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Item Description
100.Amphora shaped hand crafted sterling silver double handled bud vase on silver tone base; 6" tall, 102.2 gms
101.4 sterling silver dishes, includes Gorham, Towle and International; largest 7", combined weight 370.1 gms
102.4 sterling silver footed bowls, weighted bases; largest measures 3 x 7.5"
103.Sterling silver compote with weighted base; largest 6"
104.2 weighted sterling silver candle holders with etched glass shades; 11" tall
105.Pair of sterling silver salt and pepper shakers with glass liners weighted bases;
106.Sterling silver and glass wine bottle coasters; 6.5" diameter
107.14K yellow gold snake wrapped bracelet with ruby eyes; weighs 35.3 gms (matches 108)
108.14K gold snake wrapped ring with ruby eyes; size 10, weighs 8.2 gms (matches 107)
109.14K gold cross; weighs 0.9 gms
110.18K white gold masonic ring set with clear stones; size 4.5, weighs 2.9 gms
111.14K white gold Art Deco ring with clear stone; size 7, weighs 3.2 gms
112.Two 14K gold chains, combined weight 8.3 gms
113.18K gold filigree ring; size 5.5, weighs 5.4 gms
114.10K gold ring with red colored stone; size 8.5, weighs 2.1 gms
115.14K gold ring with amber colored stone; size 7, weighs 5.5 gms
116.2 gold tone rings, one set with colored stones
117.14K gold miniature coin charm and bracelet; combined weight 0.6 gms
118.14K neck chain marked Italy and pair of earrings set with clear stones; combined weight 5.2 gms
119.18K gold ring (size 7, weighs 5.6 gms), and 14K gold moon shaped pendant; combined weight 7.6 gms
120.18K yellow gold pin with pendant loop, 14K yellow gold twist chain and 8K yellow gold link chain, combined weight 2.5 gms
121.Silver tone pin with amethyst stone and carved green hardstone and silver tone bracelet
122.Two 14K gold rings, each set with gold 5 franc coins; size 7.5 and 8, combined weight 15.2 gms
123.2 shell pendants with unmarked 14K gold clasp
124.Bag of gold tone costume jewelry (some may be gold)
125.Bag of sterling and other silver, includes American coin silver serving spoon, enameled collectors spoons and demitasse spoons
126.Wristwatch with sterling silver and turquoise
127.Sterling silver jewelry includes pins, rings, chains; combined weight 34.8 gms
128.2 silver necklaces; combined weight 16.3 gms
129.Mexican sterling silver bracelet; weighs 26.7 gms
130.5 sterling silver necklaces, 3 pendants, dog pin, and bracelet; combined weight 57.4 gms
131.2 gold tone chains and pendant, 3 studs with clear stones (preview for condition)
132.Sterling silver artist pin and 2 figural earrings; combined weight 11.2 gms
133.Sterling charm bracelet with sterling and silver tone charms; total weight 34.9 gms
134.Gold tone gold tone charm bracelet
135.2 silver tone and pink breast cancer bracelets
136.Sterling silver and colored stone heart-shaped pendant on chain; total weight 3.6 gms
137.Mexican sterling silver articulated fish pendant; weighs 11.9 gms
138.Assorted sterling silver, includes enameled egg pendant, pins, bracelets, earrings and silver tone jewelry
139.2 sterling gold tone rings with green stones and sterling dogwood pin with mother-of-pearl; combined weight 30.9 gms
140.Matching ladies and gents Cartier Tank Quartz Vermeil watches, numbered 11808 and 71436
141.Costume jewelry, includes Metropolitan Museum of Art pendant and chain, gold tone and blue enamel coat of arms pin, gold tone bracelets, pendants, rosary, and ring with clear stone
142.2 vintage gold tone watch chains with slides, set with opal, pearls and small rubies
143.4 wristwatches, includes Criterion, Quartz, Timex and Chateau divers watch
144.Costume jewelry includes Grosse triple strand 3 color gold tone snake chain necklace, silver tone chain with tassel and beads, sterling silver fan shaped earrings marked Siam and silver tone scroll earrings
145.Pink coral and synthetic pearl necklace, 17" long
146.Pair of vintage cufflinks with mother-of-pearl and abalone shell inlay
147.Double strand of 19" imitation pearls
148.Costume jewelry, includes artisan made pendant and necklace, graduated gold tone necklace and carved bead necklace
149.Costume jewelry, includes carved rose pin, silver tone double horseshoe pin with rhinestones, 2 tone metal twist bangle bracelets and gold filled single earing with cultured pearls
150.Gold tone 16" necklace with simulated pearls and rhinestones, and one loose rhinestone (some rhinestones are missing)
151.Gold filled hinged bangle bracelet with fold engraving and gold tone necklace with bezel set rhinestone
152.Jewelry box with gold tone costume jewelry, necklaces, floral necklace and for faux pearl necklace
153.Gold tone and beveled glass jewelry box containing assorted beaded costume jewelry and Dugena silver tone stainless steel wristwatch
154.2 carved ivory bead necklaces, 34" and 28" long
155.Carved bone bracelet, 2.75" diameter internally
156.22" amber bead necklace with matching earrings
157.M&Ms tin with assorted jewelry and jewelry making supplies
158.Sterling silver ring with pear-shaped clear stones; size 5.75, weighs 3.5 gms
159.Sterling silver marcasite and pink stone bracelet; 7" long
160.Sterling silver mesh necklace and matching bracelet; combined weight 22.7 gms
161.Sterling silver ring with clear and blue stone; size 7, weighs 4.7 gms
162.Sterling silver and gold tone bracelet; 6.5" long, weighs 17.2 gms
163.Sterling silver filigree mesh bracelet; 8" long, weighs 23.1 gms
164.Sterling silver and opal color stone pendant; weighs 12.5 gms
165.2 sterling silver earrings with clear stones; 2.9 gms
166.Sterling silver ring with yellow stone; size 8, weighs 6.7 gms
167.Sterling silver charm bracelet with fish and shell charms; weighs 19.2 gms
168.Pair of sterling silver and pink stone earrings
169.Sterling silver filigree floral pin; weighs 15.4 gms
170.Aztec form sterling silver pendant; weighs 14.2 gms
171.2 sterling silver and colored stone pendants; combined weight 4.1 gms
172.6" sterling silver mesh bracelet; weighs 15.7 gms
173.2 gold tone sterling silver earrings with green stones; weighs 2.7 gms
174.Sterling silver ring with blue stone; size 8, weighs 6.8 gms
175.Pair of sterling silver and turquoise earrings; 5.1 gms
176.Sterling silver and micromosaic glass Italian made pendant
177.Sterling silver and green stone rings; size 5.5, weighs 8.8 gms
178.Sterling carved sterling silver ring with green stone; size 6.5, weighs 13.4 gms
179.Pair of sterling silver and enamel earrings; combined weight 4.5 gms
180.Sterling silver ring; size 6.5, weighs 5.5 gms
181.Sterling silver neck chain; weighs 5.9 gms
182.EA sterling silver pin; 2.25" wide, weighs 10.2 gms
183.Sterling silver and multicolored stone bracelet; weighs 18.2 gms
184.Sterling silver hummingbird pin; 2.5" long, weighs 14 gms
185.Sterling silver ring with heart-shaped clear stones; size 7, weighs 2.7 gms
186.Gold tone sterling silver filigree ring with cabochon cut stone; size 7, weighs 8.2 gms
187.Sterling silver bracelet with turquoise stone; weighs 10.9 gms
188.Sterling silver Pandora bracelet; weighs 16.8 gms
189.Jules Jurgensen wristwatch (gold ingot is missing)
190.Gold tone costume bracelet with clear stones
191.Gold tone costume bracelet with clear stones
192.Assorted gold and silver tone costume rings, sizes 7 and 8
193.3 silver tone rings with clear and colored stones; sizes 7 and 8
194.3 silver tone flip-flop and violin pins
195.Gold tone engraved bracelet
196.2 gold tone rings with clear and green stones; sizes 6.5 and 7
197.Victorian pendant and 2 costume pins with clear and colored stones
198.Bag of religious theme medallions and charms
199.Bag of religious theme medallions and charms
200.Bag of assorted religious charms
201.Croton Nivada Grenchen watch numbered 51X25100 (non-runner - preview for working condition)
202.Assorted beads, pendants, jewelry making supplies
203.Bag of vintage costume jewelry with colored stones
204.Assorted ladies wristwatches includes Wittnauer, Waltham, Edison, Timex and others
205.Bag of ladies and men's gold tone wristwatches includes fake Rolex, Bulova, Waltham, Armitron, Lamarck, Benrus and Mercury with jeweled cover
206.Bag of costume jewelry, pins, bracelets
207.Bag of vintage costume jewelry, belt buckles
208.Large bag of assorted costume jewelry, fashion and vintage wristwatches
209.Bag of assorted costume jewelry
210.Breguet Type XX wristwatch
211.Matisse turquoise enamel and copper bracelet with matching earrings
212.Bag of turquoise bead costume jewelry
213.Bag of seed pearl and pink coral costume jewelry
214.Bag of gold tone, enameled and other costume jewelry, needlepoint bag
215.Bag of faux pearl, freshwater pearl and beaded costume jewelry
216.Bag of vintage gold tone and other costume jewelry
217.Bag of vintage costume bracelets and jewelry
218.Bag of gold tone costume earrings
219.Assorted costume bracelets
220.Bag of miscellaneous costume jewelry, pendants, pins
221.Large bag of assorted costume jewelry and fashion wristwatches
222.Large bag costume jewelry, novelty and fashion wristwatches
223.Large bag of assorted costume jewelry
224.Vintage jewelry box with assorted Christmas theme and other costume jewelry
225.Vintage jewelry box with assorted gold tone, enamel and other costume jewelry
226.Vintage jewelry box with assorted beaded, gold tone and other costume jewelry
227.Box of assorted gold tone, silver tone, beaded, faux pearl and other costume jewelry
228.Shoe box with assorted gold tone costume jewelry, Kennedy half dollar pin, shell and beaded costume jewelry
229.Large Ziploc bag of assorted costume jewelry, watch straps, pins, earrings and novelty wristwatches and costume jewelry
230.Bag of assorted wood bead and other costume jewelry
231.Bag of assorted gold tone costume jewelry
232.Bag of assorted gold tone costume jewelry
233.Bag of assorted gold tone costume jewelry
234.Large bag gold tone costume jewelry
235.Bag of assorted gold tone and other costume jewelry
236.Gold and silver tone costume jewelry and bracelets
237.Glass jar assorted costume jewelry and pins
238.Plastic tub assorted novelty NASCAR and other pins, costume jewelry
239.Vintage clockwork Schuco Studio 1050 Mercedes, includes box, key, and wrenches and pamphlet; 5.5" long
240.Vintage clockwork Schuco Solisto drum paying monkey, includes remnants of original box and key; 4.5" tall
241.Vintage clockwork Schuco Pick-Pick 905 bird, includes remnants of box and key; 4.5" long
242.Vintage clockwork Schuco Solisto violin paying monkey, includes original box and key; 4.75" tall
243.Vintage clockwork Schuco Turn Monkey 881 gymnastic mouse, includes remnants of original box; 3.5" tall
244.Vintage clockwork Schuco Turn Mouse 881 gymnastic mouse, includes original box, pamphlet and key; 3.5" tall
245.18K yellow gold ring with clear stone; size 7, weighs 5 gms (matches 246)
246.18K yellow gold ring with clear stones; size 6, weighs 4.1 gms (matches 245)
247.14K yellow gold ring with natural pearl; size 7, weighs 5.5 gms
248.18K gold Poblano Picasso Tiffany and Co necklace and pendant (gold tone clasp); weighs 2.4 gms
249.Plastic tub gold tone costume jewelry
250.Vintage clockwork Schuco Solisto violin playing monkey, includes box (no key); 4.5" tall
251.Vintage clockwork Schuco Solisto violin playing monkey, includes box and key; 4.75" tall
252.Vintage clockwork Schuco bird, includes remnants of mismatched box for Schuco-Tippy (no key)
253.Vintage clockwork Schuco Solisto clown violin player, remnants original box, no key; 4.5" tall
254.Vintage clockwork Schuco Turn 883 gymnastic Miki Monkey, includes original box, pamphlet and key; 3.5" long
255.Vintage clockwork Schuco Turn gymnastic Miki Monkey, includes original box, pamphlet and key; 4" tall
256.Vintage clockwork Schuco Turn Miki 881 gymnastic mouse, includes original box, and pamphlet and key; 3.5" long
300.Oil painting on canvas, winter landscape with mountains and trees, signed H Jones lower right; frame measures 32 x 41"
301.Oval-shaped wall mirror, beveled edge with gold frame; 33 x 25"
302.Robert Fleming still life floral print; frame measures 26 x 32"
303.Limited edition lithograph, still life floral composition, signed in pencil and numbered 91/260; frame measures 27 x 21.5"
304.Tom Arrington limited edition print titled "Shockoe Slip", signed in pencil and numbered 694/750; frame measures 23 x 29"
305.Howard Miller wall clock, includes 3 pendants (pendulum is missing); 40" tall
306.Oil painting on board, signed lower right; frame measures 34 x 20"
307.Oil painting on canvas, dunes landscape with boat and fishermen, appears unsigned; frame measures 20 x 24"
308.Carole Nunnally original watercolor titled "Whose a Crab", signed lower right and titled on reverse; frame measures 15.5 x 19.5"
309.Antique landscape watercolor, signed L. Sharps 1911 lower left; frame measures 16 x 22"
310.Elizabeth Want original water color, landscape, signed and dated 1974 lower right; frame measures 18 x 15"
311.Landscape reverse painting on glass; frame measures 26 x 31"
312.Oil painting on canvas, golf course scene, signed C Rico lower right; gold frame measures 29.5 x 42"
313.Oil painting on canvas, The Last Supper, signed lower right; frame measures 33 x 27"
314.Frances Dalrymple oil painting on board, landscape with bluebonnets, signed lower right; frame measures 21 x 24"
315.Original watercolor, fish market, signed Marie Tomaselli lower left; frame measures 18 x 21"
316.Sepia landscape print with pine frame; 26 x 31"
317.2 oval-shaped portraits with convex glass; largest 23 x 17"
318.Unframed needlepoint; 21 x 45"
319.Oil painting on canvas, sunset landscape with windmill, appears unsigned; gold frame measures 32 x 57"
320.Victorian print, landscape with sailboats and cottages; gold frame measures 13 x 22"
321.Oil painting on canvas, street scene with cafe, signed Marino 1962; frame measures 26 x 17"
322.Vintage print, rural landscape with horse-drawn wagon; gold frame measures 13 x 22"
323.Oil painting on canvas, landscape with windmill, signed lower right; frame measures 33 x 37"
324.Antique style mahogany framed mirror; 35 x 20"
325.Oil painting on canvas, large floral still life, signed Lee Reynolds lower left; frame measures 47 x 60"
326.Oriental portrait painting on fabric; frame measures 26 x 18"
327.Vintage print titled "First Real Sorrow"; frame measures 16.5 x 14"
328.F Simon winter landscape lithograph, signed in pencil lower right; frame measures 19.5 x 22"
329.Black and white portrait print; faux marble frame measures 25 x 24"
330.Wallace Nutting style colored print, Pilgrim interior; frame measures 26 x 30"
331.Framed needlepoint; 26 x 22"
332.Oil painting on canvas, winter landscape, signed Walford lower left; frame measures 31 x 43"
333.Oil painting on canvas, landscape with sailboats and dock, appears unsigned; frame measures 40 x 28"
334.Portrait oil painting on canvas, signed top right; frame measures 29 x 24"
335.Oil painting on canvas, greenhouse interior, signed S. Macgrow lower right; frame measures 42 x 51"
336.Swamp Dwellers duck print by William Redd Taylor, unsigned
337.4 pages vintage Think and Do book; each measures 20 x 21"
338.Swamp Dwellers print by William Redd Taylor
339.2 original watercolors, each signed by Louis W. Ballou, unframed; 21 x 30"
400.Mid century modern serigraph, abstract composition with fruit, signed in pencil lower right and numbered 6/16; frame measures 28 x 32"
401.4 collage framed snowman prints; 15 x 32"
402.Still life floral print with gold frame; 35 x 30"
403.2 framed oil paintings, abstract composition, appears unsigned; matching frames measure 28 x 22"
404.Rectangular wall mirror with gold frame; 25.5 x 15.5"
405.Victorian needlepoint, still life with strawberries; walnut shadowbox frame measures 13.5 x 16"
406.5 New York graffiti art paintings on panel, all signed; largest measures 16 x 24"
407.Painted wicker screen with roosters and metal wine advertising plaque; largest measures 23 x 34"
408.2 black lacquer and mother of pearl wall panels; each measures 36.5 x 12"
409.Framed print of statues; frame measures 16 x 12"
410.French fashion print La Mode Illustree; frame measures 16 x 12"
411.Lee Moore Nieman framed print; 25 x 32"
412.2 framed hand colored French fashion print; matching frames measure 18 x 15"
413.2 abstract architectural prints; matching frames measure 36 x 32"
414.Advertising artwork on glass for Cafe Le Coq Noir; frame measures 24 x 19"
415.Oil painting on canvas, winter landscape with church steeple, illegible signature lower right; gold frame measures 16 x 19"
416.Black-and-white sculpture photographic print; 16 x 12"
417.Framed needlepoint "She Loves Me"; gold frame measures 15 x 18"
418.2 antique colored French fashion prints; matching frames measure 16 x 12"
419.Pig mania print with oak frame; 22 x 16.5"
420.Folk art style Merry Christmas print with rocking horse; 21 x 28"
421.Rectangular mirror with beveled edge and silver finish frame; 34 x 26"
422.Color portrait with gold frame; 17 x 14"
423.Original landscape pastel, mixed media painting signed and dated 1962, illegible signature lower right; frame measures 25 x 30"
424.2 Venetian canal scene prints; matching frames measure 8 x 11"
425.Elsie Fern original watercolor titled "Marshlands and Mallards", signed lower right; frame measures 20 x 32", includes artist information on reverse
426.2 Allen framed prints titled "Water Spandrels" and "Pheasant Shooting"; matching birds eye maple frames measure 15 x 18"
427.2 wall art decorations; each 37 x 37"
428.Victorian still life rose print with inlaid walnut shadowbox frame; 15 x 14"
429.European landscape print; frame measures 36 x 31
430.Oil painting on board, landscape with river and cattle, appears unsigned; frame measures 12.5 x 21"
431.Abstract composition oil painting on board, signed Lindley 65 top right; frame measures 25 x 19"
432.Barbara Mock still life topiary print; gold frame measures 35 x 23"
433.Sunset oil painting on fabric; rustic frame measures 15 x 21"
434.Oval Walnut framed wall mirror manufactured by Kindel numbered 131/62; 34 x 28"
435.Rectangular beveled edged wall mirror with mahogany finish frame; 36 x 23"
436.Framed print "Game of Fate" after Chris Consani; frame measures 24.5 x 32"
437.December 1954 couture print; 20 x 16"
438.Maxfield Parrish lithograph with original frame; 22.5 x 34" (preview for condition)
439.Old Dominion Printing Company limited edition print "The American Indian", signed and titled in pencil and numbered 19/100; frame measures 28 x 22"
440.2 needlepoint panels with walnut shadowbox frames; each measures 13 x 16"
441.Framed print "Magnetic Fantasy Number 321"; 37 x 24"
442.2 prints The Ballad Singer and A Rest on the Hill; gold frames measure 20 x 15" (preview for conditon)
443.Framed print, still life with roses; mahogany finish frame measures 33 x 39"
444.Japanese painting on fabric, landscape with pagoda, framed behind glass; 15 x 17.5"
445.Oil painting on canvas, Paris Street scene, signed A. Divity lower right; gold frame measures 27 x 24"
446.2 vintage prints, supplement to the Washington Herald, titled Playmates and A Serious Case; matching frames measure 13 x 16"
447.French fashion print; frame measures 12 x 15"
448.2 matching needlepoints with gold frames; each measures 16 x 12"
449.Framed engraving titled The Bather; gold frame measures 13 x 15"
450.Framed print "A Summer Bath at Pompeii"; frame measures 19 x 15"
451.Retro espresso print with silver finish frame; 34 x 32"
452.2 watercolors by Arthur Dudley, still life with fruit, both signed; frames measure 13 x 33"
453.Hand colored print titled The Aviary; 9 x 12"
454.Black and white print with rustic jeweled frame; 17 x 14"
455.Limited edition still life print, signed S. Allen lower left and numbered 103/495; frame measures 19 x 16"
456.Antique still life needlepoint with gold frame; 17 x 17"
457.Framed landscape print; gold frame measures 35 x 40"
458.Wild Turkey print; frame measures 15 x 12"
459.Colored etching, landscape with buildings and trees, signed in pencil lower left; gold frame measures 19 x 24"
460.Still life oil painting on board; gold frame measures 31 x 25"
461.2 oriental teapot prints; matching frames measure 18 x 16.5"
462.Oriental print with horses; gold frame measures 27 x 46", includes John Richard paper label on reverse
463.Hand colored floral engraving; rustic carved frame measures 16 x 15"
464.Framed portrait print; 15 x 12"
500.Italian pietra dura marquetry inlaid green marble table top (no base); 65 x 33"
501.Victorian style pink upholstered balloon back armchair
502.Victorian style upholstered double and sofa; 79" wide (matches 503 and 504)
503.Victorian style upholstered grandmother chair (matches 502 and 504)
504.Upholstered Victorian style balloon back armchair (matches 503 and 502.)
505.Walnut balloon back armchair with floral upholstery
506.Reproduction Victorian style mahogany framed grandmother chair (matches 507)
507.Reproduction Victorian style mahogany's framed spoon back armchair
508.French provincial style framed 3 seat sofa; 89" wide
509.5 matching slat back dining chairs by Broyhill, includes 1 armchair
510.5 matching mahogany framed dining chairs with green upholstered seats includes 1 armchair
511.Arts & Crafts style solid oak desk with one drawer; 29 x 46 x 27"
512.Victorian solid walnut dresser with mirrored back, white marble top, one drawer and 2 paneled doors; base measures 38 x 42 x 19", mirror with shelf measures 44 x 42"
513.Vintage mahogany his and her chairs with upholstered seats and backs; largest measures 41" tall
514.Cream upholstered daybed with loose cushions; 75" wide
515.Floral upholstered side chair; 36" tall
516.Solid pine corner cabinet with one glazed door, one drawer and one paneled door; 76 x 37", to fit corner 23 x 23"
517.Solid mahogany Empire style two-piece corner cabinet, 1 glazed door fitted shelves and 1 paneled door; 72 x 35", to fit corner 24 x 24"
518.18th century Italian walnut 4 drawer end table with shallow top drawer; measures 32 x 28.5 x 17"
519.Antique Aubusson tapestry screen; 46 x 25"
520.Antique mahogany framed screen with papered panel; 63 x 29"
521.Victorian settee with upholstered seat and back; measures 40 x 53 x 25"
522.Vintage hardwood buffet with 4 storage doors; measures 42.5 x 94 x 23"
523.Victorian-style hardwood dresser with marble tops and mirrored back; measures 92 x 46 x 19"
524.Vintage oak side chair with upholstered seat and back; measures 39.5" tall
525.Victorian-style side table with marble top; measures 28 x 24 x 16"
526.White Fine Furniture 4 drawer cherry dresser with pullout; measures 30.5 x 32 x 16"
527.White Fine Furniture cherry 4 drawer dresser with pullout; measures 30.5 x 32 x 16"
528.Cherry 4 poster bed with headboard, footboard and rails; headboard measures 88 x 62"
529.Cherry tester bed with headboard, footboard, rails, slats and top; headboard measures 88 x 66"
530.Cherry 2-tier bed step; measures 14 x 20 x 18"
531.Cherry 12 drawer dresser with 2 mirrors; dresser measures 33.5 x 70 x 18"
532.Mahogany carved console table with marble top; measures 32 x 60 x 19"
533.2 Quaint American 2-tier side tables; each measures 25 x 18" diameter
534.Victorian-style circular mahogany sidetable with glass overlay; measures 29 x 20" diameter
535.Hardwood column bed with padded headboard, footboard, columns and top and bottom rails; headboard measures 64" wide, columns measure 88" tall
536.Vintage Eastlake style headboard, footboard, rails and slats; headboard measures 92 x 62"
537.Pine headboard footboard and rails; headboard measures 62.5 x 65"
538.Light green Hickory Chair Co. sofa with matching throw pillows; measures 36 x 86 x 39"
539.Light green Hickory Chair Co. sofa with matching throw pillows; measures 36 x 86 x 39"
540.Victorian-style walnut dresser with marble tops and mirrored back; measures 82 x 39.5 x 18.5"
541.Ethan Allen painted wood console table with one drawer and marble top; measures 29 x 46 x 12"
542.Vintage oak side board; measures 36.5 x 54 x 24"
543.Needlepoint rocking chair and needlepoint side chair; each measures 33.5" tall
544.Pulaski Furniture lighted curio cabinet with 3 glass shelves; measures 60 x 33 x 15"
545.Upholstered armchair with metal casters; measures 37" tall
546.2 vintage mahogany 2-tier side tables with glass inserts; each measures 27.5 x 17.5 x 14.5"
547.Crown Mark veneer pub height table; measures 36 x 42 x 42"
548.Cherry side table with Queen Anne legs; measures 23.5 x 25 x 17"
549.Handmade pine chest; measures 18.5 x 25 x 13.5"
600.2 upholstered swivel club back chairs; each 33" tall
601.Side table with 1 drawer and glass top; 22 x 28 x 22"
602.Decorated corner whatnot; 60" tall
603.6 midcentury modern chrome chairs with upholstered seats and backs; each chair measures 32" tall
604.Antique upholstered rocker; 38" tall
605.Vintage chest with 4 drawers; 38 x 30 x 16"
606.Mahogany library steps; 32 x 18 x 20"
607.Mahogany cabinet with hinged top, 1 drawer and 2 paneled doors (converted from a stereo cabinet); 39 x 37.5 x 18"
608.Mahogany finish 3 tier oval-shaped table; 31 x 16 x 12.5"
609.Antique solid walnut oval-shaped table on turned legs; 28 x 47 x 42"
610.Midcentury modern three-tier walnut bookcase; measures 36 x 30 x 9.5"
611.Pine handmade sidetable with thick polyurethane top; measures 20 x 21" diameter
612.Hardwood serving table; measures 20 x 25.5 x 17"
613.4 upholstered side chairs; each measures 40" tall
614.Paisley upholstered armchair; measures 33" tall
615.4 vintage Victorian hardwood chairs with needlepoint seating and nail head trim; each measures 36" tall
616.Mahogany 2-tier sidetable with one drawer; measures 29.5 x 17.5 x 14.5"
617.Vintage maple plant stand; measures 38.5 x 16" diameter
618.Vintage oak stool with rush seating; measures 12.5 x 15.5 x 10.5"
619.Vintage walnut cabinet with 1 drawer and metal casters; measures 29.5 x 31 x 17.5"
620.Vintage pine sidetable with one drawer; measures 30 x 24 x 19"
621.Vintage maple sidetable; measures 27.5 x 23.5 x 23.5"
622.Mahogany drop leaf 2-tier cart; measures 31 x 17 x 30", sides measure 6.5"
623.Vintage mahogany rocking chair; measures 35" tall
624.Vintage maple spindle back child's rocking chair; measures 27" tall
625.4 painted wood stools with maple seats; each chair measures 40.5" tall
626.Vintage hardwood vanity chair with upholstered seat; measures 25.5" tall
627.Vintage hardwood armchair with upholstered seat and back with nail head trim; measures 30" tall
628.2 oak dining chairs with upholstered seats and nail head trim; each measures 36" tall
629.4 Chromcraft painted wood swivel chairs on casters with upholstered seats and backs; each measures 36" tall
630.Child's gaming table with 2 chairs; table measures 22 x 25.5 x 25.5"
631.2 cherry dining chairs with ball and claw feet and upholstered seats; each measures 41" tall
632.2 oak frame armchairs with upholstered seats and backs; each measures 37" tall
633.Vintage walnut rocking chair with cane seat and back; measures 41" tall
634.2 vintage painted wood chairs; each measures 37.5" tall
635.2 arrow back dining chairs; each measures 38.5" tall
636.Vintage maple rocking chair with cane seat and back; measures 35" tall
637.2 hardwood needlepoint side chairs; each measures 33" tall
638.2 pine vanity chairs with rush seating; each measures 28" tall
639.Haverty's Collections mahogany 2 drawer lateral file cabinet; measures 33 x 41 x 24"
641.Ethan Allen 8 drawer maple dresser with mirror; dresser measures 32 x 50.5 x 19", matches lot 642
642.Maple Ethan Allen end table with 1 drawer; measures 26 x 22 x 16", matches lot 641
643.6 cherry dining chairs, 2 have arms all with upholstered seats; each chair measures 40" tall
644.Footed 4 drawer chest on metal casters; measures 42 x 28 x 16"
645.Vintage 3 drawer vanity; measures 30.5 x 38 x 19"
646.4 mid century modern maple dining chairs with upholstered seats; each measures 31" tall
647.Painted wood cocktail table with 1 drawer and 1 pullout; measures 15.5 x 33 x 23"
648.Painted wood sidetable with 1 drawer and porcelain knobs; measures 25 x 26 x 17.5"
649.Mid century modern 7 drawer veneer dresser; measures 30 x 56 x 18"
650.Handmade plywood storage unit; measures 34 x 18.5 x 11"
651.Vintage handmade pine chair; measures 33.5" tall
652.Vintage hardwood 2-tier sidetable; measures 30.5 x 20 x 15.5"
653.Vintage painted wood reading table; measures 24 x 24 x 12"
654.Vintage mahogany 2-tier sidetable with 1 drawer; measures 28 x 17 x 15"
655.Vintage hardwood glass top display table with Queen Anne legs; measures 24 x 23 x 17.5"
656.Mid century modern maple veneer table; measures 29 x 96 x 20"
657.Cherry circular plant stand with 3 legs; measures 23.5 x 11.5" diameter
658.Mahogany circular sidetable with 3 legs; measures 20.5 x 14" diameter
659.Vintage mahogany child's chair; measures 25" tall
660.Pine sidetable with 1 drawer; measures 27.5 x 17 x 13"
661.Painted wood 3-tier shelving unit; measures 29.5 x 31 x 8.5"
662.Veneer sidetable with glass accents and 1 drawer; measures 30.5 x 25.5 x 19"
663.Laminate sidetable with one drawer; measures 24.5 x 23.5 x 15.5"
664.2 mid century modern metal frame barstools with upholstered seats and backs; each measures 42" tall
665.Upholstered headboard with matching linens; headboard measures 39 x 55"
666.Powall veneer jewelry chest with 4 drawers, 4 shelves and 2 side storage doors; measures 40 x 18 x 15"
667.2 upholstered dining chairs with skirts; each measures 39" tall
668.Vintage sewing cabinet with original Kenmore sewing machine; measures 31 x 24 x 17.5"
669.Vintage pink wingback chair; measures 44" tall
670.International Furnishings Inc. wingback chair with golf theme; measures 42" tall
671.Victorian-style mahogany side chair with upholstered seat and back; measures 43" tall
672.Pennsylvania House Special Edition cherry end table with 3 doors; measures 22.5 x 22 x 14"
673.Upholstered armchair with slipcover; measures 32" tall
674.Hardwood 6 drawer chest with 2 drawers; measures 51 x 32 x 18"
675.Permacraft by Sanford Furniture Company 6 drawer walnut dresser with framed mirror; dresser measures 32 x 54 x 19", matches lots 684 and 685
676.Hardwood arrow back rocking chair; measures 44" tall
677.Hardwood circular 3 tier side table with marble top and cane shelves; measures 30 x 20" diameter
678.Oak side table with 4 legs; measures 17 x 18 x 18"
679.Oak dining table with pedestal base; measures 29.5 x 40" diameter
680.Vintage mahogany rocking chair with painted accents; measures 34" tall
681.Vintage pine chair with woven seating; measures 32" tall
682.2 vintage oak plant stands; each measures 26.5 x 11.5 x 11.5"
683.Daniel Dakota quartz case clock; measures 80" tall
684.Permacraft by Sanford Furniture Company 5 drawer walnut chest; measures 48 x 38 x 19", matches lots 675 and 685
685.Permacraft by Sanford Furniture Company 3 drawer walnut nightstand; measures 25 x 26 x 16", matches lots 675 and 684
686.Metal framed bakers rack with marble like top and 3 glass shelves; measures 82 x 48 x 19"
687.2 mid century modern director style chairs with leather seats and backs; each measures 32" tall
688.Veneer changing table with 3 drawers and 3 shelves; measures 43 x 33 x 18"
689.Vintage painted wood chair with upholstered seat; measures 33.5" tall
690.Blue upholstered sofa with multi directional chaise; measures 32 x 82 x 60"
691.Foremost vanity with fliptop and one drawer; measures 30.5 x 31.5 x 18"
692.3 piece leather upholstered sectional sofa (1 section is a sleeper), will fit corner 100 x 100"
700.Cream colored area rug; measures 133 x 156", (We would appreciate larger rugs being picked up after noon on Fridays or Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM)
701.Genesis plaid area rug with fruit accents; measures 95 x 127", (We would appreciate larger rugs being picked up after noon on Fridays or Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM)
702.Oriental Weavers brown and tan area rug; measures 94 x 135",(We would appreciate larger rugs being picked up after noon on Fridays or Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM)
703.Red hand knotted rug; measures 61 x 96", (We would appreciate larger rugs being picked up after noon on Fridays or Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM)
704.Red hand knotted area rug; measures 104 x 142", (We would appreciate larger rugs being picked up after noon on Fridays or Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM)
705.Hand knotted burgundy and navy area rug; measures 107 x 147",(We would appreciate larger rugs being picked up after noon on Fridays or Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM)
706.Green and maroon rug; measures 62 x 95"
707.Multicolored rug; measures 66 x 97"
708.Wool Mark tan area rug with floral accents; measures 97 x 1 07",(We would appreciate larger rugs being picked up after noon on Fridays or Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM)
709.Oriental Weavers Cairo purple rug; measures 64 x 93", (We would appreciate larger rugs being picked up after noon on Fridays or Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM)
710.Black and red rug; measures 62 x 92", (We would appreciate larger rugs being picked up after noon on Fridays or Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM)
711.Read and navy hand knotted area rug; measures 117 x 170", (We would appreciate larger rugs being picked up after noon on Fridays or Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM)
712.Country Living red hall runner; measures 24 x 84"
713.Southwestern style brown rug; measures 35 x 49"
714.2 Home Traditions red and green rugs; each measures 27 x 45"
715.Safavieh tan and blue hall runner; measures 27 x 214"
716.Tan and black hall runner; measures 25 x 94"
717.Maroon, green and tan hand knotted rug; measures 26 x 53"
718.Multicolored checkered area rug; measures 36 x 53"
719.Multicolored rug with floral accents; measures 31 x 49"
720.Blue and yellow entry rug; measures 28 x 42"
721.Blue and tan oriental style rug; measures 22 x 66"
722.Turquoise and tan oriental style rug; measures 38 x 72"
723.Tan and blue oriental style hall runner; measures 31 x 256"
724.Oriental Weavers Sphinx maroon oriental style hall runner; measures 27 x 406"
750.Assorted books, includes 2 volumes The West Point Atlas of American Wars, Classic Statues, Harpers Pictorial History of the Civil War and others
751.Nonfiction books, includes large-format Edward Hopper, Andrew Wyeth, The Age of the Grand Tour and others
752.2 volumes Richmond Her Triumphs Tragedies and Growth, and 2 Volumes Richmond During The Revolution, 1775-83
753.4 volumes Douglas Southall Freeman by David E Johnson and 2 volumes The Correspondence of William Nelson As Acting Governor of Virginia 1770-1771
754.Group of vintage portrait engravings, October 1912 edition of The Book Man and map of Richmond Virginia
755.3 books, includes Source Records of the Great Events of the Postwar Period, A King in the Making and Khaki Is More Than a Color
756.Shelf lot books, includes Celebrating 100 years-A Journey of Faith, The Jerusalem Bible and others
757.7 volumes Lee's Lieutenant's by Douglas Southall Freeman (some are duplicates)
758.4 leather bound volumes Waverley Novels
759.Frank Leslie's Illustrated Famous Leaders and Battle Scenes of the Civil War 1896
760.14 volumes Douglas Southall Freeman "George Washington" published by Scribners
761.Group of historical books, includes History of Cook County Illinois, Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers of the Rebellion and others
762.Group of historical books, includes Douglas Southall Freeman George Washington, The Lee's of Virginia and others
763.26 antique leather bound books "The Cyclopedia or Universal Dictionary" 1st American Edition
764.Shelf Lot Food and Cooking Related Books, Including 20 Minute Recipes, Clever Cook's Handbook, Pioneer Woman Cooks and others
765.8 volumes The Works of Edward Bulwer, 1917 Halifax Explosion, Bushwacked by Bushmasters and others
766.Shelf lot books, includes Mine Craft box set, Jack, Alice and me, Alexander Hamilton and others The Presidents, Rebirth of America, Charles Darwin, 6 in the city-the movie and others
767.Paperback books and Esso travel guides, 1958 edition of The Military Engineer, How to Live to 100 And Enjoy It and others
768.Shelf lot vintage nonfiction and fiction books
769.3 1932 "Code of Laws of South Carolina" books
770.3 volumes Code of Laws of South Carolina 1932
800.Waterford crystal lamp with gold finish base, cream shade and matching finial; 30" tall
801.6 champagne flutes; 8" tall
802.12 Waterford crystal sherry stems; 4" tall
803.Naken flatware in chest with gold plated flatware; 16" wide
804.2 Lladro porcelain Christmas tree ornaments and 2 Lladro porcelain bells, largest 4"
805.2 gallon stoneware jar; 15" tall
806.2 Waterford crystal candleholders, 2 Waterford vases and Waterford trumpet shape vase; largest 5.5"
807.3 gallon stoneware jar; 17" tall
808.Green Fiesta pottery vegetable dish with cover and Fiesta bowl; largest 9"
809.Coach leather bag; 13" wide
810.Spode Christmas Tree 20 piece starter set, includes box (preview for contents and completeness)
811.11 Waterford crystal goblets; 5" tall
812.Fostoria amethyst colored coin glass, includes covered dish, creamer and sugar, salt-and-pepper shakers; largest 7"
813.Waterford crystal trumpet shape footed vase; 7" tall
814.Planters pink glass peanuts jar with cover; 13" tall
815.2 pink and clear frosted glass footed bowls; largest 12"
816.Solid bronze flatware set with chest, made in Taiwan; chest is 18" wide
817.Embossed brass bed warmer with wood handle; 13" wide
818.Cast iron fireplace starter pot with wand; 9" tall
819.Mid century modern Stangl glazed pottery vase number 3979; 9" tall
820.1 gallon stoneware jar; 12" tall
821.Cast iron goldfish form candleholder; 12" wide
822.Field apothecary scale; 8" wide
823.Michael Kors purse and clutch bag
824.4 boxes Spode Christmas Tree buffet sets, includes boxes (preview for contents and completeness)
825.Bear family decorated butter churn; 27" tall
826.Antiques rococo style mirror frame with beveled mirrors; 19" tall
827.Stoneware jar with crackle glaze; 9" tall
828.Black Coach purse and red Coach wallet; largest 10"
829.Ibanez Gio 6 string electric guitar
830.Resin form electric shelf clock; 17" tall
831.Stoneware jar; 12" tall
832.Vintage trombone, serial number 14262, includes case
833.Wallace 6 stainless steel carving set, includes box
834.Dynamic X4 Spartan remote control quadcopter, includes box (preview for contents and completeness)
835.Grams Imperial world globe on stand; 17" tall
836.Large stoneware mug; 8" tall
837.Indonesian carving set with wood and brass holder; 17" wide
838.Coach purse; 11" wide
839.4 boxes Spode Christmas Tree buffet sets, includes boxes (preview for contents and completeness)
840.Crossman Power Master 760 BB repeater (preview for working condition)
841.Group of 12 glazed floral design place cardholders with box
842.Oriental carving set scissor and knife set in case; 12" long
843.2 miniature samurai swords; largest is 14"
844.Curved knife with leather pouch; 6" long
845.Pair of Jordan Jumpman Pro athletic shoes; size 11
846.Pair of Jordan Pro Strong athletic shoes; size 11
847.Asian hand made copper and brass hunting horn with key welded joints; 17" long
848.Black lacquer and mother-of-pearl oriental wall plaque; 14" diameter
849.Art Deco walnut cased Enfield mantle clock (no pendulum or key); 13" wide
850.Painted abstract bust; 20" tall
851.5 cast iron corn pans and griddles; largest 22"
852.Box of Boy Scout and Cub Scouts merit badges
853.Antique painted cast iron floral baskets doorstop and copper finish cat.; Largest 8"
854.Box of polished semiprecious stones
855.2 cased oriental cork sculptures; largest 10"
856.Bonsai sculpture and fossilized wood section; largest 17"
857.3 leg cast iron pot, Dutch oven with cover and smaller pot; largest 12" diameter
858.2 Rudyard Kipling volumes The Jungle Book and The 2nd Jungle Book, 1915 edition's
859.Lenox ceramics, includes yuletide star tea lights, candleholders, motif and other items, includes boxes; largest 7.5"
860.Virginia Dairy Company wood and metal bottle crate; 15" wide
861.2 antique bronze pestles and mortars; largest 4"
862.Daisy model 1053 bb gun (preview for condition)
863.2 plastic bags Lego bricks, fabric tote, Lego bricks, Lego juniors, Lego friends and Lego elves, includes boxes
864.2 Lenox holiday candle lamps, includes boxes; 12" tall
865.Lego classic 10697 and Lego classic 10704, includes boxes
866.Lenox porcelain Christmas plates, Christmas Trees Around the World and Colonial Christmas Wreath Issue porcelain plates; largest 11"
867.Fisher Price Jack and Jill tv radio
868.4 Lenox Porcelain mugs, Lenox Winter Greetings vase and Lenox Winter Greetings cachepot; largest 7.5"
869.Japanese dagger with carved wood handle; 19" long
870.Lenox Christmas theme porcelain items, includes angels, snowmen, figures, Santa Claus, 2 with boxes; largest 12"
871.Bag of award medals, includes Greater Richmond Aquatic League
872.Flatware chest with vintage silver plate flatware (incomplete-preview for contents)
873.Camel theme collectibles, includes candleholders, figures and candle stands; largest 10"
874.Lenox Christmas theme porcelain items, includes tree ornaments, potpourri holder's, decorative items, includes boxes; largest 7"
875.Dooney and Bourke and Etienne Aigner purses; largest 15"
876.6 Little Bavaria Hummel theme collectibles; largest 9"
877.Neat Receipts portable scanner, includes case (preview for working condition)
878.Cowin E7 Bluetooth headphones, includes case and instruction manual (preview for working condition)
879.Hot Wheels 48 car carry case, includes assorted die cast cars
880.2 antique bronze pestle and mortars, miniature pestle and mortar; largest 5"
881.Gerber Tamar abstract bronze figural sculpture on wood base; 10.5" tall
882.8 Boehm porcelain plates, Rose Plate Collection, Edition limit 15,000, includes boxes; 11" wide
883.Nintendo cartridges, includes Road Blasters, Gauntlet 2, Pro-Am, Willow and Ninja 2
884.Wayang Golek puppet; 21" tall
885.Ford 4600 metal tractor, Hess Gasoline coin bank, pressed steel battery-operated boat and plastic tray; largest 17"
886.Painted cast iron Speaking Dog coin bank; 8" wide
887.Uncle Milton Star Wars Science Planetarium, includes box
888.Oriental hand-painted scroll with eagle; 27" wide
889.P Buckley Moss limited edition black numbered 3241/5000; 3.25" diameter, includes stand
890.National geographic 15 inch globe
891.Grouping of Hallmark Keepsake tree ornaments, includes Barbie, snowman and others, includes boxes; largest 5"
892.3 acoustic guitars, includes Truetone and others (preview for condition)
893.Collection of vintage buttons and pins
894.Ceramic pot with collectible match books; pot measures 8 x 7.5" diameter
895.6 assorted Waterford crystal stems and goblets; largest 6"
896.5 oil paintings on board, figural still life and figural compositions, all signed J Conway; largest measures 13 x 15"
897.Vintage reading glasses, spectacles
898.Czechoslovakian made Sylvia design Baronet china, includes dinner plates, side plates, dessert bowls, cups and saucers, vegetable dish with cover, oval-shaped dishes, creamer, sugar and gravy boat on stand; largest 10"
899.5 beer tap heads, includes Bush, Spatan Munich, Lowenbrau, Miller Light and Michelob
900.Pfaltzgraff Christmas theme china, includes dinner plates, side plates, soup and dessert bowls, cups and saucers, salt and pepper shakers, vegetable dish, creamer and sugar; largest 13"
901.2 pairs antique opera glasses, one with case
902.Boston Red Sox manual, assorted bobblehead's, action figures
903.1980 World Series mirror and Boston Red Sox Reserved Parking sign; largest 18"
904.Sawtooth 6 string electric guitar (preview for condition)
905.Photo negative etching plate of the Richmond City Hall (Old City Hall)
906.Lighted waterfall plaque; measures 12 x 18"
907.Turkish wall mirror with painted brass frame; 24 x 14"
908.Star Wars theme treat containers, includes Yoda, Darth Vader, R2-D2
909.2 bags scale model die cast cars and trucks and other toys
910.Print purses, includes BCBG and others
911.Mr. Christmas Lite-Write Laser Show x2 new in box and red and green remote control Show Lights laserlike projector (preview for contents and completeness)
912.Press glass pitcher and vintage decanter with stopper; largest 16"
913.German made painted wood nut cracker and music box playing Silent Night; largest 9"
914.2 vintage superhero action figures, Superman and Flash and cartoon pages
915.Assorted pendant flags, USA 1994 World Cup and other pins
916.Limited edition lithograph, abstract figural study signed Joanne and 2 European engravings, signed in pencil and numbered 2/12; 23 x 16"
917.ROHS digital video recorder system, includes box
918.5 Rumble and Tumble toys, includes boxes; largest 7"
919.Assorted collectibles, includes Whitman's tin, Schuco toy boxes and Miki mouse, Beatles collectible cards, Marx whirling toy, miniature kitchen items; largest 8"
920.Turkish style copper and silvered metal jeweled hanging light fixture, champleve enamel lamp and vintage shaving mirror; largest 15"
921.2 Star Wars action figures, C-3 PO; largest 11"
922.Rectangular mirror, Welcome needlepoint and floral needlepoint; largest measures 10 x 17"
923.Large box of vintage Christmas tree ornaments and decorations
924.Vintage collectibles, clothes wringer, Gold Medal wood box and sifter
925.Metal hanging fish, 2 African theme animal prints and metal sign, dogs playing poker; largest 12 x 16"
926.1966 Volkswagen model, 3 die cast metal zero turn lawnmower toys; largest 12"
927.Lighted ceramic Christmas tree; 18" tall
928.Lighted porcelain Christmas tree; 17" tall
929.3 Christmas foxes; largest 15"
930.Japanese made tableware, includes bowls, serving platters, creamer and sugar; largest 11"
931.Hall orange glaze oval-shaped container for Westinghouse; 7" wide and Shriners hats
932.Wildlife collectibles, includes ostrich egg engraved with elephants, candles, ceramic zebra, glass dish with cover, bells, giraffe and elephant collectibles
933.Various Longaberger cookie molds and basket ornaments
934.Box of fishing lures, universal Winchester rifle cleaning kit and targets
935.2 bags of happy meal and other action toys
936.Mid century modern Garden Club California pottery bowl, double gourd oriental vase, green glazed pottery vase, pink glass candleholder, etched Polish made glasses and coffee mugs; largest 14"
937.Madame Alexander wizard of Oz toys, some with original packaging
938.Box of decorative drawer knobs and pulls, painted metal hanging candleholder and book form box; largest 16"
939.Miniatures scale Union Pacific locomotives, tenders, assorted rolling stock, metal and plastic; largest 5"
940.Vintage milk glass ramekins, oven dishes, pie dishes, ceramic mug, deviled egg dish, Pyrex dish; insulated cups; largest 10"
941.6 Keepsake Light and Motion Christmas tree ornaments with boxes; largest 5"
942.4 glass dishes, silver plate napkin holders and revere type Oneida silver plate bowl, 2 Imperial glass footed bowls; largest 7"
943.Cherub form ceramic table lamps; 33" tall including harp
944.Wrought-iron table lamp with parchment style fabric shade; 30" tall
945.2 glass sculptures, zebra and penguin; largest 9"
946.Plastic tub vintage buttons
947.Oriental embroidered and sequined theater headrests; 8" wide
948.3 Build A Bear Workshop making kits includes
949.Arts and crafts wrought iron lamp on alabaster base; 29" tall
950.Aluminum and stainless steel cookware, includes Magnalite 16 inch roaster with cover; largest 15"
951.Studio pottery items, vases, sugar bowls, dishes and candleholder; largest 8"
952.Silver plate items, footed bowl, platters, dishes, miniature vase; largest 16"
953.Japanese painted porcelain jar with cover, Japanese made porcelain bird, Seth Thomas electric porcelain shelf clock and 2 hand-painted porcelain plates; largest 9"
954.Painted ceramic Santa Claus; 20" tall
955.Canadian art pottery includes pitchers, mugs, vases, red glazed porcelain pot with cover, green glass jar with cover, double handled pottery bowl and 2 porcelain vases; largest 11"
956.2 Dick Clark annual yearbooks
957.2 Snow Babies and Snow Baby snow globe; largest 5"
958.Assorted Amber colored stemware, Rome souvenir shot glasses, cordials and PD imports carafe and Dansk designs green glass candleholders with box; largest 13"
959.Ceramic dishes, trinket box, mother and child statuettte and ceramic birds; statuette measures 8" tall
960.2 Royal Worcester toothpick holders, Gemware salt and pepper shakers, 2 blue-and-white porcelain dishes and fish dish; largest 17"
961.10 silver plate goblets, includes copper Peppermill, bronze dolphin statue, Steiff pewter vase with box, vintage fruit knives, silver plate asparagus tongs and oval-shaped platter; largest 7"
962.Antique paper cutter; 7 x 7"
963.Stoneware cookie jar with cover; 8" tall
964.Godinger set of 5 silver plate coasters, includes box
965.Antique embossed brass oil lamp bases (incomplete-preview for condition)
966.Spode collection plates, Homer Laughlin pink transfer printed plate and 6 small size porcelain plates; largest 11"
967.Lead crystal candleholder, assorted stemware, goblets, toasting flutes, butter dish with cover and box of Anita led crystal and Riel wine goblets with box; largest 9"
968.Pewter vase, copper peppermill, serving tray and other items
969.Assorted DVDs and CDs including Mozart, REM, House of Cards and Unused TDK and Sony Cassettes
970.Glass Punch Bowl, Juicer, Hard Theme and Other Salad Bowls, Divided Dish and Pressed Glass Plate; Largest 14"
971.Glass Candle Stand with Glass Shade
972.Battery-operated glass and metal finish wall clock; 11" diameter
973.Box of vintage glass blown tree ornaments and decorations
974.Grouping of Coca-Cola collectibles, includes coin bank, tendons, bottle openers, trays, and Co thank you and Coca-Cola bottles; largest 12"
975.3 NASCAR collectibles with boxes; largest 4"
976.2 wire lamp covers, brass crab, electric lamp and relative twine
977.3 composition dolls; largest 21"
978.Autumn Glory Barbie and Spring bouquet Barbie, includes boxes
979.Hand carved wood box, inlaid with Chinese cash coins; 14" wide
980.4 Heritage House Forever in Love painted porcelain bird groups on wood bases; largest 6"
981.3 mid century modern Pyrex oven and refrigerator dishes with covers; largest 13"
982.Niko Rose design china, includes dinner plates, side plates, dessert bowls, teacups and saucers, platter and vegetable dish; largest 13"
983.4 multicolor cut to clear crystal goblets; largest 8"
984.3 brass candleholders, 2 copper candleholders, candle snuffers, angel snuffer and brass dish; largest 6"
985.Phoenix Racing, Denny Hamlin and other NASCAR hats, T-shirts and clothing
986.Anheuser-Busch Budweiser advertising mirror with oak frame; 13 x 19"
987.Antique enameled Japanese porcelain brush pot, bonsai in ceramic planter and painted porcelain plate; largest 13"
988.Assorted glass elephant paperweights
989.2 carved and painted wood birds, includes Common Gull and Robin Snipe, both signed Phil Minor
990.2 camo hats, straw hats, assorted neckties
991.Large group of Barbie dolls and dolls clothing
992.Tall trumpet form silver plate vase; 30" tall
993.Victorian porcelain double handled bucket and ironstone bucket; largest 13"
994.Summer Splendor Barbie and Snow Princess Barbie, includes boxes; largest 14"
995.Elvis Presley Monopoly board game (unopened box) and 2007 Ford Shelby model with box; largest 20"
996.Blue Seal Extract wood box, woven wicker picnic basket and metal kerosene tin; largest 17"
997.Metalware, includes horses head, stamp box, ashtrays, glass, paperweight, toy revolver and Strutco truck; largest 12"
998.3 footed orange carnival glass bowls, wicker container with padlocks and Art Deco stainless steel and Bakelite coffee pot; 14" tall
999.Elephant theme collectibles, figures, ashtrays, sculpture, green glass ashtray, elephant theme bottle with cover, Beam elephant decanter and carved stone elephant sculpture; largest 11"
1000.Rustic 2 tier shelf; 21 x 18 x 8"
1001.Oval-shaped brass tray with raised gallery and 2 wheat sheaf Mottahedeh museum reproduction brass book ends; largest 27"
1002.3 pewter airplane collectibles by Danbury mint, includes Boeing 707, Pan Am Clipper and GR1 fighter; largest 8"
1003.General multi-angle swivel Vacu-Vise
1004.4 assorted tobacco pipes
1005.Butterfly wing trivet; 7" wide
1006.3 Victorian enameled glass vases, Lenox porcelain vase, ruby cut to clear decanter with stopper, 2 Italian made pottery canisters with covers, tureen with cover and leaf dish; largest 12"
1007.Table tennis set with box (preview for completeness)
1008.Needlepoint covered brick and silver metal time carousel with thermometer, clock and hygrometer by Levenger, includes box
1009.Vintage Scrabble game, includes box (preview for contents and completeness)
1010.Ford Mustang and Mustang Mackie scale models, includes boxes; largest 10"
1011.Milk glass basket, milk glass cake stand and vase and milk glass salad bowl; largest 14"
1012.Pressed steel Uncle Sam's 3 coin register bank, vintage metal candy tin, galvanized metal pail and tin; largest 11.5"
1013.6 Hawaiian made pottery totem mugs; each 6" tall
1014.Group of copper food molds and wall hangings; largest 9"
1015.Antique style metal photograph or picture frame on stand; 18 x 13"
1016.Drill Press Oscillating Spindle sander attachment, includes box
1017.2 cast bronze girandoles, white marble bases and crystal prisms
1018.2 Belgian made porcelain vases; 9" tall
1019.Box of assorted DVDs, includes Lionel Richie, Christmas, Dan Fogelberg and others (preview for contents)
1020.Assorted glassware, includes decanters with stoppers, vases, bowls, praying figure, Beauty and The Beast snow globe, green glass vase and 2 Portuguese metal coffee percolators; largest 11"
1021.Animal theme collectibles, crackle glaze porcelain vase, carved elephant , faux elephant tusk, elephant wax candle, carved giraffe, and other items; largest 16"
1022.Box of vintage kitchen items, sieves, measures, mallets, brace, shears and other items
1023.Jelly Making kit, includes box
1024.5 ceramic elephants, 1 metal elephant and wicker basket; largest measures 12" tall
1025.Cricut Expression 24" personal electronic cutter, includes box and accessories
1026.Vintage photography accessories, flashes, flashbulbs, vintage Kodak cameras
1027.Michelob wall lamp, Never on Sunday Japanese made porcelain desk lamp and US military water canteen with canvas pouch and belt
1028.4 Pittsburgh Pirates year books and programs, 1970s and 1980s
1029.Big Banker metal candy sign; 8 x 4"
1030.Carved and painted wood decoy, signed and dated Phil Minor 1986; 11" wide
1031.Vintage Triner balance scale; 10" wide
1032.2 Asahi Draft cans and Greene King can; largest 10"
1033.Two metal votive candle holders; each measures 11" tall
1034.2 burlap seed bags
1035.Green glazed pottery vase; 13" wide
1036.Sporting News Conlon card collection, 1991 edition
1037.Sheridan silver plate tea and coffee service, includes tea kettle on stand, hot water and coffee pots, cream and sugar, waste bowl and rectangular shaped tray; largest 31"
1038.Vintage primitive butter churn and dryer
1039.Metal chest of assorted fasteners, screws; 18" tall
1040.2 metal horse and marble book ends; 7" tall
1041.Silver plate and glass items, includes Pyrex serving dishes dish with silver plate liner, teapot, water pitcher, butter dish with cover, silver plate sugar cube container, glass serving dish; largest 12"
1042.Oval-shaped acorn and oak leaf mirror; 18" tall
1043.Assorted ceramics, sugar bowls, salt and pepper shakers, candleholders, book ends and Beatrix Potter display shelf; largest 14"
1044.2 boxes scale model Racing Champions and Hot Wheels toys and cars
1045.Decorative items, artificial foliage, vases, candle stands, metal brackets, 2 purple glazed German made demitasse cups; largest 27"
1046.3 comic books, includes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and James Bond Junior
1047.Homco rabbit and deer collectibles and Los Angeles Times music box; largest 7"
1048.Collectible dolls to include Natalie, Madame Alexander and others; largest 17"
1049.Painted metal mailbox; 19" wide
1050.Large box of silver plate and stainless steel flatware, includes Art Deco hammered EPNS, Viceroy silver plate and Fairfield plate
1051.Rosenthal hand-painted porcelain teapot, 2 cups and 2 saucers; 10" wide
1052.Turquoise and white glass epergne; 16" tall
1053.2 pieces Delft Dutch Delft pottery and 2 blue-and-white porcelain vases; largest 7"
1054.English made Alvar Aalto's glass vase with box number 3030-160; 7" tall
1055.Rose decorated Japanese made Lancaster china, includes dinner plates, dessert bowls, cups and saucers, serving pieces, creamer and sugar; largest 15"
1056.Lighted plastic church building; 14" tall
1057.Metal bunt pans, coconut planter liners, muffin dishes, Japanese parasol, grinder; largest 10"
1058.2 decanters with stoppers, trumpet form jar with stopper; largest 14"
1059.Porter Chemcraft chemistry lab, includes box (preview for completeness and condition)
1060.Silver plate cocktail shaker, water pitchers, Victorian silver plate basket, Chinese dishes, Chinese wood bowl stand, creamer and sugar, silver plate footed bowl, silver plate coffee pot on stand; largest 8"
1061.Frosted glass bowl, glass cake stand, Val St Lambert crystal salad bowl on silver plate base, etched glass candleholders, large punch bowl on stand with shell motif, star candleholders; largest 20"
1062.7 glass star candleholders
1063.Ranleigh stainless steel double handled tray; 20 x 12"
1064.Vintage wooden loom weavers, kitchen utensils, vintage tools and other items
1065.2 painted metal rabbit planters; 25" tall
1066.2 porcelain teapots and blue and white oriental jar with cover; largest 8"
1067.Williamsburg Reproductions paperback book published by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation 1982, and board games set; 12 x 12"
1068.Tall brass lamp; 31" including harp and finial
1069.Vintage desk top lamp with marble base; measures 14.5 x 18.5"
1072.Pressed glass vase, and 2 creamers; largest 9"
1073.NFL Michael Vick bobblehead with box; 8" tall
1074.Bloomington water canteen, Ram vehicle hood ornament, wrought-iron spur, vintage padlock and guitar door knocker
1075.Assorted painted cast iron toys and models, painted wood horse pull toy; largest 8"
1076.GE ice cream maker with box (preview for contents)
1078.2 antique Swatow ware Chinese pottery rice bowls; largest 5"
1079.Pair of brass 2 light wall mounting candle sconces; largest 13"
1080.Copper kettle; 10" wide
1081.Primitive tools, mandolins and kitchen items; largest 17"
1082.Lego 79117 Ninja Turtles (preview for box contents and completeness)
1083.Assorted glassware, includes wine goblets, water goblets, Lenox porcelain cups and saucers; largest 10"
1084.Beswick porcelain cat numbered 1883, miniature painted porcelain basket, miniature wall clock and box containing 5 cloisonne enamel stress balls; largest 7"
1085.Vintage book with protective cover titled "The Source"
1086.2 plastic tubs of vintage and later dollhouse furnishings, German porcelain Scottie dog figures, miniature collectibles
1087.Antique glassware, painted lead figures, Japanese porcelain dog magnifying glass and other collectibles
1088.Pair of brass 3 light candlesticks; 12" tall
1089.6 blue depression glass beakers, holy design Pfaltzgraff china including plates, cups and saucers, vases, sterling silver topped salt and pepper shakers, largest 10"
1090.DVDs including Green Chili, Gilded Dwarfs, War of Words, Puff Daddy, Eric Clapton and others (preview for contents)
1091.Carved wood wall clock, includes weights; 14" tall
1092.Buffalo New York green glass bird, railroad spikes, miniatures ceramics, assorted ceramic figures; largest 7" (preview for condition)
1093.KitchenAid mixer (no accessories-preview for condition)
1094.Replogle 12" Platinum Classic globe on stand
1095.Large oval shaped silver plate double handled tea tray serving tray; 31 x 21"
1096.Assorted porcelain plates and dishes with hanging display ribbons; largest 13"
1097.Box of miniature dollhouse furnishings and collectibles
1098.Brass candleholders, muffin dishes, bread trays, potpourri, cookie molds, fondue pot with burner, other kitchen items
1099.2 tabletop lamps with stained glass shades; each measures 16" tall
1100.Vintage metal bread box; 14" wide
1101.US Air Force pilots notepad, assorted navigation items, and leather bag
1102.Kirkland musical water globe with revolving base, nativity Christmas ornaments and United States flag tree ornament
1103.Parini casserole slow cooker (2.5 quart capacity), and book titled Best of Country Slow Cooker Recipes
1104.4 volume book set "The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, includes dust jacket
1105.Lenox Abigail 5 piece set, cups saucers and 2 plates includes box
1106.2 decanters with stoppers, crystal vase and Gorham vase and Oneida vase; largest 10"
1107.Silver plate oval-shaped platter; 20 x 13"
1108.Glass oil lamp with glass shade; 22" tall
1109.Brass fireplace log holder, coal bucket and shovel; 22" wide
1110.2 white glass lamps with matching fabric shades; 33" tall
1111.4 boxes of Christmas figures, angels, Santa Claus, some with boxes; largest 13"
1112.Adora number 13A doll
1113.Black fabric purse; 9.5" wide
1114.Blue glazed pottery pitcher; 9.5" tall
1115.Kodak 600 H Carousel projector, includes box
1116.Mahogany finish corner mount will display cabinet; 19" tall
1117.Precious Moments figures, collectible Santa, tree ornaments and green pottery slate; largest 12"
1118.Assortment of red glassware to include cups, saucers, bell and plate (preview for condition)
1119.White ceramic and clear glass lamps; largest 30"
1120.Carved wood dough bowl with staple repair and wood shelf; largest 23"
1121.Babbacombe Pottery cat wall mounting string dispenser; 6"
1122.Bronze finish sculptures by Philadelphia Manufacturing Company, after the original Victoire De Samothrace in the Louvre Paris; 8" tall
1123.Lighting, includes glass brass and porcelain lamps, Art Deco desk lamp; largest 23"
1124.Japanese made miniature locomotives, rolling stock, 2 station buildings; largest 6"
1125.Various ceramic bowls and containers
1126.2 vintage tabletop lamps; largest measures 27" tall
1127.2 clear glass dairy bottles, 2 turquoise glass ball jars; largest 11"
1128.Box of Cats Meow collectibles; largest 7"
1129.2 framed floral needlepoints, miniature hand knotted mat; largest 9"
1130.Assorted glassware, oven dishes, bowls; largest 7"
1131.Kitchen items, includes Hamilton Beach blender, omelet maker, pancake maker
1132.Black metal lamp with cream fabric shade; 35" tall
1133.Vintage wooden box and vintage planer
1136.12 ceramic and metal collectible elephants and one ceramic zebra
1301.16 scented Yankee candles; excludes tote
1302.Lloyd's Natural History vintage books
1303.JACMORR portable CO2 power system with hardshell case
1304.Metal animal trap; measures 12 x 32 x 10.5"
1305.Metal hanging pots and pans rack; measures 30 x 15"
1306.Poulan Pro backpack blower; model PR46BT
1307.Denon AV receiver; model AVR-X3200W
1308.Super Blox building blocks
1309.Plastic toolbox with various hand tools
1310.4 bulb ceiling mounted light fixture with frosted glass globe; measures 19" diameter
1311.Various books to include "Henrietta Temple", "Beaconsfield" and other titles
1312.Rhode Gear bicycle rack
1313.Cal's Colt child's riding horse
1314.Painted metal laundry hamper; measures 27.5" tall
1315.3 plastic gasoline cans
1316.Brass fireplace fender; measures 8 x 48 x 12"
1317.Various books to include "Around the World in 80 Days", "Rich Dad's Prophecy", "Homes and Gardens in Old Virginia" and other titles; excludes tote
1318.Books to include "Typhoon", "The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe", "Blue Ribbon Recipes" and other titles; excludes tote
1319.Leather tote with plastic containers
1320.Books to include "Lassie Come Home", "Jungle Tales of Tarzan", "Visions of Sugar Plums" and other titles
1321.Vintage pine toolbox with 3 drawers; measures 12.5 x 20 x 11", preview for condition
1322.Craftsman router with hardshell case; model 315.17380
1323.Metal fireplace screen with stained glass inserts; measures 31.5" tall
1324.Pine storage cabinet with shelves; measures 31 x 18 x 7"
1325.Soft sided bag with various sewing supplies
1326.Various brands of used golf balls
1327.Stihl backpack blower; model BR 400 (preview for working condition)
1328.Brass fireplace fender; measures 6.5 x 48"
1329.Painted wood wall-mounted shelf; measures 22 x 24 x 11.5"
1330.Tommy Bahama beach umbrella with Sand Grabber spike
1331.Picture frames, tin can, hairdryer various other items
1332.Metal framed beveled mirror; frame measures 36.5 x 29.5"
1333.DF Studio soft sided suede suitcase and matching tote
1334.CD cases, hairdryer, bandages and other items
1335.3 boxes of picture frames of various sizes
1336.Box of various vintage tools
1337.Jensen 12 inch subwoofer; preview for condition
1338.3 pine wall-mounted shelves; each measures 18" wide
1339.Vintage Underwood typewriter with case
1340.Candles, DVDs, markers and various other items
1341.Vintage pine rocking horse; measures 27" tall
1342.Hunter "The Westminster" ceiling fan; in original box, appears unopened
1343.Gas log fireplace; measures 28 x 27.5 x 18"
1344.Charge Air 5 hp 20 gallon air compressor with hose; preview for condition
1345.Vintage metal hanging oil lamp
1346.Wagner power roller in original box
1347.Plastic carafes, plastic ice cubes, plastic tumblers and various other items
1348.Ceramic painted butter churn; measures 13.5" tall
1350.Vintage alphabet clock
1352.Metal dog kennel with floor pan; measures 15 x 18 x 12"
1353.German ceramic vase; measures 15" tall
1354.Coleman outdoor catalytic heater (preview for working condition)
1355.Painted wood trifold fireplace screen; measures 31.5" tall
1356.Vintage dome top storage trunk; measures 24.5 x 34.5 x 18.5"
1357.Work Force propane heater; model HD 200A
1358.Glass electric cooker
1359.L.L. Bean trout themed waste receptacle; measures 14" tall
1360.Picture frame to hold 7 4 x 6" photos; measures 14 x 16"
1361.Carex Upeasy seat assist
1362.Various ladies vintage hats
1363.Aluminum 24 inch stepladder
1364.Various DVDs to include "Family Guy", "Texas Rangers", "Family Matters" and other titles
1365.Craftsman electronic reciprocating saw with hardshell case
1366.Comforter set with matching sheets and pillowcases; size queen
1367.Chicago electric planer with hardshell case
1368.Level, jigsaw, square and various other tools
1369.Various children's crafts, kneepads, stickers and other items
1370.Gas log fireplace; measures 28.5 x 22 x 15"
1371.2 painted metal folding corner shelving units; each measures 41" tall
1372.Dirt Devil Versaclean floor sweeper
1373.Various vintage records
1374.Hampton Bay 52 inch ceiling fan in original box
1375.Various cookbooks
1376.Vintage wooden tool case; measures 14 x 31.5 x 9"
1377.2 jack stands
1378.Craftsman 18 inch gas powered chainsaw with hardshell case; preview for condition
1379.2 Unger collapsible leaf containers
1380.2 metal signs for Cabo Waldo tequila and Jeagermeister; Jeagermeister sign measures 18 x 23.5"
1381.Metal plant stand; measures 10" tall
1382.Contico hardshell rifle/shotgun case
1384.Painted plastic or statute; measures 23" tall
1385.Electric fall fireplace; measures 24 x 20 x 12"
1386.2 Criterion speakers; model 99 - 02263WX
1387.Various DVDs to include "The Green Mile", "Freelancers", "Grown Ups" and other titles
1388.2 metal hanging candleholders; each measures 22" tall
1389.Thule bicycle transporting rack
1390.Various light bulbs and floodlights
1391.Various tools to include manual drill, screwdrivers, wrenches and others
1392.2 metal tubs, decorative wooden art and two tapestries; tubs measure 24" diameter
1393.Bissell Little Green spot remover
1394.Various size picture frames and 2 plastic Coca-Cola cups
1395.Metal wall mounted candleholder, desk lamp, glassware and other items
1396.Child's billiard table; measures 36 x 20"
1397.Framed wall mounted beveled mirror; frame measures 30 x 43"
1398.Various books to include "The Top of the Hill", "Hill Towns", "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" and other titles
1399.Sony handheld radio, Motorola CB radio and various Motorola handheld radios
1400.Various books to include "History of Modern Painting", "Profiles and Courage", "A Thousand Days" and other titles
1401.Circular votive candle holder and painted metal wall art
1402.Box of various hand tools and kitchen utensils
1403.Various computer games, CDs and DVDs
1404.Vintage horse collar, clamp, hacksaw and other items
1405.11 boxes of buffer pads, stripper pads and polishing pads
1406.Painted metal birdbath; measures 22 x 10.5" diameter
1407.Painted wood coat rack; measures 59.5" tall
1408.Wind Chaser portable air conditioning unit; preview for condition
1409.Ryobi 14.4 V battery powered drill and circular saw with hardshell case
1410.Central Pneumatic 3 gallon pancake air compressor with hose
1411.Craftsman power miter saw; preview for condition
1412.Rotozip spiral saw with hardshell case; model SCS01LE
1413.JVC cassette deck; model KD - D30
1414.Painted wood umbrella holder with nail head trim; measures 17.5" tall
1415.Craftsman handheld belt sander with hardshell case; model 315.11721
1416.Wall clocks, giant Santa bags, latch hoop kits and various other items
1417.Fish tape, hitch receivers and toolbox with various hand tools
1418.Wall-mounted mirror with frame and coat hooks; frame measures 26 x 18"
1419.Craftsman 12 inch power miter saw
1420.Jack stands, chain and various other items
1421.Metal framed side table with still life painted top; measures 19 x 12 x 12"
1422.Dyson upright vacuum cleaner; model DC07
1423.Painted wooden hobbyhorse; measures 29" tall
1424.2 Hodgman chest waiters; preview for size
1425.6 bulb chandelier and glass crystals; chandelier measures 15" tall
1426.Wolf glass pan lid; measures 14 x 14"
1427.Various wicker and wire baskets
1428.Various size cut off wheels and partial spool of braided poly rope
1429.Refrigerant tester, jumper cables and other items
1430.Vintage metal magazine holder; measures 20" tall
1431.Heart shaped mirrors, wooden trinket box, wooden coasters and other items
1432.7 wooden fruit baskets; largest measures 18" diameter
1433.4 lamps with articulating arms; excludes tote
1434.2 metal floor lamps; each measures 72" tall
1435.Pro-basics walker with flip down seat and hand brakes
1436.Frigidaire 240 V window air conditioning unit with remote
1437.Screws, tape measure, metal signs and various other items
1438.Round-up heavy duty pump sprayer
1439.Chrysler front grill; preview for application
1440.Vintage wooden pail; measures 11 x 13" diameter
1441.Dayton half ton trolley with Adjust-a-link system
1442.One ton bags with lift handles; excludes tote
1443.Chrysler grill; preview for application
1444.Vintage wooden carpenters box; measures 13.5 x 31.5"
1445.Northern Industrial 10 foot lift with 1 ton chain hoist
1446.Vintage Graflex camera and accessories with original case
1447.Various size chain and hooks and tiedowns
1448.Rigid 12 gallon 4.25 hp shop vacuum with hose and wand
1449.2 outdoor umbrellas with stands
1450.4 wooden folding dinner trays
1451.Wall-mounted mirror in frame; measures 39 x 44"
1452.American flag with pole; flagpole measures 60.5" long
1453.New set of SSI golf clubs; includes driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, 4 iron, 5 iron, 7 iron, two 8 irons and 9 iron; appear unused
1454.Tripower 28 lb. thrust trolling motor; preview for condition
1455.Telescope with tripod stand
1456.Pawley's Island Hammocks rope hammock in original box
1457.Wooden bifold doors with glass inserts; measures 80 x 24"
1458.Craftsman 10 inch, 2.5 hp tablesaw
1459.Aurora projection screen with tripod stand
1460.Wood framed trifold room divider; measures 60" tall
1461.One role of 3M outdoor carpet; measures 36" wide
1462.Ab Lounge Ultra abdominal strengthening machine
1463.2 painted metal leaf art; each measures 37" tall
1464.2 Cosco folding step stools
1465.Unger Tele Plus telescoping lightbulb changer
1466.Virginia Tech wooden folding chair
1467.12 plastic totes
1468.Collapsible metal shelving unit; measures 47 x 18.5 x 9.5"
1469.2 plastic outdoor gates; each measures 46.5 x 31"
1470.Vintage tall hammers faux fur coat; preview for size
1471.Folding soft sided utility cart
1500.Disney princess child's dresser; 39 x 35 x 18"
1501.Troy-Bilt chipper shredder with Briggs & Stratton 6.5 hp engine (preview for working condition)
1502.Large aluminum framed whiteboard; 48 x 96"
1503.Granite finish oval-shaped office conference or boardroom table, top is in 2 sections on 3 pedestals; 150 6 x 54"
1504.4 plastic office stacking chairs
1505.Granite finish office table on metal base; 28 x 42" diameter
1506.2 upholstered executive office armchairs
1507.Painted wood sidetable; measures 20.5 x 24 x 24"
1508.Granite fabric upholstered office armchair; 28" wide
1509.Mahogany finish single drawer side table; 22 x 21 x 27"
1510.Parquetry inlaid rectangular table; 34 x 60 x 19"
1511.Toro Wheel Horse 12 hp 38 inch cut riding lawn more; preview for working condition
1512.Kenmore under counter automatic dishwasher; preview for condition
1513.Kenmore 4 burner glass top built in stovetop; measures 29.5 x 20.5", preview for condition
1514.Whirlpool self-cleaning oven; preview for model number and condition
1515.Kenmore upright fridgerator/freezer with bottom freezer; appears to get cold
1516.Kenmore glass top stove and oven; preview for model number
1517.Admiral upright freezer; model F2076
1518.Vizio Smart TV; model E322VL, screen measures 31" diagonally (preview for working condition)
1519.Child's battery operated Barbie Mustang; preview for working condition
1520.Raleigh 18 speed mountain bike; model M80
1521.GreenWorks electric lawn dethatcher; preview for working condition
1522.Metal wheelbarrow with pneumatic tires
1523.Vintage folding 4 wheel cart
1524.Oval metal framed outdoor table with glass top and 6 chairs; table measures 28 x 84 x 51"
1525.2 painted wood 3-tier bookshelves; largest measures 36.5 x 30 x 11.5"
1526.Veneer desktop storage unit; measures 25.5 x 47.5 x 9.5"
1527.Outdoor table with tile top and bottom storage with 8 chairs; table measures 36 x 60 x 60"
1528.Hardwood circular dining table; measures 30 x 48" diameter
1529.Wicker storage table with fliptop; measures 32.5 x 18 x 18"
1530.Metal outdoor shelving unit; measures 100" tall, comes apart in 6 units
1531.2 ceiling mounted light fixtures with glass; each measures 18" tall
1532.6 foot wooden stepladder
1533.Metal outdoor chair; measures 28.5" tall
1534.Metal framed outdoor stool with wicker top; measures 18.5" tall
1535.Ampco painted metal doll high chair; measures 24.5" tall
1536.Vinyl upholstered office chair on casters with nail head trim; measures 43" tall
1537.Craftsmen 6 1/8 inch jointer/planer
1538.4 metal outdoor chairs with upholstered seats and backs; each measures 39" tall
1539.2 wicker rocking chairs with upholstered seats and backs and side table
1540.Louisville ladder company aluminum 8 foot stepladder
1541.4 folding dinner trays with stand
1542.4 painted metal stools; each measures 30" tall
1543.Natural wood end table; measures 27 x 16.5 x 16"
1544.2 metal stools; each measures 40" tall
1545.3 metal framed outdoor swivel chairs with loose cushions; each measures 43.5" tall
1546.Metal framed table with laminate top; measures 29 x 47 x 24"
1547.Franklin Cast Products Inc. cast-iron woodstove; measures 25" tall
1548.Vintage metal chair/stepstool; measures 35.5" tall
1549.Natural wood child's chair with woven seat; measures 20" tall
1550.Painted wood side table with 3 metal legs; measures 19 x 12.5 x 12.5"
1551.Red Head duckbill boat pusher with telescoping handle
1552.Craftsmen 5 hp 14 inch rear tine tiller; preview for condition
1553.Black & Decker Edge Hogg electric lawn edger; preview for condition
1554.Vintage hardwood plant stand; measures 34" tall
1555.Painted wood cat carving; measures 24.5" tall
1556.Ryobi gas powered lawn trimmer; preview for condition
1557.Stihl gas powered straight shaft lawn edger; preview for condition
1558.Troy-Bilt gas powered lawn edger with trimmer attachment; model TB 635EC, preview for condition
1559.Vintage metal framed and wicker baby stroller; measures 33" tall
1560.4 maple framed folding director chairs
1700.1902-O United States Morgan dollar
1701.1921 United States Morgan dollar
1702.1923 United States Peace dollar
1703.1941 United States walking Liberty half dollar
1704.1944-S and 1945-S United States Walking Liberty half dollars
1705.1942 United States Walking Liberty half dollar
1706.1943 United States Walking Liberty half dollar
1707.1945 United States Walking Liberty half dollar
1708.1948-D United States Walking Liberty half dollar
1709.1922 United States Peace dollar
1710.Roll of pre-1964 United States quarters
1711.Roll of pre-1964 United States silver quarters
1712.Roll of 1964 United States quarters
1713.Roll of pre-1964 United States quarters
1714.20 pre-1964 United States quarters
1715.19 pre-1964 United States Franklin half dollars
1716.14 United States Franklin half dollars, assorted dates pre-1964
1717.2 x 1922 United States Peace dollars
1718.2 x 1924 United States Peace dollars
1719.1923 and 1923-S United States Peace dollars
1720.1923 and 1923-S United States Peace dollars
1721.Roll of pre-1964 United States dimes
1722.Roll of pre-1964 United States quarter dollars
1723.United States coins, includes steel cents, dimes, Indian head nickels, assorted dates
1724.9 United States walking Liberty half dollars, assorted dates
1725.13 United States Kennedy half dollars, all pre-1964
1726.2 x 19 23 United States Peace dollars
1727.20 United States walking Liberty half dollars
1728.15 United States Franklin half dollars, all pre-1964
1729.20 United States walking Liberty half dollars, assorted dates
1730.40 United States pre-1964 Franklin half dollars
1731.1922-S and 1924 United States Peace dollars
1732.Bag of assorted world coins
1733.United States 1976 series green seal $2 banknote, and 1953 series United States red seal $2 banknote
1734.1976-D United States Kennedy half dollar, 3 United States $1 silver certificates (19352, 1957), 3 United States $2 red seal bank notes (both 1953), and 3 United States $2 banknotes (21976 and 1995)
1736.25 United States Indian head cents, assorted dates
1737.25 United States 1943 steel cents
1738.10 United States V nickels
1739.1892 and 1893 United States Barber dimes
1740.10 United States Barber dimes, assorted dates
1741.10 United States Barber dimes, assorted dates
1742.10 United States Mercury dimes, assorted dates
1743.10 United States Mercury dimes, assorted dates
1744.10 United States Mercury dimes, assorted dates
1745.8 United States Barber quarters, assorted dates
1746.8 United States standing Liberty quarters, assorted dates
1747.1893 and 1894 United States Barber quarters
1748.3 United States Standing Liberty quarters (1925, 1926 1928)
1749.9 United States Washington quarters, assorted dates
1750.3 United States quarters, 2 x 1917 and 1917-S walking Liberty half dollars
1751.3 United States Walking Liberty half dollars (1918, 1918-S and 1918-D)
1752.1929-D United States walking Liberty half dollar
1753.1994 fine silver .999 $10 Flamingo Hilton gaming token
1754.10 Chinese copper cash coins
1755.10 Chinese copper cash coins
1756.10 Chinese copper cash coins
1757.3 Sandston motor tokens
1758.8 transportation tokens and tax tokens
1759.8 transportation tokens and tax tokens
1760.8 transportation tokens and tax tokens
1761..999 fine silver 1836 $1 United States eagle copy, and 4 Christmas tree ornament coins
1762.Bag of assorted world coins, includes Mexico, Great Britain, and others
1764.15 United States cents, assorted dates, includes wheats
1765.1945 United States Lincoln wheat cent
1766.1952-D United States wheat cent
1767.Commonwealth Of Massachusetts John Hancock coin and Virginia Independence Bicentennial medallion
1768.2 United States Lincoln wheat cents (1952-D and 1953-D)
1769.1891 United States Indian head cent
1770.1943 United States steel wheat cent and 1954-S United States wheat cent
1771.United States steel wheat cent
1772.1965 United States Roosevelt dime
1773.4 United States wheat cents, includes 1956-D
1774.1907 and 1903 United States cents
1775.1901 United States Indian head cent
1776.1920 United States wheat cent
1777.2002 gold certificate issued by the National Collectors Mint
1778.79 United States Roosevelt dimes, assorted dates
1779.39 United States Kennedy half dollars, assorted dates (all post 1964)
1780.United States coins, including 4 buffalo nickels, flying eagle quarter, 1979P Susan B. Anthony $1, 1942 wheat cent, 12 Linclon cents and 6 nickels
1781.United States coins, including 1951 Franklin half dollar, 1964 and 1964-D Kennedy half dollars, 4 Mercury dimes (1941, 1941-D, 1944-D and 1945), and 1959 and 1964 quarters
1782.17 United States Franklin quarter dollars, assorted dates (all post 1964)
1783.24 United States Eisenhower dollars, assorted dates
1784.33 United States Kennedy half dollars, assorted dates (all post 1964)
1801.8 Harrisburg Senators autographed photos; each measures 8.5 x 11"
1802.Various DC, Marvel, Richie Rich and other comic books
1803.Various comic books to include Star Wars, Batman, Transformers and others

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