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Item Photo Description Price Bidder
3255.1t.jpgAcrylics/oil landscape on canvas in wooden frame measuring 18"W x 16"D. Please preview for condition.
27.00 9758
3257.1t.jpgOil on Masonite titled "Harvest II" by celebrated local artist Ciro Robustelli measuring 17"W x 14"H including frame.
82.00 1895
3258.1t.jpgOil on Masonite titled "Still Life with Maganetta" by celebrated local artist Ciro Robustelli measuring 18"W x 15"H with frame.
81.77 1895
3259.1t.jpgFramed still life, oil on canvas measuring 17"W x 14"H. No visible signature.
14.00 1895
3261.1t.jpgA mixed media framed painting on board with a metal tribal figure in the center signed Karin Gilliam measuring 9"W x 11"H.
2.00 1577
3262.1t.jpgA framed and matted lithograph signed Tieob (?) in a gold toned frame measuring 28"W x 24"H.
4.00 10397
3263.1t.jpgFramed reproduction on canvas of a period work "On the Porch" by W. Chadwick measuring 33"W x 28"H. William Chadwick originals are currently enjoying auction results between $1,200.00 and $52,000.00.
6.03 9583
3264.1t.jpgA shadowbox framed print titled "Mercado del Puerto Monterideo - Uruguay" with signature measuring approximately 13"W x 3"D x 11"H.
1.00 10397
3284.1t.jpgFramed and matted print of "La Naissance de Venus" by Raoul Dufy dated 1938 measuring 37" x 33".
2.00 2022
3297.1t.jpgFramed and matted etching by Frieda Dean, signed and numbered (7 of 18), entitled "Jumbo Shrimp", from 2001, conservation framing, with all the appropriate paperwork attached on the back. The piece measures 22"W x 24"H.
70.00 15705
3301.1t.jpgA signed, matted, and framed water color (?) featuring river boats in Venice measuring 17" x 33".
26.00 1095
3308.1t.jpgA gold framed print by Picasso, "Circle of Friendship, 25.7.61" measuring 22"W x 24"H.
37.00 14684
3309.1t.jpgFramed and matted limited edition lithograph by Pratibha Pachar measuring 29"W x 23"H.
43.00 15705
3310.1t.jpgA framed and matted botanical painting on linen signed F. E. Gilliam measuring 18" sq.
12.00 14743
3329.1t.jpgLarge oil on canvas, signed "Val" and dated 02. The piece measures 50"W x 34"H.
17.23 2022

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