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Category: KITCHENWARE (5 records) 10/31/2018: Gates Estates in Henrico VA 23233 - Bids close Wednesday October 31st 2018 from 12 noon ET at 4 lots per minute
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1132.1t.jpgFive pieces of Corningware cornflower design with lids ranging in size from 3 qt. to 22 oz., 3 Corningware French White with lids, 2.5 qt. and 4.75ml., a 6.5" skillet with lid, and 1 Corningware Casual Elegance oven/broiler dish with refrigerator cover. Please preview for condition.
1 6244 1.00 2.00
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1607.1t.jpgA mixed lot of primarily beverage makers, cups, and glasses to include two small clay teapots with six cups and bowl of which the bowl and one pot are marked. Also included are 3 glasses, a small Chinese teapot and 6 cups with calligraphy, a French press, tea tins and more. Please preview for complete contents and condition.
1 5256 1.00 2.00
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1609.1t.jpgA cabinet lot of stovetop cookware to include a set of Menglaite (China) stainless steel pots and lids, three Farberware skillets, and assorted other makers of pots and lids. Please preview for complete contents and lids
1 7966 3.00 4.00
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1676.1t.jpgAn assortment of coffee mugs, two Corning Ware bakers with lids, a FireKing glass bowl for a Sunbeam mixer, 2 vintage Tupperware containers with lids, assorted canisters, a large spongeware platter, a vintage recipe box and more. Please preview for complete contents.
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1677.1t.jpgA GE electric slicing knife NIB, four vintage thermos bottles, mixed flatware, assorted knives, skewers, a new 20 piece set of flatware from Ikea, vinyl ice bucket, assorted chopsticks and more. Please preview for condition and complete contents.
5 7966 8.00 9.00
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