Category: TOYS GAMES (27 records) 10/28/2019: CLOSED - Yellow Gate Place Dinwiddie VA 23841 - Bids close Monday October 28th 2019 from 6pm ET at 4 lots per minute
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Item Photo Description Price Bidder
907t.jpgItem: Large Face Dominoes, Hard as Nails Game, Y2K Globe, Wood Box Puzzle, Wooden Shelf and more
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 19828
931t.jpgItem: Vintage Cass Toy Childs Chalkboard. 45"x23'
Location: Tr 1
7.05 20171
1035t.jpgItem: Fisher Price Activity Center 21"x24"
Location: Main Bldg.
1073t.jpgItem: Toy Tin Pots/Pans/Utensils/ Tea Set
Location: Main Bldg.
6.10 19884
1083t.jpgItem: Tin Windup Toys-Bear and Steam Roller. Largest 6 1/2" tall-Both Stamped made in Japan
Location: Main Bldg.
12.10 12543
1084t.jpgItem: Tin Toys, Wind up Dog (not working) made in Japan and bicycle Clown Made in West Germany. Largest 7"
Location: Main Bldg.
5.00 19838
1090t.jpgItem: Antique Wooden Blocks 1 3/4"x1 3/4"
Location: Main Bldg.
3.00 1654
1099t.jpgItem: Antique Large Victorian Baby Doll Stroller. 26"x20"x9". Please preview for authenticity
Location: Main Bldg.
23.00 17537
1134t.jpgItem: Tin Windup Toys-made in Japan. Largest 3"x5 1/2"
Location: Main Bldg.
7.10 20036
1141t.jpgItem: Yard Games-Croquet, Bad mitten, Sun Tan Float and no 25 Louisville Slugger Souvenir Bat with Henry Aarons autograph burnt into it.
Location: Main Bldg.
4.25 5804
1226t.jpgItem: Little Box Wooden Wagon 42"x20'
Location: Main Bldg.
10.32 1654
1243t.jpgItem: 1960's Metal International Harvester Pedal Tractor. Model 404. 24"x38" in Good Condition
Location: Main Bldg.
111.00 17537
1277t.jpgItem: Doll Trunk 13'x6" with Doll and Extra Outfit
Location: Main Bldg.
5.09 19838
1309t.jpgItem: Star Wars Darth Vader Case with Figurines
Location: Main Bldg.
30.00 18662
1312t.jpgItem: Vintage Tinker Toys and Toy Railroad Tower
Location: Main Bldg.
8.25 11267
1439 1439t.jpgItem: Tonka 2003 Metal Hasbro Tough Quarry Dump Truck. 6 1/2"x14"
Location: Main Bldg.
16.23 7756
1440 1440t.jpgItem: Tonka 2003 Metal Hasbro Tough Quarry Dump Truck. 6 1/2"x14"
Location: Main Bldg.
16.23 7756
1452t.jpgItem: Lot of Plush Bears, Minnie Mouse. Largest 16"
Location: Main Bldg.
10.32 5008
1466t.jpgItem: Lot of Children's Toys, Piggy Bank, Legos, Baseballs, Floats, Learning toys, Hardhat, Jacks and collectible 1968 Black Ken Doll
Location: Main Bldg.
6.00 19884
1492 1492t.jpgItem: Carrom Board with Pieces. Please Preview for completeness. 26"x26"
Location: Main Bldg.
2.00 8400
1503t.jpgItem: Toy Cars, Matchbox Size, Horseshoes and Zap Cars in Packages
Location: Main Bldg.
4.11 5746
1531t.jpgItem: Toys, Badminton Rackets, Children's China Tea Set, Electronic Tic Tac Toe, Racing, Bingo, chess and more
Location: Main Bldg.
2.00 8400
1559t.jpgItem: Tyco RC 1000 Suzuki Motorcycle with Remote. 18"x24". Unable to test
Location: Main Bldg.
3.50 5746
1562t.jpgItem: Game Lot, Chinese Checkers, Metal and Wood Boards, Battle Ship, Backgammon, Checkers plus a Brass Cannon
Location: Main Bldg.
2.00 17146
1616t.jpgItem: Marble Mania-Unopened, Zobmondo You Gotta B Kidding, Plastic Golf Set, Crayons, Turbo Twister RC Stunt Car. All new in Boxes
Location: Main Bldg.
22.00 5746
1653t.jpgItem: Family Pool 103" New in Box, Take Apart Airplane by BATTAT, Hard Hat, Old Chinese Checkers and Metal Ohio Art Globe.
Location: Main Bldg.
3.00 19884
1715 1715t.jpgItem: 5 Handmade Cloth Bears 16"
Location: Main Bldg.
6.00 19884

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