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Item Description
1.2001 Kawasaki Ultra 150 Jet Ski with 64 hours showing and Bandit single jet ski trailer;

Please note:Cannon's Auctions does not give any guarantee or warranty on this item, either expressly or implied. It is sold AS IS - NO WARRANTY. It is the buyers responsibility to inspect the jet ski prior to the auction close

100.14K white gold ladies wedding set with 3 small round cut diamonds; size 5, weighs 4 gms set with one round cut diamond, (0.55cts, clarity VS2, color H) and 2 small diamonds totaling 0.1cts
101.14K yellow gold ring with 8 x 6.2 mm opal and 4 small diamonds; size 7.5, weighs 4.4 gms, includes box
102.Sterling silver and 14K gold ring with red stone; size 7.5, weighs 9.2 gms
103.Gold fill 2.25 inch diameter bracelet
104.10K gold religious pendant; weighs 3.8 gms
105.Two 14K gold and enamel pins; each 1.25" long, combined weight 2.7 gms
106.14K gold ring with turquoise stone and 14 K gold pin; ring size 1
107.3 antique 14K and enamel studs
108.Semiprecious stone scarab bracelet and 14K gold and seed pearls pin; bracelet is 8" long
109.Gold fill filigree bracelet and matching earrings with green stones
110.10K gold and pearl bracelet; 2.75" diameter
111.10K gold men's ring and 14K ladies ring, stones removed; combined weight 15.2 gms
112.4 vials gold flakes
113.12K gold fill cameo earrings
114.Dixelle 12K gold fill earrings, pendant and chain
115.2 natural stone beaded necklaces with 14K gold clasp
116.Two 14K gold earrings
117.Carved cameo shell pendant, gold fill frame and chain
118.Sand dollar, starfish and shell sterling silver necklace; 17" long, weighs 31.4 gms
119.Starborn sterling silver rings and sterling silver and abalone pendant, rings size 6.5 and 7
120.Sterling silver marcasite locket pendant and matching earrings
121.Sterling silver and 14K gold earrings and necklace with pendant; combined weight 12.2 gms
122.Sterling silver and semiprecious stone bracelet and matching ring; ring is size 8
123.3 sterling silver and colored stone bracelets
124.New Grange sterling silver bracelet and Pstalb sterling silver and semiprecious stone pendant with chain; combined weight 32.3 gms
125.Sterling silver and helix shell pendant; 2" diameter
126.2 sterling silver and colored stone rings; size 6.5 and 8, combined weight 22.6 gms
127.Semiprecious stone and gold tone bead necklace; 19" long
128.Sterling silver marcasite ring set with blue stone; size 7.75, weighs 8 gms
129.2 sterling silver rings, one marked Hales; sizes 7.5 and 7.75, combined weight 18.2 gms
130.2 sterling silver and colored stone rings; size 7 and 6.5, combined weight 18.7 gms
131.2 Native American sterling silver and colored stone rings, unmarked, sizes 10 and 8, combined weight 28.6 gms
132.Sterling silver and semiprecious stone necklace and ring, size 6.5, combined weight 10.7 gms necklace 17" long
133.Italian made sterling silver pendant on black necklace; pendant weighs 26.6 gms
134.Sterling silver pendant and chain, pendant set with semiprecious stones; combined weight 31.6 gms
135.3 necklaces with polished semiprecious stones and sterling silver
136.Israel made sterling silver and blue enamel bracelet blue stone bracelet; 6.5" long, weighs 39.7 gms
137.Sterling silver bird and turquoise necklace, unmarked; weighs 82.3 gms
138.Native American sterling silver and turquoise bracelet; 17 gms
139.Sterling silver choker necklace marked 925 Italy; weighs 32.8 gms
140.Silver tone ring marked NVC with yellow stone; size?
141.Sterling silver necklace marked Sorrento and matching earrings; combined weight 11.1 gms
142.Sterling silver pendant on silver tone chain
143.Sterling silver sorority pin and bracelet; 21.7 gms
144.Silver tone pendant and chain
145.Amber pendant with sterling silver clasp
146.Whiting Davis mesh purse
147.Sterling silver and blue stone bracelets; combined weight 25.1 gms
148.Sterling silver pendant and chain; 9.4 gms
149.Watches and made Sterling silver earrings; combined weight 11.6 gms
150.Sterling silver and mother-of-pearl pearl pendant marked Sagan and Sterling silver chain; combined weight 10.1 gms
151.Mexican Sterling silver bracelet weighing 20.6 gms, and silver tone chain with pendant
152.2 Mexican Sterling silver and colored stone bracelets; combined weight 54.4 gms
153.Charles Albert sterling silver and geode earrings
154.Sterling necklace and Indianhead pendant way 9.8 gms, sterling flag charm, Confederate flag charm and silver tone arrow pendant
155.Sterling silver heart-shaped locket and pendant; combined weight 6.1 gms
156.Sterling silver pin with semiprecious stone
157.Sterling silver markers eat 5 watch on chain
158.Sterling silver necklace; 12.8 gms
159.Sterling silver markers eat ring with Amber colored stone; size 6, weighs 6.9 gms
160.Sterling silver geometric pendant and chain; total weight 37.9 gms
161.3 Sterling silver bracelet; combined weight 10 gms
162.6 sterling silver rings, assorted sizes; 18.6 gms total weight
163.Sterling silver ring with clear stone; size 10, weighs 3.4 gms
164.Sterling silver lion head pendant and chain; 9.5 gms
165.Sterling silver and Amber colored bracelet; 7.7 gms
166.Scrap Sterling silver jewelry; combined weight 82.5 gms
167.Sterling silver and glass Pandora beads
168.Sterling silver mesh bracelet; 13.7 gms
169.Sterling silver bracelet; 3 gms
170.Gold plated sterling silver earrings and bracelets any: combined weight 20.7 gms pendant and ring
171.Sterling silver heart-shaped locket pendant and chain; 7.3 gms
172.Sterling silver filigree ring with pink stone, size 5.5, weighs 3.7 gms
173.Sterling silver cross pendant and chain; 6.1 gms
174.Amber and sterling earrings marked 925J WB
175.Sterling silver jewelry, includes sailboat pin, enameled pin and earrings; combined weight 26.1 gms
176.Sterling silver jewelry, includes sailfish pin, oval-shaped floral pin, lobster, lily and mandolin; largest 3.25", combined weight 61.6 gms
177.Sterling silver fish pin and necklace and beaded necklace; combined weight 27.1 gms
178.Sterling silver bracelet and charms; weighs 9.1 gms
179.Sterling silver jewelry, includes Siam niello bracelet with matching ring, and enamel pendant; combined weight 15.7 gms
180.Large Ziploc bag of assorted costume jewelry
181.Large Ziploc bag of assorted gold and silver tone and beaded costume jewelry
182.Large bag of beaded and other costume jewelry
183.Large Ziploc bag of assorted costume jewelry
184.Large Ziploc bag of assorted gold tone, silver tone and beaded costume jewelry
185.Large bag of assorted beaded costume jewelry, necklaces, bracelets and pins
186.Large bag of assorted costume jewelry, Christmas theme jewelry
187.Large Ziploc bag of assorted gold tone, silver tone and beaded costume jewelry
188.Plastic tub assorted costume jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, earrings
189.Plastic tub with assorted costume jewelry, leather coin purse, John Fitzgerald Kennedy inaugural bronze medallion and jewelry boxes
190.Rubbermaid 19.5 quart plastic tub filled with assorted costume jewelry
191.4 fashion and stainless steel wristwatches, includes Casio, Helbros and Timex
192.Stainless steel wristwatch
193.Armitron stainless steel 20/8464DG wristwatch, includes new battery
194.Ecclissi sterling silver wristwatch
195.Large bag of fashion and other wristwatches
196.Large quantity of ladies gold tone, silver tone, stainless steel and fashion wristwatches
197.Whiting and Davis gold tone mesh purse, includes original Milner's box
198.Large bag of vintage beaded and other costume jewelry, micro mosaic pin, shell pins
199.Various costume jewelry to include pins, hair clips, trinket boxes and other items
200.2 sterling silver rings; size 7, combined weight 6.2 gms
201.Engraved sterling silver belt buckle; 2.5 x 2"; weighs 28.5 gms
202.Sterling silver ring with polished black stone; size 8, weighs 4.9 gms
203.Gold tone costume jewelry, includes 1920s award medallions, ring with stone removed and 3 heart shaped shirt studs
204.Assorted pins, includes box, Coca-Cola pendant and other items
205.Pair of sterling silver earrings; combined weight 10.1 gms
206.Sterling silver heart-shaped pendant and bar pin; combined weight 9.8 gms
207.Sterling silver chain and pendant; combined weight 9 gms
208.Sterling silver pendant with clear stones and fine chain; 3.4 gms
209.Sterling silver and marcasite pendant, blue enamel sterling pendant; combined weight 12.1 gms
210.Enameled 2001 egg pendant, sterling silver and colored stone pendants
211.Sterling silver necklace and matching bracelet; combined weight 14.7 gms
212.4 bracelets, 2 are marked sterling silver weighing 37.7 gms
213.Carved shell cameo with sterling frame; 1" tall
214.6 gold tone and colored stone bracelets, 2 or marked 925
215.19" pearl necklace
216.Bag of silver tone and some sterling jewelry, includes 2 heart-shaped pendants, earrings and chains, 1980 Tops VA pendant and Nike pendant
217.Mother-of-pearl bead necklace
218.6 vintage stick pins, 2 are marked 925
219.Beaded Austrian crystal necklace with silver tone pendant; 18" long
220.Rose quartz necklace
221.2 Krementz gold tone costume bracelets
222.9 costume pins (4 watch pins)
223.2 gold tone filigree necklaces and 1 pin
224.3 Native American hand beaded bracelets
225.Filigree necklace and earrings with colored stones
226.Green enamel and gold tone egg shaped pendant, includes box
227.Goldtone Egyptian themed bracelet
228.Gold tone Marcy Feldt gold tone bracelet, earrings and matching pin
229.Costume pearl necklaces
230.Chunky silver tone bracelet set with clear and colored semiprecious stones and mother-of-pearl; 6" long
231.4 Italian micro mosaic pins and bracelet
232.Costume silver tone, enamel and clear stone bracelet with matching earrings
233.Faux pearl necklace and bracelet and fabric purse
234.Green jade beaded necklace; 18" long
235.Costume jewelry, includes 4 butterfly pins, bee pin, ladybird and hummingbird pins
236.Faux pearls, sterling earrings weighing 3.7 gms, silver tone chain, costume jewelry
237.6 pins, Redskin earrings, costume jewelry
238.Assorted clip-on and pierced earrings, Weiss, Trifari and other costume jewelry
239.Murano glass pendant, sterling silver pendant
240.Bag of beaded, enameled and other costume jewelry
241.Turquoise beaded bracelet, 2 tone Guess wristwatch and other costume jewelry
242.Costume jewelry, includes gold tone pin and pendants
243.3 pairs of earrings, includes butterfly wings, Christmas tree and beaded
244.Assorted costume jewelry, ceramic fox and bag
245.Moon pendant, half dollar pendant and silver tone pendant
246.Ziploc bag silver tone and beaded costume jewelry
247.Bag of assorted costume jewelry
248.Bag of vintage and other costume jewelry, pins and necklace
249.Bag of silver tone and beaded costume jewelry
250.Bag of assorted beaded and other costume jewelry, includes faux pearls
251.Bag of assorted beaded and other faux pearl costume jewelry
252.Bag of gold tone and other costume jewelry, enameled photo frame
253.Shoe box containing large quantity of costume jewelry, egg shaped porcelain jewelry holder
254.Plastic box containing quantity of costume jewelry, faux pearls, earrings
255.Knitting guage and ruler, scissors
256.German made engineering set, includes case
257.Carved bone cigarette holder, pins
258.Carved Turkish meerschaum tobacco pipe, includes original box
259.4 Austrian other and carved wood tobacco pipes
260.Vintage bottle openers
261.Vintage bottle openers
262.Bag of vintage advertising pocket knives and keychains
263.Vintage Ray-Ban sunglasses
264.3 Opera glasses, one enamel and gilt metal
265.Assorted vintage pins
266.Assorted purses, 3 are beaded
267.Vintage wood box with assorted hat pins; box is 12" wide
268.Vintage Samsonite makeup case filled with costume jewelry
269.Ziploc bag costed assorted costume jewelry
270.Ziploc bag of assorted beaded and other costume jewelry
271.Large bag of beaded another costume jewelry
272.Large bag of beaded, cowrie shell and other costume jewelry
273.Large bag gold tone and other costume jewelry and wristwatches
274.Large bag beaded another costume jewelry
275.Bag of colorful costume jewelry, earrings and pins
276.Assorted Ant Hill bag of gold tone and other costume bracelets and jewelry
277.Assorted Ant Hill bag of gold tone, silver tone and other costume earrings
278.Assorted Ant Hill gold tone and other costume jewelry
279.Assorted Ant Hill gold tone, shell and other costume jewelry
280.Assorted Ant Hill orange beaded and other costume jewelry
281.Assorted Ant Hill gold tone and other costume bracelets
282.Assorted Ant Hill assorted vintage costume earrings and jewelry
283.Assorted Ant Hill gold tone and other costume jewelry
284.Assorted Ant Hill gold tone and other costume jewelry
285.Assorted Ant Hill gold tone, beaded another costume jewelry
286.Assorted Ant Hill gold tone and other costume jewelry
287.Assorted Ant Hill and other costume bracelets
288.Large bag of assorted costume jewelry, bracelets and necklaces
289.Ziploc bag gold tone and enamel costume jewelry
290.Bag of assorted gold tone and other costume jewelry
291.Bag of beaded another costume jewelry
292.Bag of gold and silver tone costume jewelry
293.Large bag beaded costume jewelry, Austrian crystal necklace, earrings and costume jewelry
294.Large bag beaded, gold tone and other costume jewelry
295.Silver tone costume bracelets, carved bone and semiprecious stone bracelet, Sarah Coventry and other bracelets
296.Assorted Ant Hill blue and turquoise beaded jewelry
297.Assorted Ant Hill beaded another bracelets, costume jewelry
298.Assorted Ant Hill gold tone and other costume jewelry
299.Assorted Ant Hill gold tone and other costume jewelry
300.Antique oil painting on canvas , French landscape appears unsigned, inscribed Givenchy France on reverse; gold frame measures 27 x 35"
302.Dixie Burrus Browning landscape watercolor, signed lower right; frame measures 22 x 25"
303.Colored engraving by Fritz Hartmann titled Dusseldorf Jan Wellem, signed and titled in pencil; gold frame measures 23 x 18"
304.Axel Herman Haig engraving titled "Burgos Cathedral", signed in pencil lower right; frame measures 33 x 26"
305.Abstract oil painting on canvas, appears unsigned; silver frame measures 20 x 26"
306.Cuca Romley limited edition portrait engraving, signed and numbered in pencil; frame measures 15 x 15"
307.Gloria Rosenthal oil painting, signed lower right and on reverse; frame measures 21.5 x 17.5"
308.Libby Simmons watercolor and acrylic, signed lower right; frame measures 29 x 21" (includes label on reverse
309.Oil painting on canvas, still life with fruit and ceramic pitcher, signed Homer lower right; frame measures 19 x 23"
310.Vintage landscape oil painting on board, signed B Lambert lower right; frame measures 22 x 24"
311.Oil painting on board, landscape with pond, signed Wilbur lower left; frame measures 22 x 28"
312.OES Heritage limited edition print, titled in pencil and numbered 21/25; frame measures 30 x 26"
313.Williamsburg garden signed print; frame measures 22 x 31"
314.Original watercolor, abstract still life with fruit, appears unsigned; frame measures 12 x 14.5"
315.Winter landscape oil painting on canvas, signed Louis Pierre lower left; 16 x 16"
316.Colored pencil drawing signed Urquhart lower right; frame measures 19 x 15"
317.Limited-edition print titled "Peaceful Waters", signed and titled in pencil and numbered 84/250; frame measures 30.5 x 35"
318.Oil painting on canvas, still life with fruit, signed lower right; gold frame measures 26 x 32"
319.Marc Chagall framed print; frame measures 34 x 28"
320.Oil painting on canvas, portrait of child on beach, signed JoAnn lower right; frame measures 36 x 30"
400.Grecian urn print with gold frame; 39 x 27"
401.Paris street scene oil painting on canvas, signed Burnett lower left; gold frame measures 28 x 40"
402.Landscape painting on board, appears unsigned; frame measures 48 x 38"
403.Photographic print on canvas, horse and horseman, with Gordon Valentine paper label on reverse; 34 x 45"
404.Original colored chalk painting on panel, Hudson River school style landscape, signed Kelly lower left, gold frame measures 23 x 27"
405.T. Turner oil painting on board, still life with ceramic vase and apples from the Sally & Ted Turner Estate in Charlottesville Va , signed on reverse; oak frame measures 23 x 26"
406.19th century winter landscape lithograph; gold frame measures 32 x 39"
407.2 M Herman artist proof serigraphs, desert landscapes, signed in pencil lower left; frames matching frames measure 31 x 24.5
408.Antique style landscape print on canvas; frame measures 32 x 55"
409.Atkinson Fox "Log Train" lithograph; antique frame measures 19 x 25"
410.Dunescape print on canvas; frame measures 33 x 57"
411.19th century lithograph, child with bird; frame measures 17 x 13.5"
412.Venetian canal scene oil painting on canvas signed lower left; gold frame measures 29 x 41"
413.19th century portrait print in gold frame; 11" diameter
414.Sunset photographic print; frame measures 13 x 11"
415.Fox hunting theme print with gold frame; 32 x 43"
416.James Fortune signed photograph of rock band Led Zeppelin; frame measures 32 x 10"
417.Oil painting on canvas, landscape with trees and river, signed lower right; antique style frame measures 43 x 31"
418.Large size wall mirror with distressed white painted frame; 42 x 34"
419.Black framed beveled edge mirror; 44 x 36"
420.Abstract print; metallic frame measures 30 x 37"
421.Charcoal and pencil drawing, portrait of a child, appears unsigned; frame measures 40 x 28.5"
422.Floral still life oil painting on board, signed Catherine lower right; oak frame measures 18 x 14"
423.Oil painting on canvas, landscape with pond and boat, signed Marjie Burchfield lower left; frame measures 17 x 20"
424.Photographic print, bronze statue; 16 x 12"
425.Needlepoint by Rose McDevitt Lybrand, Culpeper County Virginia, inscribed on reverse; frame measures 19 x 23"
426.Print on canvas "Infanta Don Margerita"; antique style frame measures 25 x 21"
427.European etching signed in pencil; frame measures 19 x 16"
428.Rembrandt style painting on canvas "Man with the Golden Helmet", signed O. Freidank lower left; frame measures 21 x 17"
429.Cathedral print with gold frame; 17 x 13"
430.Cow print on canvas; 21 x 32"
431.3 French cityscape paintings on canvas, 2 signed Pettier lower right; 2 are framed and measure 35 x 20"
432.Souvenir of the Rolling Stones fabric printed fabric pennant flag; frame measures 16.5 x 33"
433.GD Rowlandson hunting print titled "A Businesslike Trio"; frame measures 26 x 34"
434.2 Martha Pennington pencil portraits, signed lower right; matching frames measure 16 x 13.5"
435.Black-and-white photograph, Parthenon; 12 x 16"
436.2 aerial photographs; matching frames measure 24 x 27"
437.A Masked Ball advertising poster for VIRGINIA OPERA; frame measures 31 x 16"
438.White framed wall mirror with shaped frame and beveled edge; 28 x 22"
439.Sheila Hill limited edition print, portrait figure with corn and basket, signed and numbered 22/500; frame measures 29 x 21"
440.Framed print, city buildings; frame measures 26 x 22"
441.Andrew Wyeth lithograph titled "Spindrift"; frame measures 13.5 x 22"
442.Framed Heidelberg print; 17 x 13"
443.Black-and-white photograph, Indian chief with rifle; frame measures 30 x 23"
444.Today's Good Food advertising chalkboard; 36 x 24"
445.F. Neri print, Milan; frame measures 19 x 22"
446.Normandy market print on board; frame measures 35 x 28"
447.Walnut framed antique style wall mirror with beveled edge; 42 x 19"
448.2 Roslyn Rose limited edition textured engravings, titled Cheetah and Snow Leopard, each signed and titled in pencil; Gallery House labels on reverse; matching frames measure 36 x 16"
449.2 oriental insects and flower prints; matching frames measure 22 x 18"
450.Bene Dictum print; frame measures 13 x 9.5"
451.Japanese print, deer with pine branches; frame measures 25 x 31"
452.Framed photographic print sign by Steve McCurry; frame measures 29 x 23"
453.D Hawthorne limited edition serigraph titled "Mystery Mountain", signed in pencil and numbered 2/3; frame measures 29 x 26"
454.Photographic print, Grecian sculpture; 19.5 x 13.5"
455.Little Red Riding Hood framed print; frame measures 16 x 9"
457.Red Circles, Red Dots serigraph, signed in pencil and dated 1976; frame measures 25 x 24"
458.Mahogany framed wall mirror, 35 x 19"
459.Virginia Opera Association advertising print for Madison Butterfly; frame measures 28 x 19"
460.Abstract painting on board; frame measures 24 x 18"
461.Still life oil painting on canvas signed Janine Johns lower right; 16 x 20"
462.Magnolia print with gold frame; 22 x 18"
463.3 Shepherd's Civil War uniform prints; oak frames measure 18 x 14"
464.Original landscape color pastel on paper scene with birch trees, signed S Gates lower left; frame measures 17 x 32"
465.Ariel photograph, landscape with highway; frame measures 27 x 32"
466.Still life floral oil painting on canvas; gold frame measures 27 x 24"
467.Rothenburg print; frame measures 17 x 13"
468.Wine bottle wall plaque, wood and metal; 23 x 13.5"
469.Lighthouse print with frame, 3 wall plaques; largest 13 x 11"
470.Oil painting on canvas, dock with boat, signed Gaby lower right; frame measures 19 x 22"
471.Oil painting on panel, still life with daisies, signed Paula Ferrari Naselli lower right, artist biography on reverse; pine frame measures 18 x 22"
472.Landscape oil painting on canvas, signed Bets lower right; frame measures 21 x 25"
473.Oval-shaped wall mirror with gold frame; 35 x 20"
474.Oil painting on canvas, hotel landscape, signed Gaby lower right; frame measures 21 x 25"
475.3 Civil War battle prints, includes Champion Hills, Battle of Resaca, Atlanta and Fort Saunders; matching frames measure 15 x 20"
476.Lady and the Meadow print; frame measures 19 x 23"
477.Blacksmith oil painting on board, signed J Joseph lower right; frame measures 19 x 18"
478.Rembrandt oleograph portrait; frame measures 23 x 18"
479.Still life floral print; frame measures 27 x 19"
480.He Rules the Roost But I Rule the Rooster! wall plaque; 24 x 16"
481.2 aerial photographs; largest frame measures 24 x 27"
482.Interior design black-and-white print photographic print "Patio El Convento", signed and titled in pencil; frame measures 21 x 21"
483.Harbor aerial photograph with mahogany finish frame; 24 x 27.5"
484.Diane Jackson limited-edition still life print numbered 164/300; frame measures 27 x 22"
485.Seascape oil painting on board, signed lower right; frame measures 17 x 18.5"
486.Frank Lloyd Wright advertising poster from the Phoenix Art Museum 1990; frame measures 37 x 11"
487.2 aerial photographs; matching frames measure 24 x 27"
488.Bob Piper still life drawing, signed lower right; frame measures 17 x 13"
489.Miniature rug and oak frame; 16 x 13"
490.Oil painting on canvas, landscape with figure, signed lower right; 28 x 22"
491.3 Barclay Sheaks signed prints; frames measure 20 x 22"
492.J Valentine limited edition engraving titled "Shapes and Shadows II", signed in pencil and numbered 123/300; frame measures 16 x 18.5"
493.Jennie Brownscombe print titled "Sunday Morning in Sleepy Hollow"; gold frame measures 32 x 43"
494.Adolph Gottlieb framed pictograph; frame measures 32 x 36"
495.Vintage framed lithograph; frame measures 15 x 18"
496.Vintage framed print in goldtone frame; frame measures 27 x 32.5"
497.C. Kline Blanchard limited-edition carousel horse print, signed in pencil and numbered 199/1000; frame measures 15 x 18"
498.3D geisha girl framed artwork; 13 x 8"
499.French fashion print "La Mode Illustree"; oval-shaped frame measures 20 x 16"
500.Vintage upholstered loveseat with carved legs; measures 38" tall
501.2 Classic genuine leather armchairs; each measures 36" tall
502.Howard Miller lighted tall case clock; measures 80 x 19 x 10"
503.Vintage handmade walnut fall front desk in 2 pieces; measures 60 x 36 x 20"
504.Vintage oak fall front secretary with 3 drawers; measures 45 x 32 x 18"
505.Child's mahogany rocking chair with cane seat and back and hand-painted accents; measures 27" tall
506.Hancock & Moore genuine leather sofa; measures 35 x 90 x 40"
507.Mid century modern 3 globe floor lamp with brass accents; measures 66" tall
508.Victorian walnut double sofa on cabriole legs; 60" wide
509.4 piece Thomasville mahogany wall unit, includes 2 corner sections, glass front and open front with storage below; overall dimensions 81 x 1 1 6 x 21", 2 center sections fitted with lights (can be used as individual units)
510.Thomasville mahogany media cabinet with 2 paneled doors, 3 drawers and brass handles, lighted interior; 81 x 39 x 23" (matches 509)
511.Thomasville cherry lingerie chest with 8 drawers and brass handles; 56 x 31 x 20" (matches 514)
512.Thomasville solid cherry double dresser with 8 drawers, 1 paneled door and attached beveled triple mirror; base measures 33 x 73 x 20", mirror measures 51 x 58"
513.Thomasville cherry media cabinet with 2 paneled doors, 2 drawers and brass handles; 65 x 41 x 20"
514.Thomasville cherry chest, 5 drawers over 2 with brass handles; 58 x 40 x 20.5" (matches 511)
515.Oversize poster bed frame, includes 4 heavy reeded posts with finials, padded headboard, footboard, side rails and metal brackets; headboard measures 52 x 68" wide, each post 89" wide including finial
516.Jesse French & Sons model 5093 tube radio in walnut cabinet; cabinet measures 48 x 28 x 18"
517.Bombay Company mahogany finish side table with green marble top; 25.5 x 18" diameter
518.2 Victorian carved mahogany dining chairs, upholstered seats and turned legs; each 35"
519.Antique oak tall 4 drawer chest with attached mirror; 71 x 33 x 18"
520.Winthrop style mahogany fall front secretary, 2 glass doors with fitted shelves, sloping front and 4 drawers on carved claw and ball feet; 79 x 31 x 20"
521.Antique style pine armoire with 2 doors and fitted shelves, carved panels and metal handles; 79 x 41 x 21"
522.Oval-shaped brass and glass coffee table; 16 x 46 x 27"
523.Mahogany sideboard with 2 drawers, 2 doors and turned fluted legs; 37 x 60 x 20"
524.Drexel 6 drawer mahogany buffet cabinet; measures 35 x 54 x 20"
525.Child size mahogany Queen Anne style armchair
526.Round painted gold and glass side table; 17 x 26"
527.Maple side table with one wide and 2 narrow drawers and turned legs; 34 x 24 x 17"
528.Ferguson Copeland Ltd. tan conversational sofa; measures 30 x 124 x 64", comes in 2 pieces
529.Victorian walnut hall tree, mirrored back, original cast iron hooks, white marble top and 1 drawer ; measures 80 x 30 x 9"
530.2 Empire style armchairs with upholstered seats and backs; each measures 41" tall
531.2 Walnut high back chairs, storage seats on barley twist legs with casters; 31" tall
532.Empire mahogany side chair
533.Solid mahogany corner cabinet, glazed door enclosing fitted shelves with 1 paneled door below; 81 x 39", to fit corner 29 x 29" (includes keys)
534.2 solid mahogany drop side single drawer tables; each measures 26.5 x 14 x 23" closed, sides are 11" wide
535.Solid mahogany oval-shaped extending pedestal dining table with 3 additional leaves and brass feet; 29 x 60 x 42" closed, each leaf adds 12"
536.Ferguson solid mahogany circular side table on column base; 28 x 22"
537.Victorian walnut needlepoint footstool; 14 x 18"
538.Mahogany side table, scalloped top; 26 x 17 x 18"
539.Wabash mahogany 3-tier bookcase; measures 35 x 23 x 11"
540.Vintage mahogany display cabinet with 2 shelves and one drawer; measures 63 x 36 x 15"
541.2 mahogany Drexel side tables with 2 drawers; each measures 29 x 18 x 18"
542.Mahogany 4 drawer dresser; measures 36 x 44.5 x 21.5"
543.Vintage mahogany headboard, footboard and rails, headboard has cane back; headboard measures 60 x 51.5"
544.Cherry fourposter bed with headboard, footboard, rails and slats; headboard measures 74 x 57"
545.Vintage hardwood four drawer dresser; measures 35.5 x 42.5 x 18"
546.Jasper Cabinet Co. lighted curio cabinet with glass shelves; measures 76 x 28.5 x 13.5"
547.Drexel Cetera oriental style writing cabinet; measures 44 x 46.5 x 20"
548.2 Victorian-style his and her chairs with upholstered seats and backs; largest chair measures 38" tall
549.Victorian-style spring rocker with upholstered seat and back; measures 34.5" tall
600.Victorian-style upholstered sofa with claw feet; measures 34 x 78 x 30"
601.Painted wood telephone table with upholstered seat; measures 32 x 27 x 20"
602.Harden drop leaf sidetable; measures 26 x 12 x 25.5", sides measure 11.5"
603.Vintage chaise lounge; measures 30 x 71 x 24"
604.Howard Miller tall case clock; measures 78 x 20 x 12.5", no pendulum
605.Bent wood rocking chair with cane seat and back; measures 41" tall
606.Oak spindle back rocking chair; measures 40" tall
607.Thomasville console table with one drawer and Queen Anne legs; measures 29 x 60 x 16.5"
608.Triangular mahogany planter stand with 1 door and metal liner; 33 x 12"
609.Vintage mahogany wash stand; measures 27.5" tall
610.Mahogany display stand; measures 40 x 20.5 x 15"
611.Handmade two tier plant stand; measures 18 x 9.5 x 9.5"
612.Maple plant stand with 3 legs; measures 20 x 12" diameter
613.2 pine ladder back chairs; each measures 35" tall
614.2 cherry stools with upholstered tops and Queen Anne legs; each measures 18 x 20 x 18"
615.Veneer storage cabinet; measures 30 x 38 x 22"
616.2 bent wood dining chairs; measures 35" tall
617.2 maple stools; each measures 30 x 13" diameter
618.Mid century modern chest with 5 drawers and metal handles; 51 x 40 x 19" (matches 619 - 623)
619.Mid century modern double dresser with 9 drawers and metal handles; measures 31 x 64 x 19" (matches 619 - 623)
620.Mid century modern walnut single drawer nightstand; 24 x 24 x 17" (matches 619 - 623)
621.Forward Furniture by Unagusta maple 9 drawer dresser; measures 31 x 64 x 19", matches lots 624, 618, 620, 621, 622 and 623
622.Mid century modern chest, 2 drawers over 3 with metal handles; 51 x 40 x 19" ((matches 619 - 623)
623.Mid century modern walnut single drawer nightstand; 24 x 24 x 17" (matches 619 - 623)
624.Mid century modern walnut headboard; 38 x 62"
625.Rectangular shaped mahogany boardroom double pedestal table; 29 x 96 x 42" (matches 626)
626.6 matching burgundy upholstered office chairs by Kimball International (matches 625)
627.Rustic pine work table; 31 x 54 x 36"
628.Antique style upholstered armchair on serpentine shape legs
629.High wingback Queen Anne style armchair with floral upholstery
630.Mahogany executive desk, inlaid tooled leather top and 8 drawers with metal handles, manufactured by Hickman; 30 x 61 x 30"
631.Drexel camelback floral upholstered sofa
632.Burgundy upholstered armchair on swivel base
633.Queen Anne style cherry console table; 28 x 54 x 16"
634.Rustic pine cabinet, hinged front and 3 drawers, painted distressed finish; 35 x 16 x 12"
635.2 mahogany beds with headboards, footboards and 1 set of rails; headboard measures 40 x 41"
636.Empire style upholstered loveseat; 46" wide
637.Papier-mache floral decorated tray on stand; 20 x 31 x 24"
638.Rectangular bench, upholstered seat on wrought iron frame; 17.5 x 49 x 11.5"
639.Antique cherry chest with 4 drawers, brass handles and turned legs; 44 x 41 x 21.5"
640.Ethan Allen maple single drawer side table on turned supports; 20 x 27 x 27"
641.Bombay company 2 tier single drawer side table; 27.5 x 20 x 16"
642.Rectangular console table, multicolored stenciled decorations; 35 x 48 x 17"
643.Round painted 5 drawer chest with turned handles; 43 x 31 x 17"
644.Rectangular drop side coffee table with inlaid tooled leather top and brass casters; 16 x 45 x 21"
645.Ethan Allen walnut finish double dresser with sideboard, 9 drawers and 2 paneled doors; 30 x 65 x 20.5"
646.2 cherry open front bookshelves each with 2 paneled doors; 79 x 36 x 15" each
647.Vintage mahogany chest with 5 drawers and bun feet; 48 x 37 x 21"
648.Maple vanity bench with cane seat; 19 x 24 x 14"
649.Cream painted rustic pine cradle; 40" wide
650.Pennsylvania House cherry nightstand with 2 drawers; 24 x 24 x 15"
651.Pennsylvania House cherry and oak side chest with brass handles; 22 x 23 x 14"
652.Mahogany 2-tier table; 27 x 19 x 18"
653.Wicker finish 2 drawer nightstand; 22 x 24 x 17"
654.Pennsylvania House cherry cabinet with 2 paneled doors; 31 x 36 x 15" includes Pennsylvania House paper label
655.Pennsylvania House break front cherry double dresser with 8 wide and 4 narrow drawers with metal handles and attached mirror; base measures 34 x 64 x 20.5", mirror measures 36 x 48"
656.Mid century modern oak step back china display cabinet in 2 sections, 3 glazed doors with fitted shelves above 2 doors and 4 drawers; overall dimensions 75 x 58 x 20"
657.Black oak finish double dresser with 6 drawers and attached mirror; base measures 32 x 61 x 16.5", mirror measures 42 x 38" (matches 658)
658.Black oak finish double dresser with 6 drawers and attached mirror; base measures 32 x 61 x 16.5", mirror measures 42 x 38" (matches 657)
659.Pine finish double dresser, multiple drawers and metal handles; 31 x 61 x 18"
660.4 matching spindle back kitchen armchairs
661.Oak octagonal pedestal table; 27 x 44" diameter
662.Ethan Allen floral upholstered armchair and matching ottoman
663.Antique oak rocking chair, pressed spindle back on turned supports; 39" tall
664.Mahogany single drawer writing table on saber shape legs; 30 x 45 x 30"
665.Wood and beveled glass coffee table on Queen Anne legs; 17 x 43 x 42.5"
666.Empire mahogany sleigh bed frame, includes headboard, footboard, side rails and slats; headboard measures 43 x 45"
667.Antique style poster bed, includes headboard, footboard, side rails and slats; headboard measures 68 x 63" wide
668.2 matching side tables, bases are painted turquoise; each measures 22 x 29"
669.Mahogany armchair frame
670.Rectangular turquoise painted table; 15 x 28 x 20"
671.Walnut 3 drawer nightstand on turned legs; 26 x 14 x 18"
672.Victorian-style cradle by Jason Saunders; measures 33.5 x 22 x 40"
673.4 matching Walnut dining chairs, turned legs with brass buttons Heywood Bros & Co, Gardner Massachusetts
674.Vintage pine 4 drawer chest; measures 43 x 40 x 19"
675.Vintage pine side table with 1 drawer; measures 27 x 14.5 x 24"
676.Vintage oak 2-tier side table; measures 29.5 x 24 x 24"
677.Pine console table with 1 drawer; measures 31 x 48 x 16"
678.Mahogany demilune table; measures 28 x 24 x 12"
679.Vintage walnut demilune table; measures 35 x 24 x 12"
680.Painted wood stool with turned legs; measures 20.5" tall
700.Hand knotted Persian area rug; measures 110 x 144"
701.Karastan 100% wool face area rug; measures 102 x 144"
702.Pink carved area rug; measures 72 x 112"
703.Davis and Davis Custom Rugs border rug; measures 90 x 108"
704.Navy colored area rug; measures 92 x 129"
705.Carved border rug; measures 109 x 145"
706.Carved oval border rug; measures 97 x 121"
707.Mohawk Home multicolored rug; measures 96 x 129"
708.Pink and tan hall runner; measures 35 x 147"
709.Saryun navy and tan hall runner; measures 34 x 80"
710.Southwestern style hall runner; measures 24 x 151"
711.Vintage Southwestern style rug; measures 45 x 95"
712.Southwestern style hall runner; measures 24 x 144"
713.Natural fiber rug; measures 36 x 59"
714.Multicolor hand knotted hall runner; measures 31 x 159"
715.Momeni carved hall runner; measures 27 x 95"
716.Two Oslo striped rugs; largest measures 30 x 47"
717.Karastan 100% wool face rug; measures 34 x 61"
718.2 Couristan entry rugs; each measures 23 x 43"
719.3 Liora Manne entry entry rugs; measures 30 x 48"
750.7 LITERARY CLASSICS. Tales of Poe; Robin Hood (illustrated by Wyeth); Moby Dick and 4 other leather bound titles
751.6 BOOKS ON ARCHITECTURE. The House Beautiful by Frank Lloyd Wright; Southern Comfort; Phantoms of the Hudson Valley; Chicago's North Shore and 2 others
752.10 COOK BOOKS Tea Rooms (signed); The Silver Spoon; Cuba!; Smuggler's Cove; New Napa and 5 others including the 75th Anniversary edition of The Joy of Cooking
753.8 BOOKS ON THE CIVIL WAR. Cold Harbor; The Horrid Pit; Historical Atlas of the Civil War; Landscape Turned Red and 4 other titles
754.6 BOOKS ON VIRGINIA. Facts & Legends of the Hills of Richmond (signed by authors); Stories of WWII by Hampton Roads Vets; From the Beach to the Bay-Sandbridge; The Gardens of Glen Burnie; Poplar Forest and The Congressional Cemetery
756.10 BOOKS ON COLLECTABLES-MOSTLY GLASS RELATED. Cut & Engraved Glass of Corning; Seneca Glass; Venetian Glass; European Glass 1500-1800; Chinese Export Porcelain 1785-1835; 2 Doll books and 3 others
757.15 HOW TO ART BOOKS. How to Draw Plants; Capturing Children; Oil Painting Secrets; Painting Flowers; Concept & Composition and 10 other titles
758.6 BOOKS ON THE MILITARY. 4 Volume Boxed edition of Chronicles of the Great American Wars; Warfare in the 18th Century and Warfare in the 17th Century
759.Shelf lot books, includes A Century of Model Trains, assorted sheet music, Shirley Temple Black, Christian Science Hymnal, The Little Colonel Stories and others
760.Leapfrog children's books, includes Nemo, Scooby Doo, Underwater Mystery, Star Wars, Disney and Tag plastic box with pen
761.Assorted Bibles, German language volumes and Portfolio of Currier and Ives
762.Autographed copies We Were There and Those in Peril on the Sea by L Peter Wren
763.The Official Atlas of the Civil War 1958 edition by Thomas Yoseloff, London, includes dust jacket
764.Grouping of Harley-Davidson books and DVDs, includes Encyclopedia of the Harley-Davidson, One Light Coming, This Old Harley, Harley-Davidson Great Rides and others
765.Shelf lot art related books, includes The Art of Netsuke Carving, Leonardo, Vincent Van Gogh, German and Austrian Porcelain and others
766.Shelf lot books, includes The Real Mother Goose, Currier and Ives, Includes Popular Natural History and others
767.Shelf lot firearm and gun collectors reference books, includes 2001 and 2010 Standard Catalog of Firearms, Shooters Bible, Gun Digest, Gun Traders Guide and others
768.Leapfrog 16 Tag books, pink carry box and tag pen
769.Shelf lot books, includes 2 volumes Britannica World Language, Book of Indians, Great American West, 1776, Complete Book of Fly-fishing and others
770.Sidney Sheldon and other novels, shelf lot
800.West African carved wood sculpture; 30" tall
801.1847 Rogers Brothers silver plate flatware with chest, partial setting
802.Gemeinhardt 3-piece silver flute, serial number B77447, includes case
803.Bronze pig statue; measures 22" tall
804.200th anniversary edition 6 gallon stoneware crock; 15" tall
805.Antique split cane fly fishing rod, 4 sections in green canvas bag by Horrocks Ibbotson Company
806.Oriental blue and white porcelain jar; 8" tall
807.Vintage Universal model D range timer; 6.5" tall
808.3 gallons stoneware jar; 17" tall
809.Blue-and-white oriental jar with cover; 8" tall
810.Vintage cast iron grocers scale, includes weights and pan; 23" wide
811.Kay banjo (preview for condition)
812.4 vintage friction drive toy cars, includes Schuco Gama, 2 Schuco Varianto 3041 and 3044; largest 7"
813.50 cal black powder percussion rifle by Connecticut Valley Arms, serial number 86388817, CVA Hawken rifle, includes paperwork
814.2 fishing reels, includes Penn 7500 SS and Penn Peerless number 6
815.Vintage hand painted Nippon porcelain vase; 9" tall
816.2 metal Greyhound bookends; each 10" wide
817.Handmade scale model sailboat on stand; 43" tall
818.Vintage Inarco 1940s head vase; 8" tall
819.LV purse; 9" wide (preview for authenticity)
820.2 gallon stoneware crock by Marshall Pottery; 10" tall
821.Antique shelf clock by L. Gilbert Clock Co, wood grain finish; 17" wide
822.Artin battery-operated Turbo 800 Speed Chase HO gauge race set, includes box; 24" wide (preview for working condition)
823.3 antique cast iron flatirons; largest 7"
824.Silver Hawk XP Compound bow
825.Brass fire starter set, includes pot and wand; Potter 7" wide
826.Bronze finish ceramic sculpture; 15" tall
827.Japanese tin plate toys, includes circus horse and squirrel, includes original boxes
828.Blue-and-white porcelain jar; 5.5" tall
829.Clarice Cliff Lisa blue transfer printed china, includes dinner plates, bowls, side plates, platters; largest 13"
830.Tasco 7 x 35 binoculars
831.LV purse; 10" wide (preview for working condition)
832.Steiff 0155 bride bear and 0155 groom bear, includes boxes; 17" tall
833.South Bend number 359 three piece bamboo fly fishing rod
834.Studio art glass vase inscribed and dated 98 on base; 5" tall
835.Hype X Hover-1 Electric Scooter, includes box (preview for contents and condition)
836.2 vintage Sport-Stick fish decals; each 17 x 10"
837.Steiff mohair elephant on wheels, 2007 Christmas, includes box; boxes 8" tall
838.Georges Leleu Art Nouveau bronze lamp with fabric shade and crystal finial, signed on base; 16" to top of lamp base
839.Chinese enameled porcelain ikebana vase, includes galvanized metal liner and woven wicker cover; 9.5" tall
840.Anheuser Busch Natural Light advertising sign; 19" wide
841.Thermos vintage Hot Wheels metal lunchbox; 9" wide
842.Vintage carved wood desktop organizer; measures 14 x 36 x 9"
843.Rookwood pottery green glazed vase numbered 6053; 7.5" tall
844.Manon 8 x 30 binoculars with case
845.Vintage Coca-Cola electric wall clock; 12.5 x 11"
846.Vintage Buddy L pressed steel pickup truck and vintage Tonka pressed steel VW beetle; largest 13"
847.World War I era binoculars, includes leather case
848.JM compound bow
849.Vintage cut glass pitcher (damage), and 2 with dog tooth edge; largest 11"
850.Pearl River acoustic guitar with hardshell case; model C-18
851.Zippo plexiglas display case; measures 16" tall
852.Tiffany and Co porcelain footed bowl; 10" wide (chipped)
853.Matched pair of enameled pressed glass compotes; 7.5" tall
854.9 enameled Japanese porcelain plates, satsuma design border and gilt monograms; each 9.5" diameter
855.Vintage Teledyne big beam lantern
856.3 mid century modern Pyrex oven dishes, 2 with lids; largest 11"
857.Stainless steel axe includes box; 29" long
858.Art nouveau bronzed metal lamp with multipaned matching shade; 24" tall
859.Studio multicolored case glass vase; 7.5" tall
860.Royal Crown cola advertising thermometer; measures 13 x 6"
861.2 metal 6" C clamps
862.Vintage 4 piece bamboo flyfishing rod
863.Val Saint Lambert old Masters limited edition plate featuring Vincent van Gogh includes box; 8" diameter
864.3 vintage oil lanterns; each measures 11" tall
865.2 metal finish figural book ends; 7" tall numbered IM 1004
866.Skil craft number 412 student microscope lab, includes instructions and metal case
867.3 cast iron frying pans, includes Wagner
868.Packard Motorcars advertising thermometer; 27" tall
869.Jefferson Hotel and Along The James Christmas tree ornaments, includes boxes
870.Oriental engraved brass tray; 22" diameter
871.Tall pottery pitcher; 10" tall
872.Chinese made painted porcelain vase; 10" tall
873.Glazed studio pottery jar; 8" tall and 5 miniature jars each 3" tall
874.2 bags assorted brass and iron trivets, includes Virginia Metalcrafters and others; largest 9"
875.Waterford crystal vase with box and Waterford ice pitcher, includes boxes; largest 9.5"
876.2 metal finish horse and dog book ends; largest 5"
877.Star Trek shuttle craft CD holder, includes box
878.Vintage painted enameled metal coffee pot; 8.5" tall
879.Vintage ladies hats and Miller and Rhodes hatbox
880.Pressed steel coin bank, Uncle Sam's Register Bank by Durable Toy and Novelty Corporation; 6" tall
881.Vintage newspapers and ephemera, includes Richmond Times Dispatch, Richmond News Leader, Harold Progress and others
882.Vintage RCA video camera, includes case and accessories (preview for completeness and condition)
883.3 Barbie as Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady dolls with boxes; 14" tall
884.Rectangular and circular pottery platters to include Omnibus by Fitz and Floyd; largest 16"
885.Panasonic KX-ENT 700 IP conferencing phone (preview for working condition)
886.Original hand-painted Oriental silk scroll circa 1940; 15" wide
887.Barnett compound bow
888.Group of Keepsake Hallmark Christmas tree ornaments, includes olive oil, Popeye, Shaquille O'Neal, Star Trek and others, includes boxes; largest 7"
889.Wood pencil box, assorted pens, pencils, paperweights and 2 pistols and rifle ornaments; largest 11"
890.Ziploc bag of assorted wrenches
891.NFL 1975 thermos lunchbox; 9" wide
892.Squire SP-10 guitar amplifier and Washburn shadow series electric guitar (preview for working condition)
893.Spitfire electric guitar
894.Cub Scouts hats, belt buckle and neckerchief
895.Sears car case with 48 assorted cars; the case measures 14" wide
896.Michelin emergency roadside kit, includes hard-shell case (appears complete-please preview)
897.Anheuser Busch Budweiser wood box containing group of multicolored autographed hats; 19" wide
899.2 African tribal masks, 1 with metal accents; 12.5" wide
900.Miniature size rocking horse; 33" wide
901.Stetson hat, includes box
902.Vintage movie lobby cards, includes Dreamboat, The Man Who Couldn't Walk, Sword of the Conqueror, Green Fire and others; each measures 11 x 14"
903.Grand Union Flag made by Nyl-Glo
904.Wood box containing a quantity of magic lantern slides and plates; box measures 11 x 13 x 7.5"
905.Painted cast iron farm animal doorstop; 9.5" tall
906.6 string acoustic guitar, includes case
907.2 pairs and 1 metal bookend; largest 8"
908.Japanese porcelain hand-painted vase, I & E company, Japan; 13" tall
909.2 brass lamps with prisms, shades and LED bulbs; 15" tall (preview for working condition)
910.Oriental underglaze blue porcelain plates; 12" diameter
911.3 oval-shaped silver plate platters by Pairpoint, and others; largest 21 x 14"
912.2 Playmobil 3037; 12" wide
913.2 vintage leather horse collars; 21" tall
914.Pressures and Precision Sound Level meter by Bruel & Kjaer, includes instruction booklet and case (preview for contents and condition)
915.Grotesque glazed pottery pitcher; 9" tall
916.4 liquor decanters to include Royal Crown Lewis And Clark Exploration series decanters by artist Gary Schildt; largest 14"
917.Sony digital Handycam, includes charger and case (preview for working condition)
918.Pair pineapple doorstops and Virginia Metalcrafters cipher book stand; largest 5"
919.Flatware chest with assorted silver plate flatware; 15" wide
920.Silver plate trumpet form vase and copper vase; largest 8"
921.Pair of Baldwin brass candlesticks, single Baldwin candle stick and another pair; largest 8"
922.White enamel pot with cover, red and white banded glass plates and saucers; largest 12"
923.2 wood jewelry boxes and trinket box; largest 10"
924.Sound design model 5750 stereo receiver with 8 track tape recorder (preview for working condition)
925.Set of English made placemats and coasters
926.Lego Technic Extreme off road car
927.Limoges transfer printed china includes 12 plates and 2 bowls; largest 9.5"
928.1861 leather bound editions of the Commercial Bulletin from 1861-1863 large format, measures 27 x 21"
929.3 pairs and 1 single brass candlestick includes Virginia Metalcrafters; largest 10"
930.Large Ziploc bag reading glasses, sunglasses and glasses cases
931.2 decorative nesting boxes; largest 16"
932.Floral decorated china, Adam Antique by Steubenville, includes dinner plates, cups and saucers; largest 9.5"
933.Various vintage records and 8-track cassette tapes with 8-track tape holder
934.Glazed pottery double handled vases; largest 10"
935.Vintage Tonka pressed steel dump truck, Tonka concrete mixer; 13" wide
936.Mikasa Strawberry Hill china, includes dinner plates, side plates, dessert and soup bowls, cups and saucers; largest 11"
937.Hand painted slate tile with wolves; 11 x 11.5", includes display stand
938.Sony model ICF-c900 clock radio (preview for working condition)
939.Bronze finish metal ashtray with horse motif; 9" wide
940.6 noisemakers by Bugle Toys and others; largest 9"
941.2 carved hard stone sculptures and soapstone sculpture; largest 9"
942.2 trinket boxes, VW badges, model cars, double handled ceramic vase, come cower coin bank and other collectibles; largest 9"
943.2 handcrafted wood and stone cabins; largest 9"
944.2 Egyptian theme appliques, Little Golden children's books and bag of collectible postcards
945.Divided glass dish with sterling silver rim; 9" diameter
946.Japanese porcelain sake decanter and 4 mugs; largest 5"
947.Handcrafted lamp made from ice cream sticks; 15" tall
948.Italian made glazed pottery pitcher with bird handle; 12" tall
949.12 Christmas theme printed drinking glasses; 6" tall
950.Havilland Limoges porcelain oyster plates; largest 9"
951.2 vintage wood shoe stretches; largest 10"
952.Ranch style tan Stetson hat, 4 inch brim, includes box
953.Vintage toys, cars, transformers, helicopter; largest 12"
954.3 Collector Edition Heritage House porcelain bird groups, each with wood stand; largest 8"
955.4 piece Rogers Brothers Daffodil silver plate tea and coffee set; largest 12"
956.Modern design ceramic lamp, includes white fabric shade and finial; 28" tall
957.Vintage tin litho- electric train, 2 miniature oil lamps, farm animals, vintage toys and Dinky Super Toys horse box
958.6 rolls of vintage rayon and silk Christmas ribbons, original Miller and Rhoads tags
959.Brass rooster form napkin holders, salt and pepper shakers, enameled bowl, pewter picture, silver plate napkin holders, Coca-Cola bottle, silver plate collectible spoon; largest 9"
960.Eagle Cuda 128 fish finder (preview for working condition)
961.Victorian collection rose doll includes box; 18" tall
962.Lenox River wood bowls, Lenox porcelain bell and dresser jar with cover; largest 7"
963.Handmade miniature Indian dolls and Chinese dolls, one with wood box
964.4 Pepsi long necks, 6 fondue forks, 2 Virginia Tech mugs; largest 10"
965.Pair of 1950s McCoy pottery dresser caddies
966.Danbury Mint Cameron Indoor Stadium removable roof to view interior; 10" wide
967.Brass Chamber Stick, Candlestick, Silver and Glass Coasters, Stainless Steel Butter Dish, Silver Plate Creamer, Basket and Ladles; Largest 13"
968.Brass Door Lock, Handles and Key
969.Image Plus X-Ray Viewer; 21 x 14" (Preview for Working Condition)
970.Majolica style pottery parrot; 15" tall
971.Victorian silver plate insulated water pitcher by Barbour Silver Company; 13" tall
972.Group of Christmas tree ornaments, includes Enesco Coca-Cola, Pop Star Wars and others, includes boxes; largest 6"
973.2 Department 56 Snow Babies, includes boxes; largest 7"
974.3 glass electrical insulators, heart shaped pottery dish and shoehorn; largest 23"
975.2 Wham-Frisbees, sailor doll and 2 action figures; largest 11"
976.Victorian silver plate silver plate coffee pot, includes burner and carved bone handle; 16" tall
977.Shaving mirror on stand; 16" tall
978.Esso War Map
979.Ceramics, includes made in Japan Hummel vase, beer stein, ceramic tankard and egg; largest 7"
980.Vintage rosewood finish 6 string acoustic guitar labled "Bruno Means Security Musical Instruments" on the inside
981.Old Garfield metal tin; tall by 10"
982.Painted porcelain monkey and hear no evil monkey clock; largest 16"
983.Metal wall art, bowl, and containers; largest piece measures 18" in diameter
984.Press glassware, includes 2 footed compote, square plates, shape serving dishes and 2 salad bowls; largest 14.5"
985.Purses including Kooba; largest 15"
986.Nesting set of aluminum kitchen containers; largest 9"
987.2 cast iron trivets, 3 vintage bronze and brass bells, 2 pewter plates by wind owl forge, glass tankard, ceramic vase, cast iron flag holder and Viking coasters with box and 8 vintage Ruby glass quartiles
988.Precision NuWave induction cooktop
989.BlueRay discs and DVDs includes seasons 1 - 4 of Castle, Sandra Bullock's Blindside and Secondhand Lions (preview for box contents)
990.Japanese porcelain, includes teacups and saucers, plates and bowl bamboo decorations; largest 8"
991.Various camera lenses and cases
992.2 tone amber and clear glass vase and spongeware pottery vase with German by Scheurich; largest 14"
993.Made in occupied Japan enameled black lacquer tray with 5 gold edged stems; 11" wide
994.Nippon white porcelain polar bear and Nashco Products hand painted metal tray; largest 15"
995.Assorted ceramics including 1981 Christmas plate, General Eisenhower plate, Turkey and pumpkin plates by Better Homes, 2 etched glass plates; largest 14"
996.Vintage Iris Irish crystal Broadway bowl, then 4 Pyrex oven dishes; largest 11"
997.2 Amish style cheese boxes; largest 15"
998.3 purses, includes Michael Kors
999.Etched copperplate and decorative baroque style porcelain wall plaque; largest 12"
1000.Wood box with ship motif, landscape oil painting on canvas with pine frame, signed lower left; largest 10.5 x 15"
1001.Metal items, includes Oriental brass vase, copper vase with rams heads, aluminum cocktail shaker, planters and brass filter; largest 11"
1002.2 boxes for Scottish plaid glasses, includes boxes
1003.2 antique style brass chamber sticks, pair of Virginia Metalcrafters candleholders and Virginia Metalcrafters candlestick; largest 7"
1004.Harley-Davidson items, includes towel rack, metal sign, and wall plaque; largest 17"
1005.Crown Ming fine china, includes dinner plates, side plates, cups saucers, bowls, oval-shaped platter, teapot, creamer and sugar; largest 14"
1006.3 tall water and martini pitches; largest 12"
1007.Rose decorated porcelain plate, 3 Russian lacquer boxes, Bonnie Scotland saucer and Robert E Lee monument medallion with box
1008.Sony Blu-ray disc player and pioneer model CLD-EM 401 CD player
1009.Large box of Christmas tree ornaments
1010.Viking glass bird figure, vintage pottery jam jar, Crown Staffordshire China mustard pot with cover and Fitz and Floyd Manhattan Garden pottery jar with cover; largest 6"
1011.Sunbeam bread maker, (preview for working condition)
1012.Lady sculpture in metal stand; measures 27" tall
1013.Hand painted antique shoe form, Ray-Ban sunglasses in case, space pen, vintage coin purse and 2 silver plate coasters; largest 9"
1014.4 porcelain and brass wall plaques; largest 7.5"
1015.Silver plate and glass items, includes coffee pot on stand, salt and pepper shakers, candle stands, bowls, sauce boats, serving pieces and other items; largest 15"
1017.2 Wheeling gold finish porcelain dishes, 2 leaf form dishes, wicker baskets, metal fruit basket and Lenox Sandra maximin birthstone vase for December, includes box
1018.Kodak photography tripod
1019.Large grouping of ceramics, includes porcelain teacups and saucers, French mustache cup, made in Japan and others, 2 pig plates, pig candleholder, pig plates and Italian made painted porcelain cake plate; largest 14"
1020.2 century and collection 7 inch brass chamber 6, includes boxes
1021.Cordon Bleu porcelain ramekins in oven dish; largest 9"
1022.Oriental bone China teacups and saucers; largest 6"
1023.Electric waffle maker and aluminum capitol; (preview for working condition)
1024.2 Spode Blue Room octagonal porcelain plates; 9.5" diameter
1025.M&M collectibles, includes USA Jeep, 2 figures, candy dispensers, fabric dolls; largest 12"
1026.Phillips Magnavox stereo (preview for working condition)
1027.Oriental ceramics, includes teapot, cups and 2 bowls; largest 5.5"
1028.Amethyst and cranberry glass vases, Amber colored triangular bowl with cover; largest 8"
1029.2 silvered metal stacking containers; largest 17"
1030.Pier 1 Imports metal photo frames, Oneida picture frame, wax candles, ceramic vases, framed print and 2 pottery bowls; largest 14"
1031.Crystal water carafe, divided dish and basket on stand; 18" tall
1032.Crafting Supplies, Sharp Electronic Organizer, Falcon Sport Armband and Sterilite Storage Drawer
1033.Recollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee, Garden City Publishing 1924 Edition
1034.Johnny Cash magazine, LP records Vietnam with the American fighting man, and wall mounting mirror with towel rail; largest 17"
1035.Disney collectibles, includes Pinocchio, Mickey and Minnie mouse; largest 13"
1036.Porcelain pincushion, Japanese porcelain pin holder, oval-shaped Japanese dish and red mailbox canister on stand; largest 8"
1037.Kitchen wares, includes fire King oven dishes, Corning Ware casserole dishes, oval-shaped platters; largest 20"
1038.2 portrait prints with wood frames; 16.5 x 14.5"
1039.Miniature handmade chest on chest (2 pieces); 23 x 12 x 8"
1040.2 anchor Hocking mixing bowls, gold finish candleholder with plastic shade, unicorn and San Francisco Charlie; largest 11"
1041.2 blue crackle glaze vases, bowls, 2 bronze vases, blue-and-white ginger jar with cover; largest 10"
1042.Plastic Coca-Cola sign; 13 x 22"
1043.Ceramic platters, costume ring, blue-and-white porcelain pots, 2 porcelain goblets, glass dishes, Melamine Random Acts of Summer orange and red plates; largest 12"
1044.Oak finish jewelry chest; 15" tall
1045.2 porcelain and etched crystal lamps; 20" tall
1046.25 miniature floral arrangements and blue plate painted frames; 18 x 8"
1047.Silver plated entree dishes, meat platter with tree, assorted serving pieces; largest 17"
1048.Assorted ceramics, mugs, enameled porcelain dishes, wine coasters, alabaster vase; largest 6"
1049.Silver tone star tree topper, milk glass footed bowl, candle snuffer, ceramic rises, blue glass, amberina glass pitcher, snowman spoon holder, miniature prints and plates; largest 10"
1050.Heavy-duty aluminum NEC technologies shipping case; 21" wide
1051.Silver plate items, covered dish, coffee pot on stand, hip flask, aluminum dish with cover, trays, creamer and sugar; largest 12"
1052.6 glass stands, silver plate and blue glass salt and pepper shakers, cloisonne egg, silver overlaid divided bowl with saucer, 2 glass open salts and salt spoons
1053.Supertronic Talkiebot and AMT Yarborough Monte Carlo stock car kit, includes boxes (preview for completeness)
1054.2 antique green to clear brass and marble lamps fitted for electric use; 27" tall including finial
1055.2 applique fabric panels, unused photograph frame; largest 17"
1056.Large grouping of silver plated items, includes pictures, tureens, platters, salvers, footed dishes, gravy boat and baskets; largest 15"
1057.Antminer S9 includes instructions (preview for working condition)
1058.Acoustic research speaker and wireless audio transmitter (preview for working condition)
1059.White enamel and enamel pots with covers, yellow enamel pot; with covers; largest 10"
1060.4 packs Elvis Presley trading cards
1061.Peter rabbit porcelain coin bank by Wedgwood, Wedgwood Peter rabbit Childs mug and bowl; largest 7"
1062.2 classical music DVD CD box sets
1063.5 pressed steel kitchen cabinet toy set; 13" tall
1064.Makita lithium ion battery charger includes 2 batteries (preview for working condition)
1065.Antique bronze mirror frame with stand; 14" wide
1066.2 sailboat theme prints; matching gold frames measure 16 x 13"
1067.11 vintage milkshake goblets; 7" tall
1068.Cambridge audio 650R receiver, includes remote control and box (preview for working condition)
1069.Box of Victorian and later silver plate flatware and stainless steel flatware
1070.Being of play mobile toys, all with original boxes most with original boxes
1071.2 bronze finish lamp with tassel fabric shades; 25" tall
1072.Coca-Cola 12 piece dinnerware set with box (preview for completeness)
1073.Vintage clothes iron; measures 8" long
1074.Silver plated items, pineapple 4 napkin rings, West Virginia souvenir enameled copper bowl, gravy boat on stand, assorted collectible teaspoons, largest 10"
1075.Green glass vase bottle with artificial flower with artificial foliage; 20" tall
1076.Little Lynn fine china, with floral design includes dinner plates, side plates, soup bowls, cups saucers, creamer and sugar and vegetable dish; largest 10"
1077.3 black and white photograph frames; each 14 x 30"
1078.Pioneer Woman glass punch bowl with glass cups set
1079.Italian Murano glass leaf bowl, white porcelain vase, clear glass vase, ceramic oil lamp and other ceramics; largest 17"
1080.2 vintage Austrian decorated pottery plates numbered 630; 14" diameter
1081.Box of vintage and later Christmas tree ornaments
1082.Assorted ceramics, Studio pottery bowl and vase, mosaic plate, cross pendant, terra-cotta sculpture and German pottery vase; largest 12"
1083.Crafting supplies, Christmas tree ornaments, embroidery thread, clock, sippy cups and other items
1084.Assorted glassware, bowls, dishes, serving pieces, covered jar and salad bowl; largest 10"
1085.2 decoys, 1 is wood 1 is plastic; largest 15"
1086.2 fox hunting theme framed print; each measures 11 x 13"
1087.Crafting supplies and sewing supplies, children's books, includes Easy Sew sewing machine, binders, cross-stitch accessories, wall plaques and wood grain tray; largest 14"
1088.2 Steiff wall mounting display shelves with brass plaques; each measures 13 x 23"
1089.Netgear 5-port gigabit desktop switch, Sonicwall TZ 180 wireless router and other electronics (preview for working condition)
1090.Boxes of embroidery supplies, cross-stitch supplies, and crafting accessories, carved wood sculpture
1091.Shannon crystal cake stand, includes box; 12" tall
1092.Metal concerns pottery tureen with cover, silver plate serving dish with glass liner, silver plate vegetable dish with cover, chromed metal teapot, trivet and other ceramics; largest 10"
1093.Skylanders trap team with box, assorted toys, transformers, action figures and Wii gaming disks (preview for completeness)
1094.Copper finish metal tray on stand; 22" diameter
1095.Ceramic bust sculpture of Michelangelo's David; 20" tall
1096.Erphila art pottery pitcher, double handled vase, German porcelain creamer and sugar, ceramic cake left; largest 7"
1097.Decorative stationary box; 10" wide
1098.Lenox Woodland Santa cookie jar, includes box; 19" tall
1099.Box of Harley-Davidson paraphernalia, prints, decals, frames, magazines and other items
1100.2 boxes of DVD box sets, includes South Park, The Wire, platinum comedy series, Fahrenheit 911, Star Wars, The Office and others (preview for contents)
1101.Large quantity of pressed glass and crystal, includes vases, bowls, covered cheese dish, footed bowls, serving pieces, asparagus dish and other items; largest 9"
1102.Assorted ceramics and glassware, cast iron skillet, spongeware bowl, etched glass vase, mixing bowls, child's food bowl, kitchen gadgets, spoons, flour sifter and other kitchen items
1103.Quantity of wood, gold finish and other picture and photographs frame; largest 12"
1104.Lenox Holiday Santa's Bakeshop centerpiece, includes box; 15" tall
1105.Assorted glassware, includes pictures, vases, footed bowls, snow globe and Virginia souvenir demitasse cup and saucer; largest 11"
1106.Budweiser beer tray and Budweiser model stock car; largest 16"
1107.4 copper food molds; largest 10"
1108.Bavarian rose decorated china, includes dinner plates, side plates, salad plates, soup and dessert bowls, oval-shaped and circular vegetable dishes with covers, 2 oval-shaped platters; largest 15"
1109.Noritake Dawn china, includes gold edged dinner plates, side plates, cups and saucers, gravy boat, sugar and creamer, sugar bowl and oval-shaped serving dish; largest 10.5"
1110.Lenox Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer covered candy dish, includes box; 12.5" tall
1111.Phillips DVP 3040 DVD player with remote control (preview for working condition)
1112.Box of Christmas tree ornaments
1113.Dewalt cordless drill, includes batteries, charger and case
1114.Gaming chest, includes backgammon, dominoes, playing cards; 16" wide (preview for contents)
1115.Porcelain lamp on brass base, includes white shade, 28" tall
1116.Tall brass lamp with finial; 28" tall
1117.Large grouping of glassware, deviled egg dish, Lenox porcelain vase, milk glass cake stand, porcelain ramekins, salt and pepper shakers, candleholders, crystal cheese cover, ceramic plates, quartz shelf clock and other collectibles; largest 12"
1118.Copper metal tabletop fountain; 29" tall (preview for working condition)
1119.Technics RS-TR 232 double cassette deck and Denon 5 disc CD player (preview for working condition)
1120.Large white enamel pot with lid, Budweiser Clydesdale beer stein, large size souvenir keys, scissors, 2 metal will candleholders, wire basket, plate holders; largest 14"
1121.Box of silver plate flatware, includes forks, knives, spoons
1122.Large grouping of ceramics, includes Austrian porcelain plate, pottery trivet, white Chinese and English flow blue plates, saucers and dishes, porcelain plate painted with irises, pewter plate and blue-and-white willow plate; largest 13.5"
1123.Brass table lamp; 25" tall including harp and hummingbird finial
1124.3 modern abstract design metal wall plaques; largest 33"
1125.Virginia porcelain lamp on wood base, 22" tall including finial
1126.Black metal table lamp with cream fabric shade; 30" tall
1127.Super ZT 735snow chains, includes case
1300.Hearthside adjustable dress form with telescopic stand
1301.Box of Trillium office phones; model Panther 1032
1302.2 painted plastic wall art; largest measures 37" tall
1303.Hemudu adjustable monitor stand
1304.Various records and albums to include Jackie Wilson, KC and the Sunshine Band, The Showmen and other artist
1305.Spartan Clean on the Go cleaning solution station
1306.6 bulb metal chandelier; measures 26" tall
1307.Blackburn stationary bicycle stand in original box
1308.8 picture frames; largest measures 16 x 13.5"
1309.Soft sided coolers, plastic serving tray, plastic food containers and other items
1310.Various Halloween decorations to include witches hats, plastic jack-o'-lanterns, lights, candles and other items
1311.Painted metal vintage milk jug; measures 24" tall
1312.Metal mesh fireplace screen; measures 33 x 45 x 9"
1313.2 painted wood wall mounted shelves; each measures 22" wide
1314.Swann home security sensors, LED flashlight and other items
1315.2 Irobot robotic floor cleaners
1316.Sunbeam breadmaker and original box; model 5833
1317.Various books to include "Truman", "Polar Star", "Russia and the War and Peace" and various other titles
1318.Painted plaster swan; measures 11" tall
1319.Vibram black leather boots; size 7 1/2
1320.Various books to include "Main Streets", "The New Gardener", "White Pillars" and various other titles
1321.Micro cassette recorder, cassette recorder, micro cassette transcriber and other electronics
1322.2 metal tins on casters; largest measures 16" diameter
1323.Set of Westfield knives, loaf pans, muffin tins and various other items
1324.Various books to include "Almost Paradise", "Kennedy", "The Onyx" and other titles
1325.Painted metal fireplace cover; measures 40 x 36"
1326.Rubbermaid Infinity base mount smoking receptacle in original box; model 9W31
1327.Various books to include "The Bounty Trilogy", "Huckleberry Finn", "Robinson Caruso" and other titles
1328.2 brass andirons; each measures 18.5" tall
1329.Glass serving platter, painted metal waste can, costume jewelry and other items
1330.Poulan Wild Thing 18" gas powered chain saw
1331.Various books in metal footlocker to include "Citizen Soldiers", "Up Front", "The Nazi Doctors" and other titles
1332.Metal frame side table with marble top; measures 24 x 12" diameter
1333.Blank CDs, new pencils, Chicken Soup game and various other items
1334.Cherry magazine holder with Queen Anne legs; measures 18.5 x 18 x 9"
1335.Various stuffed dolls
1336.Poulan gas powered chain saw with hardshell case; model 3450
1337.Milwaukee reciprocating saw with metal case
1338.Metal fireplace tools stand with tools; measures 37.5" tall
1339.Tumi soft sided laptop bag
1340.Kelty soft sided hiking pack
1341.Bluetooth headset, reality controller, HDMI adapters and various other electronics (thses are store returns, please preview for working condition)
1342.Vintage Sears projector
1343.Ceramic waste can; measures 12" tall
1344.Nordicware food storage containers (microwave safe)
1345.2 glass and brass table lamps; each measures 15" tall
1346.Various camouflage jackets, hats, sweatshirts and soft sided bag
1347.Craftsmen battery-powered drill with extra battery and charger and hardshell case; model number 973.111471
1348.Art canvases, ink pins, portfolios and various other items
1349.Decolay Countryside pedestal sink; measures 24 x 20 x 34"
1350.Metal basket, oil lantern, painted metal pail and other items
1351.Painted wood Santa Claus; measures 42" tall
1352.Various wastebaskets and dispensers
1353.Box of Sweetheart portion paper cups
1354.Silver painted wood picture frame; measures 22.5 x 28.5"
1355.2 children's acoustic guitars
1356.Various Halloween decorations to include jack-o'-lantern, lamps, plastic cups, spiderwebs and various others
1357.Winix Plasma Wave air purifier; model 5300
1358.Westinghouse vintage floor fan
1359.Napier truck bed tent with carry case; model 13 series
1360.Various Avon collectibles to include aftershave and cologne containers
1361.Metal cups, vintage nutcracker, children's cups, pocketknives and other items
1362.Woven firewood basket with eagle theme
1363.Metal fireplace cover; measures 28 x 29"
1364.2 Wherever folding outdoor chairs
1365.Canvas mattress cover; preview for size
1366.Painted metal fireplace tool holder with wooden handle; measures 14 x 17 x 6"
1367.Various Halloween costumes to include alien, predator mask and others
1368.Doll dress form, plastic display and other items
1369.Various plastic racetrack parts; excludes tote
1370.Various records to include The Outlaws, Greg Allman, Carole King and various other artist
1371.Various games to include "Twister", "Monopoly", "Risk" and various others
1372.2 large rolls of gift wrapping
1373.Painted wood picture frame with glass; measures 21.5 x 17.5"
1374.Various Halloween decorations to include jack-o'-lanterns, wind ornaments and others
1375.3 Rubbermaid Brute trainable dollies
1376.Gibraltar black plastic mailbox in original packaging
1377.Wooden collapsible blanket rack
1378.Oreck carpet steamer
1379.Chicago Electric mig welder; preview for condition
1380.Various Halloween decorations to include plastic bowls, tablecloth, entry mats and other items
1381.Plastic toolbox with various hand tools
1382.Metal shelving rack and two metal andirons; rack measures 24 x 17 x 7.5"
1383.Painted metal wall art of birdhouse and flowers; measures 22" tall
1384.2 metal baskets; largest measures 24" in diameter
1385.2 painted metal andirons; each measures 21" tall
1386.Vintage painted wood art frame; measures 24.5 x 28"
1387.Embroidery rings, soft sided tote, wooden wall art and various other items
1388.Photo Box Plus digital photo studio system
1389.Box and various table linens
1390.Painted metal milk can; measures 20.5" tall
1391.Bissell Crosswave upright vacuum cleaner
1392.Eureka Power Plus upright vacuum cleaner
1393.Metal tub and metal waste receptacle; tub measures 10 x 21.5" diameter
1394.Various picture frames and photo albums
1395.Vintage metal milk bottle chiller; measures 13 x 20 x 11"
1396.Various books to include "Eyewitness", "Our Century in Pictures", "Into Africa" and other titles
1397.Various kitchenware to include tongs, electric chopper, painted metal trays and other items
1398.Various books to include "Eight Little Piggies", "The American Story", "The Diana Years" and other titles
1399.Poulan gas powered 16 inch chainsaw; model 2300C VA
1400.Various vintage 8 track tapes to include Lou Rawls, Dionne Warwick, Betty Wright and other artist
1401.Coleman lantern with hardshell carry case
1402.Various war books to include "Storming to Power", The New Order", "Roosevelt, The Soldier of Freedom" and other titles
1403.Various books to include "Arizona Landmarks", "Tactics of Modern Warfare", "The Home Planet" and other titles
1404.Hand-painted metal waste receptacle; measures 22.5" tall
1405.Fireplace tools withstand; measures 27" tall
1406.2 painted metal serving stands
1407.3 Rubbermaid Brute trainable dollies
1408.Vintage Craftsman toolbox with various hand tools
1409.3 painted metal light shades; largest measures 14" diameter
1410.Targus soft sided laptop bag
1411.Various metal wall art; largest measures 41" long
1412.Various Trillium office telephones
1413.Wooden storage box with rope handles; measures 9.5 x 13 x 16"
1414.Easy Home robotic floor cleaner; preview for condition
1415.2 ceiling mounted light fixtures; largest measures 16" diameter
1416.Various hand tools to include hammers, trowels, level and other items
1417.Various fall decorations to include lawn socks, tablecloths and other items
1418.4895 rifle powder, Simmons scope, 50 caliber lead bullets and other items
1419.Powder coated trifold fireplace protector; measures 29" tall
1420.2 metal mesh fireplace screens; largest measures 32 x 37 x 7"
1421.Various Harley-Davidson items to include throws, canvas bags and blankets
1422.Various Halloween decorations to include ceramic pots, cups, dolls and other items
1423.Various CDs, holiday decorations, Wi-Fi extenders and other items
1424.Painted metal hanging rack; measures 47" tall
1425.Vintage ice skates, clamp on rollerskates, shoe formers and other items
1426.Metal candleholder and painted wall art
1427.Various fasteners to include gutter nails, nails, bolts and other items
1428.Dress form wall art; measures 30" tall
1429.Vintage art supply box; measures 12.5 x 16.5"
1430.Vintage painted metal container with glass lid; measures 9.5 x 12.5" diameter
1431.2 concrete boy and girl statuettes; each measures 15" tall
1432.Vintage wagon made with Coca-Cola crate; measures 7 x 20 x 17"
1433.Plastic folding room divider in 6 sections; each section measures 26 x 35"
1434.Various vintage tabletop games
1435.Clothes steamer, shoe inserts, DVDs and various other items
1436.Various DVDs to include "Snake Man", "Tears of the Son", "Radio" and other titles
1437.Ruler, paint samples, coloring pens and various other items
1438.Cross-stitch supplies, notepads, picture frames and various other items
1439.Painted metal magazine holder; measures 12.5 x 14 x 13"
1440.Box of various plastic seedling containers
1441.Electric lint remover, Scrabble game, needlepoint kit and other items
1442.Notebooks, soft sided bags, tablets and other items
1443.Archery arrows, spinning reel, boat anchor and various other items
1444.Four Cosco folding metal chairs with upholstered seats and backs
1445.Ronco Showtime rotisserie and barbecue in original packaging
1446.Clothespins, ink pens, trinket box, tablecloth and various other items
1447.Hewlett-Packard LaserJet printer cartridges
1448.Coca-Cola cups, McCall's catalogs, art supplies and various other items
1449.Painted metal magazine holder; measures 18.5 x 15 x 11.5"
1450.Fabric, pipe cleaners, desk organizer and various other items
1451.Various books to include "Bleak House", "World's Greatest Literature", "A Connecticut Yankee in the King Author's Court" and other titles
1452.Pacific metal range hood; model CR -942
1453.Various matching queen-size bedding to include comforter, pillows and other items
1454.Various pieces of fabric
1455.2 metal wall sconces; each measures 27" tall
1456.Crafting supplies, brownie making kit, scrapbook kit and other items
1457.Wall-mounted sailboat art; measures 31" tall
1458.Notebooks, binders, art supplies and other items
1459.Wicker picnic basket; measures 12 x 14 x 9.5"
1460.Various purses to include Aigner, Worthington and others
1461.Hefty plastic trash receptacle; measures 25" tall
1462.Mead telescope with tripod stand includes accessories and instructions
1463.Dragon themed kite; measures 80" long
1464.Metal fireplace screen; measures 30 x 34"
1465.Metal clothes stand on casters; measures 67 x 50 x 23"
1466.Metal waste receptacle and mop heads
1468.Outdoor temporary fencing and 12 sections; each section measures 44 x 36"
1469.Brass fireplace fender; measures 7 x 39.5 x 16"
1470.Wall-mounted three-tier shelving unit; measures 33 x 30 x 7.5"
1471.Brass fireplace fender; measures 9 x 54 x 15"
1472.Maple finish stepstool with side rails; measures 32" tall
1473.One Robert Griffin III t-shirt and one Robert Griffin III jersey for Washington Redskins
1474.Appalachian leather letterman's jacket; size 40
1475.2 Robert Griffin III Washington Redskins T-shirts; size 2X
1476.2 rattan folding chairs
1477.Standing metal dragonfly art; measures 37" tall
1478.Metal candle stand with 5 candleholders; measures 34" tall
1479.Metal collapsible temporary fencing with 8 sections; each section measures 35 x 24"
1480.3-tier painted metal stand and metal bowl; stand measures 34" tall
1481.Brass fireplace fender; measures 4 x 48 x 11.5"
1482.Sterilite 3-tier storage bin with bottle tops, rolling pins, clock and various other items
1483.Christmas themed trifold fireplace screen; measures 36" tall
1484.Painted metal wall art; measures 39" wide
1485.3 wall-mounted metal art; largest measures 24" tall
1500.Rattan rectangular table, includes 1/2" clear glass top and 4 chairs on casters; table measures 27.5 x 64 x 44"
1501.Rattan 2-tier serving cart with glass top; 31 x 38 x 20" (matches 1500)
1502.Rustic wood glider with slatted seat; 60" wide
1503.Antique barrel top embossed barrel top storage trunk; 34" wide
1504.Antique metal and wood bound travel trunk; 35" wide
1505.Antique Singer sewing machine in walnut cabinet with cast iron base; 29 x 36 x 17"
1506.Spindle post bed frame, includes headboard, footboard and side rails; headboard measures 42 x 42"
1507.Green painted metal bed frame, includes headboard, footboard and metal spring frame; headboard measures 50 x 42"
1508.Gold painted wrought-iron bed frame, includes headboard, footboard and side rails; and wood casters; headboard measures 50 x 54"
1509.Brown aluminum storm door with screen, includes frame; 80 x 38"
1510.Victorian oak folding sewing table, includes stenciled measure grid; tabletop measures 36 x 24"
1511.White painted vanity with 4 drawers; 23 x 44 x 19.5"
1512.2-tier turned leg table; 29 x 24 x 17.5"
1513.Vintage chest with 3 drawers and turned wood handles; 33 x 37 x 18"
1514.2 vintage cafe style wrought-iron chairs with oak plywood seat; 36" tall
1515.9 mid century modern maple chairs with upholstered seats; chairs measure 30"
1516.Painted wood drop leaf table; measures 30 x 36 x 19", sides measure 10.5"
1517.White and red painted open front bookshelf; 57 x 34.5 x 15"
1518.Pink painted pine bookshelf; 33 x 38 x 9"
1519.Pine refectory type table with one bench; table measures 30 x 43 x 28"
1520.4 drawer steel file cabinet, includes key; 52 x 15 x 18"
1521.Lawson Products steel tool chest on wheels; 33 x 44 x 27"
1522.Wood and metal rectangular high-top table and 4 rustic style wood and metal chairs by Hooker Furniture Corporation, floor to seat top is 25"; table measures 36 x 60 x 42"
1523.Wood grain finish extending turned leg table with 2 additional leaves and 6 turned spindle back chairs; table measures 29 x 43" closed, each leaf adds 10"
1524.Duncan Phyfe style double pedestal mahogany extending table (no leaves); 28 x 60 x 40"
1525.Crate style 2-tier coffee table; 22 x 28 x 28"
1526.Vintage oak rocking chair
1527.Pennsylvania House solid cherry side table with one drawer and one door; 22 x 25 x 25"
1528.Mahogany dining chair on turned legs
1529.Angeles Bye-Bye Buggy
1530.Black plastic trash and recycling container by Rubbermaid; 38 x 53 x 20"
1531.Black painted midcentury modern chest with 5 drawers; 48 x 44 x 22"
1532.High-top mahogany drop side table; 36 x 36 x 18" closed, sides 9" wide
1533.Matched pair of Thomasville cherry 3 drawer nightstand; each measures 21 x 22 x 16"
1534.Hanging pine wall shelf; 31 x 37 x 8"
1535.Empire style mahogany padded pedestal with white marble top; 36 x 15" diameter
1536.Green plastic yard tools stand
1537.Mahogany 3 drawer dresser; measures 35.5 x 44 x 20"
1538.Huffy Backwater 18 speed mountain bike
1539.Vintage Singer sewing machine table with original machine and cast-iron base
1540.Vintage child's folding desk with cast-iron base; measures 26" tall
1541.Vintage rocking chair with cane seat and back; measures 36" tall
1542.Vintage wicker baby stroller; measures 32" tall
1543.4 painted wood dining chairs with upholstered seats; each chair measures 29" tall
1544.Metal hanging candleholder with 6 sockets; measures 30" tall
1545.8 bulb brass chandelier without chains; measures 29" diameter
1546.Brass 8 bulb chandelier with glass crystals; measures 23" tall
1547.Vintage 5 bulb metal chandelier; measures 22" tall
1548.Vintage 4 bulb metal light fixture; measures 13" tall
1549.Nickel finish chandelier with frosted glass; measures 23" tall
1550.Maple drop leaf dining table; measures 29.5 x 22 x 42", sides measure 10"
1551.Painted wood 5-tier shelving unit; measures 68.5" tall
1552.Hose Mobile hose reel with hose
1553.Metal hose reel with wheels
1554.Vintage metal tricycle; measures 17" tall
1555.Kettler child's tricycle/stroller
1556.Richmond School Furniture company chalkboard and easel; measures 40.5 x 30"
1557.Chariot 3 wheel scooter
1558.Artificial tree and pot; measures 90" tall
1559.Wicker planter with metal insert; measures 30.5 x 36 x 13.5"
1560.Celectron speakers with glass stands; measure 35" tall
1561.Suncast plastic hose reel bin; measures 22" tall
1562.2 off-road Segways, one is good for parts and one runs but needs batteries; both are model XT, preview for condition
1563.Vintage pine high chair; measures 39" tall
1564.Brass standing coat rack; measures 71" tall
1565.Glass display box with metal lid; measures 32 x 17 x 13"
1566.Pine chest; measures 17 x 32 x 17.5"
1567.4 vintage metal floor lamps; largest measures 64" tall
1568.4 vintage metal floor lamps; largest measures 63" tall
1569.4 vintage metal floor lamps; largest measures 58" tall
1570.3 vintage wrought iron floor lamps, 2 are stands only; largest measures 61" tall
1571.Vintage metal floor lamp with blue glass accents; measures 61" tall
1572.Vintage metal floor lamp with spiral shaft and 2 sockets; measures 65" tall
1573.Vintage bronze floor lamp with 3 bulbs; measures 54.5" tall
1574.Vintage cast iron floor lamp; measures 61" tall
1575.Vintage metal floor lamp with marble accents and 2 bulbs; measures 60.5" tall
1700.1880 United States $5 gold coin
1701.1883 United States three cent piece, graded PCGS proof 64 (rare date)
1702.1878-S United States Morgan dollar, graded PCGS MS 63
1703.1881-S United States Morgan dollar, graded PCGS MS 65
1704.1884 United States Morgan dollar, graded PCGS MS 64
1705.1887 United States Morgan dollar, graded PCGS MS 65
1706.1899-O United States Morgan dollar, graded PCGS MS 64+
1707.1904 United States Barber dime
1708.1891 United States seated liberty dime
1709.1817 United States bust half dollar
1710.1934 Texas commemorative half dollar
1711.Lot of 17 United States silver certificates
1712.Lot of 4 ancient Roman coins
1713.Box of foreign coins
1714.Lot of miscellaneous tokens
1715.2 Pope John Paul papal medallions
1716.25 United States Indian head pennies, assorted dates
1717.25 United States Indian head cents, assorted dates
1718.4 United States 1943 steel wheat cents, WW II
1719.1916 and 1916-S United States Mercury dimes
1720.2 United States Mercury dimes, both 1917-S
1721.2 United States Mercury dimes, both 1918
1722.1919 and 1919-S United States Mercury dimes
1723.50 United States dimes, assorted dates
1724.2 United States walking liberty half dollars, both 1918
1725.3 United States 1918-S walking liberty half dollars
1726.1995 Atlanta basketball Olympic half dollar

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