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09/05/2019: CLOSED - September 5th 2019 Gallery Online Auction - Bids close Thursday September 5th 2019 from 11am ET at 4 lots per minute

Item Description
100.Pair of 18K gold earrings weighing 2.5 gms, include made in Italy box
101.Pair of 14K gold earrings in Rose-Simmons bag, weighs 1.9 gms
102.Amethyst jade and 14K gold link bracelet
103.Ross Simmons jade and 14K gold bracelet
105.10K gold ring with green stone, size 5, weighs 5.5 gms, includes box
106.Sterling silver necklace and matching earrings; combined weight 4.1 gms, includes box
107.2 pairs sterling silver earrings with amber stones, and pair of pink enamel earrings
108.2 beaded bracelets
109.Sterling silver and beaded necklace, includes jewelry box
110.Sterling silver and cabochon turquoise stone bracelet; weighs 46.4 gms
111.Sterling silver and turquoise jewelry, includes 1 bracelet and 3 rings; combined weight 8 gms
112.Sterling silver jewelry, includes 3 earrings, 2 pendants and 3 rings; combined weight 47.1 gms
113.Sterling silver and amber stone pendant, 1 sterling silver pendant and 1 sterling silver pin; combined weight 20.5 gms
114.Sterling silver necklace with genuine double pearl pendant, includes Carreras box, weighs 4.3 gms
115.Sterling silver jewelry, includes frog pendant with chain, and frog earring; combined weight 28.4 gms
116.Sterling silver jewelry, includes 1 ring, 1 bracelet and 1 pin; combined weight 38 gms
117.3 sterling silver pendants includes crab and giraffe; combined weight 23.2 gms
118.Assorted vintage sterling silver jewelry, includes bracelets, earrings and pins; combined weight 68.5 gms
119.2 sterling silver child's cups; combined weight 101.5 gms
120.2 sterling silver child's cups and sterling silver open salt; combined weight 142.6 gms
121.Reed and Barton sterling silver oval dish; 3.25" wide, weighs 18.3 gms
122.Oval-shaped sterling silver compact and sterling silver ring box; combined weight 66 4.6 gms
123.2 sterling silver spoons and sterling silver spreader; combined weight 89.3 gms
124.4 leaf pattern sterling silver iced tea spoons marked Mexico; combined weight 48.8 gms
125.Weighted sterling silver candlestick; 3.25" tall
126.Gorham sterling silver martini spike, includes box
127.Stuhrling Original wristwatch set with interchangeable straps, includes box and paperwork
128.Stuhrling Original wristwatch includes box and paperwork
129.Stuhrling Original wristwatch, includes box and paperwork
130.Invicta special edition wristwatch with interchangeable straps, includes box and paperwork
131.Invicta water resistant stainless steel wristwatch, includes box and paperwork
132.Invicta stainless steel wristwatch, includes box and paperwork
133.Invicta wristwatch with interchangeable straps, includes box
134.Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston design Disney wristwatch , includes box and paperwork (preview for condition)
135.Green jade bracelets and hoop earrings with 14K gold
136.Sterling silver and green stone pendant and chain, with matching earrings; combined weight 15.2 gms
137.Filigree silver tone and blue bead/blue mesh bracelet
138.2 sets clip-on earrings by Napier and vintage pocket knife
139.4 costume necklaces, 1 with 2 loose pearls
140.Costume jewelry, includes 3 beaded necklaces and gold tone bracelet
141.Assorted gold and silver tone charms and bracelet, costume jewelry
142.Assorted wristwatches, gold tone pocket watch
143.Pink stone necklace and pink stone earrings marked 14/20
144.2 amber colored necklaces and bracelet
145.1 pearl necklace and pearl bracelet with 14k gold clasp and beaded bracelet
146.3 tennis bracelets with colored stones, clasps marked 925
147.2 beaded necklaces and 1 bracelet
148.Silver tone necklace
149.Matching gold tone necklace with pendant and bracelet
150.Gold and silver tone costume necklace
151.Bag of costume jewelry, earrings and pins
152.Bag of gold and silver tone and colored stone bracelets; costume jewelry
153.2 pairs sterling silver earrings; combined weight 24.2 gms
154.Silver tone ring with aquamarine colored stones; size 7
155.2 red and turquoise beaded necklaces
156.2 gold tone necklaces, 1 marked 585
157.Matching necklace and earring set marked 925 China, includes box
158.Assorted military buttons, keys, pins and medallion
159.4 pairs of earrings marked 14K gold
160.Bag of gold tone and other costume jewelry, earrings and pins
161.Artisan made glass flower pin; 5.5" long
162.5 gold tone and beaded necklaces
163.Mother-of-pearl necklace and matching earrings and box containing gold tone bracelet, assorted costume jewelry and 5 United States wheat cents
164.Bag of gold and silver tone costume jewelry, necklaces and earrings
165.Assorted beaded and other costume jewelry
166.Glass bead necklace
167.Costume jewelry to include 14 bracelets of various colors and silver tone
168.Gold tone and enamel panda pins
169.Bag of assorted gold and silver tone costume jewelry
170.Assorted silver tone and stainless steel costume jewelry
171.Bag of assorted beaded, gold and silver tone costume jewelry
172.Costume jewelry, watch straps
173.Large bag of assorted gold silver tone and beaded costume jewelry
174.Sterling silver and marcasite Art Deco design fob watch and matching pin; combined weight 18.4 gms
175.Jonathan Livingston Seagull necklace with pendant
176.Virginia Independence Bicentennial pendant with necklace
177.Vintage style metal open face pocket watch and chain
178.Bag of assorted gold and silver tone and beaded fashion wristwatches and bracelets
179.Bag of assorted gold and silver tone pocket watches
180.Gerber folding pocket knife with 2 blue sapphires, recognition gift from Lowe's Corporation, includes box
181.Silver and gold tone costume jewelry, keys, collectibles, wristwatch and watch straps
182.5 Civil War era bullets
183.5 Civil War era bullets
184.7 arrowheads
185.Arrowheads and blanks
186.2 rectangular limestone fish fossils; each 3" long
187.3 rectangular limestone fish fossils; largest 3.5"
188.Vintage jewelry box containing assortment of gold and silver tone costume jewelry
189.Gold tone jewelry box with assorted costume jewelry
190.Large bag of assorted beaded costume jewelry and wristwatch
191.Large bag costume jewelry, bracelets, glasses, silver and gold tone earrings
192.Large bag of gold and silver tone costume jewelry, pins and earrings
193.Bag of assorted gold and silver tone costume jewelry
194.Bag of beaded and faux pearl costume jewelry
195.Set of Garden and Gun Jubilee pins
196.Large bag of assorted gold and silver tone costume jewelry
197.Large bag of assorted costume jewelry
198.Large bag of miscellaneous costume jewelry
199.Assorted fashion wristwatches
200.Bag of assorted ladies and men's fashion wristwatches
201.Bag of beaded, silver tone and other costume jewelry
202.Bag of assorted beaded, silver tone and gold tone costume jewelry
203.Bag of assorted costume jewelry
204.Bag of silver tone fashion and other wristwatches
205.Bag of assorted vintage and fashion wristwatches
206.Bunch of vintage keys
207.Bag of vintage costume jewelry, necklaces and earrings
208.Large selection of gold tone and other vintage costume jewelry
209.Vintage costume jewelry, pins, earrings and bracelets
210.Bag of beaded costume jewelry
211.Silver tone costume necklace
212.Bag of beaded and other costume jewelry
213.Bag of assorted marcasite, gold tone, silver tone and other costume jewelry
214.Bag of assorted costume jewelry
215.Red and green beaded costume necklace and matching earrings
216.Bag of faux pearl and other costume necklaces
217.Bag of assorted gold tone costume jewelry, filigree silver tone bracelet
218.5 pairs of earrings - 3 are marked 925 and 2 unmarked; 1 pair is broken
300.19th century American portrait oil painting of a gentleman, canvas has been re-lined appears unsigned; gold frame measures 33 x 29"
305.2 Sara Gossett watercolor and acrylics on paper titled "Intermediary 1" and "Intermediary 2" matching frames, signed and titled on reverse; frame measures 17 x 13"
306.Sara Gossett watercolor and ink on paper titled "Star Chart Kaleidoscope", signed and titled on reverse; frame measures 13 x 17"
307.Roland Fields limited edition serigraph "Leopard", signed in pencil and numbered 40/150 lower left, includes certificate on reverse; frame measures 20 x 26"
308.George Plasse color aquatint, French landscape, signed and titled in the plate, includes label on reverse; frame measures 10.5 x 11"
309.Ernest George etching titled Dordrecht includes label on reverse; frame measures 13 x 15"
310.Miniature oil painting on panel, illegible signature lower left; gold frame measures 14 x 17"
311.Max Merker hand colored etching titled "Abend Nach Dem Gewitter", published 1901, includes label on reverse; frame measures 15 x 13"
312.Jane Carter signed print titled "This Old Car", signed and titled in pencil; frame measures 16 x 19"
313.2 pencil drawings by Keith Bartlett titled "Old House" and "3 Heads Rasta", each signed and titled in pencil; matching frames measure 16 x 19"
314.Original pencil portrait titled "Venus of the Caribbean", signed and titled in pencil; frame measures 19 x 16" and another portrait unsigned, set with matching frame; 19" tall
315.Oil painting on canvas, still life with poppies and vase, signed lower left; frame measures 37 x 19"
316.Lithograph of cat family, artist proof, titled "Dotted Swiss", by Steven Klein; frame measures 24 x 28"
418.5 vintage David Aldrich enlarged photographs; largest measures 24 x 20"
419.Vintage still life print; measures 20 x 15.5"
420.Framed family print by Mira Pio; frame measures 31 x 25.5"
421.Framed vintage needlework; frame measures 9 x 13"
422.Framed tile work of bundle of asparagus; frame measures 17 x 11"
423.Painted wooden rooster carving; measures 25" tall
424.Framed sink print; frame measures 23.5 x 11.5"
425.Wall-mounted framed mirror; frame measures 31 x 39"
426.Wildlife print on panel; measures 14 x 18"
427.Framed print of girl at door; frame measures 16 x 12.5"
428.Framed oil on panel of sailboats signed lower right corner; frame measures 8 x 10"
429.Framed oil on canvas of 10 Commandments; frame measures 33 x 24"
430.Framed photographic print of barn; frame measures 31 x 31.5"
431.Enhanced print of flower; measures 32 x 32"
432.Hand colored limited edition lithograph of Monument Terrace, Lynchburg, VA numbered 213/1000, signed lower left corner
433.2 limited edition matted photographs signed lower right by David Aldrich; both are numbered 11\511 of Arlington Cemetery and Old Mill, Cumberland Virginia
434.Framed graphics poster; measures 24 x 18"
435.Parks Duffey lithograph of The Jefferson Hotel Richmond Virginia; measures 22 x 25"
436.Vintage musical advertisement and various sheet music
437.Reproduction maps of Confederate Richmond and United States
438.Vintage lithograph from Harpers Weekly of Alabama Regiment at Washington monument in Richmond Virginia; dated October 19, 1861 and vintage stock certificate from Standard Paper Manufacturing Company
439.Framed print of Michelangelo's painting of ceiling at Sistine Chapel; frame measures 24 x 43.5"
440.Framed print of balcony dinner; frame measures 26.5 x 34.5"
441.Hardwood framed beveled mirror; measures 30 x 26"
442.Limited edition still life print signed lower right by Brenda Noble numbered 124/260; frame measures 23.5 x 23.5"
443.Four consecutive oriental framed oil on canvas signed lower left Chan Vu; each section measures 24.5 x 14.5"
444.Framed watercolor print signed lower right; frame measures 27.5 x 28"
445.Two framed river prints; each frame measures 12.5 x 15.5"
446.Framed oil on panel of river bridge signed lower left by George Dumas; frame measures 24 x 28.5"
447.19th century framed needlework; frame measures 23 x 21"
448.Limited edition lithograph signed lower right corner by De Carlo, numbered 287/375; frame measures 22.5 x 26"
449.Framed beveled mirror; frame measures 48 x 37.5"
450.Framed enhanced print on panel of fox hunt; frame measures 35 x 44"
451.Framed mirror; frame measures 17 x 12.5"
452.4 framed prints of "Water Droplets on Leaves"; each frame measures 40 x 14"
453.Oil on canvas painting of farm scene, signed lower left by M. Belcher; frame measures 11 x 14"
454.Framed print titled "RVA Coffee Stain"; measures 16 x 20"
455.Oil on panel painting of Canadian geese; measures 18 x 22.5"
456.Vintage framed mirror; measures 26.5 x 15.5"
457.Vintage framed tuxedo advertisement; frame measures 16 x 20"
458.Framed leaf; frame measures 11 x 9"
459.Four framed matching prints titled "Bath"; frame measures 27.5 x 27.5"
460.Vintage hardwood framed beveled mirror; frame measures 20 x 28"
461.Framed verse print; frame measures 18.5 x 18.5"
462.Four framed "Hunting Scene Book" prints; each frame measures 11.5 x 11.5"
463.Hardwood framed mirror; frame measures 17 x 9.5"
464.2 framed watercolor prints; frame measures 15 x 15"
465.2 framed artworks "The Manuscript Collection" by Duke Dewberry; matching frames measure 15 x 12"
466.Wall mirror with glass mosaic frame; 16 x 16"
467.Silver framed rectangular mirror; measures 24 x 20"
468.(2) 1863 Confederate states of America Bond certificate; frame measures 21 x 17"
469.Civil War era framed newspaper page titled Daring and Desperate Attack-Capture of the United States Gunboat Harriet Lane, frame measures 17 x 23"
470.June landscape print with lighthouse; gold metal frame measures 32 x 38"
471.Antique Chippendale style gold framed mirror; 42 x 26" (preview for condition)
472.Portrait print on canvas; gold frame measures 30 x 25"
473.Seascape print titled Rolling Surf; pine frame measures 28 x 52"
474.Confederate States of America bond certificate; frame measures 29 x 18"
475.Magnolia print with gold frame; 30 x 22"
476.Autographed Amos and Andy lobby card; frame measures 15 x 12"
477.Amos and Andy musical sheet framed together with a Bank Of America check; frame measures 22 x 14.5"
478.2 antique framed prints, 1 titled "Discussing the New Game Laws"; matching folk arts and crafts style frames measure 16 x 20"
479.Original watercolor, Temple and boat, signed Atwe Sein 61 lower right; frame measures 17 x 21.5"
480.Michalopoulos framed print; 21 x 16.5"
481.A. Schroeder framed print; frame measures 31 x 36"
482.Framed watercolor of beach house signed lower right corner; frame measures 17 x 20.5"
483.Gold framed oval mirror; 30" wide
484.Vivian Flasch Italian Villa landscape print; gold frame measures 25 x 31"
485.Framed print titled "Main Street Memories"; frame measures 19 x 23"
486.3 floral photographic prints, each signed lower right; matching frames measure 16 x 21"
487.Pamela Gladding print Isaiah 55:12; gold frame measures 26 x 28"
488.Italian exhibition print, Feste Centenaire Bvssetto; frame measures 29 x 21"
489.3 dimensional copper plaque mounted on board ; 23 x 15"
490.Landscape abstract print on board; frame measures 32 x 44"
491.Abstract landscape print on canvas; frame measures 29 x 29"
492.Roald Duffy print; frame measures 15 x 19"
493.Framed print with horses; 31 x 37"
494.Donna Barton limited edition print titled "Crystal Vase", signed in pencil and numbered 277/950; frame measures 30 x 29"
495.Don Ament signed photographic print titled "Redwood Edge", signed and titled in pencil; frame measures 24 x 30"
496.Gerald Lubeck farmhouse print with mahogany frame; 18 x 28.5"
497.Original oil painting on canvas, still life with flowers signed W. Redman lower right; frame measures 26 x 30"
498.Rectangular mirror with wood frame; 22 x 29"
499.Antique mirror with walnut shadowbox frame; 31 x 25"
500.Vintage industrial steel and wood utility cart coffee table; measures 13.5 x 51 x 24"
501.Crafton Stove & Range Company cast-iron footed woodstove; measures 22.5 x 21 x 20"
502.Gameron Stove Company, Richmond Virginia potbellied cast-iron stove; measures 24 x 11 x 11"
503.Natuzzi Italian made leather 3 piece sectional with 2 end recliners; fits corner size 104 x 104"
504.Steve Silver Co. dining table and 6 chairs with upholstered seats and backs, 2 chairs have arms; table measures 30 x 60 x 42"
505.Upholstered high wingback arm chair with Queen Anne legs; measures 47" tall
506.Dining table with rattan base and natural stone top with glass overlay; measures 30 x 42" diameter
507.Nichols and Stone spindle back rocking chair; measures 40" tall
508.Glass top dining table with carved wood pedestal base on claw feet; measures 29 x 54" diameter
509.Mahogany two-tier dumb waiter with metal claw feet; measures 28.5 x 22" diameter
510.2 plastic Egyptian themed floor planters; each measures 49" tall
532.2 mid century modern International Home Furnishings wood frame chairs with upholstered seats and wicker backs; each measures 31" tall
533.Hamilton House Furniture upholstered wingback arm chair with Queen Anne legs; measures 43" tall
534.French provincial style side table with one drawer; measures 29.5 x 18.5 x 15"
535.Oriental red and black lacquer cabinet with one door and 2 drawers, painted gold trim; measures 25.5 x 21 x 10"
536.Victorian mahogany side chair with upholstered seat and back and 2 ceramic casters; measures 36" tall
537.French provincial style bombe form 3 drawer dresser with floral theme and wall mounted mirror; measures 34 x 45 x 19"
538.World globe wine bar stand on casters; measures 37" tall
539.Lane cedar chest, style 7736X; measures 16 x 36 x 18"
540.Metal framed bench with upholstered seat; measures 20 x 38 x 17"
541.Oriental design mahogany vanity with 7 drawers; measures 32 x 49.5 x 19.5"
542.Antique walnut multi-shelf what-not display stand; measures 68 x 23 x 12"
543.Glass top console table with metal frame; measures 29.5 x 62 x 22"
544.Link Taylor 9 drawer maple dresser with mirror; dresser and mirror measure 67 x 56 x 20", matches lots 545, 546 and 547
545.Link Taylor maple night stand with 2 drawers; measures 26.5 x 22 x 15", matches lots 544, 546 and 547
546.Link Taylor maple chest with 2 narrow and 4 wide drawers; measures 47 x 38 x 19.5", matches lots 544, 545 and 547
547.Link Taylor maple canopy bed with headboard, footboard, rails, slats and canopy; headboard measures 68 x 57", matches lots 544, 545 and 546
548.Painted wood media cabinet with 2 drawers and 2 doors and floral accents; measures 68 x 48 x 22.5"
549.The Collegiate School, Richmond Virginia painted and stenciled spindle back arm chair; measures 36" tall
600.Lane cedar chest with upholstered top, style 4961-21; measures 18 x 44.5 x 17"
601.Vintage oak valet chair on turned legs; measures 39" tall
602.Danish teak 6 drawer chest by Nordisk Andels-Eksport; measures 46 x 36 x 19.5", matches lot 603
603.Danish teak 8 drawer dresser by Nordisk Andels-Eksport; measures 32 x 72 x 19.5", matches lot 602
604.Circular upholstered ottoman with storage; measures 14.5 x 18" diameter
605.Victorian-style mahogany side chair with needlepoint seat; measures 36" tall
606.Mid century modern 2 tier table with chalkboard top; measures 17.5 x 27.5 x 16"
607.Maple bench with rush seating; measures 17 x 28 x 15"
608.Vintage demilune hallway table with painted scene top; measures 23.5 x 22.5 x 12"
609.Oval Victorian-style mahogany side table; measures 27.5 x 22 x 16.5"
610.French provincial style four drawer chest; measures 41 x 30 x 17"
611.Painted wood coffee table; measures 16 x 36 x 18"
612.Olinola Mexico lacquerware dome top trunk on stand, includes document; measures 23 x 31.5 x 16"
613.Painted wood roll top desk; measures 44 x 34 x 23"
614.2 painted wood nightstands with one drawer; each measures 26.5 x 22 x 19"
615.Pine four tier lighted curio cabinet; measures 75 x 15.5 x 13.5"
616.Thomasville oriental design cabinet with metal trim, has 2 drawers and one storage door; measures 22 x 28 x 18"
617.Cherry finish jewelry chest with 8 drawers and 2 side doors for storage; measures 41 x 18 x 14.5"
618.Moosehead pine hutch with 8 drawers and 2 lower storage doors; measures 67 x 50 x 19"
619.Metal framed 2 tier console table with rattan top and shelf; measures 30 x 47 x 18"
620.6 Thonet tea room chairs from Miller & Rhodes with cherry finish, includes 1 armchair; each chair measures 35.5" tall
621.2-tier mahogany side table; measures 22 x 24 x 14"
622.Leather ottoman; measures 16 x 17 x 17"
623.Sunburst double dresser with 6 drawers; measures 34 x 48 x 18"
624.Toccoa Novelty writing desk, 1 fitted drawer above mirrored doors and 3 shelves on each side; measures 35.5 x 46 x 14"
625.Circular pressed wood plant stand with metal base; measures 29.5 x 17" diameter
626.Pulaski Furniture Corporation collectors cabinet with lighted interior, sliding glass door and 6 glass shelves; measures 80 x 42.5 x 17"
627.Victorian style metal bed frame, includes headboard, footboard, rails and supports; headboard measures 86 x 64", headboard is in 2 pieces
628.Chinese 4 section folding screen, red lacquer finish with painted gold panels; each section measures 71 x 18"
629.Vintage solid wood corner table on turned legs; measures 30 x 18 x 18"
630.Vintage upholstered footstool with nail head trim; measures 12 x 20 x 16"
631.Oriental 4 section folding screen; each section measures 71 x 18"
632.Circular glass top table with metal base; measures 21.5 x 20" diameter
633.2-tier metal framed glass top table with glass lower shelf; measures 28 x 19 x 19"
634.Oriental black lacquer four section folding screen; each section measures 72 x 16"
635.Oak magazine table on turned supports; measures 23.5 x 24 x 15"
636.Singer Touch & Sew zig-zag sewing machine in wood cabinet; measures 31 x 24 x 18" in closed state
637.Painted wood side table on turned legs; measures 30 x 24 x 19"
638.Antique Singer treadle sewing machine with original oak and cast iron base; table measures 29 x 36 x 18" in closed state, preview for condition
639.Circular painted metal outdoor table; measures 27.5 x 18" diameter
640.Vintage mahogany console table with 2 doors; measures 31 x 38 x 19", preview for condition
641.Cherry drop leaf side table on turned legs; measures 23 x 15 x 28", sides measure 9"
642.Pressed wood side table with skirt and glass overlay; measures 25 x 20" diameter
643.Bombay Co mahogany finish plant stand; measures 28 x 12 x 12"
644.Medallion Limited mid century modern side table with one drawer and marble top; measures 19 x 24 x 28"
645.Painted rustic pine dining table on turned legs; measures 30 x 47 x 35"
646.Mid century modern walnut dining table with 6 chairs with upholstered seats, includes table pads; table measures 28.5 x 58 x 40"
647.Ladder back dining chair with rush seating; measures 40.5" tall
648.Coaster Fine Furniture dining table with 2 chairs with upholstered seats; table measures 29.5 x 40" diameter
649.Mid century modern telephone bench by Jessup Furniture Corp; measures 31 x 28 x 18"
650.Vintage rocking chair with upholstered seat, back and arms; measures 35" tall
651.Ethan Allen stenciled spindle back Salem rocker; measures 43" tall
652.Glass top coffee table with metal frame; measures 19 x 46.5 x 31"
653.Hardwood coffee table with one drawer; measures 18 x 48 x 29"
654.2 oversized painted wood porch rocking chairs; each measures 46" tall
655.2 tier half moon shape hallway table; measures 24 x 24 x 12"
656.Hardwood armchair with loose cushions; measures 35" tall
657.Circular mahogany side table with one drawer and metal claw feet; measures 27 x 24" diameter
658.Metal framed outdoor table with glass top and umbrella cut out; measures 27 x 75 x 44"
659.Aluminum framed outdoor table with 2 chairs and teak top; table measures 28 x 28 x 28"
660.Tonk Mfg piano bench with hinged top and turned legs; measures 19 x 29.5 x 15.5"
661.Mission style pine hallway stand with coat hooks; measures 68" tall
662.Metal framed folding directors chair; measures 30" tall
663.Vintage bent wood and spindle cradle; measures 28 x 38 x 21"
664.Hardwood dining table with painted base; measures 29.5 x 58.5 x 35"
665.4 painted wood dining chairs with upholstered seats by Saloom Furniture; each measures 39" tall
666.2 painted wood chairs with rush seating; each measures 38" tall
667.5 drawer painted wood chest by Dabney & Bugg, RVA; measures 48 x 32 x 18"
668.Handmade painted pine console table; measures 32.5 x 60 x 19"
669.Bloom walnut veneer cedar chest; measures 23 x 48 x 21"
670.Veneer 2 section storage cabinet by Hayneedle; measures 19 x 31 x 15"
671.Vintage mahogany side table; measures 29.5 x 19 x 17"
672.Oriental design 2 tier serving table; measures 26 x 54 x 15"
673.Maple spindle back rocking chair; measures 42" tall
674.Rattan finish console table with 1 drawer; measures 30 x 31.5 x 15"
675.Laminate three-tier bookshelf; measures 48 x 28.5 x 13.5"
676.Painted wood three-tier bookshelf; measures 42.5 x 24 x 12"; preview for condition
677.4 tier oak bookshelf; measures 52 x 27 x 9"
678.Rattan 2-tier cart on casters; measures 27.5 x 30 x 18"
679.2-tier side mahogany finish side table; measures 24 x 25 x 16"
680.Vintage child's rocking chair; measures 26" tall
681.2 metal frame barstools with upholstered seats; each measures 28.5" tall
682.2 painted wood lighted corner shelving units with 2 glass shelves and 2 wood shelves; each measures 78 x 13", fits corner size 17 x 17"
683.Upholstered storage ottoman; measures 17 x 30 x 18"
700.Oriental floral design cream and maroon colored area rug; measures 118 x 154"
701.Tan and pink hand knotted oriental rug with floral accents; measures 49 x 75"
702.Red and black hand knotted oriental prayer rug; measures 29 x 46"
703.Hand knotted Romanian oriental design floral rug; measures 37 x 63"
704.Persian hand knotted entry rug; measures 24 x 36"
705.Karastan Kirman wool face rug; measures 34 x 61"
706.Hand knotted Persian entry rug; measures 28 x 27"
707.Maroon and green oriental design rug; measures 55 x 78"
738.Maples Rugs brown, tan and blue area rug; measures 84 x 121"
739.Burgundy and tan color carved Chinese oval shaped rug; measures 24 x 36"
740.Tan area rug; measures 108 x 144"
741.Home Decorators Collection Amador grey area rug; measures 96 x 120"
742.Momeni Chinese hand tufted hallway runner; measures 30 x 144"
743.India House Collection hallway runner; measures 27 x 90", matches lot 744
744.India House Collection hallway runner; measures 27 x 90", matches lot 743
745.Aquamarine colored area rug; measures 84 x 107"
746.Oriental Weavers brown, tan and burgundy area rug; measures 92 x 130"
747.Tan area rug; measures 102 x 118"
748.Safavieh Florida Shag Collection Turkish area rug; measures 96 x 120"
749.Savannah handmade Indian rug; measures 94 x 132"
750.12 VINTAGE CHILDREN'S BOOKS. Including Mother Goose (2), Disney Story Land; Bobsey Twin titles and others
751.5 BOOKS ON THE MILITARY. The Pennsylvania and Kentucky Rifle; 2 books on fighter planes; The Civil War and Military Strategy
752.22 VOLUMES OF THE WORKS OF CHARLES DICKENS. Half leather mixed editions-Ticknor Fields, Boston 1864 and DeWolfe Fiske Boston late 1800s
753.14 T. C. WILLIAMS YEARBOOKS AND 2 WE ARE THE TITANS TITLES. Including Remembering This Titan-signed by the author and by Coach Yoast
754.11 VINTAGE LITERARY TITLES. Including Agatha Christie, Lolita (1st edition paperback); Kurt Vonnegut and others
755.8 BOOKS ON MANGA. Manga; More Manga; Drawing Manga and others
756.13 HERITAGE CLASSIC TITLES BOXED. The Magic Mountain; The Prince & The Pauper; The Possessed and 10 others
757.Confederate military history books titled by state
758.Various books to include "Seal Team 6", "The Operators", "War Stories" and other titles
759.Various children's books from Disney and "A Little Golden Book" series
760.2 vintage hardback books titled "Treasure Island" and "Black Tulip"
761.Various books to include "The Age of Faith", "Caesar and Christ", "The Age of Napoleon" and other titles
762.Various children's books and crossword puzzles
763.Various books to include "The American Heritage Picture History of World War 2", "The American Heritage Picture History of the Civil War", Jacques Cousteau's "The Ocean World" and others
764.Various cookbooks
765.Vintage Life magazines and others
766.Books to include "3rd Eclectic Reader", "Number 1 Eclectic Series" and Byron Nelson's "Winning Golf"
767.Various Civil War books to include "Lincoln at Gettysburg", "The Civil War Day by Day", "The Blue and the Gray" and other titles
768.Vintage cookbooks, poetry books, Shakespeare and others
800.Antique oak tabletop display cabinet with sloping front, measures 23 x 46 x 25"
801.Antique walnut cased shelf clock with 8 day time, strike and alarm movement, includes key, pendulum and reverse painted door; 21" tall
802.Pair of Shannon crystal facet cut candlesticks; 12" tall
803.2 Chinese enameled stress balls with panda motif; boxes 5" wide
804.Brooks Brothers leather purse, includes original tag; 9" wide
805.Vintage alligator skin handbag; 11" wide
806.Oriental mother-of-pearl and black lacquer jewelry box; 9" wide
807.2 painted figural metal and black marble book ends; each 7" tall
808.Fender model F-15 6 string acoustic guitar includes case
809.Fabric and faux leather purse; 9" wide
810.Vintage Tom's glass and metal number 12 display; 20" wide
811.Antique doll's poster bed with canopy and mattress; 22 x 23 x 15"
812.Blue painted carved goose decoy; 22" wide
813.3 leather change purses and 1 faux leather change purse
814.Esco Products gold finish sculpture; 9" tall
815.2 ceramic rooster lidded containers by Burton & Burton; largest 12"
816.Mahogany doll size poster bed with canopy and fabric; measures 23 x 22 x 11"
817.2 gallon stoneware crocks; 9 x 9"
818.Simplicity model SL 43808B sewing machine
819.2 Daytona bike week T-shirts from 1996 and 1997; size XL
820.5 Avon pottery beer Steins; largest 9"
821.Vintage New Orleans basket pocketbook; largest 11" wide
822.Plastic tub assorted ladies headscarves
823.Ferragamo Navy sling backs, size 6B
824.5 Avon and other collectible ceramic tankards with pewter covers; largest 10"
825.2 rooster statues; largest 17"
826.Harley-Davidson motorcycle miniature tank collection in 2 displays; each measures 10 x 19"
827.Antique double-sided enameled metal oval-shaped AAA sign; 23 x 30"
828.Hordon design silver plate 2 piece nesting chalice, includes box; 7" tall
829.3 mouse shaped paperweights; largest 3.5"
830.8 vintage Nintendo gaming cassettes, includes Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Defender, Space Invaders and others
831.4 assorted clear and multicolored glass paperweights; largest 2.5"
832.2 vintage world postage stamp albums, both with used international stamps (preview for contents)
833.5 vintage fruit knives with silver plate handles, includes JW Williams box
834.4 vintage newspaper printing blocks; largest 4"
835.Lladro porcelain bust figure; 8.5" tall
836.2 red metal hanging lantern style candleholders; each 21" tall
837.3 vintage porcelain head Yolanda Bello dolls; each 6" tall
838.Vintage Mattel hot wheels USA builder set, includes box (preview for contents and completeness)
839.6 multicolored decorative balls; largest 4"
840.Oriental wicker stacking 3 section lunchbox with carved frame, brass mounts; 21" tall
841.Red metal water pump; 16" tall
842.4 collectible porcelain head dolls, 2 with stands; largest 7"
843.PlayStation 3 gaming console, charger and controller (preview for working condition)
844.3 Bachmann no scale railroad cars, includes boxes
845.2 painted porcelain ring-necked pheasants; largest 11" long
846.Vintage Tonka pressed steel pickup truck; 15" long
847.Leaf and berry design carnival glass pitcher, footed bowl with cover and 4 water goblets; largest 11"
848.2 metal canons; largest 8"
849.5 Japanese Kutani porcelain painted figures; largest 4"
850.3 Tyco HO scale railroad cars, includes boxes
851.Set of 3 Amish style nesting boxes and Lane cedar box with key; largest 9"
852.Carl Sorensen art deco verdigris bronze tray, 15" diameter
853.Two pieces of Weller art pottery with floral design. 8" wide bowl and a vase
854.Painted wood goose sculpture on stand; 21" tall
855.Pair of antique style metal lamps with crystal prisms and matching fabric shades; largest 27"
856.Detailed porcelain figure of eastern European girl in harvest festival costume. Signed. 10" tall
857.Sony PlayStation 3 gaming console (preview for working condition)
858.Avon blue glass pitcher, turquoise crackle glass vase and blue glass birds nest dish with cover; largest 8"
859.Glazed terra-cotta 7 piece bowl set and 3 covered canisters; largest 10"
860.Lot of Griswold cast iron. #7, #8 and #10 frying pans and a #8 lid. Also, a #9 grill fry pan (unmarked)
861.Double edged battle ax number 882437, includes box; 31" wide
862.Vintage Dr Pepper wooden soda bottle crate; 18.5" wide
863.Wooden golf ball display rack; measures 15 x 17"
864.Vintage miniature Singer sewing machine
865.Anna Lee dolls includes Santa Claus, tennis player, Easter dolls, clowns and Dream Pets toy Tiger; largest 8"
866.LV purse; 12" wide (preview for authenticity)
867.Glass bubble and gold flecked paperweight; 5" tall
868.Multicolored and clear studio glass paperweight, engraved AJ on base; 2.75" tall
869.Pink and clear multicolored glass spire form paperweight, signed and numbered 5/98 on base; 4.75" tall
870.Lot of 4 early Brush McCoy stoneware pitchers and mugs. Tallest is 5 1/2"
871.Scale handmade and painted model of the boat Salisbury; 22" long and model Viking ship; 23" long
872.Volcano fall multicolored bubble glass paperweight; 4" tall
873.Studio glass paperweight, signed and dated 1991 on base; 6" tall
874.Swirl glass ball form paperweight; 4" tall
875.Swirl and bubble glass paperweight; 3.25" tall
876.Collectible sword stick with dragon handle number 901072, includes box; 36" long
877.Box of German and other vintage porcelain head and body dolls, made in Japan and celluloid doll; largest 5"
878.Three pieces of Abingdon art pottery. 14" long console bowl, vase and a wall pocket
879.3 Dept 56 Dickens Village Series lighted porcelain buildings, includes Somerset Valley Church, Dickens Village Gift Set and Fezziwig's Ballroom and Chancery Corner includes boxes; largest 14"
880.Ladies LV purse, includes storage bag; 15" wide (preview for authenticity)
881.Sony wireless headphones model MDR-RF 925 RK includes box (preview for working condition)
882.Cast iron leaf dish; 14" long
883.Lot of Culver 22k gold accented glassware. Four 5 3/4" stems, 7 3/4" tall martini pitcher, eight 3" roly-poly glasses, and 2 Ripley's Aquarium tumblers
884.2 Zasan wood carved wood collectible dolls on stands, Rachel and Peter; largest 18"
885.2 floral design paperweights; largest 2.75"
886.LV bag; 13" wide (preview for authenticity)
887.Box of miniature doll house furniture, includes dresser signed Blankenfield chairs, vanity, shaving mirror, vanity stools and other items; largest 6.5"
888.Rustic wood collectible display box, includes the collection of seedpods and quartz crystals; box measures 12 x 9.5"
889.14 The Cat's Meow collectibles; largest 6"
890.Bitossi for Rosenthal Netter pottery 7" cylinder vase and candle holder
891.2 Dept 56 Dickens Village collectibles, includes Abingdon Lockside Inn and Saint Martin in the fields Church; includes boxes, 15" tall
892.John Deere and International tractor collectibles, trailer and Baylor; largest 10" 5 of them
893.2 vintage 100% ladies wool hats 1 with colored feathers
894.Vintage Pepsi-Cola metal tin; 17 x 15"
895.Celestron Power Seekers 60 Refractor telescope, includes box (preview for contents and completeness)
896.Group of 11 assorted caps, includes Budweiser, George Dickel Whiskey, TranSouth 500, Winston Cup and others
897.Bag of vintage painted metal figures and toys; largest 4"
898.RSVP International Culinary Torch and Ramekin set, includes box
899.Mickey Mouse novelty telephone; 13" tall
900.2 vintage Pyrex glass mixing bowls; largest 9"
901.Grouping of German and other glass and pottery beer tankards, some with pewter tops; largest 8"
902.Vintage wood and metal barrel; 19" tall
903.Kenwood model KT-56 stereo synthesizer tuner (preview for working condition)
904.Republican National Convention medallions, 55th Presidential Inauguration limited-edition pin, Department of Homeland Security Christmas tree ornament and wood plaque; largest 11"
905.Kodak easy share DX 6490 digital camera on aluminum tripod (preview for working condition)
906.2 containers with King Charles parade costume and other dog costume with skirt and hat
907.Matchbox Motors car elevator includes box; 21" wide (preview for contents and completeness)
908.2 collectible porcelain head bride dolls by Babies Dream, includes stand; largest 17"
909.53 inch piece of driftwood
910.Sunflower painting on slate by South Eden Art; 9 x 5.5", includes copper wire hanger
911.Corning glass works 1 1/2 quart cradled casserole number 983M, unused with original box
912.Euro-Pro X turbo hand vacuum, includes box (preview for working condition)
913.Blue Spongeware pottery water pitcher and wash bowl; largest 15"
914.Parker Brothers monopoly boardgame, Deluxe Anniversary Edition (preview for contents and completeness)
915.3 United States Mint coin albums for presidential $1 coins volumes (no coins); each measures 11.5 x 9"
916.Miniature size collectible figures, frames and unframed cartoon; largest 9"
917.Barometric storm glass by Springfield, includes box; 17" tall
918.Group of 19th century black and white portrait photographs and cabinet cards from Athens PA, Knoxville PA, Cobleskill New York and others; largest 4.25"
919.Vintage Barbie doll case and Sentimental Valentine Barbie by Mattel, includes box; largest 14"
920.Crackle glaze pottery pitcher with floral motif; 15" tall
921.Lot of Victorian style cast iron. Pair of 7" long Eastlake corner brackets, 4" ornate lamp finial, 5 1/2" tall urn, 5 1/2" wide coat hook, and a hand wrought horse head coat hook
922.Canon Selphy 30 compact photo printer includes box (preview for contents and completeness)
923.Large box of TY Beanie Babies all with labels and 1 Dept 56 Snowbaby; largest 10"
924.Fort Jackson South Carolina collectible pottery plate; 10" diameter
925.Lot of vintage bar and kitchen ware in original boxes. Includes Dansk and Fraser's. Some unused, like WMF 14" tray
926.Thumper professional body massager, includes box and instructions (preview for working condition)
927.Life-like and AHM model railroad cars, includes boxes and Star bottle opener with box; largest 10"
928.19th century portrait tintype, early 19 century postcards and photographs; largest 6"
929.Metal motorcycle sculpture; 13" long
930.Canon Selphy 510 compact photo printer, includes box
931.Indonesian brass flatware includes knives, forks, assorted serving pieces and custom made teak chest with green fabric lining, by James Jewelers Bangkok Thailand; box is 19" Wide
932.Matched pair of oriental etched design brass lamps; each 23" tall
933.3 Tyco HO scale model railroad cars, includes boxes; 7.5" long
934.2 rustic wood walking sticks; largest 46"
935.Table pool game by Retro Games includes box (preview for contents and completeness)
936.Silver plate 3 light candelabra; 13" tall
937.Xbox 360 gaming console includes controllers, cables, and assorted Xbox games (preview for completeness and condition)
938.Apollo 11 collectible in box by Explorations in Time; 18" wide
939.Bag of vintage CDV portrait's and photographs; largest 6.5 x 4"
940.Detector hanging scale series 206S, capacity 20 pounds includes metal scale pan; 16" wide
941.Teac W-520R double cassette deck and Onkyo model TA-2015 stereo tape deck (preview for working condition)
942.Silver plated items, includes Norwegian caddy spoon, cheese server, silver plate and blue enamel ice tongs and swizzle stick, teaspoons, salad servers
943.Vintage 8 mm movie reels, includes The Undead, Canadian Pacific, Double-crossed at Crisscross, the Adventures of Tarzan, Hunchback of Notre Dame and others, includes boxes; 5.5"
944.Two 19thC colored lithographs; matching frames measure 12 x 10"
945.2 boxes of used vintage United States postal stamps
946.Bosch Compact 400 W kitchen mixer (preview for working condition)
947.Vintage Hamilton postal scale and Tirschenreuth German porcelain ashtray; largest 6.5"
948.5 HO scale model railroad cars; each 6" long
949.Hewells Pottery Lilac and grape painted terra-cotta planter; 12" tall
950.Glazed pottery bowl with birds; 14" wide
951.2 Dept 56 Snow Baby tree ornaments, includes Reach for the Moon; largest 6"
952.Quantum Prism green canvas kite includes case (preview for completeness)
953.Vintage Washington, Richmond and other and souvenir postcards
954.11 vintage Hot Wheels and other die cast cars and trucks
956.Assorted beer glasses, tankards, ceramic stones and drink ware; largest 9.5"
957.Tall glass vase, frosted finish; 19" tall
958.White and red enamel pail with cover, includes Pittsburgh paper label; 8" tall
959.Lifelike Rail HO scale electric train set in includes box; 44" wide (preview for completeness)
960.Tonka garbage waste department dump truck; 18" long
961.German and other stoneware and pottery beer mugs, beer steins and tankards; largest 11" includes Avon America the Beautiful
962.3 cat figurines and one cat trinket dish; largest measures 6.5" tall
963.Zelda metal lunchbox, assorted DVDs and vintage Mother Goose book
964.Coach black leather handbag and 2 Fendi purses; largest 12"
965.Crystal and brass lamp; 28" tall (includes hop)
966.Logitech model X-RB 2 audio player, includes charger and instructions and remote control (preview for working condition)
968.Adjustable brass table lamp; 19" tall
969.Bruce Springsteen Born in the USA record album, Brian Adams Reckless record album, and 2 Norman Rockwell collectible porcelain plates; largest 14"
970.2 Capodimonte floral rose candleholder pottery candleholders; largest 8"
971.4 HO scale model railroad cars; largest 7"
972.Wagner ware 1050 cast iron ashtray; 4" diameter
973.6 hand painted Maddox porcelain dinner plates and 1957 Centennial plate by Sparta Ceramic Company; largest 10"
974.Glassware, includes multi color swirled dishes, Italian glass ashtray, silver overlaid glass plate and serving pieces; largest 12"
975.2 vintage wood and glass washboard, includes Standard Carolina Washboard; largest 24 x 13"
976.Vintage clear pressed glass oil lamp with painted glass shade; 18" tall (converted for electric use)
977.Hallmark Christmas snow globe; 8" tall
979.2 made in Japan painted bisque porcelain figures; 8" tall
980.Box of vintage child's building blocks
981.Brushed metal adjustable lamp with frosted glass shade; 24" tall
982.Lot of 3 vintage/antique scrapbooks and photograph albums; largest 13 x 15"
983.Cannon and cannonball book ends, vintage picture frames; largest measures 15 x 17"
984.Royal Winton cigarette box, 2 novelty salt and pepper shakers from Santa's workshop and grand canyon and tall glass vase; largest 11"
985.Stainless steel and silver plate flatware, knives, forks, spoons and, stainless steel iced teaspoons vintage powder compact, napkin rings and other silver plate items
986.Brass apothecary scale with weights, includes case; 9.5" wide
987.Metal coffee mill on wood base; 12" tall
988.Vintage hand made up doll house furniture display, includes tub of miniature dollhouse furniture and accessories; display measures 45 x 17 x 20"
989.Bag of vintage cdv portrait photographs; largest 4 x 2.5"
990.Vintage copper watering can, and crystal noel 1977 bell; largest 5"
991.Bag of vintage black and white cdv photographs; largest 7 x 4"
992.5 model SS-MSP 1 Sony audio speakers
993.Wall-mounted fish plaque; measures 14 x 12"
994.Chinese glazed pottery bird and Tiffany and Co Alphabet Bears porcelain child's cup; largest 6"
995.7 glass tumblers and 11 glass with silverplated foot fruit cups
996.Porcelain table lamp; measures 10" tall
997.Deformed stoneware crock, ceramic head vase and stoneware bottle; largest 8"
998.Bag of vintage CDV portrait photographs; largest 6.5 x 4"
1000.Vintage painted serving trays, 1 made in Occupied Japan; largest 15"
1001.Dan Wheldon collectible car with box, 2 Tom Clark NASCAR figures; 13" tall
1003.Vintage banjo clock case; 29" tall (no face or movement)
1004.Vintage painted and carved wood kachina dolls and figures, vintage Native American child's toy and totem part; largest 19"
1005.2 Lionel Preschool wireless remote control train sets with original boxes; each 21" long
1006.Vintage ceramics, includes German made porcelain cigarette holder, hand-painted porcelain pitchers, porcelain pillboxes, figures and other collectibles; largest 5"
1007.Vintage paper doll and paper doll accessories, hand fans, vintage advertising and Tiny Tots Stand Up dolls
1008.Silver plated items, includes leaf shaped dish, 2 bread plates by Rogers, assorted silver plate salt and pepper shakers and silver plate leaf and berry basket; largest 12"
1009.Hot wheels Maestro 911 Porsche Carrera and BMW z8, motor max BMW z4; largest 9"
1010.Assorted glassware and goblets, includes green handblown wine goblets, etched stemware, green depression glass; largest 8"
1011.2 Tyco HO scale model railroad trams includes boxes; 6" long
1012.Enchanted Evening Barbie doll, and 2 welcome membership kits, includes boxes; largest 14"
1013.2 tall brass table lamps with matching embossed fabric shades and finials; each 37" tall
1014.Assorted vintage board games, includes Milton Bradley Beat the Clock, Concentration TV Came, National Football League, Pro-Playoff, the Flight to Paris and others, includes boxes; largest 20" (preview for contents)
1015.4 ceramic ramekins with plastic covers; 5" wide
1016.Plastic and steel United States military helmets
1017.Grouping of fiesta ware, includes mixing bowls, soup plates, dessert plates, cups mugs and serving pieces and Homer Laughlin paper napkin dispenser; largest 11"
1018.2 brass finish metal lamps; 30" tall including harp's
1020.Vintage Japanese made Musical Jolly Chimp includes original box; 11" tall
1021.Aroma Cafe Centura stainless steel 40 coffee or tea maker, includes box
1022.Grotesque studio pottery pitcher signed April Hall Marks MS; 10.5" tall
1023.Plastic tub audio CDs including Queen, George Strait, Travis Tritt, Eminem, Shania Twain (preview for box contents)
1024.Flower Fairies collectible ornaments with box, Downton Abbey Christmas tree ornament, King Henry VIII tree ornament and other Christmas related items; trailers 15.5" wide
1025.Seth Thomas quartz shelf clock with burl walnut case; 5.5" diameter
1026.Frosted red glass vase and painted ceramic figure; largest 15"
1027.2 nautical theme book ends, liquor flask, candleholder, brass cat, and tobacco pipe, blotter; largest 13"
1028.Bag of Vintage CDV Portrait Photographs from Troy PA, Palmyra New York, Knoxville PA and others largest 6.5 x 4.5"
1029.Assorted board games including Dixie Pollyanna, Crossword Lexicon, Tiddlywinks and Others; Largest 16"
1030.Singer Touch & Sew sewing machine with case, model 604 includes foot pedal (preview for working condition)
1031.Jensen CD player with detachable speakers, includes remote control (preview for working condition)
1032.2 Pampered Chef oven dishes; largest 11.5"
1033.Cloth body dolls, cloth body cat and Teddy bear wreath; largest 22"
1034.Nylint pressed steel aerial hook and ladder fire truck; 31" long
1035.2 vice clamps and 10 brass floor receivers and switch plate
1036.3 AHM HO scale model railroad cars, includes boxes; 10" wide
1037.4 assorted jigsaws, includes Lighthouses USA, Bluebirds, Coffee Cafe and Charlie Harper Biodiversity in the Burbs; largest boxes 13" wide
1038.Wood items, includes Robert E Donovan handcrafted Lazy Susan, Dansk international cutting board, Chinese bamboo stand, Sheffield multitool, antique oak and rattan book stand, vintage mandolin and US MC product crate; largest 18"
1040.Miniature porcelain pitchers, made in Japan, Germany and others; largest 3"
1041.Vintage Akai model ASC-9 headphones (preview for working condition)
1042.Various vintage doll parts and clothing
1043.German painted porcelain figural vase, 2 magnolia pottery candleholders and 3 glass candle holders; largest 7"
1044.Magic Chef model MC1AM 22W bread maker (preview for working condition)
1045.3 vintage fishing reels including Ajax, South Bend model A and South Bend model B, bronzed door handle and comb guides
1046.Carved wood Buddha and small Asian figurine; 9.5" tall
1047.Vintage Big Bang 60mm cannon in original box, Skookum hand-painted dolls, Mr Machine toy pistol; largest 10"
1048.3 AHM HO scale model railroad cars with boxes; largest 7"
1049.Tudor True Tone ex-300 xylophone, includes box; 19" wide
1050.3 Longaberger Tree Trimming Collection baskets, includes Twinkle Twinkle basket, Let It Snow basket and Peppermint basket, all with boxes; largest 6" wide
1051.Painted wood rabbit and lantern style candleholder; largest 11"
1052.Vintage perfume and other bottles, blue glass bluebird paperweight by Titan Art Glass, vintage glass pitcher, antique green glass bottle and dresser jar; largest 5"
1053.2 Stetson hats
1054.Nancy Green International multicolored china, includes plates, dishes, spoon holder, saucers; largest 10"
1055.Pair of vintage Sylvania audio speakers; each 14" tall
1056.Miniature porcelain pitchers, jars, vases, teapot, hot chocolate pot and stoneware crock; largest 8"
1057.Tyco HO gauge diesel locomotive and tender; 8" long
1058.Box of assorted souvenir world dolls; largest 6"
1059.3-piece silver plate miniature size tea set on tray; tray is 10" wide
1060.Saint Nicholas Square Village collectibles includes Cathedral of Peace and Millie's Boutique and Georgetown Apartments, includes boxes; 13" wide
1061.3 Bombay company gold framed prints; matching frames measure 11.5 x 9.5"
1062.Box of antique miniature size bisque porcelain and celluloid dolls and dolls heads, made in Japan, Germany; largest 3"
1063.Model LD-1010 food dehydrator (preview for working condition)
1064.Emerson Research model ES2 stereo with 2 speakers (preview for working condition)
1065.2 Chinese glazed pottery relief vases; 5.5" tall
1066.Tonka AAA pressed steel wrecker truck; 15" wide
1067.Box with assorted collectibles, includes Elvis Presley fan club pin, tobacco tins, vintage Coca-Cola bottle opener, folding ruler, pocket knife, stainless steel caliper and other collectibles; box is 6.5" wide
1068.Box of assorted cell phone cases
1069.Vintage collectibles and books, includes painted wood mouse, assorted pins, pressed glass container, key-coins holder, spinning top and other collectibles; largest 12"
1070.Asus 23" computer monitor (preview for working condition)
1071.Dept 56 Heritage Village 12 Days of Christmas collectibles with boxes; Largest 7.5"
1072.M. Boucher original watercolor, mountainous winter landscape, signed lower right; frame measures 12 x 14"
1073.2 East African carved ebony figural sculptures; largest 9.5"
1074.Curtis RCD-718 stereo, includes speakers, antenna and instruction manual (preview for working condition)
1075.Carved walnut box with brass inlaid cover, Canon Sure-shot WP-1 waterproof camera with black canvas bag and Kodak X-15 color outfit with box
1076.Carved wood sculpture, pig with piglets; 13" wide
1077.Lefton china Blue Boy and Pinky painted bisque porcelain figures; 8" tall
1078.2 Lionel Preschool wireless remote control train sets, includes boxes; each 21" wide
1079.Christmas tree form etched plate; 15" wide
1080.Box of various dollhouse furniture
1081.Large box sewing and crafting supplies, threads, pins, needles, ribbons, vintage sewing items and embroidery frames
1082.Brass and copper umbrella stand; 18" tall
1084.2 bronze candlesticks R Harper; 4" tall
1085.Lancaster Pennsylvania Christmas tree bells and 4 fabric and sequined trees; largest 11"
1087.Yellow glazed pottery vase, plate and 2 vases with covers; largest 16"
1088.Mahogany finish architectural corner shelf, includes mounting brackets
1089.Box of French and other porcelain head and shoulder and cloth body dolls; largest 17"
1090.Yellow painted vintage wood box for Sealtest; 16" wide
1091.Ameripone model P-300 photo phone, includes users guide
1092.Vintage pith helmet, vintage rattan and frond hat; largest 18" (preview for condition)
1093.6 boxes assorted Christmas tree ornaments
1094.Vintage weaving loom, wonderland play suit, vintage Collegeville Halloween costumes and American Model Builder certificate on wood plaque; largest 15"
1095.Large box of assorted collectibles, miniature dollhouse furniture, soft leather shoes, wood toolbox with kitten motif, glass watch display domes tree ornaments and other collectibles
1096.Disc Gear CD storage box
1097.Wooden themed painted tool tray and wooden gorilla on wheels; tool tray measures 10 x 13.5 x 7"
1098.OGGI 3 quart beer and beverage tower with spout, includes box; 35" tall
1099.Fur stole, further collars and fur off cuts
1100.Rabbit collectibles, Papier-mache Easter rabbit and Hoppy Vandehare rabbit; largest 11"
1101.5 vintage pressed clear glass oil lamps, includes burners and chimneys; largest 18"
1102.Vintage Oak Hill child's potty chair; 13" wide
1103.Fashion accessories, scarves etc.
1104.US military related ephemera, photograph albums, Disabled American Veterans and hats, assorted magazines, and pamphlets
1105.Large box of cloth body souvenir world dolls; largest 14"
1106.Doll accessories, includes jeweled tiara, miniature sombrero, miniature clothing hangers and hats
1107.Pair of brass and crystal lamps; 34" tall including harps
1108.Vintage framed print "The Day of the Race"; frame measures 17 x 21"
1109.Vintage metal items, includes bronze photograph frame, bronze book ends, flat iron, musical instruments, Mayfair smokeless ashtray, Colonial Williamsburg Stieff pewter child feeder CW 64-23, antique Chinese bronze hand mirror and vintage pewter plate; largest 11"
1110.White and red enamel nursery diaper pail with cover, vintage brass planter, metal food molds, potato masher and cutting stone; largest 10"
1111.Yamaha PSS-190 keyboard, 2 flutes, headphones, Yamaha DD-9 electronic drum box; largest 24"
1112.8 Japanese tin plate battery operated collectible toys and figures includes 1 with box; largest 9"
1113.2 Italian made wood and brass book ends; largest 7"
1114.Framed print of the Clipper ship Istamboul; frame measures 12 x 15"
1115.Joel Osteen "You Can You Will" book with dust cover
1116.Brass double candle lamp with oval-shaped fabric shade; 15" tall
1117.2 mid century modern frosted glass book ends, Victorian green glass vase, Italian made glazed pottery figure, paperweight with bee motif and milk glass vase; largest 10"
1118.3 handwork lace cloths and vintage purse
1119.Vintage collectibles, includes shoe stretchers, Black Silk Stove Polish, 6" ruler, Victor record needles, embroidery needles, vintage buttons, Magnetic Pickup Sticks, 2 Tiffany and Co jewelry boxes and vintage dart game, wooden top and other collectibles
1120.Porcelain head automated doll on stand; largest 7"
1121.6 Dept 56 Heritage Village collectibles, includes Until We Meet Again, Holiday Quintet, Brixton Road Watchmen, Lamplighter Accessory Set, Visiting the Nativity and Village Square Snowman, includes boxes; largest 8"
1122.Black pottery oriental style lamp; 26" tall including harp
1123.Made in occupied Japan and other painted porcelain figures, mugs, vases, book ends, wall plaques, cups and saucers and figural lamp; largest 12"
1124.Lighted exit sign by Crescent Lighting; 8.5 x 12"
1125.Box of vintage celluloid Kewpie dolls; each 7" tall
1126.Wizard of Oz Christmas tree ornaments with boxes
1127.Vintage celluloid and other novelty pins, brooches and costume jewelry
1128.Rookwood pottery flower frog, Villeroy and Boch blue transfer printed tile, 2 framed blue-and-white porcelain tiles, blue delft vase and 2 vintage plates; largest 11"
1129.4 framed lighthouse needlepoint panels; matching frames measure 11 x 9"
1130.Box of vintage Japanese tin litho collectibles, includes Strutco coin bank, Santa Claus rainier friction drive airplane and other vintage Japanese tin plate toys
1131.Silver plated items, includes New York Worlds Fair vintage ashtrays, Washington DC ashtrays, vintage dishes, cigarette lighters, cigarette box and serving pieces
1132.Kirkland's pre lit red bird birch hurricane, Willow Tree collectibles, drink holders and cross plaque; largest 14"
1133.Chinese porcelain T-set with case and 5 hand woven hand knotted wool coasters
1134.2 orange glass dishes, candleholders, silver plated scoop, Pink Elephant cocktail recipe book and stemware, salt and pepper shakers; largest 7"
1135.Vintage photograph and scrapbooks with assorted postcards, photographs and other ephemera includes Hawaii
1136.Barbie doll, Campbell kids dolls, assorted paper dolls, NFL headliners figures, Dawn doll clothing case and other items
1137.Rogers silver plate spoon, clown and fisherman prints, photograph frame; largest 10 x 21"
1138.Easy Rider's 10th Anniversary print; frame measures 18 x 22"
1139.Vintage coffee tin, framed miniature print, signed K Murphy Amish theme print, figural metal tea light holder and Chinese brass bowl; largest 7"
1140.Red and clear glass vase, creamer and sugar on tray, trumpet form vase and or vinegar bottle; largest 9"
1141.Chinese porcelain Buddha figure, enameled metal frog, birds, miniature Royal Albert Country Roses teapot and frog candleholder; largest 6"
1142.Assorted glassware, bowls, ramekins, cups and glass vase; largest 10"
1143.2 George Lytton painted porcelain oriental figures; 9" tall
1144.2 vintage sewing boxes with contents; 17" wide
1145.2 made in Japan blue glazed porcelain vases; each 8.5" tall
1146.2 vintage table top pinball machines; each 20" tall
1147.2 made in occupied Japan painted porcelain figures, occupied Japan miniature teapot, Satsuma vase, ashtrays, figures and brass frame; largest 6"
1148.2 heavy-duty hand riveters by Fastening Pro
1149.Singer Touch & Sew deluxe zigzag model 620 sewing machine, includes foot pedal and case (preview for working condition)
1150.Stanley safety saw, includes case
1151.Box of porcelain and papier-mache doll heads; largest 4"
1152.4 vintage photograph albums with black and white photographs
1153.Miniature porcelain and celluloid dolls, miniature dollhouse accessories
1154.Tall green glazed pottery vase; 15" tall
1155.Vintage Ideal Toy dolls, dolls clothing and clothing case; 16" wide
1156.Large grouping of ceramics, porcelain and pottery includes jars, Christmas tree ornaments, pitchers, vases, frog ashtray decorative collectibles, tea infuser; largest 7"
1157.Box of 19th century portrait CDV photographs; largest 4 x 2.5"
1300.Plaster statue of David on wooden base; measures 51" tall
1301.Metal lady statue; measures 41" tall
1302.Various albums to include Joe Cocker, Led Zeppelin, Otis Redding and other artist
1303.Vintage U.S. Army clothing and camouflage overalls; preview for sizes
1304.Rigid 4 gallon portable vacuum; excludes tote
1305.Greeting cards, CD/DVD cases, seat organizer and other items
1306.Various VHS tapes to include "Reagan Lifeguard", "It's a Wonderful Life", "Blown Away" and other titles
1307.Yamaha powered subwoofer; model YAS - 71
1308.Stuffed animals, coloring books, children's books and other items
1309.Various educational books to include subjects psychology, statistics, biology and others
1310.Various frames and photo albums; largest frame measures 18 x 13.5"
1311.Various books to include "Killing Kennedy", "Full Black", "High Heat" and other titles
1312.Various vintage photographs, beanie baby cards and other items
1313.Various books to include "The Complete Dog Book", "Zen Dog", "Inside of a Dog" and other titles
1314.Various books to include "The Cathedral", "Sons and Lovers", "Help Yourself to Better Site" and other titles
1315.Wooden wall mounted file holder; measures 35" tall
1316.Health-O-Meter doctors scale; model 230
1317.Metal medieval knight statue; measures 62" tall
1318.Sears Silvertone base amplifier; measures 29 x 20.5 x 9"
1319.Casio electronic keyboard; model CTK - 720
1320.2 vintage metal flower watering cans; largest measures 16" tall
1321.2 Lockdown heavy-duty external hanger
1322.Various bags of shaped rubber bands
1323.2 Packgout inflatable body bubble balls
1324.Gott water cooler; measures 19" tall
1325.Emergency roadside kit with soft sided case
1326.Klopp electric coin counter; model CE
1327.Various curtain tiebacks
1328.Plastic toolbox with various tools
1329.Metal stand and tray; stand measures 20.5" long tall
1330.Various Washington Nationals posters
1331.3 framed prints titled "Blocks"; frames measure 59 x 35.5"
1332.Ryobi battery-powered tools and carpet stretcher; preview for completeness
1333.Honeywell floor fan (preview for working condition)
1334.Vintage Life magazines from 1940s and 1950s
1335.Limited edition print of Spirit of Bermuda signed lower left by Eldon Trimingham III, numbered 254\1000
1336.Polished brass side table with nail head trim; measures 15 x 16 x 16"
1337.Various framed prints; largest measures 21.5 x 17"
1338.Husky ratchet and socket set and hard-shell case; preview for completeness
1339.Patton electric heater; model PUH680
1340.Mid century modern retractable ceiling light. Perforated metal shade is 16" wide. Lamp is 16" tall, not including wire and ceiling mount cover
1341.Air return filters; measured 18 x 24 x 1"
1342.Pine footstool with upholstered top; measures 13 x 16.5 x 13"
1343.Dyson upright vacuum cleaner; model DC 25
1344.Bissell Quick Steamer upright floor cleaner
1345.Arts and Crafts Weller pottery umbrella stand with poppy design; measures 22" tall
1346.4 collapsible food trays with stand
1347.Vintage Coleman metal cooler; measures 16 x 22.5 x 13.5"
1348.Petmate portable pet carrier; measures 12 x 22 x 13"
1349.Vintage wooden crate for LaVega brand
1350.Vintage framed beveled mirror; measures 33 x 18"
1351.Metal Christmas trees and artificial fruit and plants; Christmas trees measure 17" tall
1352.Frisbees and table tennis balls
1353.Various Avon aftershave vintage car bottles
1354.2 camera tripod stands to include Ambico and Albinar
1355.Nice N Easy series of 24 family cookbooks
1356.Craftsman plastic tool chest with casters and various tools and parts
1357.Stanley 4.5 gallon pancake compressor; model CWT - 80
1358.Lasco oscillating ceramic heater and Honeywell oscillating heater
1359.Saga floor safe; model 1146
1360.Framed beveled mirror; frame measures 47 x 36"
1361.Vintage Concord Stereophonic "440" reel to reel player
1362.Vintage Pioneer turntable; model PL - 112D
1363.Various Civil War books to include "Andersonville", "Grant Takes Command", "General Lee's City" and other books
1364.Rowenta fabric steamer
1365.Various DVDs to include "Underwater Adventures", "Fast Five", "Ocean's 11" and other titles
1366.25' three-story escape ladder
1367.Lighted snowman; measures 38" tall
1368.Curtain hooks, shower curtain hooks and curtain rod brackets
1369.Various vintage plastic and ceramic head dolls; largest measures 22" tall
1370.Various fishing reels, fishing line and tackle
1371.Giagni flexible kitchen sink faucet
1372.Pier 1 Imports framed Buddha heads; measures 54 x 21"
1373.Metal framed side table with slate top and wine holders; measures 29.5 x 28 x 12"
1374.Various books of sheet music
1375.Various light switch plates and receptacle plates
1376.Kodak carousel trays and Sima film to video transfer system
1377.Optimists portable stereo/cassette player; model SCR - 64
1378.Various Christmas and Thanksgiving holiday decorations
1379.Various HD television antennas; excludes tote
1380.2 brass andirons; measures 18" tall
1381.Bissell Little Green fabric steamer
1382.Portable dolly with pneumatic tires
1383.Plastic duck decoy, brass candlesticks, Bose speaker and other items
1384.2 wall-mounted light fixtures with 3 globes; each measures 24" wide
1385.2 brass andirons and brass fireplace fanned cover; cover measures 25" tall
1386.Metal framed end table with lacquer top and one drawer; measures 24 x 18 x 17"
1387.Various albums to include Chicago, Jackson Brown, Stevie Wonder and other artist
1388.2 wicker baskets with handles; largest measures 11" tall
1389.Various picture frames; largest measures 7 x 12"
1390.General electric breaker box
1391.Metal wall mounted display; measures 42" tall
1392.Various CDs to include Ricky Van Shelton, Jewel, Sarah Evans and other artist
1393.Wall decorations, soft sided tool bag, wall mounted light fixtures and various other items
1394.Various Christmas ornaments and lights; excludes tote
1395.Paslode Impulse battery powered nail gun
1396.Various 45s to include Hot Chocolate, Shirley and Company, Paul Revere and the Raiders and other artist
1397.Various VR goggles and game controllers
1398.Various DVDs to include "The Ring", "Flicka", "Darkness Falls" and other titles
1399.Vintage snow sled and stroller
1400.24 Libbie cordial glasses; each measures 4" tall
1401.Hedge clippers, hand auger, garden shovel and other items
1402.Ladder work platform attachment
1403.Duracraft ceramic heater; model CZ - 306
1404.Lighted plastics goals, coffee advertisement sign, metal hanging plant basket and other items
1405.Vintage Medoc wine box; measures 9 x 19 x 12"
1406.Ion USB turntable\vinyl archiver; model TTUSB10
1407.Profoto camera telescoping tripod stand
1408.HD TV antennas and mounts
1409.Pneumatic paint sprayer, light switch covers, extension cords and various other items
1410.2 framed prints titled "Drops of Water"; frame measures 31 x 38"
1411.Concrete outdoor plant stand; measures 22" tall
1412.Various books to include "The Kennedy Years", "Vietnam: A History", "The Day Kennedy was Shot" and other titles
1413.McCulloch fabric steamer; model MC1275
1414.Various muffin pans and cake molds
1415.Polished brass ceiling mounted light fixture; measures 5 x 11 x 11"
1416.Various quilting books and magazines
1417.Various keyboards and mouses
1418.A/V cables, tennis balls, ice scrapers, extension cords and other items
1419.Kitchens Electives double buffet server; model DS - 21
1420.Various dolls and stuffed animals to include Betty Boop, Cat in the Hat, Minnie Mouse and others largest measures 36" tall
1421.Various 45s to include Sonny Thompson, Jane Birkin, The Safaris and other artist
1422.Wooden storage box with hinged lid; measures 12 x 21 x 19"
1423.Pre-lit battery operated garland; 9 feet long
1424.Central Pneumatic pressurized oil extractor tank with wands
1425.Wooden floor lamp with 2 sockets; measures 66" tall
1426.Vintage wooden fruit crate marked H.L. Holler Timberville, Virginia; measures 13 x 18 x 15"
1427.Pet kennel with side feeder; measures 18 x 30 x 18"
1428.Various Wii accessories and games
1429.Snap Cut 1 1/4" lopping shears
1430.Various stuffed bears and dogs; largest measures 12" tall
1431.Nuwave infrared oven; model 20613
1432.Danby Premier dehumidifier
1433.Various CDs to include Emmylou Harris, The Statler Brothers, James Kane and other artist
1434.Imperial lighted garden arch; measures 96" tall, preview for condition
1435.Anti-fatigue floormat; measures 72 x 24"
1436.Various picture frames; largest measures 13.5 x 11.5", excludes tote
1437.Various fasteners, mounting plates, door hinges and other items
1438.Metal toolbox with 2 drawers and upper storage; measures 9.5 x 20.5 x 8.5"
1439.Metal wall-mounted wine rack; measures 47" tall
1440.Bissell Power Force upright vacuum cleaner
1441.2 Framed Prints Titled "Drops of Water; Each Frame measures 31 x 38"
1442.Vornado portable heater and Touch Plus Light Therapy Machine
1443.Plano Phantom Pro fishing tackle box with various tackle
1444.Buckets of 3" hard wheel and soft wheel casters
1445.Harbor Freight Tools battery powered metal detector; item 43150
1446.Various vintage dolls; largest measures 20" tall
1447.Vintage tricycle
1448.Ceiling mounted polished brass light fixture with 4 bulbs; measures 7 x 14 x 14"
1449.Tan and mauve bedding down comforter; preview for size
1450.Craftsman framing cut and clamp set
1451.Various vintage dolls; largest measures 18" tall
1452.Hoover commercial lightweight upright vacuum cleaner
1453.Dyson upright vacuum cleaner; model DC 07
1454.Floor lamp with articulating arm and frosted plastic globe; measures 42" tall
1455.Seagull Lighting ceiling mounted light fixture with 3 bulbs; model 7661 - 02
1456.Shop lights with tripods, extension cords and other items
1457.Hack saws, sanders, drill, extension cord and other items
1458.Craftsman 3 hp horizontal shaft small engine; preview for condition
1459.Metal storage box with DVDs to include "The Breakup", "Good Deeds", "Analyze This" and other titles
1460.Vintage camel saddle; measures 17 x 24 x 16"
1461.Craftsman ratchet, socket and wrench set; preview for completeness
1462.West Bend automatic bread and dough maker; model 41065
1463.Various DVDs to include "Nine Months", "Heat", "The Final Season" and other titles
1464.Welbilt breadmaking machine; model ABM4100T
1465.Various Albums to Include Kid N' Play, Neil Young, Isaac Hayes and other artist
1466.2 Wooden Stop Signs; Each measures 23 x 23"
1467.2 hand painted wall mounted puppet art; largest measures 38"
1468.2 framed prints titled "Drops of Water"; frames measure 31 x 38"
1469.Tuxedo jacket, tuxedo pants and suspenders; preview for size
1470.Lily of France ladies night gown and Caron Joy ladies dress; preview for sizes
1471.Vintage Boy Scouts of America uniform; dated 1969
1472.Wooden luggage stand; measures 32 x 16"
1473.Garden Plus galvanized poultry netting; 50' in length
1474.Vintage sickle; measures 58" tall
1475.Craftsman gas powered grass trimmer; preview for condition
1476.Lighted angel pig; measures 21 x 30"
1477.N. M. Himmelstein ladies fur coat; preview for size
1478.Carolina Panthers jacket; size XL
1479.Reed Sportswear vinyl jacket; size R 44
1480.7 plastic and metal planters; largest measures 13 x 19" diameter
1481.Troy Bilt gas powered grass trimmer; model TB20CS, preview for working condition
1482.Role of window tinting; preview for dimensions
1483.Rope hammock in plastic case; preview for dimensions
1484.Vintage window frame with stained glass; measures 27 x 28"
1485.1 multi-mailbox, with 15 boxes, includes master key and key for each box; each measures 30.5 x 27 x 12"
1486.1 multi-mailbox, with 15 boxes, includes master key and key for each box; each measures 30.5 x 27 x 12"
1487.Croquet set with stand; excludes tote
1488.Panasonic stereo system with case and matching speakers
1489.20 wire sign posts
1490.Open House sign; measures 30 x 30"
1491.2 painted metal sign post; each measures 42 x 24.5"
1492.3 painted metal sign post; each measures 44 x 24"
1493.4 painted metal sign post; each measures 43 x 24"
1494.Wall-mounted walnut plate display cabinet with 2 glass doors; measures 51 x 30 x 6"
1495.Vintage metal floor lamp; measures 66.5" tall
1496.Vintage painted metal floor lamp with 3 bulbs; measures 56.5" tall
1497.Vintage folding seat / shooting stick for hunting, fishing; measures 31" tall
1500.X - Cargo Sport 20 roof mounted storage container; measures 20 x 66 x 38"
1501.2 metal outdoor armchairs; largest measures 34" tall
1502.Painted metal 3-tier utility cart with electrical outlets; measures 42 x 24 x 18"
1503.2 outdoor pub height metal frame chairs with wicker seat and back; each measures 38" tall
1504.Vintage wardrobe trunk; measures 24 x 41 x 22"
1505.Kymco gas powered 4 wheeler; preview for working condition
1506.X-Cell gas powered 2000 psi pressure washer
1507.Troy-bilt gas powered 3000 psi pressure washer with Briggs & Stratton engine
1508.Trek Alpha 4500 mountain bike; preview for condition
1509.Vintage hardwood handmade four tier bookshelf; measures 43 x 20.5 x 10"
1510.Razor MX 800 battery powered dirt bike; preview for working condition
1511.Brinkmann outdoor smoker; measures 39 x 18 x 18"
1512.Painted wrought iron coffee table; measures 13 x 33 x 18"
1513.GE mini refrigerator; model GMR02BANCBB
1514.Stainless steel trash receptacle with spring lid; measures 36" tall
1515.Schwinn battery powered electric scooter; preview for working condition
1516.Anglers Aluminum Products stainless steel rod and cooler holder; measures 27 x 38 x 49"
1517.TracMaster portable router table
1518.EastPoint folding ping-pong table; table only
1519.Metal clothing rack on casters; measures 54 x 50.5 x 26"
1520.Vintage pram; measures 42" tall
1521.Scott's Speedy Green 3000 broadcast spreader
1522.Craftsman YTS3000, 21 hp 42" cut riding lawnmower; preview for working condition
1523.Husky 2600 psi power washer with Honda engine
1524.Craftsman 15.5" drill press on rolling stand
1525.Wards Powr Kraft to section metal toolbox on casters; measures 57 x 27 x 18"
1526.Wards Powr Kraft 10" radial arm saw on handmade cabinet with underneath storage; measures 58 x 37 x 31"
1527.Pine 5 tier shelving unit; measures 68.5 x 35 x 21.5"
1528.Pine storage bench; measures 35 x 39 x 18"
1529.Painted wood circular stool with cow theme; measures 29" tall
1530.Two tier painted metal storage rack; measures 30" tall
1531.Metal candleholder with a lion theme; measures 29" tall
1532.5 tier painted metal CD storage tower; measures 43.5" tall
1533.Painted metal wine rack; measures 30" tall
1534.Vintage pine storage trunk; measures 17 x 32 x 16"
1535.Painted wood drafting table with flip top storage; measures 41 x 30 x 29"
1536.Metal coat and hat rack; measures 69" tall
1537.Painted metal floor lamps with 4 sockets; measures 58" tall
1538.2 hardwood chairs with upholstered seat and backs; each chair measures 33" tall
1539.2 painted metal outdoor chairs without cushions; each measures 37" tall
1540.Metal framed outdoor chair with wicker seat and back; measures 33" tall
1541.Hardwood kitchen island with painted base on casters; measures 35 x 28 x 24"
1542.Painted metal outdoor table; measures 31 x 28" diameter
1543.Office Star Products metal frame reclining chair with footstool; chair measures 40" tall
1544.2 metal frame outdoor chairs with loose cushions; each measures 34" tall
1545.Weber 2 burner propane grill
1546.Painted metal outdoor coffee table; measures 19 x 35 x 20"
1547.Hunter floor fan; measures 48" tall, model 90391
1548.Stainless trash receptacle with spring lid; measures 36" tall
1549.Concrete outdoor planter; measures 28.5" tall
1550.3 section fireplace screen; measures 49" tall
1551.Metal doorway insert; measures 80 x 31"
1552.Metal four section room divider; each section measures 74 x 17.5"
1553.3 section painted metal room divider; each section measures 72.5 x 17"
1554.Painted metal four tier shelving unit; measures 68 x 27.5 x 14"
1555.2 painted plaster Foo Dogs; each measures 34" tall
1556.Whirlpool Accudry room dehumidifier
1557.Electric fireplace heater; measures 21 x 17 x 12"
1558.2 plastic outdoor planters; each measure 13 x 16" diameter
1559.Vintage metal milk jug; measures 18" tall
1560.2 painted plaster Foo Dogs; each measures 34" tall
1561.4 concrete outdoor planters; largest measures 12.5 x 17" diameter
1562.5 tier pressed wood bookshelf; measures 72 x 36 x 12"
1563.Murray International Rack & Roll bowling ball cart; measures 43 x 33 x 10"
1564.Remo child's starter drum set
1565.Schwinn Roadster tricycle
1566.Plastic outdoor hose reel
1567.Security Chain Company winter tire chains
1568.Super Z automotive winter tire chains
1569.Shop light, extension gripper, flashlight and weather radio; excludes tote
1570.Butterball electric turkey fryer; measures 25" tall
1571.Painted metal log holder; measures 28" tall
1572.JET air filtration system; model AFS 1000B
1573.DeLonghi electric radiator heater; model 6507L
1574.2 folding luggage racks; largest measures 27 x 26"
1575.Huffy Nel Lusso ladies beach cruiser
1576.Vintage Joannou cruising bike
1577.Vintage Joannou cruising bike
1578.Hoffman Laboratories vintage nitrogen container; measures 24" tall
1579.Single seat kayak with paddles and life jacket; measures 128" long
1580.Better Homes and Gardens pressed wood 5 shelf bookcase; new inbox
1581.Wrought iron outdoor table; measures 28 x 48" diameter
1582.Flying Arrow vintage metal snow sled; measures 57" long
1583.Flexible Flyer vintage snow sled; measures 48" long
1584.Extendable four tier shoe rack; measures 27" tall
1585.Painted metal candleholder; measures 32" tall
1586.Carpeted cat play stand; measures 29 x 18" diameter
1587.Vintage metal fireplace screen; measures 27 x 27"
1588.2 painted wood rocking chairs with rush seat and back; each measures 45" tall
1700.United States Presidents Coin Collection, volume 1 of 2, issued by the Postal Commemorative Society, includes binder
1701.1854 United States seated liberty dime
1702.1895-S United States Barber dime
1703.3 United States standing liberty quarters (1927, 1929 and 1930)
1704.5 early Washington quarters (1935-S, 1936, 1937-S, 1939-S and 1940-D)
1705.2 proof Eisenhower dollars (1976-S and 1977-S)
1706.1915-S United States Barber half dollar
1707.2 United States walking liberty half dollars (1918 and 1918-D)
1708.2 United States walking liberty half dollars (1919-D and 1919-S)
1709.1921-D United States walking liberty half dollar (key date)
1710.1927 United States 2 1/2 dollar Indian gold coin
1711.4 United States 1936 Buffalo nickels (AU)
1712.Box of foreign coins
1713.1778MO Mexico 8 Reales from Treasure Ship El Cazador NGC Certified (excellent condition)
1714.1879 United States Morgan dollar
1715.1885 United States Morgan dollar
1716.1886 United States Morgan dollar
1717.1889 United States Morgan dollar
1718.1921 United States Morgan dollar
1719.2 United States Morgan dollars (1921-D and 1921-S)
1720.1858 United States flying Eagle cent
1721.1859 United States Indian cent
1722.Lot of 20 United States liberty nickels, assorted dates
1723.Lot of 20 pre-1930 United States Buffalo nickels
1724.George Washington 250th Anniversary commemorative half dollar, includes box and certificate
1725.1977 United States proof set
1726.2014 United States mint proof set with box
1800.2 autographed baseballs; preview for autographs
1801.Vintage football cards, Pokmon cards, baseball pogs and Elektra card
1802.Coca-Cola Sports Collector Series Ty Cobb bottle in original packaging
1803.2 boxes of opened Topps baseball cards and two card collector magazines
1804.Various vintage DC comics to include Hawkman, Justice League, Kull and others
1805.Baseball figurines, Topps micro baseball cards, Donruss baseball cards and others
1806.Various vintage Dell comics, Classics Illustrated comics, DC comics and others

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