in matching frames measuring 14 x 15"
465.Beyonce poster in black frame measuring 25 x 18"
466.Lady Gaga poster in black frame measuring 37 x 25"
467.Advertising placard for Elvis Presley with gold frame measuring 27 x 19"
468.Drawing of bag of M and M's in red frame measuring 14 x 18"
469.Plastic relief map of Charlottesville dated 1971 in wooden frame measuring 39 x 31"
470.Print of city harbor with green and gold frame measuring 29 x 37"
471.Print of hunting dog in silver frame measuring 17 x 21"
472.Good Night print in wood frame measuring 33 x 26"
473.Abstract multi-media picture with yellow frame measuring 30 x 17"
474.Print of womans shoe with gold frame measuring 14 x 16"
475.Two martini prints in black frames measuring 20 x 16"
476.Pair of mid-century multi-media art panels measuring 24 x 9"
477.John Haymson print of The Capitol, Washington in frame measuring 30 x 25"
478.Jonas Brothers poster in silver frame measuring 24 x 18"
479.Print of crest with frame measuring 9 x 9"
480.Mirrored frame in original packaging measuring 23 x 19"
481.Pair of Parisian prints on board measuring 24 x 36"
482.Pair of framed ephemera featuring receipts, checks and other items; measures 21 x 17"
483.Pair of portraits in vintage wooden frames measuring 11 x 9"
484.Oriental picture of cat in black frame measuring 38 x 14"
485.Print of wine labels with frame measuring 35 x 24"
486.Print of Sharknado 2 with black frame measuring 41 x 28"
487.Pair of botanical prints with frames measuring 14 x 11"
488.Bessie Pease Gutmann print with frame measuring 19 x 15"
489.Mirror with faux rope frame measuring 37 x 25"
490.Advertising painting on board with frame measuring 17.5 x 17.5"
491.Advertising painting on board with frame measuring 17.5 x 17.5"
492.Dream theme painting on board measuring 9 x 36"
493.Leopard theme mirror measuring 25 x 32"
494.Hunting print in gold frame measuring 23 x 29"
495.Antique fan in frame measuring 17 x 26"
496.Print on board of bird with frame measuring 33 x 33"
497.Lightweight carved style figure measuring 32 x 20"
498.Faux wicker framed mirror measuring 32 x 26"
499.Pair of framed prints in cream frames with bows measuring 13 x 13"
500.Hand knotted area rug measuring 10 5 x 1 23"
501.Carved area rug measuring 10 7 x 1 08"
502.Vintage mahogany sideboard measuring 37 x 66 x 22"
503.Statton mahogany and table measuring 22 x 24 x 24"
504.Mahogany dining table with six chairs measuring 30 x 64 x 43", includes two leaf extensions measuring 18" wide
505.Wool chain stitched floral themed area rug measuring 86 x 114"
506.Walnut sideboard cabinet with cutlery drawer measuring 40 x 72 x 22"
507.Walnut china cabinet measuring 87 x 72 x 19"
508.Walnut dresser measuring 35 x 59 x 20"
509.Mahogany sideboard measuring 35 x 50 x 20"
510.Hand-painted chest of drawers measuring 32 x 38 x 17"
511.Upholstered armchair measuring 36" tall
512.Mahogany flip top desk with fitted interior measuring 33 x 36 x 20"
513.Modern style dining table with tempered glass top measuring 30" tall and 48" diameter
514.Set of eight walnut finish dining chairs with upholstered seats measuring 41" tall
515.Upholstered wingback chair measuring 40" tall
516.Painted wood chest of drawers measuring 50 x 35 x 21"
517.Painted wood chest of drawers measuring 49 x 34 x 20"
518.Hickory Chair one cushion upholstered sofa measuring 73" wide
519.Grey 2 seat love seat with loose cushions measuring 74" wide
520.Blue futon measuring 78"w
541.Mosaic tile and brass hanging chandelier measuring approximately 27" tall
542.Chrome finish five arm chandelier measuring 36" diameter
543.Painted wood cabinet with two drawers measuring 37 x 42 x 11"
544.Upholstered club chair and ottoman measuring 30" tall
545.Mahogany armchair with upholstered seat and back measuring 40" tall
546.Upholstered armchair chair with mahogany frame and nail head trim design measuring 40" tall
547.Vintage upholstered bench with nail head trim design and upholstered seat measuring 25" wide
548.Maddox Tables fall front secretary measuring 39 x 20 x 30"
549.Painted wood console table measuring 24 x 50 x 20"
600.Handmade area rug measuring 36 x 60"
601.Handmade area rug measuring 51 x 71"
602.Wool area rug measuring 96 x 120"
603.Area rug measuring 48 x 74"
604.Hand knotted area rug measuring 94 x 120"
605.Sailboat themed area rug measuring 62 x 97"
606.Karastan area rug measuring 47 x 72"
607.Red and beige tone area rug measuring 60 x 96"
608.Threshold area rug measuring 60 x 84"
609.Threshold area rug measuring 60 x 84"
610.Hand knotted area rug measuring 63 x 98"
611.Oriental style area rug measuring 69 x 94"
612.Three coordinating area rugs with largest measuring 47 x 64"
613.Stanley Furniture wardrobe amoire measuring 79 x 41 x 21", matches lot 416
614.Pair of matching Stanley Furniture nightstands measuring 27 x 29 x 18", matches lot 613
615.Floral and pink tone area rug measuring 31 x 54"
616.Floral themed area rug measuring 63 x 70"
617.Danish pressed wood cabinet measuring 67 x 48 x 20"
618.Vintage mahogany finish headboard, footboard and metal side rails with headboard measuring 50" tall and 57" wide
619.Painted wood side table with slide measuring 25 x 22 x 26"
620.Walnut end table with one drawer measuring 25 x 29 x 18"
621.Painted wood nightstand measuring 22 x 18 x 15"
622.Painted wood chest of drawers measuring 49 x 35 x 20"
623.Painted wood chest of drawers measuring 48 x 32 x 18"
624.Vintage painted wood nightstand measuring 30 x 17 x 17"
625.Painted wood nightstand measuring 31 x 23 x 14"
626.Walnut coffee table measuring 18 x 43 x 29"
627.Cherry end table measuring 24 x 25 x 16"
628.Maple coffee table measuring 16 x 44 x 22"
629.Maple end table measuring 21 x 22 x 20"
630.Vintage oak sideboard on casters measuring 27 x 36 x 19"
631.Eight arm metal chandelier measuring approximately 35" tall
632.Painted wood rocking chair measuring 39" tall
633.Best Chairs Incorporated upholstered club chair with matching ottoman; chair measures 38" tall
634.Rattan armchair with corded accents measuring 35" tall
635.Upholstered chaise lounge chair measuring 60" long
636.Walnut side table measuring 20 x 25 x 26"
637.Mahogany side table measuring 23 x 15 x 27"
638.Pair of brass finish five arm hanging chandeliers measuring 28" diameter
639.Maple sideboard with one drawer over set of cabinet doors measuring 32 x 36 x 17"
640.American mahogany sideboard measuring 36 x 60 x 22"
641.Mahogany finish end table measuring 25 x 16 x 28"
642.Mahogany finish side table measuring 24 x 19 x 12"
643.Mahogany finish side table with one drawer measuring 27 x 22 x 17"
644.Pair of matching LeWitt's Furniture Enterprises armchairs measuring 38" tall
645.Pair of matching side chairs with rush seats measuring 39" tall
646.Storehouse Furniture upholstered love seat measuring 58" wide
647.Upholstered ottoman measuring 36 x 36"
648.Three cushion upholstered sofa measuring 88" long
649.Pair of matching lamp tables with leather tops measuring 26" tall
650.Walnut dining table measuring 30 x 45 x 58"
651.Mahogany finish side table measuring 29" tall and 34" diameter
652.Dining table measuring 30" tall and 47" diameter
653.Set of four matching dining chairs measuring 43" tall
654.Oak coffee table with four panel glass inserts measuring 16 x 46 x 46"
655.Pair of matching dining chairs with upholstered seats and backs measuring 42" tall
656.Black high top table measuring 35" tall and 36" diameter
657.Round dining table measuring 30" tall and 46" diameter
658.Pair of matching dining side chairs measuring 34" tall
659.Oak dresser with attached mirror measuring 31 x 64 x 18"
660.Oak side table measuring 15 x 24 x 15"
661.Oak dining table with four side chairs; table measures 30" tall 42" wide or diameter
662.Oak coffee table with one drawer measuring 17 x 30 x 46"
663.Leather wrapped console table on metal base measuring 29 x 50 x 16"
664.Oak side table measuring 25 x 40 x 24"
665.Metal canopy bed measuring 86" tall and 62" wide
666.Walnut combination gate leg console / dining table measuring 28 x 60 x 17"
667.Painted wood dresser measuring 32 x 60 x 16"
668.Set of matching coffee table with two end tables; coffee table measures 16 x 55 x 23"
669.Leather recliner, modern style measuring 41" tall
670.Oak coffee table measuring 16x38x38"
671.Metal western themed side table with glass top measuring 24x24x22"
672.Oak table measuring 30x53x44", leaf measuring 18", with 4 matching chairs
700.Two volumes of Military Essays and Recollections
701.Quantity of various books including travel related books
702.Four Williams-Sonoma cookbooks
703.Quantity of various magazines including Life, Newsweek, includes Sandlot Peanuts book and the ETVDE magazine
704.The Art of the Cigar Label by Joe Davidson
705.Richmond The Illustrated Story
706.Quantity of various books including the Chronicles of Narnia, Tolkien, James Patterson and various others
707.Quantity of various books including Halo and various others
708.Quantity of various Williams-Sonoma cookbooks
709.Variety of books to include volumes of the Harvard classics, Sudden Glory and others
800.Nishijin Pachinko machine; measures 32 x 20.5"
801.Moriage Satsuma vase measuring 18.5"
802.Wooden dulcimer measuring 38" long
803.Amethyst Blenko carafe measuring 8"h
804.Cobalt Blenko carafe measuring 8"h
805.Large ceramic vase with relief of grape vine; measures 16"h
806.Catholic home alter box measuring 23 x 13.5"
807.Cast iron circus wagon with 3 drivers; 16"l
808.Metal vase with stopper measuring 16"h
809.Cast iron Coca Cola truck ; 9"l
810.Vintage Austrian clock medallion measuring 9" long
811.Waterford toothpick holder measuring 4" tall
812.Cast-iron mouse nutcracker and cast-iron Santa Claus doorstops
813.Two porcelain head dolls marked Germany on back, Peter Scherf measuring 13" tall
814.Handmade porcelain head doll made in Germany measuring 21" long
815.D RGM porcelain head doll measuring 14" long
816.Peter Scherf porcelain head doll measuring 23" long
817.German porcelain head doll measuring 22" long
818.Various vintage composite and cloth head dolls with largest measuring 12" long
819.Wedgwood lighter measuring 3" tall
820.Various German fruit plates, two serving platters; largest measures 13" long
821.Marquis by Waterford pewter vase measuring 16" tall
822.Stiffel brass table lamp measuring 32" tall
823.Stiffel brass table lamp measuring 34" tall
824.Marquis by Waterford set of eight glass wine goblets with the wine coaster in original box
825.A. Feuillard brass trumpet with hard shell case
826.Art glass seashell centerpiece dish measuring 20" long
827.Jade apple tree measuring 17" tall
828.Marquis by Waterford set of 4 martini glasses measuring 7 1/2" tall
829.Thompson Center arms .50 caliber black powder rifle
830.Flambeau compound hunting bow with five arrows and hard shell carry case
831.Vintage ceramic footed bowl with lid measuring 11" wide
832.Two Longaberger baskets with largest measuring 15" long
833.Diasonic electric guitar
834.Violin with two bows and hard shell carry case
835.Kawai electric guitar with hard shell carry case
836.Two-piece Virginia Metalcrafters Monticello trivet, pair of candle snips and gold tone metal dish
837.Floral themed metal table lamp measuring 39" tall
838.Various Olympic Games collectors plates, various made in Denmark collectors plates; largest measures 10" diameter
839.First Act six string acoustic guitar
840.Wood salad bowl with utensils measuring 18" diameter
841.Armstrong flute and hard shell carry case
842.Various porcelain floral figures with marks including Capodimonte, largest measures 11" tall
843.Metal bird bath top measuring 14" wide
844.Various Portuguese leaf themed dishes including chip and dip platter, bowls, plates; largest measures 16" long
845.Various metal and brass lamp finials
846.Sakura classic gold China to include dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, teacups and saucers with various serving items; preview for specific components
847.Various Italian made dinnerware to include dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, cups and saucers
848.Glass vase, pair of natural stone candleholders; largest measures 13" tall
849.Vintage handmade tablecloth and placemats
850.Art Murano glass dish measuring 9" diameter
851.Daisy Red Ryder BB gun in original box
852.Bunnykins Royal Doulton coin bank, Wedgwood Peter Rabbit dish; largest measures 6" diameter
853.Quantity of various Madame Alexander dolls in original boxes including Star Wars, Millennium Princess, various others; preview for specific components
854.Black Bear Club pewter bear figure measuring 5" tall
855.Two handmade stocking holders measuring 7" tall
856.Vintage Northwestern Products pinball game measuring 17" long
857.Six Madame Alexander dolls in original boxes to include Martha Washington, Elizabeth Monroe, Abigail Adams and others
858.Three Vogue Ginny dolls collectible dolls in original boxes; preview for specific components
859.Three Vogue Ginny dolls; includes Colleen, Square Dancer, Anchors Away
860.Three Vogue Ginny dolls, to include Ginny for President
861.Quantity of various Harry Potter action figures
862.Quantity of various Barbie dolls in original boxes
863.Boyd's Bear stuffed bear, Effanbee plastic head doll, various Barbie's, various vintage dolls
864.Brass table lamp measuring 29" tall
865.Pair of pink cowboy boots; preview for specific size and tailoring
866.Pair of Nocoma cowboy boots size 10
867.Pair of Tony Lama cowboy boots preview for specific size
868.Solid brass candle lantern measuring 9" wide
869.La Faune bird themed porcelain covered dish measuring 7" wide
870.Porcelain music box with man playing piano around three children, Kaiser hand-painted girl and goose figure, man smoking pipe porcelain figure; largest measures 9" wide
871.Vera Bradley pet carrier
872.Vintage Philco transit one radio measuring 14" wide
873.Various German beer steins with largest measuring 8" tall
874.Leather bound hinged display case, wall mounted spoon display case; largest measuring 18" tall
875.Glass table lamp measuring 33" tall
876.Quantity of various metal picture frames with largest measuring 12" tall
877.Two handmade glass plaques, two floral themed glass ornaments; largest measures 10" long
878.Haeger ceramic footed planter measuring 9" tall
879.Pair of ruby tone antique glass lamps with marble bases measuring 26" tall
880.Signed mother and child sculpture made in Italy signed A. Sintini measuring 15" tall
881.Various floral themed figures and candleholders with marks including Capodimonte, Germany; largest measures 12" wide
882.Three arm metal table lamp with glass prisms measuring 26" tall
883.RCA portable 7" digital TV, Radio Shack HDTV antenna, both in original boxes
884.Handmade wood dollhouse measuring 26 x 27 x 20"
885.Regent Sheffield knife set in original box, set of Rada steak knives in original box
886.Handmade quilt
887.Handmade wood house measuring 19 x 14"
888.Mahogany wall mounted display cabinet with mirrored back measuring 23" tall
889.Quantity of various vintage items including ink pad, paintbrush cleaner, Oscar Meyer figure, plastic harmonica and various others
890.Nikon Prones 5 Digital camera, Kodak easy share 2650 camera, AGFA Isola I film camera with flash, cable release, case, film book shooting digital photos
891.Two wash boards including Atlantic and Old American Store, flour sifter, cast-iron kettle, juice press, sweet potato press, cast-iron trivets and various others
892.Pair of Foot Joy size 11 golf shoes
893.Canon AE1 camera with zoom lens, additional Canon lens, Vivitar light, Canon power winder, includes carry bag
894.Daisy Red Ryder BB gun 70th anniversary edition in original box
895.Pair of size 9D combat boots, canvas tarp
896.Brass and glass table lamp with marble base measuring 29" tall
897.Brass and glass table lamp measuring 16" tall
898.Enameled metal handled pot, bowls with spoons,
899.Avenir bicycle lock with two boxes of seamless high-performance tubes
900.Cloth wrapped metal bowl with lid measuring 13" wide
901.Cuisinart electric fondue pot
902.Various John Deere themed ceramics by Gibson including dinner plates, salad plates, bowls
903.Cram's Imperial world globe, 12" diameter
904.Two Syroka Inc. plastic wall plaques with largest measuring 45" wide
905.Ceramic whiskey jug measuring 11" tall
906.Driftwood table lamp measuring 39" tall
907.English Ironstone "Dr. Syntax" porcelain dinner plates measuring 9" diameter
908.Hand carved schoolhouse clock measuring 20" tall
909.Two vintage telephones
910.Solimene made in Italy plates, bowls, cups; preview for specific components
911.Baby Lock sewing machine, model BL16 in original box
912.Three vintage General Electric plastic clocks
913.Craftsman stapler, various wire cutters, various wire
914.Vintage log grappler measuring 31" long
915.Footed glass bowl on marble base with brass stem measuring 8" diameter
916.General Electric Garrard portable stereo
917.Handmade rug measuring 35 x 60"
918.Painted galvanized aluminum milk can marked on front measuring 12" tall
919.Glass and brass table lamp measuring 22" tall
920.Cordon Bleu made in Brazil teapot, four French covered cups, platter measuring 10" long
921.Vintage Enterprise cast-iron fireplace iron measuring 6" long
922.Set of Koch Messer stainless steel knives with sharpener
923.Air King shortwave band radio measuring 17" wide
924.Pewter coffeepot, teapot, sugar dish
925.PlayStation 2 gaming console with adapter cords and one remote-control
926.Quantity of various Tre Stjarnor matchsticks in original boxes
927.Vintage Gilmore crate measuring 18" wide
928.Two green tone glass table lamps with largest measuring 26" tall
929.Vintage General Electric radio measuring 15" wide
930.Pair of Flo-Lite wading boots
931.Metal table lamp measuring 24" tall
932.Three handmade quilts
933.VillaWare four slot toaster
934.Brass desk lamp measuring 16" tall
935.Asahi Pentax Spotmatic with Tamron F3.8-80-210mm zoom lens, cable release, lens case
936.Lenox Weatherly pattern dinner plates, salad plates, teacups and saucers; preview for specific components
937.Harlem Rockets pennant
938.Chinese blue toned teapot, covered dish, pair of candleholders
939.Set of five Noritake Moondust crystal glass wine goblets measuring 8 1/2" tall
940.Vintage flexible arm desk lamp measuring approximately 18" tall
941.Three Charles Chips metal containers measuring 9" tall
942.Glazed ceramic pitcher, Mike Day vase, blue toned miniature pitcher, Fitz & Floyd planter; largest measures 8" tall
943.Carolina Washboard Company washboard measuring 17" long
944.Kodak M30 Instamatic movie camera with book, Canon auto zoom 318 M movie camera, case, movie light
945.Plastic Colt 45 clock measuring 14" diameter
946.Quantity of various silver plate serving items with largest measuring 15" diameter
947.Lenox Maywood saucers; preview for specific components
948.Pair of Bose loudspeakers 201 series IV
949.Atari Flashback 2 in original box, Atari Flashback 5, various Atari and other controllers, PlayStation 2 games
950.Boy Scout belt with various clip-on badges
951.Plastic dollhouse with various plastic dollhouse furniture; dollhouse measures 18" wide
952.Daisy BB gun
953.Quantity of various Pyrex and Fire King casserole dishes with largest measuring 13" long
954.Canon EOS Elan 7E camera with flash and secondary lens with carry bag
955.Silver plate serving platter with grapevine border measuring 17" long
956.Vintage metal lunchbox, covered Jell-O mold, Union ice skates
957.Detecto baby scale, Pelouze portion control scale
958.Argus 21 camera with 50mm F3.5 lens, Argus flash, set 5 filters, case, book
959.Sylvania miniature lighting storage box, East Coast gas signed, Drakes advertising sign; Sylvania box measures 19" wide
960.Two Canadian Mist wildlife glasses in original boxes, keg tap, Coca-Cola plastic crate, syrup dispenser
961.Taxidermy fish measuring 22" long
962.Two doughboy deluxe thru wall skimmers in original boxes
963.Wicker basket, plastic popcorn bowl, cooking torch; basket measures 22" wide
964.Ceramic floor vase measuring 17" tall, various SpongeBob SquarePants foam stickers
965.Anchor Hocking glass punch bowl with various cups, juicer
966.Ceramic whiskey jug measuring 11" tall
967.Various Lionel train tracks, sidecars, foam track accessory
968.To Victory laminated poster measuring approximately 4 feet tall
969.Coleman kerosene lantern, American Camper lantern
970.Ceramic basket weave jar measuring 20" tall
971.Quantity of various Corningware casserole dishes
972.Quantity of various kitchenware items including bread baker, trivets, rolling pin, Pampered Chef accent decorator and springform pan set
973.Two Peter Blair silk ties one Michael Kors silk tie
974.Hotwheels plastic car case with 48 collectible cars
975.Spode Christmas tree teapot in original box
976.Panasonic CCTV camera (preview for working condition)
977.Colonial themed table lamp measuring 33" tall
978.Various UVA items including puzzle, trashcan, tumbler, various others; preview for specific components
979.Signed apostolic blessing with Vatican seal from 1966 measuring 11" tall
980.Hamilton Beach toaster and toaster oven combination; preview for working condition
981.Pair of ceramic Sperabo amorial table lamps measuring 39" tall (one damaged on base - please preview)
982.FoodSaver V1095 vacuum sealer
983.Decorative bulldog figure measuring 9" long, metal candleholder
984.Art glass vase measuring 11" tall
985.Vintage Phono-Art 45 record player, Symphonic 45 record player
986.Canon EOS Rebels camera with 28-80mm Canon zoom lens F3.5, Quantaray 1A filter, instruction book, carry bag
987.Pair of brass table lamps measuring 20" tall
988.Graflex camera case (no contents)
989.Quantity of various ceramic dishes and plates with marks including Royal Copenhagen, Bavaria, Royal Standard and various others
990.Various Revision sunglasses and sunglass cases
991.Metal table lamp, birdcage wall plaque; largest measures 22" tall
992.Ceramic table lamp measuring 19" tall
993.Glass table lamp measuring 31" tall
994.Jose Parrigi sculpture, two nutcrackers; largest measures 16" tall
995.Quantity of various Dansk china to include dinner plates, cups and saucers
996.Blue toned ceramic pitcher marked on bottom, blue toned ceramic dishes; largest measures 9" tall
997.Various Pyrex, Corningware and Anchor Hocking casserole dishes,
998.Chanel women's purse, pink tone leather handbag (preview for authenticity)
999.Ceramic bird themed crock, various ceramic planters, ceramic table lamp, glass lamp globe; preview for specific components
1000.Glass table lamp measuring 31" tall
1001.David Carter Brown collection lighthouse theme plates measuring 8" diameter
1002.Roseville Ohio blue toned ceramic plates, bowls, cups with largest measuring 10" diameter
1003.Quantity of various ceramic items including plates, planters, various serving dishes with marks including made in Austria, Bavaria and various others; preview for specific components
1004.Sound of Music made in Italy music box, various handmade doilies
1005.Henry Kloss Tivoli model one transistor radio
1006.Glass and metal bird figure with various miniature lights on the interior; measures 19" tall
1007.Various birdfeeders, pair of Mayflower binoculars, double knife set, various household goods; preview for specific components
1008.Quantity of various glass stemware, serving dishes, bottles and others
1009.Vintage glass table lamp measuring 21" tall
1010.Hanging chandelier with glass globe measuring 11" in diameter
1011.Four miniature decorative prints, Italian wall mounted candles sconce measuring 27" tall
1012.Ceramic table lamp measuring 23" tall
1013.Quantity of various silver plate serving dishes, weighted sterling silver candleholders and various others; largest measures 16" diameter
1014.Brass table lamp measuring 28" tall
1015.Various vase stands, picture frame holders
1016.Ceramic table lamp measuring 23" tall
1017.Various natural stone slabss, two wicker baskets with largest measuring 20" long
1018.Metal table lamp measuring 26" tall
1019.Red tone glass vase measuring 20" tall
1020.Various Lenox resin angel figures measuring 12" tall
1021.Quantity of various baking molds German-made pastry holders and others
1022.Akai reel-to reel player, various Shamrock Recording tapes
1023.Various hand-painted glazed saki bottles, largest measuring 14" tall
1024.Copper pitcher converted to lamp, second brass table lamp; largest measures 20" tall
1025.Two throw pillows
1026.Carved wood bird figure measuring 15" wide
1027.Two plastic ice buckets, pair of pewter champagne flutes, ceramic pitcher, various compartmental plates made in France and others; preview for specific components
1028.Three armed metal candleholder, various vases, ceramic face, ceramic hand-painted cross figure
1029.Vintage Planters clock measuring 15" tall
1030.Lionel construction kit in wood case; preview for specific components
1031.Vintage glass decanter with brass dispenser, blue toned globe measuring 6" diameter
1032.Set of Sheffield stainless steel steak knives in original box
1033.Handcrafted in Kenya plate and bowl with largest measuring 12" diameter
1034.Metal Tirnahauler flatbed (no cab), measures 25" long
1035.Ceramic table lamp measuring 28" tall
1036.Various silver plate serving items including platter, casserole holders, stainless steel bowl and others
1037.Miniature storage trunk measuring 17" wide
1038.Two boxes, set of four each, classic game porcelain plates
1039.Quantity of various camera cases; preview for specific components
1040.Quantity of various DVDs including Schreck, The Wizard of Oz, also includes Lost DVD's
1041.Gun Digest Book of Folding knives, American Premier Gunmakers Colt
1042.Quantity of various outdoor flags, canvas bag
1043.Brookstone motorized barbecue grill brush
1044.Ceramic vase, pair of brass candleholders, glass vase, Greenbriar Christmas ornament, various trinkets, largest measures 19" tall
1045.Quantity of various traveler series stereo viewer cards
1046.Quantity of various collectible Hotwheels, Matchbox cars, Legos and various others; preview for specific components
1047.Quantity of various glass items included footed plate, covered dish, various stemware, punch cups, candleholders
1048.Cast-iron firetruck, coffee grinder; largest measuring 11" long
1049.Quantity of various ceramic items including porcelain teacups and saucers, dinner plates, soup terrines, serving bowls with marks including Noritake, Miller and Rhodes and various others
1050.Metal table lamp measuring 36" tall
1051.Jack Daniels barrel top measuring 21" diameter
1052.Wicker trunk measuring 27" wide
1053.Meadow St metal street sign measuring 24" wide
1054.Various glass shelving with largest measuring 24" long
1055.Two King William County throw blankets
1056.Brass table lamp with glass shade measuring 21" tall
1057.Two Miller and Rhodes 100 years young pewter plates
1058.Pair of ceramic table lamps measuring 27" tall
1059.Painted metal pickup truck, various collectible model cars; preview for specific components
1060.Silver tone metal table lamp with glass globe measuring 23" tall
1061.Quantity of various vintage magazines including Life, Royal Wedding magazine, includes various newspaper articles from the 1960s; preview for specific's
1062.Various glass serving items with gold tone rims including platters and bowls, two-tiered serving platter, Mikasa Silent Night bell in original box
1063.Milk glass table lamp measuring 28" tall
1064.Solid brass jar, various lighthouse figurines, Mickey Mouse pins, crackled glass wine goblet
1065.Military theme items to include glass window ornament, eagle themed paperweight, various beer steins including US Marine Corps
1066.Green tone mantle clock measuring 14" tall
1067.Various silver plate serving items including gravy boat, picture, dishes, candleholders and others
1068.Various Elvis Presley collectible items including coffee mugs, blue suede shoes musical globe in original box, Elvis guitar decal box
1069.Various movie LP record albums including An Officer and a Gentleman, Taps and various others
1070.Pewter tree ornament, metal owl figure, mahogany jewelry chest; largest measures 16" tall
1071.Three Richard Ginori porcelain covered dishes measuring 3" tall
1072.Express China "El Patio" dinner plates, dessert plates, bowls and cups, Andrea by Sadek blue toned porcelain candleholders, ceramic vase, two glass decanters
1073.Metal apple artwork in shadowbox wall plaque measuring 11" wide
1074.Vintage electric wall mounted lamp measuring 15" tall
1075.Hand-painted wood model sailboat measuring 15" wide, various metal compartmental plates and wicker plate holders
1076.Quantity of various ceramic salt and pepper shakers, includes two glass salt and pepper shakers
1077.Handmade wood box, watermelon themed towel rack by Mike Perry
1078.Asian hand-painted ceramic planter measuring 19" diameter
1079.Pair of metal table lamps measuring 27" tall
1080.Quantity of various Tyco train tracks with various side cars and Santa Fe train engine
1081.Quantity of various glass items including vase, footed dishes, serving dishes, pitcher, plates; preview for specific components; largest measures 12" tall
1082.Aluminum carafe, vintage Atlas Mason jar, various vintage cutlery
1083.Pair of red tone glass table lamps with marble bases measuring 23" tall
1084.24 standard disc records by Standard Talking Machine Company, Oxford Disc Records and Imperial records
1085.Pair of metal table lamps measuring 28" tall
1086.Glass table lamp measuring 15" tall
1087.Glass punch bowl with various punch cups; bowl measures 10" diameter
1088.Pair of Labtech computer speakers, pair of Altec Lansing computer speakers
1089.Blown glass bottle measuring 11" long
1090.Two Melissa and Doug jigsaw puzzles in a box
1091.Pair of brass and glass table lamps measuring 20" tall
1092.Glare shield four PSP, V screen for PSP in original boxes
1093.NASCAR race driver poster
1094.Footed glass punch bowl, various punch cups; bowl measures 15" diameter
1095.Noritake porcelain teapot with sugar with creamer and 4 cups and saucers
1096.Various brass candleholders with largest measuring 12" tall
1097.Glass planter with artificial flowers; measures 13" wide
1098.Pisapia cornucopia centerpiece dish measuring 19" wide, made in Italy porcelain vase measuring 11" tall, glass vase measuring 13" tall
1099.Quantity of various natural stone artificial fruit, glass candy wrapper figure
1100.Mica and other various mineral specimens
1101.Large quantity of various CDs including Robert Palmer, Sheryl Crow, Roxette and various others; and Bruce Springsteen boxed cassette set, Emerson Lake & Palmer CD set, music books and pictures
1102.Pair of brass table lamps measuring 31" tall
1103.Two floral themed ceramic storage canisters, floral themed ceramic serving platter measuring 17" long
1104.Prince tennis racket, Wilson tennis racket, various tennis balls in Prince carry bag, magnetic dartboard with darts, Lego city in original box; preview for completeness
1105.Visual comfort lamp measuring 24" tall
1106.Pair of metal table lamps, glass table lamp; largest measures 31" tall
1107.Red tone glass decanter with six shot glasses
1108.Wood coat rack, sweet dreams wall plaque, aluminum bath rack, various ceramic dishes, household goods; preview for specific components
1109.Honeywell fan; preview for working condition
1110.Red tone glass vase, green tone compartmental dish, pink tone glass bud vase
1111.Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner; preview for working condition
1112.Resin angel figure, wine bottle holder, ceramic housing teapot, various figurines, glass floral theme candleholder, Williams-Sonoma covered dish and various others; preview for specific components
1113.Quantity of various glass jars with lids
1114.Large compartmental serving platter with covered center, various glass vases, various ceramic dishes and plates, preview for specific components
1115.Carved wood dish, ceramic vase, various bamboo placemats, Asian themed ceramic jars, mother-of-pearl box and various others; preview for specific components
1116.Quantity of various racing champion limited edition collectible cars mostly in original boxes
1117.Two glass centerpiece bowls measuring 14" diameter, pair of glass gold tone candleholders measuring 5" wide
1118.Three glass storage canisters, various sewing supplies, decorative items, metal candleholder, vases and others; preview for specific components
1119.Various stuffed dolls, includes plastic head doll
1120.Claybrook 8 in 1 TV lantern in original box
1121.Various Christmas Clothtique and other figurines
1122.Kee Tech portable bar set consisting of various barware
1123.Childrens toys including snow monster play set, various Hot Wheels play accessories, preview for specific components
1124.Quantity of various books including children's books, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys and various others, includes mahogany finish shelf
1125.Quantity of various wood tennis rackets, also includes two aluminum tennis rackets
1126.Go head-to-head videogame system and plastic carry case
1127.Quantity of various vintage tools including hand planers, draw knife and others
1128.Ion turntable, Hitachi turntable model HT354; preview for working condition
1129.Quantity of various porcelain nativity figures
1130.Snowboard/ski helmet with travel bag
1131.Kevlar military helmet, canvas bag
1132.Two Braun coffee makers, Braun coffee pot
1133.Various DVDs including Twilight, High School Musical, also includes Lenox picture album
1300.Metal floor lamp with leaded glass shade measuring 64" tall
1301.Shaker Wood Shop floor lamp measuring 61" tall
1302.Quantity of various CDs including Bob, Chicago Symphony Orchestra and various others
1303.General Electric space maker microwave oven; preview for working condition
1304.Will Strand skim board
1305.Ames Lawn Buddy and hand tools
1306.Pet mate pet crate measuring approximately 28" long
1307.Keurig 3 cup size coffee maker
1308.Black & Decker 16" hedge trimmer in original box
1309.Various Protege luggage
1310.Electric bug Zapper; preview for working condition
1311.Bushnell computerize star locator with original box
1312.Metal floor lamp measuring 65" tall
1313.Metal cart
1314.Plastic lampshade, fabric lampshade; largest measures 14" diameter
1315.Royal document shredder
1316.Electrical cord with reel
1317.Cast-iron welcome mat measuring 19" diameter
1318.2 Pet gates
1319.Craftsman metal toolbox
1320.Kevlar helmet, duffel bag consisting of sleeping bag, second sleeping bag
1321.Chicken wire fencing, plastic garden edging, metal garden edging
1322.Metal floor lamp measuring 54" tall
1323.Glass and brass floor lamp measuring 56" tall
1324.Feather brand or, industrial pipe wrench, plate fittings, air hose in Woodcreek
1325.Metal toolbox consisting of various hand tools including wrenches, socket wrenches and others
1326.Craftsman 22" hedge trimmer, electric; preview for working condition
1327.Quantity of various books including U.S. Navy an Illustrated History, Trump by David McCullough and various others
1328.Various vintage tools
1329.Various framed prints, decorative prints, fashion prints
1330.Lenco Apollo turntable; preview for working condition
1331.Quantity of various collectible glass bottles and decanters, excludes tote
1332.Metal shelf/coat rack
1333.Two galvanized pails
1334.Igloo cooler, drink dispenser
1335.Various vintage metal spirit cans
1336.Two miniature lighted Christmas trees measuring 34" tall
1337.Vintage pitchfork and shovel
1338.Walter Hagan golf bag
1339.Brass floor lamp measuring 54" tall
1340.Hanging leaded glass chandelier measuring 15" diameter
1341.Various wicker baskets with largest measuring 18" wide
1342.Quantity of various CDs in Peaches wooden crates including Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac, Styx and various others
1343.Metal storage container measuring approximately 36" long
1344.Pair of wall-mounted brass and glass lamps outdoor lamps measuring 19" tall
1345.Pneumatic chisel, Mac Tools diagnostic auto tool
1346.Denon turntable, JVC stereo receiver model JR - 8200; preview for working condition
1347.Vintage wood storage trunk measuring 29" long
1348.John Deere chainsaw; preview for working condition
1349.Craftsman 7 1/2" table saw; preview for working condition
1350.Ryobi compound miter saw; preview for working condition
1351.Massage table and stand in canvas carry bags
1352.Cooks 4 1/2 quart stand mixer in original box
1353.Copper pail on stand measuring 19" diameter
1354.Outdoor metal wall mounted lamp measuring 16" tall
1355.Vintage Wilcox-Gay reel to reel player; preview for working condition
1356.Various wicker baskets with largest measuring 24" long
1357.Sirius radio, CD portable CD player, two assist handles; preview for specific components
1358.Airpot by Bakers and Chefs, 3 gallon beverage dispenser in original box
1359.Various string, screening tools; preview for specific components
1360.Marlboro cooler, AZ Max cooler bag on casters, Marlboro speaker bag with Cambridge SoundWorks speakers
1361.Vintage storage trunk with metal detailing measuring 32" wide
1362.Astro Drums bongo drums with stand
1363.Metal floor lamp measuring 58" tall
1364.Kinderworks child's wood peg and pull toy
1365.Various pots and pans including Revere
1366.Various picture frames with largest measuring 24" tall, excludes tote
1367.Quantity of various LP record albums including Glenn Miller, Billy Joel and various others
1368.Tribal skin board
1369.Black & Decker finishing sander; preview for working condition
1370.Two handmade baskets with largest measuring 15" diameter
1371.Leaded glass lamp shade measuring 14" diameter
1372.Handmade barrel with metal strapping measuring 18" tall
1373.Vintage Magnavox turntable; preview for working condition
1374.Quantity of various CDs including Kids Bop, Pavarotti, Julio Iglesias various others
1375.Haier humidifier; preview for working condition
1376.Akai GX210D reel to reel player; preview for working condition
1377.NAPA crawler
1378.Handmade hammock
1379.Rowenta clothes steamer valet; preview for working condition
1380.Metal display stand measuring 36" tall
1381.Vintage Birch turntable with built-in speaker; preview for working condition
1382.Two Hunter air purifiers; preview for working condition
1383.My Buddy doll, The Wizard of Oz metal plaque, glass covered jar, ceramic pitcher, various will wall plaques (excludes tote)
1384.Two stuffed dolls with largest measuring 24"
1385.Maddux foot spa in original box
1386.Quantity of various plastic duck decoys by Avery Outdoors Inc
1387.Circus themed wood toy box consisting of plastic playhouse, various vintage farm toys, plastic animals
1388.Quantity of various CDs including The Phantom of the Opera and various others
1389.Three plastic bins measuring 21" long
1390.Large quantity of various picture frames
1391.Metal plant stand measuring 20" tall
1392.Metal cabinet in original box
1393.Quantity of various throw pillows
1394.Triple buffet server and warming tray by Bella Cucina
1395.Quantity of various books including the age of expansion, the Saturday evening Post treasury and various others
1396.2 wall mounted shelves measuring 45" long
1397.Super NES killer instinct set in original box with various games and accessories
1398.Quantity of various throw blankets, throw pillows, handmade Afghan
1399.Quantity of various yarn, arts and craft supplies; preview for specific components
1400.Protocol luggage on casters
1401.Quantity of various CDs including Aerosmith, Barry White, Anne Murray and various others
1402.Four vintage aluminum pots and pans with largest pot measuring 20" diameter
1403.Various glass drinkware, coffee mugs, ceramic pitcher and bowl and various others; preview for specific components
1404.Metal shelving unit in original plastic wrap
1405.Windshield cover
1406.Mahogany finish folding tray stand measuring 21" wide
1407.Various 45 and LP record albums including The Beach Boys, Johnny Cash and various others
1408.Vintage toolbox, wood crate
1409.Barcelona toy scooter
1410.Workforce table saw; preview for working condition
1411.Vintage Pioneer stereo receiver model SX 450; preview for working condition
1412.Quantity of various animated and illuminated dolls, Christmas figurines and various others
1413.Vintage Marantz receiver; preview for working condition
1414.Cast-iron hoist
1415.Weed Eater power blower; preview for working condition
1416.Avalanche Chevy truck cover
1417.Poulan 220 Pro chainsaw hard-shell carry case; preview for working condition
1418.Homelite chainsaw case only
1419.Dragonfly themed copper sprinkler measuring 36" tall
1420.Painted wood luggage rack measuring 22" wide
1421.Bell bicycle pump
1422.Lasko fan; preview for working condition
1423.Young Me-7000 electric keyboard; preview for working condition
1424.Plano tackle box consisting of various fishing lures and fishing supplies; preview for specific components
1425.Pair of brass fireplace andirons measuring 16" tall
1426.Animated rocking horse
1427.Onkyo stereo cassette deck, Technics turntable model SL-BD20D; preview for working condition
1428.Various LP record albums including Michael Jackson, The Commodores and various others
1429.Work Task gutter cleaning kit in original box
1430.Bell bike rack
1431.Pair of Bose loudspeakers model 301 series II
1432.Cast-iron post measuring 25" tall
1433.Metal fireplace screen measuring 28 x 48"
1434.Painted wood child's play stove measuring 23" tall
1435.Quantity of various LP record albums including Merle Haggard, George Strait and various others
1436.Various feather boa
1437.Quantity of various DVDs including Minority Report, King Kong and various others
1438.Cycle PS bike trainer
1439.Quantity of various arts and crafts themed books and magazines
1440.Handmade wood dog house measuring 22" long
1441.Various wood blocks
1442.Air hose
1443.Various outdoor flags, wicker basket measuring 23" long
1445.Quantity of various books including This Fabulous Century, Great American West and various others
1446.Metal torch measuring 44" tall
1447.Brass floor lamp measuring 47" tall
1448.Meade telescope
1449.Home two rod adjustable garment rack, second adjustable garment rack
1450.6 feet noble fir holiday tree
1451.Two pieces of luggage by Hartman
1452.Quantity of various DVDs including The Black Stallion, Matrix Reloaded and various others
1453.Craftsman buffer polisher in original box
1454.Quantity of various Keepsake Christmas ornaments, Christmas dolls (excludes tote)
1455.Quantity of various college teams decorations including flags, bunting and various others; preview for specific components
1456.Quantity of various DD DVDs including Titanic, Lord of the Rings and various others
1457.Quantity of various vintage pamphlets, advertising prints, playbills and various others
1458.Air Hogs highflying stunt plane in original box
1459.Quantity of various Christmas ornaments
1460.Quantity of various arts and craft supplies including ribbon, pipe cleaners and others
1461.Concrete planter measuring 19" long
1462.Pampered Chef canvas bag
1463.Hampton Bay electric heater, woodstove style
1464.Wood candle holder measuring 25" tall
1465.Sharp twin-engine G vacuum cleaner and attachments; preview for working condition
1466.Quantity of various CDs including Grateful Dead, Bob Marley and various others
1467.Quantity of various Christmas decorations, ornaments, others; preview for specific components (excludes tote)
1468.Various yo-yo wooden boxes, coffee cans
1469.Various Halloween decorations, nutcrackers and action figures
1470.Shop metal wastebasket, wheel balancer
1471.Three shadowbox framed wall plaques measuring 12 x 12"
1472.Vintage record player with built-in speaker
1473.Hamilton printing tray measuring 32" long
1474.Rescue ladder in original box
1475.Quantity of various tool, gadgets and hardware (excludes tote)
1476.Two folding bleacher chairs and seat pads
1477.Anco Bilt tripod
1478.Two Christmas tree plant boxes measuring 41" tall
1479.Black framed glass aquarium measuring 23x72x18
1480.Quantity of various BDU military uniforms, blankets and others; preview for specific components
1481.Wall mounted shelving accent measuring 57" long
1482.Wall mounted accent measuring 56" long
1483.Tapestry on rod
1484.Haier mini refrigerator
1485.Fender Baseman 60 amplifier, preview for working condition
1486.Nine plastic crates
1487.Two boxes of 100 coat hangers
1488.Handmade goose rocker measuring 30" wide
1489.Strawbridge and Clothier women's mink and lambs wool jacket; preview for specific size
1490.Mirage men's leather jacket; preview for specific size
1491.Harley-Davidson motorcycle jacket; preview for specific size entailing
1492.Camp cot by Gander Mountain
1493.Set of Ben Hogan golf Irons with Taylor-made R580 driver, and Taylor-made V steel five wood with golf bag
1494.Two metal shelves with largest measuring 54" tall
1495.Sports Craft canopy tent
1496.Metal planter basket measuring 57" long
1497.Three space heaters including DeLonghi
1498.Various guitar hero guitars, drum set, foot pedals and microphone
1499.Multicolor plastic storage chest measuring 26" tall
1500.Wicker shelf measuring 52" tall
1501.Two Country Craft Furniture nightstands measuring 30 x 21 x 17"
1502.Two matching oak barstools measuring 40" tall
1503.Craftsman radial arm saw with original owners manual
1504.Folding bench/stepstool unit measuring 24" tall
1505.Vintage LP record album cabinet measuring 27 x 22 x 16"
1506.White nightstand with two drawers measuring 24 x 25 x 16"
1507.Vintage desk on casters with three drawers measuring 32 x 40 x 18"
1508.Storage chest with six wicker style drawers measuring 29 x 31 x 12"
1509.Two matching storage cabinets with two drawers and one cabinet door measuring 35 x 16 x 13"
1510.Vintage maple chest of drawers measuring 42 x 30 x 16"
1511.Pressed wood, 2 drawer filing cabinet measuring 23 x 21 x 18"
1512.Oak cabinet with one drawer over cabinet door measuring 29 x 24 x 18"
1513.Wall mounted mahogany shelf measuring 19 x 37"
1514.Vintage folding stool/seat measuring 24" tall
1515.Oak high top wine table with metal base and two barstools with upholstered seats on metal bases; table measures 42 x 35 x 23"
1516.Fall front mahogany desk with fitted interior measuring 40 x 32 x 17"
1517.Oak wine cabinet measuring 36 x 18 x 15"
1518.Metal plant table with tile top measuring 28" tall
1519.Walnut end table with two drawers measuring 24 x 23 x 16"
1520.Cedar lined blanket chest measuring 43" wide
1521.Vintage frog themed toy box measuring 18 x 38 x 12"
1522.Vintage side table with one drawer measuring 26 x 19 x 19"
1523.White composite table measuring 29 x 48 x 24"
1524.Composite fireplace surround measuring 45" wide
1525.Vintage telephone table measuring 36" wide
1526.Garden bench with cast iron base and insert measuring 48" wide
1527.Plastic Pet Mate pet carrier measuring 30" wide
1528.Three Rubbermaid Brute trash cans, 44 gallon with casters
1529.Vintage pine cradle measuring 36" wide
1530.Barrel hand truck measuring 48" tall
1531.Vintage folding card table with pheasant themed laminate top measuring 31 x 31"
1532.Kenmore electric oven; preview for working condition
1533.Glazed ceramic planter measuring 30" tall and 26" diameter
1534.Frigidaire upright freezer with digital control Model no. LFFU14F5HWS (Preview for working condition)
1535.Pair of Hon 2 drawer filing cabinets, one with key
1536.Aluminum patio table with glass top measuring 28" tall and 35" diameter
1537.Wicker table with glass top on metal frame measuring 30 x 54 x 31"
1538.Plastic lighted Santa Claus and two lampposts measuring 40"
1539.Various lighted plastic nativity figures with largest measuring 36" tall
1540.Mahogany side table with built in shelf measuring 24 x 26 x 12"
1541.Lookout plastic treehouse with slide measuring approximately 53" tall
1542.Metal floor lamp with five flexible heads measuring approximately 68" tall
1543.Two metal display racks measuring 55" tall
1544.Cosco three-step stepstool
1545.Metal bunkbed measuring 63" tall
1546.Leather swivel office chair measuring 46" tall
1547.Upholstered swivel office chair measuring 44" tall
1548.Food Lion sign measuring 65" wide
1549.Antique handmade rake, 70" long
1550.Sharper Image massage chair with swivel office chair measuring approximately 40" tall
1551.Dyson upright vacuum cleaner; preview for working condition
1552.Butcher block style table on casters measuring 38 x 46 x 30"
1553.Three rubber trash cans measuring 27" tall
1554.Kenmore mini refrigerator; preview for working condition
1555.Black rolling cart
1556.Pair of matching patio side tables with glass tops and metal bases measuring 18" tall and 19" diameter
1557.Two painted wood cabinets measuring 24 x 23 x 19"
1558.Garden bench with cast iron sides and insert measuring 48" wide
1559.SIGA refrigerator model SM4; preview for working condition
1560.NSF metal storage rack on casters measuring 80 x 24 x 19"
1561.Painted wood shelf measuring 31 x 24 x 15"
1562.Mannequin torso measuring 24" tall
1563.Woman's mannequin with metal base measuring 33" tall
1564.Three oak folding chairs
1565.Minn Kota trolling motor; preview for working condition
1566.Two oars
1567.Tractor grader measuring 40" wide
1568.Tractor thatching machine
1569.Four twig weaved reindeer figures with largest measuring 40" long
1570.Utility table with walnut finish measuring 29 x 64 x 30"
1571.Upholstered storage bench measuring 20 x 38 x 18"
1572.Rattan style display shelf measuring 60" tall
1573.Sony carabiner multi-scan projector model BPH-G70; preview for working condition
1574.Four matching metal barstools with upholstered seats measuring 42" tall
1575.Vintage wardrobe trunk with metal detailing measuring 41" tall
1576.Stainless steel parrot stand and feeder measuring 50" tall
1577.18 fishing rods to include saltwater, Brand names Penn, Shakespeare, Fenwick and others on a rolling wooden cart
1578.Metal clothes rack measuring 62" tall
1579.Scott's self-propelled 6.5 hp push lawnmower; preview for working condition
1580.Scott's power propelled 6.5 hp lawnmower; preview for working condition
1581.Corn hole game boards with carry bag
1582.Homelite 2700 psi pressure washer; preview for working condition
1583.Troy-Bilt 2700 psi pressure washer preview for working condition
1584.Japanese made Soma 10 speed bicycle
1585.Union Flyer Tourist bicycle
1586.Husky aluminum 3 rung step ladder
1587.Ab Rowbic exercise machine with manual
1588.Rubbermaid mop bucket to include mop
1589.Kenmore humidifier, preview for working condition
1590.Werner aluminum Saf-T-Master 24 foot extending ladder with duty rating of 200lbs
1591.Pair of metal bases on casters
1592.Cement bird bath
1593.Plaster column plant stand
1594.Kent boys youth size bike
1595.Next boys bicycle, missing seat
1596.Mongoose aluminum alloy frame xr-35 mens bike
1597.Bianchi Trofeo mens bike
1598.Fugi Discovery mens bike
1599.Pair of sheet rock stilts
1600.Two storage baskets on metal stands measuring 36"h
1601.Troy-bilt trimmer, preview for working condition
1602.8 plastic milk crates
1603.Brushed nickel ceiling fan with light fixture, preview for working condition
1604.Members Only jacket in size 42L
1605.Two wool overcoats with labels reading"Jefferson, Richmond Va", preview for sizes
1606.Three military coats, preview for sizes
1607.2 boxes of Joseph A. Banks hangers
1800.Various basketball and football sports cards (preview for contents)

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