Category: SPORTING GOODS (52 records) 10/28/2019: CLOSED - Yellow Gate Place Dinwiddie VA 23841 - Bids close Monday October 28th 2019 from 6pm ET at 4 lots per minute
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Item Photo Description Price Bidder
879 879t.jpgItem: 3 Avery Outdoors Hard Plastic Duck Decoys. "Hot Boy Mallard Hen", Mallard Drake and Snap Lock Mallard
Location: Main Bldg.
4.00 4282
913t.jpgItem: Pair of Metal Ammo Boxes. Largest 7"x12"x6"
Location: Main Bldg.
6.00 1310
954t.jpgItem: Brass Pistol Bullet Mold probably 32 Cal.
Location: Main Bldg.
12.40 1310
961 961t.jpgItem: Dietz 14" D-Lite Lantern and Propane Camping Stove
Location: Main Bldg.
27.55 12543
975 975t.jpgItem: 3/8" Roll of Ski Rope. Approximately 500-700 Feet. Roll is 12"x13"
Location: Main Bldg.
24.15 4254
978 978t.jpgItem: 2 Sets of Dumbbells 8lbsm 5lbs. Solid Steel
Location: Main Bldg.
4.11 19580
979t.jpgItem: Wooden Cigar Box "The Palms" with Antique Reloading Tools.
Location: Main Bldg.
22.00 12543
984t.jpgItem: Box Lot of 10 Dropped Deer Antlers, 10 Jaws to measure age of deer.
Location: Main Bldg.
36.00 12543
991 991t.jpgItem: Large Tote of Deer Antlers
Location: Main Bldg.
55.51 12543
997t.jpgItem: Homemade Gun Rack, Bow Target and Hang Em High Hoist for Lifting Deer or Feeders
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 5531
1040t.jpgItem: Vintage Plastic Fishing Lures and Mini Plano Pocket Pak
Location: Main Bldg.
11.00 1312
1043t.jpgItem: Pair of Ford Explorer Camp Chairs in Canvas Case
Location: Main Bldg.
4.33 1654
1052t.jpgItem: Plastic Duck Decoys, Flambeau, Redhead and one generic
Location: Main Bldg.
3.00 2925
1103 1103t.jpgItem: Montgomery Ward Gasoline Lantern. 13" without handle
Location: Main Bldg.
13.00 12543
1165 1165t.jpgItem: Vintage Foam Goose Decoy 9"z17"
Location: Main Bldg.
3.00 1310
1223 1223t.jpgItem: Vintage Wooden and Metal Snow Sled. 54"x22"
Location: Tr 1
7.10 17537
1225t.jpgItem: 7 Fishing Reels plus 5 Rod and Reel Combos, Zebco 202, Zebco 33 and Penn
Location: Main Bldg.
27.00 17537
1239t.jpgItem: Vintage Plastic Fishing Lures mounted on Board. Largest 7"-Smallest 2"
Location: Main Bldg.
20.00 18662
1242t.jpgItem: Hello Kitty Girls Bike 16" by Dyna Craft
Location: Main Bldg.
5.09 16034
1263 1263t.jpgItem: Sport Balls; Soccer and Redskins Football
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 17419
1264t.jpgItem: Bone Collector Archery Target; Broadhead or Field Tips. New 20'x17"x18'
Location: Main Bldg.
10.00 13584
1265t.jpgItem: Vintage Horse Harness with Brass Hardware. 20"x20" (possibly for pulling coffins)
Location: Main Bldg.
5.00 17537
1266t.jpgItem: 9 Person Extended Dome Ten New in package. By Core Equipment
Location: Main Bldg.
14.50 15406
1267t.jpgItem: Ozark Trail an Eddie Bauer Extra Large Folding Chair.
Location: Main Bldg.
4.33 12543
1268t.jpgItem: Coleman 50 Quart on Wheels. Looks New
Location: Main Bldg.
12.02 14736
1279t.jpgItem: Pair of Beach Chairs, Lawn Chair and Lounge Chair
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 14324
1286 1286t.jpgItem: Plano Tackle Box with Contents 8"x16"
Location: Main Bldg.
13.00 5746
1287t.jpgItem: Plano Tackle Box with Contents. Some Wooden Lures. Nice
Location: Main Bldg.
16.11 18013
1288t.jpgItem: Flambeau Strike Force Classic Edition Tackle box with contents. Baits and Accessories-Broken Hinge
Location: Main Bldg.
9.11 5746
1289t.jpgItem: Woodstream Tackle Box with Contents. Assorted Baits and Tackle
Location: Main Bldg.
13.11 2305
1314 1314t.jpgItem: 3 Containers of Dry Flies for Fishing
Location: Main Bldg.
13.00 2305
1318t.jpgItem: Lot of Fishing Reels; Johnson, Shimano, Prestige, Daiwa, Garcia and Shakespeare.
Location: Main Bldg.
16.10 5746
1342t.jpgItem: Lot of Fishing Poles and Reels-Silstar, Shakespeare, Daiwa, and Olympic. Largest 8"
Location: Main Bldg.
17.10 5746
1343t.jpgItem: Martin Hand Crank Fly Reel and 8 Foot Kunnan Graphite Fly rod plus Garcia Half Bail Spinning Reel from the Late 30"x early 40's
Location: Main Bldg.
24.01 1654
1344t.jpgItem: Lot of Fishing Poles and Reels-Daiwa, 4 Shakespeare. All in Good Condition. Includes Wooden Handle Tru Temper 6 Foot Rod
Location: Main Bldg.
12.10 5746
1345t.jpgItem: Lot of Fishing Poles and Reels-Snoopy Childs Rod and Reel, Penn Peer 109, Pro Striker, Zebco 202 and Shakespeare
Location: Main Bldg.
21.00 17537
1346t.jpgItem: Lot of Fishing Poles and Reels-Shakespeare, Penn Level Wind on Tru Temper Wood Handled Pole, Johnson Closed Face and Abu Garcia
Location: Main Bldg.
17.00 5746
1347t.jpgItem: Lot of Fishing Poles and Reels-Left Hand Daiwa Bait Caster and Left Hand Quarter Star Closed Face Reel. Others are Eagle Claw, Daiwa and Reluse
Location: Main Bldg.
10.11 5746
1348t.jpgItem: Lot of Fishing Poles and Reels-Quantum Great White, Abu Garcia, Shakespeare, Tinylite and Bruin Graphite 640 on Pole with Wooden Handle.
Location: Main Bldg.
10.11 5746
1435 1435t.jpgItem: Collection of Dallas Cowboys Hats. Most New with Tags
Location: Main Bldg.
38.23 18199
1436t.jpgItem: 2 Rod Racks and 4 Reels-Shakespeare, South Bend, Quantum and Roddy Lites
Location: Main Bldg.
6.20 5824
1502t.jpgItem: Lot of Fishing Poles and Reels, Eagle Claw, Fishing Pal, Shakespeare and Synergy
Location: Main Bldg.
12.00 5746
1506t.jpgItem: Igloos Coolers, one 12 Volt Plug in Cooler and 2 Gallon Beverage Cooler. Also includes Umbrellas and Huge Plastic Fly Swatters.
Location: Main Bldg.
4.11 1176
1508t.jpgItem: Fishing Gear, 2 Plano Plastic Tackle Boxes (One Damaged). 5 Rain Ponchos, fishing weights, Bobbers, Fish Scalers and Electric Fish Scaler
Location: Main Bldg.
7.11 5746
1526t.jpgItem: Camping Supplies; Pocketknives, emergency Blankets, Lanterns, 5 Gallon Water Bag (New), Sterno and Candles and Inflatables Ottomans.
Location: Main Bldg.
7.01 15519
1560t.jpgItem: Flambeau Classic Series Tackle Box with Contents, Shakespeare Ugly Stick, Rod and Reel and more
Location: Main Bldg.
22.50 5824
1573 1573t.jpgItem: Coleman Gas Lantern, 2 Sharpening Stones and Camp Pot
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 12543
1588t.jpgItem: 2 New Rods and Reels-Mitchell and Pflueger; One Red Berkeley, one rod Sam's Super Sensitive
Location: Main Bldg.
10.00 5824
1638 1638t.jpgItem: Ball Cube Inc-football and Basketball Plastic Cases-New in Boxes
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 18393
1643t.jpgItem: Rolling Softside Cooler, 9 Sipp N Sports (new), and Aluminum Collapsible Hand Truck
Location: Main Bldg.
13.13 15519

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