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Item Photo Description Price Bidder
750at.jpg7 LITERARY CLASSICS. Tales of Poe; Robin Hood (illustrated by Wyeth); Moby Dick and 4 other leather bound titles
30.88 19089
751at.jpg6 BOOKS ON ARCHITECTURE. The House Beautiful by Frank Lloyd Wright; Southern Comfort; Phantoms of the Hudson Valley; Chicago's North Shore and 2 others
6.00 18030
752at.jpg10 COOK BOOKS Tea Rooms (signed); The Silver Spoon; Cuba!; Smuggler's Cove; New Napa and 5 others including the 75th Anniversary edition of The Joy of Cooking
17.00 17362
753at.jpg8 BOOKS ON THE CIVIL WAR. Cold Harbor; The Horrid Pit; Historical Atlas of the Civil War; Landscape Turned Red and 4 other titles
45.09 8785
754at.jpg6 BOOKS ON VIRGINIA. Facts & Legends of the Hills of Richmond (signed by authors); Stories of WWII by Hampton Roads Vets; From the Beach to the Bay-Sandbridge; The Gardens of Glen Burnie; Poplar Forest and The Congressional Cemetery
17.89 8785
755at.jpg11 VOLUMES FROM THE VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS SERIES. Mostly Vietnam War related
12.50 10529
756at.jpg10 BOOKS ON COLLECTABLES-MOSTLY GLASS RELATED. Cut & Engraved Glass of Corning; Seneca Glass; Venetian Glass; European Glass 1500-1800; Chinese Export Porcelain 1785-1835; 2 Doll books and 3 others
14.00 1003
757at.jpg15 HOW TO ART BOOKS. How to Draw Plants; Capturing Children; Oil Painting Secrets; Painting Flowers; Concept & Composition and 10 other titles
48.36 13209
758at.jpg6 BOOKS ON THE MILITARY. 4 Volume Boxed edition of Chronicles of the Great American Wars; Warfare in the 18th Century and Warfare in the 17th Century
10.50 1807
759at.jpgShelf lot books, includes A Century of Model Trains, assorted sheet music, Shirley Temple Black, Christian Science Hymnal, The Little Colonel Stories and others
7.00 11285
760at.jpgLeapfrog children's books, includes Nemo, Scooby Doo, Underwater Mystery, Star Wars, Disney and Tag plastic box with pen
22.00 11122
761at.jpgAssorted Bibles, German language volumes and Portfolio of Currier and Ives
42.00 14935
762at.jpgAutographed copies We Were There and Those in Peril on the Sea by L Peter Wren
4.00 5069
763at.jpgThe Official Atlas of the Civil War 1958 edition by Thomas Yoseloff, London, includes dust jacket
15.00 3887
764at.jpgGrouping of Harley-Davidson books and DVDs, includes Encyclopedia of the Harley-Davidson, One Light Coming, This Old Harley, Harley-Davidson Great Rides and others
12.50 8784
765at.jpgShelf lot art related books, includes The Art of Netsuke Carving, Leonardo, Vincent Van Gogh, German and Austrian Porcelain and others
8.00 5652
766at.jpgShelf lot books, includes The Real Mother Goose, Currier and Ives, Includes Popular Natural History and others
18.01 11285
767at.jpgShelf lot firearm and gun collectors reference books, includes 2001 and 2010 Standard Catalog of Firearms, Shooters Bible, Gun Digest, Gun Traders Guide and others
5.01 16400
768at.jpgLeapfrog 16 Tag books, pink carry box and tag pen
14.00 12812
769at.jpgShelf lot books, includes 2 volumes Britannica World Language, Book of Indians, Great American West, 1776, Complete Book of Fly-fishing and others
1.00 11285
770at.jpgSidney Sheldon and other novels, shelf lot
2.00 1003
1033at.jpgRecollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee, Garden City Publishing 1924 Edition
34.01 20036
1317at.jpgVarious books to include "Truman", "Polar Star", "Russia and the War and Peace" and various other titles
9.00 5436
1320at.jpgVarious books to include "Main Streets", "The New Gardener", "White Pillars" and various other titles
1.00 11285
1324at.jpgVarious books to include "Almost Paradise", "Kennedy", "The Onyx" and other titles
1.00 11285
1327at.jpgVarious books to include "The Bounty Trilogy", "Huckleberry Finn", "Robinson Caruso" and other titles
4.00 16861
1331at.jpgVarious books in metal footlocker to include "Citizen Soldiers", "Up Front", "The Nazi Doctors" and other titles
14.00 11285
1396at.jpgVarious books to include "Eyewitness", "Our Century in Pictures", "Into Africa" and other titles
9.00 11285
1398at.jpgVarious books to include "Eight Little Piggies", "The American Story", "The Diana Years" and other titles
1.00 11285
1402at.jpgVarious war books to include "Storming to Power", The New Order", "Roosevelt, The Soldier of Freedom" and other titles
8.76 5436
1403at.jpgVarious books to include "Arizona Landmarks", "Tactics of Modern Warfare", "The Home Planet" and other titles
12.03 5436
1451at.jpgVarious books to include "Bleak House", "World's Greatest Literature", "A Connecticut Yankee in the King Author's Court" and other titles
7.00 16861

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