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Category: COLLECTIBLES (51 records) 10/31/2018: Gates Estates in Henrico VA 23233 - Bids close Wednesday October 31st 2018 from 12 noon ET at 4 lots per minute
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1040.1t.jpgA stone Guanyin statue, goddess of mercy, with Kanji on the base measuring 15" x 15" x 57". Note: Winning bidder please bring appropriate equipment for removal of this item.
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1041.1t.jpgTwo ornate pieces of driftwood, the largest measuring 27"W x 9"D x 12"H.
4 8770 4.00 5.00
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1044.1t.jpgA wooden painted sculpture Ji Gong, Chan Master Daoji, in a seated position holding a gourd measuring 20" x 13" x 37". Please preview for condition.
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1045.1t.jpgA piece of driftwood mounted on flagstone and a piece of coral the largest measuring 11"W x 6"D x 8"H.
1 2270 1.00 2.00
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1062.1t.jpgA gold replica of a Korean "The First Armor Clad Ship in the World: Kobukson (1592)" in a glass box measuring 9" x 5" x 7". Commonly known as a Turtle Ship.
10 11990 17.88 19.88
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1067.1t.jpgA collection of horse jaw bones and scapular (?) bones with Kanji carved into the bone.
1 15360 1.00 2.00
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1072.1t.jpgA boxed set of ten chopsticks and rests. The box and contents have white inlay accents (abalone?). Appears to have never been used.
3 14855 9.88 10.88
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1075.1t.jpg"The Panda" plate from The Endangered Species, 1988. The plate is 9" and numbered. Also included are a miniature glass dog and elephant.
1 5256 1.00 2.00
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1098.1t.jpgA small wooden shelving unit containing assorted figurines, an oil lamp, a communion veil and more. Please preview for complete contents and condition.
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1099.1t.jpgA 20" display table with removable legs, scarves, nine glass/ceramic angel figures, and more. Please preview for complete contents.
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1111.1t.jpgThree Chinese modern abacus', two small ones made with metal and marble, the larger one is wooden.
1 1247 1.00 2.00
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1115.1t.jpgTwo U.S. 448-starflags, the largest on a bamboo pole measuring 56"W x 34"H, a copy of a page from the Chester Co. DE 1873 County Atlas, and more. Please preview for condition and complete contents.
1 1524 1.00 2.00
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1118.1t.jpgAn Ohaus USA cast iron vintage scale measuring 10" x 6" x 7" with varying weights. Please preview for complete contents and condition.
5 10321 16.02 18.02
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1136.1t.jpgA Chinese Bi Disc measuring 17" Dia. with a display stand and fabric covered box.
5 4706 8.00 9.00
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1145.1t.jpgFour Chinese carved boxwood Ruyi scepters, carved in the shape of Ganoderma. Three measure approx. 14"H and one measures approx. 11"H.
3 14251 7.00 8.00
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1147.1t.jpgA Huanghuali wood carving of Bodhidharma, the Buddhist Saint and Grand Master of Kung Fu. Measures between 10" and 11"H.
2 3518 2.00 3.00
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1148.1t.jpgA boxwood carving of "Huanghuali Da-Mo", a Buddhist Saint and Grand Master of Kung Fu with a Foo dog. Signed by the artist and measures approx. 5"H.
2 3518 2.00 3.00
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1149.1t.jpgA Chinese boxwood carving of eight mythical immortal gods. Great detail in the work, measuring approx. 10"W x 3"H.
3 3518 4.00 5.00
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1166.1t.jpgTwo vintage portable typewriters, one by Royal with a cover, and a Sears model 161.53770 with the case and owner's guide. The Royal is a manual typewriter and the Sears is electric.
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1177.1t.jpgThree pieces of boxwood to include a 4"W carved pedestal, a 5"H happy Buddha, and a bracelet of beads and carved heads with different faces strung on elastic.
2 3518 6.00 7.00
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1183.1t.jpgThree graduated magnifiers and a collection of assorted polished gemstones. Please see photos for list of stones.
7 17431 24.22 26.22
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1209.1t.jpgWhite coral Asian beauty, 2.5"H. (per owners description)
3 3518 5.25 6.25
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1210.1t.jpgA set of 5 boxed Chinese snuff bottles depicting warriors on one side of the bottle and calligraphy with botanical themes on the reverse side. All measure 2"W x 4"H with green spoons. Please preview for condition.
3 5256 3.00 4.00
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1338.1t.jpgThree first of series collector plates, each with C.O.A. " Tomorrows Hope" from Vanishing Wildlife series, 1992, "The Koala" from Natures Lovables series, 1990, and "Partners" from Natures Playmates series, 1991. All individually boxed.
1 5256 1.00 2.00
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1342.1t.jpgNorth American dinosaur vertebra piece measuring 4.5"W.
9 4706 27.00 29.00
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1344.1t.jpgA set of four pieces of the Audubon Bronzes from the Hamilton Collection, all signed NN Deaton 1977 with 3 sitting on a 5" base. Also included is a resin replica of a rattlesnake.
5 1524 5.09 6.09
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1449.1t.jpgNautical items including a telescope with the level, two compasses, opera glasses, a boatswains whistle, a magnifying glass, and two captain's spy glasses. The largest box measuring 14" x 9" x 3".
7 11115 18.00 20.00
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1537.1t.jpgA vintage set of ten Chinese button pins, six are still in unopened packages. Calligraphy is on the backside. Measures 2"dia.
2 17431 2.00 3.00
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1544.1t.jpgA collection of fifteen Tibetan silver (alloys) charms of miniature standing Asian figures. One has a copper mark in the bottom. The tallest measures approx. 1.5"H. Includes box.
3 16925 3.00 4.00
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1546.1t.jpgA collection of faux tortoise shell cosmetic boxes and miniature piano and a set of twelve stone zodiac pendants. Please preview for condition and detail.
1 6326 1.00 2.00
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1565.1t.jpgA vintage Life magazine dated June 30, 1941, two issues of Star, 1997, assorted cut class and aluminum ashtrays, matches, cigarette holders and lacquered case, and a replica of a vintage French telephone. Please preview for condition.
3 11563 3.25 4.25
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1748.1t.jpgA collection of glaze pottery dance men statues resembling figures from the Han Dynasty with the largest measuring 7" x 9. An authenticity document has been found on the premises, however, it cannot be established if the document matches these items. Please preview for content.
1 3607 1.00 2.00
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1772.1t.jpgA set of glass zodiac figures each with their own chop in the Ming Dynasty style measuring 5".
2 11115 2.00 3.00
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1773.1t.jpgA collection of blue glass zodiac figures with the largest measuring 4". Not a full set. Please preview for complete content.
2 5256 2.25 3.25
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1774.1t.jpgA collection of red glass zodiac figures with the largest measuring 4". Not a full set and some duplicates. Please preview for complete content.
5 5841 9.25 10.25
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1776.1t.jpgA bone figure of a man holding a staff measuring 4".
2 4706 2.00 3.00
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1931.1t.jpgA collection of seventeen state license plates from the 80's to include Virginia, Texas, So. Carolina, New Mexico, and No. Carolina. Please preview for condition.
1 6244 1.00 2.00
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1932.1t.jpgA large vintage travel trunk measuring 38"W x 24"D x 24"H. It contains two removable fabric covered shelves with straps, two leather handles on the sides, and is reinforced with wooden straps and brass supports on all 4 sides.
2 1524 2.00 3.00
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1946.1t.jpgTwo ink stones with ancient Asian money depictions, a dragon, and Chinese characters the largest measuring 5" x 3". Please preview for condition.
1 15395 1.00 2.00
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1947.1t.jpgTwo ink stones with Asian writing, dragons, and a warrior carrying a flag with the largest measuring 6" x 4.
4 4706 12.00 14.00
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1948.1t.jpgTwo ink stones depicting animals, Asian money, and a Buddha, the largest measuring five Inches by 4".
2 2256 2.00 3.00
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22433.1t.jpgVintage-to-antique printer's typeset drawer, 33" x 17". *Consignor Item*
1 1015 1.00 2.00
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22436.1t.jpgVintage Mid-century Modern metal wall sculpture of a peacock, 38"W. *Consignor Item*
4 11368 17.39 19.39
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22438.1t.jpgVintage cast iron cat doorstop, 11"H. *Consignor Item*
6 13520 17.00 19.00
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22444.1t.jpgHenry McKenna stoneware jug, 10"H. *Consignor Item*
2 11115 2.00 3.00
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22446.1t.jpgMade in Japan children's tea set, "Little Duchess", in original box with packaging and appears to be complete. *Consignor Item*
6 8070 12.02 14.02
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22447.1t.jpgVintage block and tackle, with "Star" marking. *Consignor Item*
1 1524 1.00 2.00
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22448.1t.jpgSix spoke, cast iron wheel, 5"W x 26" Dia., very heavy. *consignor Item*
4 7966 8.00 9.00
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22453.1t.jpgOriginal "Maid of Honor" glass washboard. *Consignor Item*
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22454.1t.jpgGlass boudoir lamp with spelter cherubs and adjustable fan. *Consignor Item*
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