Category: CLOCKS (9 records) 10/28/2019: CLOSED - Yellow Gate Place Dinwiddie VA 23841 - Bids close Monday October 28th 2019 from 6pm ET at 4 lots per minute
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Item Photo Description Price Bidder
818 818t.jpgItem: Florentine Style Bronze Finish Quarts Mantle or Table Clock. 10"x8"
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 11762
826t.jpgItem: Beaded Candle Sticks and Sharp Atomic Clock. 12"x7 1/2"
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 16262
845 845t.jpgItem: Decorative Mantle Quarts Clock. Green Marble Bronze Finish. 12"x7"
Location: Main Bldg.
6.00 2925
855t.jpgItem: Pair of Ceramic 3D Angel/Cherub Plaques. Largest 10"x13" and Metal Bronze Finish Quartz Clock 6 1/2"x6 1/4"
Location: Main Bldg.
6.00 2925
862t.jpgItem: Wood and Bronze Finish Decorator Quartz Clock 9"x6 1/2" and Ceramic Vessel
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 2925
1158t.jpgItem: Rooster Clock, Basket, Yankee Candle and China Candle Holder 12" tall
Location: Main Bldg.
2.00 11926
1425t.jpgItem: Quartz Wooden Stratford Chiming Clock 22"x12" in working condition.
Location: Main Bldg.
6.00 14318
1434t.jpgItem: Lot of Quartz Clocks and Wamsetta Ceramic Tissue Box Cover. Wooden Clock is 17"x8 1/2"
Location: Main Bldg.
2.00 2925
1644t.jpgItem: Dold Exquisite Schwarzwald-Uhren Black Forest Cuckoo Clock. Consignor Says never Used. 9 1/2"x6"
Location: Main Bldg.
75.25 20102

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