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Category: CHINESE ANTIQUITIES (7 records) 10/31/2018: Gates Estates in Henrico VA 23233 - Bids close Wednesday October 31st 2018 from 12 noon ET at 4 lots per minute
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1617.1t.jpgNine porcelain/glass (?) Court Musicians in the style of the Ming Dynasty or earlier. Appears to be a set of four and a set of five, none being over 5"H and fragile. Please preview for condition and detail.
2 6326 2.00 3.00
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1618.1t.jpgA green and brown jade headpiece used to hold hair in place. Typically used by scholars and royalty. Hairpiece measures 6"H with a 6.5" jade stick.
4 2256 5.00 6.00
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1980.1t.jpgA boxed collection of ten assorted Chinese coin molds in assorted shapes and sizes. The largest is a circular mold measuring appx 4"dia. With four circular coin shapes. Please preview for condition and detail.
5 1247 10.01 12.01
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1981.1t.jpgA boxed collection of nine Chinese coin molds of assorted shapes, the largest measuring appx. 4.5" H with a coin "tree" mold. Please preview for condition and detail.
2 1247 8.01 9.01
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1982.1t.jpgA boxed assortment of Asian coins and eleven pendants (?). The coins are varied in size and characters. Please preview for condition and detail.
6 17431 12.01 14.01
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2003.1t.jpgA pair of carved stone stamps measuring 2.5"sq. x 3"H with Certificate of Gems Identification. Please preview for detail.
8 4706 55.01 60.01
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2004.1t.jpgA large bowl with lid measuring 7"dia. encased with a detailed carving in cinnabar. Red ink is in the bowl. Please preview for condition and detail
8 4706 27.00 29.00
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