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Item Photo Description Price Bidder
1039.1t.jpgFour pieces of carved jadeite(?) in footed wooden frames with floral theme, measuring approx. 8"H. Please preview for condition.
4.00 11115
1047.1t.jpgAn Asian stone carved figure measuring 4"W x 10"H.
5.01 1247
1056.1t.jpgA six-panel miniature wood carved Asian screen measuring 16"W x 9"H when flat. One side has handpainted bird and floral scenes and the reverse side has mountainous scenes. Comes with box.
20.00 11115
1070.1t.jpgA Murano(?) glass bowl/ashtray measuring 8"W x 6"D x 3"H.
7.01 3286
1076.1t.jpgA hanging scroll depicting Koi fish measuring 26" x 68". Please preview for condition.
47.09 10727
1077.1t.jpgAn intricately carved stone animal used as a wine vessel in Chinese culture measuring 8"H. Please preview for detail.
1078.1t.jpgA hanging scroll depicting two birds, a hollowed-out tree, cherry blossoms, tulips, and chrysanthemums measuring 26" x 68". Please preview for condition.
80.00 17431
1079.1t.jpgA hanging scroll depicting an emperor seated in a dragon chair with imperial dragons in the sky fighting for the pearl of fire on his clothing measuring 26" x 68". Please preview for condition.
31.00 10727
1080.1t.jpgA hanging scroll depicting an emperor seated in a dragon chair with imperial dragons and pearls of fire on his clothing measuring 26" x 68". Please preview for condition.
16.00 10727
1081.1t.jpgA hanging scroll of painted Chinese handwritten calligraphy measuring 26" x 68". Please preview for condition.
12.20 10727
1082.1t.jpgA hanging scroll of a woman holding a parasol for another woman measuring 29" x 77". Includes a blue and white porcelain roller. Please preview for condition.
10.88 10727
1083.1t.jpgA hanging scroll of a mountain, river scene with a waterfall and a village below measuring 26" x 68". Please preview for condition.
22.00 10727
1084.1t.jpgA hanging scroll of a flutist in beautifully colored garments and head dress measuring 26" x 58". Please preview for condition.
20.09 17655
1091.1t.jpgRosewood (?) bowl, measuring 7"L; the outer side being a carved dragon.
59.01 15874
1110.1t.jpgA pair of finely cut metal silhouettes of Asian women, each measuring approx. 6"W x 13"H. Please preview for condition.
56.00 17694
1112.1t.jpgA black and white-water color of a river scene in a wood frame signed by W. Martin measuring 35" x 25". Please preview for condition.
13.00 17431
1114.1t.jpgAn oil on canvas painting of a lake scene with boats signed by F. Gordon measuring 36" x 24.
1.00 15395
1116.1t.jpgA framed matted print of a painting of a barn door by Peter Sinclair with non-reflective glass. The frame measures 35" x 29".
10.00 9103
1117.1t.jpgAn oil on canvas painting of a mountain scene signed by Wen Tin (?) measuring 24" x 36".
28.59 16158
1121.1t.jpgA wooden sculpture of an Asian girl measuring 16"H.
22.00 4044
1124.1t.jpgAn oil on canvas painting signed D. Diana measuring 10" x 8" and a landscape painted on dried fungus with pedestal. Please preview for condition.
2.00 17456
1125.1t.jpgA gourd depicting a snake wrapped around a piece of wood measuring 10" x 16". Please preview for condition.
6.00 15874
1126.1t.jpgA piece of driftwood in the shape of a dragon (?) measuring 54" x 20".
12.00 1364
1211.1t.jpgA standing sculpture in stone of a goddess(?), child, and beast measuring 6"W x 2"D x 9"H with intricate detail. On the back side is Asian calligraphy with signature.
55.00 17528
1212.1t.jpgAn intricately detailed vessel (vase) depicting Imperial dragons in the ocean. Teal blue in color measuring 4.5"W x 5.5"H
160.00 17431
1214.1t.jpgA ceramic glaze Buddha tower pagoda measuring approx. 6"W x 13"H. Buddha figure sits inside. Beautiful colors and markings outside with mark on bottom.
210.00 17528
1215.1t.jpgA boxwood carving of an Asian woman dancing and holding a mandolin behind her. Wonderful detail measuring 4"W x 12"H.
22.00 16158
1216.1t.jpgA carved wooden elephant ashtray (boxwood?) measuring approx. 7"W x 4"H. Signature on the underside.
5.00 15395
1217.1t.jpgFamilla Rose six-piece food boxes with bird, calligraphy, and flowers decorating the sides. Measures approx. 5"W x 8.5"H. Qianlong mark.
210.56 17528
1220.1t.jpgAn eagle wood sculpture of Asian goddess Kuan-Yin measuring approx. 3.25"W x 12"H. (per owners' description)
25.00 11914
1233.1t.jpgA Peking glass jar with lid, carved fish and flora in red, orange, blue and green measuring approx. 6"W x 10"H. Signed on the bottom. Age unknown. Please preview for condition and detail.
110.00 9943
1235.1t.jpgA stone carving of a dragon (?) at rest measuring 3.75" long. A good paperweight! Age unknown. Please preview for condition.
55.00 17540
1311.1t.jpgA painting on canvas depicting a female nude on the rocks measuring 31" x 41". Included is a certificate of authenticity signed by the author and the title of the painting is Nude Mermaid Like Beauty.
39.25 2877
1323.1t.jpgAn Asian painting on canvas of women musicians measuring 28" x 38" to be hung horizontally.
80.15 17694
1357.1t.jpgA number of items featuring animals to include a Mexican painting on bark cloth(?), a signed painting of a white dog on wood, miniature glass swans, a wooden trinket box shaped like a turtle, a vintage Avon jar, and more. Please preview for complete contents.
8.59 17431
1474.1t.jpgA collection of twelve wood carved Asian figures, most are boxwood. The largest measures approx. 9"H
48.28 17694
1485.1t.jpgA rosewood carving of a laughing man (monk?) sitting on a stump. Measures approx. 4"W x
22.00 15957
1488.1t.jpgAn unusual carving from boxwood of a tree (bonsai?) measuring approx. 12"W x 4.5"H.
14.62 15360
1489.1t.jpgA rosewood (?) sculpture of a happy Buddha measuring approx. 6"W x 2"H. and a boxwood(?) sculpture of a kneeling among rocks and trees, measuring approx. 6"W x 5"H. Please preview for condition and detail.
12.32 17694
1512.1t.jpgA Chinese stone/porcelain(?) brush pot with calligraphy, bamboo, a cherry blossom branch on the outside and a signature mark on the bottom. Measures approx. 5.5"W x 5.5"H. Please preview for detail.
32.09 17694
1563.1t.jpgSix carved rosewood Chinese zodiac figures measuring approx. 2"W each. Also included are five glazed ceramic Chinese zodiac figures, each measuring approx. 3"W.
22.59 16158
1612.1t.jpgA Chinese Yaozhou kiln green double carved porcelain bowl carved on the outside and depicting cranes on the inside measuring approx. 7"dia. And a porcelain celadon shallow bowl measuring approx. 8" dia. Depicting a peacock and flowers on the inside. Please preview for detail.
320.00 17431
1616.1t.jpgA boxed collection of twelve clay zodiac figures, the tallest being the monkey measuring approx. 3.5"H. A complete set. Please preview for detail.
20.01 12764
1686.1t.jpgA carved rosewood (?) brush holder, oval in shape, with intricate detail depicting three Asian men outside beneath trees measuring approx. 5.5"W x 7.5"H. Beautiful.
145.00 16780
1938.1t.jpgAn intricate stone carving of eight Buddhas(?) at a river crossing under a tree. The backside also has some carving. Measures approx. 8"W x 9"H. Please preview for detail.
400.00 17431
2005.1t.jpgA Netsuke carved from wood with great detail in the form of a fish. Also included is a carved bird on a stump. Both are signed with the fish measuring 4.5" long. Please preview for detail.
48.59 17694
2006.1t.jpgA Netsuke with four pieces having an intricate carving of a dragonfly on both sides. Also included is a small owl carved from wood. Both are signed with the owl having a very small mark in the bottom. Please preview for detail and condition (the top piece is not as snug as the others,)
51.21 12514
2007.1t.jpgA 19th century carved stone of a green serpentine square based seal with four words on the bottom, "A Thousand Successes Can Be Accomplished" measuring appx. 3"W x 2.75"D x 2.5"H. (per owners' description) Please preview for detail.
260.01 17694

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