Category: HOME GOODS (79 records) 10/28/2019: CLOSED - Yellow Gate Place Dinwiddie VA 23841 - Bids close Monday October 28th 2019 from 6pm ET at 4 lots per minute
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Item Photo Description Price Bidder
815t.jpgItem: Pair of Bronze Finish Cornice Wall Shelves. 12"x11 1/2"
Location: Main Bldg.
3.00 19884
817t.jpgItem: Concrete Artemis and Aphrodite Greek Wall Sculptures. 14 1/2"x9". Small Concrete Column 7"x8" and Glass Candlestick.
Location: Main Bldg.
5.00 9776
821t.jpgItem: Pair of Antique Finish Cornice Shelves. 8"x13'
Location: Main Bldg.
4.00 16657
828t.jpgItem: Accents Table Top Translucent Glass Mist Fountain-New in Box. Can use Aromatherapy or Essential Oils in it. Bowl is 13" Wide and Lighting is LED
Location: Main Bldg.
4.00 16375
833t.jpgItem: Cast Iron Bird Hat Hook Rack. 18"x3 1/2"
Location: Main Bldg.
20.00 18062
836t.jpgItem: San Marcos Heavy Fleece Blanket depicting a Horse King Size. 79"x96"
Location: Main Bldg.
5.00 17476
838t.jpgItem: Country Dcor 17" Garden Wreath (Wooden Bunny Ear Needs to be glued) Wooden Cow Hat Rack and Chick Yard Stake.
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 14324
856t.jpgItem: Trio of Mirrors and Matching Cornices. Mirrors are 8"x8" and Cornices are 4 1/2" x10 1/2"
Location: Main Bldg.
4.00 2925
859t.jpgItem: Stainless Steel Bathroom Ensemble Lot; Toilet Paper Holder, Toilet Paper Rack and Tissue Box Cover
Location: Main Bldg.
2.00 14324
860t.jpgItem: Farm Themed Throw and Matching Pillow. 50"x62"
Location: Main Bldg.
15.00 5746
864t.jpgItem: Barnwood Frame for 8"x10" picture, Farm Themed Pillows, Lanterns and Hanging Basket
Location: Main Bldg.
6.00 19244
866t.jpgItem: Quilt with Wedding Pattern. 82'x78"
Location: Main Bldg.
12.00 7756
867t.jpgItem: Handmade Baby Quilt. 56"x90"
Location: Main Bldg.
9.00 19838
871t.jpgItem: Tree Like Metal and Glass Votive Candle Holder 32"x30". Leaves are Glass
Location: Main Bldg.
2.00 10371
908t.jpgItem: Large Decorative Wooden Candlestick. 18" tall without Candles. Base is 7" Round. Made in India
Location: Main Bldg.
10.00 19215
909t.jpgItem: Decorative Lot; Hanging Copper Finish Sun, Sun Moon and Stars Trio of Mirrors, International Silver Spun Glass Ornament and Keller Charles Tray 22"x16"
Location: Main Bldg.
7.00 14982
914t.jpgItem: 12 inch Paper Mache Watermelon on Wood Rack, Vintage Pottery Bowl with Wooden Apples and Ceramic Fruit and Nuts
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 7756
923t.jpgItem: Painted Wood Duck Wall Dcor. 20"x26"-Wooden Magazine Rack and Metal CD Stand. (3 Pieces)
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 14318
925t.jpgItem: Mikasa Crystal, Candlesticks, Serving ware and 2 Lamps on Marble Vases 16" tall.
Location: Main Bldg.
12.00 19956
1024 1024t.jpgItem: Wooden Pegged Shelf. 28"x10"
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 7756
1049t.jpgItem: Large Lot of Cats Meow et al decorative buildings
Location: Main Bldg.
20.29 12553
1075t.jpgItem: 2 Dried Flower Arrangements. Largest 18"x32"
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 2925
1076t.jpgItem: Lighted Cala Lily in Pot. 21"x8"
Location: Main Bldg.
4.33 14318
1098t.jpgItem: Cast Iron Wall Mount Dryad Greek Garden Mask 12"x9". Very Heavy
Location: Main Bldg.
9.00 18587
1100 1100t.jpgItem: Depose Clown Figures Italy on Marble Bases. 8 1/2" tall
Location: Main Bldg.
8.00 19838
1107t.jpgItem: Vintage Cast Aluminum Eagle Weather Vane. 28" tall. (w is broken). Has mount for an A Frame Roof
Location: Main Bldg.
26.00 2925
1108t.jpgItem: 7 US Aire Floor Registers 4"x10" Duct Size All New in Packages.
Location: Main Bldg.
14.50 1176
1112t.jpgItem: Bucket and Washboard Dcor, Knowles Pitcher with Lid, Bread Warmer Brick, 5" Roseville Pottery Drip Pitcher and more.
Location: Main Bldg.
2.00 16262
1118t.jpgItem: Cast Iron Door Stop 10"x8", Vintage Cast Iron Coffee Grinder and 2 Trivets
Location: Main Bldg.
14.10 1310
1122t.jpgItem: Bamboo Birdcage. 14"x15'x10'
Location: Main Bldg.
2.55 14324
1133t.jpgItem: Cast Iron Miniature Skillet, Pistol and Plant Hanger 9"x10"
Location: Main Bldg.
4.00 11926
1135 1135t.jpgItem: Pair of 12" Wreaths, Wooden Mail Holder and Apple Wall Box
Location: Main Bldg.
1149t.jpgItem: Fall Wreaths (Largest 16"), Hummel Plaques and Decorative Copper Spoon
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 19884
1151t.jpgItem: Slate Painted signs. Largest 10"x13", Wooden Watermelon Sign and Basket
Location: Main Bldg.
1155t.jpgItem: Country Dcor; 4 Lidded Boxes, Wooden Mice, Wooden Iron, and Country Stuff Wall Hanging
Location: Main Bldg.
1164t.jpgItem: Cow Basket 10"x10", Milk Bottle Deco, Creamer and Sugar, Salt and Pepper and Matching Oil and Vinegar
Location: Main Bldg.
2.00 20171
1178 1178t.jpgItem: Painted Wooden Handled Faux Shovels. Largest 39"
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 14982
1189t.jpgItem: Fall Wire Baskets, Chikaramchi Japan Cup and Saucers and numbered Porcelain La Vie En Rose Dish with Spoon
Location: Main Bldg.
1190t.jpgItem: European and Asian Inspired Dcor; Japan Vase, Italian Hand Painted Ewer, Ucagco Hand Painted Pitcher, Music Box and Sakura French Plates. Tallest 12"
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 19028
1193t.jpgItem: Pair of Doll Wreaths-13", Punched Tin Candle Holder, Wall Sconces and More
Location: Main Bldg.
1201t.jpgItem: Brass Finish Liberty Bell Bookends. 5'x5"
Location: Main Bldg.
7.10 8378
1202t.jpgItem: Cast Iron String Dispenser and Bear Door Stop. Largest 7'x6"
Location: Main Bldg.
22.10 1310
1203t.jpgItem: Cast Iron 7" Trivets and Rooster Door Knocker
Location: Main Bldg.
4.00 1310
1204t.jpgItem: Cast Iron Door Knocker and Hat Hook. Largest 7 1/4"
Location: Main Bldg.
5.00 1310
1212t.jpgItem: Pair of Floral Fall Fireside Baskets. Largest 15"x32" (2 Pieces)
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 19884
1216t.jpgItem: Fall Floral Arrangement 14"x16; and Quilt Type Comforter 62"x80"
Location: Main Bldg.
4.00 19884
1220t.jpgItem: Large Wine Bottle Rack 12"x22"x11" plus Composite Chest Type Container
Location: Main Bldg.
5.00 5746
1221t.jpgItem: Bamboo Storage Box with Handles. 10 1/2"x18"
Location: Main Bldg.
8.00 19996
1258t.jpgItem: Lantern Container, Faux 13" Coral Bowl, and Framed German Print
Location: Main Bldg.
2.00 16375
1262t.jpgItem: Host of Angels 32"x45; Outdoor Christmas Flag new in Package
Location: Main Bldg.
10.00 17900

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