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Item Photo Description Price Bidder
1730t.jpgBellingham Farm House 3 Story Dollhouse by Dura Craft. 31"x34"x20" Part of the Country Dream Collection. Looks Complete but Please preview for completeness.
Location: Main Bldg.
31.01 12553
1731 1731t.jpgBox Lot of DVDs; Yellowstone, Jack Ass, Shark Week and more
Location: Main Bldg.
10.01 16236
1732 1732t.jpgGone with the Wind "Tara" 3 D Puzzle (unopened) and Gold and White Throw (New in Package)
Location: Main Bldg.
8.00 20590
1733 1733t.jpgWooden Ships Clock in Working Condition needs Cleaning/Restoration. United Clock Works. 16"x19"x3"
Location: Main Bldg.
3.09 20271
1734 1734t.jpgVintage Eskimo Table Fan-Cast Iron Base. 18"x13". Not Tested
Location: Main Bldg.
7.02 3735
1735 1735t.jpgDecorative Chalk Boards and Wooden Craft Tree. Largest 14"x10"
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 14324
1736t.jpgPair of Matching Rattan Storage Boxes. Largest 11"x16"x9"
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 14324
1737t.jpgHeavy Carved Wood 2 Headed Ram. Black and Gold. 16"x39"x9"
Location: Main Bldg.
34.53 6973
1738t.jpgBruce Fox Design (Pewter and Stainless) Carving Set. Longhorn Steers with Carving Board. 26"x15". 1970's
Location: Main Bldg.
12.59 8944
1739t.jpgGlass and Wood Display Cabinet for Taylor Brands Tools. Comes with Lock and Keys and 3 Shelves. 21 1/2"x17 1/2"x11".
Location: Main Bldg.
8.01 11926
1740t.jpgAntique Shoe Shine Box with Cast Iron Shoe Last and Pedal. 22"14"x10"
Location: Main Bldg.
7.05 20551
1741t.jpgOak Butter Churn. 37"x9"
Location: Main Bldg.
8.02 2986
1742t.jpgSlip Glazed Crockery Bowl and Bean Pot. 11"x6" Deep
Location: Main Bldg.
3.00 10844
1743t.jpgLarge Homemade N&W Caboose Birdhouse with Tin Roof. 12"x17"x9"
Location: Main Bldg.
14.00 14369
1744t.jpgMikasa Cala Lily Eclipse Vase New in Box 12", 2 Sets of Libbey Mood Glasses New in Box
Location: Main Bldg.
7.00 17668
1745 1745t.jpgBox Lot of Best Selling Authors Books, Nicholas Sparks, James Patterson, Patricia Cornwell
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 16112
1746t.jpgWinged Wheel Kerosene Lantern and Brass Bankers Lamp. 14"x10"
Location: Main Bldg.
5.00 1310
1747t.jpgFolk Art Wooden Painted Horse. 24"x26"x7'
Location: Main Bldg.
23.02 16861
1748t.jpgSilver Plate Jewel Box with Watches, Costume Jewelry. Rings, Bracelets, Charles Raymond Watch, Bulova and Timex
Location: Main Bldg.
20.00 20585
1749t.jpgEnamel Oriental Lidded Storage Box with Costume Jewelry and 2 Sterling Lockets
Location: Main Bldg.
25.00 20585
1750t.jpgJewelry Box with Costume Jewelry and Watches; Timex, Daniel Eastman
Location: Main Bldg.
15.00 20585
1751t.jpgRubber Backed Mats and Rug in Large Basket. 4 Total; 3-34"x30" and 1-44"x30"
Location: Main Bldg.
14.95 20225
1752 1752t.jpg13 Floral Tea Glasses (only 5 Shown). Excellent Condition
Location: Main Bldg.
12.99 16926
1753t.jpgLot of Sunglasses-1 George Armani-Preview for Authenticity
Location: Main Bldg.
3.00 5008
1754t.jpgPhilco Antique Wood Tube Radio. Untested. 13"x19"x13"
Location: Main Bldg.
12.00 20590
1755 1755t.jpg3 Vintage Serving Baskets, 14 1/2"x9" Pyrex Dish in Basket and Partial Set of Flatware
Location: Main Bldg.
3.00 19380
1756 1756t.jpg5 Wedgewood Christmas Plates. 8" in Excellent Condition
Location: Main Bldg.
10.00 14982
1757t.jpgDehydrator, Whiskey Decanter and Metal Apple Peeler(New in Box)
Location: Main Bldg.
9.00 19244
1758t.jpg13" Polish Made Platter with Scalloped Rim. Boleslawco
Location: Main Bldg.
6.01 20225
1759t.jpg9 3/4" Polish Casserole Dish signed WR Unikat and Artist with Handles and Large Spoon Rest (Boleslawco)
Location: Main Bldg.
10.01 3735
1760t.jpgBrighton Pocketbook with Dust Bag. Appears Unused. 9"x16"
Location: Main Bldg.
13.00 5915
1761 1761t.jpgCorelle Graduated Casserole Dishes and Matching Pie/Quiche Plate. 10"
Location: Main Bldg.
8.00 14982
1762 1762t.jpgBritish Commemorative Cups, One Grafton Bone China, One from 1902 with Crazing
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 20296
1763t.jpgWm Rogers Silver Plate Tea Set, Tray and Candlesticks
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 11809
1764t.jpgTowle Silver Plate And Crystal Salt and Pepper Shakers new in Box and Reed and Barton Slovena Crystal Candle Sticks 9" New in Box.
Location: Main Bldg.
5.00 19380
1765t.jpgSeth Thomas Metronome in Working Condition
Location: Main Bldg.
16.01 8093
1766 1766t.jpgLace Glazed Terracotta Lidded Bowl with Vintage and Antique Buttons. Some Antique Pearl Buttons
Location: Main Bldg.
3.00 15493
1767 1767t.jpgLot of Ceramic Christmas Village Houses. Largest 8"x7"
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 15291
1768 1768t.jpgItalian Marble Dresser Boxes. Largest 5 1/2"x4"
Location: Main Bldg.
2.00 1654
1769 1769t.jpgMade in India Heavy Glass Christmas Ornaments. Largest 4 1/2"-New with Tags and Red Glass and Holly Trimmed Compote.
Location: Main Bldg.
3.00 16112
1770 1770t.jpgPartial Set of Better Homes and Gardens Stoneware Dishes. 4 Dinner Plates, 2 Salad Plates, 5 Soup/Cereal Bowls, 4 Serving Bowls-Largest 10" Wide.
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 16164
1771 1771t.jpgBrown Glazed Kingwood Embossed Bowl, Pair of Candleholders and Japan Glazed Bear and Bee Hive.
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 20221
1772 1772t.jpgTobacco Tins and Alaskan 8" Totem Pole
Location: Main Bldg.
5.00 20551
1773t.jpgWatches; Lorus Quartz Mickie Mouse and Vicence Sterling Quartz Watch. Both need Batteries
Location: Main Bldg.
12.55 8138
1774 1774t.jpgGreen Glass Candlesticks and Hall Stoneware Tea Pot
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 17668
1775 1775t.jpgMilk Glass Humidor and Advertising Ashtrays
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 3735
1776 1776t.jpgCustom Lifetime Cutlery and Set of Westbend Steak Knives
Location: Main Bldg.
5.00 8138
1777 1777t.jpgCades Cove Casserole Dishes and West Bend Electric Tea Pot
Location: Main Bldg.
1.00 8944
1778t.jpgSnap on Ignition Wrenches. Complete Set Model C-90 Standard
Location: Main Bldg.
47.00 8661
1779t.jpgCan Holders (2) for Cooking Chicken on Grill with Beer
Location: Main Bldg.
2.00 1654

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