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Item Photo Description Price Bidder
1617.1t.jpgNine porcelain/glass (?) Court Musicians in the style of the Ming Dynasty or earlier. Appears to be a set of four and a set of five, none being over 5"H and fragile. Please preview for condition and detail.
3.25 5256
1618.1t.jpgA green and brown jade headpiece used to hold hair in place. Typically used by scholars and royalty. Hairpiece measures 6"H with a 6.5" jade stick.
36.00 17540
1980.1t.jpgA boxed collection of ten assorted Chinese coin molds in assorted shapes and sizes. The largest is a circular mold measuring appx 4"dia. With four circular coin shapes. Please preview for condition and detail.
130.00 17694
1981.1t.jpgA boxed collection of nine Chinese coin molds of assorted shapes, the largest measuring appx. 4.5" H with a coin "tree" mold. Please preview for condition and detail.
135.56 17694
1982.1t.jpgA boxed assortment of Asian coins and eleven pendants (?). The coins are varied in size and characters. Please preview for condition and detail.
420.00 17431
2003.1t.jpgA pair of carved stone stamps measuring 2.5"sq. x 3"H with Certificate of Gems Identification. Please preview for detail.
1050.00 17694
2004.1t.jpgA large bowl with lid measuring 7"dia. encased with a detailed carving in cinnabar. Red ink is in the bowl. Please preview for condition and detail
320.00 17431

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