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Item Description
100.Reed and Barton sterling silver divided dish marked X502; 10.5" wide, weighs 338.4 gms
101.Sterling silver and wood salad servers, assorted sterling flatware
102.6 sterling silver salt and pepper shakers with glass liners
103.Tiffany and Co bowl and Waterford crystal footed bowl; largest 6"
104.2 Waterford crystal toasting flutes; 10.5" tall
105.Waterford crystal shelf clock with quartz movement; 7.25" tall
106.Oriental carved and painted figure; 5.25" tall
107.Carved jade censer, some damage; 6" wide
108.Oriental bronze lily pad with snail; 6" wide
109.Silvestri bird paperweight; 5" wide
110.Gold tone ring with blue and clear stones, marked 14K, size 8
111.Sterling silver ring with turquoise stone; size 5, weighs 2.2 gms
112.2 gold tone earrings with colored stones, marked 10K
113.Native American sterling silver and turquoise necklace (unmarked)
114.Native American sterling silver, coral and turquoise bracelet; unmarked
115.Gold tone ring with citrine colored stone, marked 925
116.Gold tone bracelet marked 925
117.Bag of silver tone costume jewelry
118.Bag of silver tone costume jewelry
119.Bag of silver tone jewelry, marked 925
120.Assorted costume earrings
121.Gold tone and silver tone costume rings
122.Gold tone ring with red and clear stones, marked 14K; size 8
123.Silver tone ring with red stones, marked 14K; size 8
124.Bag of assorted costume jewelry, beads and pins
125.Gold tone costume wristwatch, includes box
126.Assorted silver tone, sterling silver and enameled earrings
127.Antique gold ring with black onyx and clear stones; size 11, weighs 7.2 gms
128.2 vintage folding pocket knives; largest 3"
129.Sterling silver charm bracelet; weighs 29.8 gms
130.Mahogany finish jewelry box containing assorted costume jewelry, and heart-shaped paperweight
131.Yellow basket of jewelry making supplies
132.Pair of Mexican sterling silver and green stone pendants
133.Garnet and sterling silver lariat necklace
134.Twisted 3 stand rice pearl necklace
135.Ammonite pendant with sterling silver clasp
136.Sterling silver, diamond and sapphire bangle; weighs 14.1 gms
137.Sterling silver bangle; weighs 6.3 gms
138.6 sterling silver chain bracelets; combined weight 11.7 gms
139.Sterling and amethyst ring, size 6, weighs 5.4 gms
140.Sterling silver ring with clear stones; 6.9 gms, size 7
141.Sterling silver and onyx pin, sterling silver leaf pin; combined weight 12.1 gms
142.Pair of sterling filigree earrings; 8.9 gms
143.2 sterling silver rings; size 6 and 12.5, combined weight 8.8 gms
144.5 pairs sterling silver earrings; combined weight 11.4 gms
145.14K gold pendant with leopard silhouette
146.10 silver tone baseball charms and sterling silver chain; combined weight 15.4 gms
147.2 ammonite fossil pendants and sterling silver frames
148.Loose gemstones, includes amethyst focal bead, smoky quartz, ocean jasper and moss agate
149.Loose gemstones, includes amethyst and blue goldstone
150.Vintage milk glass and rhinestone choker
151.Silver tone jewelry box with assorted silver tone and beaded costume jewelry
152.Bag of assorted gold tone and enameled costume jewelry
153.Bag of assorted beaded, gold and silver tone artisan and costume jewelry
154.Bag of gold and silver tone, clear stone and beaded costume jewelry
155.Bag of assorted costume jewelry, wristwatches
156.Silver tone and colored stone costume rings on ring display stand
157.Weighted sterling silver creamer and matching sugar bowl; 3.5" tall
158.4 weighted sterling silver table candlesticks; largest 3"
159.Sterling silver fish pin; 16.7 gms
160.Lalique crystal ring size 6, includes box and certificate
161.Art Nouveau sterling silver and enamel pin with cabochon amethyst; 1.5" wide, weighs 7.7 gms
162.Alva Museum Replicas silver tone tsuba with storks and silver tone chain; 3.25" diameter
163.Vintage gold tone costume jewelry, includes Coro earrings, Monet bracelet and others
164.Group of vintage Weiss rhinestone costume earrings
165.Vintage Relic watch with mother-of-pearl and semi precious stone bracelet
166.Trifari gold tone and faux pearl pin and matching earrings
167.Gold tone, silver tone and beaded costume jewelry, includes Marvella, Trifari, Dauplaise, Coro, Avon and others
168.Quantity of vintage costume jewelry earrings
169.Bag of Geneva wristwatches (no straps)
170.Silver tone and beaded costume jewelry, includes colored and uncolored bone necklaces
171.Swiss Army stainless steel wristwatch
172.Group of silver tone, gold tone and clear stone costume jewelry to include Catamore
173.Gold tone and ceramic coat clips, includes Limoges porcelain, mother-of-pearl and Germany
174.Vintage Hamilton gold tone wristwatch
175.Rhinestone, colored stone and silver tone costume jewelry
176.Bag of assorted gold tone, silver tone and other costume jewelry
177.Costume jewelry, includes Sarah Coventry, Kramer and Trifari
178.3 ladies wristwatches, includes Consort Quartz and Timex
179.Bag of beaded, gold tone and glass costume jewelry
180.David Yurman sterling silver chain section (no clasp), sterling silver pendant with green stone (combined weight 62.1 gms), and silver tone bracelet
181.Sterling silver bracelet and 3 pairs sterling silver earrings; combined weight 29.8 gms
182.2 sterling silver bracelets and 2 sterling silver rings; combined weight 30.5 gms
183.6 scarab sterling silver charms, 2 sterling heart pendants (combined weight 8.1 gms), flip-flop pendant, 3 pairs earrings and 2 silver tone rings
184.Bag of assorted vintage beaded, gold and silver tone costume jewelry
200.Hummel pottery figure "Heavenly Protection"; 6.5" tall
201.Hummel pottery figure "Bath Time"; 6.25" tall
202.Hummel pottery figure "Worship"; 5.25" is tall
203.Hummel pottery figure "Sensitive Hunter"; 5.5" tall
204.Hummel pottery figure "Little Goat Herder"; 5.25" tall
205.Hummel pottery figure "Shepherd's Boy"; 5.5" tall
206.Hummel pottery figure "Flower Vendor"; 5.25" tall
207.Hummel pottery figure "Valentine Joy"; 5.75" tall
208.Hummel pottery figure "Horse Trainer"; 4.75" tall
209.Hummel pottery figure "Merry Wanderer"; 6" tall
210.Hummel pottery figure "Not for You"; 5.5" tall
211.Hummel pottery figure "Chimney Sweep"; 6" tall
212.Hummel pottery figure "Coquettes"; 5" tall
213.Hummel pottery figure "Sing-Along"; 4.5" tall
214.Hummel pottery figure "Crossroads"; 7" tall
215.Hummel pottery figure "Thoughtful"; 4.75" tall
216.Hummel pottery figure "Chimney Sweep"; 5.5" tall
217.Hummel pottery figure "The Pleasant Journey"; 7.5" wide
218.Hummel pottery figure "Kiss Me"; 6.25" tall
219.Hummel pottery figure "Little Fiddler"; 6" tall
220.Hummel pottery figure "Homeward Bound"; 5.5" tall
221.Hummel pottery figure "Stormy Weather"; 6" tall
222.Hummel pottery figures, "Umbrella Boy" and "Umbrella Girl"; 5.5" tall (preview for damage)
223.7 Hummel anniversary plates, 1976 through 1981 and 1971; each 7.5" diameter
224.5 Hummel anniversary plates, 1971 through 1973; each measures 7.5" dia
225.Green metal ammunition box containing assorted .22 long, .22 short and other 22 ammunition
226.100 round box of Winchester .45 auto ammunition
227.19th century portrait tintype with leather frame; 3.75 x 3.25"
300.W Baxter Perkinson watercolor titled "Winter Shadows", signed lower right and inscribed on reverse; frame measures 39.5 x 20.5"
301.Hand colored serigraph "Bass Trio", signed Leo Meiersdorff lower right; frame measures 16.5 x 20"
302.Abstract watercolor signed D. Booth lower right; frame measures 23 x 29"
303.Oil painting on stretched canvas, still life with roses, signed lower right; measures 24 x 36"
304.2 French architectural colored engravings, signed and titled in pencil; matching frames measure 10 x 12.5"
305.Oil painting on board, blue jay, signed M. Grieco lower left; frame measures 17 x 14"
306.Mixed-media angel painting on paper, appears unsigned; frame measures 23 x 30"
307.Signed rose print; oak frame measures 16.5 x 14.5"
308.Abstract oil painting on stretched canvas, appears unsigned; 30 x 24"
309.Landscape oil painting on board "Martinique"; frame measures 16.5 x 18.5"
310.Watercolor landscape painting, signed lower right; frame measures 12.5 x 15"
311.Bill Kinsey bird print; gold frame measures 12 x 15"
312.Pen and ink landscape drawing, signed lower right, gold frame measures 14.5 x 12"
313.2 framed watercolor theatrical masks; frame measures 17 x 25"
314.John Lennon limited edition print "Baby Grand", numbered 583/5000; frame measures 30 x 24"
315.Beauvias limited-edition print "Impressions of Paris", signed in pencil and numbered 146/275; frame measures 27 x 31"
316.Floral silkscreen print, signed and titled in pencil; frame measures 22 x 8"
317.Oil painting on canvas, Jordan shoes; 14 x 11"
318.2 oil paintings on canvas, still life with Southwest pottery, signed lower right; largest measures 18 x 23"
319.Rectangular oriental print with gold frame; 40 x 14"
320.Mary Hann limited-edition print "Oyster Fleet", signed in pencil and numbered 382/500; frame measures 19 x 25"
321.Landscape oil painting on board, signed lower right; pine frame measures 21 x 25"
322.James Sanford Hulme hand colored print "The Little Church around the Corner"; frame measures 12 x 22"
400.Abstract oil painting on stretched canvas, signed S. Dunn lower right; 40 x 30"
401.Andrew Gilman oil painting on canvas, signed on reverse; 43 x 35"
402.Mark Rothko framed print "Violet Center"; frame measures 40 x 28"
403.Cream painted dresser mirror by Lenoir; 40 x 29"
404.Antique gilt frame; 45 x 33"
405.Ansel Adams framed photographic print "Oak Tree, Yosemite Valley California"; frame measures 36 x 25"
406.Framed seashell collection; frame measures 18 x 18"
407.Friedenreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000), serigraph titled "Hommage a Schroder Sonnenstern", circa 1972, signed and numbered 3268/4200; gold frame measures 48 x 36"
408.Limited edition print, signed in pencil and numbered lower left; gold frame measures 48 x 39.5"
409.Neal Doty limited edition serigraph, signed in pencil and numbered 126/250; frame measures 37 x 47"
410.William Holbrook Beard framed print "The Bear Dance"; frame measures 31 x 42"
411.William Holbrook Beard framedprint "The Bulls and Bears in the Market"; frame measures 31 x 42"
412.Hand colored Noah's Ark theme print, signed in pencil lower right; oak frame measures 13 x 16"
413.Framed landscape print; gold frame measures 34 x 38"
414.Antique style wall mirror with beveled edge and gold frame; 33 x 45"
415.Dean Crouser bird artwork on board, signed lower left; 8.5 x 10"
416.Andrew Wyeth print "The Mill", mahogany finish frame measures 21 x 29"
417.Oil painting on board, still life with yellow flower; frame measures 16 x 13"
418.Oval-shaped gold framed mirror; 22 x 26"
419.Maple framed mirror; 26 x 19"
420.Figural print on canvas; frame measures 19 x 23"
421.Old Sailors Drinking Society sign; 25 x 16"
422.Framed print, fairy with insects; frame measures 11.5 x 9.5"
423.3 Robert Wood framed landscape prints; each measures 13 x 17"
424.4 Miguel Torres artworks, acrylic on board; each measures 8 x 8"
425.2 vintage Coors advertising mirrors; largest measures 17 x 26"
426.4 framed floral still life print; each measures 14 x 11.5"
427.Michel Kennedy glazed ceramic tile; 12 x 11.5"
428.European landscape print; gold frame measures 26 x 36"
429.Print with antique style frame; 14 x 18"
430.Arthur Kaplan framed print "Full Sail"; 30 x 28"
431.Annie Benson Muller framed print "Just a Little Dream"; frame measures 16 x 19.5"
432.Paul Porter framed print "Peace and Plenty"; frame measures 14 x 17"
433.Signed panoramic photo photographic print, city skyline, numbered 16/150; oak frame measures 16 x 35"
434.Vintage "Wizard Of Oz" advertising poster/lobby card; frame measures 20.5 x 26.5"
435.Richard Danskin limited-edition print, signed in pencil and numbered 44/330; frame measures 15 x 23"
436.Die cast collectibles display frame; 24 x 24"
437.JC Roberts watercolor, still life with flowers, signed lower right; frame measures 16 x 11.5"
438.Oval-shaped turquoise framed mirror; 30 x 19"
439.Metal floral plaque; 20 x 13"
440.2 framed floral prints; each measures 9 x 11"
441.3 dimensional still life metal plaque; frame measures 12 x 9"
442.4 framed vintage floral prints; each measures 15 x 11"
444.Modern Home framed print "Daybreak"; 30 x 16"
445.Metropolitan Museum Of Art framed poster; 28 x 37"
446.Framed advertising calendars for Marman Products circa 1952; frame measures 18 x 14"
447.3 vintage Bee Incorporated advertising calendar cards from the 1950s; frame measures 7 x 23"
448.Oval framed mirror with black painted frame; 32 x 25"
449.MB Hanrahan limited edition "Jimmy Buffett The Year of Still Here Tour 2008" print, signed and numbered 332/1000; frame measures 20 x 15"
450.2 New York Yankees framed photographs, Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra; matching frames measure 11 x 14.5"
451.Norfolk & Western 611 locomotive framed print; 20 x 24"
452.Green painted rectangular frame; 34 x 20"
453.Rectangular mirror with painted antique frame; 35 x 28"
454.Waterfowl Festival framed print by Art LeMay; frame measures 18 x 28"
455.Rectangular mirror with bronze finish metal frame; 32 x 23"
456.8 point trophy on wood plaque; 36" tall
457.3 floral still life prints; matching frames measure 11 x 14"
458.Vincent van Gogh self-portrait framed print; 25 x 21"
459.Woman's Home Companion magazine cover, circa 1921; frame measures 15 x 12
460.3 frame still life floral prints, orchids; matching frames measure 11.5 x 14"
461.Rectangular beveled edge mirror with gold frame; 36 x 23"
462.2 oval-shaped floral prints; 16" tall
463.4 still life floral prints of orchids; matching frames measure 15 x 10"
464."Chamberlain's Charge" Gettysburg framed print; 24 x 30"
465.Little Round Top Gettysburg framed print; 24 x 27"
466.Civil War theme framed print; 18.5 x 23"
467.Mort Kunstler Gettysburg framed print; 20 x 26"
468.Rare 1920 photograph of Clifton Forge Virginia high school syncopated jazz band; green painted frame measures 14 x 17"
469.George Holman watercolor of landscape with buffalo, signed lower right; oak frame measures 8 x 20"
470.Rectangular framed mirror; 26.5 x 34"
471.Japanese painting on fabric, bird with flowers, signed lower right; frame measures 21.5 x 17.5"
472.Original watercolor on paper, rural landscape with fishing figure and mill, appears unsigned; frame measures 25 x 20"
473.Bless this Home needlepoint, mahogany finish frame measures 26 x 22"
474.2 still life palm tree artworks with bronze finish frames; each measures 25 x 25"
475.Pair of matching portrait prints with gold frames; each measures 26 x 21.5"
477.Portrait print of Doris Day with gold frame; 14.5 x 11.5"
478.Limited-edition print by John MacLeod "Canadas Migrating South", signed in pencil and numbered 356/750; mahogany frame measures 27 x 32"
479.Yogi Berra and Don Larson black and white framed photograph; 11.5 x 14.5"
480.European mountain landscape framed print; bronze finish frame measures 23 x 23"
481.D Stewart limited-edition folk art style landscape print, signed in pencil and numbered 132/1950; frame measures 18 x 20.5"
482.2 vintage still life floral prints; matching frames measure 10 x 12"
483.Rectangular wall mirror with walnut shadowbox frame; 22 x 30"
484.4 Hank Bag folk art style still life prints with gold finish frame; each measures 14 x 20"
485.Abstract oil painting on board signed Kathy Eaton lower right; frame measures 24 x 12.5"
486.Colored engraving "The Last Journey of Victory 1922", mahogany finish frame measures 29.5 x 27"
487.Oval-shaped mirror with gold frame; 33 x 27"
488.Still life floral needlepoint; white painted frame measures 28 x 24"
489.Dried floral arrangement with oval-shaped gold frame; 11.5 x 9.5"
490.Renoir still life floral framed print; 27 x 22"
491.Rectangular etched mirror with oak frame; 25 x 13"
492.1863 wedding certificate; frame measures 15 x 17"
493.2 framed Paris scene prints, Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe; matching frames measure 14.5 x 18.5"
494.Rectangular wall mirror with faux bamboo frame; 35 x 20"
500.Hand knotted blue and red floral design oriental rug; 106 x 144"
501.Aubusson needlepoint tapestry with floral and monkey design; 105 x 69"
502.Clarks antique oak spool cabinet in 2 pieces, 4 drawers with wood handles; measures 29.5 x 29 x 21"
503.Hitchcock stenciled armchair with rush seat, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
504.Mahogany 2 tier waiter, pedestal base and inlaid leather top; 30 x 24" diameter
505.Antique oak bow front display cabinet with convex glass door and 4 shelves on casters; 60 x 41 x 16"
506.Antique mahogany break front cabinet with 4 glazed doors, fitted shelves and 4 doors below, string inlays and cross banding; 92" tall; 92 x 77 x 19"
507.Mahogany bow front sideboard, multiple drawers and 2 doors with brass handles; 35 x 48 x 20"
508.Mahogany corner cabinet, 2 glass doors with fitted shelves above 4 drawers with metal handles; 80" tall, to fit corner 27 x 27"
509.Mahogany finish upholstered armchair
510.Antique mahogany drop side dining table with 1 drawer, pedestal base with brass claw feet and casters; 28 x 25 x 40" closed, sides are 12" wide
511.Solid mahogany poster bed by Wright Table Company, includes headboard, footboard and side rails; posts are 89" wide, headboard 80" wide, includes under bed storage drawer
512.Mahogany drop side gate leg dining table on turned supports; 30 x 26.5 x 36" closed, sides are 18" wide
513.Mahogany chest with 4 drawers, turned legs and casters; 45 x 38 x 21"
514.Gothic style walnut veneer sideboard, 1 drawer, 2 doors and turned supports; 39 x 78 x 23"
515.Harden oval-shaped extending mahogany dining table with 1 additional leaf, table pads and 5 matching chairs including 1 armchair; table measures 30 x 65 x 44" closed, leaf is 12" wide
516.Cherry finish double dresser with attached mirror and multiple drawers with metal handles; dresser measures 35 x 66 x 20", mirror 42 x 53"
517.Oval-shaped Queen Anne style double pedestal dining table with 4 matching chairs; table measures 29 x 64 x 42"
518.Ethan Allen solid cherry drop side table with 1 drawer; 24 x 19 x 28" closed, sides and 9" wide
519.Mahogany drop side table, 1 drawer with metal handles; 25 x 13.5 x 22" closed, size 8.5" wide
520.Mahogany writing desk with 1 drawer; 35 x 30 x 21"
521.1950s walnut veneer chest with 3 drawers, bakelite and metal handles; 37 x 44 x 22" (matches 522)
522.1950s walnut veneer vanity with bakelite and metal handles and matching mirror; vanity 30 x 44 x 19", mirror measures 39 x 37" diameter (matches 521)
523.Maple writing desk, 4 drawers and turned legs; 29 x 48 x 21"
524.Mahogany pedestal table with claw feet; 29 x 26"
525.2 Queen Anne style mahogany finish dining chairs
526.2 Queen Anne style mahogany dining chairs with drop in seats
527.Vintage oak spinning wheel; 39" tall
528.Antique French style high upholstered armchair with tufted back
529.Oak drawer leaf extension table on trestle type base; 30 x 42 x 30" closed, leaves are 12" wide
530.Oval-shaped walnut side table with white marble top; 28 x 24 x 18"
531.White marble top side table; 19 x 15" diameter
532.Queen Anne style upholstered high wingback armchair with loose cushion
533.Antique oak carved chair, adjustable back and loose cushions; 32" wide
534.6 Victorian walnut dining chairs with caned seats
539.Oak cased Ridgway tall case clock, includes pendulum and weights; 80" tall
540.Mahogany drum table on pedestal base; 27 x 26" diameter
541.Mahogany side table with marble top; 18.5 x 14" diameter
542.Mahogany finish vanity with multiple drawers, circular mirror and vanity bench; 68 x 46 x 18" (matches 543, 544 and 545)
543.Mahogany finish chest with 2 doors and 3 drawers; 49 x 35 x 18" (matches 542, 544 and 545)
544.Mahogany finish vanity with attached mirror, 3 drawers and turned legs; 76 x 50 by 21" (matches 542, 543 and 545))
545.Wood grain finish bed frame, includes headboard, footboard and side rails; headboard measures 60 x 55" (matches 542, 543 and 544)
546.Art Deco walnut veneer nightstand with metal and bakelite handles; 26 x 16 x 15" (matches 547, 548 and 549)
547.Art Deco walnut veneer vanity with circular beveled mirror and 5 drawers with metal and bakelite handles; 67 x 48 x 18" (matches 546, 548 and 549)
548.Art Deco walnut veneer wardrobe with beveled mirror and 3 drawers; 63 x 36 x 20" (matches 546, 547 and 549)
549.Art Deco walnut veneer bedframe, includes headboard, footboard and side rails; headboard measures 54 x 56" (matches 546, 547 and 548)
600.Capel oriental style rug with floral design; 132 x 96"
601.Kaleen floral design rug; 90 x 60"
602.Blue, cream and turquoise striped all weather patio rug; 61 x 93"
603.Flat weave southwest geometric design rug on cream ground; 99 x 69"
604.Dynamic Rugs silky shaggy rug; 63 x 39"
605.Tremont circular floral rug; 39" diameter
606.Cream and brown striped rug; 71 x 54"
607.Grand Royalty oval-shaped green floral rug; 29 x 52"
608.Red and cream floral design oriental style rug by Kenneth Mink; 10 2 x 67" (matches 609)
609.Kenneth Mink floral design red and cream runner; 97 x 39"
610.Modern form jewel cabinet with 5 drawers; 55 x 17 x 16"
611.Oval-shaped cream and green floral rug; 126 x 90"
612.Chinese design pink and cream rug; 44 x 61"
613.Oval-shaped floral rug; 53 x 36"
614.Red and cream oriental design floral rug; 28 x 88"
615.Antique hand knotted Persian rug, floral design on red ground; 106 x 142"
616.Pair of brass and white lacquer nightstands with 1 drawer; each measures 28 x 24 x 20"
617.Brass and glass side table; 22 x 27 x 22"
618.Bassett Furniture Industries chest with 5 drawers and ceramic handles; 46 x 34 x 18"
619.Oak open front book shelf; 61 x 30 x 13"
620.Child's white painted wood dresser, 1 door and 5 drawers; 40 x 37 x 16"
621.White painted vintage stereo cabinet with 2 doors; 30 x 26 x 17"
622.White painted wood desk with 1 drawer; 30 x 34 x 19"
623.White painted pine chest with 2 drawers; 21 x 34 x 18"
624.Bassett Furniture Industries mahogany sideboard with 2 drawers and 3 doors; 34 x 50 x 18"
625.Antique style mahogany dining chair
626.Oval-shaped maple extending drop side dining table on turned legs, includes 1 extension leaf and 4 matching chairs; 30 x 26 x 39" closed, leaf is 18" wide
627.Solid oak extending double pedestal dining table with 4 extension leaves; 30 x 68 x 39" closed, leaves are 11" wide
628.3 painted ladder backed chairs with rush seats
629.2 ladder back dining chairs with rush seats
630.Mahogany veneer chest with 4 drawers, turned legs and casters; 40 x 38 x 20"
631.2 Eastlake style walnut framed chairs with caned seats and turned legs
632.2 upholstered armchairs
633.Antique style mahogany armchair
634.2 matching mahogany 2-tier side tables; each measures 24 x 25 x 16"
635.Oak pedestal side table; 23 x 18" diameter
636.White painted wood desk with 4 drawers; 31 x 38 x 18"
637.Rustic pine cabinet with 4 doors and 3 drawers; 26 x 35 x 16"
638.2 matching oak 3 drawer side chests; each measures 23 x 17 x 26"
639.Antique style mahogany drop side pedestal dining table with brass claw feet; 28 x 36 x 17" closed, sides are 13" wide
640.Solid cherry 2 tier drop side serving cart; 29 x 31 x 19"
641.Cream painted pine chest with 6 drawers; 32 x 45 x 18"
642.Cast iron and wood school desk; 31" tall
643.Mahogany arrow back rocking chair with loose cushion
644.Floral upholstered club type armchair (matches 645)
645.Floral upholstered sofa on carved mahogany legs with floral upholstery and loose cushions; 88" wide (matches 644)
646.Floral upholstered armchair with matching ottoman; 36" wide (matches 647)
647.Floral upholstered 2-seat sofa with loose cushions; 60" wide (matches 646)
648.Pine slope front school desk with matching chair; 30" tall
649.Wood finish double dresser with 2 doors, 4 drawers and matching mirror; dresser measures 30 x 62 x 16.5", mirror 43 x 29"
650.2 solid cherry side tables with 1 drawer; each measures 22 x 22 x 28"
651.2 French provincial style upholstered dining chairs by World Market
652.2 rattan chairs with loose cushions
653.Mahogany chest on chest; 53 x 34 x 19"
654.Antique dome top travel trunk with wood and metal banding; 24 x 36 x 21"
655.Mahogany veneer vanity bench
656.Maple spindle back dining chair
657.Statton painted wood corner display cabinet with glass door; 70.5" tall, to fit corner 23 x 23" (no key - matches 658)
658.Painted wood corner display cabinet with glass door; 70.5" tall, to fit corner 23 x 23" (no key - matches 657)
659.Mahogany twin size bed frame, includes headboard, footboard and side rails; headboard measures 56 x 40" (matches 660)
660.Mahogany twin size bed frame, includes headboard, footboard and side rails; headboard measures 56 x 40" (matches 659)
661.Solid wood framed upholstered Queen Anne style armchair
662.Antique style mahogany drum type pedestal table; 26.5 x 27" diameter (matches 663)
663.2 inlaid mahogany single drawer side tables with metal handles; 25 x 18 x 24" (matches 662)
664.Victorian solid oak 2-tier side tables; 30 x 24 x 24"
665.Antique style solid oak chest with 2 short and 2 long drawers and brass handles; 35 x 43 x 20"
666.Mahogany veneer oval-shaped 2-tier side table; 29 x 27 x 18"
667.Cherry upholstered office armchair
668.2 Laine of Hickory green upholstered armchairs with loose cushions
669.Solid pine rectangular coffee table on turned legs; measures 15 x 54 x 22"
670.Antique oak dining chair with drop in seat
671.White painted wood rocking chair
672.Oak two-tier console table; measures 28 x 20 x 10"
673.Heart-shaped triangular table; 23" tall, to fit corner 12 x 12"
674.2 rustic slat back chairs
675.Oak mission style coffee table with drawer; 18 x 40 x 40"
676.Crate style pine side table; 19 x 24 x 22"
677.Refinished pine multi-drawer chest with brass handles; 48 x 35 x 19"
700.Le Louvre Magazines
701.Dungeon Masters Guide
702.Shelf lot books, includes Reader's Digest Birds, Virginia, Chesapeake Country, Northern Neck and assorted children's books
703.Assorted books, includes Da Vinci Code, Daily Guideposts 2014, Chicken Soup for the Golden Soul and others
704.Julie Warren Martin-Sculptor of Stone by Carolyn Boling, includes dust jacket
705.Shelf lot books, includes Worst Pills, International Wildlife Encyclopedia, America the Beautiful and others
706.Shelf lot Reader's Digest novels
707.Shelf lot books, includes Purpose Driven Life, Oxford Dictionary, Home Remedies, Virginia Folk Legends and others
708.Shelf lot books, includes Healing and the Mind, Daily Bread Devotions, Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul, and others
709.Shelf lot books, includes World Book encyclopedias, Golden Age of Baseball, Moments in Sports and 2-volume set National Wildlife Federation
710.Shelf lot novels, includes John Grisham, David Baldacci, Debbie Macomber, James Michener and others
711.Shelf lot books, includes Miss Manners Guide to Correct Behavior, John Grisham, James Herriot, Christmas in Colonial and Early America and others
712.Shelf lot books, includes Portfolio of Bird Paintings, Currier and Ives America and other
800.1950s Emes walnut cased shelf clock, includes pendulum and key; 20" wide
801.Large Chinese porcelain Ming style jar with fish decoration; 15" tall
802.Chinese pottery blue-and-white landscape ginger jar; 5" tall
803.Japanese porcelain Kutani vase with duck decoration; 7" tall
804.Chinese porcelain crackle glaze jar with warrior decoration; 5" tall
805.Japanese Arita/Imari signed blue and white porcelain vase; 9" tall
806.3 Chinese porcelain late 19th century and early 20th century blue-and-white pottery vases; largest 7"
807.Chinese blue-and-white porcelain vase with figure of scholar; 8" tall
808.Chinese blue-and-white pottery plate with scholar figures in landscape; 8" diameter
809.Chinese bottle form blue-and-white pottery vase with landscape decoration; 9" tall
810.2 Korean celadon glazed porcelain water droppers; largest 4"
811.Chinese jizhou type zodiac tea bowl; 6" diameter
812.Small Japanese pottery squat bud vase and Chinese antique celadon glazed bowl; largest 5.5"
813.Antique Thai celadon glazed pottery charger (shipwreck piece); 12" wide
814.Asian celadon vase with animal masks; 8.5" tall
815.Antique Chinese celadon pottery plate with calligraphy character; 10" diameter
816.2 Japanese Fukagawa porcelain plates with enameled decoration, Koransha mark on base; 8.5" diameter
817.Antique Korean Goryeo celadon tea bowl; 7" diameter
818.German made anniversary clock with glass dome; 12" tall
819.5 piece Chinese pottery warrior and horse figures with box; box is 11.5" wide
820.Staffordshire pottery blue-and-white plate "Rotunda, University of Virginia Charlottesville"; 10" diameter
821.Chinese Jian style tortoiseshell glazed vase; 6" tall
822.Chinese pottery black and brown glazed censer; 5" tall
823.2 painted chalkware blackamoor figures by Alexander Backer Co, 13.5" tall
824.2 African tribal snakeskin and carved wood pedestal drums; 30.5" tall
825.Antique French made metal mesh purse; 9.5" tall
826.Japanese Kutani pottery tea jar (lid is chipped); 4" tall
827.2 painted Limoges porcelain plates; largest 10" diameter
828.Antique stereoscope and assorted color and black-and-white stereo viewer slides, includes World War I
829.Arcoroc Rosalire dinnerware, includes serving platters, plates, stemware, bowl sets, cups and mugs; largest 14"
830.2 African tribal wood, fur and horn musical instruments; largest 16"
831.Tribal collectibles, carved wood mortar, 2 ladles, cups and mugs; largest 9"
832.Vintage travel items, includes East African headrest, 3 carved wood cylinders; largest 13"
833.African tribal fish trap and 3 knobkerries; largest 20"
834.3 African tribal brooms; largest 16"
835.2 carpenter's antique block planes; 22" long
836.Weiss hand-painted porcelain duck; 13" long
837.Lenox porcelain vase; 8" tall
838.Oriental style porcelain jardiniere; 12 x 14" diameter
839.Red painted metal milk can with eagle decal; 14" tall
840.Ladies purse marked Gucci; 12" wide (preview for authenticity)
841.2 wood bookends with horseshoes; 7" tall
842.MacDonald Farm Produce painted cast iron truck; 9" long
843.Italian made green glass decanter and 6 glasses; largest 12"
844.Wall mounting print astray; 20.5 x 18"
845.4 Dept 56 hand-painted lighted buildings, includes Fire Station, Village Police Station, Glenhaven House and Village Market, includes boxes; largest 10"
846.2 vintage Stiffel brass finish table lamps with original shades; 38" tall
847.Vintage WW1 era military steel helmet with cat decal; 12" wide
848.2 brass bugles, includes Buglecraft and Rexcraft official bugle of the Boy Scouts
849.Dooney and Bourke leather purse; 14" wide
850.Handmade gaming board, includes checkers and omweso mounted on stand; 17 x 22 x 12", includes instructions
851.Bergeson Co wool hat and officers gloves
852.Leaded stained-glass chicken lamp; 13" wide
853.Minolta Maxim 5000i 35mm camera with 35-70 mm lens and camera bag (preview for working condition)
854.Yamaha G-50A 6 string acoustic guitar, includes case
855.Ibanez 6 string electric guitar, includes guitar pick and case
856.Hand crafted pottery teapot, coffee pot, 7 cups and saucers; largest 9"
857.Vivitar 80-2000 mm zoom lens, assorted flashes, filters, photography accessories and black canvas bag (preview for contents)
858.East African carved wood sculpture and 2 East African terra-cotta sculptures; each 8" tall
859.LV purse; 11" wide (preview for authenticity)
860.Bag of lighting prisms
861.4 Margaret Keane limited edition collectible plates, "Debbie's Desert Domain" by Franklin Mint, includes plate holders; 8" diameter
862.Amber cut to clear and etched crystal and brass lamp with parchment type shade and brass finial; 36" tall
863.Grams Imperial 12" world globe on stand; 18" tall
864.Decorative ceramics, 2 horse theme ashtrays, oriental figures; largest 7"
866.Large canvas and faux leather bag; 20" wide
867.Minton Carlton demitasse set and serving pieces, includes coffee pot, 6 cups and saucers, creamer sugar and gravy boat; largest 10"
868.Assorted costume jewelry and jewelry hanger
869.4 jewelry display stands; largest 10"
871.Japanese moriage porcelain smoking set, includes cigarette box and 2 ashtrays; 5" wide
872.Oriental terra-cotta teapot, doll, handstitched and hand crocheted shirt
873.Amber colored glassfish plate and silver plated cruet set; largest 9"
874.LV purse; 10" wide (preview for authenticity)
875.Black and silver beaded purse and handbag; largest 14"
876.Reflex Pho-Tak box camera, Yashica-Mat box camera and camera case (preview for working condition)
877.4 Dept 56 painted porcelain lighted buildings, includes Village Post Office, Double Bungalow, Queen Anne Victorian and Village , includes boxes; largest 12.5"
878.12 vaseline glass goblets; largest 6"
879.Vintage Walt Disney School Bus and Aladdin lunchboxes, includes thermos in both
880.Grecian terra-cotta sculpture with green patina; 15" tall
881.Vintage Polaroid 250 camera, flashbulbs, flash and Polaroid accessories
882.Tommy Hilfiger and Liz Claiborne bags; largest 15"
883.Etched glass claret jug with stopper and 4 stems; largest 17"
884.Enameled green glass and brass lamp; 17" tall
885.Pair of vintage Royal Canadian Mounted Police leather boots, size 8 1/2
886.2 Virginia Metalcrafters Spread Eagle book ends 8-9; 7.5" wide
887.Rustic wood crate; 20" wide
888.2 scale model wood and canvas wagons; largest 19"
889.Coca-Cola bottle crate; 18.5" wide
890.Wool fez, with Al Koran in gold thread
891.Cast iron frying pan and steel frying pan; largest 7"
892.2 Stetson hats, 1 Royal Canadian Monted Police hat
893.5 Dept 56 painted porcelain buildings including Fishermen's Milk Cabin, Jefferson School, Santa Comes to Town, Spirit of the Snow Village and Village Vet and Pet Shop, includes boxes; largest 14"
894.3 United States Vietnam era military steel helmets
895.Enameled porcelain lamp with wood base; 30" tall includes harp and brass finial
896.Xbox 360 gaming console, controllers, cables and 4 Xbox 360 games including Call of Duty, Gears of War, Paintball and NHL 10, preview for box contents and working condition
897.Plastic sewing box with removable tray, includes sewing and embroidery accessories and supplies; boxes 14" wide
898.Assorted purses, includes Etienne Aigner and others; largest 16"
899.Dachshund cast iron boot scraper; 14" wide
900.8 mid century modern printed drinking glasses; 5" tall
901.10 clear glass electrical insulators by Whithall Tatum; each 4" tall
902.African tribal string instrument and 2 flutes; largest 22"
903.4 Dept 56 painted porcelain buildings including Winter Fountain, Gothic Farmhouse, Redeemer Church and Snowy Hills Hospital, includes boxes; largest 13"
904.7 pieces hollow driftwood; 15" long
905.4 leather purses
906.Vintage shoeshine box; 11" wide
907.Pair of black leather riding boots size 8.5
908.Polished geode on wood base; 7" tall
909.Michael Garman sculpture; 11" tall
910.3 painted cast iron doorstop uniformed figures; 7.5" tall
911.Painted cast iron horse wagon and cart; 31" long
912.Japanese ceramics, includes cups and saucers, coffee pot, creamers, sugar bowls, teapot, bowls, serving pieces, red and black lacquer plates; largest 12"
913.Bronze finish table lamp; 29" tall including brass finial
914.Assorted ephemera, scrapbooks, autographs and albums; largest 17"
915.2 mid century modern glazed pottery lamps with wood finial; 40" tall
916.Michael Garman and Positive Image Norman Hughes sculptures; largest 14"
917.Vintage brass bugle; 12" long
918.Vintage wood and leather bellows; 22" long
919.4 collectible plates to include Robert Clark, Robert Anderson, Bill Bell and Oriental; largest 9"
920.Fisher Price lighted discovery globe; 19" tall (includes book of words)
921.Longaberger basket, signed and dated 1985; 17" wide
922.4 Dept 56 hand-painted porcelain buildings including Woodbury House, Village Resort, Al's TV Shop and Jack's Corner Barbershop, includes boxes; largest 12"
923.LV bag; 11" wide (preview for working for authenticity)
924.2 hand carved and painted duck decoys signed Victor; 15" wide
925.American Legion hat, assorted military and other cloth badges including Royal Canadian Mounted Police, assorted ribbons, pins
926.Glass shell lamp; 20" tall
927.Vietnam era US military items, includes bandages, enameled medallion, reference books and first-aid kits
928.Carpenters vintage block plane; 16" wide
929.Pinecone duck decoy; 16" wide
930.Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad lantern; 16" tall
931.2 glass and brass lamp; 21" tall
932.Vintage soda bottle crate; 18.5" wide
933.Needlepoint footstool; 8" tall
934.2 Ertl Wings of Texaco collectible airplane coin banks, includes boxes; largest 14"
935.Quantity of sports related hats, includes Indianapolis 500, Baltimore Orioles, U.S Open, Oriole Park and others
936.4 Dept 56 lighted painted porcelain buildings including Skate and Ski Shop, 56 Flavors Ice Cream Parlor, Fishermen's Nook Resort and North Creek Cottage, includes boxes; largest 11"
937.Christian Dior Barbie doll, includes box
938.18 Tower printers tray; 33 x 17"
939.4 Ertl vehicle coin banks collectibles, includes Chevron, Texaco and Havoline, includes boxes; largest 9"
940.5 cast iron frying pans and skillets; largest 11"
941.NASCAR 50th Anniversary Barbie doll with box; 14" tall 6 Winston Cup beer mugs, NASCAR pin holder and Dale Earnhardt clock
942.Metal and crystal table lamp; 34" tall including harp
943.2 Western Heritage Museum sculptures, The Cavalry Man and Old Bill; largest 11"
944.Scunci steamer, includes black canvas bag and accessories
945.Frog collectibles, includes Budweiser insulated tankard, wall plaques, ceramics, tree mug set, stool and other collectibles; largest 16"
946.Floral decorated ceramic lamp with brass base; 31" tall
947.Liz Claiborne and Etienne Aigner purses; largest 17"
948.4 painted porcelain Dept 56 buildings including Bowling Alley, Village Used Car Lot, The Paramount Theater and Hunting Lodge, includes boxes; largest 11"
949.Flowbee home haircutting system, includes instructions and box (preview for completeness)
950.2 collectible porcelain head dolls, Camelot and Court of Dolls, includes boxes; largest 30"
951.Chromed metal lamp, brass wall lamp, stemware, wine stand and 2 storage boxes; largest 20"
952.Vintage Polaroid camera with accessories and Nikon Coolpix L5 digital camera
953.Vintage auto parts, mirrors and mounting brackets
954.2 boxes Lego and other toys
955.2 collectible porcelain head dolls, Marie Osborne and William Tung Collection Hope, includes boxes; largest 25"
956.Quantity of Dept 56 Snow Village accessories, includes kids treehouse, railroad crossing, assorted lighting, and display accessories, includes boxes; largest 11"
957.Gold finish photo bamboo theme lamp with cream shade; 33" tall
958.Brass table lamp; 27" tall including harp
959.3 packets Legos, and Mega Blocks Pro Builder Black Eagle
960.Washington sports items, 1991 Super Bowl champions wall plaques, photographs, bleacher cushion and newspaper cuttings
961.Silver plate and other metalware includes serving trays, baskets, candleholders, serving pieces; largest 19"
962.3 collectible dolls, includes Keepsake Memories, Treasury Collection and Brittany, includes boxes; largest 18.5"
963.Brass lamp with cream fabric shade; 27" tall
964.4 painted porcelain Dept 56 buildings, includes Mount Olivet Church Finklea's Finery: Costume Shop, Craftsman Cottage and Toy Shop, includes boxes; largest 13"
965.3 bags Legos and building blocks
966.General ceramics and collectibles, includes beer steins and tankards, glass decanter, Avon motorcycle bottles, ashtrays, silver plate and brass candleholders, Marlborough and Red Man belt buckles, bottle openers and gray canvas bag; largest 19"
967.Large size porcelain head bride doll; 30" tall
968.2 wrought iron lamps; 26" tall
969.4 painted porcelain Dept 56 buildings including Smoky Mountain Retreat, Pint-Size Pony Rides, St. Luke's Church and Morningside House, includes boxes; largest 13.5"
970.2 bags assorted toys, cube world building blocks, Rubiks cube and other toys
971.2 collectible porcelain head dolls, includes A Christmas Prayer and Royal Masterpiece, includes boxes; largest 18"
972.Innovative Technology record vinyl 2 CD recorder, includes box
973.4 Dept 56 porcelain buildings includes Factory, Saint Anthony's Hotel, River Roadhouse and Shady Oak Church, includes boxes; largest 12.5"
974.Oval-shaped terra-cotta pottery platter 8.5"and 3 oriental Satsuma plates, 2 small and 1 large with boxes, largest 11.5"
975.Glass bowls, glass plate, candleholders, green enameled frying pan and gold picture frames; largest 11"
976.Ceramic bowl, wood crates, glassware, safety harness
977.Grate cooker, vintage Virginia license plates, enamel ware; largest 23"
978.Assorted hats, to include Royal Canadian Mounted Police and others
979.Barbie dolls, includes Millennium Princess, Happy Holidays, Seasons Sparkle and Spot Scene, all with boxes; largest 14"
980.Breyer mules and horses, leather belts, sleigh bells, leather holster and leather pouch
981.Kitchen items, measuring cups, Corningware cooker, lighted carousel, general kitchen items; largest 15"
982.Assorted DVDs, includes The Bucket List, Thomas The Tank Engine, Spider-Man, The Jesus Film and others (preview for box contents)
983.Multi-function 5 inch television, glass lamp with shade, pendant flags, drum; largest 12"
984.Made in Japan figures, pig coin bank and other ornaments
985.Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet, model CT H-661; includes case
986.Carved wood figures, brass horses, Western figures and wood cutouts; largest 18"
987.2 bronze finish wall mount light fixtures; 13" wide
988.Brass lamp with cream fabric shade; 29" tall
989.2 similar kerosene style table lamps; brass and glass 34" tall including harp and Crystal finials
990.2 leather computer bags
991.2 scale model woodchips; largest 27"
992.Box of world souvenir dolls, Walt Disney paper dolls, bride doll and doll furniture; largest 10"
993.Mikasa bowl and stand, Christmas theme serving platters, includes boxes
994.Vintage dolls carriage; 21" long
995.Empty glass bottles, ball jars
996.Group of military theme uniform block mounted prints; each measures 12 x 9"
997.Assorted ephemera, magazine cuttings, pamphlets, scrapbooks, sheet music
998.Kitchen items, spices with spice rack, ceramic plates, roasting dish, sterno fuel; largest 20"
999.Large grouping general household wares, china room glass, includes gumball machine, stemware, mixing bowls, water bottles, camera accessories, child safety helmet, child seat, Bell, Fisher Price kick and crawl, oriental stacking game
1000.Grouping of Dept 56 Snow Village accessories, includes winter playground, blue airplane, water tower accessory and others includes boxes; largest 13"
1001.Glass and brass lamp with fabric shade; 17" tall
1002.Glass and brass lamp with marble base and cream fabric shade; 25" tall
1003.Grouping of Dept 56 Snow Village accessories, includes boxes; largest 9.5"
1004.Spring Night Andrea oven to table cookware, includes covered casseroles, oven dishes; largest 14"
1005.Ceramic mugs, frog trivet, brass boot, aluminum tray, Minolta camera
1006.Blue-and-white porcelain planter, lighted Christmas buildings and general ceramics; largest 8"
1007.Brass table lamp with pleated fabric Shade; 20" tall
1008.Bar items, includes cocktail shaker, glasses, ashtray, wine cooler, cocktail making accessories; largest 8"
1009.General household items, wood serving trays, wood salad bowl, stainless steel pots, stainless steel roaster, lamp, New Wave infrared oven with box, assorted Pyrex oven dishes, serving pieces; largest 16"
1010.Adjustable table lamp; 26" tall
1011.Vintage plastic and other toys, doll house accessories, dolls tea sets
1012.General ceramics, includes pottery tankards and mugs, salt and pepper shakers, bowls, serving pieces; largest 7"
1013.Glass paperweights blue glass birds, glass bowl, geode bookend, and Crystal paperweight; largest 7"
1014.3 graduated twig work baskets; largest 23"
1015.Oreck XL professional air purifier (preview for working condition)
1016.Pimpernel fine porcelain coffee mugs, Firestone mugs and 2 plantation scenes glasses; largest 7"
1017.Bialetti coffee maker with box, art brush rinse or and further hairpiece
1019.Gold finish frame, coasters, assorted correct ceramics, shelves, table lighter, paperweights and other items; largest 9"
1020.Evergreen and other placemats, includes boxes
1021.Glassware, including Ruby flashed compote with cover, etched stemware arm etched stemware, 22 Kentucky Derby glasses
1022.Glassware, stainless steel knives, monkey theme drinking glasses, stemware, silver plate footed bowl; largest 7"
1023.2 soups cigar box purses including Co-Jamar and Santa Rosa, largest 11"
1024.Precision New Wave 2 induction cooktop, includes box
1025.Vintage LP records, includes Cats, Art Rosenbaum, Folk Banjo Styles, Larry Johnson and others (preview for condition)
1026.Fishing supplies, includes sage 3300 fly fishing reel and 3 boxes of assorted lures, baits and fishing tackle
1027.Wards Power-Craft chest with assorted fasteners; 22 x 12"
1028.Tabletop lot, includes glass candleholders decanter, stemware, large punch bowl under plate, vases, candles, candleholders, floral decorated china, silver plated items, metal coffee pot, mid century modern fondue pot, 2 boxes steak knives, and green frosted glass relief plate with ducks and Koi fish; largest 13.5"
1029.Group of Blackfoot Eagle American Indian Heritage Franklin mint figures; largest 6"
1030.Tree form lamp with fabric shade; 15" tall
1031.Suite of etched stemware, water goblets, wine glasses, sherry liqueurs and other stemware; largest 6"
1032.Assorted scissors
1033.GE slow cooker with cover; 17" wide (preview for working condition), cookie Pro ultra cutter, with accessories, napkins and gold finish tray
1034.Vintage bread box; 14" wide
1035.2 monkey theme lamps, 1 with black fabric shade; 24" tall
1036.2 crystal decanters, clear plastic shell shaped dishes, serving plates, etched glass serving plates; largest 15"
1037.Oriental carved wood statue, Art Deco elephant table lighter, carved oriental bone figure, metal owl, and other ornaments; largest 13"
1038.Pair of painted Dutch clogs, brass and other metal bells, bamboo water holder; largest 13"
1039.Grouping of Dept 56 Snow Village accessories, includes Country Harvest, Caroling at the Farm, Santa Comes to Town and others includes boxes; largest 10"
1040.Silver plate items, includes oval-shaped platters, serving trays, food server with 2 covers, beer tankard, Jefferson cup, Wallace silver plate serving tray, Kitchen Collection chicken cooker; largest 16"
1041.JBL 400 HD speaker dock for iPod, includes box (preview for working condition)
1042.Hand crafted wood marimba (in pieces-requires assembly); largest pieces 47" long
1043.Child's guitar; 29" long
1044.4 framed fishing village scene photographs; frames measure 12 x 15" metal cup and metal holder
1045.Kenwood 1080 VR A/V video surround receiver and Kenwood 103 CD multiple CD player (preview for working condition)
1046.Large grouping of kitchen items, includes ceramics, plates, bowls, stemware, wine cooler, Cuisinart coffee maker, Osterizer blender, stainless steel pots and pans, mother-of-pearl inlaid box, 2 baking books, serving trays and brownie maker with box; largest 18"
1048.Hawking broadband booster, wireless router and cable modem, includes boxes (preview for working condition)
1049.Decorative items, wicker baskets, assorted blue-and-white ceramics, silver overlay glass dishes, serving pieces
1050.Brass and glass lamp hand-painted floral decoration brass base; 24" tall
1051.Hellerware 5390 swing away server, includes box
1052.Grouping of 10 blue glass Atlas and Ball jars with covers
1053.2 bronze finish ceramic lamps, 1 with original shade; 46" tall
1054.General household grouping, includes rice cooker, ice bucket, cashbox, lamp oil, brass candleholders, decorative items, serving pieces, trays, woodcarvings, cookie tin and other items, Monopoly board game; largest 19"
1055.Glass shell lamp with white fabric shade; 25" tall
1056.Ganz, Webkinz and other stuffed toys
1057.Antique stoneware 5 gallon crock; 18" tall
1058.Leaded leather clad lamp with cream fabric shade; 19" tall
1059.Assorted hair trimmers, horse clippers and patch trimmers
1060.ET 1982 tray; 17.5 x 13"
1061.Intec driving wheel and accessories
1062.2 vintage railroad spikes; largest 6"
1063.Grouping of Dept 56 Snow Village accessories, includes topiary trees, Sunday School Serenade, Special Delivery Set, pine tree and others includes boxes; largest 14"
1064.Christmas theme collectibles, framed prints and photographs, Mattel See N' Say, frame silhouettes, Christmas tree ornaments
1065.Large grouping of milk glass, includes Westmoreland salad bowl, stemware, large punch bowl and punch cups, punch bowl with pedestal and 9 cups; largest 14"
1066.Fly bar master stilts
1067.Metalware, includes silver plate cruet, pewter beer tankards, assorted silver plate serving pieces, trays and dishes; largest 22"
1068.Chinese brass footed tray, desk items, collectibles, ceramics, balance scale, double-sided dagger with pouch, liquor flask oriental carved bone figure
1069.Jingle Bell Rock Santa with box; 17" tall
1070.Glass shell lamp with white fabric shade; 28" tall
1300.Inlaid mahogany side table; 22 x 12 x 12"
1301.Rattan 2-tier shelf; 27 x 13 x 12"
1302.Vintage Kenmore sewing machine with case (preview for working condition)
1303.2 totes containing vintage reversible doll, bowling pins, books, Twilight Zone DVD box sets, glass vases
1304.Shoeshine box; 12" wide
1305.Upholstered footstool; 19 x 16 x 16"
1306.Box of audio DVDs, VHS cassettes
1307.Lasko electric heater (preview for working condition)
1308.Mutual leather bag
1309.Bucket Boss bucket holder and nails
1310.Green canvas and black canvas travel bags
1311.Vintage metal display stand; 62" tall
1312.2 vintage snow skis
1313.Folding oak table on turned supports; 37 x 21"
1314.3 wire baskets
1315.Woven grass and woven plastic bags, woven trays and macrame
1316.Pink canvas bag
1317.Assorted animal hides including zebra
1318.John Deere pedal tractor; 35" long
1319.TCC-330 laminator (preview for working condition)
1320.Assorted table linens, vintage animal skins and hides
1321.Metal silhouettes, wall plaques and decorative items
1322.Assorted lawn and garden tools, folding measure, square and oil funnel
1323.Carpeted pet steps; 24" tall
1324.Adjustable metal hand truck; 35" tall
1325.Steel stool; 31" tall
1326.Quantity of CDs, DVDs and PlayStation games (preview for box contents)
1327.Quantity of grass mats
1328.Antique style mahogany foot stool with needlepoint covering; 21" wide
1329.First Alert heavy-duty fire extinguisher, includes box
1330.Vintage leather and fabric bags, woven grass hats, purses grass containers
1331.Black painted wood 3 tier wall mounting shelf; 30" tall
1332.Sony surround sound speakers (preview for working condition)
1333.Woven wicker baskets; largest 19"
1334.2 pieces black canvas luggage
1335.Bronze finish 4 light floor lamp; 63" tall including harp
1336.Black metal floor lamp; 54" tall
1337.Medline wheelchair
1338.Black canvas bag containing assorted Christmas tree ornaments and Christmas lights
1339.Lasko isolating floor fan (preview for working condition)
1340.Crate DSP PX-600DLX guitar amplifier (preview for working condition)
1341.Sony subwoofer audio speaker
1342.2 pieces Valoroso black canvas luggage
1343.Quantity of PS3 games, DVDs, Xbox games (preview for box contents)
1344.Metal toolbox containing assorted hand tools; 18" wide
1345.Subaru Outback cooler (preview for working condition)
1346.2 metal and floral upholstered stools; each 17" wide
1347.Folding metal patio side table; 20" diameter
1348.2 green painted metal candle stands; 29" tall
1349.Turquoise painted 2-tier table; 23 x 9.5 x 9.5"
1350.Wood cart; 34" long
1351.Bench grinder (preview for working condition)
1352.Black canvas luggage by Valoroso
1353.Assorted picture and photograph frames, various sizes
1354.Pitching machine and practice balls
1355.Assorted ceramic planter pots and under trays
1356.Pioneer VS X-818V multichannel receiver (preview for working condition)
1357.Brisker food crisper (preview for working condition)
1358.Christmas tree wreaths, Christmas lighting (excludes tote)
1359.Ceramic floor lamp; 59" tall including harp and finial
1360.AB lounger
1361.Vera Bradley purse, pink bag, assorted totes
1362.Wicker basket, ceramic ornaments, Gallery Originals deer and vases; largest 23"
1363.Antique oak fireplace coal container with brass handles and hinges; 16" wide
1364.Dirt Devil Royal vacuum cleaner (preview for working condition)
1365.Box of assorted photograph and picture frames, assorted sizes
1366.Lacey's wreath, includes box
1367.US military items, coats, sleeping bags and blankets
1368.Wood finish wall mounting shelf; 32" wide
1369.Metal kitchen canisters, vintage cake cover, metal bowls and general kitchen items
1370.GE stainless steel undercounter microwave; 31" wide (preview for working condition)
1371.Dirt Devil Breeze vacuum cleaner (preview for working condition)
1373.White painted wrought iron bowl stand; 37" tall
1374.Quantity books includes D-Day, Ohio University Alumni Directory, The 1st Hundred Years, Dynamic Freedoms and others
1375.2 antique cast iron fireplace andirons
1376.Wicker baskets (excludes tote)
1377.Box of assorted lightbulbs
1378.US military issue folding chairs, canvas bags and backpack
1379.Oriental style green side table; 21" tall
1380.Sunbeam Universal Filter
1381.Quantity of assorted leather, faux leather and other purses (excludes tote)
1382.PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 video games (preview for box contents)
1383.Christmas theme decorative items, tree ornaments and candleholders
1384.Electric Heater (Preview for Working Condition)
1385.Heavy duty Tiffin video tripod
1386.Metal pet enclosure; 36" tall
1387.Group of fishing rods, fishing reels
1388.Leaded and stained glass 3 light hanging light fixture; 31" wide
1389.US military issue items, Vietnam era flag, bags, 1912 canvas shower bucket
1390.Plastic toolbox with contents; 21" wide
1391.Leather belts
1392.Metal book rack, general items
1393.Heavy duty jumper cables
1394.Denon DP-30L automatic direct drive turntable (preview for working condition)
1395.Delta miter saw (preview for working condition)
1396.General items, pictures, lamps, ceramics and 45 RPM records
1397.Mahogany sewing box on stand; 28" tall
1398.African tribal Turkana metal shield with leather bindings, early 20thC; 34.5 x 12"
1399.Hoover Wind Tunnel vacuum cleaner (preview for working condition)
1400.Kenmore Direct Drive vacuum cleaner (preview for working condition)
1401.Ryobi TS-260 10" miter saw (preview for working condition)
1402.Hartke systems transporter 100W stage speaker (preview for working condition)
1403.White painted wicker crib; 32" long
1404.LXI series stereo with detachable speakers (preview for working condition)
1405.Plush rocking horse; 28" long
1406.Stars & Stripes throw, yoga mat, pillows and woven basket
1407.Mahogany magazine stand; 19" wide
1408.Pet harnesses and leashes
1409.Power strips, electronic and digital picture frame
1410.Paintbrushes, plastering tools and hand tools
1411.Box of Temptations Christmas theme china, includes 2 platters and 2 covered serving dishes
1412.Modern form floor lamp with gray fabric shade; 63" tall
1413.Black & Decker Workmate vice bench
1414.Mechanics creeper
1415.Adjustable walker
1416.Box of gold finish and other picture and photograph frames
1417.Children's toys, books, CDs
1418.Kenmore Magic Blue vacuum cleaner (preview for working condition)
1419.Air pump
1420.Taskforce socket set with hard-shell case
1421.Christmas collectibles, lighting, figures and tree ornaments (excludes tote)
1422.Assorted photograph and picture frames and collage frames (excludes tote)
1423.Box of Christmas items, crystal tree ornaments, figures and decorations
1424.Vintage LP records (preview for contents)
1425.Quantity of ceramic planters and plant parts
1426.2 concrete planters; 12" tall
1427.Pine 2 tier hall table; 23 x 19"
1428.Garden statue; 16" tall
1429.Cream color wall mounting cabinet with 2 doors and 1 drawer; 29 x 17 x 6"
1430.Vintage Akai reel to reel tape recorder (incomplete-preview for condition)
1431.Box of US military clothing, badges, flags, rations, lanyards, water canteen, flags, camo and other items
1432.Box of assorted Christmas tree and other decorations and Christmas stockings
1433.Metal tow hitch; 11" long
1434.3 boxes assorted board games and puzzles (preview for contents)
1435.Makita electric drill, assorted clamps, chalk line and other hand tools
1436.Kubota 4 gallon shop vac (preview for working condition)
1437.Straw hats (excludes tote)
1438.Vintage Argus slide magazine storage box, includes large quantity of vintage slides
1439.Shakespeare Ugly Stick fishing rod and green canvas rod case by DB Dun
1440.Holmes humidifier (preview for working condition)
1441.Pair of infinity RS-8 audio speakers (preview for working condition)
1442.Mid century modern floor lamp with matching shade; 56" tall
1443.Solid wood barstool; 30" tall
1444.Assorted table linens, pillows and placemats
1445.Box of general household items, chain sections and hand tools
1446.Pillows, placemats and table linens
1447.Pet gear pet ramp, includes box
1448.Wood pail with cover; 13" tall
1449.Kitchen items, pans, serving pieces and baking items (excludes tote)
1450.Honeywell HEPA floor fan (preview for working condition)
1451.Copper finish metal hat and coat hooks; 40" wide
1452.General household items, door lock, vinyl stripping, grease gun and edging tools
1453.2 JBL model L20T3 audio speakers (preview for working condition)
1454.Infinity model BU-2 audio speaker (preview for working condition)
1455.Bissell Lift off vacuum cleaner (preview for working condition)
1456.Cream painted hall table on turned supports; 25 x 24 x 12.5"
1457.Wire basket; 15" wide
1458.Bench grinder; 14" wide (preview for working condition)
1459.Decorative items, potpourri
1460.Adjustable piano stool on metal claw and ball feet; 19.5" tall
1461.Adjustable wrenches and assorted tools
1462.Vintage leather boots, belts and boot stretchers
1463.Brown painted pine nightstand with 1 drawer; 27" tall
1464.4 Carnatic wire sculptures
1465.Wood and tile mosaic mid century modern side table; 18 x 22"
1466.Collapsible bow saw and yellow twine
1467.Metal animal trap; 35" wide
1468.2 aluminum folding chairs
1469.Metal document sorter; 56.5 x 10.5"
1470.Igloo 3.2 cu.ft mini refrigerator, includes operating instructions (preview for working condition)
1471.Carpeted cat tree; 27" tall
1472.8 pool cues, pool rest, pool balls and pool cue stand
1473.5 assorted street signs
1474.Plastic kitchen play center; 43 x 29 x 19"
1475.Radiant Deluxe Meteor II vintage projector screen on stand
1476.Chrome metal shelf on wheels; 31 x 19 x 19"
1477.Metal knight armor sculpture; 62" tall
1478.Wave Master training bag on stand and gloves
1479.Aluminum 4 foot stepladder
1480.United States military clothing, includes WW2, Korea and Vietnam, cavalry breeches, dress blues, many badges and service ribbons (Colonel Neville D McNerney estate, Petersburg VA)
1481.United States military and Royal Canadian Mounted Police uniforms and clothing, includes WW2, Korea and Vietnam (Colonel Neville D McNerney estate, Petersburg VA)
1482.Regimental drum; measures 23 x 20" dia
1483.2 Peavey stage speakers, Peavey XR 600C mixer amp and Peavey XR680C mixer amp (preview for working condition)
1484.4 photography and video tripods
1485.2 leaded glass arched window; each measures 42 x 8"
1486.Vintage tools, includes scythe and pitchfork
1487.Highland universal basket carrier, includes box
1488.Grouping of vintage East African Turkana wood and steel throwing spears
1490.4 folding metal chairs
1491.Fighting Road punch bag and Everlast training gloves
1492.Red painted 3 tier oval-shaped table; 24 x 28 x 14"
1493.Hand tools, includes screwdrivers, hammers, drills, ranchers, socket sets, leather punch and vintage gun oil can
1500.White rattan sofa with floral cushions; 65" wide (matches 1500)
1501.White rattan sofa with floral cushions; 65" wide (matches 1501)
1502.Wicker armchair with loose cushion and oval-shaped coffee table; coffee table is 37" wide
1503.5 bamboo ladder racks; each measures 72 x 18"
1504.1950s chromed metal kitchen table with 1 drawer; 30 x 40 x 25"
1505.NordicTrack CX 990 power ramp orbital trainer (preview for working condition)
1506.Wrought iron 2 tier patio cart; 32 x 34 x 20"
1507.Modern form cream upholstered bench; 47" wide
1508.Rustic pine cabinet with 1 door; 58 x 35 x 16"
1509.White wicker 2-tier side table; 24 x 18 x 18"
1510.Retro chromed metal kitchen table with 2 matching chairs; table measures 31 x 30 x 20" closed, sides are 14" wide
1511.Solid walnut drop side gate leg dining table on turned legs; 28 x 20 x 43" closed, sides are 21" wide
1512.2 wrought iron patio chairs
1513.Chromed metal shelf on casters; 55 x 24 x 18"
1514.Chromed metal and wood 3 tier shelf; 37 x 36 x 18"
1515.White metal 3 tier shelf; 31 x 24 x 14"
1516.Antique cast iron singer sewing machine base with circular glass top; 38" wide
1517.Oak multi-drawer jewelry chest; 41 x 18.5 x 15"
1518.Char-Broil Patio Bistro TRU infrared grill on stand (preview for working condition)
1519.Wrought iron patio table with 4 matching chairs; table measures 29 x 48" diameter
1520.Wrought iron patio table, includes umbrella arm with umbrella stand and 4 matching chairs; table measures 28 x 42" diameter
1521.All weather wicker sofa; 49" wide loveseat
1522.Wrought iron patio 3 seater sofa, frame only; 69" wide (no cushions)
1523.2 wrought iron patio chairs (no cushions-matches 1522)
1524.Metal tool bench; 32" tall
1525.Wrought iron patio table with 4 cafe type chairs; 29 x 35" diameter
1526.Wrought iron pedestal patio pedestal table with 4 matching chairs; table measures 29 x 41.5" diameter
1527.Wrought iron and expanded mesh patio loveseat; 50" wide (matches 1526)
1528.Pair of green metal patio armchairs (no cushions)
1529.Antique travel trunk, metal and wood banding; 33" wide
1530.Painted pine trunk; 68 19 x 28.5 x 19"
1531.Solid wood kitchen block on casters; 34 x 26 x 26"
1532.Toro Recycler 22" front drive lawnmower (preview for working condition)
1533.Artist easel; 80" tall
1534.6 matching solid wood office chairs on casters
1535.White painted rattan loveseat; 52" wide
1536.Black painted metal side chair; 28" tall
1537.3-tier metal shelf; 28" tall
1538.Wrought-iron patio table with glass top; 19 x 21 x 15"
1539.Rustic painted pine trunk; 24" wide
1540.Lane mid century modern cedar chest; 47" wide
1541.ATV attachment; measures 13 x 41 x 26"
1542.True Temper 4 cubic foot wheelbarrow
1543.Pine wine rack; 34 x 32 x 13"
1544.Rattan loveseat with floral cushions; 56" wide
1545.Wall mounting wood shelf; 42" wide
1546.4 vintage folding chairs with padded seats
1547.Wrought iron 2 tier serving cart on wheels; 34 x 33 x 20"
1548.Craftsman 10" radial arm saw on stand (preview for working condition)
1549.The Firm Box adjustable incline stepper; 15 x 31 x 15"
1550.Blue painted open front bookshelf with 1 drawer; 35 x 29 x 16"
1551.Brass fireplace tools on stand, brass andirons; largest 31"
1552.Quantity of plastic totes, some with covers
1553.U-Haul trailer hitch, part number 78211; 53" wide
1554.Plastic utility cart on wheels; 63" long
1555.Metal and wood desk on cart; 42 x 27 x 39"
1700.$5 and $20 Confederate States of America banknotes, Richmond 1864
1701.1935-S United States peace dollar
1702.1934-D United States peace dollar
1703.1929-S United States peace dollar
1704.1926-S United States peace dollar
1705.1922-D United States peace dollar
1706.1922-S United States peace dollar
1707.1923 United States peace dollar
1708.1923-S United States peace dollar
1709.1924 United States peace dollar
1710.1925-S United States peace dollar
1711.1922 United States peace dollar
1712.1923-D United States peace dollar
1713.1923 United States peace dollar
1714.1922 United States peace dollar
1715.1921 United States Morgan dollar
1716.1922 United States peace dollar
1717.1922-S United States peace dollar
1718.1891 United States Morgan dollar
1719.1896 United States Morgan dollar
1720.Assorted Chinese banknotes
1721.Chinese Health Bureau bronze medallion, includes box
1801.158 Topps 1957 baseball cards with stars
1802.89 x 1956 Topps baseball cards, includes stars
1803.27 x 1958 Topps baseball cards, includes stars
1804.1961 Topps Roberto Clemente baseball card number 388
1805.1961 Topps Yastrzemski baseball card number 287
1806.1959 and 1960 Topps Willie Mays baseball cards
1807.25 vintage New York Yankees baseball cards 1950s-1960s, includes stars
1808.1961 Topps lot, includes Walter Johnson and Lou Gehrig
1809.Sandy Koufax card lot, 1959-1961 Topps
1810.Warren Spahn Topps baseball lot, includes 1958 Topps number 494 and 270
1811.1961 Topps Willie McCovey baseball card, number 517
1812.1961 Topps Yogi Berra baseball card number 425
1813.1960 Fleer Ty Cobb baseball card number 42
1814.1957 Topps Ernie Banks baseball card number 55
1815.1959 Topps Hank Aaron baseball card number 380
1816.4 Don Drysdale Topps baseball cards, 1950s-1960s
1817.2 Harmon Killebrew Topps baseball cards, 1961 and 1962
1818.15 Topps baseball cards from the 1950s and 1960s, includes stars
1819.1958 Topps Hank Aaron baseball card number 488
1820.Babe Ruth 1961 Topps baseball card number 401
1821.Johnny Podres Topps baseball cards 1956-1961
1822.3 Stan Musial Topps baseball cards, 1958 to 1960
1823.10,000 NFL football card collection
1824.5 unopened boxes of 1990s baseball cards, various brands
1825.7000 MLB baseball card collection
1826.Fleer, Topps and Score baseball card boxes
1827.Upper Deck High Series 1992/93 NBA basketball foil pack box, 2 Upper Deck Locker Series MLB baseball card foil pack boxes (all unopened), and 2 boxes opened Upper Deck basketball cards
1828.6 Score 1990, 1989 unopened baseball card sets
1829.3 boxes 1991 tops Stadium Club baseball cards
1830.3 boxes baseball cards, Fleer 1991, Fleer 1984 and 1986
1831.1990 Bowman baseball cards set, 1992 Upper Deck baseball cards and 1993 Upper Deck baseball
1832.3 unopened 1991 baseball hottest player card sets, baseball card game and Upper Deck Gridiron football cards
1833.Quantity of Topps, Fleer, Donruss and Score unopened baseball card sets
1834.Donruss and Upper Deck unopened baseball card boxes
1835.Super Bowl silver anniversary commemorative cards set and Topps Stadium Club 1992 wax packs set
1836.5 boxes Donruss baseball cards, assorted years
1837.Large quantity of baseball, NASCAR, football and other sports cards
1838.Dennis Rodman #91 Chicago Bulls autographed custom framed road red jersey with JSA certificate of authenticity and hologram
1839.Magic Johnson #32 Los Angeles Lakers autographed custom framed purple jersey with PSA/DNA certificate of authenticity and matching hologram
1840.2005-6 Memphis Grizzlies team autographed 16 x 20 color poster of Shane Battier, Bobby Jackson, Dahntay Jones, Lorenzen Wright, Brian Cardinal and 2 others
1841.Redskins Greats Joe Theismann, Mark Rypien and Doug Williams autographed 18 x 30 matted photo, custom framed and each photo comes with JSA certificate of authenticity and matching hologram
1842.Kovap Zetor trailer and tractor tinplate model Czech Republic 1/25 scale toy
1843.1940s Conestoga Wagon covered wagon toy, Northwestern Toy Company tin pull toy
1844.Jim Otto Oakland Raiders autographed 8 x 10 color photo "HOF 1980", framed with JSA hologram
1845.Brooks Robinson Baltimore Orioles 11 x 14 autographed 1970 World Series catch black and white photo with Hawthorne Sports certificate of authenticity
1846.Todd Gurley Los Angeles Rams autographed 8 x 10 color custom photo, framed with PSA/DNA certificate of authenticity and matching hologram
1847.Dallas Cowboys Troy Aikman autographed 8 x 10 photo Super Bowl XXX, custom framed with GAI certificate of authenticity and matching hologram
1848.Willie Mays New York Giants autographed "The Catch" 8 x 10 photo, custom framed with Say Hey hologram
1849.Le'Veon Bell #26 Pittsburgh Steelers autographed 8 x 10 custom photo, framed with GAI certificate of authenticity and matching hologram
1850.Chris Paul Houston Rockets autographed NBA's Spalding Basketball with GAI certificate of authenticity and matching hologram
1851.Dwight Howard Orlando magic autographed NBA's Spalding Basketball with GAI certificate of authenticity and matching hologram
1852.Vintage Lionel O scale and American Flyer S scale engines, railcars, box cars, sawmill and accessories
1853.1963 to present 25+ pounds of sports memorabilia with autographed baseballs, helmet, Hall of Famers, Ken Griffey Jr and Deion Saunders Rookie cards, wax packs and stars in binders
1854.Lionel, K-line O scale train engine, railcars, box cars, Lipiput and Peco HO scale, Walthers building kits and accessories
1855.1960 to 1969 Topps baseball cards-117 total cards and autographed Matt Williams, Ryan Klesko, Javy Lopez and Tony Tarasco Beckett book
1856.1969 Topps Man on the Moon, 1977 Star Wars, 1979 Rocky II, 1982 ET and 1978 Sergeant Peppers Lonely Heart Band card sets
1857.Jadeveon Clowney #90 Houston Texans autographed custom jersey with PSA/DNA certificate of authenticity and matching hologram
1858.Colt McCoy #12 and Peyton Hills #40 Cleveland Browns autographed game day jerseys with JSA certificates of authenticity's and matching holograms
1859.Jeff Bostic Washington Redskins autographed 8 x 10 color custom framed photo with Upper Deck authentication certificate of authenticity and matching hologram
1860.Randy White Dallas Cowboys autographed 8 x 10 color custom framed photo with JSA hologram

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