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794 Items
Item # Description
Lot - 83

A genuine emerald tennis bracelet with alternating clear stones and a yellow gold replacement clasp marked 750 (a European mark that's the equivalent of US 18K). The piece weighs 10.9 grams total.

Lot - 84

An intricately enameled 14K yellow gold brooch in the shape of a four leaf clover with a center-set pearl, weighing 3.3 grams.

Lot - 85

A vintage to antique hand-carved shell cameo set in a 10K yellow gold pierced bezel that can be worn as a brooch or a pendant, weighing 4.6 grams.

Lot - 86

Two pairs of earrings, one of opals and the other of little scallop shells, and a teddy bear charm. All pieces are yellow gold, marked 14K, and weigh a total of 1.4 grams.

Lot - 87

A Taxco TE51 sterling silver braided cuff bracelet in a black velveteen pouch, made in Mexico and weighing 46.8 grams.

Lot - 88

A Byzantine style sterling silver bracelet in a black velveteen pouch, marked 925 and weighing 18.8 grams.

Lot - 89

A sterling silver cuff bracelet in a TTVOVO black velveteen pouch, marked 925 and weighing 20.5 grams.

Lot - 90

Two sterling silver bracelets, both marked 925 and one with pale violet stones. The total weight of both bracelets is 50.3 grams.

Lot - 91

Two Saint Christopher medals and a bracelet that appears to be hand-made featuring a cross/anchor. All pieces are marked Sterling and weigh a total of 21.7 grams.

Lot - 92

A pair of Taxco Laton earrings, marked Sterling and weighing a total of 6.5 grams. Please note that there are no earring backs included.

Lot - 93

A collection of sterling silver jewelry items to include a bracelet (broken) with pale blue stones, a pair of sea turtle earrings, a small locket, and more. This collection weighs a total of 28.2 grams.

Lot - 94

A collection of vermeil and enameled sterling silver jewelry items to include earrings, a pendant, a brooch, toe rings. This collection weighs a total of 22.2 grams.

Lot - 95

A sterling silver dollhouse teapot and a Webster Co. sterling silver small short handle chocolate spoon measuring 3 3/4 inches. Together they weigh 22.4 grams.

Lot - 96

A 19-inch strand of Majorca pearls with a 14K white gold clasp and in their Miller & Rhoads box.

Lot - 97

A Swarovski ring in the original box with the tag. The size is unknown and the ring appears to be unworn.

Lot - 98

A Hickok silver front pocket watch belt loop chain.

Lot - 99

A pale lavender or violet glass dresser jar with a sterling silver lid. The lid weighs 38.6 grams and is not monogrammed. Overall the piece measures 4 1/2 inches dia. x 4H.

Lot - 100

A crystal dresser bottle with a sterling silver lid. The lid weighs 4.4 grams and is not monogrammed. Overall the piece measures 1 1/2 inches dia. x 3 1/2H.

Lot - 101

An antique Gorham sterling silver pin dish, monogrammed, weighing 25.3 grams and measuring 3 1/2 inches in dia.

Lot - 102

A crystal dresser jar with a sterling silver lid. The monogrammed lid weighs 20.9 grams. Overall the piece measures 3 1/2 inches dia. x 3H.

Lot - 103

Three sterling silver handled ladies' dresser items to include a monogrammed shoe horn, an unmonogrammed darning egg, and an unmonogrammed shoe button hook.

Lot - 104

A collection of sterling silver handled ladies' dresser items to include a file, a makeup brush, a tweezer, another brush, a nail buffer, and a hand-held mirror.

Lot - 105

A collection of monogrammed unmatched sterling silver handled and sterling silver backed ladies' dresser items to include a mirror, comb (broken), hair brush and another hair or clothing brush.

Lot - 106

A collection of ladies' sterling silver vanity items to include two brushes (one monogrammed and one not monogrammed) and two perfume bottles (one unmonogrammed with a sterling silver stopper made in West Germany and the other a monogrammed bottle with a sterling overlay).

Lot - 107

A number of gold-filled and rolled gold plate items including a ladies' Elgin watch; a bracelet made of ladies' watches including watches by Rothstein, Citizen, and more; a large hinged bracelet; a child's or ladies' hinged bracelet; and a pair of tiger eye scarab earrings.

Lot - 108

Three Walt Disney ladies' watches including a Winnie the Pooh watch from the Disney Store, a vintage Bradley-Time Mickey Mouse watch made in Hong Kong, and a vintage Mickey Mouse Swiss-made watch.

Lot - 109

A vintage ladies' Gucci wristwatch.

Lot - 110

A collection of wristwatches, principally ladies' wristwatches with one exception, from various makers.

Lot - 111

A collection of ladies' hair accessories, some of which appear to be vintage. Please preview for exact details and condition.

Lot - 112

A large assortment of costume jewelry. What a treasure trove!

Lot - 113

A Danish pewter gentlemen's set including a pocket comb and intricate cover, a cufflink or studs dish, and a small hand mirror for grooming. Also included is a vintage to antique pewter walking stick handle.

Lot - 286

A 10 x 5 x 7 three-drawer wooden jewelry/trinket box.

Lot - 302

A Frederique five drawer accessory chest of drawers measuring 22“ x 17“ x 50“ with a removable marble top.

Lot - 306

An antique, pine, washstand with turned legs, one shelf and one drawer measuring 23“ x 14“ x 31“.

Lot - 352

A ceramic fox butter dish and a ceramic fox cookie jar, both from Cracker Barrel.

Lot - 421

A collection of vintage-to-antique braided and rag rugs with the largest measuring 77 x 33. Please preview for condition.

Lot - 422

A vintage print of Lady Caroline Howard by Joshua Howard measuring 12 x 14 and a vintage piece of crewelwork measuring 12 x 10. Both are framed in wood and gesso oval frames.

Lot - 423

A collection of area or scatter rugs including a machine-made Persian measuring 19 x 33, an antique hand-made Persian in a tribal style measuring 26 x 33, and an antique hand-knotted area rug measuring 20 x 29. Please preview for condition.

Lot - 424

An antique chair with turned legs and cane seat measuring 17 x 15 x 33.

Lot - 425

An electrified hurricane lamp with floral details on shade measuring 12 x 22.

Lot - 426

A collection of vintage fabric remnants, two vintage sewing manuals, and a vintage suitcase measuring 18 x 12 x 27.

Lot - 427

A collection of vintage Americana-themed holiday ornaments and table-top decor. Please preview for complete contents.

Lot - 428

A vintage wood framed mirror measuring 23 x 27.

Lot - 429

A collection of vintage fox stuffed animals including a Gund fox, a Marie Meyer fox, a Freddie Fox by Cottage Collectibles by Ganz, a Freddy the Snooty Fox by Channel Island Toys, a Swiss fox from Heunec, a Commonwealth Toy Co., Inc. fox, three TY sly foxes with tags, and more. All are seated in a cute doll rush seat bench measuring 26 x 12 x 22. Please preview for complete contents.

Lot - 430

A Kyoto Blossoms Muffy VanderBear from Japan with accessories including purse, shoes, fan, and original box all on an Asian-inspired shelf with plate groove measuring 9 x 7.

Lot - 431

A vintage-to-antique collection of items including a Band of Virginia medallion, a Virginia Cavaliers keychain, a Virginia Trust Company notepad, and Esso scissor sharpener, an Esso keychain that says Put a Tiger in Your Tank, vintage fishing hooks and lures, and a wooden hand-painted box measuring 10 x 6 x 13 used to store anything from jewelry to candles from the early 1900s. Please preview for complete contents.

Lot - 432

A collection of vintage doilies, tea towels, and napkins all kept in a hat box measuring 14 x 7. Please preview for complete contents.

Lot - 433

A collection of vintage doilies, tea towels, and napkins all kept in a hat box. Please preview for complete contents.

Lot - 434

A collection of vintage-to-antique baby shoes, lint removers, and shoe brushes all contained in a vintage hat box.

Lot - 435

A collection of vintage to antique pillow covers of various shapes and sizes. Please preview for complete contents.

Lot - 436

Collection of vintage sewing items including thread, pin cushions, spools, needle and more. Please preview for complete contents.

Lot - 437

Collection of vintage sewing items including an antique child's Singer sewing machine, an antique child's German sewing machine, sewing needles, scissors, mending kits, and more. Please preview for complete contents.

Lot - 438

A collection of vintage sewing items including needle kits, fabric remnants, a wooden sewing box measuring 11x 12 x 9H, an assortment of knitting needles, and more. Please preview for complete contents.

Lot - 439

A collection of vintage and contemporary buttons, crochet thread, fabric adhesive, Flex Lock interfacing, and more. Please preview for complete contents.

Lot - 440

A collection of vintage purses including a de Lanthe purse with a Lucite handle, a Von Canon wooden, decoupaged, octagon purse, a Bermuda purse with buttons and interchangeable handbags, and a dog purse. Please preview for complete contents.

Lot - 441

A collection of vintage purses including DKNY, a Continent, made in Japan, a Philippe Salvet Paris-St. Tropez, made in Italy, a leather Buxton wallet, an NWT Liz Claiborne wallet and more. Please preview for complete contents.

Lot - 442

A collection of mid-century modern purses including a clutch with a Lucite tortoiseshell handle, a 1940s tapestry purse with a gold-tone chain handle, and a fox-inspired purse that appears to be made from a man's tie! So cute!

Lot - 443

A collection of beaded purses including a Olette Paris change or makeup purse and a Walborg clutch made in Macau. Please preview for condition.

Lot - 444

A collection of beaded purses including a beautiful cream-colored clutch made in Hong Kong and a clamshell beaded purse with a silver-tone strap.

Lot - 445

A collection of leather wallets, change purses, and jewelry cases. Please preview for complete contents.

Lot - 446

A collection of vintage clutch purses including a 1960s patent leather Ande purse.

Lot - 448

A collection of vintage costume jewelry including two brooches made in Russia, a signed fox brooch, an art deco black onyx color brooch, and two gold-tone brooches. Please preview for complete contents.

Lot - 449

A collection of purses including two black, metal mesh clutches, a gold-toned metal mesh purse, and a black beaded and Ostrich feather evening bag.

Lot - 450

A collection of two gold-tone mesh Whiting and Davis wallets.

Lot - 468

A child's rush bottom seat measuring 14 x 12 x 25H. Please preview for condition. The top slat in the back appears to be loose and could benefit from being rejoined.

Lot - 472

A collection of decorative needlepoint pillows, all with a dog theme.

Lot - 511

A vintage Whiting and Davis gold-toned, metal, mesh purse.

Lot - 512

A collection of two Whiting and Davis gold-toned purses including a small coin or lipstick purse and a small handbag purse.

Lot - 513

A collection of vintage costume, rhinestone jewelry and a crystal necklace in a Miller & Rhoads box. Please preview as the crystal necklace needs to be restrung.

Lot - 514

A collection of costume jewelry earrings including several pair of Sarah Covington. Please preview for complete contents.

Lot - 520

A collection of pins and brooches including a Crown Tafari pin, a Snap On tools pin, a metal, gold-toned purse-shaped trinket box, and more. Please preview for complete contents.

Lot - 531

A collection of vintage mink furs including a mink collar and a mink wrap from Henry R. Haase Furrier of Richmond, Va. Please preview for condition as wrap needs some repair.

Lot - 664

Cache, size 4, buttery chocolate brown leather pants, fully lined. Paired with a cute button-up lace sheer top.  This lot includes two items.

Lot - 665

Vintage beautiful dusty, peachy pink kimono-style robe with blue, pink, white and grey flowers. Made in Japan, 100% polyester.

Lot - 667

Antique silk robe - 1940's.  Beautiful, almost not there fabric, gorgeous colors and print ... This is a very special piece.  Please preview for wear and condition.

Lot - 668

Vintage Asian lounge pajama set, made in China, ladies L. Tag says Plum Blossom, 67% polyester, 33% cotton. Please preview for condition. There is normal wear & tear expected from vintage clothing. Needs cleaning.

Lot - 669

Black buttery leather long pants.  Made by Moda International, the Christie fit. Size 6 and lined.  Paired with purple faux fur reversible vest by Guess. This lot includes two items.

Lot - 670

Faux fur jacket/coat, XL, in like new condition.

Lot - 671

Black rabbit fur jacket, has some wear near elbows in the sleeves.  Not too noticeable when wearing, blends well. Country of origin is Hong Kong. Also included is a fur from France. Comes with "Red or Dead" Mary Jane's in red…There's no place like home.

Lot - 672

Various vintage 70s & 80s ladies' lounge and sportswear clothing including a long sleeve green terry cloth romper with front zipper & waist tie belt, size small, and a white terry cloth robe, blue night gown with bright white piping by Plymouth, robe by Sears Best at Homewear, nightgown by Barbizon, plus others. Please preview for condition and contents. There is normal wear and tear expected from vintage clothing.

Lot - 673

A collection of vintage night gowns including a vintage 1950s nightgown Peignoir set/ Trillium Lingerie white nylon gown and robe/32-34 small.  Shadowline mint green gown, navy Vanity Fair nylon gown, Lilly of France red/orange night gown/lingerie. Multiple pieces in lot. Please preview for contents.

Lot - 674

Assortment lot of vintage ladies clothing to include Miss Pendleton, virgin wool, size 6 beautiful green, Thalhimer's Junior Miss Shop suit, jacket and skirt with green rhinestone buttons, antique pink top with lace, very cool vintage ladies top with smocking, Dean's The Sun Beater fox button up ladies blouse...made in British Hong Kong, white cotton eyelet dress, periwinkle/lavender two-piece suit with skirt by Prophecy. All pieces are vintage and have some wear and stains indicative of vintage clothing. Cleaning is recommended, and more.

Lot - 675

Vintage nurses apparel cape, handmade by Bricks - wool and monogrammed. This piece is beautiful, unique and in very nice condition but is due for a good dry cleaning.  Please preview for condition.  Included with the cape you will find a stethoscope. Is your heart pounding ... mine is?!

Lot - 676

Bin lot of ladies purses, bags, totes & magazine bags to include Stubb's & Wooton, made in Spain Bumblebee bag, Frankie & Johnnie, Nine West, J. Ferrari, B.O.C cross body, and more ... including leather, woven, tapestry and cross body.  Also included is a large blue plastic tote.

Lot - 677

Large collection of mostly vintage slips, half slips, camisoles, night gowns included are brands/ tags such as Vesarette, Vanity Fair, Dica, MG, Oscar de la Renta, JC Penney, Fruit of the loom, Victoria's Secret, and Warner.

Lot - 678

Detector scales, hamper, two Styrofoam wig heads, wicker ladies torso form. Heads are now inside hamper for storage.

Lot - 679

This large lot consists of mostly shoes, but there are a few surprises slipped in the lot for your enjoyment.  Brands to include Capezio, Brighton, Amanda, Evan-Picone, Maralo, Aqua Duck, Cole Hahn, Enzo Angiolini,  Frankie Sarto. Socks and pantyhose in original packaging, plastic shoe boxes, stainless steel shoe rack, wooden shoe rack and multiple plastic shoe boxes. Over 40 pairs of shoes, mostly size 6 and 7.

Lot - 680

Ladies clothing to include an evening gown, dress, skirt, tops, sweaters, Christmas sweaters, blouses and cardigans…a cute little festive lot. Brands to include Josephine Chaus, J. W. Treci, Mercer & Madison, J. G. Hook, Nicola, Harve Bernard, Nouveaux, Venus, Victoria Jones, Norton McNaughton, Casual Corner, Alexandre Bartlett, Evie, Thesis, Allison Taylor International 6-14 petite, mostly small to medium petite. Preview for sizing and contents. Over 20 items in this festive lot.

Lot - 681

Assortment of denim/ jean shorts, capris and long pants, Baccini, Classic Elements, Quality Jean Co, Chicos Platinum Denim, Gloria Vanderbilt, Lee, Charter Club and Jones New York.  Please preview for condition.

Lot - 682

You will love this grouping of vintage 70's wrap skirts including Katasha's Unusual, de Lanthe Originals and hand-made appliqued and hand-painted animals to include a mouse, foxes, teddy bear and a raccoon. It's a wrap with nine skirts in total.

Lot - 692

Three cast iron Griswold corn stick pans, two marked #262 with the largest marked #273.

Lot - 693

Three cast iron baking molds, including a Wagnerware muffin pan (circa 1867 per owner) and two cornbread stick pans, one with a handle.

Lot - 831

Contents of lady's closet including sweaters, blouses, pants, skirts, robes and more. Please preview for complete contents, sizes, etc.

Lot - 832

A large collection of women's clothing, many with dog or equestrian themes. Makers include Talbots, Cambridge, Bass, and more.

Lot - 833

A ladies' faux fur coat from Monterey Fashions.

Lot - 834

A large assortment of scarves and collars made of fur, faux fur, cashmere, and wool.

Lot - 835

A large collection of ladies' gloves including labels such as Isotoner and Ralph Lauren, and a lovely pair of Italian fur-lined leather gloves.

Lot - 836

An extensive assortment of ladies' sweaters and turtlenecks including labels such as Tally-Ho, Josephine Chaus, and Ann Taylor.

Lot - 837

An assortment of novelty themed sweaters including some Halloween, teddy bear, alligator, and clown designs. Some makers included are Evan-Picone, Carole Little, Mercer & Madison, and Embassy Row.

Lot - 838

A large collection of ladies' sweaters including cardigans, turtlenecks, pullovers, and vests, with labels such as Talbots, Liz Claiborne, and Gap.

Lot - 1241

A nine-piece collection of mini–cast iron pans with the largest 5 x 6 and the smallest a mere 3 x 4, one is decorated with an Indian head and another, a maid with her flowers. There is some rust of the iron, please preview for condition.

Lot - 1242

A wall-mounted wood and glass vitrine measuring 13 x 6 x 19H.

Lot - 1246

A. collection of six crocks and a rare black glass bottle with two 6" crocks with handles from H. A. Johnson & Co Homemade preserves from Boston, Mass., an 8" Tallamore dew crock A Blend of Rare old Irish Whisky of Dublin, Ireland, an 8" Kings Ransom Round the World Crock, "The Greyhound" two handled crock of Heather Dew Blended Scotch Whisky, an unmarked 5" yellow crock and Rare Black Glass English Onion bottle with applied lip 1690-1700-53/4" in the 17th century black glass demijohns were used to carry liquid overseas from Europe (Providence in inside). Please preview for contents.

Lot - 1247

A miscellaneous collection including Mr. and Mrs. Fox salt and pepper shakers, a Red Fox coffee mug from Sur LA Table, two tree gnome mugs and a tree gnome creamer John Barleycorn, two 4" Bear wine bottles and a brown 4" moo vow creamer, plus additional pottery piece's. Please preview for contents.

Lot - 1249

Two beautiful blue and beige pottery piece's including a 5" mug decorated with stags and a dog handle looking over the rim impressed BBP 1998 and a 5" pitcher impressed 30 XXX. There no visible chips/cracks.

Lot - 1251

A collection of three steins and a mini mug including three matching pieces in cream with a blue accent glaze and metal lids with the largest at 5" depicting a Roman head, a 4" with a girl toasting with a glass of wine and ivy, a 2" mini mug with leaf pattern and plain cream-colored stein with a metal lid with HOHBNSCHWAGEN and a castle on it.

Lot - 1252

A miscellaneous seven-piece collection including a 9" Flo Blue bowl Romando pattern T.H. Staffordshire, England, a 4" saucer with handled cup in Flo Blue by Davenport, 5" Flo Blue Salt and pepper shaker and a 5" blue and white sugar shaker by Blue Danube and a 4" Colonial man salter with a bowl hat in green tie and red coat marked Staffordshire Ware England. There is a small crack on the Colonial salter and rub in the glaze, please preview for condition.

Lot - 1254

Four piece's of Art depicting Red Foxes including a 12x15" matted and framed drawing of a Red Fox by Willa Frayser with artist information on the back, a 10x9" matted and framed drawing of a Mother Red Fox and her pups by Barbara Goss with artists information on the back, a 9x11" floral frame with an unmarked Red Fox Print and a 9x6" needle work of two Red Foxes given to Janet Hayes in 1985 providence is on the back.

Lot - 1255

An antique keepsake chest. Please see photograph that includes description and $340 valuation. AR program is from 2016. The box measures 10 x 6 x 7.

Lot - 1256

A solid wood Watch Gander Swan #156 by R. Haley, made in 2005 and measuring 14 x 6 x 17.

Lot - 1257

A collection of vintage and antique foot warmers. The largest measures 9 x 8 x 6.

Lot - 1258

A fireplace kindling box measuring 24 x 15 x 26.

Lot - 1259

An antique hanging candle box measuring 14 x 7 x 8 and a wrought iron Sticking Tommy (see pictures for full description).

Lot - 1260

A collection of wrought iron and brass fireplace cooking utensils including spoons, spatulas, slotted spoons, and a chestnut roaster. The largest measures 21L. Please preview for complete contents.

Lot - 1265

A large assortment of miniature portraits, mostly on porcelain, some hand-painted and some transferware, representing a wide range of ages.

Lot - 1266

A handmade wooden chess or checkerboard, a complete box of wooden Colonial Williamsburg Foundation checkers, and a metal magnetic traveling checker set.

Lot - 1267

A collection of vintage jars including a Weyman's 6H snuff jar, a Hood's sarsaparilla 4H jar, and a Rowe Pottery Works salt glaze jug measuring 5H.

Lot - 1268

A collection of three cast and wrought iron irons and two iron stands.

Lot - 1269

A collection of vintage items including a Roosevelt boot jack, a boot dryer, and three sock stretchers. The largest is from C.S.B. Co., Ltd., Walkerton, and measures 26L.

Lot - 1270

A pair of cast iron andirons with cast iron fox heads affixed to the front, measuring 14 x 30 x 23. Fireplace not included.

Lot - 1271

An Electralog fireplace measuring 17 x 12 x 22.

Lot - 1272

A vintage-to-antique cast iron kettle with stand. The kettle measures 11 x 7 and the stand measures 6 x 8.

Lot - 1273

An antique Dietz Union driving lamp with clear lens and red lens. Please preview for condition as clear glass is not fixed in place.

Lot - 1276

An antique Henderson foot warmer, patented 1912 and measuring 11H.

Lot - 1277

A vintage-to-antique stoneware handled jug, unmarked and measuring 7 x 12.

Lot - 1278

An antique Erven Lucas Bols Het Lootsje 3/4 liter stoneware handled bottle from Amsterdam, measuring 3 x 10.

Lot - 1279

An antique child's ladderback chair with split oak seat measuring 15 x 11 x 22.

Lot - 1281

A newer reproduction plant or candle stand measuring 15 x 28.

Lot - 1283

A vintage-to-antique pine writing table measuring 24 x 16 x 27.

Lot - 1284

A collection of vintage-to-antique items including a Payn & McNaughton cigar advertisement sign (used to hold a thermometer but the thermometer is gone), a Harrows of London cigar box, a Limoges style cigar-shaped box with a porcelain match inside, an El Producto Queen's cigar, a cigar box made into a cricket box, and a Balkan Sobranie Cigarettes box.

Lot - 1286

A large collection of pewter and china horse figurines. Most are unmarked but a couple are marked Hallmark and Goebel. Also included are two flocked West German figurines from Wagner Kunstlerschutz.

Lot - 1291

A number of blue and white tiles, a Biscotti jar, a chamberstick, and napkins in the package from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Lot - 1293

An assortment of wooden bowls, a wood matchstick holder for a wall with carved accents, and two wood trinket boxes with lids. Nice mix of different woods. The largest bowl measures 10" in Dia.

Lot - 1295

A vintage painted wood box bag with Lucite handles. The inside tag says Made in Hong Kong; however, the hand-painted exterior is personalized and signed PIXIE. It measures 10 x 3 x 7. The inside needs cleaning. This lot also includes a suede checkbook cover and eyeglass pouch. Please preview for a closer look.

Lot - 1296

A very vintage collection of framed prints including a 9 x 9 print of a toddler giving apples to a horse, signed Irene Patton, a family in a cabin on a farm measuring 11 x 6, and a print titled The Sheet Pasture c. 1906, unsigned and measuring 18 x 8. Please preview for condition.

Lot - 1297

An antique (?) oak table with turned legs and carved accents on all four sides of the apron. There are some cracks due to age but it is still sturdy. It measures 18 x 11 x 18. Also included is a 19 x 14 oval wooden tray with woven edge and handles. It needs cleaning. Please preview for condition.

Lot - 1298

A scrapbook containing postcards. Many are animal-themed, Christmas, Valentines, and more. Nearly all are very vintage. We did not look for postmarks on the backs as the pages are very fragile. Please preview for a better look.

Lot - 1301

A pair of personalized Virginia Metalcrafters Palace saucer back sconces, sheet steel with antique tin finish and measuring 10 x 6 x 11. Also included is a pewter candleholder with wood block and spiral timer, a tin box candle lantern, and an electric pierced tin lantern with in-cord switch measuring 9H. Could use a dust!

Lot - 1305

A large number of Ashland, Virginia, items including two crocks, The Ashland Tycoon Game (based on Monopoly), a framed print of the Ashland Train Station, a book titled Ashland, Ashland, by Rosanne Groat Shalf, matchboxes and matchbooks, notecards, and more.

Lot - 1325

A collection of vintage and antique pottery items including a Bowman Dairy Co. Pure Cream Butter crock, an antique ginger jar, and an unmarked crock. The largest measures 6 x 5.

Lot - 1326

A collection of antique children's books including first editions. Included are More Old-Fashioned Poems for Christmas, Christmas at Dingley Dell by William Edgar (1926), Colonel Carter's Christmas by F. Hopkinson Smith with original dust jacket (1908), Ways of Wood Folk by William J. Long (1899), Reynard the Fox by E. Louise Smythe, The Story of Virginia, The Story of Dr. Dolittle by Hugh Lofting, and more. Please preview for expected condition.

Lot - 1328

An antique maple ladderback armchair with rush seat and in beautiful condition, measuring 23 x 18 x 40.

Lot - 1502

An antique oak extension table measuring 42 inches round. There is also a 15 leaf.

Lot - 1505

Three shelves of collectibles including a Virginia Dairy milk bottles, salt glaze pot, vintage syrup bottle, a green glass Mr. Peanut bottle, Tickler Bourbon Whiskey bottle, an amber liquor bottle, Bromo Seltzer Emersion Drug Company bottle, Underwood's Inks cobalt bottle, Ball Perfect Mason jar, Czechoslovakian Kitchen Staples jars, James Keiller and Sons Dundee Marmalade crock, blue and white glass jar with three corn cob pipes, Beams Choice Fox bottle, a primitive handmade rake, and more. Please preview for condition and contents.

Lot - 1508

A maple writing desk with one drawer, dove-tail construction, measuring 36 x 20 x 30, and a drawer track repair kit still in original packaging.

Lot - 1537

A collection of display items including two 42-inch decorative brass plate hangers, a bag full of wooden display stands, small, medium, and large plate hangers, and plastic display stands. Please preview for contents and condition.

Lot - 1538

A 6.5 foot pre-lit with clear lights Walden tree, item #0231013, with on/off foot pedal including original packaging, paperwork and in operational condition.

Lot - 1539

A Texaco Fire Chief fire engine with original box, an actual scale model made of heavy steel with a real siren and bell, real water deluge gun, and real extension ladder and hose. Please preview for condition.

Lot - 1540

A model R 8321 Lionel Electric train in original box and with original paperwork, paperwork from May of 1966 includes control, engine, coal car, caboose, three industrial transportation cars, has forward and reverse locomotive with light. Please preview for working condition.

Lot - 1557

Eighteen incredible pieces of pottery including a Turks head mold for baking bread, Black Manganese Splashed Redware C. 1850-1880, a 5-inch mug molded in Rockingham glazed Yellowware c. 1910-1930, a 10-inch bowl of molded Rockingham glazed Yellowware c.1860-1890, there are six of various sizes, four cups of Johnson ware and other additional pieces. Please preview for contents.

Lot - 1558

Two shelves containing a collection of fourteen Mason Ball jars, a green kerosene lantern, four enamelware coffee/teapots (one with a percolator), and other amazing miscellaneous pieces. Please preview for contents.

Lot - 1559

Three shelves containing red enamel ware, blue enamel ware, an American Craft doorbell in original packaging, two glass boot vases, a large salter in blue and white ceramic, a terrarium, and a Tom Tucker twelve bottle case. Please preview for contents.

Lot - 1560

A 33 x 18 x 20 wooden storage chest lined with cedar, with painted black lid and wainscot sides. It contains two white throw rugs, a crocheted baby blanket, and several vintage pillow cases. Please preview for contents.

Lot - 1561

A early 1900s milk glass lamp with a brass base measuring 10 x 20; the lamp is in working condition. There is a large repaired break in the glass lampshade. Please preview for condition.

Lot - 1562

A metal end table base for glass top. The glass top pictured is not included.

Lot - 1563

A 22 x 16 x 47 press board curio cabinet with adjustable shelves and wheels containing the following: a chocolate fund piggy bank, a King Syrup can, a Three Crow brand coffee can, a Coca Cola tin, Velvet Pipe and Cigarette Tobacco tin, a Walkers Shortbread tin, a Prince Albert Crimp Cut Cigarette Tobacco tin, Perry's Peanuts tin, Winston Cigarette tin, Fox Deluxe Beer can, Colonial Red Label Molasses tin, two packages of Red Fox chewing tobacco, box of Bull Dog Jar Rubbers, a Ms. Smith's Mellow-Rich pie tin, Lactopeptin Physicians Samples, and so many more. Please preview for contents.

Lot - 1703

Vintage pedal car.

Lot - 1704

John Deer themed toy trailer.

Lot - 1705

Genuine Boy Scout tin first aid kit with belt clip, includes contents and original manual, circa 1932.

Lot - 1706

Various wooden boxes including several cigar and cheese boxes.

Lot - 1707

Various cast iron pieces, some with branding.

Lot - 1708

Various hitch components.

Lot - 1709

Mid-19th century wood cookstove by Excelsior Stove Works, Isaac Sheppard and Co. Please be aware that this is quite large and very heavy.

Lot - 1710

A number of wooden Coca Cola crates and a large metal sign measuring 18 x 54.

Lot - 1711

Various signs, figures, outdoor decor to include a large triangle instrument.

Lot - 1712

Various wooden crates with branding.

Lot - 1713

Various vintage tools to include an ice pick, log puller, and two draw knives.

Lot - 1714

Various signs, figures, outdoor decor to including vintage lanterns.

Lot - 1715

Two brass door knockers.

Lot - 1716

Various signs, figures, outdoor decor to including a wagon wheel and a small millwheel.

Lot - 1759

Nautical style decorative items including a miniature wooden pulley and two decorative glass balls in macrame

Lot - 1760

A lobster mold and two vintage-to-antique mandolins.

Lot - 1761

A collection of decorative fox collectors' plates, some with certificates.

Lot - 1762

A Schuco Yes/No bellhop monkey, 12” circa mid 1920s.

Lot - 1763

A Fisher Price pull toy featuring unicorns pulling a cart, circa 1962, unit has some damage.

Lot - 1764

A vintage stuffed Mickey Mouse, official Walt Disney Productions, made by California stuffed toys, mid-century.

Lot - 1765

Two handmade plaid stuffed bears, one with its Good Bears of the World tag.

Lot - 1766

A cast iron doorstop of a Scottie dog measuring 7 x 7H.

Lot - 1767

A circa 1930 cast iron London Royal Mail N.17 stagecoach doorstop, with original paint and measuring 7 x 7H.

Lot - 1768

A collection of vintage musical toys including whistles, noisemakers, and a tambourine.

Lot - 1769

A vintage tin toy train carrying a stuffed monkey.

Lot - 1770

A collection of Walt Disney Winnie the Pooh Christmas ornaments, some by Hallmark, and a Midwest enamel trinket box. All are in a vintage Charles Bakerji tin from Holland.

Lot - 1771

An early reproduction jack-in-the-box and musical toy.

Lot - 1772

A vintage Hermann Original Teddy bear, made in West Germany, with his original tags and his own wooden chair. The bear stands 17H and the chair measures 10 x 10 x 22H.

Lot - 1773

Assorted vintage musical toys to include two drums and a trumpet.

Lot - 1774

A collection of three Merrythought Ironbridge Shrops mohair teddy bears, all made in England, with the tallest measuring 17 inches. One of them bears a Walt Disney World First Annual Teddy Bear Convention enamel pin.

Lot - 1775

Two teddy bears, the tallest of which is a Gund Bialoski & Friends bear standing 19 inches high. The second bear is an authentic Vermont handmade teddy bear.

Lot - 1777

A vintage Cornelius VanderBear from the North American Bear Co., Inc., standing 22 inches tall, with his original tags and a vintage Byrd U.S. Senate button.

Lot - 1778

Two bears, the tallest of which measures 22 inches, wears a lace collar and a vintage toy watch, is signed, and appears to be a Limited Edition #204/1000. The second bear is a Boyds original mohair bear named Wilbur Bearington, with its original tag.

Lot - 1779

A teddy bear wearing a blue willow kimono with a Blue Pagoda Tea tag and standing 8 inches high with a stand.

Lot - 1780

Two teddy bears, the tallest of which measures 20 inches bearing no label but with a vintage An Original Shirley Temple Doll button, a vintage child's toy watch, dress, teddy bear brooch, and beaded necklace. Also included is a circa 1930 Norwich, Conn., American mohair teddy bear standing 9 1/2 inches high.

Lot - 1781

A collection of decorative items to include an oval porcelain plaque depicting a hunt scene, marked Czechoslovakia and measuring 5 x 4 inches, a framed George Stubbs print measuring 7 x 5 inches and titled Mares & Foals in a Landscape, a framed print with an illegible signature measuring 4 x 6 inches, a framed print of Hanover Tavern measuring 8 x 6 inches, and a Breyer horse with rider measuring 15 x 10 inches overall.

Lot - 1782

A framed vintage painting of a bucolic scene featuring sheep and measuring 22 x 16H.

Lot - 1783

A wonderful framed hunt scene measuring 29 x 22H.

Lot - 1784

A large lot of Chesapeake & Ohio or Chessie souvenir items including a 10-inch Dia. plate, a 7-inch Dia. bowl, two decks of playing cards, and a book titled Yonder Comes The Train.

Lot - 1785

A framed painting of Fork Episcopal Church. This church is located at the fork of the North and South Anna Rivers and was erected in 1735. It is signed by the artist and measures 16 x 13H. Also included is a framed painting of a white church, untitled and unsigned and measuring 14 x 11H.

Lot - 1786

Artist-created dolls depicting her signature subjects. This is a family of fabric dolls with the father standing 25H, the mother standing 24H, and the children standing 11H. Also included is a Bombay Company bench measuring 18 x 6 x 14H and two wooden chairs measuring 6 x 6 x 12H.

Lot - 1787

A large assortment of dollhouse miniatures including a chair, table, spinning wheel, lamps, candlesticks, a hutch, baskets, crockery, flatware, and more. The hutch measures 15 x 5 x 15H.

Lot - 1788

A 1957 Unabridged Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary of the English Language, printed by the Standard Reference Works Publishing Company, Inc. of New York. This is quite large and very heavy.

Lot - 1789

A hand-crafted wooden bookcase, painted white and measuring 17 x 10 x 35H. Matches Lots 1793 and 1799.

Lot - 1790

A Golliwogg's 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Dutch Doll by Eric Horne for the Rare Bear. She is hand-crafted from beechwood in England and is a faithful reproduction of Florence Upton's Dutch dolls. The doll's dress was made by Debbie Curtis. She is wearing a 100th Anniversary pin and is sitting on a wooden chair with a hemp seat.

Lot - 1791

A vintage to antique Buster Brown five-piece children's or doll's tea set, a Buster Brown and his sister Mary Jane four-piece doll or child's tea set marked B S Austria, and a four-piece Brambly Hedge tea service by Royal Doulton.

Lot - 1792

A number of Akro agate stacked disc and panel pieces and a swan-shaped child's teapot made in Czechoslovakia. These are all adorable pieces scaled for children's play.

Lot - 1793

A hand-crafted wooden bookcase, painted white and measuring 17 x 10 x 35H. Matches Lots 1789 and 1799.

Lot - 1794

A vintage 1937 Walt Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarves child's or doll's tea set, made in Japan and marked W. Dent. on the bottom. Also included are miniature chick-shaped shakers made in Japan, a miniature celadon canister set made in Japan, and more.

Lot - 1795

A vintage Ohio Arts tin litho tea set.

Lot - 1796

A collection of tin litho Blue Willow children's or doll's tea set items from Wolverine.

Lot - 1797

A collection of vintage Walt Disney china miniatures, some made by Louis Marx & Co., some Ohio Art tin litho cups and saucers featuring characters from Pinocchio, and more.

Lot - 1798

A folding wooden snack table measuring 15 x 26 when closed.

Lot - 1799

A hand-crafted wooden bookcase, painted white and measuring 17 x 10 x 35H. Matches Lots 1789 and 1793.

Lot - 1800

Two high chairs suitable for dolls. One is wooden and measures 12 x 10 x 29H and the other is a metal chair from Amsco measuring 10 x 10 x 25H.

Lot - 1801

A number of Christmas ornaments including a Colonial Williamsburg miniature plate, three hand-painted Russian wooden ornaments, a Steinbach wooden nurse ornament, a Hallmark ornament from Sarah, Plain and Tal, a circa 1986 Nursery Rhymes plate from W & Co Hanley, and more. All of these treasures come with a wooden wall shelf measuring 31 x 6 x 6H.

Lot - 1804

A collection of framed and unframed artwork, the largest of which measures 20 x 37H.

Lot - 1805

A large assortment of doll-scale dishes including milk glass, Nippon, and more.

Lot - 1806

A number of Walt Disney Winnie-the-Pooh porcelain and china items including a Beswick Winnie-the-Pooh figurine and a Beswick Piglet figurine, a Cardew teapot, a Midwest miniature tea set, and more.

Lot - 1807

A number of miniature teacups and saucers as well as two sets of individual salt and pepper shakers with sterling silver tops.

Lot - 1808

A large number of miniature Toby mugs from Royal Doulton and Artone. Some characters featured are David Copperfield, John Peel, Arry, and Sairey Gamp.

Lot - 1809

A collection of decanters including a figural Crème de Menthe decanter from Drioli Italy, a figural Canoe decanter from Dana, a figural glass Washington bottle, and a number of miniature Toby mugs made in Japan and Occupied Japan.

Lot - 1810

A pair of bronze horsehead bookends and a collection of small decorative vintage and antique books. Titles included are The Ancient Mariner, A Child's Garden of Verses, The Lord of the Isles, The Little Pilgrim, a Midsummer Night's Dream, and more. The oldest book is dated 1840.

Lot - 1811

A collection of handmade teddy bears, one bearing the craftsman's label Debbie Smith Spears and two wooden rocking chairs. The tallest bear measures 21H and the largest rocker measures 6 x 8 x 12H.

Lot - 1812

A collection of bears including a hand-crafted bear by Joy McClenaghan, a Raikes Bears Robert Raikes Original, a bear with a wooden face, a Robert Raikes wooden high chair in scale, and an unmarked wooden rocking chair. The tallest measures 13H.

Lot - 1813

Five framed and matted pastels signed and dated by the artist Dare J. Boles. Included are Christmas '85, '86, and '87. The largest measures 6 x 8H.

Lot - 1814

A hand-painted wooden Matryoshka or nesting doll in a pig form (Three Little Pigs?) and a vintage Shmoo celluloid nesting doll.

Lot - 1815

A collection of sixteen books on pricing and collecting. Included subjects are postcards, teddy bears, paper dolls, Steiff, Winnie-the-Pooh, and more.

Lot - 1816

Six vintage tin litho toys and one reproduction tin litho toy with its box from Schylling.

Lot - 1817

A hand-crafted wooden (walnut?) footstool measuring 14 x 8 x 6H.

Lot - 1818

A silver-plated four-piece coffee and tea service by Wm. Rogers & Son in the Spring Flower pattern. Also included is a Poole Silver silver-plated coffee pot. The tallest piece measures 11H.

Lot - 1819

A collection of tins, most of which are fairly recent although some are vintage.

Lot - 1820

Two cap pistols, one of which is marked Hubley while the other is marked Presto.

Lot - 1821

An R. Dakin 10-inch bear and a vintage The Gong Bell Mfg. Co. pull-behind litho toy measuring 7 x 7 x 9H.

Lot - 1822

Two hand-painted round wooden boxes with matches from various restaurants, some of which are no longer in business.

Lot - 1823

Three quilts including a 29 x 40 bear quilt, a 30 x 30 log cabin quilt, and a 16 x 14 red gingham quilt.

Lot - 1824

Two metal pails, a vintage toy wheelbarrow, and five vintage metal shovels (one by Ohio Arts and featuring the artwork from Little Toot Tugboat).

Lot - 1825

A collection of five teddy bears, the tallest of which is 20H and wearing a vintage child's toy watch and a St. Mary's Hospital button. One bear was made by Violet and another was made by R. Dakin & Co.

Lot - 1826

A collection of six yo-yos. Included are a vintage wooden Yo-Yo, a vintage wooden Whirl-King Top, a plastic Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo, a tin litho Smithsonian Yo-Yo, a vintage tin litho Schackman Yo-Yo, and a vintage tin litho Santa Yo-Yo made in Hong Kong.

Lot - 1827

A vintage Schuco bear made in West Germany, standing 12H, wearing a teddy bear button and featuring his own red wooden chair measuring 6 x 7 x 14H.

Lot - 1828

A Johanna Haida mohair bear named Pauli, made in Germany, and measuring 11H. Also included is a lovely tulip-themed Windsor chair measuring 8 x 8 x 16H. Pauli is also sporting a lace collar and cool John Lennon glasses.

Lot - 1829

A vintage bear with a bib, standing 18H, with his rocking chair measuring 8 x 9 x 14H.

Lot - 1830

A vintage Joy McClenaghan hand-crafted bear dated 1993 with its Good Bears of the World button, cool specs, and a red wooden chair. This bear measures 13H and the chair measures 6 x 5 x 12H.

Lot - 1831

A cottage-made bookcase measuring 29 x 12 x 39H.

Lot - 1832

A collection of assorted bears, the tallest of which is 15H, including the Snuggle Bear with his original tags attached, a blue Crayola bear, and a Shoney's bear. All are nestled in their painted red wooden chair measuring 9 x 9 x 19H.

Lot - 1833

A Pleasant Company bear wearing an American Girl outfit, sitting on a vintage white painted wicker rocking chair. The bear measures 16H and the chair measures 9 x 15 x 12H.

Lot - 1834

A small oak chair measuring 15 x 11 x 24H and a vintage ottoman measuring 15 x 10 x 9H. Please preview the rush seat of the ottoman (pictured).

Lot - 1835

An antique two-drawer spool cabinet that has been fitted to hold flatware. This cabinet measures 22 x 15 x 8H and is currently companioned with Lot #1836.

Lot - 1836

A two-drawer spool cabinet on a stand measuring 22 x 15 x 29H. This cabinet is currently companioned with Lot #1835.

Lot - 1837

A set of three matching hand-crafted chairs, initialed and dated 1989, the largest of which measures 5 x 4 x 14H. These chairs were used to display teddy bears but could be suitable for many other decorative purposes.

Lot - 1838

A wide array of collectible items including a vintage wooden Scottie dog doorstop, a stained glass fox suncatcher, an N & W matchbox, a cast iron goat, magnifying glasses, vintage flower pot Chinese landscaping items, umbilical tape, an Imperials pocket knife, and so much more.

Lot - 1839

An Edwardian-era cloche on a wooden base measuring 12 in Dia. x 9H.

Lot - 1840

A collection of Walt Disney items including a vintage porcelain music box from Robin Hood playing It's a Small World, a vintage tin from Snow White, two wine glasses featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse, a vintage porcelain Pluto figure, a Mickey Mouse Club button, and more.

Lot - 1841

A collection of small decorative antique and vintage books. Some titles included are Grandfather's Chair, The Clans and Tartans of Scotland, Lorna Doone, Mother Goose, Lucy's Wonderful Globe, Jack, and more. The oldest book in this collection is dated 1840.

Lot - 1842

An antique glass door bookcase measuring 26 x 11 x 56H and with the original key.

Lot - 1843

A large number of vintage to antique children's or doll tea sets. Some items are from Shelley England. Included is a large matched set R S Prussia, a great Liverpool tea set, and more.

Lot - 1844

An antique oak shaving stand measuring 13 x 10 x 48H. Companions well with mirror in Lot #1845.

Lot - 1845

An oak framed oval mirror measuring 12 x 14H and a framed and matted print of Castle Howard measuring 11 x 9H. The mirror companions well with Lot #1844.

Lot - 1846

Two framed items from Good Bears of the World. The largest measures 17 x 21H. Please preview for condition.

Lot - 1847

A cast iron doorstop in the shape of a teddy bear (surprise!) measuring 7 x 8H.

Lot - 1848

Two cast iron doorstops in the shape of dogs. The largest measures 7 x 7H and the smallest measures 6 x 4H.

Lot - 1849

Five wooden figural egg cups, made in Japan.

Lot - 1850

A framed print by Ray Harm titled Red Fox and measuring 20 x 25H.

Lot - 1851

A framed Tasha Tudor Limited Edition print, numbered 108/500 and measuring 21 x 18H.

Lot - 1852

A wooden smoker in the shape of a clown and a wooden nutcracker in the shape of an elephant. The tallest measures 12H. Included in this lot is a wall shelf measuring 12 x 8 x 10H. The elephant's "hat" needs to be reglued.

Lot - 1853

A vintage toy grand piano with a songbook, a candelabra, and a number of toy cameras. The piano measures 12 x 10 x 7H.

Lot - 1854

A large collection of vintage to antique miniature oil lamps with the largest measuring 5 x 9H.

Lot - 1855

An antique child's coffee set marked 00.

Lot - 1856

A cast iron toy train featuring an engine, a PRR (Pennsylvania Railroad) coal car, two Washington 44 passenger cars, and an additional 44 passenger car with observation deck.

Lot - 1857

A collection of dollhouse scale Blue Willow china with some pieces being Burleigh Ware, one piece of Limoges USA, and more.

Lot - 1858

Two brass trinket boxes, one shaped like a frog and one shaped like a turtle, a brass figural ashtray, a vintage Zierzinn miniature oil lamp, and a Bradley Mickey Mouse pocket watch.

Lot - 1859

A rustic glass front cabinet with two doors over one drawer and measuring 36 x 16 x 54H.

Lot - 1860

A vintage hand-crafted display wall shelf measuring 31 x 5 x 17H.

Lot - 1861

A vintage hand-crafted bench measuring 54 x 11 x 18H.

Lot - 1862

A folding bookcase measuring 28 x 12 x 38H when opened.

Lot - 1863

A vintage suitcase measuring 22 x 8 x 14H and with a number of tablecloths, table toppers, tea towels, and more.

Lot - 1864

A collection of four Good Bears of the World, including the Silver Anniversary Bear commemorating 25 years from 1969-1994 with his Certificate of Authenticity. All bears include their original tags.

Lot - 1865

A collection of vintage Walt Disney Mickey Mouse including figures, a cup, a Hallmark ornament, and more. These are of various ages, some having been made in Hong Kong and Japan.

Lot - 1866

A collection of three Panda bears including a Grisly mohair bear made in Germany in 1984 and standing 11H, a handmade Boyd's Collection bear standing 8H, and a very fun vintage bear standing 10 1/2H.

Lot - 1867

A collection of baskets of various shapes and sizes with the largest measuring 22 x 16 x 15H.

Lot - 1868

A matching armchair and ottoman suitable for a doll or a teddy bear. The chair measures 9 x 8 x 11H and the ottoman measures 7 x 7 x 5H.

Lot - 1869

A hand-crafted bench with a raven stencil and measuring 24 x 12 x 19H. Companioned with an occasional table measuring 13 x 9 x 23H.

Lot - 1870

Four pieces of doll or teddy bear scale furniture including a high chair, a side chair, and two stools. The largest piece measures 10 x 10 x 20H.

Lot - 1871

A vintage to antique gold painted framed mirror measuring 24 x 28H.

Lot - 1872

A collection of books in a bookcase. Included is a boxed set of Beatrix Potter, a number of vintage boxed Winnie-the-Poohs, a number of Dr. Seuss books, and many more. The bookcase measures 30 x 11 x 40H.

Lot - 1873

Two shelves of vintage children's books including Misty of Chincoteague, The Jungle Book, The Pooh Story Book, The Story About Ping, Ferdinand and the Bullies, and more. Most noteworthy is an 1890 edition of St. Nicholas.

Lot - 1874

A wide array of vintage Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy toys, books, and collectibles, including some tin litho dishes from J. Gruelle Co. 1959, some melamine dishes from Macmillan Inc., a planter, glasses from Bobbs-Merrill Co. 1972, picture disc records, books, a doll, and more.

Lot - 1875

What a collection of art! Included are an equestrian miniature measuring 3 x 2H, a harvest miniature measuring 4 x 4, a small cabin measuring 4 x 7H, a larger cabin measuring 18 x 14H, a mill measuring 17 x 13H, a mirror with an embroidered frame measuring 16 x 18H, and a Sudberry House mirror designed to showcase your needlework (unused) measuring 11 x 21H.

Lot - 1876

Four vintage lunchboxes including a Battle Kit from King-Seeley, a Walt Disney lunchbox, a hand-painted lunchbox from American Thermos Bottle USA, and a Holly Hobbie lunchbox from Aladdin Industries Incorporated. Also included in this lot is a miniature Holly Hobbie porcelain cup and saucer.

Lot - 1877

A group of Raggedy Ann and Andy collectibles including books, bookends, miniatures, a music box, dolls, a Gabriel play iron, dishes from Bobbs-Merrill and from Taylor Smith & Taylor, unused gift wrap, blocks, and a wastebasket measuring 13H.

Lot - 1878

A white painted and hand-crafted bookshelf measuring 17 x 10 x 35H.

Lot - 1879

A large assortment of late 18th and early 19th century children's or doll blue and white china items. Some of the makers included are Royal Bayreuth, Floraine, and Duchcov.

Lot - 1880

A collection of blue and white children's or dollhouse china including items made by Arabia, Finland, Royal Copenhagen Denmark, Meissen, J.W. Co. Belgium, Franciscan, John Maddock & Sons, LTD, and more.

Lot - 1881

A glass door curio with a mirrored back and two adjustable glass shelves, measuring 22 x 12 x 40H. This is on the second floor.

Lot - 1882

A large collection of vintage Walt Disney Marx Disneykins figures from the Circus Playset. I know this because I had it! Santa dropped it on the front porch in the snow that year! Please preview for complete contents and condition as these are 50+ years old toys.

Lot - 1883

A collection of vintage Hanna-Barbera Marx Tinykins. Please preview for complete contents and condition as these are children's toys.

Lot - 1884

A wide array of miniature figures. Materials used include porcelain, china, wood, metal, plastic, soapstone, and more. Please preview for complete contents.

Lot - 1885

A collection of mainly dog figurines, many vintage.

Lot - 1886

An assortment of small stuffed animals including seven Steiff pieces, one Burgt fish, and one Aurora hedgehog. The Steiff animals include an owl, mice, a turkey, and more.

Lot - 1887

A collection of vintage children's books to include many Uncle Wiggily titles, Rupert, Zippy, and more. Also included is a hand-crafted rabbit book rack measuring 18 x 8 x 10H.

Lot - 1888

A large collection of vintage Little Golden Books, all gathered together in this handsome bookcase. Titles include Captain Kangaroo, Mother Goose, Huckleberry Hound, The Little Red Hen, Quick Draw McGraw, Hokey Wolf and Ding-a-Ling, The Little Engine That Could, Let's Play Nurse and Doctor, Tommy Visits the Doctor, and more.

Lot - 1889

A large collection of vintage children's books including many Little Golden Books like The Velveteen Rabbit, Noah's Ark, The Country Mouse and the City Mouse, and Gene Autry. Other books included are a collection of Teddy Ruxpin books, Little Women, and more.

Lot - 1890

A collection of vintage children's books including a number of Walt Disney Little Golden Books. Some of the titles include Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Bambi, Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Alice in Wonderland, Pooh, Uncle Remus, Dumbo, Johnny Appleseed, and more. In addition to these, also included is an 1896 First Edition of Beautiful Joe.

Lot - 1891

Two vintage suitcases, a child's carrying case, and a Singer metal lunch box. The largest suitcase measures 21 x 14 x 7H.

Lot - 1892

A collection of three Steiff mohair rabbits including Yello, Niki, and Manni. Manni is a Collector's Edition from 1983. All three have their original tags still attached.

Lot - 1893

An assortment of vintage to antique lead figures including farm animals, people, and trees. Also included is a hand-crafted wooden house.

Lot - 1894

An antique suitcase filled with vintage dolls' clothes. Included in this lot are doll Stetson hats in their boxes, vintage Barbie nurses' uniforms, Ken clothes, and more.

Lot - 1895

A hand-crafted wooden Dutch doll measuring 11H and sitting on her chair which measures 8H.

Lot - 1896

A miscellaneous collection of patches, coin purses, hatpins, buttons, and old jewelry giftboxes from Terrell Bros. and Schwarzschild Brothers.

Lot - 1897

A large array of ladies' sunglasses with cases and a vintage Red Riding Hood case with no glasses.

Lot - 1898

Two crumbers. One set is marbleized celluloid and the other set appears to have been hand-crafted of wood in Danville, VA, in 1936.

Lot - 1899

A collection of military hats, buttons, pins, metals, belts, spats, and more.

Lot - 1900

A reproduction Barrister's bookcase. Please preview for condition of the bottom as pictured. Overall the piece measures 29 x 13 x 53H.

Lot - 1901

A wide array of dress-up clothing items suitable for dolls or bears, all gathered together in a box measuring 30 x 16 x 6H.

Lot - 1902

A collection of vintage wind-up toys featuring a number of bears and a dog.

Lot - 1903

A collection of vintage children's books. Some titles include The Flintstones, Pixie and Dixie, Cinderella, Popeye, Wally Gator, The Jolly Jingle Book, Mother Goose, Noah's Ark, and more.

Lot - 1904

An antique Independent Order of Odd Fellows ceremonial sword marked Wachusett Encampment No. 10 with its matching scabbard. Overall the sword measures 36 inches.

Lot - 1905

An antique Odd Fellows Patriarchs Militant ceremonial sword in its matching scabbard. Both the sword and scabbard are marked Pax Aut Bellum which stands for peace or war. Overall the sword measures 37 inches.

Lot - 1906

An antique Odd Fellows Patriarchs Militant ceremonial sword in its matching scabbard. Both the sword and scabbard are marked Pax Aut Bellum which stands for peace or war. Overall the sword measures 34 inches.

Lot - 1907

A wall-mounted display rack with drawer and measuring 26 x 5 x 30H.

Lot - 1908

A framed oil on canvas of an equestrian scene measuring 31 x 25H, signed and dated by the artist Maria Reardon '93.

Lot - 1909

A framed equestrian print measuring 22 x 26H.

Lot - 1910

A matted and framed equestrian print measuring 30 x 22H.

Lot - 1911

Two ladies' hats and a gentleman's cap.

Lot - 1912

A collection of circa 1964 G.I. Joe costumes, accessories, and an original figure. Very cool.

Lot - 1913

A vintage hand-crafted bookcase measuring 36 x 10 x 38H.

Lot - 1914

A vintage steel shelving unit measuring 30 x 10 x 36H.

Lot - 1915

A hand-crafted painted table measuring 23 x 9 x 30H.

Lot - 1916

Period Walt Disney Productions china figurines of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Lot - 1917

A period Walt Disney Productions Dopey mug, a 1960 Walt Disney porcelain Snow White figurine, a vintage Goebel Walt Disney rabbit, a porcelain Flower and a porcelain Thumper both from Bambi, and six vintage plastic Disney toys.

Lot - 1918

A Reuge Swiss music box made in England of the Old Curiosity Shoppe and a signed hand-crafted model of a house. The largest measures 7 x 5 x 6H.

Lot - 1919

All gathered together in a vintage wooden cradle for you, this is a collection of dolls, rattles, and other toys. The cradle measures 21 x 19 x 15H.

Lot - 1920

A basket of Smokey the Bear toys including some vintage pins and several plush toys. The basket measures 20 x 10 x 8H.

Lot - 1921

A large collection of Holly Hobbie dolls featuring Holly, Amy, Carrie, Heather, Grandma Hobbie, and more. Also included are two fabric calendars from the American Greetings Corp. from 1974 and 1975. The largest doll measures 24H.

Lot - 1922

A number of Walt Disney Entertainment Ferdinand the Bull items. The star of this is probably the 1938 wind-up toy from MAR Toys but it could just as easily be the Seiberling latex figure or the Ideal Novelty & Toy Co. Take your pick! The largest item measures 5 x 10 x 9H.

Lot - 1923

Two Walt Disney Company plush Piglets, a hand-crafted cross-stitched pillow depicting Winnie the Pooh, an Eeyore plush toy from Sears, a Mattel Music Maker Winnie the Pooh guitar, and a Winnie the Pooh hat box carrying case.

Lot - 1924

A number of doll's or children's teacups and saucers, along with a bowl and pitcher set, which appear to have all been made in Japan.

Lot - 1925

A collection of four sewn bears and a dog, gathered together in this basket for you. The basket measures 15 x 15H.

Lot - 1926

Two Merrythought golliwogs, the tallest of which stands 12H, has all of his tags attached and is signed.

Lot - 1927

A circa 1910 cast iron bank from John Harper & Company, LTD. with much of its original paint and standing 6H.

Lot - 1928

A collection of enameled golliwog pins. Two are very vintage with C clasps. One is marked R.E.V. Gomm Frederickst and the second is marked Marples Beasley on the back and is a Golden Shred advertising piece. Four are Robertson's Golly brooches. Also included is the Robertson's Golly Offers brochure and order form.

Lot - 1929

A collection of stuffed bears including Yogi and Boo Boo, a Jordache Country bear, a 1982 Knoxville World's Fair bear, a Dakin koala bear, a Disneyland/Walt Disney World Baloo bear from the Jungle Book, a Fisher Price Cuddly Cub #719 bear, and more.

Lot - 1930

A vintage Barnham & Bailey circus poster mounted on foam core and measuring 24 x 34H.

Lot - 1931

A vintage to antique cedar chest measuring 37 x 19 x 19H. Repairs have been made over the years. Please preview for condition.

Lot - 1932

A number of vintage monkey-themed toys from the 1950s and 1960s including a Rushton monkey, a Steiff Jocko with original tags, a Kamar monkey, a Herman Pecker & Co. monkey, and more. Also included is a wooden chair. The Herman Pecker stands 17H and the Steiff stands 5 1/2H.

Lot - 1933

A bunny dining vignette. Included in this charming arrangement is a table measuring 16 x 10 x 12H, Tally Ho! chair measuring 8 x 7 x 16H, a blue Windsor chair measuring 10 x 6 x 16H, two vintage mohair bunnies with no tags each standing 12H, Campbell's Soup tin plates measuring 3 1/2 in Dia., a Hickory Dickory Dock percolator measuring 5H, assorted flatware, a lemonade set, napkins, and more.

Lot - 1934

A room set of dollhouse miniatures including a fireplace measuring 6 x 4H, two wing chairs, a pair of Strombecker side chairs, books, a hat box, a carpet, and more.

Lot - 1935

Two Madame Alexander dolls from Gone with the Wind. Prissy has her original tag and Scarlett is wearing the barbecue gown. Also included are three Second Annual Tidewater Doll & Bear Show cards, one of which is signed Butterfly McQueen. In addition there is a book titled Favorite Scenes from Gone with the Wind signed by the author Herb Bridges.

Lot - 1936

A wide array of vintage Easter-themed items including papier mache eggs, a tin litho egg by J. Chein & Co., chicks, bunnies, eggcups, and more. The largest item is the tin egg that measures 6H.

Lot - 1937

A set of five Madame Alexander dolls depicting characters from the novel Little Women. The characters are Amy, Beth, Jo, Marme, and Meg. These are part of the Alexander-Kins collection and stand 8H.

Lot - 1938

A number of Little Lulu items including dolls, paper dolls, a book, and a comic book. In this collection also are a number of Raggedy Ann and Andy items including paper dolls, puppets, McCall's patterns, a book, a puzzle, and more.

Lot - 1939

A number of children's or dollhouse tea sets in tin and china with a number of collector's books.

Lot - 1940

An assortment of dollhouse miniatures to include tea sets, bird cages, Halloween décor, luggage, quilt, chandelier, fur rug, candlesticks, chairs, and more.

Lot - 1941

Nine lampshades which appear to be unused, the largest measuring 11H.

Lot - 1942

A huge collection of Easter-themed items including plush rabbits, eggcups, a basket, and more. Some of the manufacturer's included are Bobbs Merrill Co., Inc., Bordalo Pinheiro, R. Dakin & Co., Ideal's, Department 56, and Midwest. The tallest rabbit measures 15H.

Lot - 1943

A collection of vintage character dolls from makers such as Madame Alexander, Bets van Boxel, Suzanne Gibson, and more. Also included is a Margarete Steiff lamb from Mary Had a Little Lamb. The dolls range in height from Irish standing 8H to Cinderella standing 15H.

Lot - 1944

An antique Victorian bookcase with two glass doors over two drawers. There are four adjustable shelves and the piece measures 38 x 15 x 67H. This is on the second floor.

Lot - 1945

The contents of a closet in the master bedroom consisting primarily of ladies' clothing in petite sizes. Some labels include Erin London, Citron, Talbots, Portraits by Northern Isles, and more. Please preview for complete contents.

Lot - 1946

A collection of primarily Easter-themed items including porcelain ducks, chicks and rabbits, Boyd's Bears plush items, artist-crafted plush rabbits and bears, and more. Also included is hand-crafted Topsy Turvy doll which stands 13H.

Lot - 1947

A hand-crafted wooden train measuring 12 x 6H and vintage toy watering cans by Ohio Art and U.S. Metal Toy. Also included are dollhouse miniature books and wooden accessories.

Lot - 1948

Sheet music from 1918 by Joe Bren, sheet music from Check and Double Check, and a round painted wooden depiction of Misty of Chincoteague. The Misty plaque measures 16 in Dia.

Lot - 1951

A miscellaneous collection of plush teddy bears including a 2000-2001 Wish Bear Cheer from Gund/May Department Stores standing 25H, a jointed Ty bear named Gilbert standing 8H, two Vermont No. 1 teddy bears standing 15H, a mohair bear with ribbon standing 6H, and more.

Lot - 1953

A large collection of stuffed or plush teddy bears including a Green Mountain bear with fishing poles and standing 12H (with real hooks so be careful!), a chair measuring 8 x 7 x 12H, an FDNY bear standing 9H, a ballerina bear on stand measuring 9H, a Connemara hand-crafted Irish bear standing 15H with stand, a Boyds' bear standing 7H, and more.

Lot - 1956

A collection of six bears by Gund including a Bialosky sailor standing 12H, a circa 1950 Perki-Panda standing 13H, two Victoria Secret bears sitting at 10 1/2H, a WWF (World Wildlife Federation) panda, and more.

Lot - 1957

A vintage handmade fabric doll (Alice in Wonderland?) with some soiling due to age.

Lot - 1959

A collection of stuffed animals including a mohair lion measuring 22 x 9H, a mohair penguin with leather feet standing 12H, a vintage 6H skunk with a Virginia Tech bandanna, and a vintage teddy bear sitting 8H.

Lot - 1962

A collection of teddy bears including a circa 1960 P. C. bear from the Character Novelty Co., Inc., standing 26H, a Sir Koff-a-lot bear, a Master Industries red bear standing 10H, a Campbell's Soup bear from the Douglas Company, Inc., with his original tags and standing 14H, a handmade mohair bear named McHurst standing 10 1/2H, and a Tedward Jonathon Bearkin mohair bear standing 10H and made by Beverly Port for Gorham

Lot - 1964

A collection of ten stuffed bears including a Kellie mohair bear standing 7H, an Eden Boyds' bear standing 5 1/2H, a bellhop Boyds' bear standing 8H and named Cagney, two Raikes bears by Applause with wooden faces and standing 9H, a wool bear from Shanghai Dolls Factory standing 18H, a Russ bear standing 15H, a Schmid bear standing 15H, and two more Boyds' bears.

Lot - 1969

Two signed Steiff bears. One is Petsy standing 10 1/2H, from the 1970s and signed by Hans-Otto Steiff. Also included is a 1984 reproduction of a 1909 bear, signed B. Steiff and standing 10 1/2H.

Lot - 1972

A collection of dogs and foxes. Included is a Hermann poodle measuring 12L, a Felpa mohair dachshund measuring 10L, a Wee Bears mohair fox measuring 10H, a red Capricious Creatures fox measuring 12L, a Dakin dog measuring 13H, and a Fiesta fox standing 13H.

Lot - 1973

A collection of eight handmade, handstitched bears from Richmond artist Mrs. James C. Wilkinson from the 1980s. These are so highly detailed, each individually made with their own costumes and accessories. All truly a labor of love! This lot includes two bears with display stands, and the highlight of this lot is the Teddy Roosevelt bear. These bears range in height from 4-5 inches, all are made with felt, and boast moveable arms, legs, and sewn noses and mouths.

Lot - 1974

A collection of ten handmade, handstitched bears from Richmond artist Mrs. James C. Wilkinson from the 1980s. These are so highly detailed, each individually made with their own costumes and accessories. All truly a labor of love! Included are Raggedy Ann and Andy bears as well as Little Red Riding Hood and Bo Peep. The stands photographed are not included. These bears range in height from 4-5 inches, all are made with felt, and boast moveable arms, legs, and sewn noses and mouths.

Lot - 1975

A collection of ten handmade, handstitched bears from Richmond artist Mrs. James C. Wilkinson from the 1980s. These are so highly detailed, each individually made with their own costumes and accessories. All truly a labor of love! This is a holiday collection that includes Santa, a pilgrim, three witches, two bunnies, and more. The stands photographed are not included. These bears range in height from 4-5 inches, all are made with felt, and boast moveable arms, legs, and sewn noses and mouths.

Lot - 1976

A collection of 13 handmade, handstitched bears from Richmond artist Mrs. James C. Wilkinson from the 1980s. These are so highly detailed, each individually made with their own costumes and accessories. All truly a labor of love! Included are a bride and groom, a nurse, a quilter, and more. The stands photographed are not included. These bears range in height from 3-5 inches, all are made with felt, and boast moveable arms, legs, and sewn noses and mouths. Please note that the left lens on the librarian's glasses is broken.

Lot - 1977

An assortment of 14 miniature bears, all handmade, with three made of felt. Included is Mauve, signed by the artist Maxine Hurst and made of mohair, some fabric bears by the artist Ann Chamberlin, some fabric bears by artist Becky White, a felt bear by the artist Jannie Broach, and more.

Lot - 1978

A collection of bears including four from the North American Bear Co. and five by Boyds Collection, LTD. The bears range in height from 5-6 inches and the display is not included.

Lot - 1979

A collection of primarily German bears including a Steiff mohair Baby Bear standing 4H, a Little Hermann Hermann Bear standing 6 1/2H and made of mohair, a Mini Hermann Hermann Bear standing 5 1/2H and made of mohair, a Berg bear standing 5H and made of wool, a Kunstler Schutz flocked bear, and more.

Lot - 1980

A collection of bears mostly from Gund. Four are in their original packaging, three of which are labeled The Littlest Bears with the fourth labeled Classic Pooh. They average 4H.

Lot - 1981

A collection of Squeeze Squeaky toys. Included are a Ruth E. Newton rubber puppy, a Sanitoy elephant, an Edward Mobley bear, a Sun Rubber dog, and more. Please preview for expected condition of these 60-plus year old toys.

Lot - 1982

An assortment of Squeeze Squeaky toys including a Ruth E. Newton African American child, an Edward Mobley little girl (60 years old this year!), and an Irvin baby. Please preview for expected condition of these 60-plus year old toys.

Lot - 1984

A miscellaneous collection of hand puppets. Rupert stands 18H, the fox with tail stands 20H, the duck is 12 x 11H, and the rest range from 8-9H, three of which are mohair. A rarity may be the Camel cigarette hand puppet. Also included are nine display stands.

Lot - 1991

A large collection of dollhouse miniatures. Included is an icebox measuring 4 1/2H, a wall phone, a table and chairs guests, and even a hatbox with a hat.

Lot - 1992

A collection of dollhouse miniatures. Included is a Singer sewing machine, tools, books, the cutest anniversary clock ever, and more.

Lot - 1993

A great collection of dollhouse miniatures. Included is a wonderful ice cream parlor set, teddy bears, a birthday cake, and so much more.

Lot - 1994

A miscellaneous collection of costume jewelry items, including brooches, combs, buckles, and a Barbie wristwatch.

Lot - 1995

A charming assortment of dollhouse miniatures. Included in this lot are cookie cutters, enamelware kitchen items, a pop-up dollhouse, and the most adorable teddy bears having tea. Now you can join them!

Lot - 1996

A number of home electronics items, including an Emerson VHS HQ video cassette recorder VCR3002A, a Lasko desktop fan, and more. Please preview for working condition and complete contents.

Lot - 1997

A collection of eleven books. Some titles included are Vanishing Americana, Bicentennial History of Washington County, Virginia, Pictorial Encyclopedia of American History, The USA in Color, and more.

Lot - 1998

Twenty-eight tablecloths and six bedding articles with dry-cleaned window treatments.

Lot - 2081

A hand-crafted table measuring 24 x 16 x 19H.

Lot - 2082

A hand-crafted barn bench measuring 48 x 11 x 19H.

Lot - 2083

A hand-crafted bookshelf with a cowboy boot theme measuring 24 x 11 x 15H.

Lot - 2084

A hand-crafted bookcase measuring 17 x 10 x 36H.

Lot - 2085

A wall-mounted shelving unit with a dummy drawer measuring 19 x 6 x 24H.

Lot - 2086

A collection of vintage china and porcelain golliwog-themed items including MacDonald bone china thimble and salt and pepper shakers, a Royal Schwarzburg German creamer, a Kilncraft mug, a Golden Shred advertising pitcher and mug, a porcelain baby porringer and matching mug, a silver-plated teaspoon, a tin litho watercolor box with adorable artwork, and a book titled Hurrah For Little Noddy! by Enid Blyton.

Lot - 2087

A large number of teddy bear-related collectibles including two porcelain hinged boxes, Care Bear figures, a Fozzie Bear figure, vintage souvenir plates, a hand-painted slate sign, a made in Japan panda bud vase, and more.

Lot - 2088

An assortment of collectible Paddington Bear items including a melamine plate by Eden for Sears, an Eden rattle, a miniature Eden jointed bear in a shopping bag, and a Peek Freans litho biscuit tin, a Coalport bone china egg cup, and a miniature boxed puzzle.

Lot - 2089

Two Gnomes toys including a 1978 Unieboek plush toy and a highly detailed artist hand-crafted figure. The tallest measures 10H.

Lot - 2090

Four Santa Claus toys and a book. Included is a vintage Kamar Santa, a vintage Dream Dolls 1962 Santa, and two Hallmark Santas. The 1968 First Edition book is titled There Really Is A Santa Claus. The book is written, recorded and signed by Glenn P. Crone, is illustrated by D. K. Stone, is printed by John Knox Press, Richmond, VA, and is complete with it's 33 1/3 RPM record.

Lot - 2091

A large collection of golliwog figures and dolls including a Golly Person figurine in its original box, two miniature jointed figures from the World of Miniature Bears in their Lucite cases, two vintage greeting cards, two hand-crafted dolls, a Golli from Bearly There Company with its original tag, a Warwick Miniatures 1/12 scale English pewter jointed figure in its Lucite box, a MacDonald English bone china trinket box, a Dean's Rag Knock-About Toy, and more.

Lot - 2092

A vintage golliwog plush by House of Nisbet, LTD named The Nisbet Golly #5022, in traditional dress, made in England, and standing 19H.

Lot - 2093

A Diane Jones plush golliwog standing 12H.

Lot - 2094

A number of decorative collectible items including two tin litho pieces from The Kate Greenaway Collection, made in England, a Ganz Cottage Collectibles plush penguin, a ceramic penguin, a miniature rocking horse suitable for a doll or bear, a doll or bear side chair, a reproduction Sears, Roebuck and Co. 1909 catalog, and more.

Lot - 2095

Assorted vintage collectible items to include hand-crafted German wooden cars, an animated wooden chicken feeding toy, a brass replica of a 1983 concert ticket for Dionne Warwick appearing at the 2001 VIP Supper Club on Broad Street in Richmond, an enameled panda box, and more.

Lot - 2096

A collection of four vintage to antique composite jointed dolls. We could find no marks on these dolls as to the maker. They are all in their expected condition due to age and nature. Also included is a wooden doll's highchair and a wooden doll's chair with a hemp seat. The tallest doll measures 12H and the highchair measures 18 H.

Lot - 2097

A vintage Vogue Dolls doll with a vintage 1936 Great Lakes Exposition wooden cradle and a miniature porcelain doll from Russ.

Lot - 2098

A vintage to antique painted stool with a miniature quilt. The stool measures 18H.

Lot - 2099

A hand-crafted wooden fox silhouette, a hand-crafted dustpan made of a Maine license plate, a pig-shaped wall hook from Pier One, and a vintage whisk broom.

Lot - 2100

A vintage to antique wire bird cage measuring 16H and a hanging candle lantern.

Lot - 2101

A lot of vintage collectible toys including a circa 1950 bear bank, a plush dog bank with lady bug in working condition, and more.

Lot - 2102

An antique composite doll with roller skates, a doll-sized chest of drawers, a doll-sized school desk, a cradle, chairs, a snow sled, a brass letter rack that is the perfect size for business cards, and more.

Lot - 2103

A laminate finish reproduction Barrister's bookcase measuring 34 x 14 x 60H. This is on the second floor.

Lot - 2104

This lot includes a vintage tin litho Little Miss Housekeeper Automatic Washing Machine from Modern Toys Japan, a vintage Vel from Colgate laundry soap box, and a charming clothes rack with knit mittens and booties. The clothes rack measures 11H.

Lot - 2105

A shelf lot of monkey-themed items including a Brown & Bigelow card, a number of vintage to antique monkey toys, a tin litho bank from J. Chein & Co., hand puppets, a Knickerbocker Jointed Gorilla, a Gund chimpanzee, a Herman Peck chimp, and more.

Lot - 2106

A collection of stick puppets.

Lot - 2107

A doll-sized Cardew Blue blue and white china tea service and a Muffie Collection Blue Pagoda set in package.

Lot - 2108

Two vintage troll dolls.

Lot - 2109

A vintage Keller Et Guerin Luneville French chowder set consisting of a tureen with lid and underplate, six bowls, and a compote. The tureen measures 5 x 5 including the lid.

Lot - 2110

A collection of doll-sized Fiesta Ware and a Jamestown Festival Park bowl and pitcher set. The largest piece measures 5 x 2H.

Lot - 2111

Four Steiff shopping bags and one gift box measuring 7 x 5 x 9H.

Lot - 2112

A collection of golliwogs including a Cute n' Soft golly with his tags, a Dean's Rag Books fabric storybook, and a painted wooden armchair measuring 14 x 12 x 20H.

Lot - 2113

A collection of hand-crafted golliwogs with the largest standing 23H.

Lot - 2115

A collection of seven small carpets, most of which appear to be hand-knotted wool. Please preview for condition. As always, they would benefit from professional cleaning.

Lot - 2116

A ceramic Snooty Fox table lamp measuring 19H.

Lot - 2117

A collection of bear-themed items including plush toys, figurines, buttons, ribbons, tote bag, and more.

Lot - 2118

A vintage nurse's hat.

Lot - 2119

A collection of framed prints from Pawprints, pop-up books, and a Dimensions Woodland Santa needlepoint kid.

Lot - 2120

A collection of five handmade Raggedy Ann dolls with the largest measuring 25H. Please preview for condition.

Lot - 2121

Two collectible books, one titled Wedding Embassy Yearbook from Miller & Rhoads, copyright 1955, and the second titled To The Bride from Thalhimers, copyright 1956.

Lot - 2122

A collection of vintage candles from Colonial Williamsburg, Lenox, and more.

Lot - 2123

A collection of ladies' clothing from makers such as Kiko, Harve Bernard, Kasper, and more. Please preview for complete contents and sizes.

Lot - 2124

A two-drawer oak bookcase much like the one sitting beside my desk. This one measures 16 x 17 x 28H. Unlike mine, this one has the keys!

Lot - 2125

Assorted collector's guides for collectible toys. Subjects included are dolls, Breyer animals, squeaky toys, Raggedy Ann & Andy, and Walt Disney.

Lot - 2126

A collection of vintage medical books.

Lot - 2127

A collection of U.S. and Virginia history books including books about Grayson County, Smyth County, and Tazewell County.

Lot - 2128

A collection of books including The Mary Frances Cookbook, The Return of Sherlock Holmes, and The Story of Florence Nightingale. The Mary Frances Cookbook was copyrighted 1912.

Lot - 2129

A large collection of silver-plated flatware items and serving pieces of assorted patterns. Also included are felt storage bags and crystal knife rests.

Lot - 2130

An assortment of demitasse souvenir spoons including an 1898 Maine spoon, an 1869 Our Savior spoon, two Rolex spoons, two Teddy spoons, a Virginia spoon, and more.

Lot - 2131

A collection of Halloween masks and costumes, some vintage.

Lot - 2132

A child's size coat rack with several vintage hangers and a number of really cute vintage children's' clothing items. The coat rack stands 37H.

Lot - 2133

Three air rifles, a scope, a Bore cleaner container, and three containers of Crossman BBs. The longest measures 38L.

Lot - 2134

A number of hand-crafted teddy bear wall art items.

Lot - 2135

Two porcelain teddy-bear themed plates, one from Mason's, and an Albrecht Durer print of a hare, a stenciled wall plaque, and a monkey-themed wall hanging.

Lot - 2136

A hand-painted Chinese silk fan featuring pandas and two porcelain collector's plate, also featuring pandas. One is by Will Nelson for W. George China and the Bradford Exchange with its Certificate of Authenticity, and the other is by Charles Frace also for W. George China and the Bradford Exchange and also with its Certificate of Authenticity.

Lot - 2137

Two vintage Otagari ceramic banks and three flocked bear toys.

Lot - 2144

A vintage tole wall sconce, not hard-wired.

Lot - 2145

A collection of doll's or child's dishes and flatware including pieces from Allertons, LTD, and a wall-mounted shelf. The shelf measures 15 x 6 x 27H.

Lot - 2146

A large assortment of child's or doll's glassware and porcelain with some pieces made in Occupied Japan, some Homer Laughlin Harlequin Ware circa 1930, a crystal punch bowl with cups, and so much more. This is for the contents only; the cabinet pictured is not included.

Lot - 2147

So much vintage doll's or children's kitchenware items to include bakeware, glassware, copperware, and pantry items. This is for the contents only; the cabinet pictured is not included

Lot - 2148

A doll's or child's step-back cabinet with two shelves over two doors and measuring 22 x 15 x 45H. This is for the cabinet only; the contents pictured are available in Lots 2146 & 2147.

Lot - 2149

This lot includes four framed items. One is a framed Pettijohn's Breakfast Food print, one is a framed mixed media from Franciscaines Missionnaires de Marie, a framed and matted cross-stitch, and a framed and matted print. The largest piece measures 11 x 13H.

Lot - 2150

A large collection of Wade Whimsies Red Rose Tea figurines. They are in a wall-mounted cabinet measuring 6 x 3 x 9H.

Lot - 2151

An assortment of vintage Holly Hobbie children's dishes and Vanity Fair figurines, all from American Greetings Corp, and a wooden wall shelf measuring 8 x 3 x 3H.

Lot - 2152

A collection of vintage to antique children's plates including a Buster Brown plate, a Buddy Tucker plate, and a Bailiol Bessie Pease Gutmann plate. Also included is a teddy bear wall clock.

Lot - 2153

A collection of doll's or child's teapots, all in various elephant forms. Also included is a lovely wall shelf measuring 10 x 4 x 14H.

Lot - 2154

A number of teddy bear-themed wall decorations.

Lot - 2155

A collection of miniature pewter teddy bears from Avon, a miniature cast iron train made in Japan, and a number of miniature elephant toys.

Lot - 2156

A collection of five framed prints and three collector's plates all with a bear theme.

Lot - 2157

A vintage to antique doll's wooden vanity measuring 16 x 20 x 21H. Included with this lot is a large number of dolls dressing table items including a mirror, a fan, combs, a brush, a bowl and pitcher set, perfume bottle, picture frames, a watch, and so much more.

Lot - 2158

A number of Beatrix Potter items including a vintage Eden plush Peter Rabbit, a plush Foxy Whiskered Gentleman, a number of china plates and a cup featuring Jemima Puddleduck, Benjamin Bunny, Mrs. Rabbit, and Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail.

Lot - 2159

A ceramic lamp with a quilted fabric shade measuring 13H.

Lot - 2160

A large collection of children's china, some to be played with and some to be used. Some manufacturers represented are Poole Pottery, James Kent Old Foley, Royal Kent Staffordshire, Royal Doulton (Bunnykins), Sylvac Ware, Waechtersbach, Meito China, Sebring Pottery, Mottahedeh, and more. Also included is a wall shelf measuring 32 x 5 x 35H. This is a very large lot.

Lot - 2161

A charming glass bottle table lamp filled with buttons! The lamp measures 20H.

Lot - 2162

A white painted two-tier table measuring 16 x 15 x 28H.

Lot - 2163

A collection of chambersticks with the tallest measuring 3H.

Lot - 2164

A stained glass suncatcher of a hot air balloon measuring 12 in Dia.

Lot - 2165

A vintage Western Electric G1 black dial desktop phone, a vintage Genie red desktop phone, and a Universal Big-Button telephone in its original box.

Lot - 2166

A large collection of teddy bear-themed decorative items.

Lot - 2167

A vintage child's jewelry box in the shape of a house with a ballerina and three small house figures.

Lot - 2168

A two-piece laminate bookcase for ease of moving. The top measures 24 x 10 x 54H and the bottom measures 24 x 10 x 30H. This is for the bookcase only; the contents pictured are not included. This is on the second floor.

Lot - 2169

A vintage Sankyo stereo cassette deck STD-1510. This is in operational condition and measures 15 x 10 x 4H.

Lot - 2170

Two Breyer figures in their original boxes including Brighty of the Grand Canyon and Misty of Chincoteague.

Lot - 2201

Two toy or souvenir bats including a Piedmont from Richmond. The longest measures 18.

Lot - 2202

A collection of vintage children's records and tapes including three Walt Disney cassettes, four Peter Pan 78s, and a Valiant LP.

Lot - 2203

A collection of doll's or child's china pieces including teapots, teacups, plates and more. Some makers are Holly Barn, Poole, Worcester, and more.

Lot - 2204

A red painted cabinet (converted radio cabinet?) measuring 28 x 15 x 32H. Please preview for condition. This is on the second floor.

Lot - 2205

A collection of books primarily about the United States.

Lot - 2206

A white Matelasse queen coverlet and two matching shams from Martha Stewart Everyday.

Lot - 2207

A handmade quilt with embroidered decoration and measuring 57 x 73.

Lot - 2208

A handmade quilt with girl silhouettes and measuring 55 x 82.

Lot - 2209

A handmade and machine stitched quilt measuring 82 x 87.

Lot - 2210

A handmade quilt measuring 67 x 74.

Lot - 2211

A two-sided handmade quilt measuring 61 x 74.

Lot - 2212

A quilt top ready to be finished, machine stitched, and measuring 80 x 95.

Lot - 2213

A custom wedding gown, vintage, with a waist of 24 inches.

Lot - 2214

A Jolie Madame ladies' dress from Leo Dinerman, size 9/10.

Lot - 2215

An antique brass and iron twin bed measuring 36 x 78 x 54H. All of the bedding pictured is available in this lot but may be surrendered. This is on the second floor.

Lot - 2216

An oval braided rug measuring 95 x 140. Please preview for condition as the braiding is in need of mending. As always, carpets and rugs may benefit from professional cleaning.

Lot - 2217

A vintage Fisher Price Little People Schoolhouse Playset with accessories.

Lot - 2218

A vintage Tonka Farms metal truck with a Tonka 5 Hurst race car and a Tonka cement mixer. Also included is a vintage pull-behind disc plow. The truck measures 6 x 14 x 6H.

Lot - 2219

A vintage Micro Machines Gasoline toy car case filled with toy cars. There are eight Galoob cars from 1987-1990, two Funrise cars from 1988, five Road Champs cars from 1987, and a Motorette Micro Sonic Flasher.

Lot - 2220

A collection of vintage ladies' hats with two hat boxes.

Lot - 2221

A collection of 22 The Memories of Santa Collection porcelain figurines in their original boxes.

Lot - 2222

A vintage wooden smoker made in the German Democratic Republic, in its original box, and standing 10H.

Lot - 2223

A vintage Erzgebirgische Volkskunst smoker, made in the German Democratic Republic, in its original box, and standing 10H.

Lot - 2224

A vintage Holzkunst Christian Ulbricht smoker standing 10H.

Lot - 2225

A vintage Holzkunst Christian Ulbricht smoker, made in the German Democratic Republic, in its original box, and standing 9H.

Lot - 2226

A vintage Kurt S. Adler 1987 smoker in its original box and standing 10H.

Lot - 2227

A vintage Erzgebirgische Volkskunst smoker, made in the German Democratic Republic, with its original tags, and standing 9H.

Lot - 2228

A vintage Erzgebirgische Volkskunst smoker, made in the German Democratic Republic, standing 8H, with a smaller unmarked friend.

Lot - 2229

Two unmarked smokers, the tallest of which measures 9H.

Lot - 2230

A vintage Steinbach Volkskunst smoker from West Germany and his unmarked friend, the tallest of which measures 6H.

Lot - 2231

Two vintage smokers, one signed by the artist. The tallest measures 6H.

Lot - 2232

A collection of six nutcrackers. Included is a Holzkunst Christian Ulbricht nutcracker made in West Germany, an unnamed nutcracker made in East Germany, three Hallmark nutcrackers, and one nutcracker with no marking. The tallest measures 5H.

Lot - 2233

A vintage Kenner Easy-Bake oven with a large collection of toy kitchen tools, dishes, and bakeware. The oven still powers on.

Lot - 2234

A machine-made quilt measuring 82 x 94.

Lot - 2235

A vintage pine chest, painted and decorated with an American eagle, and measuring 39 x 18 x 21H. This is on the second floor.

Lot - 2236

Thirteen collectible plates from The Franklin Mint, all with a teddy bear theme.

Lot - 2237

Two vintage Breyer animal creations in their original boxes. Included is Justin Morgan Had a Horse and Lying Down Foal.

Lot - 2238

A vintage Junior Zither in its original box from Harbert Italiana with instructions, hammer, and extra string.

Lot - 2239

A vintage toy castle that appears to be complete. I would have loved to have had this as a child! This treasure measures 21 x 21 x 19H.

Lot - 2240

An assortment of vintage collectible green glass to include a Rolling Rock case with bottles, two glass insulators, a Straubhullers elixir bottle, one bottle marked 1884, one bottle marked Richmond Area Bottle Collectors Assoc. 1972, one bottle marked R.I.P., and more.

Lot - 2241

A vintage Singer Manufacturing Co. portable sewing machine with case and foot pedal, in working condition, and stamped number AC438481. The case measures 18 x 9 x 14H.

Lot - 2242

A large assortment of vintage Christmas decorations including two full boxes of Shiny Brite ornaments.

Lot - 2243

A vintage Pelikan Graphos pen and nib set in its original box and a Dietzgen Compensating Polar Planimeter also in its original case, both made in Germany.

Lot - 2244

A vintage Breyer Animal Creations Classic Arabian Family set in its original box.

Lot - 2245

A vintage Remington Portable Typewriter with case. This is the real deal and unpowered.

Lot - 2246

A large assortment of vintage toy cars, trucks and more, including manufacturers such as BuddyL, Jimmy Toys, Remco, Tonka, Hot Wheels, Tomica, Lesney, Go Cars from Procter & Gamble, Midgetoy, Corgi, Aviva, and more. The star may be the Hubley Diesel bulldozer.

Lot - 4052

An Orbit cocktail table from www.orbitstyle.com measuring 48 x 24 x 20H. Matches Lot #4053. Please preview for what may be a chip in the glass that has been sanded, or it may be an issue when manufactured.

Lot - 4053

An Orbit end or lamp table from www.orbitstyle.com measuring 18 x 18 x 22H. Matches Lot #4052.

Lot - 114

An antique sterling silver backed hand mirror and a sterling comb edge, both monogrammed.

Lot - 115

Two antique sterling silver backed brushes, both monogrammed.

Lot - 116

A collection of Roosevelt dimes comprised of 30 1964s, seven 1963s, six 1962s, three 1961s, three 1960s, two 1959s, two, 1958s, two 1957s, one 1956, five 1954s, one 1953, three 1952s, three 1948s, and three 1946s. There seems to be an almost even spread between the Denver and Philadelphia mints in this collection of 71 dimes, in their DuPont Mylar lined coin holders.

Lot - 117

A collection of Buffalo nickels comprised of 23 1937s, 15 1937s, and one each 1938, 1939, 1940, 1942, 1943, 1944, and 1945. Forty-five, in all in the blue Cowens box.

Lot - 118

A collection of nickels, primarily Indian Head, comprised of one 1900 Liberty, one 1911 Liberty, four 1913s, one 1919, ten 1920s (one from San Francisco), six 1923s, six 1925s, two 1926s, four 1927s, nine 1928s, eleven 1929s, two 1930s, two 1934s, and fourteen 1935s.

Lot - 119

A collection of Mercury dimes consisting of one each, 1917, 1920, 1923, 1927, 1929, 1934, 1935, 1938, and 1949. Also, two 1936s, two 1937s, three 1940s, six 1941s, seven 1942s, twelve 1943s, twelve 1944s, and four 1945s.

Lot - 120

A collection of quarters comprised of five Standing Liberty quarters, dates unknown, two 1925s and one 1927, with the balance being Washington quarters. These are one each 1936, 1937, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954 (AU), 1956, 1957, 1962, 1963, and 1965 (from a Mint Set), two 1940s, three 1941s, three 1942s, three 1943s, 23 1944s (twenty of which are BU), five 1945s, two 1960s, two 1961s, and twelve 1964s.

Lot - 121

A collection of half dollars comprised of six Walking Liberty coins, five 1943s and one 1947, two Franklin coins, one each from 1962 and 1963, nineteen 1964s, three 1968s, one 1969, and nineteen 1976s from the Bicentennial.

Lot - 122

A collection of thirty-five Buffalo nickels. Find your treasure!

Lot - 123

A 1921 D Morgan Silver Dollar.

Lot - 124

An 1899 O Morgan Silver Dollar.

Lot - 125

A 1925 Stone Mountain Silver Half Dollar.

Lot - 126

A 1951 George Washington Carver/Booker T. Washington Silver Half Dollar.

Lot - 127

A number of older pennies from the 1940s and 1950s, several Mercury dimes, three Sacagawea dollar coins, a Susan B. Anthony dollar coin, a 1971 Eisenhower dollar coin, and an 1881 Indian Head penny. What a great start for a new collector!

Lot - 128

Three very lightly circulated $1 Silver Certificates; 1957, 1957-A, and 1957-B.

Lot - 129

Five very lightly circulated 1957-B and one 1957-A $1 Silver Certificates.

Lot - 130

Five very lightly circulated 1976 $2 Jefferson bills.

Lot - 131

A 1963 $5 Red Seal bill.

Lot - 132

A collection of primarily Costa Rican and Canadian coins and currency.

Lot - 133

A collection of blue Whitman coin folders with a few pennies and nickels from the 1910s-1970s.

Lot - 134

An assortment of collectible tokens and coins to include Post Presidential tokens, a Bicentennial Virginia token, a parking token for the City of Portsmouth, a New York City souvenir token, and more.

Lot - 301

A collection of Thalhimer's and Miller & Rhoads boxes.

Lot - 303

A great assortment of stamps.

Lot - 304

A beautiful caned rocking chair.

Lot - 305

A charming little needlepointed ottoman.

Lot - 307

A wonderful Hanley Melrose bowl and pitcher.

Lot - 308

An adorable small travel trunk.

Lot - 309

Hat pins? Yep, we got 'em and now you can, too!

Lot - 310

A wonderful period Windsor side chair.

Lot - 330

A vintage wood and vinyl covered footstool for vanity measuring 19 x 17 x 16.

Lot - 351

An antique Copeland Spode Italian biscuit jar.

Lot - 447

A collection of vintage purses including a black Etienne Aigner, a brown leather vintage Hobo bag, a brown leather Ralph Lauren, and a vintage black eel skin purse.

Lot - 487

A charming ruby and gold cordial set.

Lot - 505

A collection of fox figurines including one from Coalport and another from Beswick.

Lot - 515

A collection of vintage ladies scarves including silk scarves from Italy and Japan, a Piaffe, a Jason Maxwell, a Symphony, a Flying Scotsman, and more. Please preview for complete contents.

Lot - 590

A vintage Erzgebirgische Volkskunst nutcracker in its original box.

Lot - 691

A number of vintage egg cups with a Jiffy-Way egg scale. Do you have one?

Lot - 884

An assortment of vintage and antique books including a 1922 edition of Uncle Remus by Joel Chandler Harris, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, The Life of Robert E. Lee, Democracy Series, Le Livre Rouge, and more.

Lot - 931

A collection of Looney Tunes Pez items to include two Tweetys (one in original package with cap), one Daffy Duck, one Tasmanian Devil in original package, Yosemite Sam in original package, and Bugs Bunny.

Lot - 934

Several Muppets Pez dispensers, including two Fozzie Bears, Miss Piggy, and Gonzo. All are in original packaging.

Lot - 936

Two Michelangelo Pez dispensers from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series. One Michelangelo is smiling and the other is showing teeth. Both are in original packages.

Lot - 940

Two Pez-A-Saur (retired) Pez dispensers including He-Saur and She-Saur. Also included is a Scooby Doo. The Scooby Doo is a Pops up lollipop holder.

Lot - 941

Flintstone Series, including Barney Rubble, Pebbles and Dino (in original package).

Lot - 948

A vintage caned rocking chair measuring 19 x 27 x 35. Please preview for condition of frame.

Lot - 1071

A collection of vintage Pez dispensers including a Batman, a Chicken in an Egg, Santa, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Leonardo, Warner Brothers Speedy Gonzales, and a black Halloween Cat in in original packaging.

Lot - 1088

A vintage John Deere 10 ride-on toy.

Lot - 1244

A framed acrylic on panel by Howard Betler in the primitive style.

Lot - 1245

A German plate.

Lot - 1253

Three unique pieces of art depicting red foxes including an 18 x 14 matted and framed print Red Fox Vulpes Fulva, a 14 x 12 matted and framed print of sleeping baby red foxes by Carl Sun, and an 8 x 6 framed drawing of a Canada goose and red fox cubs by Barbara Barth with the artist's information on the back. The large print needs cleaning and the 14 x 12 frame back has been cut. Please preview for condition.

Lot - 1274

An antique Auto Lite coal miner's light by Universal Lamp Co., Springfield, IL. Please preview for condition.

Lot - 1275

A collection of lanterns including a brass boat bow lantern and a black and green lantern. Both have been converted to electricity. The bow lamp is by Perkins Marine and Hardware Co.

Lot - 1280

An early American-style maple (?) rocking chair measuring 23 x 30 x 36.

Lot - 1282

An antique child's ladderback chair with split oak seat measuring 18 x 13 x 34.

Lot - 1285

A vintage-to-antique tiger oak chair measuring 18 x 17 x 39.

Lot - 1294

A very vintage 2W TONE camera with leather case. Made in Occupied Japan, it has many features for its miniature size. The camera is in remarkable condition although the small leather case shows wear. We didn't open it although all of the components that wind or move work fine. Also included is a magnifying glass.

Lot - 1300

A Virginia Metalcrafters 18th century pipe box reproduction, solid mahogany with brass knob, measuring 6 x 4 x 18; a solid brass pipe rest in the shape of a Scottie dog; an antique two-piece rolled cigar keeper (?); three glass/ceramic pipes; a wood and porcelain pipe with a bowl cap (repaired); a Medico pipe with sterling silver overlay; and a second Medico pipe.

Lot - 1306

A large collection of Hanover County related memorabilia including books such as Old Homes Of Hanover County Virginia; Patrick Henry Patriot & Statesman; A Sketch Of The Early History Of Hanover County Virginia; pewter plates for Glen Allen School, Hanover Courthouse, Hanover Country Club, Church Quarter Scotchtown Chapter, and Fork Episcopal Church; vintage license plates; and so much more.

Lot - 1307

Assorted vintage fox-related items including two pewter stirrup cups, a salt cellar with spoon, an antique hand-painted plate, a glass candy box, and more.

Lot - 1308

A set of four blue and white spice jars, a vintage sifter with three matching round wooden spice boxes with lids, a blue and white creamer, two matching blue plates and five unmatched blue and white spice containers.

Lot - 1311

A collection of vintage silver-plated collectible spoons including characters such as Dennis the Menace, the Campbell's Kids, Tony the Tiger, Charlie McCarthy, and Woody Woodpecker. Also included is a Wilton Pewter wall-mounted display rack.

Lot - 1321

A vintage-to-antique tiger oak chair measuring 18 x 17 x 39.

Lot - 1322

A collection of bottle toppers in a carved wooden Ernest and & Julio Gallo decorative crate.

Lot - 1323

A lot of vintage Easter collectibles including a basket, a Sunny Bunny by Joe Allen Hong, a stained glass bunny suncatcher, two Royal Bayreuth eggs made in Germany, a Noritake 19th edition egg dated 1979, an antique Easter postcard, a Lenox limited edition egg box dated 1984, several hand-painted eggs and more. Please preview for complete contents. The basket measures 19 x 15 x 17.

Lot - 1324

A collection of ten vintage to antique rolling pins.

Lot - 1327

A lot of small collectibles including a carved wooden owl, an antique wind-up mohair bird (not currently in working order), a pair of brass and mother-of-pearl Le Fils Paris opera glasses, a hand-carved wooden hummingbird hovering over a piece of driftwood, a souvenir tin from Yellowstone Park, a magnifying glass in a Mona Lisa case, a leather opera glass case that does not fit the Le Fils opera glasses, and a small wall-mounted shelf measuring 15 x 4 x 19.

Lot - 1329

A collection of vintage plant stands and a stool. The tallest measures 9 x 18.

Lot - 1380

A stained glass panel in a pine frame.

Lot - 1476

Early twentieth century primitive kitchen tools including a pastry press, butter mold, nutmeg grater, and more.

Lot - 1477

An assortment of decanters including a Delft P. Hoppe Cherry Liqueur decanter from Holland, and an Italian decanter in the shape of a bear.

Lot - 1478

A number of bear-related advertising items to include a Golden Bear Cookies Bridge Assortment tin, a Cub Brand Upland Lemon Growers crate, a Coca Cola figure, a reproduction Kellogg's Cornflakes tin, and more.

Lot - 1479

An assortment of bird-themed collectibles including a number of handcarved pieces signed R. Haley.

Lot - 1480

A collection of dog-themed items including a U.S. Zone Germany Schuco toy, a vintage Rival dog food can, biscuit jars, and so much more.

Lot - 1481