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10/18/2018: October 18th 2018 Online Auction - Bids close Thursday October 18th 2018 from 11am ET at 4 lots per minute

Item Description
100.1941 Cadillac Fleetwood. Candy Apple Brandywine paint, 4 door Chevy 350 v8 gas engine. 700r4 automatic transmission with overdrive, late model 1980's frame, front disc brakes, wire spoke wheels, leather interior, air ride suspension. Includes many thousands of dollars worth of vintage hard-to-find Cadillac parts. Builds need to be completed. VIN 4DSED60S-6343374.

This item is offered for sale with a reserve of $3,000. If the reserve is not met, the high bid will be submitted to the seller for confirmation

Please note: Cannon's Auctions does not give any guarantee or warranty on this vehicle, either expressly or implied. It is sold AS IS - NO WARRANTY. It is the buyers responsibility to inspect the vehicle prior to the auction close

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101.14K gold ring with stones that test as diamonds, size 9.5; weighing 4.7 g
102.14 K white gold ring with clear stones that test as diamonds, size 6.5; weighing 2.5 g
103.Sterling silver and 18K gold ring with blue stone; weighing 5.2 g, size nine
104.Ornate sterling silver necklace AND matching bracelet with red stones, includes box; total weight 77.3 g
105.Sterling silver earrings with genuine pearls; weighing 5.5 g
106.Gold tone sterling silver ring with clear stones, size 7; weighing 11.6 g
107.Sterling silver ring with clear stones; weighing 2.7 g, size 7
108.Art Nouveau beaded handbag with silk lining; measuring 7 " tall (preview for condition)
109.French Art Deco beaded purse; 7 " long (preview for condition)
110.Assortment of genuine pearl jewelry; longest measuring 32 "
111.Art Nouveau hat pin in case; measuring 3 " tall
112.Gold tone sterling silver ring with clear stones, size 7; weighing 8.4 g
113.Sterling silver cuff bracelet and earrings, measuring 2.5 " wide; total weight 48.5 g
114.Mexico TF-41 sterling silver bracelet with inlay; weighing 52.6 g
115.Wenger Swiss military watch, not currently ticking, back missing
116.Necklace with marked sterling silver chain and pin with clear stones, marked "China", 16 " long; weighing 3.8 g
117.Sterling silver ring with colored stones, size 6; weighing 4.6 g
118.Antique gold tone pin, unmarked
119.2 sterling silver necklaces with cross pendants, longest is 18 "; weighing 13.5g together
120.Sterling silver jewelry including 2 chains with pendant and locket and pin, longest 15" ; weighing 13.4 g together
121.Assortment of sterling silver jewelry; total weight is 30.2 grams
122.Sterling silver rings, sizes 8 and 8.5; total weight 30.9 g
123.2 rings - unmarked sterling and silver tone, sizes 5 and 8; total weight is 5.7 g
124.Sterling silver beaded bracelet, 6.5 " long; weighing 11 g
125.Silver tone necklace, eagle with turquoise colored stones; 20 " long.
126.Triple-monogrammed sterling silver cream pitcher, weighs 162.5 gms; measuring 5" tall
127.Set of sterling silver flatware, including 6 knives with stainless steel blades, 7 seafood forks (total weight gms), 5 soup spoons (total weight 165.5 gms), 8 dessert forks (total weight 248.8 gms), 10 teaspoons (total weight 234 gms), 6 dinner forks (total weight 317.4 gms) and 2 serving spoons (total weight 115.8 gms)
128.Triple-monogrammed sterling silver bowl, weighs 111.3 gms; measuring 3.5" tall (matches 129, 130 and 241)
129.Triple-monogrammed sterling silver coffee pot, weighing 535.8 grams; measuring 12" tall (matches 128, 130 and 241)
130.Triple-monogrammed sterling silver sugar bowl with lid, weighs 223.1 gms; measuring 6" tall (matches 128, 129 and 241)
131.Two sterling silver rings, 1 with turquoise stone and 1 with purple, size is 7.5 and 8.5; total weight is 4.2 g
132.Pair of gold tone sterling silver necklaces with heart pendants and red stones, measuring 19 " long; total weight 9.6 g
133.Assortment of sterling silver clip-on earrings; total weight 13.2 g
134.Assortment of sterling silver jewelry, longest 16 "; total weight is 15 g
135.Two sterling silver bracelets with multicolored stones, 2.5 " wide; total weight is 21.7 g
136.Sterling silver earrings, and 1 unmarked silver tone pair; weight of sterling only 7.1 g
137.14K gold and black beaded necklace and earrings set, 18 " long; total weight 13 g
138.Swarovski bear pin in gold tone with orange crystals, measuring 2.5 " long
139.Sterling silver bracelet, 3 " wide; weighing 54.5 g
140.2 marked "silver" pins, 1 with green stone and 1 with red stone, 1.5 " long; total weight 14.3 g
141.Sterling silver jewelry including a freshwater pearl bracelet, longest 16 "; total weight is 12.7 grams
142.Sterling silver LO and VE earrings and Napier butterfly pin, largest 2.5 " wide; sterling weight only is 1.7 grams
143.Beaded sterling silver bracelet, cross earrings and 1 rope style sterling silver bracelet, longest is 7 " long; total weight is 23.1 g
144.Pair of sterling silver earrings with turquoise colored stones; weight is 4.7 g
145.Sterling silver jewelry, some with real pearls; total weight is 14.2 g
146.Sterling silver pendant with bead detail and green stones, measuring 2.5 " long; weighing 11.3 g
147.3 silver tone bracelets, longest 3 " wide
148.Sterling silver rings, size 5 and 9.5; weighs 7.6 g
149.Assortment of sterling silver jewelry, longest 16 "; total weight is 16 g
150.Assortment of sterling silver jewelry, longest is 18 "; weighing 14.5 g
151.Sterling silver jewelry, longest 7 "; total weight is 56 grams
152.Sterling silver jewelry with colored stones; total weight 45.5 g
153.Sterling silver chains and pendant with turquoise colored stones, longest 30 "; total weight is 17.8 g
154.Collection of vintage costume jewelry including Trifari, longest is 3 "
155.Hans Jensen silver plate hand held purse mirror, marked "Denmark"; measuring 4.5" long
156.Sterling silver United Sates Marksman Medal, measuring 1.5 " tall; total weight 16.7 g
157.Silver tone rope bracelet, 3 " wide
158.2 pairs of sterling silver earrings, total weight 10.5 g
159.Vintage watches by Gruen and Silvana, neither ticking; longest measuring 6"
160.Sterling silver earrings, 2 pairs; total weight is 14.5 g
161.Sterling silver necklace with cameo pendant and silver tone necklace marked "KC", longest is 20 "; sterling only weight is 8.9 g
162.Sterling silver hat pins and brooches; total weight is 24.5 g
163.Sterling and silver tone bracelets; sterling weight only is 4.3 gms
164.Sterling silver spoons; total weight 68.4 gms
165.Sterling silver jewelry and coin pendant, ring is size 5.5; total weight 13.2 gms
166.925 marked Pandora bracelet with charms, total weight 129.1 gms; measuring 16" long (preview for authenticity)
167.Sterling silver spoon and coaster; spoon only weighs 12.8 gms
168.Bone and turquoise beaded necklace with unmarked sterling pendant; measuring 21" long
169.Sterling chain necklace, weighing 22 gms; measuring 16" long
170.Assortment of sterling earrings; total weight 15.9 gms (preview for condition - 1 doesn't have match and 1 missing clip)
171.The world's first miniature $10 gold piece solid 14K gold by the Historic Providence Mint, in original packaging; measuring 8" tall (preview for condition)
172.Assortment of jewelry with natural semi precious stones, including necklaces and earrings; box measuring 7 " across
173.3 arrowheads; longest measuring 6 "
174.Gold tone pin with purple stone; measuring 0.5" long
175.Assortment of sterling silver and silver tone jewelry; weight of sterling only is 28.9 g
176.Assortment of US and Canadian coins
177.Sterling silver cuff bracelet; measuring 2.5 " wide, weighing 36.2 g
178.Sterling silver bracelet; 2.5 " wide, weighing 21.8 g
179.Vintage Jewelarama pin; measuring 3 " long.
180.Vintage Longines watch in box; box measuring 5 " wide (preview for condition)
181.Alpaca Mexico belt buckle with turquoise colored stones; measuring 4 " across
182.Vintage guitar themed pin; measuring 4 " long
183.Lassale watch in gold tone with blue; 2.5 " wide (preview for condition).
184.Large assortment of vintage watches including Elgin, Timex, Waltham and others; longest measuring 9 " (preview for condition)
185.Selection of vintage jewelry and heart-shaped box; box measuring 4 " wide
186.3 cross service pins in sterling silver, 2 dated 1886; total weight is 3.7 g
187.Vintage Eureka Lodge Number 5, Norfolk, Virginia ribbon; measuring 8 " long
188.Chinese silver and cloisonne enamel hairpin; measuring 8 " long
189.Gold tone pierced earrings with illegible marks; measuring 1 " long
190.Silver tone beaded bracelet; measuring 6 " long
191.2 ball pens and 1 pencil by Waterman and Marquis by Waterford, includes boxes; largest box measuring 7 " long
192.Sterling silver fish knive and fork, 10" long (blades and tines acid test as sterling, handles and filled)
193.Lobster shears with sterling handles; measuring 10" long
194.Assortment of pins and medals, some military related and some sterling silver; sterling weight is 31.1 g
195.Vintage Lenox ladies watch in original box; measuring 9 " long (preview for working condition)
196.Assortment of gold tone vintage charms and frame; measuring 12 " wide
197.Early 19th century pearl jewelry set, in frame; measuring 12" wide
198.Pearl necklace with additional stones; measuring 48 " long
199.Freshwater pearl and coral necklace; measuring 14 " long
200.Collection of costume bracelets, including Monet and other brands; measuring 19" across
201.Large assortment of bracelets, including genuine copper; measuring 19" across
202.Vintage ephemera, including unopened Cracker Jack treats, Rutherford Sanitation Service match book/postcard advertisement and other items; measuring 5" tall
203.Assortment of belt buckles; largest measuring 3.5" wide
204.Collection of watches, including Charles Dumont, LaScala and others (preview for working condition)
205.Millefiori style beaded necklace; measuring 20" long
206.Cloisonne bracelet and earring, ring
207.Assortment of costume jewelry
208.3 pendants; largest measuring 1" long
209.Assortment of costume jewelry
210.Selection of costume jewelry
211.Collection of bangles, including Sarah Covington, Monet and other brands
212.Jewelry tree with vintage necklaces; measuring 8" tall
213.14K gold plated chain necklace; measuring 23" long
214.Invicta ladies' watch; measuring 9" long
215.Assortment of tie clips
216.Assortment of costume jewelry
217.Metal grapes, wooden mallet, shell mold, souvenir spoons and other items; largest measuring 11" tall
218.Assortment of costume jewelry
219.Assortment of costume jewelry
220.Vintage necklaces; measuring 8" long
221.Stone jewelry box and earrings; measuring 7" across
222.Vintage jewelry box and contents; measuring 7" across
223.Silver plate box with jewelry; measuring 4" across
224.Gilt-detailed treasure chest box with assortment of jewelry inside; measuring 6" wide
225.Vintage Asian jewelry box with assortment of jewelry inside; measuring 12" across
226.Vintage jewelry box with large assortment of jewelry inside; measuring 11" across
227.Vintage jewelry box and contents; measuring 11" across
228.Vintage wooden jewelry box with assortment of jewelry inside; measuring 10" across
229.Box contents include Guess watch, jewelry box, faux pearls, pins and other items; measuring 12" across
230.Costume jewelry, including Liz Claiborne, No Boundaries and other brands; measuring 10" across
231.Clamshell full of costume jewelry; measuring 9" across
232.Cigar box with trinkets and jewelry; measuring 7" across
233.Staffordshire Enamels University of Richmond trinket box; measuring 3.5" wide
234.Collection of costume jewelry rings in various sizes
235.Selection of costume jewelry; measuring 13" (excludes tote)
236.Costume jewelry; measuring 13" (excludes tote)
237.Assortment of costume jewelry; measuring 13" (excludes tote)
238.Large assortment of costume jewelry; measuring 13" (excludes tote)
239.Trench knife with brass knuckle handle, marked "U.S. 1918"; measuring 12" long
240.Sterling and blue enamel ring, size 8; weighing 10.8 gms
241.Triple-monogrammed sterling silver tea pot, weighing 532.5 grams; measuring 11" tall (matches 128, 129 and 130)
242.Goebel pottery figure "Baker Boy" KF58, TMK 2 c1950; measuring 5" tall
243.Jewelry box with costume jewelry, 1 sterling ichthus pendant, weighing 3 gms, flatware napkin rings and miniature tools; box measuring 8.5" wide
300.Portrait painting on canvas of officer, unsigned; measuring 31 x 27"
301.Painting on canvas of gypsy couple on beach, signed at bottom left J. Devoix; measuring 33 x 23" (preview for condition)
302.Pastoral oil on canvas in gold tone frame, signed O.E. Schuestser at bottom left; measuring 31 x 37"
303.Mid century surrealist portrait on canvas, signed by artist Richard Kirk at bottom right; measuring 41 x 29"
304.Tinga tinga painting of colorful wildlife scene, signed Jeremia Emanuely at bottom left; measuring 31 x 25" (preview for condition)
305.Tinga tinga painting of colorful wildlife scene, signed Peter Martin at bottom right; measuring 31 x 25" (preview for condition)
306.Still life painting on canvas in ornate gold tone frame, signed May Banta; measuring 33 x 39" (preview for condition)
307.Nautical painting on board, signed Wyatt at bottom left; measuring 30 x 42"
308.Forest scene painting on canvas in arched frame; measuring 52 x 30" (preview for condition)
309.Forest scene painting on canvas in arched frame; measuring 52 x 30" (preview for condition)
310.Oil on canvas of mountain and waterway scene, signed illegibly at bottom right; measuring 28 x 41"
311.Forest scene painting on canvas, signed at lower right; measuring 25 x 28"
312.Pastoral painting on canvas; measuring 24 x 27"
313.Floral still life painting on canvas, signed R. Michael at bottom left; measuring 22 x 18"
314.Painting on canvas of sheep in field in ornate frame; measuring 15 x 20"
315.Portrait painting of Priscilla Humbert Dudley by Robert Ryland Kearfott (American, 1898 - 1969); measuring 35 x 30"
316.Nautical painting on canvas, signed Ambrose at bottom left; measuring 22 x 24"
317.Nautical painting on canvas, signed illegibly at bottom right; measuring 18 x 20"
318.Nautical painting on canvas, unsigned; measuring 21 x 25"
319.Picasso "Guernica" lithograph; measuring 21 x 40"
320.Picasso lithograph, signed in plate by artist; measuring 31 x 26"
321.Watercolor on paper, signed illegibly at bottom left; measuring 19 x 26"
322.Antique hand colored map of Ardales and Cartama by Braun & Hogenberg; measuring 17 x 21"
323.Limited edition etching, titled and signed illegibly, numbered 75/700; measuring 20 x 15"
324.Limited edition sericel, titled "Jeremy - Beatles" with COA from Park West Galleries; measuring 20 x 24"
325.Waterway painting on stretched canvas in ornate frame; measuring 17 x 25" (preview for condition - frame chipped in places)
326.Vintage folk art silk embroidery, landscape with reindeer; frame measures 24 x 34"
327.Watercolor on paper of forest scene, signed M. Foster at bottom right; measuring 30 x 25"
328.Limited Edition Henry Wilkinson etching, numbered 8/200, signed in plate and pencil by artist at bottom right; measuring 20 x 21"
329.Prideaux John Selby hand colored bird etching, c1821, Oriole Male and Oriole female, plate XXXV from "Illustrations of British Ornithology"; frame measures 26 x 20"
330.Prideaux John Selby hand colored bird etching, c1821, Missel Trush and Ring Ouzel, plate XLIV from "Illustrations of British Ornithology"; frame measures 26 x 20"
331.Signed and editioned folk art offset lithograph, signed by artist, Wooster Scott, at bottom right in pencil and numbered 626/750; measuring 26 x 30"
332.Limited edition P. Buckley Moss lithograph, signed, titled and numbered in pencil, "Love at St. John's", numbered 171/1000; measuring 16 " x 15 "
403.Beveled edge wall mirror with black and gold tone painted frame with low relief floral details in each corner; 23 x 19"
404.Winter landscape oil painting on canvas "There Are No Right Angles In Nature", signed and dated 2008 on reverse; measures
405.Limited edition lithograph "Letting in the Day" by David Gill, signed and numbered 196/950; measuring 37 x 19"
406.Airguide barometer in mahogany frame
407.German photographic reproduction of "Die Parzen" after F.P. Thurman in ornate frame; measuring 35 x 26"
408.Painting on stretched canvas of guitar; measuring 36 x 12"
409.Landscape painting on stretched canvas, signed Dills at lower left in pierced frame; measuring 17 x 20"
410.Red-legged Partridge hand tinted etching in frame; measuring 17 x 19"
411.Framed mid century pencil drawing of woman, signed by artist Salina Norman; measuring 28 x 32"
412.Joseph Hall engraving of "Grand Staircase, Hardwicke Hall, Derbyshire"; measuring 19 x 24"
413.Wall mirror with ornate gilt frame and eagle pediment; measuring 46 x 25"
414.Matted and framed Charles Hunt engraving of A.F. De Prades' "Racing Cracks"; measuring 31 x 50" (preview for condition - appears to be some water damage)
415.Offset lithograph of waterway and mountain scene, in black bamboo-style frame; measuring 22 x 12"
416.Rectangular wall mirror with distressed frame and interior beading; measuring 30 x 41"
417.Round wall mirror with distressed blue frame and interior floral detail; 24" diameter
418.Pair of small framed floral offset lithographs; measuring 14.5 x 12"
419.Wall mirror with bow pediment; measuring 30 x 36"
420.Wall mirror with impressive carved wooden frame; measuring 53 x 36"
421.Textured landscape print in frame; measuring 33 x 44" (preview for condition - some nicks in frame)
422.Large wall mirror with mirrored frame; measuring 52 x 59" (preview for condition - some edge pieces have come off)
423.Vintage National Theater and Merriweather Post Pavilion show posters for "1776", "Marlene Dietrick" and "The Old Vic Company"; measuring 22 x 14"
424.Vintage National Theater and Washington Performing Arts Society show posters for Mantovani, "The Boys in the Band" and "Forty Carats"; measuring 22 x 14"
425.Vintage National Theater and Studio Arena Theater show posters for "Funny Face", "Your Own Thing" and "We Have Always Lived in the Castle"; measuring 22 x 14"
426.Vintage National Theater show posters for "Don't Drink the Water", "What a Minim" and "Hallelujah Baby"; measuring 22 x 14"
427.Vintage National Theater show posters for "D'Oyly Carte Opera Company", "Man of LaMancha" and "The Show-Off"; measuring 22 x 14"
428.Vintage National Theater show posters for "Cabaret", "Here Lies Jeremy Troy" and "In the Manner of J. Robert Oppenheimer"; measuring 22 x 14"
429.Vintage National Theater show posters for "A Patriot for Me", "The Old Vic Company" and "Fiddler on the Roof"; measuring 22 x 14"
430.Vintage National Theater and Broadhurst Theater show posters for "The Price", "You Know I Can't Hear You When The Water's Running" and "Weekend"; measuring 22 x 14"
431.Souvenir postcards and foreign currency; measuring 19" across
432.19th century hand tinted engravings - Audubon and Gould and Richter bird engravings and cityscape; largest measuring 28" (preview for condition)
433.Vintage Pinocchio "Giant Story Coloring Book"; measuring 22" long
434.Assorted offset lithographs of a variety of subjects; measuring 22 x 17"
435.Dr. Who offset lithograph poster "To Victory"; measuring 36 x 24" (preview for condition - small hanging hole at top)
436.Vintage "Burger Time" glass arcade sign; measuring 21 x 23"
437.Vintage Ringling Bros circus poster; measuring 33 x 23" (preview for condition - raw edges)
438.Reverse painting on glass, landscape scene of Shane's Castle; measuring 18 x 31" (preview for condition)
439.Abstract giclee on stretched canvas from Marmont Hill; measuring 27 x 54 "
440.Large offset lithograph of Raphael's "Sistine Madonna" in mahogany tone frame; measuring 29 x 41 "
441.Oil painting on canvas, cardinal with dogwood flowers, signed Carol Mills lower left; gold frame measures 18 x 15"
442.Pair of framed antique gun prints; measuring 10 x 11 "
443.Floral themed prints on offset panels; measuring 24 x 40 "
444.Pair of fruit themed offset lithograph reproduction plates; measuring 28 x 23 "
445.Framed "Richmond View from the Canal" engraving; measuring 26 x 32 "
446.P. Buckley Moss offset lithograph poster featuring 1985 Chicago art show; measuring 26 x 16 "
447.Watercolor and colored pencil on paper of children, signed by artist Maria Kennedy at lower right; measuring 17 x 19 "
448.Offset lithograph of Monet's "Landscape: The Parc Monceau" for the Metropolitan Museum of Art; measuring 36 x 43 "
449.Pair of framed bird themed watercolor and pen on paper; measuring 17 x 25 " (preview for condition - cracked class on 1 frame)
450.Offset lithograph featuring Edgar Degas for the Metropolitan Museum of Arts 1977; measuring 28 x 20 "
451.Offset lithograph of pastoral scene painting by Carl Brennir, signed in plate by artist at lower left corner; measuring 23 x 32 "
452.Painting on stretched canvas of cityscape, signed by artist at lower right Cordora; measuring 24 x 48 "
453.Offset lithograph of "Gypsy Woman with a Baby" by Amedeo Modigliani; measuring 26 x 16 " (preview for condition)
454.Joseph Nash engraving titled "Gallery, Hatfield, Herts"; measuring 19 x 23 " (preview for authenticity)
455.Wooden framed mirror with broken pediment and gilded edges; measuring 44 x 19 "
456.Round Disney wall mirror with Mickey and Goofy; measuring 19 x 26 "
457.Framed pencil drawing, titled "The Ultimate in Leadership" signed "Tricky Dick"; measuring 26 x 38 "
458.6 framed stitched bird textiles; each measuring 10 x 7 " (preview for condition)
459.Hanging stained glass panel with birds and flowers; measuring 16 x 12 "
460.Shadowbox with nativity scene and electricity; measuring 10 x 15 " (preview for working condition)
461.Framed floral textile; measuring 21 x 21 "
462.Planet Potato framed print; measuring 12 x 18 "
463.Still life screen print in frame; measuring 15 x 14 "
464.Asian flower painting; measuring 12 x 10 "
465.Miniature oil painting, landscape with onion dome catherdral buildings, signed by artist lower right (illegibly); measuring 9 x 11 "
466.Framed fantasy themed offset lithograph; measuring 39 x 27 " (preview for condition)
467.Floral painting on stretched canvas, signed Kimmy at lower left; measuring 12 x 16 "
468.Inscribed Catholic apolistic blessing; measuring 28 x 22 "
469.Large Woody Allen poster featuring scenes from his movies; measuring 39 x 27 "
470.Signed and editioned offset lithograph of raccoon, signed by artist Rod Arbogast at lower right and numbered 212/950; measuring 26 " x 23 "
471.Photographic offset lithograph of city along water; measuring 17 x 14 "
472.Pair of French train themed offset lithographs; measuring 20 x 25 " (preview for condition)
473.Pair of vintage inspired botanical offset lithographs in matching frames; each measuring 28" x 23"
474.Surfboard wall decoration; measuring 27 x 12"
475.Signed and editioned offset lithograph titled "Quality Time", numbered 343/950 signed by artist at lower right; measuring 17 x 19 "
476.Ornate gold toned rectangular wall mirror with floral details; measuring 25 x 21 "
477.Modern distressed wall clock; measuring 30 x 18 " (preview for working condition)
478.Signed and numbered screenprint of "White Irises" numbered 126/500, signed by artist at lower right, possibly Woodland; measuring 37 " x 31 "
479.Signed and editioned offset lithograph of "Fear and Loathing in Denver", signed by artist in marker at lower left, Sean Dietrich, editioned 57/100; measuring 17 x 11" (preview for condition)
480.Framed offset lithograph of photograph titled "Mama's Caddie" copyright 1904; measuring 13 x 11 "
481.Jack Woodson nautical themed offset lithograph, signed by artist in pencil at lower right; measuring 13 x 11 "
482.Victorian themed offset lithograph in gold tone frame; measuring 16 x 12 "
483.Framed Claude Monet "Water Lilies" lithograph; measuring 17 x 21 ".
484.Framed cross-stitch roses; measuring 15 x 12"
485.Modern bath art in frame; measuring 14 x 26 "
486."La Bonne Etoile" offset lithograph, signed in plate and pencil by artist, Diane Ethier; measuring 21 x 33 "
487.Leon Danchin original colored etching "Pointers on the Point", signed in pencil lower right; measuring 28 x 35 "
488.Artists proof featuring portraits of 2 women on embossed paper, signed Alvarez at lower right corner in pencil; measuring 20 x 19 "
489.Classical print in ornate frame; measuring 25 x 29 "
490.Vintage 3-dimensional Thai-themed art; measuring 17 x 21 "
491.Bless This House cross-stitch in frame; measuring 19 x 21 "
492.Vintage framed ovoid mirror; measuring 22 x 16 "
493.Framed vintage and antique postcards featuring Boston landmarks; frame measuring 20 x 26 "
494.Pair of framed prints of children with animals; measuring 12 " x 10 "
495.Limited edition engraving titled "Winter # 1" numbered 15/25 and signed by artist lower right, dated 1978; measuring 16 " x 14 "
496.Pair of framed metal wall grills; measuring 27 x 26 "
497.Pair of modern style prints on stretched canvas; measuring 20 x 20 "
498.A Historical Map of Virginia by Charles W. South; measuring 24 x 32 "
499.The Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad hand tinted engraving, measuring 26 " x 32 "
500.Oversize Karastan Sarouk rug; 137 x 216"
501.Karastan Palace Kerman oriental design rug; 120 x 168"
502.Lane Queen Anne style cedar chest, mahogany finish, style 6386-01; 35 x 44 x 18"
503.Leather upholstered club type armchair with nail head trim; 41" wide
504.American Signature upholstered sofa, includes loose cushions; 90" wide
505.Victorian walnut wash stand, marble top and back, 2 doors and turned legs; 54 x 42 x 19"
506.6 matching Chippendale style mahogany dining chairs, includes 1 armchair
507.Oval shaped dolphin coffee table with glass top; 16 x 35 x 26"
508.Dalmatian dog figure; 25" tall
523.Mahogany framed Duncan Phyfe style sofa with loose cushions; 84" wide
524.Red leather upholstered ottoman; 18 x 36 x 40"
525.Mid century modern loveseat; 49" wide
526.Mahogany side table with drawer; 24 x 17 x 24"
527.Cast iron piano stool; 19" tall
528.Cherry double dresser by Jamestown Sterling, includes attached mirror; dresser measures 32 x 60 x 18", beveled mirror 47 x 32"
529.American Drew nightstand with 3 drawers; 25 x 22 x 15.5"
530.Antique oak bow front display cabinet with fitted shelves; 64 x 36 x 16"
531.Cherry finish nightstand with 3 drawers by Dixie; 27 x 24 x 17.5"
532.Cherry finish dresser by Dixie, includes oval shaped mirror; 79 x 41 x 20"
533.Victorian style double end upholstered sofa; 67" wide
534.Mahogany jewelry chest on stand; 32 x 15 x 14"
535.Kincaid mahogany bed steps with drawer; 18" tall
536.Thomasville cherry multi-drawer chest with metal handles; 58 5 41 x 21"
537.Mid century modern mahogany drop side writing table with 3 drawers; 29 x 54 x 20" closed, sides are 13" wide
538.Rustic solid wood rectangular work table; 33.5 x 96 x 24.5"
539.2 Queen Anne style dining chairs
540.Danish mid century modern dining chair by George Tanier; 30" tall
541.4 matching gray painted dining chairs
542.Lane double dresser with 8 drawers; 39 x 56 x 21"
543.C. B. Atkin Co maple hutch; 69 x 37 x 18" (matches 544)
544.C. B. Atkin Co maple china cabinet, 3 glass doors on fitted base; 72 x 50 x 18" (matches 543)
545.Vintage chest with 4 drawers and turned legs; 35 x 46 x 20"
546.Mid century Douglas Eaton hairpin leg chair
547.Mid century modern Viking Artline upholstered chair
548.Maple china display cabinet, glazed back and fitted base; 74 x 53 x 20"
549.Danish FDB Mobler MeyerBukdahl spindle back chair; 35" tall
600.Beige colored rug; 128 x 141"
601.Beige colored rug; 122 x 141"
602.Belgian made oriental design beige floral rug; 118 x 153"
603.Rectangular kitchen table on turned legs; 29 x 60 x 35"
604.4 spindle back dining chairs on turned legs; each 35" tall
605.Spindle back rocker with loose cushions
606.Turned leg kitchen table, wood grain finish; 30 x 41 x 31"
607.Spindle back rocking chair with loose cushion
608.Brown leather upholstered reclining armchair by Stratolounger
609.Mahogany coffee table with glass top; 17 x 30 x 30
610.Ethan Allen pine 3 tier circular table; 29 x 13" diameter
611.Antique mahogany drop side table with 1 drawer and inlaid leather top; 25 x 17 x 26" closed, side are 9" wide
612.Maple desk with 6 drawers by Vermont American Furniture Co; 29 x 46 x 25"
613.Pine chest, 2 short and 3 long drawers; 31 x 33 x 16"
614.2 matching wood grain finish 2-tier side tables on turned legs; each measures 22 x 18 x 24"
615.Rustic pine table; 20 x 24 x 30"
616.Mahogany finish lighted curio cabinet; 72 x 20 x 15"
617.Pine and glass curio with fitted shelves; 73 x 26 x 15"
618.Maple extending table drop side table with 2 additional leaves and 4 matching chairs; measures 30 x 43 x 31" closed, sides are 18" wide, each leaf 10" wide
619.Rustic slat back rocking chair
620.2 Mersman mahogany single drawer side tables; each measures 25 x 16 x 24"
621.Burl walnut finish side table with tinted beveled glass top; 20 x 24 x 29"
622.Bassett Furniture Industries chest with 3 drawers; 31 x 42 x 18"
623.4 matching caned high back dining chairs
624.Rattan tea cart on wheels; 30" wide
625.Wood finish nightstand with 2 drawers; 23 x 21 x 16"
626.Pine drop side coffee table; 21 x 38 x 20" closed
627.4 retro upholstered kitchen chairs
628.Pine lingerie chest with 6 drawers; 52 x 24 x 18"
629.Painted wood 3 panel folding screen; each section measures 67 x 18"
630.Rectangular painted table on turned legs; 30 x 45 x 17"
631.Gold painted wire work vanity bench stool; 17 x 16"
632.Maple side table; 26 x 14 x 11"
633.Wood finish office cabinet with multiple drawers; 29 x 32 x 16" (matches 634)
634.6 drawer office cabinet; 29 x 48 x 18" (matches 633)
635.6 vintage painted mahogany dining chairs, includes 1 armchair
636.Pine storage cabinet with hinged front; 23 x 24 x 20"
637.Oval shaped side table on turned supports; 30 x 32 x 19"
638.2 mahogany nesting tables; largest measures 23 x 20 x 15"
639.Pottery Barn Kids "Kitchen Fridge" single door cabinet; 38 x 19.5 x 14"
640.Antique style chest with 3 drawers; 28 x 30 x 17"
641.Victorian poplar lamp table; 29 x 23" diameter
642.Mirror top cabinet with 2 glass doors; 28 x 54 x 17"
643.Piano bench; 24 x 25 x 13"
644.Metal planter stand; 38" tall
645.Art Deco walnut veneer cabinet with 1 door and 4 drawers; 62 x 36 x 22"
646.Wood finish bed frame, includes headboard and metal rails; headboard measures 47 x 60" (matches 647, 648 and 649)
647.Pair of matching 2 drawer nightstands; each measures 23 x 24 x 14" (matches 646, 648 and 649)
648.Wood finish chest with 5 drawers and metal handles; 48 x 35 x 17" (matches 646, 647 and 649)
649.Wood finish double dresser with attached mirror; 79 x 60 x 17" (matches 646, 647 and 648)
650.Rustic white painted 2 door cabinet; 43 x 26 x 14"
651.Victorian style mahogany double end upholstered sofa; 72" wide
652.Taylor-King upholstered daybed; 62" wide
653.Rustic pine table; 31 x 32 x 25"
654.Pair wicker chairs; 33" wide
655.Scallop edge 3 tier side table; 26 x 27"
656.Ferguson mahogany drum form side table; 27 x 22"
657.Vintage solid oak office armchair by Sikes Company
658.Ikea Leirvik 16739 white metal bed frame, includes headboard, footboard and side rails; headboard measures 59 x 57"
659.Mahogany sleigh bed frame, includes headboard, footboard, side rails and slats; headboard measures 56 x 56" wide (matches 660, 661 and 662)
660.Mahogany chest with glove drawers; 45 x 34 x 20" (matches 659, 661 and 662)
661.Mahogany multi-drawer chest; 35 x 42 x 21" (matches 659, 660 and 662)
662.Mahogany vanity with mirror; 55 x 35 x 18" (matches 659, 660 and 661)
663.Bow front mahogany sideboard; 36 x 60 x 20"
664.Rectangular bench on carved claw and ball feet; 18 x 52 x 16"
665.Antique metal and wood school bench; 40" wide
666.Solid wood open front bookshelf; 43 x 36 x 12"
667.Thomasville mahogany sideboard, doors are missing; 32 x 54 x 19"
668.White painted midcentury modern chest with 6 drawers by American of Martinsville; 30.5 x 52 x 20"
669.Antique metal and wood school desk; 24" wide
670.Chinese carved runner, fleur de lis design on burgundy ground; 27 x 119"
671.Pottery Barn beige colored popcorn shag rug; 39 x 62"
672.Green upholstered high wingback armchair (matches 673 and 674)
673.Green upholstered camelback sofa; 74" wide (matches 672 and 674)
674.Green upholstered loveseat with tufted back; 57" wide (matches 672 and 673)
675.Bombay Co mahogany hall table with 3 drawers; 30 x 49 x 12"
676.Red painted oak chair by Union City Chair
677.Vintage style turntable and LP record stand; 27 x 19 x 16"
678.Bombay Co. mahogany demilune table; 28 x 24 x 12"
679.Oriental style tray table; 22" diameter
680.Cherry finish writing table with 1 drawer; 30 x 48 x 24"
681.Maple fall front desk with 3 drawers; 41 x 32 x 20"
682.Pine nightstand with 2 drawers; 22 x 21 x 17"
683.Oak drop side table with 1 drawer; 24 x 17 x 24" closed, sides are 8" wide
684.Bamboo side table with embossed metal top and door; 21 x 18 x 13"
685.Painted single drawer nightstand; 27 x 20 x 14"
686.Slope front antique style desk; 44 x 27 x 18"
687.2 matching Queen Anne style high wingback upholstered armchairs
688.White painted chest with 1 drawer and 2 doors; 29 x 33 x 18"
689.2 Italian made cream-colored dining chairs with rush seats
690.Circular table with cast iron base and wood top; 30 x 30"
691.Green upholstered bench; 46" wide
692.All weather wicker and glass table with 2 matching chairs; table measures 28 x 33"
693.Decorative suit of armor; 63" tall
694.Child's chest with 6 drawers and 1 door; 43 x 40 x 17"
695.Upholstered ottoman by Ellis Home Furnishings; 18 x 38 x 38"
696.Antique oak rectangular coffee table with 1 drawer; 20 x 40 x 26"
697.Metal and wood side table with beveled glass top; 23 x 28 x 24"
698.Pine bench; 24" wide
699.Yellow painted child's chair; 21" tall
700.Assortment of space related books, including "Space Travel: A History", "The Encyclopedia of Soviet Spacecraft" and other titles; largest measuring 14 " tall
701.Assortment of books, including "Champion Road", "Grey's Anatomy" and other titles; largest measuring 12 " tall
702.Early version of "Uncle Tom's Cabin"; measuring 10 " tall (preview for condition)
703."The Corp Roots the Loudest: A History of VMI Athletics"; measuring 9 " tall
704.Vintage First Edition Betty Crocker's Cookbook, dated 1961; measuring 10 " tall
705.Assortment of books, including "National Geographic Magazine, July - December 1927", "Pelican Brief", "The Body Farm" and other titles; largest measuring 10 " tall
706.Assortment of paperback books; box measuring 10 " tall
800.Large silver plate Lazy Susan with chafing dish and warming trays; measuring 16 x 27 " wide
801.Wooden box with waterway scene; measuring 4 x 9 "
802.LV navy leather handbag with dust bag; measuring 12 x 13 " (preview for authenticity)
803.Brown Coach handbag with signature Coach jacquard and brown leather; measuring 10 x 16 " (preview for authenticity)
804.Coach handbag with signature Coach jacquard and pink patent leather; measuring 10 " x 14 " (preview for authenticity)
805.Black Americana doorstop measuring 9 x 6 "
806.Black Americana metal figurine of woman; measuring 8 x 6 "
807.Samantha Brown weekender bag made of pink and brown faux alligator; measuring 19" wide
808.German Art Nouveau metal bowl with floral detailed handle, made by Kayserzinn; measuring 7 " wide
809.Antique Star tobacco cutter; measuring 7 x 19 "
810.Set of Adams China in their "Baltic" pattern, including 1 dinner plate, 5 dessert plates, 5 bread plates, 2 bowls, 7 cups and saucers, tureen, 6 glasses, tea and coffee pots, gravy boat, cream pitcher, sugar bowl, salt and pepper shakers, water pitcher, and assorted serveware; largest measuring 7 " tall
811.Vintage Parisienne dresser set with floral and gilt detailing; measuring 11 " wide
812.Ruby glass vases with gilt and hand-painted floral detailing; measuring 10 " tall
813.Set of steak knives with hand-painted porcelain handles; measuring 8 " long
814.Antique Geneva hand fluter; measuring 6 " tall
815.Longaberger basket on sled and 3 Longaberger Woodcrafts lids in boxes; basket measuring 11 " tall
816.Set of Wedgwood bone china in their "Litchfield" pattern, includes 6 dinner plates, 6 soup bowls, 8 cups, 8 saucers, 7 bread plates, 7 dessert plates; dinner plate measuring 11 " wide
817.1881 Rogers Silver Plate utensils, knife set and sterling silver butter knife
818.Buyers Choice caroler figurine; measuring 12 " tall
819.Assortment of metal farm toys, including John Deere tractor; largest measuring 7 " tall
820.Large etched silver plate tray, sugar bowl, creamer and heating element; tray measuring 28 " across
821.Morgan - Eubank Furniture Corp stoneware bowl advertisement; measuring 4 " tall
822.Assortment of vintage hardhats; largest measuring 10 " wide
823.Vintage metal Coca-Cola truck toy and freight loading conveyor; truck measuring 15 " across
824.Gilt tray with pair of gilt salt and pepper shakers; tray measuring 9 " across
825.Ornate silver plate box; measuring 8 " across
826.Assortment of cracked and uncracked geodes; container measuring 13 " across
827.Cut and etched glass divided bowl with silver plate rim; measuring 10 " across
828.Parquetry detailed wooden box; measuring 5 " across
829.A pair of vintage travel alarm clocks by Phinney Walker and Aristocrat measuring 4 " tall (preview for working condition)
830.Prada messenger bag; measuring 10 " tall (preview for authenticity)
831.Vintage Clayton and Lambert torch; measuring 10 " tall (preview for working condition)
832.Assortment of darts; largest container measuring 7 " across
833.Assortment of vintage marbles in different sizes; box measuring 4 " wide
834.Vintage metal 7-Up sign; measuring 30 " across (preview for condition)
835.Vintage metal Nehi sign; measuring 30 " across (preview for working condition)
836.Vintage Southern States Hybrids cardboard sign; measuring 27 " across (preview for condition)
837.Abstract wooden sculpture on squared base; measuring 20 " tall
838.Vintage Gucci handbag in brown leather with shoulder strap; measuring 11 " across (preview for authenticity and condition)
839.Vintage metal sign "Motorola Car Radio Installation Station"; measures 28" across
840.Pair of Longaberger baskets; largest measuring 12 " across
841.3 pieces of Lenox porcelain, including bowl with gilt ram, owl and vase; largest measuring 9 " tall
842.Vintage Coach brown leather cross body bag; measuring 11 " across (preview for authenticity)
843.Bucket of Legos and assorted toys; measuring 16 " across
844.Painted wooden sign; measuring 12 " tall
845.Papier-mache pig made of comics and large floor basket; basket measuring 17 " across
846.20 " vintage cymbal by Zildjian; measuring 20 " wide
847.Vintage Stetson hat in original box, size 56/7; hat brim is 14 " wide
848.Pair of Bikers Leather Stuff chaps, size extra small; measuring 41 " long
849.3 vintage Zildjian cymbals; measuring 18 " across
850.Thorne Room style miniature diorama of living room with handmade furniture and electricity; measuring 10 " x 24 "
851.Royal Worcester figurine "Grandmothers Dress"; measuring 8 " tall
852.Miniature kitchen diorama; measuring 8 " tall
853.Realistic stereo amplifier, model SA - 175C and Roberts solid-state reel to reel, model 771x; measuring 21 " tall (preview for working condition)
854.Pair of nude sculptures signed by Santini with marble bases; measuring 9 " tall
855.Electrified oil lamp with brass base and floral detailed glass shade; measuring 23 " tall (preview for working condition -shade does not fit on base)
856.Handmade walnut miniature chest; measuring 8 x 9 x 5 "
857.Burberry teddy bear; measuring 15 " tall
858.Vintage Western express hat in Stetson box; measuring 16 " long (preview for box condition)
859.Cast-iron mailbox; measuring 16 " tall
860.Possible Dreams Vincent Van Claus figure, canvas easel and Christmas tree; largest measuring 8 " tall
861.Set of Epoch by Noritake for 4, includes each of the following: dinner plates, dessert plates, bread plates and bowls; plate measuring 10 " wide
862.3 "The Carolers" figurines by Buyer's Choice LTD; largest measuring 12 " tall
863.Signed Steuben glass eagle on orb; measuring 12 " wide
864.Cut crystal bowl; measuring 8 " wide
865.Herend fish and rabbit themed egg; fish measuring 4 " tall
866.Miniature drum set in box; measuring 6 " tall
867.Miniature furniture including armoire and small covered bench; largest item measuring 16 " tall
868.Italian Chelsea House Port Royal ceramic pair of parrots; measuring 9 " tall
869.Set of Limoges, France gilt detailed plates, including 12; plate measures 9 " across
870.Pair of spurs and 1 extra; largest measuring 8 " long
871.Signed Steuben frog and unmarked glass beaver; largest measuring 4 " tall
872.Pair of Tudor Crystal glasses and wooden box; box measuring 7 " tall
873.Diorama of infants room in blue; measuring 13 " tall
874.Set of vintage wooden blocks and metal boat in shoebox; measuring 14 " wide
875.Thorne Room style miniature diorama of dining room with handmade furniture and handwoven rug; measuring 13 " tall.
876.3 crystal golfers by Waterford and Baccarat; largest measuring 9 " tall
877.Miniature spinning wheel and workbench; largest measuring 5 " tall
878.Trio of miniature violins and 1 bow; largest measuring 11 " long
879.Pair of Eddie Bauer winter boots, size 7; measuring 11 " across
880.Pair of Bose speakers, model 141; largest measuring 6 " tall (preview for working condition)
881.Set of Old Ivory Syracuse China in the "Romance Green" pattern, including 12 dinner plates, 11 dessert plates, 11 bread plates, 7 salad plates, 9 cream soup bowls, 23 saucers, 17 cups and 1 serving platter; largest plate measuring 11 " across
882.Pair of stoneware crocks; largest measuring 6 " tall
883.Pair of ammunition crates; largest measuring 15 " across
884.Number 2 crock jug; measuring 12 " tall
885.Pair of Asian vases; largest measuring 7 " tall
886.Pair of blue-and-white platters, marked illegibly; largest measuring 18 " across
887.Pair of decanters; measuring 10 " tall
888."Dancing Victorian" Buyer's Choice dolls and tea set on miniature table; largest measuring 13 " tall
889.Five Santa Claus figures from Paperwork and Overly - Raker, Inc.; largest measuring 15 " tall
890.Acoustic guitar in black nylon case; measuring 40 " long (preview for condition)
891.Pair of ceramic birds on stands; measuring 11 " tall
892.Large hammered brass decorative tea kettle with blue-and-white ceramic handle; measuring 19 " tall
893.Laraine Eggleston ceramic rabbits; largest measuring 11 " tall (preview for condition)
894.Vintage Home Utility metal tool box; measuring 11" across
895.Set of Raynaud "Tropic" triple monogram plates, includes 26; plate measuring 11 " wide
896.Table lamp with Asian themed ceramic base ; measuring 21 " tall (preview for working condition)
897.Tabletop popcorn machine; measuring 24 " tall (preview for working condition)
898.Andy's Professional bonnet hairdryer portable soft heat and professional styling irons; largest measuring 12 " across (preview for condition).
899.Mr. Christmas carousel; measuring 11 " tall (preview for working condition)
900.2 boxes of Gibson mugs with gold and platinum bands; box measures 10 " tall
901.Ceramic tobacco jar; measuring 4 " tall
902.2 Fulmer AF-655 safety helmets; measuring 12" across
903.Vintage 1962 Remco Showboat playset, in original box; measuring 24 " long
904.Thorne Room style miniature diorama of bedroom with handmade furniture and other details and electricity; measuring 12 " tall
905.Pair of bronze painted plaster Abraham Lincoln bookends; measuring 7 " tall
906.Metal sword from Hargrave Military Academy; measuring 34 " long
907.Hand-painted ginger jar by Richmond Art Co.; measuring 14 " tall
908.Pair of playscale Windsor style chairs; measuring 15 " tall
909.Set of majolica inspired ceramics by Fitz and Floyd, including serving platter, decorative plate, coffee pot, cream pitcher, sugar bowl and water pitcher; largest measuring " tall
910.Large serving tray by Cook's Club; measuring 20 " wide
911.Thorne Room style miniature diorama of dining room with handmade furniture and other details and electricity; measuring 13 " tall
912.Vintage style hat boxes full of hats and winter accessories; largest box measuring 15 " wide
913.Assortment of vintage metal, wooden and plastic toys; bag measuring 10 " across
914.Unmarked China tea set with dragonfly handles, including 6 cups, 6 saucers, creamer pitcher, sugar bowl and teapot; largest measuring 6 " tall
915.3 Coca-Cola crates; 18 " wide
916.Metal and plastic soldier toys, some depicting the Revolutionary War; largest bag measuring 9 " long
917.Set of 3 Copco Denmark ceramic coated cast iron bakeware; largest measuring 16 " wide
918.Vintage wooden rocking horse toy; measuring 27 " long
919.Aluminum tea kettle and metal pitcher; measuring 9" tall
920.Goldfield Hotel brass spittoon and brass planter; largest measuring 12 " tall
921.Pair of distressed elephant bookends; measuring 7 " tall
922.Vintage Minolta model SRT 200 camera with strap; measuring 3 " tall (preview for working condition)
923.2 boxes of white porcelain dinner plates, each contained set of 12; largest box measuring 12 " tall
924.Doll house with grass roof and handmade miniature furniture inside; measuring 8 " tall (preview for working condition)
925.Wooden salad bowl with utensils and leaf tray; largest measuring 11 " across (preview for condition -spoon is chipped)
926.Large assortment of ceramic, glass and metal kitchenware; largest measuring 13 " across
927.Etched glass vase and crystal vase; measuring 12 " tall
928.Assortment of vintage toys; bag measuring 9 " across
929.Table lamp with ceramic base; measuring 24 " tall (preview for working condition - missing shade)
930.Pair of glass decanters; largest measuring 14 " tall
931.Large set of brick red Fiesta-ware, including 8 dinner plates, 6 saucers, 7 mugs, 8 fruit bowls, 7 bowls, 5 serving bowls, and 1 serving platter
932.Set of rooster themed Corelle China, including 6 dinner plates, 6 dessert plates, 4 bowls and 4 mugs; plate measuring and " across
933.Table lamp with gilt and floral detailed ceramic base and white linen shade; measuring 24 " tall (preview for working condition - missing finial)
934.Large assortment of foliage detailed glassware; largest measuring 8 " tall
935.2 miniature tea sets with blue foliate and Greek key detail; largest measuring 6 " across
936.Pair of lamps with yellow bulbous glass and brass bodies on white marble stands; measuring 24 " tall (preview for working condition)
937.Assortment of milk glass; measuring 7 " wide
938.Vintage Hamilton day clock with glass dome, instruction manual and original box; measuring 11 " tall (preview for working condition)
939.Vintage Fujica, model AZ - 1 camera and Vivitar 283 flash; camera measuring 5 " long (preview for working condition)
940.Pair of marble Trojan horse bookends; measuring 7 " tall
941.Vintage Bachman toy planes and Power Prop Flying Gliders; bag measuring 10 " tall
942.Pair of 2-tier stands; measuring 30 " tall
943.Assortment of vintage bottles; largest measuring 6 " tall
944.Assortment of vintage souvenir dolls; box measuring 15 " tall
945.Lamp with detailed ceramic base and white shade; measuring 19 " tall (preview for working condition)
946.Set of Stinthal China, including 8 bowls, 6 dinner plates, 7 dessert plates, 11 saucers, six bread plates, 11 fruit bowls, 9 tea cups, 11 butter plates, 3 pieces of serveware, tureen, cream pitcher, sugar bowl, gravy boat and 1 bowl; largest plate measuring 9 " across
947.Vintage porcelain doll and clothes in box; measuring 13 " tall
948.Potted pitcher; measuring 10 " tall (preview for condition)
949.European doll house scene with handmade details; measuring 18 " tall
950.3 corporate seal presses from Fowler Furniture Company of Nashville, Tennessee, Matthews Development Company and Acme Boot Manufacturing Company of Clarksville, Tennessee; largest measuring 10 " tall
951.3 wooden shoemaker molds; largest measuring 11 " long
952.Large woven blanket; measuring 21 " long while folded
953.Table lamp with painted ceramic base depicting a couple; measuring 29 " tall (preview for condition)
954.Palm tree themed candleholders and wooden Trojan horse; largest measuring 16 " tall
955.Children's Center Stage acoustic guitar; measuring 29 " long (preview for condition)
956.Assortment of pink depression glass; largest measuring 6 " tall
957.Signed Orrefors crystal bowl and crystal pitcher; tallest measuring 12 "
958.Lamp with glazed pottery vase and white shade; measuring 26 " tall (preview for condition)
959.Circa 1936 Underwood Universal typewriter in box; box measuring 7 " tall (preview for working condition)
960.Russian Arts: Art of Our Allies Series exhibition book from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts copyright 1944 and " The Tretyakov State Gallery" book; measuring 14 " tall
961.Vintage Autocrat crate; measuring 21 " wide
962.Pair of wooden sculptures, carved Egyptian stone and animal trinkets; largest measuring 9 " tall
963.Large assortment of ceramic cream pitchers; largest measuring 6 " tall
964.Pool themed chip and dip bowl by Lotus; measuring 13 " across
965.Japanese tabletop folding screen and metal presidential seal; largest measuring 9 " tall
966.Reutter Porzellan Germany display case with porcelain miniatures; measuring 3 " across
967.Large assortment of cream pitchers and sugar bowls, most with gilt; largest measuring 8 " tall
968.Assortment of decor including candleholders, stone carving and ceramic sculptures; largest measuring 16 " tall
969.Pair of hobnail glass vases; measuring 7 " tall
970.Set of 4 reproduction 1930s liquor posters; measuring 10 " tall
971.Large assortment of brass, candleholders, sconce and bookends; largest measuring 12 " tall
972.Pair of brass rabbit bookends; measuring 8 " tall
973.Fischer-Price 1973 penguin toy; measuring 8 " tall
974.Pair of candelabra candlesticks with white marble bases
975.Roman scene on base with Asian doll; measuring 17 " tall
976.Large assortment of milk glass; largest measuring 9 " tall
977.Assortment of Teva shoes including sizes 6.5, 7, 8 and 9
978.Set of 13 glass bowls; measuring 2 " tall
979.Handmade wire and bead gecko; measuring 18 " long
980.Set of Imperial China designed by W. Dalton in the " Seville" pattern, including 10 dinner plates, 11 bread plates, 12 saucers, 19 cups in a serving bowl; largest plate measuring 10 " across
981.Assortment of vintage California raisin toys; bag measuring 9 " across
982.Large assortment of ceramics, including candlesticks, dishes, blue-and-white fish dishes, teapot and other items; largest measuring 9 " tall
983.Diorama of a woodworking workshop; measuring 13 " tall
984.Pair of molded brass toppers with Sacred Heart detail; measuring 7 " across
985.Vintage glass perfume bottle with sprayer; measuring 5 " wide (preview for condition)
986.Fenton ribbon edged candy dish, hand-painted by Beth Wilcox, signed at bottom; measuring 4 " tall
987.Hand-painted glass canisters, planters and demilune plates; largest measuring 9 " tall
988.Lane cedar wooden box with key and resin bird statue on wooden base; largest measuring 14 " tall
989.Multicolored hand-painted lamp; measuring 29 " tall (preview for working condition)
990.Vintage table lamp; measuring 28 " tall (preview for working condition)
991.Assortment of floral decorated ceramics and carnival glass; largest item measuring 14 " across
992.Pair of miniature model boats; largest measuring 8 " tall
993.Ceramic pheasants and Italian hand-painted jug; largest measuring 7 " tall
994.4 pairs of Eric Michael shoes in sizes 36, 39, 40 and 41
995.Collection of hats; stack measuring 9 " tall
996.Gold label collection Christmas themed electronic; measuring 9 " across (preview for working condition)
997.Large assortment of silver plate tableware; largest measuring 10 " tall
998.Large assortment of glassware including cake stand, truffle dish candlesticks and more; largest measuring 9 " tall
999.Assortment of decor, some ceramic; largest measuring 5 " tall
1000.Vintage American Family scale; measuring 8 " tall
1001.Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC, Garmin navigation system and other items; largest box measuring 11 " wide (preview for working condition)
1002.Large set of Rose Point by Steubenville China, including 12 dinner plates, 12 dessert plates, 12 bread plates, saucers, 12 bowls, 10 fruit bowls, 15 teacups, 2 pieces of serveware, sugar bowl and cream pitcher; largest measuring 10 " across
1003.Decorative box made with wood and tile; measuring 11 " tall
1004.Hess toy truck and space cruiser with scout in box; box measuring 14 " across
1005.Krakow, Poland, metalwork art and set of Kirk's pewter napkin rings; largest piece measuring 10 " tall
1006.Set of Booths plates with gilt foliate swag detail, includes 7; measuring 10 " wide
1007.5 pairs of Teva shoes, including sizes 6, 8, 9, 9.5 and 10
1008.Assortment of ceramic pitchers and cream pitchers and squirrel themed cookie jar; largest measuring 14 " tall
1009.Set of 6 Crown Royal rocks glasses; measuring 3 " tall
1010.Mid century dishes, 1940 Boys Town pottery bud vase and vintage owl eyeglass holder; largest item measuring 5 " tall
1011.Hammered copper and brass metalware; largest measuring 8 " tall
1012.Brass desk lamp with metal shade; measuring 13 " tall (preview for working condition)
1013.Assortment of glass cream pitchers; largest measuring 5 " tall
1014.Vintage ceramics, including a presidential plate, reproduction 1910 calendar plate and floral theme dish; measuring 10 " across
1015.Pair of brass sconces and Angel candleholder; largest measuring 9 " tall
1016.Assortment of ceramic platters and bakeware; largest measuring 17 " across
1017.Nativity set and miniature nativity set; largest measuring 5 "
1018.Ibanez "Gio" electric guitar in case; measuring 47 " long (preview for working condition)
1019.Pair of brass table lamps; measuring 22 " tall (preview for working condition - without shades)
1020.Set of mugs with differing handles; largest measuring 4 " tall
1021.Pair of silhouette bookends; measuring 12 " tall
1022.Set of punch cups, triple monogrammed snack plates and large bowl; largest item measuring 6 " tall
1023.Large assortment of silver plate; largest item measuring 15" across
1024.6 boxes of Eric Michael shoes, in sizes 38, 40 and 41
1025.Cut glass dishes; largest bowl measuring 13" long
1026.Assortment of ceramic, glass and wooden miniatures, including Reutter Porzellan German tea set; largest item measuring 3 " across
1027.Vintage brown metal bread box; measuring 17 " across
1028.Vintage lamp with barrel base and cream shade; measuring 28 " tall (preview for working condition)
1029.Assortment of vintage ladies hats; stack measuring 20 " tall
1030.3 vintage metal rooster trays; measuring 19 " across
1031.Brass and glass hanging light fixture; measuring 14" tall (preview for working condition)
1032.Assortment of glass baking dishes, most are Pyrex; largest measuring 10 " across
1033.Pair of lamps; largest measuring 15 " tall (preview for working condition)
1034.Hand-painted wooden rooster; measuring 14 " tall
1035.1937 Royal typewriter in box, serial number 0 - 672649; measuring 12 " across (preview for working condition)
1036.Vintage oversized mechanical pencil, crane detailed trinket box, vintage inspired National Parks poster calendar and other items; largest measuring 19 " tall.
1037.Plaid picnic tin with vintage patterns inside; measuring 14 " across
1038.Argentinian Vicky Pottery ceramic plate; measuring 11 1/2 " across
1039.Silver plate teapot, bowls, ladle and brass dish; largest measuring 10" across
1040.Assortment of decorations; largest measuring 10 " tall
1041.Melrose Italy pottery vase signed Gail Pittman, cream pitcher and vintage terracotta canister; largest measuring 7 " tall
1042.Assortment of animal themed napkin rings; largest measuring 5 " tall
1043.Set of green ceramics with leaf detail and Franciscan-ware tray, green ceramics include 6 dinner plates, 5 bowls, 6 saucers, 6 bread plates, 2 fruit bowls, cream pitcher, sugar bowl and 7 pieces of serveware; largest measuring 12 " across (preview for condition)
1044.18 " Samsung monitor, model number LN19 D450G1D (preview for working condition)
1045.75th anniversary Planters peanuts collectible jar; measuring 10 " tall
1046.Tabletop Sunbeam refrigerator/oven, model number 8430; measuring 11 " tall (preview for working condition)
1047.Pair of deep wooden frames; measuring 14 " tall
1048.Assortment of floral detailed drinking glasses; largest measuring 6 " tall
1049.Vintage Truetone radio; measuring 20 " wide (preview for working condition)
1050.Wicker picnic basket with picnic supplies; measuring 17 " across
1051.2 boxes of ceramic pizza slices; largest measuring 5 " tall
1052.5 boxes of Teva shoes, including sizes 5.5, 7 and 8
1053.Vintage Fasco metal desk fan; measuring 19 " tall (preview for working condition)
1054.Modern table lamp with black metal base; measuring 26 " tall (preview for working condition)
1055.Set of Norleans China in their "Meissen Flower" pattern, including 8 dinner plates, 8 cream soup bowls, 8 bread plates, 8 sausage, 8 cups, serving bowl, serving platter, cream pitcher, sugar bowl and extra lid; largest measuring 12 " across
1056.Barwick Clocks Division of the Howard Miller Clock Co wall clock, model number 4994; measuring 29" tall (preview for working condition and completeness - 1 side of base needs to be repaired and missing pendulum)
1057.Etched silver plate trays and ice bucket with inscription; largest measuring 28 " across
1058.3 pairs of Olivia espadrilles, sizes 36, 38 and 40
1059.Samsung 18 " monitor, model number LN198451C1D (preview for working condition)
1060.Decorative wooden box with buckles; measuring 16 " across.
1061.Assortment of silver plate, pewter and ceramics; largest measuring 9 " tall.
1062.Pair of electric caroler figures; measuring 24 " tall (preview for working condition)
1063.Assortment of electronics including Emerson hands-free soap dispenser, activity tracker, Science Explorers water filter column and more; measuring 11 " across
1064.Black & Decker automatic jar opener and the Ultimate Chopper; largest measuring 8 " tall (preview for working condition)
1065.Set of vintage kitchen canisters; largest measuring 9 " tall (preview for condition - tea canister is missing lid)
1066.Large assortment of ceramics, including gilt painted decor, mirrored picture frames and other items; largest measuring 16 " across
1067.Large selection of herb-themed coffee mugs; measuring 4 " tall
1068.White painted metal shelf and Corning Ware meat dish; largest measuring 21 " tall
1069.Large assortment of CDs, including The Police, Perry Como, Alabama and many others; box measuring 19 " long
1070.Crystal chess set by Imperial Crystal, in original box; measuring 16 " across (preview 4 components)
1071.Gardening themed table lamp; measuring 29 " tall (preview for working condition)
1072.Assortment of decorations, including jewelry chest, vintage tin and pair of cherub wall shelves; largest measuring 14 " tall (preview for condition - mirror is broken on jewelry chest)
1073.Brass candlesticks, pitcher and more; largest measuring 11 " tall
1074.Vintage pool cue in case; measuring 33 " across
1075.Marvel Heroes lunchbox filled with miniature toy cars; lunch box measuring 8 " across
1076.3 stuffed animals; largest measuring 21 " tall
1077.Large assortment of pewter, including plate set by Wilton Columbia, PA and other items; largest measuring 11 " tall
1078.Table lamp with ceramic man holding shade; measuring 29 " tall (preview for working condition)
1079.Metal floral art; measuring 20 " tall
1080.Wicker paper plate trays and other items; tray measuring 10 " across
1081.Assortment of items; largest measuring 4 " across
1082.Table lamp with blue glass base and white shade; measuring 21 " tall (preview for working condition)
1083.Perforated metal table lamp with star detail; measuring 26 " tall (preview for working condition)
1084.Assortment of glass barware; largest measuring 8 " tall
1085.Large assortment of ceramic, glassware and other items; largest measuring 10 " tall
1086.Table lamp; measuring 16 " tall (preview for working condition)
1087.Assortment of wooden and ceramic decorations and cast-iron toy; largest measuring 15 " across
1088.Vintage metal Victor Visible tabletop card file cabinet; measuring 24 " long
1089.Pair of table lamps; tallest measuring 19 " (preview for working condition)
1090.Vintage Concertmate, AM/FM stereo system model number 12 - 708; measuring 13 " across (preview for working condition)
1091.Vintage Fashion Doll Bedroom Case; measuring 17 " across
1092.Assortment of John Deere memorabilia; largest measuring 7 " tall
1093.Hand carved and painted wooden duck sculpture; measuring 16 " across
1094.Electrified oil lamp with brass base and white glass shade; measuring 22 " tall (preview for working condition)
1095.Wicker basket with faux apples; measuring 16 " tall
1096.Pioneer turntable, model PL - 115D (preview for working condition); measuring 17 " across
1097.Banzai motorized speedboat in box; measuring 12 " tall (preview for working condition)
1098.Vintage sewing box with fabric scraps; measuring 12 " across
1099.Hartke 15W reverb guitar amplifier, serial number G15R8E0138; measuring 14 " tall (preview for working condition)
1100.Vintage Hobie Weaver "Woody" skateboard; measuring 24 " long
1101.Decorative distressed birdcage; measuring 20 " tall
1102.Pair of table lamps; measuring 25 " tall (preview for working condition)
1103.Cardiff Skate Co S1 shoe skates in box; box measuring 16 " wide
1104.Assortment of DVDs including "Rise of the Planet Apes", "Vacation" and others
1105.Silver plate lidded dish with glass insert by Gorham; measuring 12 " across
1106.Vintage Coca-Cola crates; measuring 18 " wide
1107.Assortment of LPs including Sammy Kaye and Victor Herbert
1108.Bamboo pitcher and woven base; largest measuring 14 " tall
1109.Wooden wall shelf and pair of vintage prints; largest measuring 15 " tall
1110.Star Wars R2D2 data droid, in box; measuring 12 " tall.
1111.Assortment of trinket boxes; measuring 7" across
1300."Royal Palace" hand made wool runner; measuring 30 x 120"
1301.Pair of matching vine-themed wool rugs; largest measuring 30 x 84"
1302.Brown, green and white striped machine made rug by Persuasions, measuring 32 x 62"
1303.Momeni handmade runner featuring a floral design in neutral tones; measuring 27 x 95"
1304.Machine made runner in tones of sage, tan and brick red; measuring 27 x 95" (preview for condition)
1305.Neutral tone area rug, machine made; measuring 33 x 56"
1306.Distressed area rug with floral detail; measuring 36 x 60"
1307.Pair of etched brass floor candlesticks; measuring 36 " tall
1308.Vintage lazy butler; measuring 40 x 16 x 15 "
1309.Large assortment of BBs; largest container measures 6 " tall
1310.Box of black metal light covers; one measuring 7 " tall
1311.Vintage saddle brown leather briefcase; measuring 14 " tall
1312.Decorative distressed wood cage; measuring 21 " tall
1313.Metal pull-along; measuring 24 " long
1314.Metal hanging light fixture with floral details; measuring 15 " tall (preview for working condition)
1315.Betty Crocker recipe box and vintage General Electric radio; box measuring 13 " tall (preview for working condition)
1316.JVC receiver, model RX - 201 and JVC compact disc automatic changer, model XL-F Z258; measuring 17 " across (preview for working condition)
1317.Pair of Sony CD and DVD players, model DVP-SR 210P and DVP-SR200P, 1 remote included; measuring 11 " across (preview for working condition)
1318.Dynaflite Competition Sail plane; measuring 38 " across (preview for components)
1319.3-tiered hanging shelf with drawers; measuring 33" tall
1320.Set of black metal fireplace accessories; measuring 31 " tall
1321.Black trunk; measuring 11 " tall
1322.Pair of outdoor lounge chairs; measuring 34 " long when folded
1323.Hand-painted "his" and "hers" medicine cabinet; measuring 22 x 20 5x 6 "
1324.Purple metallic beanbag chair; measuring 36 " across
1325.Metal steamer; measuring 26 " across
1326.Hanging planter; measuring 26 " across
1327.Assortment of LPs, including Eddie Arnold, Rex Harrison and Boots Randolph, among others; box measuring 13 " tall
1328.Assortment of books including "The Form Files", The Scribner Radio Music Library", "Essentials of Radio - Electronics" and many others; largest measuring 12 " tall
1329.Large assortment of CDs, including Billy Joel, Michael Buble, Rod Stewart, and many others; box measuring 21 " across
1330.Assortment of boardgames including Monopoly, Clue, Life and many others; tote measuring 17 " tall (tote not included)
1331.Mainstays closets in box; measuring 36 " tall (preview for component preview for components)
1332.Set of brass fireplace tools with stand; measuring 30 " tall
1333.Nativity scene; measuring 33 " tall
1334.Pair of cauldron-carved tree stumps; measuring 15 " tall
1335.Assortment of LPs, including The Smurfs All-Stars Show, the Allman Brothers, the Mamas and the Papas and many others; tote measuring 6 " tall (tote not included)
1336.Flex basket; measuring 32 " long
1337.Metal steamer with lid; measuring 15 " tall (preview for condition)
1338.Vice attached to tree stump; measuring 16 " tall
1339.Cast iron and wooden shoe forms; largest measuring 24 " long
1340.Metal dog crate; measuring 25 " long
1341.Pair of brass andirons; measuring 15 " tall
1342.Assortment of garland and other Christmas decorations; container measuring 19 " tall (tote not included)
1343.Franklin Covey rolling briefcase; measuring 16 " across (preview for condition)
1344.Drive medical scooter; measuring 36 " tall
1345.Standing hand painted White Rabbit; measuring 28 " tall
1346.Bissell Pro Heat Multi Surface carpet cleaner; measuring 46 " tall (preview for working condition)
1347.Vintage phone stand; measuring 33 x 11 x 6 "
1348.Barrel bucket; measuring 12 " tall
1349.Brass and glass light fixture; measuring 20 " tall (preview for working condition)
1350.Pair of vintage brown leather suitcases; largest measuring 18 " tall
1351.Vintage Samsonite makeup case; measuring 13 " wide (preview for condition)
1352.Assortment of plate stands; largest measuring 11 " tall
1353.Assortment of frames; largest measuring 17 " tall
1354.Painted metal steamer; measuring 27 " across
1355.Engine head, marked "14057053 GMCFM" and "Firing order 18436572"
1356.Collection of "American Musicals" LPs, including George Gershwin, Rogers and Hart, Jerome Kern and others; one measuring 12 " across
1357.Rolling garden seat with storage; measuring 24 " across
1358.Vintage rolling suitcase by Samsonite; measuring 22 " tall
1359.Children themed bronze tone fountain; measuring 35 " tall (preview for working condition components)
1360.Set of brass fireplace accessories and stand; measuring 32 " tall
1361.iCraig Tower Stereo System, model number CHT910; measuring 39 " tall
1362.Assortment of tools including ax, hammer and other items; container measuring 25 " long (tote not included)
1363.Pair of Igloo coolers; largest measuring 16 " tall
1364.Metal vice attached to wood; measuring 41 " long
1365.Two black fireplace screens; measuring 48 "
1366.Assortment of metal decorations; tallest measuring 20 "
1367.Black and Decker jigsaw, drill and Craftsman saw; largest measuring 13 " across (preview for working condition)
1368.Assortment of Lincoln logs; box measuring 10 " tall
1369.Ozark Trail cool weather insulated chair; measuring 36 " tall
1370.Kanga Roof Pouch; measurement while folded 29 " across
1371.Assortment of throw pillows; largest measuring 14 " across (tote not included)
1372.Metal panel screen; measuring 32 " across with sides folded down
1373.Vintage wooden Racer sled; measuring 56 " long
1374.Vintage wooden sled; measuring 52 " long
1375.Assortment of bed linens; box measuring 17 " tall
1376.Vintage metal Hamilton Greyhound children scooter; measuring 25 " tall
1377.Plastic tool box with some tools inside; measuring 16 " across
1378.30 " canopy range hood in box; box measuring 32 " across (preview for components)
1379.Assortment of items including jumper cables, a wok, Motorola battery and other items; measuring 14 " tall
1380.Craftsman 5 gallon air tank; measuring 15 " across (preview for working condition)
1381.Ceramic planter; measuring 12 " tall
1382.Presto kitchen kettle, Keurig coffee maker and other items; measuring 17 " tall (preview for working condition)
1383.Box of videogame supplies including steering wheel, Xbox controller, Wii steering wheel and other items; measuring 24 " long (preview for working condition)
1384.Set of fireplace tools and stand; measuring 29 " tall
1385.Mahogany tone wooden pedestal; measuring 23 " tall
1386.Pair of Yamaha speakers, model number in S - AP 7800 BLF; measuring 44 " tall (preview for working condition)
1387.DeLonghi space heater; box measuring 28 " tall (preview for working condition)
1388.Assortment of kitchen electronics; preview for working condition
1389.Black and fuchsia painted wall shelf; measuring 15 " tall
1390.Pair of metal magazine racks and set of vintage women's weights; largest measuring 23 " tall
1391.Leisure Ways boogie board; measuring 42 " long
1392.White wicker hanging shelf; measuring 17 " tall
1393.Assortment of plastic drinkware, parrot hat and Idyls electronic; largest measuring 22 " tall (preview for working condition)
1394.Metal trashcan and hanging plate stands; largest measuring 12 " tall
1395.Large assortment of Christmas decorations.
1396.Brass floor lamp with stained glass shade; measuring 58 " tall (preview for working condition)
1397.Honeywell space heater; measuring 40 " across (preview for working condition)
1398.Health-o-meter standing doctor's office scale; measuring 58 " tall
1399.Milano water cooler; measuring 46 " tall (preview for condition)
1400.Fog machine; box measuring 19 " across (preview for working condition)
1401.Timeout doll; measuring 33 " tall
1402.Assortment of decorations; box measuring 17 " tall
1403.American Ace vintage wooden sled; measuring 32 " long
1404.Assortment of boxed items including Virginia state flag, travel kit, Karaoke Star and other items; box measuring 12 " tall
1405.Champion Sports megaphone; measuring 10 " tall (preview for working condition)
1406.Frigidaire dehumidifier; measuring 25 " tall (preview for working condition)
1407.Black and Decker weed eater, leaf blower and drill; longest measuring 48 " (preview for working condition, tote not included)
1408.Quik Chair 500 pound capacity folding chair; measuring 36 " tall
1409.Air Vent Inc. attic fan in box; box measuring 26 " across (preview for working condition)
1410.Assortment of decorations; largest measuring 8 " tall
1411.Vintage enameled tub; measuring 27 " long (preview for condition)
1412.Hoover Steam Vac Ultra; measuring 48 " tall (preview for working condition)
1413.Set of tray tables and stand; measuring 38 " tall
1414.Evan Williams American-made Heroes trunk; measuring 30 " long
1415.Pair of cauldrons; measuring 13 " tall (preview for condition)
1416.Wine bottle holder; measuring 24 " long
1417.Vintage metal Hamilton Karry Kart; measuring 41 " long (preview for condition)
1418.Ryobi saw and flashlight, Husky flashlight and other tools; box measuring 14 " tall (preview for working condition)
1419.Stanley Miter Box, model 2358 a; measuring 34 " long
1420.Vintage briefcase; measuring 18 " long, key not present
1421.Metal Christmas tree stand; measuring 33 " across
1422.Cash register and toy vacuum cleaner; largest measuring 27 " tall (preview for working condition)
1423.Vintage lamp table; measuring 58 " tall (preview for working condition)
1424.Pair of brass and glass lamp tables; measuring 58 " tall (preview for working condition)
1425.Igloo cooler on wheels; measuring 22 " across
1426.Pair of hanging metal planters; measuring 22 " long
1427.Vintage metal Eagle gas can; measuring 12 " tall
1428.Beaded metal light fixture; measuring 9 " tall (preview for working condition)
1429.Hanging chandelier with metal floral details; measuring 18 " tall (preview for working condition)
1430.Pair of Triode speakers; one measuring 23 " across (preview for working condition)
1431.Luggage rack; measuring 22 " tall
1432.Pair of timeout dolls; largest measuring 30 " long
1433.Pink chandelier with matching light shades; measuring 18 " tall (preview for working condition)
1434.Brass chandelier; measuring 20 " tall
1435.Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner; measuring 47 " tall (preview for working condition)
1436.Dyson DC 28 vacuum cleaner; measuring 42 " tall (preview for working condition)
1437.Metal umbrella stand with umbrellas and cane; stand measuring 40 " tall
1438.Umbrella base; measuring 18 " tall
1439.Bucket of assorted wooden and metal tools; largest measuring 22 " tall
1440.Wooden crate; measuring 12 " tall (preview for condition)
1441.Pair of outdoor folding chairs; measuring 28 " tall
1442.Pair of Polk audio speakers, serial number 5D08895; 1 measuring 22 " tall
1443.Dyson cyclone vacuum; measuring 18 " tall (preview for working condition)
1444.Basket with floral details; measuring 14 " wide
1445.Outdoor HDTV slim profile antenna; box measuring 24 " wide (preview for conditioning components)
1446.Sleeping bag; measuring 21 " tall in bag
1447.Large White Rabbit stuffed toy on stand; measuring 28 " tall
1448.Gold tone metal light fixture with crystals; measuring 20 " long (preview for working condition)
1449.Pair of floor lamps; measuring 62 " tall (preview for working condition)
1450.Floor lamp in brushed nickel with cream linen shade; measuring 58 " tall (preview for working condition)
1451.Modern metal tiered shelf; measuring 60 x 10 x 10 "
1452.Assortment of children's DVDs including "Clifford the Big Red Dog", "Dinosaur Planet", "Stitch" and other titles; box is 15 " wide
1453.Assortment of wooden frames; largest frame measuring 22 " tall (tote not included)
1454.4 lampshades; largest measuring 10 " tall
1455.Pair of black leather boots, size 8; measuring 17 " tall
1456.Assortment of maps; largest measuring 10 " tall
1457.Metal animal trap; measuring 36 " long
1458.Frigidaire dehumidifier; measuring 27 " tall (preview for working condition)
1459.Gold tone wall shelf with marble top; measuring 23 " tall open (preview for condition - marble top has been broken)
1460.Bissel spot bot, model 1200 - L 09358C; measuring 15 " tall (preview for working condition)
1461.Ryobi and DeWalt drills, Ram set drill and other items; largest measuring 9 " tall (preview for working condition, tote not included)
1462.Haier air conditioner with remote, model HPRB08XCM - T; measuring 25 " tall (preview for working condition)
1463.Assortment of black plastic pots; measuring 6 " tall
1464.Assortment of tote bags; measuring 14 " tall
1465.Snow Sports Fast Track sled; measuring 47 " long
1466.Pair of Omni mounts; measuring 32 " tall
1467.Craftsman weed Wacker; measuring 70 " long (preview for working condition)
1468.Decorative white metal standing birdcage; measuring 64 " tall
1469.Cat tree; measuring 44 " tall (preview for condition)
1470.Collection of barrel baskets; 1 measuring 20 " tall
1471.Metal shoe rack; measuring 40 " tall
1472.Pair of Atomic Titanium Beta Race skis with case; case measuring 74 " tall
1473.Shop Vac wet dry vacuum; measuring 35 " tall (preview working condition and components)
1474.Pair of amplifiers, including Bandit 65 Solo Series Instrument System and Spider amp, model SI - 001 a; largest measuring 21 " tall (preview for working condition)
1475.Vintage record rack; measuring 27 x 19 x 8 "
1476.UNIK leather jacket size 4XL; measuring 27 " long
1477.Expressions black leather jacket, size small 34 - 36
1478.Wilson's black leather jacket, size medium; measuring 34 " bust, 22 " sleeves, 25 " long
1479.Keuffel and Esser vintage survey tripod and Frisco Grande rod survey stick; largest measuring 57 " tall
1480.Simplicity vacuum cleaner, model S242; measuring 46 " tall (preview for working condition)
1481.Vintage card table with 4 Samsonite folding chairs; tabletop measuring 34 " across (preview for working condition)
1482.Modern pink plastic desk chair; measuring 31x 18 x 13"
1483.Vintage chair with stepstool by Cosco; measuring 34 " tall (preview for condition)
1484.Abanti Platinum wine refrigerator; measuring 33 " tall (preview for working condition)
1485.Ludwig silver metallic drum set with box of extra parts; largest drum measuring 23 " tall (preview for components)
1486.Red kitchen island on wheels with metal countertop; measuring 35 x 24 x 18"
1487.Brass fireplace screen and andirons; screen measuring 31 " tall
1500.Cat tree with ladder; 46" tall
1501.White wicker loveseat, white wicker armchair and white wicker side table; largest 49"
1502.2 white wicker armchairs
1503.Atco Astronomical-Terrestrial 80 mm telescope, includes tripod, accessories and custom made case; 48" long
1504.2 metal and canvas patio chairs
1505.Ceramic sink on stand; 41" tall, includes chromed faucet
1506.Pair of 3 drawer steel file cabinets; each measures 27 x 14 x 18"
1507.Antique cast iron table base with wood top; 27 x 40 x 16"
1508.2 matching metal and wicker storage towers; largest measures 27 x 19 x 13" (1 top is missing)
1509.Metal and canvas lounger; 67" long
1510.Outdoor metal coffee table with glass top; measuring 16 x 36 x 18"
1511.White wicker trunk; 32" wide
1512.Pair of wrought iron fireplace andirons fireplace grate; largest 29"
1513.Oval-shaped 2-tier wicker table; 18 x 37 x 21"
1514.Pony-14 T carpet cleaner (preview for completeness and working condition)
1515.2 retro kitchen chairs
1516.Sunsetter awning with accessories; 150" wide
1517.Vintage Schwinn Fiesta bicycle; 25" wheel
1518.Yard Machines 21" high wheel lawnmower (preview for working condition)
1519.Step2 plastic cart and trailer; 39" long
1520.Sharp Aquos 32" television, includes remote control and wall mount bracket (preview for working condition)
1521.Sharp Aquos 32" television, includes booklet and wall mounting bracket (no remote - preview for working condition)
1522.Samsung DV 218 washer, model DV218AEB/XAA (no power cord, preview for condition)
1523.Wrought-iron high top patio table and 2 matching chairs; table measures 39 x 30 x 30"
1524.Green metal glider; 44" wide
1525.White painted folding Adirondack type chair
1549.Road Ready storage container on wheels; 45 x 59 x 15"
1700.1874 Shield nickel
1701.1857 Flying Eagle penny
1702.1925 Stone Mountain half dollar
1703.1858 Flying Eagle penny
1704.1899, 1901, 1907-D and 1912 Barber half dollars
1705.Assortment of Barber quarters between years 1897 and 1915
1706.17 religious medals
1707.Bronze VA bicentennial medal and other medallions
1708.23 miscellaneous medals
1709.32 assorted US coins
1710.Assortment of arrowheads and spear points
1711.US mint proof set 1993, US proof set 1972, 1976 and 1982
1712.US mint state quarter proof sets from 2005, 2004, 1999 and 2000
1713.Collection gold tone quarters
1714.Foreign coins and 1934 Mercury dime
1800.175 plus DC, Marvel and Independent Bronze age and modern age comic books (some autographed by writer); box measuring 11" tall
1801.2007 Miami Dolphins player's autographed on the field baseball cap - John Beck, Ted Ginn, Jr., Patrick Cobbs, Zach Thomas and Joey Haynos; measuring 7" across
1802.Earl Campbell #34 Houston Oilers autographed power-blue jersey with "HOF 91" with PSA DNA COA and matching hologram; measuring 12 x 16"
1803.Lenny More #24 Baltimore colts autographed blue jersey with "HOF 75" with JSA COA and matching hologram; measuring 12 x 16"
1804.Kenny Houston #27 Washington Redskins autographed red jersey with "HOF 86" with JSA COA and matching hologram; measuring 12 x 16"
1805.Chipper Jones Atlanta Braves autographed Sporting News 8 x 10" color custom framed photo with Upper Deck Authentication COA and matching hologram; measuring 15 x 12"
1806.Mike Piazza New York Mets autographed baseball with Famous Ink hologram
1807.Michael Wacha St. Louis Cardinals autographed 8 x 10" framed photo with Schwartz Sports COA and matching hologram; measuring 12 x 9"
1808.1984 Topps Football #123 Dan Marino Miami Dolphins RC Rookie; measuring 4" tall
1809.1984 Topps Football #63 John Elway Denver Broncos RC Rookie ; measuring 4" tall
1810.Jack Ham Pittsburg Steelers autographed farmed 8 x 10" color photo with Steiner Coal and matching hologram; measuring 13 x 11"
1811.Joe Morgan autographed Cincinnati Reds St. Patrick's Day baseball cap with JSA COA and matching hologram; measuring 7" across
1812.Sept. 20, 1972 Muhammad Ali vs. Floyd Patterson with Roberto Duran vs. Carlos Ortiz under card Curtis Hixon Hall Boxing 2 tickets; measuring 2" tall
1813.Roger Clemens Boston Red Sox autographed 5 x 7" Jumbo 1995 Upper Deck Baseball Card with Upper Deck Authentic (UDA) COA and matching hologram
1814.Le'Veon Bell Pittsburg Steelers autographed 16 x 20" color photo framed with JSA Witness COA and matching hologram; measuring 24 x 20"
1815.Lawrence Taylor New York Giants autographed 16 x 20" color photo framed with JSA Witness COA and matching hologram; measuring 23 x 19"
1816.Kirk Gibson Los Angeles Dodgers autographed "The Home Run" framed 26 x 20" lithograph limited edition number 575/1988 with JSA LOA and matching hologram; measuring 24 x 28"
1817.Jay Ajayi Philadelphia Eagles autographed 16 x 20" color photo framed with JSA Witness COA and matching hologram; measuring 17 x 21"
1818.Joe Greene Pittsburg Steelers autographed "HOF 87" inscription custom framed 11 x 14" color photo with JSA LOA and matching hologram; measuring 21 x 17"
1819.Multi-autographed Major Baseball MVP's framed 16 x 20" color photograph with 12 signatures to include: Pete Rose, Rod Carew, Jim Rice, Orlando Cepeda, Don Newcome, Willie Hernandez, Vida Blue and Bobby Shantz with PSA/DNA LOA and matching hologram; measuring 19 x 23"
1821.George Springer Houston Astros 2018 game used baseball and autographed Topps baseball card with MLB COA and matching hologram and Topps certification
1822.Ryan Zimmerman Washington Nationals autographed MLB baseball with Ryan Zimmerman hologram and Locker Room holograms affixed to ball
1823.Coach Tony Dungy Indianapolis Colts autograph color photo Super Bowl XLI Colts Victory with Steiner COA and matching hologram; measuring 8 x 10"
1824.Tommy Pham St. Louis Cardinals autographed 8 x 10" frame action photo with JSA COA and matching hologram; measuring 10 x 12"
1825.Denny Hamlin #11 autographed NASCAR FedEx 8 x 10" photo, custom framed with PSA/DNA COA and matching hologram; measuring 16 x 14"
1826.Jerry Rice San Francisco 49ers autographed custom framed 8 x 10" color photos with Steiner COA and matching hologram; measuring 17 x 15"
1827.Joe Montana San Francisco 49ers autographed custom framed 8 x 10" color photos with PSA/DNA hologram affixed to the photo; measuring 16 x 13"
1828.Tony Dorsett Dallas Cowboys autographed 8 x 10" framed action photo with JSA hologram affixed to the photo; measuring 17 x 14"
1829.Vladimir Guerrero Montreal Expos autographed 8 x 10" framed action photo with MLH Coal and matching hologram; measuring 15 x 12"
1830.Mark Duper and Mark Clayton Miami Dolphins autographed d"Marx Brothers" framed 8 x 10" color photo with JSA COA and matching hologram; measuring 15 x 14"

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