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Item Description
7441.1855 Silver Seated Half Dollar with Arrows
7442.1921 Morgan Silver Dollar and 1923D Silver Peace Dollar
7443.1923S Silver Peace Dollar and 1897S Morgan Silver Dollar
7444.1924 Silver Peace Dollar and 1900O Morgan Silver Dollar
7445.One Roll Unsearched Buffalo Nickels
7446.3 Silver Half Dollars; 1943 Walking Liberty, 1953 Franklin and 1964 Kennedy
7447.Yesterday's Collection Americana Series; 1908 Barber Half Dollar, 1908D Barber Quarter, 1914 Barber Dime, 1901V Nickel, 1907 Indian Head Penny.
7448.6 Eisenhower Dollars, Various Dates plus 7 Presidential Dollars
7449.1910S Wheat Penny-Graded and Slabbed F-12 and 1920 Wheat Penny Slabbed
7450.1941 Mercury Dime Graded MS-66 and Slabbed
7451.1959 Franklin Half Graded PR-65 and Slabbed
7452.3 Barber Dimes; 1905S, 1911D, 1911S
7453.1965 Three Cent Piece. Looks uncirculated. Very Good Coin!!
7454.1913S Wheat Penny and 1926S Wheat Penny
7455.Roll of Unsearched V Nickels
7456.1923 Silver Peace Dollar and 1890 Morgan Silver Dollar
7457.1923D Silver Peace Dollar and 1923 Silver Peace Dollar
7458.3 Silver Half Dollars; 1908D Barber, 1916S Walking Liberty and 1963 Franklin(Looks Uncirculated)
7459.4 Silver Quarters; 1958D, 1960D, 1961D and 1963D
7460.1857 Flying Eagle Penny
7461.1802 Large Cent Piece
7462.2 Wheat Pennies; 1911S and 1914S
7463.1856 Seated Liberty Dime-Very Good Condition.
7464.1974S Ike MS65 Silver Dollar
7465.3 Silver Half Dollars; 1917 Walking Liberty, 1947 Franklin, 1943 Walking Liberty
7466.22 Silver Mercury Dimes, Various Dates
7467.2 Morgan Silver Dollars, 1880S and 1881O
7468.Unsearched Roll-Indian Head Pennies
7469.1939 Mercury Dime Graded and Slabbed MS66
7470.7-2003S Silver Quarters
7471.80 Roosevelt Dimes-Oldest 1965
7472.3 Silver Half Dollars; 1959, 1962, 1963 Franklins. All Look Uncirculated
7473.1979 Susan B Anthony, PD&S; 1st year mint set and 1995 Atlanta Centennial Half Dollar and Medal.
7474.1872 Half Dime in Very Good Condition
7475.American Legacy Collection; 1946 Walking Liberty Half Dollar, 1935S Silver Quarter, 1943 Mercury Dime, 1937 Buffalo Nickel, 1893 Indian Head Penny and Gold Plated 2000 Silver Eagle Half Dollar
7476.1856O Seated Liberty Silver Half Dollar
7477.1909 VDB Penny and 1886 V Nickel
7478.1868 Indian Head Penny
7479.1866 and 1881 Three Cent Piece-both Good Condition
7480.1923S Silver Peace Dollar
7481.1896 Morgan Silver Dollar
7482.1922 Silver Peace Dollar and 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar
7483.3 Silver Half Dollars; 1942 Walking Liberty, 1953 Franklin, and 1964 Kennedy
7484.1857 Flying Eagle Penny
7485.1860 Silver Three Cent Piece in Very Good Condition
7486.1875S Seated Liberty Half dollar
7487.2 Partial State Quarter Books; $24.75 Face Value
7488.10 Susan B Anthony Dollars; 9-1979, 1-1980 and 5 Sacajawea Dollars (2000 and 2001)
7489.1 Unsearched Roll of Buffalo Nickels
7490.1854 Seated Liberty Quarter with Arrows in Very Good Condition
7491.1830 Large Cent
7492.1936 Buffalo Nickel-Looks Uncirculated
7493.1942 Wheat Penny, Graded MS65 Red and Slabbed and 1909 VDB Wheat Penny
7494.1923 Silver Peace Dollar and 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar
7495.3 Silver Half Dollars; 1899 Barber, 1934 Walking Liberty and 1964 Kennedy
7496.1853 Large Cent
7497.1846 Large Cent
7498.Unsearched Roll-Indian Head Pennies
7499.10 Silver Certificates; 1935 and 1957
7500.8-2003S Silver Quarters
7501.Unsearched Roll of V-Nickels
7502.3 Silver Half Dollar; 1945 Walking Liberty, 1953 Franklin and 1964 Kennedy
7503.1915S Wheat Penny Graded VG8BN and Slabbed and 1909 VDB Penny
7504.9 Eisenhower Dollars; 1971-1976 and 2-1968 Kennedy Half Dollars
7505.1925 Stone Mountain Silver Half Dollar
7506.Unsearched Roll of Buffalo Nickels
7507.1847 Large Cent
7508.1964 Silver Quarters and 1939D Silver Quarters(Looks Uncirculated)
7509.4-1999S Proof Silver Quarters
7510.5 Standing Liberty Silver Quarters; 1926, 1926D, 1928S, 1929D and 1930S
7511.1925 Stone Mountain Silver Half Dollar
7512.3 Silver Walking Liberty Dollars; 1941D, 1940 and 1943S
7513.1909 VDB Wheat Penny and 1922D Wheat Penny
7514.1923 Silver Peace Dollar
7515.1900 Morgan Silver Dollar
7516.Unsearched Roll of Buffalo Nickels
7517.3 Silver Half Dollars; 1904O Barber, 1948 and 1953 Franklin
7518.4-Uncirculated Silver Clad Quarters; 1968, 1972D, 1991D, 1981S
7519.5-5 Dollar Bills; 1950 Green Seal, 4-1963 Red Seals
7520.1940 Large Cent
7521.5 Standing Liberty Silver Quarters; 1917, 1926, 1928, 1929 and 1 unreadable date
7522.1911S Wheat Penny Graded VG8BN and Slabbed and 1909 VDB Wheat Penny
7523.2- 1923 Silver Peace Dollars
7524.Look! 1923 Blue Seal Silver Certificate-1 dollar Blanket Note
7525.3 Silver Half Dollars; 1940 & 1946 Walking Liberty and 1964 Kennedy
7526.10 Indian Head Pennies; 1859, 1883, 1889, 1900, 1901, 1893, 1902,1903, 1906 and 1908
7527.1851 Large Cent
7528.8 Mercury Dimes; 1921, 1924S, 1926D, 1937, 1939, 1941S, 1942S, and 1945S
7529.1921 Morgan Silver Dollar
7530.5-5 dollar Bills; 4-1963 Red Seal and 1934 Green Seal
7531.Unsearched Roll of Buffalo Nickels
7532.1921D Morgan Silver Dollar
7533.1922 Silver Peace Dollar
7534.1851 Large Cent
7535.3 Silver Half Dollars; 1920S Walking Liberty, 1949S Franklin, and 1953 Franklin
7536.1882S Morgan Silver Dollar
7537.9-Two Dollar Bills; 4-1953 Red Seals, 1-1963 Red Seal, and 4-1976 Green Seals
7538.4 Quarters; 1939D Silver, 1964D Silver, and 2-1965 Clad. All Uncirculated
7539.3 Silver Half Dollars; 1908 Barber, 1948 Franklin, and 1964 Kennedy
7540.1923 Silver Peace Dollar
7541.1882S Morgan Silver Dollar
7542.9-Two Dollar Bills; 4-1953 Red Seals, 4-1963 Red Seals
7543.5 Pennies-1859, 1860 Indian Head, 1913S, 1914S, and 1921S Wheat Pennies
7544.3 Silver Half Dollars; 1945 Walking Liberty, 1946 Franklin and 1964 Kennedy
7545.10- Silver Dimes; 5 Roosevelt 1947S, 1947, 1951S, 1951, and 1951D and 5 Mercury Dimes 1921, 1926S. 1929, 1938 and 1940S.
7546.3 Silver Half Dollars; 1945 Standing Liberty, 1963D Franklin uncirculated, 1964 Kennedy
7547.1880 Morgan Silver Dollar
7548.2 Barber Silver half Dollars; 1893 and 1904S
7549.1923 Silver Peace Dollar
7550.Bag of Unsearched Wheat Pennies (approximately 500)
7551.B Makowsky Handbag with Dust Bag. 11 1/2"x9"
7552.Brighton Summer Bag with Dust Bag. 12"x7"
7553.Red Leather Coach Pocketbook with Dust Bag. 14"x8"
7554.Coach Denim and Leather Pocketbook. 14"x9"
7555.Miche Bag and One Cover. 18"x11"
7556.Coach Handbag 15"x10"
7557.2 Coach Wallets-largest 8"x4"
7558.Aigner Leather Wallet. 5 1/2"x4 1/2"
7559.Coach Wallet 7 1/2"x5" and 2 Pair of Leather Ladies Gloves(size small to medium)
7560.Blue Stripped Canvas Beach Bag 15"x14" mad Black Long Strapped Pocketbook and Leather Handbag. 8 1/2"x5 1/2"
7561.Lanc?me Red Stripped Beach Bag, Rosetti Leather Pocketbook, Cell Phone Case and Wallet. Largest 19"x16"
7562.13"x13" Beach Bag, Travel Pocketbook and more
7563.Champion Red Vinyl Tote and Rosetti Travel Pocketbook. Largest 19"x13"
7564.Ladies Back Pack, Black Brighton Shoulder Bag, and Pink Cigarette Case
7565.American Airlines Overnight Travel Bag, Make-up Bag, Wallet and Checkbook Cover
7566.2 Soft side Coolers, one Igloo 16"x12"
7567.Set of 6 Cristal D'Arques Crystal Flutes-Longchamp Patters-made in France. 24% Lead Crystal with Sparkling Brilliance. (1970's)
7568.Set of 6 Cristal D'Arques Crystal High Ball Glasses-Longchamp Patters-made in France. 24% Lead Crystal with Sparkling Brilliance. (1970's)
7569.Set of 6 Cristal D'Arques Crystal Wine Water Glasses-Longchamp Patters-made in France. 24% Lead Crystal with Sparkling Brilliance. (1970's)
7570.Shannon Crystal Bamboo Lead Crystal Pitcher 9" Tall
7571.4 Matching Lead Crystal Candle Holders. 4 Inches Tall. Made in USA
7572.Christmas in July! Santa Lot; one Christopher Radco Style. Largest 11"
7573.Christmas Decorator Lot; hallmark and Coke Collectibles. Largest 7"x8"
7574.boxed Ornament Lot; includes 8" Mouth blown Winnie the Pooh
7575.White Christmas Lot; Santas and Snowmen. Largest 8" Tall
7576.Ceramic Christmas Mice and Bears; Largest 6"
7577.Santa Figurine Lot; largest 10" tall. Ceramic and Resin
7578.Lot of Christmas Figures; Nutcracker, Musical Rocking Bear, Native American Angels and Light up Santa. Largest 10" Tall
7579.Ceramic Holiday Train and Houses plus 8 Hour timed electric candle. Train is 15"x3".
7580.Graduated Candle Holder Set; Silver plated, International Silver Company. 7 1/2"x6 1/2"x5 1/2"
7581.Native American Girl Print; Matted and Framed 23"x19" signed Majorie M Anderson and Matted and Framed inspirational wall hanging. Circa 1970-1980"s
7582.ProForm X Upright Fold up Exercise Bike with hand Weights
7583.Stamina in Motion compact elliptical for cardio vascular and lower body workouts
7584.Fold Up Urban Rebound Mini Trampoline with Stabilizing Bar. Like new in Case with DVDs. 37" Round and Bootee Max Resistance Trainer
7585.Die Cast Model Coupe on Display Stand. 13" Long
7586.Maisto Ford GT90 Die Cast Car on Stand. 12" Long
7587.Large Lot of Girls Scarves
7588.Girls Craft Lot; Crazy Loon Loop D Doo, Bracelet Beads, Sketch Boos and More
7589.Chair Hammock, Puzzle Sets, Banks, Rubber Toys
7590.Lot of Books Featuring Chicken Soup for the Soul Books
7591.Lot of Electronic Games, Duncan Yo Yo and other toys
7592.Electric Alarm Clock, Plush Toys, Bracelet Making Supplies and Puzzles.
7593.Glass Ceiling Fixture-15"
7594.Girls Pocketbooks, wallets, puzzles an more
7595.New Rosetti Ladies Pocketbook 10 1/2"x12" and Laura Scott Handbag
7596.3 Hex Bugs New in Packages
7597.Chess Teacher Set, Game Pads and more
7598.Toy Lot; Blip Toys, chalk, crayons and puzzles
7599.Cuisinart Stainless Steel Grill Set in Case and Mandolin Slicer
7600.Games, Styrofoam airplane, Children's Books and Puzzles
7601.Maple Oak Syrup Sled. 14"x15". Has places for Syrup Barrel
7602.Pair of Framed Linen Painted Floral Art Pieces. 25"x11"
7603.Framed Japanese Water Color. 32"x20"
7604.Seaside painting by C Ward and Print Titled Le Printems. Largest 17 1/2"x19"
7605.Honda Gas Powered Premium 2800 PSI Pressure Washer. Consignor says runs good. Tr 1
7606.Hisense Portable Dehumidifier in working condition plus drain hose. 25"x11"x14" Tr 1
7607.Ryobi Tabletop Ban Saw in working condition with tilt top work table Tr1
7608.Hitachi Table Saw (Missing Fence) on Stand. Condition Unknown. 24"x33"x36" Tr 1
7609.Brother Printer-Model HL L 2360DW. Powers on and Consignor says in good working condition. Tr 1
7610.Lot of Brass Electrical Covers. 6 are Baldwin Solid Brass
7611.License Plate Lot; 1-New Hampshire, 2 California and 11 Virginia
7612.Lot of Antique Bottles. Consignor states some are Civil War Era. 3-3 Part Molds, 4-2 part Molds10 total.
7613.US Military Trenching Tool by MGF Wood, 1945, plus a pair of loppers and a roll of plastic hose.
7614.2 Cable Come A Longs. 1-4 Ton and 1-2 Ton. Tr 1
7615.Fully Adjustable Shooting Rest with Brass Legs. Career and Technology Center.
7616.New Brass Oxygen Acetylene Gauge
7617.Lee Rifle Pistol Loading Press with accessories
7618.18 Volt Cordless Drill/Driver-Drill Master --New in Box
7619.Craftsman 100 pc Drilling and Driver Kit-New In Box
7620.Craftsman 8 Function Multimeter new in package.
7621.Stanley Screwdriver Set and Pittsburg Cushion Grip Screwdriver set new in package
7622.Craftsman 3/8 inch socket wrench set
7623.Spring Loaded Hammer Tightener, 40 pc tap and die set and Ace 100 Foot Tape Measure
7624.Jason Star Search Telescope 100/ 50MM Glass Objective Lens and Metal Tripod. Looks new
7625.Porter Cable 7.5 Amp Reciprocating Saw. New in Box
7626.Log Master 3.0 HP Chain Saw with 16" Remington Blade-New in Box
7627.2.3 HP Circular Saw by Skilsaw. 13 AMP New in Box
7628.Black and Decker Hedge Trimmer New in Box. 22 Inch
7629.Large Poker Chip Set in Case
7630.Large Premium Steel Mailbox New in Box
7631.Cordless Craftsman 3/8 Drill/Driver New in Box. 19.2 Volt
7632.Ryobi 70 piece drill bit set new in Case
7633.Set of 4 Stanley High Visibility Tape Measures. 2-12' 1-16'--all new in packages
7634.New Battery Operated Hazard Lights. 12 Inches tall
7635.Craftsman Quartz Halogen light on tripod and Quarts Halogen on Stand
7636.Ironton Pneumatic Shop Stool. New in Box
7637.2 Walking Sticks/Seats. One Adjustable height
7638.Angle Grinder by Drill Master-New in Box 4 1/2"
7639.Civil War Commemorative Display and Knife. 17" Long. New in Box. Battle of Gettysburg
7640.Kobalt 1/4" Socket Set-new in Case and HDX Tape Measures
7641.18 Volt cordless 3/8" Drill/Driver Set plus charger new in Box
7642.Peak 4/10/20/40 Amp Battery Charger new in Box
7643.DeWalt 4 1/2" side Grinder. Tested and Working
7644.Heavy Duty air Shear New in box plus Pneumatic air Chisel
7645.120 volt Black and Decker Jig Saw and 120 volt Craftsman Stapler
7646.11 Masterlock Combination locks-all new in boxes with combinations.
7647.Set of 5 Craftsman Metric Gear Wrenches 21,19,15,14,13,12,10,9,8,7 mm
7648.Set of 5 Craftsman Metric Crooked Handle Gear Wrenches 21,19,15,14,13,12,10,9,8,7 mm
7649.Craftsman 57 piece Drill/Driver set-New in Package
7650.DeWalt 68 Piece Drill/Driver Set New in Package
7651.Craftsman 8 Function Multimeter new in package.
7652.Craftsman 100 pc drill Driver Kit new in package
7653.Lot of Vintage Tools to include Stanley and Craftsman. Shears and Soldering Tools plus more.
7654.2-5lb Fire Extinguishers charged, Amerex ABC and Cosmic ABC
7655.2 Fire Extinguishers charged; Badger ABC, one 2 lb. and one 10 lb.
7656.Collins 8 inch 5 Speed Table Top Drill Press in Running Condition. 1/2" chuck
7657.Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor. 100 PSI Max in Working condition
7658.6 1/2 Gallon Glass Demi-John. Good for Making Wine
7659.Antique Tube Tester in Wooden Case. Model 70 NRI Professional Tube Tester.
7660.1 Roll of Twistlink chain. 3/4" x 1/4"--the roll is 8"x3"
7661.Swingline Staple Gun and Plano Tackle Box full of Staples
7662.Civil War Commemorative Display and Knife. 17" Long. New in Box. The Last Meeting.
7663.Drill Master 3/8" Cordless Drill/Driver with Charger New in Box
7664.Craftsman 100 piece Drilling and Driving Set. New in Box.
7665.Craftsman 12 Volt 30 PSI Inflator New in Box
7666.DeWalt 27 piece Drill/Driver Set and Black and Decker Bullet Pilot 14 Piece Drill Set.
7667.New 16" Heavy Duty Battery Cables in Case and Prestone 12 Volt 250 PSI Air Compressor and Raft Air Pump
7668.Cobra 27 Mile Range Walkie Talkie Set-New in Package and New Compass
7669.2 Man Cave Signs; Largest 20"x10"
7670.2 Washroom Prints 10"x9" and Vintage Coca Cola Tray 19"x8 1/2"
7671.Bible on CD's 12 total
7672.Pair of Vallen Safety Rain Coats with Detachable Hoods. Both Size XL. New in Packages
7673.Craftsman Drill/Drive Set 57 pieces. New in Package
7674.3 Woodworking Planes; Stanley 10", Stanley 6" and Master Mechanic 6"
7675.Craftsman 100 piece Drilling and Driving Set. New in Package
7676.Craftsman Zirconium Nitride Coated Drill Bits. 29 Piece Set with Indexed Steel Case. New in Box
7677.Display Case of Arrow Heads. (12 Total)
7678.Stanley No 700 Vice with Formica Jaws. Clamp on. New and has a 5 inch jaw
7679.Craftsman 100 foot Steel Tape measure new in package, Craftsman 25 foot new and Lufkin 6 foot Red End Wooden Folding Rule
7680.Craftsman Box and Open End 8 piece Alloy Steel Wrenches 1/4"-11/16". New in Package
7681.5 Umbrellas. Various Colors and Sizes
7682.Craftsman 5 pc Flat Ratchet Box Wrench Metric: 7,8,9,10,12,13,14,15,19,21 mm. New in Package
7683.Ryobi 31 piece Drilling and Driving Set and DeWalt Rapid Load Drill Driver Set. Both New in Package
7684.Stanley 3/8 1/2" socket set-Metric and Standard in Case. Not Complete
7685.2 Stanley Wood Planes. 14" and 7"
7686.Craftsman Drill Drive Set. 57 piece New in Package
7687.Craftsman 25' Tape Measure and Craftsman 100" both New plus 2 Lufkin 6' one new/one used
7688.Craftsman Zirconium Nitride Coated Drill Bits. 29 Piece Set with Indexed Steel Case. New in Box
7689.Ryobi Drill and Driver Kit-New in Package. 100 piece set
7690.Drill Master Heat Gun and Skil 4 1/2" side grinder. Both in Working Condition
7691.Stanley Screwdriver Set and Storage Rack and Fix it 7 piece screwdriver set.
7692.2 Diston Hand Saws. 29" Long
7693.High Quality Paint Brushes-New in packages, 5-4", 3", 1 1/2"
7694.Craftsman 3/8 inch Drive-21 piece standard socket wrench set. New in Package
7695.Schauer Starter/Charger and 8' set of battery cables.
7696.Heavy Duty Battery Cables 16' in case and AC 250lb pressure air compressor
7697.11 piece combination wrench set and woodworking chisels
7698.Craftsman 3/8 Metric Socket Wrench Set. Some Missing Pieces
7699.3 Diston Hand Saws 29" Long
7700.High Quality Paint Brushes-New in packages, 6-4", 2", 1 1/2" (8 total)
7701.Craftsman 30' Tape Measure new in Package, Stanley 100' and Lufkin 6' Folding Ruler
7702.Cabela Men's Hunting/Muck Boots size 11M. 2000 grams of thinsulate
7703.Vintage Pry bars, Crowbars, Chisels and Star bits-Stanley Red Devil and more.
7704.Napa Metal Tool Box with Electrical and Phone Fittings. 19"x7"x8"
7705.Craftsman 25' Tape Measure, Pit Bull 25' new in package, Lufkin Folding measure and New Britain 6' measure.
7706.Craftsman 10 ratchet wrenches curved and Flat, standard and metric various sizes.
7707.Black and Decker Scorpion Screwdriver bits 26 piece and Bullet Pilot Point drill bits 11 piece Set. Both New in Packages
7708.3/8 Standard Socket Set (Missing one socket) and 1/2" drive deep impact socket set in metal cases.
7709.Atlanta Stove unvented wall Propane Heater; plus tank of propane. Heater looks unused. Comes with Paperwork. Tr 1
7710.Lot of High Quality Paintbrushes new in packages. 6-4" and 1 1/2"
7711.Pit Bull 25' Tape Measure new in Package, 2 Lufkin 6' folding measures, and levels, squares and more.
7712.Plumbing Supplies; 2 gals Liquid Plumber, Craftsman Faucet Wrench, Pipe Wrench PVC Cutter and Craftsman chain wrench
7713.Partial 40 piece 1/4" 3/8" dive Metric and Standard Ratchet Socket Set and Partial Set of Craftsman Drill Bits
7714.4 Gallons of Behr Deck Finish Remover and Wood resurfacer
7715.Craftsman router Table and Black and Decker Router
7716.Antique "Rapid Washer" Agitator 27" Tall
7717.Box Lot of 3M Sandpaper Coarse 60 and Extra Coarse 40 plus 2 Sanders
7718.1950's Regal Aluminum Stacking Picnic/Camping Foot Carrier
7719.Craftsman Sabre Saw in Case and Black and Decker Utility Saw. 7 1/2"
7720.Bernz O Matic Plumbers Kit Torch. New in Package and Soldering Gun
7721.2 Animal Traps 24"x16"
7722.Bernz O Matic Plumbers Kit Torch and Craftsman Soldering Iron Kit New in Packages
7723.Electric Stanley Sure Shot and Manual Staple Guns and Hammer Stapler, all in working condition
7724.Black and Decker work wheel kit in case. In working condition
7725.Pneumatic tools; 2 1/2" impact wrenches, 1/2" air ratchet, and a MAC 1/4" Air Ratchet
7726.2-3/8 Chain Hooks, 4-1/4" chain hooks and 2 large S Hooks
7727.11" Dennis Rodman Dolls and 2 Portable Massagers
7728.Box of Miscellaneous tools; Allen Wrenches, Ignition Set, Punches, Razor Knives, paint scrapers, Wiss Sheet Metal Shears and more
7729.Lot of Wood Chisels and Sheet Rock Saw, Wiss Tin Snips and more
7730.Large Lot of Pliers to include, 16" Channel Locks, vise grips and more
7731.Box Lot of Ratchet Straps New in packages (15 total) 4-6' and 11- 15'
7732.Craftsman Drill Driver Set 50pc set, Craftsman wood spade Bits and set of Craftsman drill bits.
7733.Small metal red 15"x6"x3" Toolbox with Contents
7734.Box Lot of Smoke Alarms by Kidd new in Packages, Push Pin Timer and 3 wireless remote control electric socket sets.
7735.11"Dennis Rodman Dolls and portable massager
7736.2 Oregon Chainsaw Chains 16", L59 and T57. New in Package
7737.1 Oregon Chainsaw 20" Low kickback Chain-D71. New in Package
7738.4 Oregon Chainsaw Chains, 18". 3-F66 and 1-Q66
7739.2 Finishing Nail and Staple Guns-Pneumatic. 1-Excel and 1 Porter Cable
7740.Pneumatic tools; 2 1/2" impact wrenches, one Stanley and one GP. Die Grinder and Drill
7741.Homelite Cordless rechargeable Hedge Trimmer, 8 inch blade and 2 Sets of 25" Fiskars Loppers
7742.100 Foot extension Cord
7743.Gamewell Metal Call Box. 9"x9 1/2"
7744.Jason Microscope in Leather Case
7745.Padlock Lot Most New in Packages. Craftsman, Masterlock plus 2 Hasps
7746.Dennis Rodman Dolls and 2 Portable Massagers
7747.Weller Soldering Iron and Craftsman engraver
7748.Box Lot of Craftsman Sockets, 3/8" and 1/2", Wiss Metal Snips and Western Filet knife in Leather Sheath
7749.Chicago Cut out Tool, Electric Sander, and Black and Decker Side Drill
7750.Weller Soldering Gun, Craftsman Sockets and Craftsman Engraver
7751.Huge Presidential Commemorative Knife set in Leather Case. From George Washington to Bill Clinton. 42 Total!
7752.2-6'x8' Poly Tarps and 1-5'6'x7'6". All new in Packages and all have grommets.
7753.Handyman Lot; 4 Pair Leather Palm Gloves new, Milwaukie Saw Blades new, Hole Cutters, Drill bits, Craftsman Wrenches and more
7754.Stanley and Craftsman Tool Lot: Saw, Screwdrivers, and files
7755.Box Lot of Tools, Pipe Bender, Pliers, Snips and Nail Guns
7756.Vintage Tool Lot, Monkey Wrenches, Screwdrivers, Pliers and more
7757.Tool Lot; Snippers, Hammers, Axe and Scrapers
7758.Tool Lot; Axe, Hammers, and scrapers
7759.Tool Lot; Axes, Hammers, Snippers Scrapers and more
7760.2 Dennis Rodman Dolls 11" and Portable Massager
7761.Screwdriver Lot; mostly Craftsman
7762.Drill Bits and Driver Set
7763.Trowel, Steel Brush, Oil Nozzle and more
7764.Metal Tool Box with contents. Mostly Craftsman Sockets
7765.HUGE!!! 25 Gallon Cast Iron Stew Pot with Stand. 4 holes drilled in bottom.
7766.White Slant Top Desk and Chair with Drawer over 2 doors. 25"x11"x40". Tr 1
7767.Mint Green Tufted Bedroom/Dressing Table Chair. 30" tall. Tr 1
7768.Wooden Baby Changing Table with 3 tiers. 36"x21"x39", Tr 1
7769.Marble Top Plant Stand. 12"x24" Tr 1
7770.Antique Child's Roll Top Desk with 2 Drawers. Tr 1
7771.Small Solid Wood Drop Leaf Table with Shelf. 18"x14"x18" Closed. 30" opened. Tr 1
7772.Mid Century Bassett 2 Tier End Table. 31"x32"x22" Tr 1
7773.Scalloped Side Table with Brass Feet. Bombay Company. 22"x17" Tr 1
7774.Glass and Wood Display Table. Cherry Finish. 24"x16"x27" Tr 1
7775.Heart Pine Table 12"x28" with Three Shelves plus Galvanized Watering Can. Tr 1
7776.Toy Baby Carriage and Snoopy Tr 1
7777.2 Antique Cast Iron Fireplace Surrounds. 26 1/2"x29" Tr 1
7778.Large Brass and Cased Glass Lamp with Shade. 43" tall on working condition. Tr 1
7779.4 Wooden Bushel Baskets and 3 Lids. Tr 1
7780.3 Round Bottom Wood Baskets and 2 lids. 2 -Bushel and 1- 1/4 Bushel. Tr 1
7781.2 small Wooden Baskets. 2- 1/2 Bushel and 1-1/4 Bushel. Tr 1
7782.Wooden Colonial Storage Container/Hamper. 24"x12"x20". Tr 1
7783.Beautiful Vintage to Antique Fenton Honeysuckle Coin Dot Swag Plug in Light with Chain in working condition. 15". Matches Lot 7784. Tr 1
7784.Beautiful Vintage to Antique Fenton Honeysuckle Coin Dot Swag Light with Chain in working condition. 22". Matches Lot 7783. Tr 1 Not Tested
7785.Magnavox DVD/VCR in working condition plus 1 tote of VHS Tapes. Tr 1
7786.Look Scarce 1980's CAPACITANCE Electronic Disc(CED) with 16 Discs. RCA Select a Vision Home Video System. Use Stylus and TV. Consignor says in working condition. Powers on and door opens and closes. Tr 1
7787.Cherub Chalk ware jardini?re. 27"x11" Tr 1
7788.2 Light up Reindeer; Largest 35"x47". One Standing one sitting. Both in working condition. Tr 1
7789.2 Brass Candlesticks and Chalk ware cherub Stand 14" tall. Tr 1
7790.Gone with the Wind Light Up Glass Wall Hanging in working condition. 11 1/2"x23" Tr 1
7791.Metal Wheel Barrow Planter with Galvanized Bucket. 29"x10" Tr 1
7792.Cookbook Lot-Main Dishes and Salads Tr 1
7793.Craftbook Lot; 4 are Christmas Craftbooks. Tr 1
7794.Vintage Pepsi Cartons, 2 Soda Shop Glasses and 2 Banana Split Dishes.
7795.Lighthouse Cast Iron hanging Bell. 13"x6"
7796.Deer Cast Iron Hanging Bell. 10"x5"
7797.Partial Service of Currier and Ives. Includes Sugar and Creamer
7798.Iron Rooster Towel Holder. 8"x7"
7799.Cast Iron Western Doorknocker and more. Largest 7"x5"
7800.PennCraft 573 Brass and Iron Cannon (5 inches) plus Can Opener "Drink Beer Save Water"
7801.Spinning 18" Glove, Whitehouse Vinegar Tin with Puzzle and Disney Glasses plus Heavy Decoupage Cat.
7802.Vintage coke Tray 17"x12" and Coke Crate plus 6 miniature embossed Coke Bottles after 1800's Hutchinson Bottles.
7803.5 Barbies over 50 years old. Mattel 1966
7804.5 Barbies over 50 years old. Mattel 1966
7805.2-1968 Ken Dolls over 50 years old and one Bionic Woman with detached leg. Doll Stands and Sitting Fox included.
7806.Bob Mackie Goddess of the Sun Barbie. 1995 Mint in box with Poster.
7807.Vintage to Antique 3 Foot Aluminum Stainless Tree and Stand in original Box plus Christmas Ceramics. 1960's
7808.Metal Modern Decorative Container. 13"x9"
7809.Tin Canister Set and Paper Plate Holder. Apple Designs
7810.Cartoon Glasses. Mostly Smurfs, Alvin and Winnie the Pooh
7811.Texaco Light up Building and General Store Wall Hanging. Largest 15"x14"
7812.3-12 Inch Galvanized Flower Containers and Wire Decorative Basket
7813.Ceramic Planters, Glass Poodles, Decorative signed Plate. Largest 12"
7814.3 coke Tins wire bail and lidded. 7 inches tall\
7815.Glass 8" Apple Canisters and WMF Tidbit Dish 8" wide
7816.Metal Lockbox with Keys, Black Vintage Mailbox and Winged Wheel Lantern.
7817.2 Decorative Coke Buckets; Largest 16"x10"
7818.3 Tin Planters/containers and vintage electric Trivet. Largest 8"x8"
7819.Pink Depression Glass Cabbage Rose Cake Plate 11" and Pink Etched Bowl 10"
7820.Set of Sports Cartoon Glasses
7821.5-Six Inch Galvanized Buckets with handles and Ship In A Bottle 10 1/2"
7822.Metal Rebel Sign. 12"x17"
7823.2 Pieces of Paula Deen Cookware and 12" Willow Transferware Platter
7824.Knick Knack Shelves-Largest 19"x18" plus decorative antique blue dishes.
7825.Housewares, Decorative China, Hurricane Glove, Relish Dish and 4 New Utica King Size Pillow Cases
7826.Country D?cor; large Wooden Watermelon sign 30"x11"
7827.14" Galvanized Bucket and Shoe Lathes
7828.Vintage Kitchenware; 11 inch enamel pan, flour sifters, popcorn popper, branding Iron and more
7829.Winnie the Pooh Juice Glasses and two Lion King
7830.Bull Durham Collectibles, Lighters, Rolling Papers, American Tobacco Metal Coasters, Tobacco Bags and Tags.
7831.Collection of Military Medals
7832.US Army 1944, WWII Era Army Belt and Bandelier
7833.US Army Camp Lee Silk Banner 20"x20". Pre 1950 before it was Ft. Lee.
7834.Springfield 24" Talking Weather Station and 2 Wooden Ships. 9"x8"
7835.Superman Comics; oldest 1986, 1987 (25 total)
7836.Insulated Picnic Bag for Wine Etc. plus Service for Two
7837.Housewares; Marble cutting Board, crystal wine Glasses, Linens and Silver-plate Napkin Rings
7838.Auto Safety Kit; Rain suit, flashlight, Distress Signal and more
7839.Lot of Silver-plate; Largest Tray 24"
7840.Hard Resin or Bone Oriental Statue 17 1/2" Tall plus Teakwood Bookends
7841.Americana Hot Plates, Haeger Ceramic Dish Garden Planter, Black footed Bowl, Tea Pot and more
7842.Milk Glass and Heavy Bubble Glass Ashtrays
7843.Lot of Ceramic Planters and Vases. Largest is Alka Kuns and Bavaria 14"
7844.Lot of Hair Dryers. Conair and Studio 35. also Proliss Hair Straightener
7845.Lot of Costume Jewelry, Perfume and Hair Clips plus Rock Formed Ashtrays Lot of Hairdryers, curling irons; Beliss Pro, and Straightener
7847.Rival Electric Hot Plate; 2 burner Stainless Steel in working condition
7848.Cherry Blossom Tin Canisters with Lids. 10 plus Cherry Blossom Plate
7849.3 Decorative Trash Cans; Largest 13 1/2" x13"
7850.Ceramic Pie Plate, Cherry Canisters, and Crescent Blue Coffee Mugs
7851.Silver Plate and Silver Items, Candle Holders, platter and cream and sugar
7852.Brown Lamp, Towel Stand, Wall Sconces, and shades.
7853.Projection System, 2 Lamps and light up magnifier
7854.Delph Items, and Ceramic Cherubs
7855.Glass Set, Casserole Dish and Ashtrays
7856.Pair of Battery Operated Brooklyn Lanterns, New chair castors, Flashlight, and license plate cover
7857.Two 3'x5' Flags and Vintage Bibles. "Dont Tread on Me" and U.S. Flag
7858.Rival Hot Plate, Gevalia Coffee Maker and Black and Decker Blender
7859.Large Etched 14 1/2" Cake Plate, Silver and Glass Compote and Plate. Also corncob plates and heated dessert dishes.
7860.2 Metal Mail Holders, Brass Decorative Box, Small Cabinet, Slag Glass Ashtrays and Mirrors
7861.Yard Tools; 8 inch Tamper, Maul and Tree Pruner
7862.Metal Towel Rack, over the Door Hanger, Shower Caddy and Bissell Sweeper
7863.Redskins Figurine 5" tall, Electronic Sudoku Game and Glass change Holder.
7864.Medieval Motif Tapestry 18 1/2"x18 1/2" and Japanese 41"x13" Water Color Print.
7865.collection of Prints and Frames. Rembrandt, Peter Pan, McLoughlin, Birthplace of Ulysses S Grant. Some on Canvas
7866.Lot of Books; Includes Leather Bound David Copperfield
7867.Recipe book Lot and Inspirational Books
7868.Books about Political Figures and Newsworthy People
7869.Best Sellers Paperback Book Lot; James Patterson and Fifty Shades.
7870.Hardback Book Lot; James Patterson and Stephen King
7871.Hardback Classic books; Jane Eyre, Leo Tolstoy and Red Badge of Courage
7872.Hardback Book lot; David Baldacci, Tami Hoag and John Grisham
7873.Hardback Book Lot; David Baldacci, Patricia Cornwell and Sidney Sheldon
7874.Lot of 8 Sterling Silver and Glass Coaters.
7875.View Master Deluxe in Original Box
7876.Leather Bond Masonic Bible in Mint Condition. 9 1/2"x12" in original box.
7877.Antique Primitive 4 Quart Hand Crank Frost King Ice Cream Maker. Wood and Cast Iron with Wooden Paddle. 17"x12" with original paint.
7878.Silvertone hand Crank Phonograph in Non Working Condition. 16 1/2"x12 1/2"x8 1/2"
7879.Picnic Basket and 2 Quart Plastic Drink Cooler. 16"x11"x9"
7880.Vintage Ceramic Mushroom Canister Set and Matching Salt and Pepper Shakers
7881.Ceramic Pitcher, Teapot, Enamel Colander and French Coffee Press
7882.Sandwich Glass setting for 4, Dessert Dishes, Amber Candle Holder and Teal Blue Glasses
7883.Setting for 3-Floral Coffee/Tea Snack Set plus 3 Mid Century Glasses
7884.Antique hanging Kerosene Lantern with ACL etched in Globe, Sears Vintage Avocado Meat Grinder, Miniature Kerosene Lantern in Metal Stand, Service Bell and vintage Metal Bank
7885.New 60" Round Jacquard Tablecloth with matching Napkins, Fleece Blanket and Lovely Round Embroidered Dresser Scarf 19 1/2" wide
7886.Plastic Aquarium or Reptile Tank with Pump, Hanging Bird Feeder, and new in box solar powered post cap
7887.2 Crystal Lamps with Bobeches and Glass Prisms in working condition. 19"
7888.Mastercraft Boat Clock (lights up but clock not working), Working Lighthouse lamp, Magnet Kerosene Lamp Naughatuck Patented 1990, and Hobnail Milk Glass Lamp in working condition
7889.Pocketbook and Wallet Lot; Dooney and Burke Leather Planner, Stephanie Johnson Handbag, Leather Cigar and Cigarette Case and Wallet
7890.Craftsman 3/8" 16.8 Volt Cordless Drill Driver and 16.8 Cordless Hand Vacuum in Case.
7891.Craftsman 13.2 Volt Drill Driver in Case
7892.Craftsman 9.6 Volt Drill Driver in Case and 1 Gallon Gas Can
7893.Metal Toolbox with Vintage Tools; old safety glasses in metal case, plumbob, monkey wrench, skeleton keys and Files. 19"x6"x7"
7894.Bally Exercise Ball and Chi Pro Collection hair Appliance. Both new in Box
7895.Bud Light Neon Sign. Appears to need a new switch-tries to light up
7896.Craftsman Toolbox with Contents and Power Tool. Largest 20"x11"x14"
7897.Dell Speakers, Old Laptop in Case, CD Player and Old Cell Phone in Bag. None Tested
7898.Digital Open/Closed Sigh-Needs wires 18"x7"x2 1/2". Jeff Gordon Telephone, Battery Lantern and Cell phone operated Race Car.
7899.Huskey Tool Box with Contents; Includes a Craftsman Industrial Driver/Drill with Battery and Charger
7900.Universal 4x20 scope, 7 1/2" Rapala Fish and Fillet Knife signed by maker hand ground blade from Scandinavia, Lot of Hunting and Fishing Magazines and Plexiglas rotating display case 12"x8"
7901.11 inch Grinding Stone
7902.Lead Crystal Coffee Cups, Vases, Alaska Juice Glasses and 2 heavy Mid Century Ashtrays
7903.Gulf Refinery Oil Can-galvanized 24"x14"
7904.Black and Decker 16" Deluxe Double Edge Hedge Trimmers and 3 Horsepower Craftsman Chain Saw 29" long
7905.4 1/2" Fuller Bench Vise
7906.Framed print by G Rose and Biblical Clock. Both New in Packages. Largest 13"x16"
7907.Mikasa Platter 14", Bowl and Hammered Aluminum Waste Can, serving knife and Pie Server.
7908.Libman Bucket, c curtain Rods new, circular 8" fluorescent light, Nokia Cordless Phone and Grocery Bags
7909.Hanover county Metal sign with Arrow. 36"x18"
7910.Small Kitchen Appliances; Oster oven, Black and Decker Coffee maker and Belgian Waffle Maker
7911.Hamilton Beach Toastation, Hamilton Beach Double Blender and Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker.
7912.Large Lot of Ladies Vintage Hats!!! WOW!
7913.Conair Facial Spa, Frame, 11 piece Grooming set and small Jewel Box --new in packages
7914.Ceramic McCoy Cookie Jar, Crock Oriental Containers, and more. Largest 13" tall
7915.Air Force Jacket, Duffle Bag, Medals, Bored Grenade with Original Canister, and Survival Book.
7916.Enamel Canning Pot with Rack, Enamel Roasting pan Like new, enamel Bundt pan and kettle
7917.Children's toy lot; vintage Chinese Checkers Board, soccer Ball, Baseball Glove, and 2-24" Bride Dolls
7918.Cast Iron Favorite Piqua Ware #5 frying Pan, Lodge small server and aluminum frying pans
7919.Cut Glass Lot; Tray, Bowls, Candy Dish and Pitcher
7920.2 Heavy Duty Industrial Type Lights. Outdoor 120 Volt, 100 watt in working condition. Tested 10"x10"x10"
7921.Lot of yard tools; shovel, garden rake and hoe
7922.2 Brass Table Lamps with shades in working condition. 19" tall. Matches 7923
7923.Brass Floor Lamp with shade in working condition. 57" tall. Takes 2 bulbs. Matches 7922
7924.Wrought Iron Wine Rack with Wicker Top. 24"x14"x31"
7925.Sears Floor Fan and Honeywell Oscillating Fan. Both in Working Condition.
7926.Dirt Devil Broom Vac with attachments in working condition
7927.Hoover Steam Vac-Powers on but not fully tested
7928.Lot of Power Tools with Batteries, Ryobi 18 volt flashlight, Craftsman 3/8 drill 7.2 volts, Craftsman 3/8 drill/driver 14.4 volt, Black and Decker drill 14.4 volts, and Black and Decker electric drill in working condition
7929.Brass Fireplace Set plus surge protector, antique levels, and advertising yardstick
7930.Lot of Children's Books
7931.Lot of Firefighter Books, Physics and Chemistry
7932.Partial Set of Yamaka China "Autumn Pride" made in Japan
7933.Drinking glasses, bowl, and ceramic shell napkin rings
7934.Aurora Cigar Box, Bronze Shoes, Sad Iron, Pens and Bank Bag.
7935.Vintage Natural Wonder Hair Dryer and Ceramic Lamp 21" in working condition, mirror 50"x14" and CD Rack. 4 pieces total
7936.Carnival Glass Candlesticks, Cherry Pie Plate, Pilsner Glasses and Depression Dishes
7937.Gold and Silver Trimmed Dishes and Glassware with Glass Tray
7938.Brown Ceramic Dish and Camel. Largest 15" long
7939.Bristol Fine Chana "Nobility". Hand painted Silver Trim-Japan Service for 8-Missing one berry bowl. Comes with Silver Trim Glassware and extra coffee cups
7940.Evening Bags, Lighted Mirror, Vera Bradley Make-up Bag, and Ladies handbag
7941.Vintage Jars, Bottles and Planters. Largest 12"x5 1/2"
7942.Miniature Photos of Buildings in Wash DC (1939), Bible new in Box-large print, and Antique Bible translated from original tongues. Largest 12"x9 1/2"
7943.12 inch Quartz Clock, Wooden Paper Towel Holder and My Little Steamer new in box.
7944.Gold Trimmed Dessert Bowls and Mid Century Gold/Green Glass Set.
7945.Portrait Plates, Floral Bowl and Matching Plates
7946.Church Plate from Glen Allen, Decorative Plates and Glasses
7947.Glass Flower Frog, Eskimo Doll, Glass Car, Copper Deer and Tin Wind up Rabbit
7948.Netgear Wireless Router, vintage disc Camera and vintage to antique books
7949.Vintage books and Maggie Walker Letterman Jacket Insignias
7950.Very Old Hand Forged Fireplace Set. Very Unusual
7951.Metal Craftsman Toolbox with contents
7952.Children's folding Chairs, fish Net, water bottles, metal step stool
7953.Wooden Box of Vintage Tools, Hedge Trimmers, Saws and Old Bicycle Pump
7954.Antique Mirror 33"x22" and Framed Still Life. Both have wooden plank back panels
7955.Framed Peaceful Waters colored Print by S Roberts (30 1/2"x22") and Framed Deer Print 26"x22" TM Co no 155/12
7956.Tablecloths and Napkins
7957.Outdoor Reindeer. Largest 16"x24" in working condition.
7958.Christmas Lot; 4 1/2" Pine Light up Tree, Light Up Reindeer and Glass Ornaments. Tote not included.
7959.Galvanized Pipe Clothes Rack 5'x6' and Outdoor light stand with fixtures-outside
7960.Kenmore Commander Electric Sewing Machine in Wood Cabinet. Tr 2
7961.Metal Shelf 30"x38"x12", 5 Advertising rulers and Homemade Cabinet 18"x29"x18" Tr 2
7962.Metal Base with Glass Top. 21"x28"x28" Tr 2
7963.Water Cooler Electric takes bottles, Kenmore true Hepa Progressive Vacuum not tested Tr 2
7964.Maple Full Size Head Board and Footboard with Rails. 38" tall. Tr 2
7965.Wooden Step Ladder 6' Tr 2
7966.42" Oxygen Tank with Stand Tr 2
7967.2 Coffee Tables. Largest 54"x26"x16" Tr 2
7968.2 Foot Lockers, Both with Trays 15"x30"x12" with contents Tr 2
7969.Large Steamer Trunks; 36"x22"x16" with Contents Tr 2
7970.Card Table and 2 Padded Chairs. 33 1/2"x33 1/2" Tr 2
7971.Primitive Light wood Rocking Chair Tr 2
7972.Tool chest Plastic 24"x14"x14" and Plastic Gun Case 52"x6"x18" and 54"sled Tr 2
7973.3 Homemade Wooden Chests with Rope Handles. Largest 48"x16"x16" Tr 2
7974.Yard Tools; Shovel, Brooms, pick, maul and more Tr 2
7975.Junk Drawer Lot; Sousa Bank Harmonica, Nut Picks, Razor, Shark's teeth, coins, Micro Mosaic Choker.
7976.Lot of Ladies Pocketbooks
7977.Sheri Martin New York Size 12 Purple Summer Suit and Hushpuppies soft Style size 8M
7978.Ceramic Mold; Pilgrim Boy Hunting 14" tall
7979.Jovsa Twin Cotton Quilt New in Package
7980.Plush Bears 17" tall plus learning toys
7981.1984 Currier and Ives Calendar Plate, Ceramic Geese 10" long
7982.Miscellaneous Books, DVD;s and Lee Ann Rimes CD
7983.2 Sets of Cotton Floral Curtains, Pillows, Crocheted Blanket and Twin Size Comforter.
7984.Plush toys, Children Books, 2 Wooden Boxes Disney Puzzles
7985.2 Champion Base Cabinets; 23"x12"x33" (one drawer over one door) and 24"x14"x33" (4 drawers)-New without hardware.
7986.6 Wooden Captains Chairs. 21"x21". All Sturdy
7987.Wooden Framed Quartz Pepsi Clock 13"x13" with Bubble Glass. In working condition
7988.1 Satsuma Floor Vase. 21" tall. Hand Painted
7989.2 Capodimonte Confederate Soldiers marked and signed Merli. 8" tall
7990.Tin Rooster Candle lantern 10" to top of handle. New
7991.Lillipad Double Lilly Lamp in working condition. 17" tall
7992.Mythical Porcelain Dragon; 8"x5 1/2"
7993.Carved Asian Rooster Wall Hanging 35 1/2"x13"
7994.Asian Lacquered Wood Plant Stand. Carved Stone flowers under glass. 18"x19"tall.
7995.Childs Wicker Rocking Chair in Good Condition
7996.Wooden Doll Double Swing Set 23"x17"x23"
7997.Oriental Bonze Serving Set with Teakwood Handles and Flatware Chest
7998.Coca Cola Directors Chair. 34" Tall
7999.Coca Cola Directors Chair. 34" Tall
8000.Coca Cola Directors Chair. 34" Tall
8001.2 Wooden Skim Lizard Xtreme Boards. 37"x21"
8002.2 Pewter Pineapple Dishes signed "Cox". Largest 13 1/2"x6 1/2"
8003.2 DeWalt 18 volt drill drivers and 1 18 volt Flashlight. No Batteries or Chargers.
8004.Look!!! Huge Size Chess Set and Checkers Set. 8 inch Hard Resin? Chess Pieces and 3" Plastic checkers. Chess Board is 29"x26"
8005.Old Childs Roll top Desk, 3 Drawers and cubbies. 37"x17"x27"
8006.Swiss Calibre Ladies Watch-New in Box. Large Numbers. Needs battery
8007..925 Sterling Silver Heart Necklace. 16" New in box
8008..925 Sterling Silver 24" Chain New in Box
8009.18" .925 Sterling Silver Chain with Silver Bar. New in box
8010..925 Sterling Silver and Turquoise Necklace. 20 " New in box
8011..925 Sterling Silver and Turquoise Necklace. 20 " New in box
8012.14k Gold Chain 18" with Fresh Water Seed Pearl Pendant
8013.Tiffany and Co Mesh and Heart Bracelet. .925 Sterling Silver
8014.Tiffany and Co Mesh Bracelet with Gold Tinting. .925 Sterling Silver
8015.10K chain and Jade Elephant and 10K embellishments. 18"
8016.Silvertone Japan Movement Heart Locket Watch-New Needs battery
8017.3 Pairs of .925 Sterling Silver Pierced Earrings; CZ and Citrine
8018.2 Pairs of .925 Sterling Silver Pierced Earrings, Garnets and Silver Earrings with Omega Backs. A 3rd Pair is included (balls) however not sure if sterling or not.
8019.2 Pairs of .925 Sterling Silver Pierced Earrings, Onyx and CZ Hoops with Post Backs. A 3rd Pair is included (balls) however not sure if sterling or not.
8020.2 Pair of Pierced Earrings; 1 Stainless Steel and Amethyst Hoops and 1 pair .925 Sterling Silver Leaf with posts.
8021.MaBelle Mother of Pearl Watch(needs battery) plus .925 Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl pierced earrings with posts. Also included is a pair of silver balls however not certain if sterling or not.
8022.Magic Chef Dorm Size Freezer Refrigerator in Working Condition. 17 1/2"x18"x19"
8023.Dirt Devil Gater 15.6 v portable Vacuum and Sunbeam Mixer. Both in Working Condition.
8024.John Walton Bobblehead 6" Tall
8025.Gone with the Wind Posters; 1967 and 1981 Clark Gable. 28"x20". Both wrapped in plastic
8026.Gone with the Wind Porcelain Doll new with Stand. "Prissy". Franklin Heirloom Dolls. 18" Tall
8027.Barbie Doll Display Case with 1 door. 17 1/2" tall
8028.Scarlett O'Hara Gone with the Wind Barbie(1994). New in Box. Box in Fair to Good Condition. Approximately 12" tall
8029.Cast Iron Smoking Stand Painted White.
8030.Large Hard Plastic Porky the Pig Bank with Stopper. 12"x7"
8031.Gone with the Wind Boxed Video Set. 10"x9"
8032.Danbury Mint Porcelain Kewpie Doll-New in Box. 12" tall
8033.Chalk ware Betty Boop Statue. 14" tall
8034.Framed Gone with the Wind Plate. "Pearls and Promises" 11"x9"--Beautiful!
8035.Framed Gone with the Wind Plate. "Sapphire Splendor" 11"x9"--Beautiful!
8036.Virginia Metal Crafters Thomas Jefferson Trivet and Candlesticks plus Williamsburg Trivet.
8037.Antique Wooden Smoke Stand with Anchor Hocking Ashtray. 23"x10"x9"
8038.Ornate Metal Plant Stand. 11 1/2"x26"
8039.Ariduk Decoy 14" and Pewter Duck Cutting board. 15"
8040.Vintage Wooden Bucket with wire and Wood Handle. Nice patina. 12"x9 1/2"
8041.Lot of Vintage Lidded Candy Dishes. Largest 7"x8"
8042.Seagams Cutting Board and marble cheese Cutter. Largest 8"x5"
8043.Heavy Art glass Pieces; Largest 8"x6"
8044.Blue Carnival Glass Butter Dish. 7 1/2"x7 1/2"
8045.Tea Pot collection, Tin, Ceramic. Largest 9"x8"
8046.Crystal Candlesticks and Holiday Candle Holder
8047.Donald Duck Piggy Bank 11" and Bear Bank. Also Mickie Mouse Glass
8048.White House Lot; Reagan Matches and other memorabilia, Wooden Easter Eggs-signed Barbara/George Bush, Laura/George Bush and Bill/Hillary Clinton
8049.Large Carnival Glass Oval Footed Fruit Bowl Amber and Purple 12"x18 1/2". Indiana Harvest Grape
8050.Saw tooth Medium size Amber/Purple Carnival Glass Bowl. LE Smith Hobstar Pattern. 7"x4"
8051.Saw tooth Large Orange/Red Carnival Glass Bowl. Heirloom Sunset-Indiana Glass Co. 8 1/2"x5"
8052.Saw tooth Medium Red/Purple Carnival Glass Bowl. Indian Red Paneled Daisy Sunburst. 6"x4 1/2"
8053.Demi Lune Wood Table with Turned Legs. 28"x15"x32". Nice!
8054.Cherry Finish 2 Drawer End Table. 14"x22"x24"
8055.1 1/2 Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack
8056.Gas Station Metal Ashtray 10"x20"
8057.Replica Metal gun on Display Stand. 13" Long
8058.Resin Angel Lot; Largest 8" tall
8059.Vintage Red and Black Dial Telephones.
8060.Vintage French Porcelain and cloth 20" doll
8061.Vintage Tan Dial Phone and Bag Phone
8062.Tole Painted Tray, Coffee Grinder and Coffee Pot
8063.Tobacco Tins Lot, Edgeworth, Brindleys Mixture, Captain Black Gold and more.
8064.Masonic Plate 9 1/2" and 2 National Award Plates
8065.Resin Shoes and Pocketbooks, Vintage Gloves and Tapestry change purse
8066.1920"s -40"s Child's Chalkboard and Desk. Scroll has been Replaced with Cloth. 46"x21 1/2"x28" opened
8067.2 Melted Bottles for Wall Art
8068.Pair of Tractor Lights-New with brackets. 7"x6"
8069.Nikota 18v 3/8 Cordless Drill/driver Set/Flashlight and Battery
8070.2 Rolls of Nylon Strapping. 2-13 inch rolls, 1 inch and 2 1/2 inches wide.
8071.Electric Chain Saw Sharpener. Chicago Electric
8072.Guitar Stand and Microphone Stand
8073.Silver Certificates-5 silver Certificates Blue Seal 3-1957 and 2-1935. One looks uncirculated. Also.3 1953 Red Seal $2.00 Dollar bills and 1-1963 Red seal 5 Dollar Bill.
8074.5 Beretta Model 92 9 mm Double Stack Clips
8075.3 OKAY Industries 30 round AR 15 Clips
8076.Lot of Vintage Oil/Transmission cans (Still Full) and Snap On Hand Cleaner 4 1/2lb Cans.
8077.Glass and Metal Bed Tray and 2 Place Settings of Franciscan Dessert Rose China.
8078.Lot of Resin Angels. Largest 6 1/2" tall
8079.WWII Style large Toy Soldiers. 5 1/2" tall
8080.Handyman Lot; window markers, fuses, 4 sets of castors, weather stripping and more.
8081.Candleholder, Desk Lamp and Faux Scales
8082.Ceramic Octoberfest Beer Steins and USA Olympic Stein
8083.Lot of Small Tools, Drop Cloths and more
8084.Miscellaneous Handyman Lot; drop cloths, outside corner tools, floodlights, trials, hedge trimmers and Timer
8085.AC Delco Tire Inflator, Work light, Ruler, Water nozzles, Tools
8086.School Supply Lot; Whiteboard and markers, Trapper Keeper, Pens, Notebooks, Glue and VA Tech Colors Coolie Cups.
8087.3 New Camp/Sports Stools. One large, One medium and a small 3 legged stool.
8088.Garden lot; 2 Hose Reels(1 hangs) and Rolling garden Stool
8089.All Weather Rattan Chairs (Grey) New
8090.Pair of outdoor Lawn Chairs. Metal and Mesh
8091.Metal Car Bank, Elephants, Ceramic barrel and Wood Nut Bowl
8092.Respironics Breathing Treatment Machine, sleep hottie and ware mist humidifier.
8093.New 6 Book Set of Adult Coloring Books
8094.Mathew Brady Civil War Photo (7 1/4"x10") from US Army. Admiral David G Farragut USN 1863 and Model Ship 9" long.
8095.Collection of Military Airforce Fighter Jets. All Die cast with Plastic Shells. Previously used in a display at the National POW Museum in Andersonville GA. Largest is 7" Long
8096.Examples of US Army Vehicles Previously on Display at the National POW Museum in Andersonville GA. Largest 6" Long
8097.Examples of US Army Vehicles Previously on Display at the National POW Museum in Andersonville GA. Largest 6" Long and 8"x10" photo of soldiers
8098.Cloth Dolls from Vietnam and extra Hats. Made during the Vietnam War
8099.Life in the 40's Portfolio of Classic Photographs and autographed photo of Alice A Booker a female in the Army. The autograph by Foote is one of the first women Brigadier Generals.
8100.Autographed 1967 Life Magazine of Paul Galante of Virginia as he was a US Prisoner of War in Vietnam. Also is a pair of shoes made from tires which were worn by the POWs. This comes from a Display at the National POW Museum in Andersonville GA.
8101.Cast Iron Feet for a Claw Foot Bathtub
8102.Brass Lot; Hollywood Regency Pineapple, Brass Orb on Stand, Virginia Metal Crafters Round Base Candlestick and Harvin Candlestick (Both Heavy). Largest 10"
8103.Brass Lot and 4 New Picture Frames
8104.Indian Brass Pieces and 2 New Gilded Picture Frames
8105.Large Round 8 Inch Menorah and Brass Vase
8106.2 Hand painted Adult Size Whimsical Chairs and signed Print. (Signature illegible) 12 1/2"x10 1/2". Chairs have Bunnies on them.
8107.Vintage to Antique Taylor Tot Metal and Wood Baby Stroller. 30"x16"x19"
8108.German Westerwald 1880's Grey Salt Glazed Crock with Cobalt Decorations. 2 handles, no chips, or Cracks. 9 1/2" tall.
8109.Huge Brass Ships Dual Side Light with Green Lenses. 18"x11". Made in 1980.
8110.Box of Vintage Blue Mason and Atlas Jars. (8 total)
8111.Ceramic Chesapeake Bay Bowl (10")and Pitcher(8") with Nautical Theme.
8112.Blue Enamelware, Teapot 9" plate and pail
8113.White with Blue Trim Enamelware. Largest 8 1/2" with Lid
8114.Large Vintage Decorative Baby Carriage 20"x26", wood metal and wicker
8115.Splat Badminton Set
8116.Ban Saw 4 1/2" Throat. 10"x10" Table in Working Condition
8117.Black and Decker No 73 Heavy Duty Circular Saw. 120 Volt 11 amps. 7 1/4" blade? In working condition.
8118.Lot of Golf Balls new in package; Foremost and Top Flite
8119.Lot of Golf Balls new in package: Penn and Top Flite
8120.Bronze Statue on Marble Base. Over 15" Tall. Nude Woman with Eagle Headdress. Signed TJ
8121.Large 16" Brass Dolphin Statue and Colonial Wall Sconces
8122.Vintage to Antique Electric Irons 8" Long
8123.Ceramic Vegetables and Basket. Largest 7"
8124.Bar B Que Tools and Box of Log Liter
8125.3 Vintage Meat Grinders; Sunbeam, Keystone and New Standard
8126.Oval Mirror Gilded. 29"x17 1/2"
8127.Army/Air Force Training Film, Bombing China, Italy. 16mm
8128.Ford Hub Covers and AV New Disc Brake Pads
8129.2 Petersburg Framed and matted Prints, Old Blandford Church by Mary Jane Thomas Stokes and Petersburg the Cockade City in 1865. 16"x13"
8130.Two Matted and Framed Prints; Petersburg General Hospital by Mary Jane Thomas Stokes and Carters Grove Plantation Williamsburg by Clark M Goff. Largest 19"x16"
8131.Samsung Monitor 17" and Logitech Keyboard and Dell Power Supply.
8132.Vintage Fish Finder Model 5200 Fish Flasher Ray Jefferson 7"x7"
8133.2 Hanging Brass Light Fixtures largest 13" Lantern Style
8134.3 Cream and Blue Shelves. Can be hung several ways. 18" Long
8135.Williamsburg Pottery Glass poster 16"x12", Margarita Glass, Champagne wall hanging and more.
8136.Lot of Wall Art. Largest 17 1/2"x17 1/2". Includes Currier and Ives Print and Pipe Stand
8137.Brass Vase 7" tall and candlesticks and Enamel Sword Display
8138.Vintage 1940's Allstate(Sears) Electric Train plus Transformer with Track in Original box.
8139.L@@k at this!!!! 1920's-1940's Travel Steamer Black Everwear Trunk. 4 Wooden Drawers, Shoe box, Hanging Rack. Has Brass Trim. Also has the original Keys and Wooden Hangers. In great condition however needs a replacement handle. This is a nice piece. 40"x22"x20 1/2"
8140.Vintage Ceramics; large Gravy Boat, Ceramic Flower Arrangement, Tidbit dish and Silver-plate serving dishes
8141.2 Knife Blocks, Porcelain Faucet Handle, Enamel Baking Pan, Paper Towel Holder, and Club Aluminum Pan
8142.Vintage Camera Lot; Holiday Movie Camera, Nikon Nikkor 105mm Lens, Vintage Leather Camera Bag and Tempest Turntable/AM Radio.
8143.HUGE Mexican Terracotta Fruit Bowl with Terracotta Fruit. 24"x14"--Very Nice!
8144.Group of Military Photographs from WWII in Hawaii and South Pacific Islands. Dates are embossed in each picture; Sept, Oct, Nov 1945.
8145.Group of Military Photos that appear to be Combat Photos, airplanes, vehicles and more. From WWII
8146.WWII Photos taken the Pacific Islands
8147.WWII Photos of Soldiers in the Pacific Islands and Scenic Places in Hawaii
8148.Brass Fairbanks Scale Arm for Platform Scale. 20 1/2"
8149.2 Vintage Welding Nubuk Jackets, with reusable Leather for crafts etc.
8150.Wine Lot; 2 Chrome under the counter wine racks and 12 Crystal Wine Glasses
8151.One Set of Ladies Golf Clubs with Pink Bag. Wilson, PowerBilt, Mizano and more. Sand wedges, putters, Irons and Drivers, Covers and Ball Retriever.
8152.Vintage Canning Jars, Blue and Clear. Quarts and Half Gallon
8153.Vintage Sony Camera with Case (Digital mavicka), Black Desk Lamp and GE Iron
8154.Lot of Planters Peanut Jars with Lids. 8 1/2" tall
8155.Lot of Jewelry Making supplies and other crafting items. Lots of Beads, Spacers etc.!!!
8156.2 Die Cast Cars; Kasey Kahne Both in Boxes. 1/24 scale
8157.2 Die Cast Cars; Ricky Rudd both in Boxes. 1/24 scale
8158.2 Die Cast Cars; Michael Walt rip (signed) and Rick Rudd 1/24 scale.
8159.2 Die Cast Cars; Kasey Kahne Both in Boxes. 1/24 scale. No 79 and No 9
8160.2 Die Cast Cars; Kasey Kahne Both in Boxes. 1/24 scale. No 9 and No 38
8161.2 Die Cast Cars; Kasey Kahne. Both in Boxes. 1/24 scale. No 9 and No 38
8162.2 Die Cast Cars; Kasey Kahne. Both in Boxes. 1/24 scale. No 9s one with signature.
8163.2 Die Cast Cars; Kasey Kahne. Both in Boxes. 1/24 scale. No 9s one with signature.
8164.2 Die Cast Cars; Kasey Kahne. Both in Boxes. 1/24 scale. No 9 and No 38. One Signed
8165.2 Die Cast Cars; Kasey Kahne. Both in Boxes. 1/24 scale. No 9s. One Red one Grey
8166.2 Die Cast Cars; Kasey Kahne. Both in Boxes. 1/24 scale. No 9s. One Red one Blue
8167.2 Die Cast Cars; Kasey Kahne. Both in Boxes. 1/24 scale. No 9s. One Popeye and One Mad Magazine Car.
8168.3 Racing License Plates. 11 1/2"x5 1/2"
8169.Plastic Wooden Grain Clothes Hamper. 11"x10 1/2"x27"
8170.Vintage Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner. (consignor says in Working Condition)
8171.4 shelf Wooden Bookcase. 24"x9 1/2"x47 1/2"
8172.3 Rolls of Heavy Duty Lawn Edging. 20 Foot Rolls and includes 4" connectors
8173.2 Victor Mole Traps in Boxes.
8174.Toro 15" Electric Trimmer in Working Condition.
8175.3 Yard Sprinklers; Includes Gardenia 6 Pattern Sprinkler new in box
8176.2 Yard Sprinklers; one is a Gilmore 21" Long
8177.LARGE Keystone Meat Grinder. 9"x11"
8178.Pair of Matching Wooden shelves. 25" Long
8179.2 Wooden Shelves Largest 46"
8180.Giant Rose in Metal Stand. 42" tall
8181.Little Tykes Toy Lot and Basketball Hoop
8182.Grass Pull Behind Dethatcher/sweeper by Lawntender. 39"x48". Outside
8183.Lot of Beach Chairs. 2 with nice Wooden Arm Rests
8184.Galvanized Watering Can. 15"x13" and tote of vintage Bottles.
8185.58"x35"FORD Thunderbird Nylon Banner.
8186.58"x35" MARK MARTIN VALVOLINE Nylon Banner.
8187.Nascar T-Shirts, Ephemera and Coors Light Sterling Marlin Die Cast Cars.
8188.Nascar T-Shirts, Ephemera and Dale Jarratt Batman Car 1:32 Scale.
8189.Nascar Posters and 2 Action Platinum Series Die Cast Cars. (Miller and Camel) 1:64 scale
8190.Nascar Ephemera and Joker Kenny Irwin No 28 1:32 scale car
8191.Matchbox Smokin Joes Racing No 23 Car in Display Case. 1:64 scale and Jimmy Spencer Car plus 3 Nascar Prints 14 1/2"x11 1/2"
8192.Mark Martin Rumble and Roar Racer 1:18 Scale and Valvoline 1:64 Scale Racing Team Transporter.
8193.Limited Edition Davey Allison Texaco Racing 1:87 scale Die Cast Transporter
8194.Lot of Nascar Collectibles; Richard Petty Can, Davey Allison Can, 1992 Kulwickie Hat, Red Model Lamborghini and Ephemera.

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