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Item Description
320.Unsigned watercolor on paper depicting a wildlife scene; measuring 22 x 10"
411.5 matching prints on canvas; largest measures 30 x 12.5"
414.5 matching rodeo theme prints on canvas; largest 30 x 13"
428.Framed print, table with chairs and tennis racket; frame measures 30 x 26"
452.2 framed drawing prints; largest measures 10 x 8"
474.2 fabric and painted wood artworks; largest 15.5 x 13"
700.Autographed "The Island of Bicycle Dancers" by Jiro Adachi and "Coding Diary" by Tom Andrews, autographed by the author; measuring 9 " long
706.Emily Posts Etiquette, dictionary, "The Riverside Shakespeare"; largest book measuring 11 " tall
877.Vintage "Margaret O'Brien" doll by Mimi Rothschild; box measuring 9.5" long
1003.Soldier pocket-size New Testament, map of Virginia and Hammond's Historical Atlas; largest is 26" long
1045.Amber and clear glass bottles; tallest measuring 11" tall
1135.Pair of tropics-themed lamps (preview for working condition)
1155.Pair of lamps with hand painted glass bodies; measuring 31" tall (preview for working condition)
1467.Wicker basket with assorted books, includes Encyclopedia of Wine, Hollywood, The Passion, History of African-American People and others
1510.Cherry finish 2-piece office desk; 79 x 48 x 23"
149.3 costume watches, includes Pulsar, Brighton and Bob Mackie
167.Gold, silver and beaded costume jewelry gold tone
172.Girl Scouts pin and beaded costume jewelry
187.Jackery Mini portable charger; measuring 4" long (preview for working condition)
282.Miniature House Electric Light accessories
283.Bag of miniature dollhouse accessories
285.Miniature dollhouse gold tone metal accessories
318.Framed still life acrylic on board, signed R. Cox at bottom right; measuring 26 x 38"
322.Acrylic on stretched canvas, after Patrick Nagel's "Rio", signed at lower-center right by artist (illegible); canvas measuring 24 x 24"
335.Mid century modern abstract oil painting on stretched canvas, appears unsigned; 40 x 56.5" (preview for condition)
402.Pauline Eble Campanelli folk art style framed print; 31 x 35.5"
418.Oil painting on canvas, still life with flowers signed Cox lower right; 20 x 24"
421.Framed print of John Zaccheo's "Arbor Light" painting, gold frame measures 24 x 30"
423.5 assorted floral still life print and paintings; largest 18 x 15"
425.2 portrait and musician theme prints; largest 18 x 22"
426.5 matching Cat excavator prints; largest 31 x 12"
429.Floral abstract print with silver finish frame, signed by artist at lower left; 26.5 x 33.5"
434.6 assorted paintings and prints with gold and other frames; largest 16 x 13"
436.3 assorted baseball and sports theme prints; largest measures 15 x 19"
439.Framed print Roma Sparita; frame measures 19.5 x 16"
442.Monet Chrysanthemums print; frame measures 20 x 16.5"
446.Still life rose print; green and gold frame measures 31 x 25"
461.Chipmunk photograph with walnut frame; 24 x 28"
465.Landscape print, lighted house with garden; gold frame measures 32 x 32"
466.3 rural landscape prints; matching frames measure 12.5 x 15.5"
469.Framed portrait print; 13.5 x 10"
473.2 musical instruments theme prints; matching frames measure 16 x 14"
475.Jesus Christ framed artwork, castle with sailboats; frame measures 14.5 x 20"
476.2 framed prints, Leopard and Tiger; largest measures 13.5 x 14"
646.Dark stained wood mid century inspired bed frame; headboard measuring 40 x 57 x 2"
667.Rustic oak rocker with rush seats; 30" tall
674.Copper tone and black metal coffee table; measuring 19 x 28 x 18"
710.Doll-related books; largest measuring 11.5" tall
713."Time" and "Life" books, 1978 Academy Awards book and others; largest measuring 11" tall
716.Assortment of books, including "The Music Hour", "The Broadman Hymnal" and other items
817.Pair of hand painted ceramic pitcher lamps; measuring 31" tall (preview for working condition)
863.Dreamcatcher and 3 sand paintings, titled "The Great God Spirit", "Zuni Rainbow Man" and "Holy People"; largest measuring 8" across
985.Large assortment of glassware, some pressed; largest measuring 8" tall
988.4 bowls - 2 carnival glass, 1 leaded crystal, 1 pressed glass; largest measuring 12"
1022.Vintage lamp with wood base; measuring 30" tall (preview for working condition)
1028.Vintage set of Tabletops Unlimited "Rose Garden" china including 7 dinner plates, 7 dessert plates, 7 bowls, 4 teacups and saucers; dinner plate measuring 10" wide
1046.Assortment of metalware dishes and utensils; largest measuring 13" long
1049.4 dolls with porcelain faces, one from Dynasty Doll Collection; tallest measuring 18"
1052.Pair of Asian dolls; largest measuring 9" tall
1084.2 sets of vintage dishes including 7 pieces Russell Wright mfg'd by Steubenville and 13 pieces of Contempri, designed by Paul McCobb; largest measuring 10" across (preview for condition)
1093.Ceramic vase and lidded container and blown glass corked container (with hole in bottom); largest measuring 16" tall
1094.Holiday decorations including Mikasa and Pfaltzgraff and magnetic dart board; largest measuring 10" tall
1096.1993 US Open and Cal Ripken, Jr. hats; largest measuring 10" long
1099.Selection of glass mugs; largest measuring 5" tall
1106.Large assortment of stuffed animals; largest measuring 26" long
1110.Boyd's Bears figurine, plate and light switch covers; largest measuring 10" across
1112.America-themed decorative glass and coasters; measuring 11.5" across
1118.2 pairs of heels by Charlotte Russe, size7 and 8
1130.Vintage dishes, 1 from Alfred Meakin; largest measuring 12" wide
1133.Vintage china, includes mostly Stangl; largest plate measuring 11" across
1159.Potted planter and vases; largest measuring 12" tall
1160.Metal umbrella stand; measuring 15" tall
1162.Metal and glass sconce; measuring 23" tall
1164.Bookends, vintage trays, decorative plates, ceramic bust and other items; largest measuring 10" tall (preview for condition - bust has been broken and repaired)
1165.8 etched glass dessert glasses; measuring 4.5" tall
1167.Pair of vintage lamps; measuring 25" tall (preview for working condition)
1174.Resin Asian statues and marionette; largest measuring 14" tall
1310.Wicker wine rack; 16" wide
1312.Brass and glass lamp table with pleated fabric shade; 58" tall
1313.Pine lamp table with shade frame; 58" tall
1345.Box of assorted prints, frames and wall plaques
1353.Royal Quick Chef toaster oven; 19" wide (preview for working condition)
1361.Denon model DR W-660 double cassette tape deck (preview for working condition)
1367.Metal tin; 13" tall
1370.Wood lamp table with cream fabric shade; 56" tall
1384.Pair of Fisher audio speakers; 26" tall (preview for working condition)
1390.Vintage green fabric coat
1396.Zippered bags and pillow
1399.Brass floor lamp with green fabric shade; 58" tall
1401.Box of baby and doll clothing and linens
1408.3 picture frames; largest 26"
1410.Vintage Electrolux cylinder vacuum cleaner (preview for working condition)
1411.Honeywell humidifier (preview for working condition)
1416.Fabric rabbit, decorative items
1417.3 black finish plastic shelves; 13" wide
1436.Golf bag, 2 golf clubs
1439.Box of stuffed toys, pillows
1443.Memorex Blu-ray disc player and Phillips FC-911 double cassette deck (preview for working condition)
1446.Box of embroidery, sewing reference magazines
1451.Plastic ponchos, outerwear, black canvas bag
1458.Fabric pillow, bed throw (excludes tote)
1459.Assorted linens and fabrics
1472.Box of stuffed toys and animals
1478.Box of glass beer bottles; largest 10"
1482.General items, door handles, door hardware, light fixture and scarf holders
1501.Cream wicker side table; measuring 28 x 22.5 x 22.5" (matches 1500; preview for condition)
1522.Keys Fitness Pro trainer
1542.Mahogany desk; 29 x 42 x 26" (needs repair)
1547.Wicker side table; measuring 23 x 22"
270.Miniature fruit with fruit stand and miniature bowl signed MCK; largest 1"
310.Print depicting Buenos Aires, Argentina, signed by artist at bottom left (illegible) with blurb on verso; measuring 15 x 12"
317.Abstract still life oil on canvas, signed at lower right by artist, appears to be Mary A. Khantzian, dated 1964; measuring 23 x 34" (preview for condition -canvas is ripped)
324.Nautical-themed pen and ink, signed B. Ward at lower right; measuring 17 x 22.5"
325.Framed nature-themed painting on silk, signed by artist Dimoka; measuring 20.5 x 24.5" (preview for condition - print coming loose from frame)
336.Print of Abbott Handerson Thayer's "Winged Figure" painting with gold frame; 36 x 28.5"
341.Vegetable print; frame measures 23.5 x 22"
409.Whitman's Chocolates advertising page from September 22nd 1945 edition of "The Saturday Evening Post"; frame measures 20.5 x 16.5"
427.3 dimensional portrait artwork with gold frame; 14 x 16"
432.3 sepia photographic prints; matching frames measure 12.5 x 15.5"
433.2 European framed 19th century prints with matching frames; each measures 17 x 21"
438.2 Kensington garden still life prints for July and October; matching frames measure 19 x 15"
445.Abstract landscape print; frame measures 32 x 32"
454.Bistro La Bouille framed print; 29 x 37"
455.Framed print, still life with floral arrangement; antique style frame measures 40 x 33"
462.2 J. Brinley chef prints; pine frames measure 16.5 x 16.5"
468.Mid century modern abstract print; frame measures 23 x 29"
600.Beige and green Chinese carved rug; 93 x 112"
604.French provincial style poster bed, includes headboard, footboard, metal rails and bed slats; 68 x 56" wide (matches 605)
629.Rustic spindle and panel back rocking chair
636.Child size potty chair
649.Couristan Taj Mahal oriental style rug; 94 x 123"
857.Vintage composition head doll with cloth body, original clothing; measuring 25" long
859.Blown glass compote; measuring 13" tall
860.Antique pitcher and 2 wash basins, 1 marked Mellor & Etruria; largest is 16" wide
879.Vintage toy kitchen; measuring 13" tall (preview for condition)
899.Pair of metal train-themed panels; measuring 8" long
909.Pink glass vase; measuring 13" tall
1005.August 1945 Camp Peary, VA group photograph of Company 82 A-1; measuring 10" tall
1013.Assortment of glazed and unglazed ceramics including vases, candles and more; largest measuring 9.5" tall
1042.Assortment of items including fondue pots, Royal Copenhagen plate, metal desk lamp and other items; largest measuring 12" tall (preview for condition)
1054.Tureen, 2 steel cups, ceramic cookware, metal shelf and other items; largest measuring 12" tall (preview for condition - tureen cracked, ceramic pan shows use)
1059.Gevalia coffee maker (preview for working condition)
1068.Pair of pineapple-themed lamps, glass bowl, ceramic decor and other items, measuring 15" tall (preview for working condition)
1114.Minolta AFT/2 slide projector; measuring 7" tall (preview for working condition)
1138.Decorative boxes; largest measuring 12" across
1147.Constructors motorized dune buggy and sprint car and Science Explorers electromagnets; largest box measuring 10" across
1170.Vintage brass table lamp; measuring 29" tall (preview for working condition)
1172.Pair of paper mache statues; measuring 12" tall
1173.Small lamp and brass candle holder; largest measuring 15" tall (preview for working condition)
1302.Box of stuffed animals, stuffed toys
1305.Window fan; 22" wide
1323.Assorted board games, includes The Game of Life, Big Loader, Fingerprint Science and Sorry (preview for completeness)
1327.Hoover Wind Tunnel vacuum cleaner (preview for working condition)
1377.Epson photo R260 printer (preview for working condition)
1383.Christmas tree, includes red canvas bag
1409.Fabric throws and blankets (excludes tote)
1412.Pink painted wood luggage rack; 24" tall
1426.Brass 3 arm floor lamp; 54" tall
1452.Fabric bags by Closet Maid
1461.Kramare brushed metal IKEA light fixture, 43" wide (unopened in original box)
1475.2 black canvas bags
1481.Quantity of Happy Meal toys, Lego, Fisher Price toys
1487.Pair of speakers; measuring 42 x 17 x 5" (preview for working condition)
1491.Vintage metal storage cabinet; measuring 18 x 30 x 13"
1492.Black & Decker 10 inch trimmer and edger in box; measuring 50" tall (preview for working condition-no charger)
1497.Vintage metal floor lamp; measuring 64" tall (preview for working condition)
1505.White wicker oval side table; measuring 32 x 40 x 18" (preview for condition)
1508.Bronze finish metal patio table; 29 x 42 x 42"
1516.Oak finish extending kitchen table, 1 extension leaf, turned legs and 4 matching chairs; table measures 30 x 47 x 35" closed, leaf Is 12" wide
1517.Wood finish writing table with organizer; 31 x 48 x 24"
1548.Glass-top round side table; measuring 27 x 27"
670.Rectangular pine coffee table on turned legs; 17 x 48 x 17"
931.Vintage cross-stitch and beadwork collar; longest measuring 23"
1055.5 Franciscan ware plates and glass drinking glasses; tallest measuring 8"
1061.Assortment of plates including Lenox and Andrea by Sadek; largest measuring 11" wide
179.3 metal bullets; 1 measuring 1" long
314.Vintage farmscape painting on board, titled "Old Home Place", signed Cheryl Morgan and dated August 1963 at bottom right; measuring 14 x 18"
316.Still life painting on board, titled "First Roses", signed Cheryl Morgan and dated June 1963; measuring 18 x 14"
328.Textured giclee on stretched canvas of wolves; measuring 24 x 36"
410.Three-dimensional antelope artwork; frame measures 11.5 x 17.5"
422.Rectangular box frame mirror; 17 x 13"
424.Antique portrait oil painting, assorted needlepoint and Peter Rabbit needlepoint; largest 23 x 18"
444.Paint by numbers Jesus portrait; oak frame measures 19 x 15"
534.Rustic oak rocking chair, upholstered back and seat
621.Victorian style cane back rocking chair
622.Maple cane back rocking chair
623.Round wooden side table on squared base with club feet; measuring 24 x 25 x 23" (preview for condition)
644.Wicker Ottoman with brown tweed upholstery; measuring 17 x 36 x 27"
715.Children's books; measuring 11" tall
831.1989 Lladro bell ornament; box measuring 4" tall
843.Dark brown mink stole and collar; longest measuring 49" (preview for condition)
882.Silver tone music box; measuring 4" wide
921.Silver plate flatware by Oneida, Wm. A. Rogers and Holmes and Edwards; largest measuring 7" long
927.Assortment of silver plate flatware by Benedict Mfg. Co, Rogers, Monroe Silver Co and others; largest measuring 9.5" long
928.Vintage miniature Pepsi glass bottles and souvenir ashtrays from Las Vegas and the Empire State Building; bag measuring 6" long
1011.3 dolls from Collector's Choice, and Camellia Garden; largest measuring 17" tall
1024.5 puzzles including 4 Ravensburger and 1 Justice League; largest box measuring 9" tall
1053.4th of July gift basket; measuring 24" tall
1086.6 Norman Rockwell collectible plates by Knowles; largest box measuring 10" across (preview for condition)
1120.Selection of decor including glass perfume bottle, pottery, canister and other items; largest measuring 6" tall
1132.Mini Zombie Gnomes, vintage Sesame Street toys and other items; largest measuring 8" tall
1146.Cool Breeze fan, Nutcracker decor, toys and other items; largest measuring 12" tall (preview for working condition)
1148.Stangl teapots and pitchers; largest measuring 11" tall
1166.Assortment of vintage glass bottles; largest measuring 11" tall
1304.Christmas wreath; 18" diameter
1311.Rock Jam electronic keyboard, keyboard stand (preview for working condition)
1381.2 metal wall decoration; largest 31"
1413.2 stencil finished folding tray tables; each 20" wide
1445.Complete Encyclopedia of Cooking Super Cook books set
1474.24" Christmas wreath
1489.Gray plastic storage shelf; measuring 36 x 14" (preview for condition)
1493.O'Brien 220 - XL G water ski; measuring 67" tall
1506.Glass topped metal pedestal table; measuring 40 x 23.5 x 23.5" (glass sits loosely on pedestal)
1511.White Wicker Armchair
1513.2 painted wood trellises; each measures 63 x 13.5"
1116.Assortment of salt and pepper shakers; largest measuring 4" tall
146.Frosted glass bead necklaces
168.Bag of silver tone and beaded costume jewelry
1131.Assortment of golf balls; largest measuring 11" across
1077.Vinopull uncorking machine in box; measuring 10" across
1129.Metal Normandy teapot and pot; largest measuring 10" across
961.Carved stone desk accessories, trinket boxes and painted geode; largest measuring 4" tall
113.Silver tone and amethyst color stone pin and matching earrings
662.Queen Anne style upholstered high wingback armchair with matching ottoman
672.Victorian Lane cedar chest, key not present but chest does open; measuring 23 x 26 x 18" (preview for condition)
1075.Pair of pilgrim-themed figures; measuring 14" tall
456.Chinese junk print with gold frame; 33 x 15"
1746.Bag of assorted world coins
164.Gold and silver tone Monet pins, includes boxes
707.Assortment of books including World War II posters book and Dr Seuss; measuring 12" tall
155.Assorted costume jewelry
166.2 wristwatches including Vivani and 2 leather bracelets
169.4 wristwatches
171.Sterling silver and blue enamel pin and 2 ribbons
339.J Gould print "Mareca Punctata"; gold frame measures 23 x 30"
400.Matador painting on fabric; gold frame measures 14 x 12"
431.Abstract landscape print with gold frame; 29.5 x 37"
443.Vincent van Gogh framed print; 20 x 15.5"
449.Coleman funeral procession print; frame measures 28 x 33"
814.Vintage General Mills "Tru-Heat Iron", in box; measuring 5" tall
894.3 model train sets items from Tyco and Bachman; largest box measuring 10"
905.Vintage wicker and leather handbag; measuring 10" tall
908.Ceramic Cinderella bank, Snow White salt and pepper shakers and egg music box (by Mattel - not Disney related); largest measuring 9" tall
929.3 modern baseball cards on plaques for Ty Cobb, Tom Glavine and Lou Gehrig and baseball-themed picture frame; largest measuring 8" tall
947.Asian vase and plate, marked; measuring 9" tall
993.Assortment of ceramics and textiles, including teacup and saucer set by Syracuse China, Norman Rockwell mugs and plate, table linens and other items; largest measuring 9" tall
1018.4 board games including Family Feud, Spy Alley and The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Game; largest box measuring 16" wide
1019."Baker's Edition of Plays: The Dutch Detective" and "Baseball Magazine" from March 1931; largest measuring 11" tall (preview for condition)
1037.Vintage Fisher Price light up globe, Astro Blaster video game sign, wine bottle stand and more; largest measuring 18" tall (preview for working condition)
1048.Partial box of Asian Blythe dolls, small painting on board and framed print; largest measuring 4" tall
1065.Large assortment of barware including Pabst Blue Ribbon and Stroh's; largest measuring 9" tall
1074.Vintage Grolsch bottles and pair of saltines tins; largest measuring 9" tall
1113.Assortment of Asian items including sake set and game; largest measuring 12" across
1151.Set of "The Cades Cove Collection " by Citation china, including 23 dinner plates, 6 bowls, 14 mugs and 2 serving bowls; largest plate measuring 12" across
1369.Pine wall shelf; 21 x 37"
1374.Ion Hard Bonnet dryer, includes box (preview for completeness and condition)
1395.Picture frame with distressed finish; 23 x 19"
1437.Happy meals and other toys, DC comics action figures
1448.Pair of yellow plastic fins, goggles, snorkels (excludes tote)
1471.2 boxes of assorted DVDs and computer games (preview for slipcovers)
1546.Glass-top outdoor side table; measuring 28 x 24 x 24"
1804.5000 count basketball cards from 1993-96, includes stars; measuring 19" long
1805.5000 count box of basketball cards from 2000-2001, includes stars; measuring 19" long
1806.5000 count box of basketball cards dating from 1994-99, includes stars; measuring 19" long
333.Beveled edge mirror with black and gold frame; 15 x 17"
937.Vintage metal desk lamp; measuring 13" tall (preview for working condition)
1083.5 dolls with porcelain heads and soft bodies; largest measuring 20" tall
1373.Eastman Springs guitar case
1125.Assortment of plastic toys; bag measuring 13" long
1447.Box of travel and other reference books
979.Vintage Auto-Shooter craps table in box; measuring 23" across
702.Amy and Isabel signed by author, Elizabeth Strout and "Souls to Keep", signed by David L. Robbins
1407.Etch a Sketch screen, children's toys, Pictionary, playing cards and National Geographic Atlas of the World
708.Collection of vintage and antique books, including "Old Mother Westwind", multivolume "The World's 1000 Best Poems", Golden Star Library books and others; largest book measuring 9 1/2 " tall
1076.Assortment of ceramic statues, Wedgwood plates, crucifix with compartment, gold tone demitasse cups and saucers and other items; measuring 10" across
276.2 miniature rugs; largest 5.5 x 4"
977.Doll highchair; measuring 27" tall
1134.Collection of dolls with porcelain heads and soft bodies; largest measuring 20" tall
1431.2 Little Tikes toy trucks; largest 24"
673.Modern storage ottoman with pink polka dotted seat; measuring 19 x 26 x 14"
1347.Vintage metal tool chest with 4 drawers, includes contents; 17" wide
1325.Sonic Zero carpet cleaner floor cleaner (preview for working condition)
1444.Assorted headphones, Sunbeam mixer (preview for working condition)
136.Beaded necklace and matching earrings
188.Pair of silver tone bracelets with blown glass and silver tone charms; 1 measuring 7.5" long
267.Miniature hatbox and basket; largest 1.25"
305.Painting on stretched canvas depicting cottage near a lake, unsigned; measuring 27 x 39" (preview for condition)
306.Landscape painting on stretched canvas, unsigned; measuring 27 x 38" (preview for condition)
307.Still life painting on canvas using pastel tones in gilt frame, signed K. Brown at bottom right; measuring 29 x 41.5" (preview for condition)
308.Painting on stretched canvas depicting forest scene, signed R. Nelson at bottom right; measuring 31 x 42"
348.Antique style mahogany framed mirror; 45 x 25"
413.Three-dimensional gold frame mirror; 32 x 24"
453.Classical portrait print with gold frame; 31 x 25.5"
463.Last Supper fabric panel; 23 x 43"
464.University Of North Carolina" limited-edition photographic print "Reflections of Tradition", signed and numbered 163/1961; frame measures 25 x 19"
507.Victorian side chair with floral upholstery and spiraling along top rail; measuring 40 x 22 x 21" (matches items 505 and 506)
665.Upholstered armchair; 32" wide
701.Living on the Borders of Eternity, signed by author Robert Bluford Jr and "Sun Valley Signatures III", autographed by photographer David R. Stoecklein
825.(2) 2XL robot toys in boxes; measuring 12" tall (preview for working condition)
830.Beijo patent leather handbag; measuring 6.5" tall (preview for authenticity)
834.Fuchsia patent leather handbag by Beijo; measuring 7" tall (preview for authenticity)
835.Green and brown glazed terra cotta floor or tabletop vase, unmarked; measuring 27" tall
862.Pair of pewter wine goblets with molded wolf on each handle; measuring 6.5" tall
887.Wooden stamp set; box measuring 7" tall
924.Naturally Chicken of Portsmouth, VA hanging advertisement; measuring 15" tall
995.3 ceramic decanters, empty; largest measuring 11" tall
1007.Wooden breadbox; measuring 10 x 19 x 11" (preview for condition)
1010.Hand-stitched quilt by American Pacific Country Classics, size full/queen and machine-made blanket
1014.Pair of Chinese figurative dolls "Type no. 2 Baby Amah" in boxes and Chinese cloth doll; largest doll measuring 20" tall
1020.Lamp with distressed base and white shade (preview for working condition)
1038.Table lamp with glass and brass body and marble base; measuring 23" tall (preview for working condition)
1088.Cobalt blue glass decor; measuring 9" tall
1089.2 milk glass dishes and 2 terracotta baking dishes
1109.America-themed ornaments and decor; largest item measuring 7.5" tall
1111.Silver plate cruet holder and faux grapes; measuring 15" tall
1141.Eddie Bauer lamp; measuring 10" tall (preview for working condition)
1150.5 large dolls with plastic bodies; largest measuring 34" tall
1303.Vintage Franzen briefcase
1314.Box of assorted CDs and DVDs to include "Learn in Your Car Italian", "Global Access French", Dr. Quin Medicine Woman, Buffy and others(preview for contents)
1320.Wood container; 19" tall
1393.Pair of Aqua Lung fins, snorkel, goggles, snorkeling accessories
1418.Legos, children's toys, alphabet train, Dora the Explorer and other items
1450.Seiko mega power stereo with detachable speakers (preview for working condition)
1490.Gray metal shelf; measuring 54 x 20 x 12"
315.Mixed media titled "Red" by David Alan Goldberg, dated 7/17/04; measuring 15 x 12" (preview for condition)
1056.Anson 1957 Studebaker "Golden Hawk" and Tonka Ford Econoline model cars; largest measuring 14" long
1556.Assortment of 7 fishing poles; measuring 76" tall
897.Classic Car Wooden Art Collection model car; measuring 15" long
856.Pair of art glass fish; largest measuring 8.5" tall (preview for condition)
1004.(2) 4-packs of Martha Stewart "Hydrangea" wine glasses; 1 box measuring 7" tall
1080.Pair of hats including leather and felt; felt hat size 7 and 1/8
1082.Tan closet organizers; package measuring 8" tall
1098.Set of holiday-themed stoneware china, including 8 dinner plates, 8 dessert plates, 8 bowls, 7 mugs and 1 serving bowl; plate measuring 10" across
1486.Vintage wicker baby carriage; measuring 30 x 10 x 31" (preview for condition)
1549.4 vintage metal outdoor chair frames; measuring 34 x 17 x 16"
1315.Midwest pet crate; 29" wide
1006.Silver plate teacups - 6 marked "Alpaca" and 3 unmarked etched cups; largest measuring 2.5" tall
1036.Currier & Ives collectible plates and tiles and other blue and white ceramics; largest item measuring 6" tall
1330.Metal and glass candleholders, assorted wax candles glass plate
1460.Box of Christmas window lights
1464.GE 100 light glitter gem garland
415.Jim Booth framed print "The Storm"; oak frame measures 18 x 26"
1476.Wicker picnic basket with cover; 24" wide
1456.2 Christmas carol figures; largest 23"
1031.Hammered metal bowl, 4 brass candlesticks and white ceramic lamp; largest measuring 18.5" tall (preview for working condition)
714.Spanish books; measuring 12" tall
1477.2 Pet Edge metal clamps
1555.Sears Craftsman "Bushwhacker" hedge trimmer with instruction manual; measuring 55" tall (preview for working condition)
287.Grouping of miniature dollhouse supplies and accessories (preview for contents)
884.Assortment of porcelain and plastic dollhouse miniatures, including sewing machine cabinet; box measuring 9" long
478.Gold finish portrait print; gold frame measures 19 x 16.5"
181.5 knives including Ridge Runner, Frost Cutlery, Fury and 2 unmarked pocket knives; largest measuring 4.5" long
182.5 knives including Frost Cutlery with nylon scabbard, multi-tool in pouch and 3 unmarked knives; largest measuring 6" long
252.Miniature gifts
309.Still life painting on stretched canvas in molded gilt frame, unsigned; measuring 25 x 29" (preview for condition)
332.Horse carousel print with brass frame; 31 x 40"
334.Rectangular beveled edge mirror; 54 x 14"
345.Warren Kimble cat and mouse print; painted frame measures 16 x 16"
401.Print of Monet's "Poplars on the River Epte in Autumn 1891" with gold frame; 41 x 30"
441.Weber landscape print; frame measures 20.5 x 22"
548.Simple oak bedframe; headboard measuring 44 x 57 x 4"
601.3 matching Capel rugs, 2 runners and 1 rug; largest measures 96 x 60"
704.The Greenbrier book; measuring 14 " tall
806.Resin JFK statue; measuring 10" tall
820.Bose SoundDock digital music system; measuring 12" wide (preview for working condition)
824.Holly Hobbie Old Fashioned Sewing Machine, in box; measuring 8" tall (preview for working condition)
839.Mink stole from Steiger's Furs of Charleston, WV; measuring 52" long
880.Carved wooden statue of Noah, signed "Jimmy"; measuring 16" tall
888.Vintage metal Coca-Cola tray; measuring 13" long (preview for condition)
958.Decorative resin urn; measuring 22" tall
1009.Faux flowers in basket; measuring 17" tall (preview for condition - basket handle needs to be repaired)
1033.4 ceramic clown dolls; largest measuring 18" tall
1060.Coleman Lanterns; largest measuring 12" tall (preview for working condition)
1322.Metal and glass hanging light fixture; 14" diameter
1336.Group of lightweight planters, plastic trashcan; largest 15"
1342.Tole form floor lamp, includes inverted blush shade and metal shade; 56" tall
1351.Lance store display shelf; 27" wide
1364.Hat and coat hooks, wood tray; largest 24"
1379.Wood and metal double tree; 33" wide
1394.Adjustable shower caddy, stainless steel includes box (preview for completeness)
1453.Sewing knitting supplies, yarn
1454.Crafting supplies, assorted hand tools, aluminum wire, general household items
1457.Quantity of Christmas wreaths, Christmas decorations (excludes tote)
1463.Gold panning bowls, stainless steel fryers, green canvas vest
1545.Pair of plastic Adirondack chairs; measuring 36 x 29 x 20"
1550.Desk chair; measuring 41 x 19 x 18"
1552.White wicker shelf; measuring 36 x 31 x 13"
1557.Oversized "Think Big" tennis racket, model MG -767; measuring 54" tall
1026.Lead crystal cross, pair of glass candlesticks and glass basket with frosted roses and handle; largest measuring 10" tall
1338.Shark carpet and floor vacuum cleaner (preview for working condition)
1340.Storage ottoman on wheels; 20 x 18 x 18"
1515.3 x 25' roll of plastic poultry fence
1535.Step2 New Tradition child's plastic table and 2 matching chairs; table measures 19 x 26 x 26"
1128.Selection of yarn and Lane Cedar box with trinkets; measuring 9" across
952.Assortment of model airplanes; largest measuring 10.5" long
1428.Silver plated items, kitchen items, souvenir clogs, decorative items, metalware and vintage Corned Beef wood box; largest 19"
1404.Roll of 24" cling wrap
440.Framed Paris cafe print; frame measures 13 x 15.5"
1462.Vintage hand stitched quilts and bedding
147.Vintage costume necklaces and pendant
156.Assorted novelty costume jewelry
983.3 dolls with porcelain heads, hands and feet and cloth bodies; measuring 21" tall
633.Child size spindle back rocking chair
1386.Enviracaire air cleaner with additional filters (preview for working condition)
1326.Dirt Devil Easy Light vacuum cleaner (preview for working condition)
138.Gold tone necklace marked Italy; 30" long
327."Presque Isle - Mallards" offset lithograph by N. Shumaker-Pallan, signed and editioned by artist at bottom center-left; measuring 22 x 26"
150.Assorted costume jewelry
712.Selection of books, including multi-volumes of "World's Greatest Literature" and "History of England" and other titles; largest measuring 12" tall
635.Stenciled top side table on platform base; 24 x 16"
876.3 art glass paperweights; measuring 2" tall
912.3 model cars - 1966 GTO, 1963 Corvette Stingray and unnamed green car; largest measuring 13" long
153.Assorted costume jewelry
154.Assorted costume jewelry
1047.Copper and brass items including pitcher, heated pan, teacups, oil lamp and more; tallest measuring 12" tall
917.Wooden model depicting office of G. Rainey, Attorney at Law; measuring 15" tall
1030.Stained glass-inspired table lamp and dress on hanger lamp; largest is 20" tall (preview for working condition)
471.Earl Thollander print "The Hop Curing Barn"; frame measures 19.5 x 24.5"
881.Pair of silver tone metal pheasant salt and pepper shakers, marked 959; measuring 7" long
186.Army boxed set to include watch, flashlight, pocket knife and pen; box measuring 6" across
435.Sudan print on fabric; frame measures 21 x 17"
655.Lyre back mahogany dining chair; 35" tall
659.Maple 2-tier side table on turned legs; 23 x 19 x 28"
660.Bassett Furniture Industries mid century modern single drawer side table; 22 x 23 x 30"
668.2 solid wood slat back chairs
841.Vintage doctor's bag; measuring 9" tall
871.The Hanmako Japanese doll with 6 wigs, in box; measuring 8" long (preview for condition)
1008.Department 56 Heritage Village holiday figurines including "Town Square Gazebo", "Lionhead Bridge" and "Chelsea Market Flower Monger and Cart"; largest box measuring 8" across
1085.3 ceramic decanters - 1 Black Bull whiskey, 1 Santa Claus and 1 music box monk; largest measuring 11" tall
1139.2 Fire King baking dishes, vintage glassware; largest measuring 10" across
1145.British soldier decanters by Grenaider Spirits; measuring 14" tall
1152.Pair of Gardner's Eden solar powered lanterns; measuring 19" tall (preview for working condition)
1161.Ceramic table lamp with white linen shade; measuring 28" tall (preview for working condition)
1368.Sony audio video control center and Daewoo DVD player with remote control (preview for working condition)
1372.Keyboard stand
1420.Sport theme wall clock, US Marine Corps nut cracker, sets of dominoes, metal trivet, ceramic plate
1537.Oval-shaped tubular metal and wood table and 2 matching chairs; 29 x 32 x 21"
1541.Folding metal shelf; 67 x 31 x 10"
1716.1982-S Washington silver commemorative half dollar
1726.Bag of assorted United States and world coins
545.Wooden rocking chair with floral stenciling along top rail and contoured seat; measuring 41 x 21 x 30"
858.Art glass angel fish and dolphin; measuring 5" tall
1341.Musical Christmas Express, includes box
180.Large assortment of bullets; 1 measuring 1" long
448.London Antiques advertising sign; 8 x 20"
543.American Legacy circular braided rug by Capel; 23" diameter
506.Victorian armchair with floral upholstery and spiraling along top rail; measuring 40 x 25 x 25" (matches items 505 and 507)
934.Vintage metal desk fan by Superior Electric Products; measuring 16" tall (preview for working condition)
711.Fishing and hunting books; largest measuring 11" tall
914.Crosley iJuke, model #CR1701A; measuring 20" tall (preview for working condition and components)
1533.Rectangular upholstered Ottoman; 18 x 35 x 18"
1071.Large set of Fire King glassware and 2 pieces of Federal Glass; largest measuring 9" wide
151.Assorted costume jewelry
152.Assorted costume jewelry
190.Cocktail ring with blue and clear stones, set in silver tone metal, size 9.5; 0.75" diameter
292.Painted cloth body doll signed and dated 1994; 6" tall
416.Leroy framed print, by LM Johnson Chicago; gold frame measures 20 x 23"
467.Abstract landscape print; frame measures 33 x 32"
639.Beaded crystal hanging light fixture; 10" tall
823.Vintage 1970s and 1980s postcards of Jerusalem and surrounding area; measuring 6" wide
844.Pair of swords; largest measuring 40" long
896.Dubl Handi washboard; measuring 18" tall
903.Metal model car by Burago of 1957 Corvette; measuring 9" long
923."I Love Lucy" metal lunchbox; measuring 5" tall
984.Metal birdcage decorations; largest measuring 14" tall
999.Assortment of silver plate, some by F.B. Rogers and set of 4 "Virginia Cups" by Camelot Pewter; largest measuring 5.5" tall
1032.Assortment of board games including Cranium, Catch Phrase, Monopoly and Harry Potter; largest measuring 10.5" across
1072.Checker board decorated with green and white; measuring 18" across
1107.Vintage Stangl Pottery and Della-ware plates; includes 9 saucers, 3 plates, 11 dessert plates; largest measuring 13" across
1115.4 pairs of shoes by Lola Sabbia, sizes 36, 37 and 40
1121.Metal and glass water bottles by Tundra and Ello and thermos by Aladdin; largest measuring 15" tall
1402.American Wildlife pine gun rack; 29" tall
1405.Folding bamboo wine rack; 38" tall
1414.Vintage LP records, includes The Beatles, Assorted Christmas, Sons of Hawaii, Musical Holiday and others
1512.Plastic bird bath with green finish; 28 x 19" diameter
994.3 carved wood and snakeskin drums and pair of painted wood items; tallest measuring 21"
1470.Assorted hand tools, work light, spray gun and other tools
717.3 books related to guns including "100 Great Guns", "The Flintlock", Frank Forster's Complete Manual for Young Sportsman"; largest measuring 13" tall
854.3 Leo Ward art glass "Bluebird of Happiness" figurines, largest is signed Leo Ward and dated 1991; largest measuring 4" long
419.Fly fisherman print with gold frame; 32.5 x 38"
1158.Otterbox, team logos, hats and golf balls; largest item measuring 8" tall
286.Miniature dollhouse accessories, wine bottles, Pepsi-Cola, miniature book, wreath and potted plant
1100.Silver tone metal oil lamp; measuring 15" tall (preview for working condition - missing hurricane)
939.Model car of 1948 Ford convertible; measuring 11" long (preview for condition)
868.Set of Wedgwood bone china, including 4 cups and saucers and 4 bread plates; largest measuring 3" tall
1363.DVDs including Moneyball, Big Fish, Fracture, Shrek, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and others (preview for box contents)
1355.Kirby Heritage II apt vacuum cleaner, includes carpet cleaning accessories
265.Miniature dog chef doll and miniature poodle (preview for condition); 5" tall
627.Maple single drawer nightstand by American Drew; 25 x 20.5 x 15.5"
628.2 rustic spindle back rockers, 1 is painted; 39" tall
840.Assortment of geodes in tray; measuring 12" across
861.Pair of art glass birds; measuring 7" long
870.3 art glass paperweights; measuring 2" tall
891.Vintage dark brown crocodile skin handbag with coin purse inside; measuring 10" tall without handles (preview for authenticity)
902.3 model cars - Ertl 1998 Corvette, Maisto Dodge Viper and 427 Shelby Cobra; largest measuring 10" long
915.Knox felt hat in box, size 7 1/8, marked "CCC III"; box measuring 6.5" tall
932.2 Ertl model cars, including 1939 Dodge Airflow truck and 1938 Chevy Panel truck; largest measuring 9" long
942.Hanging corner shelf; measuring 25" tall
990.Ceramic planter with bird and foliate details with saucer; measuring 8" tall
1001.FirstAct Discovery child's electric guitar; measuring 30" long (preview for working condition)
1002."Holiday Memories Barbie" and "Barbie 2007"; 1 box measuring 13.5" tall
1066.Black metal locking safe box with key; measuring 12.5" across
1306.Oak magazine table; 22" tall
1335.Red plastic toolbox with contents; 19" wide
1352.Pair of leather boots, leather hanging (excludes tote)
1356.Dartboard; 19" diameter
1378.Assorted DVDs, includes Black Hawk Down, Casino Royale, Star Wars, Pink Panther, the Aviator, Finding Nemo, Shark K Shark Tale and others (preview for box contents)
1398.Christmas theme fabric hamper; 18" tall
1433.Box of assorted dressmaking and sewing patterns
1703.1831 United States large cent
1704.1838 United States large cent
992.Electric wind chime; measuring 14" tall (preview for working condition)
1301.Box of wood building blocks
1469.5 pairs assorted shoes, includes boxes
966.7 Ringling Brothers circus posters; measuring 22" long
869.Asian stamp kit, in box; measuring 8" long
1429.Vintage LP records, includes Elvis Presley, Herb Alpert, Glen Campbell, Charlie Pride, Brenda Lee, Tanya Tucker and others
1105.Coleman lanterns in cases; measuring 10" tall (preview for working condition)
1324.Vintage toys, includes Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, Frontier Logs (preview for completeness)
165.Bag of miscellaneous costume jewelry
1715.1982-D Washington silver commemorative half dollar
989.Atlas pasta maker and Pasta Works pasta-making accessories; 1 box measuring 19" tall
460.2 shoreline photographic prints on stretched canvas; each measures 24 x 24"
1039.Mid century double serving bowls on stand; measuring 12" across
145.2 antique sterling silver and silver tone baby rattles
162."Wee Willie Winkie" by Rudyard Kipling, c. 1899
630.Maple spindle back rocking chair
865.Solid wood bowl; measuring 13" wide
944.Assortment of mostly hand made Native American items, including "Sun Kachina" by Victor Tsosie, a decorated hollowed gourd, carved stone figures, glass decanter and more; largest measuring 10" tall
945.Pair of metal insects - fly may be ashtray; measuring 6" long
960.Vintage metal toys; largest measuring 6" across
1163.Pair of Alexander Doll Company dolls, "Pussy Cat" and "Scarlett" in boxes; largest measuring 19.5" tall
1465.Vintage ephemera, advertising posters, magazines and newspaper cuttings
1745.2001-2002 one year anniversary World Trade Center New York state quarter, 1933 gold double Eagle replica 3 Elvis Presley state quarters and United States 1981 proof set
1803.Vintage packs of Score baseball cards; measuring 16" long
519.Oak china display cabinet, 4 beveled glass doors, fitted shelves and 4 cupboards below; 84 x 63 x 19"
850.Navajo ceramic sculpture titled "Dineh", signed Julius Begay on left side, dated 1987; measuring 8 x 10 x 5"
904.Assortment of vintage Scouts patches; largest measuring 3" across
900.9 model trains and 1 multivolt toy train transformer; largest measuring 10" long (preview for working condition)
1137.Assortment of teacups; largest measuring 5" across
1423.Prima 8 pocket work tool bag
1069.Hess model firetruck, helicopter and cars; largest measuring 10.5"
813.Half brown glazed crock; measuring 8" tall
1050.Vintage Galaxy metal fan and microscope; fan measuring 12" tall (preview for working condition)
1070.Vintage-inspired Timeworks battery operated clock; measuring 13" tall
1375.Floral form painted metal wall decorations and light; largest 30"
969.Adams ironstone set in "Empress" pattern - including 7 dinner plates, 6 dessert plates, 6 bread plates, 4 bowls, 10 cups, 10 saucers and cream pitcher; largest measuring 10" across
312.Impressionist oil on canvas of Paris street scene, signed Ver Mer at bottom left; measuring 29 x 41"
895.Vintage metal Columbia scale; measuring 9" tall (preview for condition)
1021.5 porcelain head/soft body dolls, one marked "Collector's Choice"; largest measuring 19" tall
1705.1866 United States 2 cent
1708.1891 United States seated liberty dime
157.Pair of weighted sterling candleholders by International Sterling; measuring 3.5" tall
1092.Oil lamp, Jim Beam bowling pin bottle decanter and ceramic duck; largest measuring 16" tall
949.Hummingbird-themed ceramic figurines by Andrea by Sadek and HUMCO; largest measuring 10" tall
1017.Assortment of "Currier and Ives" by Homer Laughlin china (16 pieces) and 8 bowls in "Rose Chintz" by Johnson Bros; largest measuring 10" across
1058.1970s Grenadier Spirits decanters; largest measuring 14" tall
170.Seiko quartz gold tone wristwatch
174.Pulsar quartz gold tone wristwatch
177.Vintage watches, including 10k rolled gold plate Bulova and 14k gold filled Hamilton; largest measuring 4.5"
193.Aston Martin DB5 James Bond 007 model car by Corgi; measuring 5" long
251.2 miniature dogs, 2 kittens; largest 2.5"
284.Miniature dollhouse accessories, stair spindles and posts
298.Miniature side table with pink and lace tablecloth; 2.5" tall numbered and dated 84
321.Benjamin Lander (1842-1915) etching of waterway home, original dated 1863, signed in plate and pencil by artist at bottom left and right, published by Wunderluch Co NY; frame measuring 21 x 26.5" (preview for condition)
330.Framed "Harper's Weekly" print of the trial of Jeff Davis; measuring 15 x 20"
337.Black and white landscape photographic print; frame measures 34 x 33.5"
412.Parks Duffey print "The Strawberry Hill Races"; frame measures 20.5 x 28.5"
451.I Love Lucy framed print "More Chocolate"; frame measures 25.5 x 37"
540.2 pink and white leaded glass hanging lampshades; each 14" diameter
657.Green painted wood open front bookshelf; 35 5 30 x 9"
802.Cane with brass duck head handle; measuring 36" long
832.Waterford by Jasper Conran crystal bowl; measuring 3" tall
883.Pair of heavy metal bookends; measuring 6" tall
975.Carved wood lion, lion paperweight and globe paperweight; largest measuring 10" long
982.Assortment of games, including Twister, Cribbage, Yorkshire 7-in-1 game set and other items; largest box measuring 14" tall
1027.Coca-Cola limited edition die cast metal rocket in box; box measuring 8" tall
1035.Vintage beaded clutch, wash basin and pitcher, wooden bird figurines, electronics and other items; largest measuring 14" tall
1154.Metal mailbox; measuring 14" tall
1171.2 Madame Alexander dolls and 1 other
1359.Bugaboo sleeping bag by Columbia
1376.Group of gold picture frames and posters; largest 25"
1392.9 magnetic parts bins and assorted hardware and staples
1400.Wood easel (requires assembly)
1403.15 new sets of novelty ice cube molds and other items
1432.Orange bag chair
1434.Ryobi jigsaw, Craftsman 3/8" drill (preview for working condition)
1449.Camping equipment, inflatable mattress, flashlights (excludes tote)
1473.Black & Decker hard-shell case with Drill Master cordless drill, flashlight, charger and battery (preview for working condition)
1488.Primo water dispenser, model 601142; measuring 35 x 11 x 11" (preview for working condition)
1514.2 matching brass twin size headboards, includes metal rails; each measures 46 x 40"
1525.White wicker dome top shelf; 80 x 27 x 12"
1528.White wicker table with glass top; 24 x 29 x 24"
1742.3 United States proof sets (1980, 1981 and 1985)
1743.1989 United States mint proof set and 1988 P and D mint sets
1811.Box of comic books, including "Superman" and "Supergirl"; box measuring 16" long
906.Hamer "Slammer" electric guitar in black and white; measuring 39" long (preview for working condition)
946.Hand made mason jar diorama in crate; measuring 12" tall
981.Speedfeed 0282 Tactical shortened stock set; measuring 11" long
1015.2 antique vehicle license plates; measuring 12" across
191.Pair of monogrammed miniature sterling silver ladles; measuring 2.5" long (weighing 9.3 gms)
134.Sterling silver bracelet sterling silver ring and enameled silver tone ring; sterling weighs 12.7 gms
1714.1915-D United States Barber half dollar
1000.FirstAct Discovery child's acoustic guitar in box, model #FG195; box measuring 33" long
1349.2 boxes assorted books includes gardening herbs and spices, assorted novels and reference books
161.Hummel figurine with full bee mark, marked ceramic figurines and carved stone elephants; largest measuring 2.5" tall
338.Eliza B Askin limited-edition print "Hermitage Road Gold and Historic District Richmond Virginia", signed and numbered 117/250; frame measures 34 x 28"
1321.Wood toolbox; 27" wide
874.Evesham covered casserole dish, 4 Royal Worchester ramekins and 2 Royal Worchester butter dishes, in box; largest measuring 10" across
1468.2 octagonal stop signs; largest 32"
1081.Peltor headphones, Olympus binoculars, fishing lure, slingshot and other items; largest measuring 9.5" tall
1051.Willow Tree items; largest measuring 6" tall
457.Vanity Fair framed print "Roddy"; gold frame measures 16.5 x 11.5"
183.5 Frost Cutlery boxed knives; largest box measuring 5"
675.Brass bed frame; headboard measuring 46 x 57"
893.Vintage hats - 1 rabbit fur, 1 white fur, 1 purple velvet, 1 blue velvet with veil and 1 black velvet with bow; largest measuring 10" long (preview for condition)
898.5 Tyco model trains, each in box; largest measuring 10" long
1073.Owl-themed brass bookends; measuring 5" tall
1344.Music stand on cast iron base; 43" tall
1422.Small size wood box; 27" wide
1498.Metal step ladder; measuring 52 " tall
127.Semiprecious stone pendant on sterling silver chain
148.Egyptian scarab amulet necklace and earring set, sterling chain and wires
1333.Nautical theme wall plaque, includes anchor candleholder and assorted keys; 26" long
828.Pair of framed WWI postcards; frame measuring 12" tall
864.Santa's Holiday Toy Shop by Lenox "Elf and Rocking Horse Teapot"; measuring 11" tall (preview for condition)
919.Set of Wawel china, including 8 dinner plates, 8 bread plates, 8 cups, 5 saucers, serving bowl and platter, sugar bowl, cream pitcher and pitcher; largest measuring 7" tall
950.Pair of weaving shuttles; measuring 16" long
974.Mini crossbow with metal arrows; measuring 12" across (preview for working condition)
1097.Assortment of cloth, porcelain and composite dolls; largest measuring 13" long
1101.3 Texaco model vehicles, including 1925 Mack Bulldog truck, 1930 Diamond fuel tanker and 1996 Michael Andretti die cast bank; largest box measuring 11" long
1466.Box of wood display stands
1709.1883 United States shield nickel
1142.Keystone 8mm projector in case; measuring 10" tall (preview for working condition)
705.Assortment of Civil War books; largest book measuring 10 " tall
158.Marquis by Waterford crystal perfume bottle with stopper, marked; measuring 7" tall
886.Metal frog with crown; measuring 7" tall
1706.1874 United States 3 cent
612.2 door cabinet with 1 shelf; 32 x 31 x 18.5"
250.Miniature dollhouse figures; largest 1.5"
323.Signed and editioned offset lithograph of "The Path I Follow" by Virginia listed artist Susan Jones, numbered 431/1500, titled and signed in pencil by artist; measuring 18 x 20.5"
326.Landscape oil on stretched canvas of landscape scene, signed by R. Kolles, 1925, St. Louis at bottom right; measuring 18 x 24"
405.Coldplay limited edition lithograph "The Scientist", includes certificate numbered 207/250; frame measures 40 x 38"
470.Norman Rockwell print on metallic foil; frame measures 12 19.5"
608.Beige and palm from design rug; 95 x 1 37"
642.1970s mirrored chest of drawers; measuring 76 x 70 x 17" (matches 643)
671.Trio of wooden framed chairs with cane seats; measuring 34 x 14 x 16" (preview for condition)
827.Daisy model 845 BB gun; measuring 36" long
833.Nao by Lladro "Duck Looking Back: Daisa 1982, model 0369; measuring 4" tall
852.Coca-Cola crate made into wagon; measuring 18" wide
911.Miniature Lane cedar chest with hankies; measuring 9" across
913.Pair of decorative vases with bird and floral detail; measuring 17" tall
962.Hand painted glass lamp shade; measuring 12" across
972.Large assortment of crystal prisms; box measuring 18" across
1091.3 pairs of shoes from Eric Michael, Josef Seibel and Lola Sabbia, sizes 39 and 40
1127.Assortment of teacups; largest measuring 5" across
1300.2 metal shelves; each measures 37 x 15 x 7"
1425.Box of crafting, sewing, knitting and other reference magazines
1441.4 pair shoes, includes Eric Michael and Art Company, includes boxes
1483.Pair of white metal side chairs; measuring 35 x 13 x 15 "
1543.Wood cabinet and wood wine rack; largest 27 x 19 x 20"
1553.Pair of hard gun cases; largest measuring 52" tall
1725.2 United States mint sets (1980 and 1982)
1744.3 United States mint proof sets (1990, 1991 and 2000)
954.Pair of ceramic cookie jars - Maxine and mouse; largest measuring 14" tall
1808.Donruss 1991 collectors set and Fleer '91 baseball stickers and cards; 1 box measuring 15.5" long
1540.2 metal and canvas patio chairs
1012.The Sharper Image digital hybrid wireless headphones on stand; measuring 12" tall (preview for working condition)
505.Victorian settee with floral upholstery and spiraling along top rail; measuring 39 x 49 x 26" (matches items 506 and 507)
110.8 necklaces and 2 pairs earrings; all marked sterling
340.Mary Cassatt print "Woman Bathing"; frame measures 16 x 13"
1809.2 boxes of 1991 NFL football cards; measuring 9" tall
1108.2 Louisville Slugger baseball gloves, baseball and other items; box measuring 17" across
1307.Brinkmann Charcoal smoker (preview for completeness)
709.Assortment of books, including "The Journal of Modern History", "Mystery in Old Quebec", "Amateur Radio Course" and other titles; largest measuring 9" tall
936.Vintage embroidered and hand-stitched table linens; bag measuring 13" across
479.MJ Weber landscape print; frame measures 20 x 22"
1095.Assortment of teacups and saucers, including Schvarzenhammer, Baronet, Shofu and others; largest measuring 5" across
1494.Bolens 2 cycle cultivator, model BL 410; measuring 49" tall (preview for working condition)
836.Goebel crystal seal figurine, marked with sticker on underside; measuring 3" tall
926.Pair of model cars by Maisto, including a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 and a 1965 Pontiac GTO; largest measuring 11" long
1362.Hand tools, hatchet, work light, folding wood saw, headphones, 500 foot wire
1391.Box of DVDs, includes Underworld, Gladiator, Princess Bride, Nanny Diaries, Mad Money, The Changeling, Monk box sets and others (preview for box contents)
638.3 matching cane back dining chairs
805.Terracotta chimenea with hand painted details; measuring 13" tall (preview for condition - part of one foot has broken off)
609.Courts Collection circular rug; 63" diameter
450.2 Walter Kimbel folk art style prints; matching frames measure 13.5 x 16"
611.Mid century modern wood finish bookshelf lighted cabinet with 3 drawers and 3 doors; 56 x 43 x 15"
647.Victorian dark wood secretary with top cabinet; measuring 71 x 32 x 17" (preview for condition - bottom cabinet door is off one hinge)
842.2 Spice Girls on tour dolls - Melanie and Victoria and "I Love Lucy" Lucille Ball doll, in boxes; largest measuring 14" tall
890.Glass and wood Carolina Washboard Co washboard; measuring 24" long
892.Antique Atlas Company metal pulley; measuring 8" tall
1090.Noritake "Buckingham" china set, a place setting for 8 including dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, saucers and bread plates; 1 sugar bowl and 1 cream pitcher; largest dinner plate measuring 10" across
1319.Wonder Walk-R-Ride
1334.Assorted DVDs, includes Shrek 2, High Crimes, The Passion, A Serious Man, See Spot Run and others (preview for box contents)
1343.Valet stand; 42" tall
1360.Maul with wood handle
1479.6 pairs Poetic License ladies shoes, assorted sizes and styles, includes boxes
268.Miniature 3 panel folding screen and miniature dress form with dress; largest 6"
920.Stamp collection, including "The All American Stamp Album", "Postal Commemorative Society U.S. First Day Covers and Special Covers" and "America's Bicentennial Covers"; largest measuring 11.5" long (preview for completeness)
510.Antique solid pine corner cupboard with 2 glazed doors and 2 cupboards below; 82 x 51", to fit corner 36 x 36", makers signature on reverse (originally from the Country Club of Virginia, James River location)
542.Oval-shaped braided rug; 89 x 116"
447.Salvador Dali Museum print; frame measures 24 x 28.5"
1104.9 pieces of Pyrex; largest measuring 12" across
163.Jade bracelets, includes box; 3" diameter
1559.13 storage totes; all measuring 54" tall
1062.Assortment of teacups and saucers; largest measuring 5" across
1802.Bulls #23 Michael Jordan Reebok NBA jersey in frame; measuring 38" tall (preview for authenticity)
1122.Himalayan salt lamp; measuring 6" tall (preview for working condition)
458.Salvador Dali Museum framed print; 25.5 x 27.5"
539.2 matching brass and crystal wall mounted light fixtures; each 14" tall
654.Mahogany 2 door LP record cabinet; 25 x 21 x 16"
822.Vintage wooden doll bed; measuring 15" tall
848.Daisy Red Rider BB gun, model #232013690105U; measuring 36" long (preview for working condition)
922.Daisy Power Line BB gun model 917 in box; box measuring 40.5" long (preview for working condition)
963.Cast iron George Washington bookends; measuring 5.5" tall
1430.Hanging scale green metal pan
1518.Futon bed with mattress; 82" wide
964.Assortment of Legos and toy cars, including Octan truck, Police van and more; largest measuring 3" tall
970.Department 56 Heritage Village holiday figurines, including 2 "Postern" from Dicken's Village Series, as well as "Lamplighter Accessory Set", "Village with Snowman" and "Christmas Carol Spirits"; largest measuring 7" tall
998.Crossman model no. 766 American Classic in Daisy "Power Line" air gun box; box measuring 40" long (preview for condition)
1385.Pink and silver Christmas tree; 47" tall
1723.3 United States mint sets (1968, 1969 and 1970)
1427.My Double dress form; 27" tall
1710.Roll of full date Buffalo nickels
1526.Black swivel office armchair
173.Santa Claus quartz wristwatch
137.Pair of Art Nouveau style silver tone and purple stone earrings
296.Miniature chest with 4 drawers and side table; chest is signed Shirley, largest 3" tall
343.Coldplay limited edition lithograph "God Put a Smile upon Your Face", numbered 211/250; frame measures 40 x 38"
512.Solid teak dressing chest, enclosed mirror, 2 doors and 3 drawers; 54 x 40 x 20"
616.Upholstered armchair; 26" tall
1149.1958 aviator cap, Henschel Hat Co. hat and Alaska souvenir hat; largest measuring 11" across
1332.Black & Decker electric 24" electric edge trimmer (preview for working condition)
1530.Craftsman shop light on telescopic stand; 42" tall
1551.Vintage school bench; measuring 31 x 24 x 16"
420.Painted slate with Welcome and irises; 14 x 8"
1707.1881 United States 3 cent
976.Powder horn, crow whistle, lighter, Red Point shaving razor; largest item measuring 10" long
613.Inlaid carved teak side table on folding base; 21 x 20" diameter
346.Floral still life oil painting on board, signed lower right; frame measures 11 x 9"
656.Tiled top kitchen table on turned legs; 29 x 61 x 36"
1029.Ultrx turntable, model # UTB3; measuring 16.5" wide (preview for working condition)
1043.Department 56 Heritage Village porcelain figurines, including "Disneyland Fire Department #105", "Disney Parks Family", Olde World Antiques Gate" and "Mickie and Minnie"; largest measuring 9" across
1168.Osterizer blender and T-Fal Actifry fryer; largest measuring 16" tall (preview for working condition)
1415.Christmas related items, Annalee dolls, nut cracker, vintage lighting and tree ornaments
1741.4 United States proof sets, (1971, 1972, 1976 and 1977)
185.3 large knives by Frost Cutlery and BUDK; largest measuring 18" long
272.Miniature mahogany sideboard signed RA Hines '86, miniature brass hat and coat stand and miniature fire andirons; largest 4.5" (sideboard is missing 1 leg)
293.Miniature upholstered armchair by d. Anne Ruff '84; 4" tall
407.Antique style sepia medieval print; mirrored frame measures 12 x 20"
536.Modern upholstered desk chair by Source Seating; measuring 45 x 25 x 19"
819.First edition (1935) complete Monopoly game with all original pieces and cards, no board; measuring 7.5" wide (preview for completeness)
1016.4 pairs of Toni Pons shoes, sizes 41 and 42; box measuring 12" long
1023.Department 56 Heritage Village holiday figurines including "Mickey's Christmas Carol", "Olde World Antiques I" and "Olde World Antiques II"; largest box measuring 16.5" long
1079.Munro and Fidji shoes in various sizes
1153.3 pairs of shoes by Toni Pons, sizes 36 and 37
1711.1856 United States seated liberty quarter
1504.Pair of white wicker chairs; one measuring 38 x 30 x 15" (matches 1502 and 1503, preview for condition)
1554.Shark Ion vacuum; measuring 47" tall (preview for working condition and components)
967.Native American ceramics including 2 pieces of terracotta pottery - 1 signed M. J. Shirley, the other from Ute Mountain Tribe, Towhog, CO, signed I. Wing, and 2 others; largest measuring 7" across
811.Chinese blue and white vase on stand; measuring 14" tall
968.Assortment of Coca-Cola memorabilia, including tins, clock and plush polar bears; largest box measuring 13" tall
815.Hand painted Blue Peony bowl; measuring 10" wide
143.Silver tone and pearl ring marked M75; size 7.5, weighs 14.5 gms
1536.Kenmore dishwasher (preview for working condition)
821.Vintage Fasco Arctic Air metal desk fan; measuring 18" tall (preview for working condition)
123.Sterling silver and red stone bracelet; 2.5" diameter, weighs 16.9 gms
955.Frosted glass airplane light fixture; measuring 21" tall (preview for working condition)
1406.The Ocean World of Jacques Cousteau books set
956.Hand stitched tapestry; measuring 60" long
406.Artini hand-painted three-dimensional etching etched panel; gold frame measures 15 x 13"
1078.Pair of Bose speakers "Free Style Speaker System"; measuring 5.5" tall (preview for working condition)
1346.Box of vintage wood spindles (excludes tote)
1718.3 United States proof sets (1980, 1981 and 1982)
925."The White Ace Historical Album for the Commemorative Stamps of the United States", dated 1965 in updated binder; measuring 12" tall (preview for completeness)
1371.Allen model 440 RR bicycle rack
916.3 model cars - 1957 Studebaker Gold Hawk, 1956 Chrysler 300B and 1960 Ford Starline; largest measuring 12" long
1126.4 pairs of Toni Pons shoes, size 39
610.Thomasville Impressions oak dresser with 6 drawers; 30.5 x 65 x 8 19"
1328.Kirby Diamond Edition vacuum cleaner and accessories (preview for working condition)
1724.1976 three-piece silver Bicentennial mint set
178.Pair of watches by Seiko and Elgin; largest measuring 3" across (Seiko has personalized engraved message)
663.Circular wood table; 18 x 36" diameter
669.4 gray painted spindle back dining chairs
910.4 Delft collectible plates, each with documentation; measuring 10" across
978.Department 56 holiday figurines, including "Dickens Carolers", "Mail Box/Fire Hydrant", "Popcorn Vendor", "Portobello Road Peddlers" and "Woodsmen Elves"; largest box measuring 9" across
1040.3 Pyrex nesting bowls, Corning ware and Hall ceramics; largest measuring 5" tall
1308.Silvered metal and glass ceiling fixture; 15" diameter
1389.Sears craftsman scroll saw (preview for working condition)
1500.Cream wicker sofa and 2 matching rockers, no cushions included; sofa measuring 36 x 66 x 24" (matches 1501; preview for condition)
1527.2 bronze metal barstools
1534.Ross Europa bicycle with stand; 26 and will
661.White painted side table on turned supports; 26 x 29 x 18"
1438.Anscovision dual 8 mm projector (preview for working condition)
951.1940s Sims wind meter in leather case; measuring 8" tall
459.2 foxhunting theme prints with gold frames; each 14 x 17.5"
965.Plastic model train buildings, some with wires by Tyco, Revell and others; largest measuring 8" tall (preview for working condition)
522.2 antique French upholstered armchairs, late 1700's
118.Sterling silver and green stone pendant on sterling chain; pendant is 1.5" diameter
653.Rustic pine chest with 4 drawers; 38 x 39 x 17"
837.Pair of vintage metal cherub lamps with fanned shades; measuring 18" tall (preview for working condition)
838.New York Central System hardhat; measuring 13" across
941.Romanian Etched and gilt glass decanter and 6 wine goblets by Toscany; largest measuring 17" tall
953.5 Asian enameled ceramic figurines; largest measuring 11" tall (preview for condition - some chipping on hands)
1124.MIR pro weighted vest; measuring 18" long
1140.4 pairs of Toni Pons shoes, size 38
1350.Green painted wood foot stool; 22" tall
1388.Box of Christmas related items, candles, nativity items, Christmas decorations
551.Hand painted cherry side table with club feet; measuring 26 x 30 x 18"
1702.1798 United States large cent
106.Jade pendant and earrings, 14K
996.Metal basket with waterway scene in blue; measuring 10" tall
878.Cast iron schnauzer doorstop; measuring 9" long
918.Small wooden sewing cabinet with drawer; measuring 23" tall
1041.Assortment of CDs including Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Bjork, Paul McCartney and others; largest measuring 11" long
718.Assortment of books including comic related books such as "the Far Side Gallery", "the Complete Far Side" two-volume set, "Forbidden History" and many others items; largest measuring 14" tall
437.2 poker playing dogs prints; frames measure 13.5 x 17.5"
516.Southwest design rug; 86 x 55"
342.Coldplay limited edition lithograph "In My Place", includes certificate numbered 211/250; frame measures 40 x 38"
408.Landscape serigraph signed Ted E. Layda 78 lower left, landscape with fence; pine frame measures 26.5 x 39.5"
508.Floral upholstered ottoman; measuring 17 x 20 x 11"
614.Bottlecap table; 18 x 36 x 22.5"
615.Mid century modern pine and metal side table; 18.5 x 36 x 19.5"
632.Hexagonal shaped hexagonal top painted wood table; 19 x 14" diameter
666.White painted wood rocker; 47" tall
851.Waterford vase and Waterford bud vase, both marked; largest measuring 7" tall
957.Department 56 Heritage Village holiday figurines in boxes, including "Thatcher's", "Letters for Santa", "Village Sign with Snowman", "Red Covered Bridge" and "Childe Pond and Skaters"; largest measuring 7" tall
1103.Lionel train "The Lionel Hudson 700E" table lamp; measuring 14" tall (preview for working condition)
1317.Hydraulic jack by Duralast
1480.Yamaha CT-610 AM/FM stereo tuner (preview for working condition)
1544.Glass-top outdoor table and pair of black metal chairs; measuring 26 x 47"
719.Collection of books, including "Alone in Bad Company", "A Falconry Manual", "Whiskey Classified" and many more; largest measuring 9" tall
1807.Box of 1980s Topps baseball cards; box measuring 15" long
973.Department 56 Heritage Village holiday figurines in boxes, including "The Flat of Ebenezer Scrooge", "Poultry Market", "The Old Puppeteer", "The Flying Scot Train" and "Village Pole Pine Tree"; largest box measuring 8" tall
651.Thomasville mid century modern double dresser with attached mirror; dresser measures 31 x 71 x 19", mirror is 45 x 52" (matches 650 and 652)
524.Mahogany drop side gate leg dining table; 30 x 22 x 40" closed, sides are 22" wide
1382.Vintage tools, includes folding measure, carpenters planes, brace, vintage irons, flour sifter, kitchen gadgets (excludes tote)
991.Vintage Hamilton Beach citrus soda bar squeezer; measuring 22" tall
131.Sterling silver ring with blue stone; size 6, weighs 6.6 gms
241.Miniature landscape oil painting by and Balbirnie, signed and dated 1985; 2 x 3"
403.Coldplay Limited Edition Lithograph "Clocks", numbered 212/250; frame measures 40 x 38"
1136.Cuisinart waffle maker, antler table set, clock, Eureka Big Shot, wooden framed prints; largest measuring 11" tall
1358.Quantity of toys, stuffed animals (excludes tote)
1740.1968 and 1969 United States proof sets, 1964 United States mint set
1309.3 panel oriental folding wood screen; 32 x 25"
1123.2 pairs of vintage metal bookends by Philadelphia Manufacturing Co; largest measuring 7" tall
277.Miniature needlepoint rug; 5.5 x 4"
626.Rustic pine storage box; 16 x 29 x 17"
846.Mid century table lamp with wooden and ceramic body and burlap shade; measuring 31" tall (preview for working condition)
1354.Hourglass shaped aluminum stool; 19" tall
1397.Children's DVDs, includes Shrek, Toy Story, Return to Neverland, Beauty and the Beast, Webster This Scaredy Spider, Dinosaur, Fantasia and Kung Fu VHS cassettes (preview for box contents)
930.Vintage stamp collection, includes covers and single stamps; largest measuring 13" tall
935.Pair of model cars, including Jada 1962 Volkswagen bus and Morris Mini Cooper; largest measuring 8" long
703.Assortment of gun and weaponry books including "The Encyclopedia of Weaponry"; largest measuring 13 " tall
121.Artist and made sterling silver and pin/pendant and chain; 25.5 gms
873.Pair of bronze tone metal lion bookends; measuring 8" long
980.2 Star Wars activity trunks, "The Little Mermaid" music box, Swift Stream X-32CV drone in box and other items; largest box measuring 12" tall
1025.Bachman "The American" boxed train set; box measuring 19" across
1157.3 model vehicles including 1957 International R-190 Tanker bank, 1918 Mack flatbed truck and limited edition Sam Hornish 2001 Dallara; largest box measuring 12" across
1442.Model GV 1000 hand gun safe, includes box
1529.Union Supreme Trunk and Bag Company storage trunk; 22 x 33 x 19.5"
430.Oval-shaped mirror with gold frame; 29 x 14.5"
1721.1963 United States mint set
142.Sterling silver and colored stone hinged bracelet, 2 silver tone bracelets
1810.Large assortment of 1989 baseball puzzle and card boxes; 1 measuring 2" tall
1722.1964 United States mint set
140.Silver and gold tone ring with colored stones; size 7, weighs 12.6 gms
1117.Art glass fish, yellow vase and pink frosted glass trinket box; largest measuring 11" tall
192.Bayonet in scabbard; measuring 14" long
940.Assorted crystal lamp finials; largest measuring 4" long
1365.Remington 16" electric chainsaw (preview for working condition)
1713.1858 United States seated liberty half dollar
1502.White wicker sofa with colorful upholstery; measuring 37 x 52 x 15" (matches 1503 and 1504, preview for condition)
1044.7 vintage Pyrex dishes and refrigerator boxes, 1 Fire King bowl; largest measuring 11" wide
1503.White wicker sofa with colorful upholstery; measuring 37 x 52 x 15" (matches 1502 and 1504, preview for condition)
664.Antique style carved frame upholstered armchair
278.Miniature needlepoint rug; 7.5 x 6"
544.Floral form painted metal light fixture; 21" diameter
875.Ray Ban sunglasses in case; measuring 7" long
943.Vintage green painted metal shaving mirror; measuring 12" tall (preview for condition)
1719.4 United States proof sets (2001, 2003, 2006 and 2009)
1169.Pair of Infinity RS3 speakers; measuring 15.5" tall (preview for working condition)
1720.1962 United States mint set
987.Vintage fishing lures, tacklebox, Pflueger reel and BBs; largest measuring 12" long
1034.Marcato pasta making equipment; largest box measuring 8.5" wide
607.French provincial style 2 door nightstand; 24 x 24 x 16"
855.Pair of Waterford wine goblets; measuring 9" tall
624.Black and pink painted metal hanging light fixture; 22" tall
866.Candelabra style table lamp; measuring 24" tall (preview for working condition)
1538.Chromed metal shelf; 46 x 23 x 13"
125.Sterling silver necklace; 23.4 gms
331.Framed fan with Renaissance scene; frame measuring 14 x 22"
417.Japanese silk needlepoint, landscape with boat; frame measures 17 x 22"
658.2 vintage solid wood office chairs
933.Franciscan "Strawberry Fair" china, including 5 dinner plates, 5 dessert plates, 3 bowls, 5 bread plates, 3 saucers, 4 cups, sugar bowl and cream pitcher; dinner plates measuring 11" across
1509.Metal ladder; measuring 95 x 19 x 5"
1119.Assortment of teacups and saucers, including Kutani and other brands; largest measuring 5.5" across
1455.Pink flocked Christmas tree includes box; 33" tall
257.Miniature porcelain dinner plates, side plates, platter and serving pieces signed MCK; largest 1.5"
538.Black metal bird cage form hanging light fixture, includes ceramic birds; 40" tall
1539.Internal pine finish door; 80 x 36" (no hardware)
1801.2 vintage Willie Mays cards, 1 autographed; measuring 4" tall (preview for authenticity)
948.Street Savage radio controlled stunt vehicle, Swift Stream Z-32CV camera drone and Swift Stream Z-9 camera drone; largest box measuring 25" long (preview for working condition)
617.Oval-shaped oak extending kitchen table, includes 1 additional leaf and 5 matching arrow back chairs; table measures 30 x 60 x 40" extended, leaf is 18" wide
128.3 silver and colored stone rings, 2 are marked 925; size 7.75, combined weight 15.2 gms
872.Cast iron 1860s mantle statue; measuring 13" tall
606.French provincial style chest with 4 drawers; 41 x 32 x 17"
297.2 miniature metal and ceramic lamps, 1 is signed; largest 1.5" signed winger
303.P. Buckley Moss signed and editioned offset lithograph of girl playing violin, pencil signed "Moss 81" and numbered 182/1000 at bottom left; measuring 12.5 x 11"
938.Louis Lourioux "Le Faune" Herb and Wild Flower Pots De Creme set of 6 with tray; measuring 4" tall
1520.Sears Craftsman industrial router table (no router-preview for condition)
1064.Antique doorknobs and other metalware; largest measuring 6.5" long
523.Oval-shaped side table, pedestal base and white marble top; 19 x 34 x 25"
1507.Yellow metal dolly; measuring 60 x 16 x 6"
112.Victorian wire work necklace and earrings set
959.Milk glass oil lamp; measuring 26" tall (preview for working condition)
160.Sterling silver ladle by Reed & Barton; measuring 7" long (weighing 81.4 gms)
1424.Fishing accessories, bates and lures
1087.Hand-stitched quilt with floral medallions; measuring 66 x 85"
176.Assortment of stones and small vile of gold flakes; largest measuring 5.5" tall
818.Hand stitched quilt, measuring 88 x 100"
640.Doored cabinet with shelves; measuring 48 x 21 x 14"
997."The Andy Griffith Show Mayberry Mania Game" in unopened box; measuring 10" tall
1318.Homelite Backpacker II gas powered blower (preview for working condition)
133.Sterling silver star shaped pendant with beaded pearl necklace; 26.7 gms
288.Laura Gill miniature kitchen table; 3" tall
521.Chippendale style table with carved claw and ball feet; 19 x 33 x 20"
247.Miniature portrait with gold frame; 2.5 x 2"
501.Hand knotted area rug in neutral tones of tan, green, yellow and mauve; measuring 96 x 120"
502.Hand knotted beige and brown floral design oriental rug; 120 x 96"
650.Thomasville mid century modern dresser with bifold rattan front doors and 4 drawers; 65 x 38 x 20" (matches 651 and 652)
1523.Black metal patio table, frosted glass top, 4 chairs and matching cushions; table measures 28 x 54" diameter
847.Circa 1930's Carmen accordion in box, model # 85080; measuring 21" across (preview for working condition)
1057.Lenox "Peking" china including 6 dinner plates and 5 bread plates; dinner plate measuring 9" across
1800.1989 autographed Nolan Ryan card; measuring 6" tall (preview for authenticity)
1357.Onkyo stereo receiver, RCA antenna and remote control (preview for working condition)
279.Miniature Oriental style rug; 11.5 x 9"
122.Sterling silver and turquoise pendant; 3"
119.2 gold and silver tone earrings marked 14K; combined weight 3.3 gms
1102.4 pairs of Neosens shoes in sizes 37, 40 and 41
885.Vintage metal Aladdin Rough Rider lunch box with thermos; measuring 8" long
620.Antique oak slat back armchair with rush seat
244.Floral still life oil painting miniature painting with gold frame, miniature shell wreath; largest 2.25"
256.Miniature floral arrangements; largest 2"
645.Oak pedestal table and 6 Virginia House chairs; table measuring 30 x 42"
829.Pair of Bose 201 V speakers; measuring 14" wide (preview for working condition)
1387.Horseshoe wine rack; 19" wide
111.6 Victorian stick pins in box
274.Miniature white wicker daybed; 6.5" wide
804.Cast iron spaniel doorstop; measuring 8.5" tall
126.5 sterling silver and colored stone bracelets; combined weight 128.2 gms
477.Victorian mirror with walnut and gold frame; 36 x 21"
513.2-piece teak bookshelf, 2 drawers above 2 doors; 78 x 38 x 18" (matches 511 and 512)
525.Cut crystal and brass hanging light fixture; 23" tall
530.Mid century modern walnut chest by Bassett Furniture Industries; 44.5 x 34.5 x 19"
1531.Weider Ultimate Bodyworks fitness machine
1532.Antique wrought iron lightning rod; 70" tall
130.Matching sterling silver and copper necklace, bracelet and earrings
515.Solid walnut chest, 2 short and 3 long drawers with brass handles; 38 x 42.5 x 20" (matches 514)
108.Multicolored Jade jewelry, includes 2 pendants and necklace; all marked 14K
349.Vintage Grateful Dead advertising poster with large gold frame; 62 x 32"
845.Vintage miniature Singer sewing machine, in box; measuring 13" long (preview for working condition)
1484.Pair of distressed wooden nightstands; measuring 26 x 15 x 12"; (preview for condition)
504.Karastan Bergama design oriental style rug; 52 x 76"
302.P. Buckley Moss signed and editioned offset lithograph of elderly woman quilting, signed at bottom left and numbered 33/1000; measuring 21 x 23"
311.Watercolor on paper of tropical scene, signed Theodore Turner in pencil at bottom right; measuring 21 x 26"
849.Hampton Silversmith's gold tone stainless steel flatware set, in box; measuring 14.5" across
853.Brass hourglass with dolphin finial; measuring 12" tall
1156.Wooden hanging lanterns; largest measuring 9" tall
124.2 sterling silver bracelets with colored stones; combined weight 26.6 gms
1421.Utilitech 16 hp submersible utility pump, includes box
269.Miniature pram with Teddy bear (needs repair) and miniature metal building; largest 2.5"
619.Upholstered reclining armchair (matches 618)
184.58 Wade England porcelain "Whimsies" and Red Rose tea premiums; box measuring 10" long
262.Miniature green painted kitchen cabinet with 4 doors, includes miniature canned goods; 6.75" tall
301.Signed and editioned winter scene offset lithograph by P. Buckley Moss, signed at bottom right, dated 79 and numbered 698/1000; measuring 17 x 17"
652.Mid century modern pair of nightstands; each measures 24 x 26 x 17" (matches 650 and 651)
816.Harley Davidson black metal saddle bags; measuring 14 x 19 x 6" (preview for condition)
1143.Set of ceramic cherubs; largest measuring 9" tall
1419.Box of vintage LP records, includes Carole King, Rita Marley, Joan Baez, Herman's Hermits, Lou Reed, The Doors, Tom Waits and others
901.Silvertone acoustic guitar in case; measuring 41" long (preview for condition)
618.Upholstered reclining armchair (matches 619)
105.Lavender jade bracelet and pendant, 14K gold trim
511.Solid wood china cabinet, 4 glazed doors above 2 cupboards and 3 drawers; 77 x 74 x 20" (matches 512 and 513)
1717.1878-S United States Morgan dollar
304.Signed and editioned P. Buckley Moss offset lithograph of mother and child, signed at bottom right, dated 80 and numbered 193/1000; measuring 12 x 12"
529.Rustic mahogany wall mount cabinet with glass door; 26 x 15.5 x 11"
532.White painted antique mahogany chest; 46 x 43 x 19"
1524.Oak finish open front shelf; 54 x 35 x 16.5"
809.4 Waterford wine goblets and 2 cordials, marked; tallest measuring 6"
634.Rustic pine dry sink, 1 drawer and 2 doors; 34 x 34 x 17"
294.Miniature Queen Anne style high wingback armchair by Judee Williamson; 4.5" tall
1067.Sketchers Relaxed Fit boots, size13
1063.Cobalt blue Fiesta relish tray and Corning ware meat tray; largest measuring 16"
867.Cast Iron Scottie doorstop; measuring 10" tall
472.Margaret Thatcher autographed photograph; frame measures 12 x 10"
1521.Sears Craftsman 16" scroll saw (preview for working condition)
103.14K yellow gold solitaire 15pt diamond ring; size 6, weighs 2.1 gms
255.2 Laura Gill miniature ladder backed chairs; 3.5" tall
518.Mahogany veneer American Empire chest with 4 drawers; 46 x 46 x 21"
801.Cast iron frog doorstop; measuring 6.5" long
803.Lotus Remo banjo; measuring 38" long
1144.Set of ceramic monkey figures, unmarked; measuring 8" tall
1337.Baroque vintage cast iron George Washington fireplace andirons; 22" tall
1329.4 coin-operated parking meters on stand; 20" tall
631.2 drawer hall table; 30 x 53 x 19"
971.Mid century lamps with pleated shades and gold tone ceramic bodies; 1 measuring 35" tall (preview for working condition)
159.Pair of sterling silver candelabras, marked "925 sterling" and "alpaca"; measuring 8" tall, total weight 665.5 gms
1348.Star form metal ceiling light fixture; 12" tall
117.Ladies ring set with colored stones, marked 14K; size 8, weighs 4.2 gms
1701.1851 United States half cent
109.Bracelets, Jade heart with diamond bail, 10K
280.Miniature 4 poster bed with canopy signed Donna 89; 7.5" wide
291.Miniature chinoiserie tall case clock by Laurie Sweatt; 6.5" tall
514.Solid wood chest, 2 short and 4 long drawers with brass handles; 53 x 36 x 20" (matches 515)
1558.Range stroller by Baby Trend in black and gray; measuring 40" tall
175.Albert Jake sterling silver bracelet with red stone, weighing 15.9 gms; measuring 2.5" at widest point
535.Antique wooden ice box; measuring 29 x 28 x 20" (preview for condition)
643.1970s chest of drawers; measuring 47 x 40 x 18" (matches 642)
1495.Assortment of axes, pickaxes and other items; measuring 58" tall (preview for condition)
1316.Hanging crystal light fixture; 14" diameter
107.Lapis pendant, 14K
116.Pair of Italian earrings marked 18K; weighs 1.9 gms
246.Miniature mahogany nightstand signed Dennis; 2.5" tall
263.Miniature told top side table and miniature mahogany side table; largest 4"
547.Wooden trunk with carved floral detail and lions paw feet; measuring 21 x 42 x 17" (preview for condition)
605.French provincial style shelf on chest 2 pieces; 70 x 31 x 19" (matches 604)
637.Rustic painted pine wash stand, raised back, 1 drawer and turned legs; 37 x 37 x 18"
641.Nut brown wooden bookshelf; measuring 54 x 35 x 12"
808.4 Waterford brandy glasses, marked; measuring 6" tall
986.Churchill England "Willow" tea set, including sugar bowl, cream pitcher, teapot and gravy boat; tallest measuring 11" tall
139.14K gold and colored stone ring; size 4, weighs 5.1 gms
264.Janet Bailey miniature hand painted shelf back kitchen cabinet; 6.25" tall
266.Miniature ceramics, serving pieces, plates, candelabra and other miniatures; largest 1"
144.Silver tone ring with clear stones; size 7.5, weighs 2.9 gms
531.Bowed mahogany finish hall table; 28 x 53 x 16"
1380.Antique pierced brass fireplace fender; 36" wide
907.6 volume leather-bound "The Complete Prose Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow" books, copyright 1883; 1 measuring 12" long
344.Antique portrait oil painting on board, bearded man with pipe, signed lower left and inscribed on reverse; frame measures 13.5 x 11.5"
261.Miniature urn, miniature floral arrangement; largest 1.25"
313.Oil on stretched canvas of beach scene in molded gilt frame, signed T. Vanderbilt at bottom left; measuring 31 x 27"
520.Antique oak storage cupboard with 2 carved doors and turned feet; 37.5 x 44 x 22"
533.Maple shelf back dresser with 3 drawers and 3 cupboards; 60 x 50 x 17"
1496.Black metal birdcage on stand; measuring 59" tall
812.Turkish brass "Big John" divided lunch box with flatware; measuring 10" tall
1331.3 paintball helmets (excludes tote)
602.Oak curio cabinet with glass shelves; 74 x 37", to fit corner 24 x 24"
826.Large assortment of commemorative military medallions; box measuring 12" long
1435.4 boxes 45 RPM records, includes sleeves
248.Miniature's landscape oil painting, signed Wayne F. 1971 on reverse; 2 x 3.25"
271.Miniature footstool with needlepoint top, signed VSV, miniature pedestal and bust signed LaVigne Pene't
275.Miniature poster bed by Shirley Adams, includes linens and stuffed toy; 7.5" long
800.Pink painted wooden dollhouse with electricity and many details, dollhouse has glass panel at the back that slides open; measuring 27 x 32 x 18"
625.Oak 3 section glass front bookcase; 39 x 24 x 9"
549.Dark stained walnut 4 poster bed frame with bonnet top pediment on headboard; headboard measuring 77 x 80 x 3.5"
889.Tooled leather saddle with stirrups, marked "65" on seat; measuring 20" long
329.Limited edition Marc Chagall (1887-1985) lithograph, titled "Eiffel Tower, Serenade", facsimile signed by artist at lower right, COA on verso; measuring 46 x 36"
245.Miniature fan shaped fire screen, miniature fan, miniature pottery plates and wall sconces; largest 3"
1499.46" Samsung flat screen television, model # LN46A530P1F 8; measuring 29" tall
404.Oil painting on canvas, portrait with angels with Angel and cherubs; elaborate 3 dimensional gold frame measures 49 x 30 38"
526.Solid mahogany chest on chest (2 pieces); 62 x 42 x 21"
1366.Stihl MS 210 chainsaw (preview for working condition)
319.Framed large nude study painting on stretched canvas, signed T. Crawford at bottom right; measuring 34 x 47"
537.Rococo style hand painted side table; measuring 29 x 15 x 12"
603.Black finish wood extending kitchen table, includes 4 matching chairs and 1 extension leaf; table measures 30 x 49 x 36" closed, leaf is 12" wide
290.Renee Isabelle pole screen with hand-painted shield shaped screen; 5" tall signed and dated 1990
541.Antique 1800's Virginia sideboard with mirrored back, 2 drawers and 2 doors, ; 74 x 46 x 18"
114.14K yellow gold ring set with topaz color stone; size 7 weighs 7.9 gms
249.2 miniature painted porcelain urns and signed miniature painted floral arrangement; largest 1"
299.Miniature porcelain tureen with cover, bowl and covered dish signed MN; largest 1"
135.Sterling silver and turquoise stone bracelet
189.3 bracelets - 2 sterling silver and 1 marked 18k gold, with multi-colored stones; longest measuring 8" (total weight of all 83.0 gms)
289.Miniature painted stationary box signed Rosemarie Torre; 1.25" tall
300.German Heubert Herr Black Forest cuckoo clock; measuring 12 x 17 x 8", not including weights (preview for working condition)
132.14K gold and blue stone ring; size 6.5, weighs 2.2 gms
243.Miniature "Tree of Life" painting signed Schlosser and oval framed miniature mirror; largest 3"
1485.Racks on Rexon 8" drill press model RDM 30 B; measuring 59" tall (preview for working condition)
810.8 Waterford wine goblets, marked; measuring 6" tall
120.14K ring set with clear stones; size 4, weighs 2.9 gms
281.Hand-painted miniature stenciled chair by Therese Rahl, signed and dated 1990; 2.75" tall
273.Miniature 2 door armoire by Renee Isabelle, signed and dated 1990; 5.75" tall
115.14K silver tone ring with clear and colored stones; size 9, weighs 8.9 gms
102.Ladies 14K yellow gold 25pt solitaire diamond ring; size 6, weighs 2.1 gms
259.Queen Anne style dollhouse miniature furniture, includes camelback sofa, high back wing chair and footstool signed N. Belt; largest 6"
550.Hand painted dining table in distressed white with blue foliate details; measuring 30 x 72 x 34"
104.Bracelet marked 14K Italy; 6.5" long weighs 8.7 gms
258.Miniature silver plated items, includes 2 Kirk and sons sterling silver salt spoons, sterling candelabra, sterling silver trays, goblets and table wares; largest 1.5"
1712.1833 United States bust half dollar
503.Antique Iranian hand knotted rug; 48 x 80"
509.Victorian walnut sofa, carved frame and loose cushions on turned legs; 61" wide
807.12 Waterford wine goblets, marked; 1 measuring 7" tall
260.Miniature dollhouse furniture includes Chippendale style bench, 4 shield back dining chairs by Andrews Miniatures and signed rectangular double pedestal dining table; 6" wide (bench has damage)
546.Flame mahogany chest on stand; measuring 32 x 16 x 13"
527.Mahogany corner display cabinet, 2 glass doors above 1 drawer and 2 cupboards below; 73" tall, to fit corner 24 x 24" (matches 528)
528.Mahogany corner display cabinet, 2 glass doors above 1 drawer and 2 cupboards below; 73" tall, to fit corner 24 x 24" (matches 527)
254.Miniature painted side table signed and dated DJ 1997; measures 2.5" wide
295.Grouping of miniature Quimper china, includes plates, platters, bowls and mugs; largest 1.5"
253.Miniature mahogany chest, vanity mirror and brush set, chest is signed by Dennis Jenney 1981, largest 3.25" tall
648.Hand made life size wooden playhouse with hand-painted window details; measuring 70 x 69 x 64" NOTE: this item is very large and heavy and the high bidder will need to make appropriate accommodations for the transport of this item
242.Miniature mahogany writing desk by Dennis Jenney, signed and dated 1982; 3.5" tall
517.Brown leather upholstered sofa; 92" wide
129.14K ring with turquoise, clear and red stones; size 8, weighs 4.9 gms
101.Ladies 14K white gold emerald and diamond cluster ring set with emeralds and diamonds; size 7, weighs 7.4 gms
500.Hand knotted Iranian wool rug with central floral medallion, using tones of navy, pink, brick red, cornflower blue, tan and white; measuring 96 x 120"
1519.Browning Prosteel Model RL2436 series gun safe with combination lock; 60 x 30 x 23.5"
141.18K gold filigree ring with clear stones, marked 750; size 7.75, weighs 6.2 gms
347.19th century oil painting on canvas, landscape with cattle signed Taylor lower right; antique style frame measures 35 x 49"
100.Midway Terminator 2 Judgment Day arcade game, model TERMINATOR 2 40009; measuring 72 x 27 x 36"

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