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Item Photo Description Price Bidder
1185.1t.jpgA green jade rams head with yellowish grey patina measuring 2"W. Circa 14th - 17th C., Ming Dynasty (per owner description)
111.00 17694
1186.1t.jpgA well carved white jade of a kneeling man holding a ram's head with brown patina measuring 2.75"H. Circa 18th C. or earlier (per owner description).
101.10 16457
1187.1t.jpgGreyish white jade, a worshipping lady with beautiful black patina, 3.25"H. Circa 19th C. or earlier (per owners' description).
110.00 17694
1188.1t.jpgA greenish jade pendant in the shape of a human(?) face, measuring 1.5"H. Circa 18th C. or earlier (per owners' description).
95.00 17694
1189.1t.jpgA white jade dragon pendant, 2.5"H, Circa 206 B.C.- A.D. 220, Han Dynasty. (per owners' description)
101.00 16457
1190.1t.jpgA greenish white jade curled dragon with black and light brown patina, approx. 2"D. Han Dynasty, circa 206B.C. - A.D. 220. (per owners' description)
111.00 17694
1191.1t.jpgA white jade crouching dragon with light brown patina, 1.75" long. Circa 220 - 589, six dynasties. (per owners' description)
130.00 16457
1192.1t.jpgA greyish white jade crouching dog with black patina, approx. 2" long. Ming Dynasty, 14th - 17th century. (per owners' description)
38.01 17694
1193.1t.jpgA greenish white jade pendant in the shape of a squatting man, 1.75"H, circa 475 - 221 B.C., Warring States. (per owners' description)
111.00 17694
1194.1t.jpgA greyish white jade squatting bear with dark patina, 1.25"H. Circa 19th century. (per owners' description)
111.00 17694
1195.1t.jpgA greenish white jade dragon head with brown patina, 2" long. Circa 206 B.C. - A.D. 220, Han Dynasty. (per owners' description)
95.00 17694
1196.1t.jpgA greenish white jade of a standing court lady with brown and white patina, 2.75" long. Tang dynasty, A.D. 618 - 907. (per owners' description)
37.00 14294
1197.1t.jpgA greenish white squatting bear with dark brown patina, 1.5: H. Circa 19th C. (per owners' description)
32.00 17481
1198.1t.jpgA greenish white jade pendant of a human body and a horse head, 2.25"H. Circa 18th/19th C. (per owners' description)
65.00 17694
1199.1t.jpgA white jade mythical animal pendant with dark brown patina almost all over its body, 2.5"long. Circa Shang Dynasty. (per owners' description)
12.50 16925
1200.1t.jpgA pair of calcified white jade men, each 1 13/16"H. Shang dynasty. (per owners' description)
26.55 8611
1201.1t.jpgA greenish white jade pendant in the shape of a standing man, 2.25"H. Warring States, 475 - 221B.C. (per owners' description)
27.03 3071
1202.1t.jpgA greenish white jade standing man with light brown patina, 2.25"H. Circa 770 - 476 B.C. (per owners' description)
92.02 15957
1203.1t.jpgA white jade mythical animal pendant with birch and dark brown patina all over, about 2.5" long. Shang dynasty. (per owners' description)
5.25 6413
1204.1t.jpgA rectangular jade plaque/pendant measuring 2"H.
16.01 15360
1205.1t.jpgA white jade group of sheep, 2.25" long. (per owners' description)
170.00 17694
1206.1t.jpgTwo boys in white jade, 2.5"H. (per owners' description)
170.00 17694
1207.1t.jpgA boy holding a large peach in white jade, 2.25"H. (per owners' description)
170.00 1302
1208.1t.jpgA big-eyed man in calcified jade, approx. 2.25"H. Shang dynasty. (per owners' description)
37.03 17694
1234.1t.jpgA circular jade carving of an animal (fox?) and a human on top measuring 8.25" at the widest point. Age unknown. Please preview for condition and detail.
158.88 17694
1236.1t.jpgA green and white jade cup measuring 3.75"W x 1.75"H with carved detail on the outside. Age unknown. Please preview for condition and detail.
110.11 17694
1251.1t.jpgA finely carved and polished carnation agate pendant measuring 1 5/8H. (As described by owner)
112.34 17694
1252.1t.jpgAn old jadeite pendant measuring 3"L from the 19th century. (As described by owner)
133.00 17431
1253.1t.jpgAn old jadeite square plaque measuring 3 1/4"L from 19th century. (As described by owner)
150.90 17694
1465.1t.jpgA jade/stone carved pigeon measuring approx. 8"W x 4.5"H.
120.00 17694
1466.1t.jpgA jade sculpture of a mythical bird. Jade is of two-color tones measuring approx. 8"W x 4"H. Opening in the top suggests there may be a missing top piece?
120.09 17694
1467.1t.jpgA hand carved lidded vase/Chinese censer measuring approx. 7"W x 9"H. Mythical animals on two sides and a smaller one on the lid.
320.00 16457
1468.1t.jpgA Chinese Zhongshan (?) statue of a kneeling man measuring approx. 3"W x 7"H.
42.00 17694
1471.1t.jpgA brown jade knelling woman measuring approx. 3"W x 5"H.
65.00 17694
1472.1t.jpgA white stone/jade figure which appears to have a likeness of a Sumo wrestler and warrior measuring approx. 3"W x 5"H.
120.00 16457
1473.1t.jpgAn elaborate carving of a mythical beast with armor(?) measures approx. 5"W x 5"H. Please preview for condition and detail.
110.00 17694
1493.1t.jpgA carved dagger with designs on the surface measuring approx. 8.25" long.
110.00 8611
1494.1t.jpgA pale green/white jade cylinder in the shape of a vase with two lion-form(?) handles. The bottom looks as if it may fit into another piece, measuring approx. 3.5"W x 4"H. Please preview for condition and detail.
29.00 17694
1505.1t.jpgA jade figure measuring approx. 3.75" H.
57.02 17694
1545.1t.jpgA grey jade standing man with a custom-made stand. Warring States style but 19th century or earlier. Measures approx. 4"H. (Per owners' description)
110.10 16457
1619.1t.jpgA green and brown piece of jade carved of a man kneeling holding fish measuring approx. 2.25"H. Includes box.
65.00 17694
1621.1t.jpgTwo mythical animals carved from green and brown jade accented with tiny stones on the body and eyes. The largest measures approx. 2"W x 3"D x 1.5"H. Includes box.
80.00 17694
1679.1t.jpgA green and white jade plate, some transparency with scalloped edge and a fish carved in the center. It comes boxed and measures 6.25" dia.
950.00 17431
1680.1t.jpgA multi-color inkstone (jade?) with two wells. A carved beast holding swords is at the top and indentations and other designs on the sides measuring approx. 4"W x 14"H. Please preview for detail.
525.00 17540
1685.1t.jpgSix pieces of sculpted jade, all in depictions of dragons the largest being 4.75"H. The four largest measure approx. 3/16th of an inch thick. Please preview for detail.
120.00 17431
1687.1t.jpgFour pieces of sculpted jade with each featuring birds, animals, or flowers. The largest measures approx. 3"W x .5" deep x 4.25"H. Each is similarly sculpted on the reverse side. Please preview for detail.
320.88 17431
1688.1t.jpgthree pieces of sculpted jade, the largest measuring 3.5"W. Please preview for detail.
310.00 17540
1689.1t.jpgThree intricately carved jade plaques (?), the largest measuring 6"W x 6.5"D x .5" thick with a mythical beast deeply carved on one side and fish carved on the reverse. The other two each have fish themes carved on one side and the reverse have carved mythical creatures (?). All have a hole at the top for hanging. Please preview for detail.
200.89 17540
1706.1t.jpgFour pieces of carved jade the largest measuring 7" long. Two have holes at the top for hanging. One is deeply carved depiction of a bamboo stalk with a lightly carved tree on the back. The lightest in color has serpents carved on both sides. One is a large oval with fish carved on one side and the other birds. The smaller oval is pierced in places, and deeply carved with an animal. Please preview for detail.
310.00 5283
1707.1t.jpgTwo carved combs, the largest measuring 6.5"W, and a carved piece with a hole at the top depicting a lily pad on one side and fish with flowers on the other. Measures approx. 3.5"L. Please preview for detail.
220.00 17431

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