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1140.1t.jpgLarge collection of genuine movie posters, original Coming Soon posters, and over-sized vinyl movie banners, featuring Ghost In the Machine, The Good Son, Robocop III, The Princess and the Goblin, Fatal Instinct, Cops II, Cool Runnings, Ernest Rides Again, Baby's Day Out, Beethoven's Second, Sugar Hill, My Father the Hero, Grumpy Old Men, Shadowlands, The Air Up There, Sister Act II, The Beverly Hillbillies, Ricard Dean Anderson: MacGyver, Greedy, Intersection, Blank Check, The Paper, Being Human, Blown Away, Angie, Summer House, Remains of the Day, Iron Will, My Life, The Program, In the Name of the Father, Pelican Brief, Heart and Soul, Philadelphia, Speed, The Mask, Wyatt Earp, In the Army, The River Is Wild, Speechless, The Pagemaster, Camp Nowhere, Trapped in Paradise, Andre, Lassie; Best Friends Are Forever, A Simple Twist of Fate, Airheads, Miracle on 34th Street (1994), It's Pat, The Swan Princess, Star Trek: Generations, The Scout, Paula Abdul, etc. Most are flat, not rolled, with many titles duplicated. Harrison Ford: The Fugitive, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Keanu Reeves: Speed, and Arnold Schwarzenegger: True Lies are oversized vinyl banners with grommets. There is a signed photo of Richard Dean Anderson, a signed Show Bill from Patrick Stewart in A Christmas Carrol, a Green Band The Lion King roll of film marked Simba, FLAT 2:29, and more.
110.00 15957
1141.1t.jpgCollection of Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee posters, books, magazines, Boxed Sets VHS tapes, featuring an original The Crow movie poster.
4.25 14914

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