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Item Photo Description Price Bidder
1274.1t.jpgItem: A set of eight Lismore pattern champagne coupes by Waterford.
Location: Kitchen
97.26 20012
1275.1t.jpgItem: A set of eight Lismore pattern wine stems by Waterford, measuring appx. 5.75"H.
Location: Kitchen
145.00 17905
1276.1t.jpgItem: A six-piece set of Lismore pattern cordials by Waterford crystal. Includes original box.
Location: Kitchen
78.81 20012
1277.1t.jpgItem: A crystal picture frame by Waterford in the Lismore pattern for a 5" x 7" photo. Outside frame 8" W x 10" H.
Location: Kitchen
14.01 20012
1278.1t.jpgItem: Four pieces of Waterford crystal to include a small Lismore pattern footed creamer and three Boyne cordial glasses measuring 3.25" tall
Location: Kitchen
27.01 20012
1279.1t.jpgItem: A pair of Waterford crystal wine glasses measuring 7.25" in the Lismore pattern.
Location: Kitchen
31.04 20012

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