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Category: BOOKS (24 records) Archive: 12/23/2020: CLOSED - December 23rd Gallery Online Auction - Closing: Wednesday 12/23/2020 from 10am ET at 5 lots per minute
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Item Description Price
750Shelf lot food and recipe related books, includes Taste of Home Annual Recipes, Barbecue America, Biggest Loser and others
751Shelf lot reference books, includes Norman Rockwell Artist and Illustrator, The Smithsonian Collection of Newspaper Comics, American Art Nouveau, Dali and others
7522 books, includes Leonardo da Vinci and An Illustrated History of France
753Tricks of The Doomed Programming Gurus in paperback
754Shelf lot books, includes Great Golf Courses of The world, James Patterson, John Irving, Dark Life, The Web -Factor, Grateful American, No Shirt No Shoes No Problem and others
755Shelf lot vintage children's books, includes Tom Swift books from the early 1900s and others
756Shelf lot cooking and gardening related books, includes Julie and Julia, Martha Stewart One Pot, Martha Stewart Cookbook, Better Homes & Gardens New Garden Book, Southern Living Annual Recipes and others
757Assorted books, includes Instrument Flying Handbook, Aviation Weather Handbook, Piloting Basics Handbook, Glock, Naval Officers Manual, Battles and Leaders of The Civil War, Hitler's Luftwaffe and others
758Assorted Harpers Weekly magazines and 1908 Sears Roebuck and Company catalog
759Assorted books with dust covers, includes The Compleat Angler, Christopher Marlowe, Conquerors of The Air, Penguin Island and Euripides
760Assorted superhero and other comic books
761Shelf lot books, includes Currier and Ives Favorites, Pen Drawing by Joseph Pennell, Broadway Musicals, Art of The American Automobile, Peanuts A Golden Celebration, The Graphic Work of MC Escher and others
762Shelf lot of magazines including Christmas, knitting and sewing
763Assorted books and magazines, includes Life Books Gone with The Wind, James Bond, Diana Prince Of Wales, Born to Be King, Royal Wedding and others
764Shelf lot art related and other books, includes Essential Monet, The Symbolists, The Complete Wedding March of Eric One-Stroke Home, Our Times, At This Theater and others
765Assorted books, includes The Book of Virtues, I Hope You Dance, What Jane Austin Ate, Charles Dickens Knew and others
766Shelf lot books, includes East of The Chesapeake, Memoirs of a Farmboy, Celebrating The Byrd Theater, Outer Banks Mysteries and others
767Paperback edition Magnificent Voyages
768Assorted Life and other magazines
769Shelf lot paperback and hardcover books, includes The Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece, Algebra and Trigonometry, The Romans, The Great Brain at The Academy, World History, Story of Painting for Young People and others
770Shelf lot of children's magazines including Jack and Jill and others
771Shelf lot yearbooks and others includes The Chanticleer Duke University, Monk and the Hangman's Daughter, Science Fiction Stories, and others
772Shelf lot books, includes The Story of Football, The Winning Tradition, Lost Europe, Staying Young, Full-Court Pressure, Tom Brokaw, Above Hawaii and others
773Assorted food and cooking related books, includes The American Cowboy, Country Cooking, Taste of Home Annual Recipes, Decorative Painting, Oil and Vinegar, Scented Treasures and others

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