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Cannon's Online Auctions, LLC
04/14/2021: CLOSED - April 14th Gallery Online Auction - Closing: Wednesday April 14th 2021 from 10am ET at 5 lots per minute

Item Description
1.Weighted sterling and glass candle holders, 9.5" tall
2.9 sterling silver napkin rings, 145.2g
3.Sterling silver child's cup, 23.4g
4.Sterling silver and glass candy dish, 4.25" tall
5.Sterling silver appetizer fork with carved stone handle, made in Mexico
6.Knife with sterling silver and mother of pearl handle
7.Sterling silver reticulated dish, 6.5" diameter
8.2 14K gold necklaces (3.8g)
9.Gold and silver tone bracelet marked "GC 14K" (9.5g)
10.Silver tone earrings with pearls and clear stones marked "14k A/G 95"
11.14K gold bracelet with red and clear stones (7.2g)
12.14K gold pendant with purple stone (0.8g)
13.Sterling silver pin (7.1g) and gold filled USN pin
14.Flower earrings and matching pendant marked 950 (3.3g)
15.Sterling silver chain and two pendants (9.4g)
16.Silver tone bracelet marked "500"
17.Sterling silver pendant with blue stone, larimar earrings and bracelet with green stones, total weight 15.8g
18.Two sterling silver rings, sizes 10, 11 (13.6g)
19.Sterling silver pendant with multi colored stones (11.5g)
20.Pandora sterling silver stud earrings (4.2g)
21.Pin marked "Sterling Front" 19.5g
22.14K chain (2g) and single sterling silver earring with clear stone
23.Gold filled bracelet and gold filled cross on gold tone chain
24.Gold tone bead bracelet with illegible mark on clasp
25.Assortment of costume jewelry including bracelet with sterling silver clasp
26.Dorothy Ann bone china pin Made in England
27.Very dark colored loose cut gemstone
28.Tear drop shaped polished rutilated gemstone
29.Dark red loose cut gemstone
30.Pendant with light blue stone
31.3 carved jade beads
32.Dark purple loose cut gemstone
33.Gold plated Bulova watch and gold plated Hallmark watch
34.Sharpe Products pocket watch with compass
35.2 Mossimo watches
36.Invicta Excursion Sport watch with rubber band
37.Assortment of watches including Timex, Bouche, Waltham, Carriage and others
38.Citizen watch with box
39.Assortment of watches including Nine West, Bouche, Anne Klein, Geneva and others
40.Assortment of watches including Seiko, Timex, Geoffrey Beene, Sharp and others
41.Capodimonte porcelain flowers, 10.5" wide
42.Large Nippon porcelain flower arrangement, 15" wide
43.Nuova Capodimonte porcelain flowers, made in Italy, 4.75" tall
44.Large collection of Pokemon cards
45.Assortment of civil war bullets and other dug items
46.Vintage lined box, Brighton clock and small gold tone pill box
47.Oriental style jewelry box with 4 drawers and cupboard
48.Plastic hollow apple with spinning Asian scene inside
49.3 glass and porcelain perfume bottles with stoppers
50.Avon Babe Ruth 100th Anniversary Commemorative Baseball
51.Limoges porcelain box containing glass perfume bottles
52.Assortment of Matchbox cars from yester year collection
53.6" knife with wooden handle and leather sheath
54.USA Eagle Streak 13.5" knife with hard sheath
55.Hunt-Down Skinner Knife with leather sheath, surgical steel blade and real horn handle
56.Kershaw Lonerock Zipit Pro knife with sheath and box
57.Assortment of knives including a swiss army knife, case, sterling and other
58.2 stun guns including DZS (preview for working condition)
59.Multi tool with case
60.6 glass perfume bottles including Chanel No 19
61.3 carved jade fish, largest 1.5" long
62.Swarovski pig (damaged), seal (damaged) and shoe
63.3 vintage James Bond cars made by Corgi Toys, with boxes
64.Miscellaneous assortment of patches, pins, business card holder, and a medal
65.2 Christmas ornaments, one Harvey Lewis with Swarovski crystals, one Wallace Silversmiths
66.2 police patches
67.Assortment of miniature pewter birds, largest 1.4" tall
68.Assortment of miniature elephants made of plastic, stone, metal and bone, largest is 0.9" tall
69.Harley Davidson collectibles including bell, keychain, pin and emblem
70.5 Guatemalan worry dolls with box
71.2 pewter figurines, one damaged
72.Noritake bone china thimble
73.Assortment of miniature pewter horse figurines and a Pegasus, largest 3.25" tall
74.Nascar themed Zippo lighter with box
75.Assortment of military pins and medals
76.Assortment of miniature pewter animals, largest 1.75" tall
77.Carved stone box with lid and painted glass egg on wooden stand, largest 2"
78.2 boxes Federal 12 gauge (5 shells per box) and 2 boxes Federal Gold Medal Shot Shells (25 per box)
79.5 Boxes of 45 cal. ammo 228 rounds
80.Assortment of ammunition including Western Super Shotgun shells, Western 32 Winchester Specials and others
81.50 9mm Federal Hydra Shok
82.25 12 gauge 1oz slugs 2 3/4"
83.23 12 gauge #6
84.20 270 Winchester
85.60 rounds of 357 Magnum
86.100 rounds of 38 S+W
87.100 25 Auto
88.50 40 S+W Federal Hydra Shok
89.2 boxes of 20 30-30 Winchester
91.100 32 Auto
92.100 rounds of 38 Special
93.54 rounds of 38 long
94.100 rounds of 32 S+W
96.50 45 Auto Federal Hydra Shok
97.38 380 Auto Federal Hydra Shok
98.100 32 S+W Long
99.31 12 gauge Remington Express 7 1/2
100.150 22 Long Rifle 3 boxes
147.Assortment of costume jewelry
149.Assortment of gold tone and other costume jewelry
150.Gold tone necklace with rhinestone pendant and gold tone hairpins
151.Assortment of costume bracelets
152.Vintage gold tone necklace with green glass and rhinestone flower pendant with matching earrings and silver tone necklace
153.Assortment of costume jewelry including necklaces
154.Vintage gold toned pin with green stone and various earrings
155.Assortment of earrings
156.Assortment of costume jewelry including a seashell earring and pendant set and rhinestone brooches
157.Junior Division National Rifle Association Sharp Shooter medal
158.Beaded necklace, fabric box, fleur-de-lie earrings and enamel buckle
159.Assortment of beaded necklaces
160.Assortment of pendants, some with natural stones
161.Assortment of costume jewelry including gold tone bracelet with blue stones, rhinestone necklace and others
162.Assortment of costume jewelry
163.Assortment of costume jewelry including a class ring from Douglas S. Freeman Highschool and others
164.Assortment of costume Avon and other jewelry and Boy scouts bolo tie
165.Enamel and rhinestone necklace and earring set
166.Silver tone paw print necklace and earring set
167.2 rhinestone tiaras
168.3 costume rhinestone rings
169.Wholesale lot of 4 silver tone rings with pink stones
170.Wholesale lot of 4 silver tone rings with blue stones
171.Wholesale lot of 5 silver tone rings with green stones
172.Four silver costume pendants
173.Wholesale lot of 4 enamel and rhinestone racing flag pins
174.4 pairs of gold tone and silver tone earrings to include Fashion Jewelry and Crystal
175.5 costume necklaces
176.Four rhinestone and enamel bracelets
177.Wholesale lot of two gold tone and rhinestone paw print pins
178.Wholesale lot of two silver tone and rhinestone music note pins
179.Wholesale lot of two gold tone and rhinestone bracelets
180.Silver tone necklace and earring set with amber colored stones
181.Wholesale lot of 4 rhinestone tiaras
182.Assortment of 12 enamel and rhinestone dog pins
183.Wholesale lot of three silver and gold tone dog pendants
184.Wholesale lot of 3 Chesapeake Bay Retriever dog pins
185.Wholesale lot of 2 enamel and rhinestone Basset Hound dog pins
186.Wholesale lot of 2 rhinestone poodle dog pins
187.Wholesale lot of two enamel and rhinestone Lhasa Apso dog pins
188.Wholesale lot of two enamel and rhinestone golden retriever pins
189.Wholesale lot of 3 enamel and rhinestone Rough Collie dog pins
190.Wholesale lot of 2 rhinestone poodle dog pins
191.Wholesale lot of two enamel and rhinestone kitten pins
192.Wholesale lot of 3 enamel and rhinestone dog pins
193.Wholesale lot of 2 enamel and rhinestone dog pins
194.Wholesale lot of 3 rhinestone poodle dog pins
195.Wholesale lot of 13 gold tone and enamel dog pins
196.Wholesale lot of two silver tone and rhinestone dog pins
197.Wholesale lot of 4 gold tone dalmatian dog pins
198.Wholesale lot of two enamel dalmatian pins
199.Wholesale lot of 14 enamel and rhinestone dalmatian dog pins
200.Wholesale lot of 6 silver tone and rhinestone seahorse pins by Fashion Jewelry
201.Wholesale lot of 5 silver tone and rhinestone mermaid pins by Fashion Jewelry
202.Wholesale lot of 6 rhinestone crab pins
203.Wholesale lot of 12 enamel and rhinestone sting ray pins
204.Wholesale lot of 5 rhinestone Christmas tree pins
205.Wholesale lot of 5 enamel and rhinestone Christmas tree pins
206.Wholesale lot of 4 rhinestone Christmas tree pins
207.Wholesale lot of 5 silver tone and rhinestone shooting star pins
208.Wholesale lot of 7 pairs of rhinestone snowflake jewelry
209.Wholesale lot of 3 glitter Christmas tree pins
210.Wholesale lot of 7 rhinestone snowflake pins
211.Wholesale lot of 4 gold tone and rhinestone shooting star pins
212.Wholesale lot of 3 large rhinestone reindeer pins
213.Wholesale lot of 2 rhinestone cross pins
214.Wholesale lot of 3 rhinestone snowflake pins
215.Wholesale lot of 8 enamel, rhinestone and pearl train pins
216.Wholesale lot of 6 rhinestone Christmas tree pins
217.Wholesale lot of 2 cameo and rhinestone pins
218.Wholesale lot of two silver tone swallow bird necklaces
219.Wholesale lot of 2 enamel and rhinestone lizard pins
220.Wholesale lot of 3 enamel and rhinestone lizard pins
221.Wholesale lot of 2 gold tone and rhinestone frog pins
222.Wholesale lot of 2 enamel and rhinestone frog pins
223.Wholesale lot of 3 gold tone and rhinestone frog pins
224.Wholesale lot of 5 enamel and rhinestone snake pins
225.Wholesale lot of 12 snake pins
226.Wholesale lot of 11 enamel and rhinestone dragon pins
227.Wholesale lot of 3 large enamel and rhinestone dragon pins
228.Wholesale lot of 9 gold tone and rhinestone cobra snake pins
229.Wholesale lot of 3 large rhinestone lizard pins
230.Wholesale lot of 4 gold tone and rhinestone spider pins
231.Enamel ladybug pin and earring set
232.Bee pin and earring set
233.Wholesale lot of 2 rhinestone insect bracelets
234.Wholesale lot of 11 large enamel and rhinestone snake pins
235.Wholesale lot of 6 large gold tone and rhinestone scorpion pins
236.Wholesale lot of 2 rhinestone dragonfly pins
237.Wholesale lot of 6 enamel and rhinestone beetle pins
238.Wholesale lot of 7 silver tone and rhinestone fly insect pins
239.Wholesale lot of 5 gold tone and rhinestone centipede pins
240.Wholesale lot of 6 rhinestone swallow bird pins
241.Wholesale lot of 7 large rhinestone and enamel hummingbird pins
242.Wholesale lot of 6 rhinestone spider pins
243.Wholesale lot of 5 rhinestone dragonfly pins
244.Wholesale lot 16 silver tone dragonfly pins
245.Wholesale lot of 3 gold tone and rhinestone hummingbird pins
246.Wholesale lot of 11 rhinestone peacock pins
247.Wholesale lot of 11 enamel and rhinestone pelican bird pins
248.Wholesale lot of 5 rhinestone owl pins
249.Wholesale lot of 7 large rhinestone Tweety Bird pins
250.Wholesale lot of 10 gold tone and rhinestone crab pins by Fashion Jewelry
256.Wholesale lot of 11 large rhinestone lobster pins
257.Wholesale lot of 5 gold tone and rhinestone dolphin pins by Fashion Jewelry
258.Lot of 2 large gold tone and rhinestone lobster pins by Fashion Jewelry
259.Wholesale lot of 2 rhinestone snowflake necklaces
260.Wholesale lot of 18 silver tone and rhinestone squirl pins by Fashion Jewelry
261.Wholesale lot of 9 rhinestone monkey pins
262.Wholesale lot of 4 large rhinestone mouse pins
263.Wholesale lot of 11 gold tone and rhinestone giraffe pins by Fashion Jewelry
264.Wholesale lot of 12 gold tone and rhinestone lion pins
265.Wholesale lot of 5 large enamel and rhinestone leopard pins
266.Wholesale lot of 11 gold tone and rhinestone saxophone pins
267.Wholesale lot of 11 flugelhorn trumpet rhinestone pins
268.Wholesale lot of 4 enamel and rhinestone grand piano pins
269.Wholesale lot of 4 large enamel and rhinestone golf bag pins
270.Wholesale lot of 4 enamel and rhinestone gold club pins
271.Wholesale lot of 5 gold tone tennis pins
272.Wholesale lot of 5 gold tone and rhinestone golf bag pins
273.Lot of 4 gold tone and rhinestone racing pins by Fashion Jewelry
274.Wholesale lot of 13 rhinestone teapot pins
275.Wholesale lot of 11 Rhinestone teapot pins
276.Wholesale lot of 5 rhinestone teapot pins
277.Wholesale lot of 3 enamel and pearl top hat and bow tie pins
278.Wholesale lot of 5 rhinestone airplane pins
279.Wholesale lot of 6 rhinestone champagne glass pins
280.Wholesale lot of 5 rhinestone champagne bottle pins
281.Wholesale lot of 2 enamel and rhinestone airplane pins
282.Wholesale lot of 5 enamel and rhinestone red hat pins
283.Wholesale lot of 6 gold tone and rhinestone sailing ship pins
284.Wholesale lot of 3 rhinestone crown pins
285.Rhinestone American flag heart pin and earring set
286.Wholesale lot of 2 gold tone and rhinestone sunflower pins
287.Wholesale lot of 12 enamel and rhinestone clown pins
288.Wholesale lot of 4 rhinestone apple pins
289.Wholesale lot of 4 enamel and rhinestone flower basket pins
290.Wholesale lot of 5 enamel and rhinestone United We Stand Flag pins
291.Wholesale lot of 6 gold tone and rhinestone pineapple pins
292.Wholesale lot of 5 rhinestone mushroom pins
293.Wholesale lot of 3 rhinestone berry plant pins
294.Wholesale lot of 4 rhinestone pear pins
295.Wholesale lot of 4 rhinestone lip pins
296.Wholesale lot of 5 enamel and rhinestone strawberry pins
297.Wholesale lot of 5 rhinestone rose pins
298.Wholesale lot of 12 large enamel and rhinestone apple pins
299.Wholesale lot of 21 enamel and rhinestone dalmatian dog pins
300.Antique style wall mirror with gold frame; 42 x 33"
301.Original landscape painting on board, signed Dugento lower right, includes Jack Thompson retail label on reverse; frame measures 32 x 44"
302.Naval battleship painting on board, signed Cubillo lower left; frame measures 33 x 25"
303.Original painting on board, European coastal, signed lower left; frame measures 33 x 25"
304.Original portrait painting, signed WN lower right; frame measures 32 x 27"
305.Original painting, crucifixion; frame measures 32 x 26.5"
306.Original watercolor, abstract portrait, signed WN lower right; frame measures 31 x 25"
307.Paris Street scene oil painting on canvas, signed M. Aguilar lower left; frame measures 27 x 39"
308.Native American sand painting on board featuring Navajo Yeibichai dancer, frame measures 29 x 16.5" artist inscription on reverse
309.Raggedy Ann original drawing with gold frame; 19.5 x 16.5" (provenance attached to drawing)
310.Original oil painting on panel, rural landscape with buildings, initialed GH '26 lower right; frame measures 13.5 x 18"
311.Oil painting on canvas of ships, signed Carlson on bottom right; frame measures 23 x 28
312.Oil painting on canvas, still life with pink flowers in a vase, signed C.A. Christie lower left; gold frame measures 33 x 26"
313.Needlepoint clock with battery-operated movement; frame measures 15 x 15"
314.Antique leaded and stained glass window with painted wood frame; 27 x 21"
315.Original watercolor, still life with flowers, signed Sibyl Bayne lower right; frame measures 32 x 40"
316.2 oriental hard stone panels with black and gold painted frames; each measures 25.5 x 10.5"
317.2 oriental watercolors, birds and Peony flowers; matching frames measure 14 x 11.5"
318.2 matching Japanese needlepoints; frames measure 13 x 15"
319.Oriental silk embroidered with gold frame; 15.5 x 14"
320.Decorative wall mirror with carved and painted wood frame; measures 54 x 37"
321.Decorative wall mirror, frame carved with flowers and garden tools; measures 57 x 32"
322.Oriental oil painting on canvas, still life bird and flowers, signed top right; frame measures 25 x 37"
323.Art Deco style leaded and stained glass panel; measures 44 x 11"
324.Leaded and stained glass window pane; 17 x 22"
325.Leaded and stained glass panel; measures 38.5 x 9.5"
326.Beveled and leaded glass panel; measures 39 x 16.5"
327.Art Deco style leaded and stained glass panel with oak frame; 38 x 17"
328.Original watercolor and ink, landscape and verse related to Richmond Virginia, includes inscription on reverse; frame measures 21 x 17"
329.Original oil painting on canvas, titled White Anemones, appears unsigned; 24 x 24"
330.Thomas Jefferson portrait; frame measures 20.5 x 17.5"
331.Lou Messa original landscape painting, signed lower right, artist bio on reverse; frame measures 15 x 23"
332.Homeward Bound Currier and Ives print, laid on board; frame measures 23.5 x 30"
333.Original watercolor, duck decoy; frame measures 21 x 25"
334.Mixed media with leaves, beads and butterflies, signed Kathleen Master lower right; frame measures 19.5 x 23.5"
335.Winter landscape oil painting on canvas, signed M McQuary lower right; rustic pine frame measures 23 x 19"
336.Landscape oil painting on board, signed Symon Cowles 2001 lower left; gold frame measures 21 x 26.5"
337.Original painting on woven grass mat, rural landscape with water buffalo; frame measures 30 x 23"
338.Original watercolor, still life with white flowers in a vase, signed lower right; 39 x 30"
344.19th century colored engraving titled Franklin Before the Lords in Council, Whitehall Chapel London 1774, published by Thomas Kelley, engraved by Robert Whitechurch, framed behind glass; measures 36 x 48"
345.Tracy Sugarman watercolor, mixed media, family portrait, signed lower left; frame measures 27 x 31"
347.6 pieces painted Egyptian papyrus and antique parchment; largest 36"
348.Christophora Robers still life pastel, flowers in a vase, signed lower right; 25 x 20"
349.Calligraphy music score on vellum; measures 20 x 29"
400.Venetian theme print on board; gold frame measures 31 x 44"
401.George Seurat "A Sunday on La Grand Jatte" print on board; frame measures 26 x 36"
402.6 New Orleans framed prints, including Pirates Alley, Brulatour Courtyard, Chartres Street and others; matching frames measure 17.5 x 13"
403.Signed photograph titled Moon over the Rio Grande; frame measures 14 x 17"
404.John Morton Barber poster Celebrating the Magnificent Chesapeake Bay; frame measures 24 x 33"
405.John Morton Barber framed poster titled "Down the Bay" Celebrating The Magnificent Chesapeake Bay; frame measures 24 x 36"
406.University Of Virginia print with gold frame; 15 x 19"
407.Official emblem of Dentistry mounted on board; 14 x 11"
408.2 botanical prints with gold frames; each 9.5 x 8"
409.19th century portrait in oval-shaped frame; 9 x 6.5"
410.John Haymes Monticello print; gold frame measures 27 x 33"
411.Rectangular mirror with gold frame; 28 x 38"
412.Ghost Fleet of the Outer Banks print; frame measures 22 x 13"
413.3 large size reproduction Chinese cash coins mounted behind glass; frame measures 20 x 13"
414.Rococo style wall mirror with gold frame; 28 x 21"
415.Eiffel Tower photograph; frame measures 24 x 20"
416.Gary Patterson print titled The Dentist; oak frame measures 22 x 18"
417.Lighthouse and fishing boat print with gold frame; 27 x 34"
418.A Gathering of Cranes Japanese print; gold frame measures 22 x 41"
419.Very Hungry Caterpillar print on canvas by Eric Carle; 18 x 24"
420.Diane Ulma Peterson folk art print, red painted wood frame measures 21 x 25"
421.Ronald Searle print titled The Wonderful World of Wine; frame measures 21 x 14"
422.Cambodian Spring Dancer print by Auguste Rodin; frame measures 22 x 19"
423.Still life photograph, roses and pomegranates; gold frame measures 20.5 x 24"
424.Carved wood rosette wall hanging; 23" diameter
425.Kevin Platt print on board, Durham; frame, measures 10.5 x 14.5"
426.John Lennon Imagine verse on wood panel; 9 x 18"
427.Autumn Lace landscape print on board Carl Wuemer; gold frame measures 28 x 40"
428.A. B. Frost framed print; mahogany frame measures 20 x 26"
429.Chalons-sur-Marne advertising poster; frame measures 26 x 18.5"
430.19th century engraving L'une ou L'autre; frame measures 18 x 14"
431.Autographed photograph with walnut shadowbox frame; measures 15.5 x 13"
432.2 framed botanical photographs; matching frames measure 19 x 15.5"
433.Vintage engraving of Pinkie, signed in pencil lower right; frame measures 20 x 15"
434."When I Meditate On Thee in the Night Watches" print by WL Taylor, published by Edward Cross Co New York
435.German colored engraving, Cathedral, signed in pencil lower right; frame measures 13.5 x 10"
436.Robert E Lee statute photograph with gold frame; 15 x 13"
437.Vanity Fair print, Elizabeth the Empress of Austria; gold frame measures 18 x 13.5"
438.Henry Matisse print, still life with flowers and lemons; frame measures 12.5 x 11"
439.Abstract print with black frame; 19 x 15"
440.Still life print, stoneware jar and peaches; walnut frame measures 20 x 22"
441.Trafalgar Square print; faux leather frame measures 9.5 x 11.5"
442.Pam Randall hummingbird print; green frame measures 22 x 18"
443.John Constable print titled The Hay Waine; oak frame measures 24 x 31"
444.Monument Avenue Stuart Monument Richmond Virginia, signed print by Benigol Graphics Richmond Virginia; frame measures 29 x 22.5"
445.Virginia Military Institute graduation certificate dated 1890; frame measures 24 x 17.5"
446.Dave Matthews Band framed poster with CD and presentation plaque; frame measures 28 x 18"
447.Advertising poster for Monet, Renoir and The Impressionist Landscape, mounted on board; 20 2 x 28"
448.Sailboat print; frame measures 23 x 33"
449.George Ford Morris print titled Whirlaway; frame measures 23.5 x 19.5"
450.Russ Ellison artist proof titled Chickahominy Wood Duck, signed and titled in pencil; frame measures 20 x 16"
451.2 framed photographs, moonscape and railroad tracks; matching frames measure 16.5 x 13"
452.Signed Barber print, I Come from This Place Called Richmond, signed and titled in pencil; 16 x 20"
453.Daniel Webster 1859 engraving after the original by Chester Harding, engraved by Andrew and HW Smith, published by Fishel Alder and Schwartz; mahogany frame measures 36 x 27"
454.Hand colored print; oak frame measures 12 x 14"
455.Mahogany framed beveled edged wall mirror; 40 x 18"
456.Henry Kidd signed giclee print titled Guardians of Powhatan, signed in pencil and numbered 129/500, includes certificate on reverse; walnut shadowbox frame measures 21 x 26.5"
457.The Planters National Bank Richmond Virginia calendar print, signed in pencil GH Randall lower right; frame measures 23.5 x 27"
458.2 hunting theme prints by H Akin, matching frames measure 16 x 19"
459.Rectangular beveled edged mirror with gold frame; 41 x 19"
460.2 Madison Park floral prints with silver frames; each 25 x 25"
461.2 matching botanical frames prints with silver frames; each measures 25 x 25"
462.Hydrangea print with gold frame; 24 x 20"
463.Collage of 5 black and white sculpture prints; frame, measures 40 x 9"
464.4 botanical and fruit prints; largest 29 x 20"
465.Rectangular mirror with gold frame; 21.5 x 25.5"
466.Circular mirror with beveled edge and white metal frame; 36" diameter
491.Unframed Jonathan Wood print; 17 x 12"
492.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles advertising poster; 20 x 16"
493.Baxter Perkinson signed print titled Highland Winter, signed in pencil and numbered 809/1000; 19 x 25"
494.The Audubon Folio including 30 Great Bird Prints and booklet; 17 x 14"
495.Unframed print, Poor Artists Cupboard, unframed; 14 x 11"
496.Life magazine cover, Easter 1921; mounted on board; 14 x 11"
497.German language certificate dated 1844; measures 17 x 14.5"
498.Assorted unframed bird prints, includes JJ Audubon and others; largest 20 x 18"
499.Ray Harm signed print titled White Breasted Nuthatch; 22 x 18"
500.Modern History coffee table with flip top and brass trim; measures 21 x 48 x 25"
501.Ridgeway mahogany tall case clock in working condition; measures 79" tall
502.Mahogany step back nightstand by Heritage Henredon; measures 30 x 16.5 x 15"
503.4 shield back mahogany dining chairs, includes 2 arm chairs
504.Leaded and stained glass hanging light fixture; 14.5" diameter
505.Leaded and stained glass fruit design hanging light fixture; 15" diameter
506.Mid century hanging light fixture with burlap shade; 20" tall
507.Medieval style metal hanging light fixture; 24" tall
508.Arts and crafts style leaded and stained glass hanging light fixture; 16.5" diameter
509.Ethan Allen mahogany veneer bow fronted chest with 4 drawers; measures 32 x 38 x 19"
510.Ethan Allen cherry hall table with 3 drawers and Queen Anne style legs; 27 x 59 x 17"
511.Accents Beyond antique reproduction 2 drawer side table with inlaid top, 2 drawers and reeded legs on casters; 30 x 21 x 17"
512.Ethan Allen 2 piece bookcase on cabinet, lighted interior with fitted glass shelves, 2 drawers and sliding doors top and bottom; measures 87 x 65 x 19"
513.Contemporary black upholstered bench; 73" wide
514.Oval-shaped cherry finish side table by Ethan Allen; measures 23 x 28 x 22"
515.Cherry side table by Ethan Allen, 23 x 22 x 26"
516.Antique style mahogany secretary bookcase with 2 paneled doors, fitted interior and 4 drawers; 82 x 37 x 21"
517.Victorian walnut dresser with white marble top, 2 glove drawers and 3 wide drawers with original handles; 40 x 40 x 18"
518.Antique pine apothecary and herb cabinet with multiple drawers, glass pulls and stenciled labels; measures 39 x 49 x 10"
519.Oak extending pedestal table with 2 additional leaves, table pads and 4 matching chairs by Drexel Heritage; measures 29 x 44" closed, leaves are 20" wide
520.4 Drexel Heritage Furnishings ladderback chairs: measures 43" to highest point
521.French style walnut rectangular occasional table; measures 22 x 43 x 23"
522.Antique style American Drew china display cabinet with beveled glass doors, fitted shelves and brass hardware; measures 80 x 52 x 16.5" (2 pieces)
523.Wray gray painted midcentury dresser with 9 drawers; measures 33 x 64 x 21"
524.Walnut veneer vanity with multiple drawers; measures 29 x 45 x 21"
525.Mahogany veneer vanity with 4 drawers, turned legs and triple mirror; measures 60 x 40 x 21"
526.Maple dresser with 2 glazed doors, multiple drawers and bracket feet; 73 x 57 x 20" (2 pieces)
527.Midcentury mahogany veneer and cedar wardrobe with 2 doors; measures 70 x 41 x 22"
528.Oak side by side vanity with beveled mirror, multiple drawers and one door on casters; measures 69 x 46 x 20.5"
529.American Empire mahogany veneer dresser with attached mirror, 3 narrow and 2 wide drawers on carved claw feet; base measures 35 x 48 x 24", mirror measures 34 x 40"
530.Heywood Wakefield double dresser with multiple drawers and 2 doors and matching mirror; base measures 32 x 69 x 19", mirror measures 37 x 51"
531.Heywood Wakefield nightstand with 1 drawer and 2 doors; measures 25 x 26.5 x 16"
532.Heywood Wakefield headboard; measures 61 x 79"
533.Mahogany sleigh bed, includes headboard, footboard, and side rails; headboard measures 35 x 64"
534.Mahogany veneer twin size bed frame, includes headboard, foot board, side rails and slats; 46 x 42"
600.Oversized upholstered accent chair; measures 37" tall
601.Upholstered armchair with matching ottoman and throw pillow; measures 35" tall
602.Oriental style writing table with slide out; measures 32 x 43.5 x 23.5"
603.Vintage Duncan Phyfe sofa with claw feet; measures 34 x 79 x 30"
604.Crate style sofa with loose cushions; measures 31 x 76 x 32"
605.4 upholstered dining chairs with palm tree motif; each measures 42" tall
606.2 black painted midcentury modern chairs; each measures 34" tall
607.Broyhill painted wood buffet with 3 drawers and 2 storage doors; measures 25.5 x 52 x 18"
608.Pine cabinet with mirrored door; measures 30 x 18 x 14"
609.Oak oversized chair with upholstered seat and back; measures 31" tall
610.Oriental style cocktail table with 1 drawer; measures 14 x 36 x 18"
611.3 tier Oriental painted wood shelving unit; measures 37" tall
612.Vintage side table with ball and claw feet and rope carvings; measures 21 x 16 x 16"
613.2 mahogany framed armchairs with fluted legs and upholstered seats and backs; each measures 43" tall
614.Blue and white upholstered camelback sofa; measures 33 x 76 x 32"
615.Upholstered bench with mahogany legs; measures 19 x 38 x 18"
616.Red leather upholstered ottoman on turned bun feet; 18 x 27 x 23"
617.Fashion Trend by Johnson-Carper mid century 3 drawer nightstand; measures 25 x 18 x 18"
618.Rustic pine cabinet with one shelf and wire mesh door; measures 31 x 13 x 12"
619.Mahogany bookshelf on turned legs; measures 29 x 24 x 9"
620.Cherry finish two-tier side table; measures 26 x 26 x 26"
621.Antique style mahogany framed rocker
622.Duncan Phyfe style mahogany drop side pedestal table; measures 28 x 38 x 18" closed, sides are 15" wide
623.Art Deco walnut veneer nightstand; measures 27 x 15 x 15"
624.White painted pine chest with 4 drawers; measures 35 x 24 x 12"
625.Rustic oak two-tier table; measures 26 x 20 x 11"
626.White painted antique French style occasional table; measures 18 x 24 x 20"
627.Rectangular coffee table with inlaid leather top; measures 17 x 36 x 22"
628.Mahogany side table with one drawer by Imperial; 24 x 24 x 16"
629.Solid oak two-tier table; measures 29 x 20 x 20"
630.Mahogany drum form table on pedestal base; measures 29 x 32"
631.Hitchcock style stenciled spindle back rocking chair
632.Floral upholstered mahogany framed armchair on Queen Anne style legs
633.Cream upholstered Lane swivel / rocker chair; 30" wide
634.Glass and brass metal hanging light fixture; 18" include excluding chain
635.Black metal hanging light fixture with glass prisms; 19" tall excluding chain
636.Green stripe upholstered armchair with loose cushion (matches 637)
637.Green stripe upholstered armchair with loose cushion (matches 636)
638.Mahogany adjustable open front bookcase; 79 x 32.5 x 16"
639.Oak media cabinet with 2 paneled doors, 2 drawers and brass handles; measures 60 x 40.5 x 20"
640.Rattan ottoman with floral cushions; 24" wide
641.Antique style mahogany framed camelback sofa with loose cushions; 87" wide, requires reupholstering
642.Antique oak pedestal circular dining table; measures 30 x 45.5" (no extension leaves)
643.Vintage oak kitchen cabinet with galvanized metal top, stenciled doors, multiple drawers and original bakelite handles; measures 68 x 41 x 26"
644.Windsor style spindle back armchair and turned legs
645.Red leather upholstered ottoman; measures 14.5 x 26 x 19"
646.Mahogany finish side table; measures 27 x 21"
647.Mahogany 2 tier side table; measures 22 x 24 x 15"
648.Antique pine and walnut writing desk with sloping top, fitted interior and turned legs, includes original key; measures 36 x 33 x 25.5"
649.Octagonal rustic pine table by Young Hinkle, includes 4 matching chairs; measures 27 x 42" diameter
650.Mahogany chest with 3 drawers, metal handles and bracket feet; measures 34 x 47 x 21"
651.Art Deco walnut veneer RCA Victor radio; 40 x 29.5 x 14" (preview for working condition)
652.Art Deco mahogany bookcase with 2 glass doors and fitted shelves; measures 53 x 41 x 13"
653.White painted nightstand with one drawer and one door; 28.5 x 16 x 14.5"
654.Upholstered armchair on turned legs
655.Red leather upholstered office armchair; 32" tall
656.Oriental red lacquer side table with tray top; 27 x 29 x 20"
657.Oval-shaped pine Queen Anne style extending dining table with 2 additional leaves; measures 30 x 60 x 42" closed, each leaf is 11" wide
658.Glass top coffee table with pine base; measures 18 x 40 x 40"
659.Metal and tile table with beveled glass top; measures 21 x 42 x 42"
660.3 seater floral upholstered sofa with loose cushions; 85" wide
661.White painted sideboard with 2 drawers, 2 doors, raised back and turned legs; 51 x 59 x 21"
662.White painted mahogany china cabinet with glass door, 1 drawer and carved legs; measures 68 x 41 x 19"
750.Civil War books, includes The Story of The Confederacy, The Civil War, Classic Battles, General George Washington, and 3 Volume Set The Civil War with protective sleeve
751.Marlboro Country by Philip Morris 1999
752.Vintage Charles Dickens novels
753.Assorted books, includes The Federalist, The Statements Yearbook, 3 volumes, principles of ethics and others
754.Assorted books, includes Writing Prose, American Heritage Dictionary, German Phrasebook, The Elements of Grammar and others
755.5 volume set The Complete Ripley Novels by Patricia Highsmith
756.Shelf lot vintage books, includes Guide to Alaska, Lenin, The United States and Japan and others
757.Shelf lot vintage books, includes In The Name of Sanity, The Great Time Killer, Deed, Salmon Fishing, Afghanistan, Awakened China, Union Bay and others
758.Set of Harvard Classics Circa 1909, volume 10 and 25 are missing
759.Shelf Lot vintage books, includes Complete Story of The San Francisco Horror, Expression of The Emotions in Man and Animals by Darwin, and others
760.5 volumes by Edward Lytton, published by Scribner's
761.Eight volumes Luther Burbank
762.Shelf lot vintage books, includes Joseph Conrad Tales of Land and Sea, Kentucky, Winter in Vermont, Population and Peace in The Pacific, Brookland and others
763.2 volumes The Memoirs of Cordell Hull
764.1852 Edition The American Almanac
765.Assorted books and pamphlets, includes Rhodesia Alone, Those Plummer Children, A Window on Red Square, The Adventures of Captain Haylestone and others
766.Shelf lot paperbacks, includes The Last Detective, The Road, A Brother's Blood, Golden Country and others
767.Shelf lot books, includes The Byrds of Virginia, Virginia's Attitude, US Constitutional History, A Thousand Days, Captain John Smith and others
768.Assorted books, includes Alaska Wildflowers, Dublin, Zurich, America's Wonderlands, and others
769.Assorted books, includes T.S Eliot, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and others
770.Shelf lot assorted novels, includes Reginald Hill, Elizabeth George, Deborah Crombie, Peter Robinson, Minette Walters and others
771.Shelf lot vintage books, includes German language encyclopedias and others
772.Shelf lot paperbacks, includes 3 volume set Nothing Ever Happened, Robert Ludlum, Agatha Christie and others
773.Catlin's Indian Gallery catalog of The George Catlin paintings in The United States National Museum
774.Shelf lot novels, includes Spiced to Death, The 3rd Friday, The Castaways, Keeping The World Away, The Righteous Man, Storm Runners and others
775.Food and cooking related books, includes Simply The Best Italian, In The Kitchen with Bob, Comfortable in The Kitchen, Italian Cook and others
776.Children's books, includes Charlotte's Web and others
777.Shelf lot assorted novels, includes Jeffrey Archer, Andrew Taylor, Jennifer Weiner, Michael Collins, Michelle Spring and others
800.Antique oriental carved ivory lamp on wood base; 15" tall including fitting
801.Art Nouveau Van Briggle pottery figural sculpture; 18" tall
802.19th century Satsuma pottery vase; 20" tall
803.Art Nouveau brass adjustable book rack; 8.5" wide
804.2 gilt metal figural book ends depicting Dante and Beatrice by Jennings Brothers, numbered 2484/2485; each measures 6.5" tall
805.Vintage Native American coiled grass basket with cover; 14" diameter
806.2 Native American coiled grass bowls and 2 containers with covers; largest 9"
807.2 Native American woven grass baskets; largest 19"
808.Carved and painted wood paddle; largest 60"
809.Antique carved ceremonial spear with mother of pearl inlay and fish motif; measures 24" long
810.Carved wood sculpture; 6" long
811.Tribal carved wood sculpture; 8.5" tall
812.Antique Native American bow, 3 arrows and fishing spear; bow is 72" long
813.Blue-and-white porcelain floor vase; 19" tall
814.Pair of pink and opaque glass vase; each 10" tall
815.7 Bradford exchange collector plates, includes certificates
816.Tang Dynasty style pottery figure, mounted in shadowbox frame; sculpture is 15" tall, frame measures 32 x 25"
817.African throwing knife, Congo circa 1900; 20" long
818.Matched pair of antique majolica stoneware pitchers; 11.5" tall
819.Haeger green glazed pottery candlesticks and ginger jar with cover; 11" tall
820.Bronze finish mother and child sculpture; 14" tall
821.19th century majolica picture with figural handle; 12" tall
822.Gilded metal dresser set, includes rectangular tray, 2 perfume bottles with droppers, hand mirror and brush; largest 16"
823.6 Barbie Dolls of the World, includes Cambodia, Danish Court, Portuguese Empire, Vikings, South Africa and Japan; 14" tall
824.6 Barbie Dolls of the World, Includes Spanish, Polish, Moroccan, Chilean and Native American; 13.5"
825.7 Barbie Dolls of The World, includes Princess of China, French, Japanese, Russia, Puerto Rico, Arctic and Mexico; 14" tall
826.5 Barbie Dolls of The World, includes Holland, Imperial Russia, Korean Court, Renaissance and Pacific Islands; 14"
827.3 Barbie dolls, includes Dazzling Princess, Sparkling Snow White and Legends of Ireland; 13"
828.7 Barbie Dolls and Festivals of the World, includes Diwali, Ancient Mexico, Navajo, Oktoberfest, Carnival, Irish Dance and Kwanzaa; 14" tall
829.6 Barbie Dolls of the World, includes Russia, Sumatra, Indonesia, Spain, France, and 2 x Italy; 13"
830.6 Barbie Dolls of the World, includes Princess of the Nile, Ancient Greece, India, Princess of England, Incas and Princess of Ireland; 14" tall
831.5 Barbie Dolls of The World, includes Peru, Thailand, Native America, Austria and Sweden; 13.5"
832.3 Lego sets, includes Harry Potter the Knight Bus 75957, Friends 41094 and Lighthouse Point 31051 includes boxes (preview for contents and completeness), and plastic tub assorted Legos and Lego transformers
833.MTH Z-4000 electric train transformer, includes box
834.Lionel 80 green and orange standard gauge railroad cars, includes boxes
835.Lionel standard Proto-Drive locomotive and 3 Lionel railroad cars
836.Lionel standard gauge 2-4-2 locomotive and tender; 15" long and brassed metal locomotive and tender
837.MTH standard Proto-Drive 4-4-2 Pennsylvania railroad locomotive and tender; locomotive is 16" long
838.Lionel standard gauge 517 caboose, and assorted HO gauge railroad cars; largest 13"
839.MTH standard Proto-Drive electric motor, and assorted HO gauge railroad track
840.Lionel standard Proto-Drive 8E electric locomotive, 5 green Lionel Pullman railroad cars and 4 open railroad cars; largest 11"
841.Model railroad accessories, includes MTH Rail King controller, track interface unit and two Zephyr DCA 50 control systems
842.Assorted HO gauge model railroad accessories, includes steam and diesel locomotives, assorted railroad cars
843.Lionel standard Proto-Drive 2-4-2 locomotive and tender; locomotive is 15" long
844.Lionel standard number 80 red locomotive and 6 Lionel Pullman standard gauge railroad cars
845.2 New York Central Lines electric locomotives, and assorted Lionel and other standard gauge railroad cars
846.American Girl Elizabeth doll, includes Very Funny Elizabeth booklet, doll stand and accessories; 21" tall
847.American Girl Josefina doll, includes Meet Josefina booklet and accessories
848.American Girl Samantha doll with Meet Samantha booklet and accessories; 21" tall
849.American Girl doll Felicity with doll stand, books and accessories; 18" tall
850.American Girl Nellie doll, includes doll stand, box, book and accessories; 21"
851.American Girl Molly doll and Meet Molly booklet, stand and accessories; 18"
852.American Girl Kirsten doll, includes box, Meet Kirsten booklet, doll stand and accessories; 21"
853.American Girl Kaya doll, doll in Native American apparel, Meet Kaya booklet, doll stand and accessories; 18"
854.Arts and Crafts style desk lamp; 17" tall
855.Pair of brass 3 light candelabra; 15" tall
856.Assorted Fiesta pottery, includes multicolored plates, bowls, coffee cups; largest 11"
857.Opaque and pink jack in the pulpit type glass vase and heart-shaped milk glass dish; largest 8"
858.3 Limoges blue and gold porcelain dishes and ashtrays; largest 4.5"
859.Assorted Pyrex ware, includes Cinderella bowl, oval-shaped oven dishes, gravy boat, vegetable dishes; largest 14"
860.Lionel standard Bild-A-Loco 384 Lionel Lines 2-4-0 locomotive and tender; 11" long
861.2 brass swan vases; largest 14"
862.5 Tudor Frobisher pattern crystal 15 ounce tumblers; each 5.5" tall
863.Vintage Pyrex ware, includes 3 mixing bowls and 3 refrigerator containers; largest 13"
864.Group of dolphin collectibles, includes Lenox porcelain, brass and driftwood; largest 8"
865.Kosta Boda art glass bowl; 3.5" wide
866.Waterford Crystal creamer and knife rest; largest 4"
867.Marquis by Waterford photograph, frame, shelf clock and ring holder; largest 8"
868.Kate Spade blue leather handbag; 16" wide
869.2 Indonesian carved wood facemasks; each 14" tall
870.2 vintage Pyrex dishes with glass covers and Glassbake divided dish; largest 13"
871.Yellow glazed Old Mother Hubbard cookie jar with cover; 12" wide
872.Excalibur Casino gambling set, includes black jet, roulette and craps; 32" wide
873.2 rifle scopes, includes Simmons and Tasco; largest 12"
874.Bushnell 60 x 60 scope and Bushnell .22 scope; largest 21"
875.Turquoise glaze double handled pottery vase; 12" tall
876.Madame Alexander dolls, Snow White and McGuffey Ana, includes box; 13"
877.Assorted crystal and glassware, includes Waterford goblet, water goblets, footed bowls and preserve jar with cover; largest 9"
878.Redskin Brand Chewing Tobacco spittoon; 11" tall
879.Tall mid century lamp with shade, signed Cooper; 43" tall
880.Art Deco pottery pitcher with printed Dutch motif; 12" tall
881.German made carved wood musical figure; 8" tall
882.2 studio art glass vases, includes Czech Republic; largest 7"
883.Russian made blue-and-white porcelain teapot; 5" tall
884.6 covered boxes, includes seagulls, lighthouse, insect, seahorses; largest 4"
885.2 enameled porcelain birds; 8" wide
886.Mid century pottery table lamp; 21" tall
887.2 glass and metal lamps; each 27" tall
888.Indonesian carved wood wall mask; 10"
889.2 silver plate candlesticks; 12" tall
890.Metal vanity mirror and brush; largest 15"
891.2 pewter metal duck dishes; largest 8"
892.Made in Japan character jug; 3.5" tall
893.2 Leonard blue glass birds; largest 4"
894.Glass bird sculpture; 8.5" tall
895.2 carousel collectibles, one with original box; 11" diameter
896.Large grouping of model railroad track layout accessories, buildings, lights, figures; largest 20"
897.MTH model railroad bumpers, assorted figures, track layout accessories and 2 scale model collector trucks; largest 14"
898.6 painted porcelain lighted buildings; largest 11"
899.Large group of scale model collectible cars, trucks, Dinky Toys double-decker bus and other collectibles; largest 7.5"
900.Assorted pottery and china, includes Wedgwood Floral, large size Wedgwood Eastern Flowers, and assorted Wedgwood Corinthian china; largest 16.5"
901.2 brass candlesticks with clear glass chimneys; 14" tall
902.Cast iron, includes Lodge Dutch oven with cover, skillets and frying pan; largest 13"
903.Vintage lamp with miniature ship; 33" tall including harp and finial
904.Vintage Lance's peanuts jar with cover; 10" tall
905.2 porcelain figurines; 9" tall
906.2 EAPG pressed glass lamps with prisms; 15" tall
907.Mikasa Empire footed glass bowl; 10" diameter
908.Decoupage decorated duck; 11" long
909.Assorted collectibles, includes dolphin, anchors, pelicans, seals and crab decorated tankard; largest 6"
910.Adams Currier and Ives decorated plate, vintage General Electric carving knife and Carvel Hall carving set with box; largest 16"
911.2 Tonka Turbodiesel graders; largest 21"
912.Tonka Turbodiesel steel truck and grader; largest 20"
913.2 heavy crystal candle stands and glass sculpture; largest 6.5"
914.Smurfs lunchbox with Thermos and 2 Battle of The Beasts and Popples Thermos; largest 9"
915.Dietz railroad lantern with red lens; 9" tall
916.Craftware ice bucket and green marble cutting board; 19" long
917.EAPG lamp with painted glass shade; 23" tall
918.3 Vera Bradley fabric bags; largest 14"
919.Vera Bradley fabric purse; 11" wide
920.2 Vera Bradley bags; 14"
921.2 Vera Bradley fabric bags; largest 14"
922.Williamsburg pottery stoneware pitcher; 12" tall
923.Leather covered horse sculpture; 16" wide
924.Blue and white pottery pitcher from Crate and Barrel; 8" tall
925.Two blue-and-white Blue Danube porcelain candlesticks, one is damaged; 6.5" tall
926.Vintage printers tray from R. Hoe & Co.; measures 33 x 18"
927.Carved tribal sculpture; 21" tall
928.Emerald dishwasher safe oriental design china, includes 8 soup plates, 6 side plates, creamer and sugar bowl; largest 8.5"
929.2 Oriental design brass lamps; 41" tall
930.2 glass and metal lamps with black fabric shades; 27" tall
931.Amber glass lamp with hexagonal bird decorated paper shade; 24" tall
932.Floral printed glass lamp with metal base; 28" tall
933.Glazed pottery lamp with metal base, includes fabric shade; 30" tall
934.Tall pottery lamp with fabric shade; 29"
935.Green and blue glazed pottery lamp; 26" tall including harp
936.Tall brass lamp; 34" including harp
937."Cold Drinks" clear glass dispenser; 13" tall
938.The Pioneer Woman 12 piece stoneware dinnerware set, includes box
939.The Pioneer 12 piece dinner set, includes box (preview for contents and completeness)
940.Better Homes & Gardens 16 piece medallion wreath dinnerware set, includes box (preview for contents and completeness)
941.2 boxes Braided Porcelain 16 piece dinnerware sets, (preview for contents and completeness)
942.Set of three Pioneer Woman pottery mixing bowls, largest 10" diameter
943.The Pioneer Woman ten piece vintage turquoise porcelain enamel aluminum cookware set with cast iron skillet, includes box (preview for contents and completeness)
944.Pioneer Woman turquoise enameled cast iron pot with cover and 3 frying pans; largest 11"
945.The Pioneer Woman 3 piece pottery mixing bowl set and salt-and-pepper shakers; largest 10.5"
946.The Pioneer Woman red enameled cast iron pot with cover; 10" diameter
947.Vintage carved wood dough bowl and 2 large Ziploc bags with assorted match books; largest 21"
948.Peanuts and Snoopy lighted yard ornaments; 32" tall
949.Vera Bradley pink fabric purse; 14" wide
950.Grouping of Snoopy collectibles, includes bedside lamp, lunchbox, doghouse, coin banks and other collectibles; largest 14"
951.Kitchen items and appliances, includes Proctor Silex Morning Baker, rolling pin, cheese cutter, Black & Decker electric knife, Farberware indoor grill and juice pitcher; largest 17"
952.Assorted Corning ware, includes 2 skillets and 3 oven dishes; largest 8"
953.Christmas theme lighted glass dome; 9" tall
954.NFL collectibles, includes Raiders beer tankard, Steelers hat, wall wobbler and other items
955.1:60 scale Red Dragon Chinese Junk model, includes box (preview for completeness)
956.Electric table fan (preview for working condition)
957.Assorted Pyrex oven dishes with covers; largest 10"
958.Nikon 35mm camera with assorted lenses, flash and camera bag (preview for condition)
959.Crescent moon chrome finish lamp, includes box (preview for completeness)
960.Tiffin Franciscan Kings Crown Ruby thumb print compote and assorted footed cups, creamer and sugar; largest 7"
961.4 piece pottery canister set, decorated with poppies; largest 10"
962.Oster solid single burner, includes box
963.Clear glass carboy; 21" tall
964.Rabbit collectibles, includes glass paperweights, and Department 56; largest 4"
965.Bag of vintage greeting cards and postcards, includes Christmas, Easter, Valentines and others
966.White porcelain lamp; 26" including harp
967.Black horse figure; 15" long
968.Harman/Kardon model AVR 510 receiver, includes remote control (preview for working condition)
969.5 floral decorated porcelain demitasse cups and saucers; largest 5"
970.Bell and Howell 673/XL camera
971.Tall brass vase; 18"
972.Assorted Corning ware and Pyrex, includes bread pan, oven dishes and roaster; largest 14"
973.3 pieces vintage Cantinaware, creamer, sugar and under plate; largest 9"
974.2 Ben Rickert spice shakers; largest 4.5"
975.2 carved wood dolphins; largest 11"
976.Zeiss Ikonta Bessa 66 camera Voigtlander Vaskar F4.5/75mm lens, Minolta Disc-7 camera, Pix Panarama camera, Kodak Instamatic X-15 camera with case, TDC 206QB digital camera with case, Sunpak auto 544 Thyistor flash, Vivitar "C" mount adapter, Empire tripod, gadget bag and Citi bag
977.Minolta SRT 101 camera, 55mm F1.7 lens, 85-205mm F3.8 lens with leather case, Minolta Classic Cameras book
978.Mamiya/Sekor 500 DTL camera, Focal F35/20mm lens, Mamiya/Sekor F2./50mm lens, Albinar close up lens set #1, #2 and #3, leather camera case and leather lens case
979.Nikon Coolpix 5900 camera, Canon Powershot SD550 camera, Olympus F-E-190 camera and extra charger
980.Minolta XG1 camera, Quantaray 28mm F2.8 lens, Pro 620 1A filter, Vivitar 75-205mm F3.8 lens, 62mm fog filter, leather case and lens shade
981.Minolta SRT 101 camera, Minolta 55mm F1.4 lens, instruction book, Vivitar 85-205mm F3.8 lens
982.Box of lenses to include Spiratone F6.3/400mm with case, Quantary ultra-wide micro with case, Fujica F2-2/55mm with case, Canon F1.8mm with case, Zykkor super wide 0.42x with macro lens, Canon F1.8/50mm with Nikon 52mm L37, cpc auto 28mm macro with Albinar 52mm haze, Albinar MC auto zoom F4.5/80-205mm with case
983.Nikon N90 camera with AF Nikkor 35-70mm F3.3-4.5 zoom lens, Braun Vario zoom 340 SCA flash and Diamond bag
984.Nikon N55 camera with Nikkor 28-80mm F3.5-5.6 zoom lens, Vivitar 3500 Zoom Thyrirtor flash, Quantaray 2x teleconverter with case, Tenba bag
985.Nikon EM camera with F2.8 Micro-Nikkor Lens, Nikkor F4.5/80-200mm zoom lens with Sky filter, Solidex hard case
986.Canon AEI camera with 50mm F1.8 lens, F4/80-200mm lens, F40-5.6/60-300mm lens with 1A filter, F2.8/28mm lens with case, Canon 188A Speed Lite with case, 3 filters, Weston Exposure meter, instruction books, Bosco case
987.Canon T50 camera with 50mm F1.8 lens
988.Canon camera bodies only to include EOS Rebel 2000, EOS Rebel, EOS ELAN, EOS ELAN II and canvas bag
989.Canon Rebel Xti EOS digital camera
990.Nikon Coolpix 4300 digital camera
991.Konica C35 camera with case
992.Canon Power Shot G5 digital camera
993.Canon SX280 HS digital camera
994.Virginia Tech collectibles, includes tree ornaments, mugs, Nike XL circuit pant and Virginia Notepad holder
995.4 unused Nerf Super Soakers
996.Kitchen appliances, includes Proctor Silex sandwich maker, Mainstays hand mixer, whistling 2 quart kettle by Copco and assorted placemats
997.Three unused Calphalon and Tremontina stainless steel and non-stick 12" griddles and frying pans
998.Assorted glassware, includes The Pioneer Woman bowls, drinkware, footed cups and cake stand; largest 11"
999.Wood birdhouse; 9" long
1000.Thomas Collector's Edition radio
1001.Assorted stemware, includes Libbey facet cut martini stems; largest 5.5"
1002.Glass and wood washboard by National; 24" long
1003.Audio Technique model ATLP60 USB automatic stereo turntable, and assorted LPs Including Phil Collins, Blind Faith, Wilco, Genesis, The Police and others
1004.FisherPrice toy medical kit; 10" wide
1005.West German-made clarinet with case
1006.Vintage burlap seed bags, wooden spool, shoe stretchers, candleholders; largest 14"
1007.Griswold 8272 wheat stick pan and Wagnerware Krusty Korn Kobs 458; 13" Long
1008.Silver plated coffee set by Elegance Silverware, includes box
1009.Metal corkscrew and vintage cast iron kettle; largest 13"
1010.Oval-shaped cast iron container or planter with cover; 14" wide
1011.Vintage Rival ice crusher (preview for working condition)
1012.Antique cast iron kitchen scale; 18" long (no pan)
1013.Kodak Brownie Hawkeye outfit with box and Polaroid land camera (preview for working condition)
1014.Vintage Royal Deluxe typewriter with case
1015.Contemporary adjustable table lamp; 30" long
1016.Pottery corncob shaped dish; 13" long
1017.Crosley model CR 6249A turntable open (preview for working condition)
1018.Mario Batali Dansk red enameled cast iron pan with booklet 12", pottery bean pot and 2 Virginia souvenir glasses
1019.Paper cutter; 21" wide
1020.2 wall sconces, pottery vase, heart-shaped ashtray, mirror back candleholder; largest 19"
1021.Five Corning glass mixing bowls; largest 12"
1022.Andrea by Sadek floral decorated porcelain cake plate; 11" diameter
1023.Two-tier silver plate server, international wine bottle holder, shot measure and bread tray; largest 14"
1024.Key wound friction drive truck, 3 Tootsie toys and Dr Pepper tray; 15" wide
1025.Pottery container with cover, Gorham lead crystal candleholders, cheese plate with mice and sailboat game board; largest 9"
1026.2 gold finish lamps with matching shades; 38" tall
1027.3 English luster ware pottery pitchers and one mug; 6" tall
1028.Verizon Keypad lock Model FE599, includes box (preview for completeness and condition)
1029.3 brass trivets; largest 11"
1030.2 brass lamps with wood bases and matching paper shade; 35" tall
1031.Louis Marx pressed steel dollhouse; 26" wide
1032.Anchor glass juicer, tall EAPG pitcher, vintage soda bottle, metal shaker, assorted food molds; largest 10"
1033.2 carved and painted wood figures and jointed figures; 14" tall
1034.Antique cast iron roof mount light fixture; 16" diameter
1035.Meriden Company EPBM silver plate teapot and Lancaster Rose silver plated water pitcher; largest 12"
1036.Pine shelf with mirrored back; 15 x 20"
1037.CSI: DNA laboratory kit, includes box (preview for contents and completeness)
1038.Nima Saati helmet Bluetooth speaker, includes charging cable and instructions (preview for working condition)
1039.Roma motor attachment and Bull & Bear mug
1040.Crock Pot slow cooker (preview for working condition)
1041.Souvenir lighthouse buoy; 12" tall
1042.Vintage Westinghouse fan; 12" diameter
1043.Cobra 19 Ultra III CB radio with antenna, Suntone FM/AM radio receiver, Vivitar 8x50 binoculars and McCormick "From The Factory To The Farm" metal tray; 18" wide
1044.Gold decorated lamp with matching finial; 23" tall
1045.Orpheum mandolin (preview for condition)
1046.6 string acoustic guitar (preview for condition)
1047.6 string acoustic guitar, model 5104
1048.Italian made tabletop foosball game; 30" wide
1049.Powermaster 66 bb rifle and Daisy Powerline 880 bb rifle with scope (preview for working condition)
1050.Bamboo lamp tower; 24" tall
1051.Box of assorted electronics, includes Sony Walkman, assorted cameras, battery charges, audio cassette and Sony disc man
1052.24" human anatomy educational toy, unopened in original box
1053.FisherPrice doll's house; 32" tall
1054.Vintage plastic poker chips, chess game with box and sculpted chess set with box (preview for completeness)
1055.Burlap bag from Southern States
1056.Ezra Brooks clown liquor decanter with stopper; 9" tall
1057.Three-piece Santa figurine set, includes box
1058.Texas Hold 'em poker game set by Sterling Goods, includes box
1059.Dynamic wireless speaker and Creative model D80 audio speaker (preview for working condition)
1060.Tall ceramic lamp with white fabric shade; 30"
1061.3 green glass jars; largest 8"
1062.2 mid century portrait lamps with parchment type shades; each 13" tall
1063.Italian gilt wood box and 2 gilt wood wall sconces; largest 12"
1064.Pitcher and washbasin lamp with parchment type shade; 17" tall
1065.Flamingo and palm table lamp; 8" diameter
1066.Unused 5 pound and 3 pounds dumbbells with boxes
1067.Native American chalkware figural lamp; 21" tall
1068.Jefferson pewter cups, assorted pewter tankards; largest 45.5"
1069.Perfect model 802 microscope with accessories, includes box
1070.Glass top display case; measures 16 x 24"
1071.Vintage board and other games, includes Risk, Scrabble, assorted chess and checkers pieces (preview for completeness)
1072.General Electric model 8111 electric shelf clock; 13" wide
1073.Silver tone 6 string acoustic guitar, includes case
1074.Stedman Pro child size electric guitar
1075.General Army Officer's stationery and watermarked invitations
1076.Vintage Polaroid model 95 Land Camera and 3 boxes of Sylvania flashbulbs
1077.Merkury smart Wi-Fi camera, includes box (preview for working condition)
1078.Vintage china tea set, includes box; 6" wide
1079.Debutante by Daisy Rock pink child size guitar
1080.Battery-operated fishing clock, Revell Mysterion lunchbox and Japanese made tin plate friction drive Cadillac; largest 11"
1200.Cape Light Joel Meyerowitz poster; frame measures 24 x 25"
1201.Vale University advertising poster for Kandinsky Abstract Variations; frame measures 36 x 24.5"
1202.Leaf print with black frame; measures 25 x 25"
1203.Hasenauer Semper Museum Vienna advertising poster; frame measures 31.1 x 23"
1204.Chamonix-Martigny advertising poster; frame measures 36 x 25"
1205.Denzel Washington advertising poster for Man on Fire; frame measures 40 x 27"
1206.Antique style gold framed mirror; 30 x 27"
1207.Diamond shaped wall mirror; frame measures 45 x 24"
1208.Circular mahogany framed carved wall mirror; measures 36" diameter
1209.Gold framed rectangular mirror by Carolina Mirror Company; gold frame measures 47 x 32"
1210.Rectangular gold framed mirror with beveled edge; 54 x 15"
1211.Tyson V8 animal vacuum cleaner (preview for working condition)
1212.Dual halogen work light by Worksite,
1213.Vintage toboggan; 47" long
1214.Black metal serving cart on wheels; measures 35 x 26 x 16"
1215.6 Rubbermaid Roughneck plastic totes with covers
1216.Large size glass carboy; 27" tall
1217.5 heavy-duty bar clamps
1218.Mahogany finish music stand; 44" tall
1219.White painted wicker trough planter; 30 x 27 x 11"
1220.Yankee Clipper steel and wood sled; 43" long
1221.Assorted tools, includes large size adjustable wrench, oil cans, clamps, level
1222.Water tool, 8 feet long
1223.Wrought iron metal yard ornament; 44" tall
1224.Restored vintage wood and metal travel trunk; measures 12 x 30 x 17"
1225.Delta Speed Bag bow target
1226.Metal and mesh 3-panel fireplace screen; 32" tall
1300.Enameled porcelain umbrella stand with assorted umbrellas and walking sticks; stand is 18" tall
1301.3 pairs shoes, includes Jordan Pro Air, Under Armor and Nike (assorted sizes)
1302.Plastic tub containing assorted tools, includes miter box, tape measures, hammers, chisels and other items
1303.2 metal tool chest with contents; largest 20"
1304.Textured black outdoor light fixture, includes box (preview for contents and completeness)
1305.Bag of Christmas tree lights, Halloween inflatable
1306.30" hand truck for moving large and heavy potted plants
1307.Reebok DMX Ride shoes size 8 1/2 (unused with original box)
1308.2 bags assorted stuffed toys, includes Snoopy tree bird
1309.Large plastic bag of Pez candy dispensers, Political Poopers and other collectibles
1310.Canvas tote containing Christmas tree, ornaments, string lights
1311.Cardboard box assorted wrestling figures, Fisher-Price toy, children's records and other toys
1312.Wood items, includes bowls, plates (requires reassembly)
1313.Plastic bucket containing electrical insulators
1314.Milk crate containing assorted Schlage locks (preview for contents)
1315.Assorted tools, braces, drill bits, chainsaw chains and other tools
1316.Assorted house flags
1317.4 foot aluminum level
1318.One box and one metal container of antique glass bottles
1319.2 adjustable metal sawhorses by Crawford, height adjusts 25-40"
1320.Maxum 125 piece toolset, includes box
1321.2 bow saws and carpenters saw; largest 40"
1322.Plastic tub containing a large quantity of vintage dairy, whiskey and other bottles
1323.Various hand tools to include hammers, paint rollers, hack saw, gardening tools and other items
1324.Plastic bucket containing assorted tools, sockets, wrenches, and wood tool carrier
1325.Rectangular mahogany shaped mirror with beveled edge; 54 x 24"
1326.3 panel folding fabric screen; each section measures 60 x 24"
1327.3 boxes of Cera Roma 18 x 18" self adhering vinyl tiles
1328.Box of model railroad layout electronics, transformers and controllers, wired boards
1329.Wood toolbox with assorted tools; 32" wide
1330.3 child size bows; largest 42"
1331.Vintage toys and games, includes Ronald McDonald travel kit, Rubiks cube, Chinese checkers, game of banking (excludes plastic tote)
1332.Box containing vintage toys, includes Strutco pressed steel truck and toy guns
1333.Cardboard box assorted vintage soda bottles
1334.Metal wall hanging; 32" wide
1335.Lightweight planters; largest 14"
1336.Allen clay target thrower
1337.World globe on stand; 40" tall
1338.Thermoil electric fan heater (preview for working condition)
1339.Wrought iron table with mosaic tiled top; 28 x 11 x 11"
1340.Metal leaf shaped side table; 21" tall
1341.Rustic wood tool carrier; 37" long
1342.Conair Ultimo steamer (preview for working condition)
1343.Metal 3 tier shelf; 25" wide
1344.White wicker angel sculpture; 27" tall
1345.Cardboard box vintage soda bottles
1346.Plastic bucket assorted tools, includes box cutters, sockets, wrenches
1347.Craftsman gas powered blower (no spark plug-preview for condition)
1348.Metal rooster weathervane by George M. Stephenson & Co, includes box; preview for completeness
1349.General household items, model railroad accessories, bridge structure kit
1350.Plastic tub vintage soda bottles
1351.2 Carole Towne animated skating park Christmas decorations, includes boxes
1352.Large quantity of standard gauge and HO gauge model railroad track, railroad accessories and layout accessories
1353.Box of assorted tools, fasteners, hammers, wrenches and other items
1354.Rectangular mahogany and gilt wood wall mirror; 38 x 49"
1355.Samsung microwave (preview for working condition)
1356.2 FAO stuffed toy German Shepherds measuring 13"tall
1357.Assorted hand tools, includes belt sander, disk sander, Wagner power stripper and Ryobi rechargeable drill with box (preview for working condition)
1358.Black & Decker storm station (preview for working condition)
1359.Mahogany finish wood shelves, mirror, and other items (excludes plastic tub)
1360.Mahogany wall mounting cabinet with 1 drawer; 32" tall
1361.Pottery planter; 10" tall
1362.Box of Russell Jennings auger bits
1363.Umbrella cane and rustic walking cane
1364.Texaco Doodle Bus by Ertl, foot massager, assorted computer games and Sharper Image play and roll piano (preview for working condition)
1365.Pair of brass fireplace andirons; 22" tall
1366.Stainless steel trashcan
1367.2 pierced tin lamps
1368.Mahogany wine table; 20" tall
1369.Metal fireplace tools on stand; 27" tall
1370.Wicker laundry hamper; 22" tall
1371.Painting supplies, unused toilet repair kit
1372.Assorted kitchen knives, includes handles, stainless steel, multicolored kitchen knives
1373.Antique shoebox; 14" wide
1374.Blue plastic water bucket
1375.2 rustic wood walking sticks; largest 36"
1376.Large pottery planter; 16" diameter
1377.Pottery planter; 12" tall
1378.Metal fire wood holder and leather log carrier; largest 18" wide
1379.Verizon pan-tilt camera with box and photography tripod
1380.Scuba diving accessories, includes cylinder, weights, Seacrest buoyancy compensator vest, knife, gauges, mask and other items
1381.Craftsman chain drive garage door opening system, includes box (preview for contents and completeness)
1382.Yellow nylon rope and come-along tool (excludes plastic tub)
1383.Pair of Samson Expedition Pro XP100 stage speakers (preview for working condition)
1384.Everlast punching bag and boxing gloves
1385.Red metal garden cart with rubber wheels
1386.Pro master 6100 photography tripod
1387.Vintage dairy bottles and wooden crate
1388.2 pipe bending tools
1389.Wicker shelf; 27" tall
1390.Assorted landscaping lights
1391.Metal multi-drawer organizer with contents; 12" wide
1392.Assorted tools, includes brace, saw and pruner
1393.Metal critter trap; 25" long
1394.Box of assorted ephemera, antique and vintage photographs
1395.VINTAGE KODAK Cine-Kodak Eight 8mm Movie Camera Model 20, Agfa camera and Kodak box camera
1396.General household items, planters, Ikea plastic organizer, metal pantograph and other items
1397.Stihl 028 AV chainsaw (appears incomplete-preview for condition)
1398.Bronzed metal floor lamp with brown fabric shade; 60" tall
1399.Radio Flyer metal cart wagon; 36" long
1400.Easystore H340 home server (preview for completeness and condition, missing boot drive)
1401.1950s auto repair manuals and 6" auger drill bits
1402.Electric fan (preview for working condition)
1403.2 wood stirrups, double tree and metal bell
1404.2 wall mount candle stands; 18" long
1405.Assorted electronics, headphones, lenses, photography accessories and camera cases
1406.Fabric tote containing assorted artworks, prints, 1826 needlepoint in frame
1407.Miscellaneous lot of electronics, routers, phones, etc.
1408.Boy Scouts of America clothing, includes adult size pants, shorts and bathing suit
1409.Green canvas backpack
1410.Vintage 8 mm movie projector (preview for condition)
1411.AGL target site
1412.Skill 10" table saw, includes box (preview for contents and completeness)
1413.Coleman PowerMate 1500 running watts generator (preview for working condition)
1414.Antique cast iron cauldron; 16" diameter
1415.Antique soldering and other tools
1416.Aluminum tool chest with contents; 21" wide
1417.Brushed nickel hanging light fixture with glass shade; 22" tall
1418.White wicker magazine holder; 18" wide
1419.JVC stereo components, includes cassette deck, disc changer and stereo receiver (preview for working condition)
1420.Green canvas garden tote and assorted garden tools and accessories
1422.3 wood toy swords; largest 36"
1423.Gilt metal light fixture; 14" wide
1424.Brass wall mount light fixture; 22" wide
1425.Metal toolbox with contents; 14" wide
1426.Drawing board; measures 24 x 18"
1427.Ultratec text telephone with box (preview for working condition)
1428.Large box assorted books
1429.Craftsman electric utility sharpener (preview for working condition)
1430.2 ceiling mounted light fixtures; 16" diameter
1431.Mahogany wall mounting shelf with 2 doors; measures 30 x 19"
1432.Brushed nickel floor lamp with white glass shade; 72" tall
1433.Brushed nickel floor lamp with white fabric shade; 57" tall
1434.Upholstered footstool; 15" wide
1435.Assorted wood, metal and glass picture frames, assorted sizes
1436.2 boxes assorted nonfiction books
1437.Mirror back shelf; measures 27 x 34"
1438.Vintage auto parts and collectibles, includes 1949 Ford hood ornament, stereo, taillights and license plates
1439.Speckled enameled crab pot; 12" high
1440.Assorted tools, shears, pruners
1441.Upholstered ottoman; 14" wide
1442.Large size adjustable wrench and prybar
1443.2 Sylvania VHS DVD players (preview for working condition)
1444.Doll size chair, assorted collector plates, hand mirror
1445.Assorted stuffed toys
1446.Vintage Sony Beta movie camera and Beta cassette player
1447.Assorted tools, voltage regulators, automobile supplies
1448.760 Pumpmaster BB rifle
1449.Bronze metal hanging light fixture; 21" diameter
1450.Vintage 8 mm projector (preview for working condition)
1451.Electronics including Texas Instruments TI-83 plus calculator, hood ornament, guitar tuner, assorted headphones, microphone and other electronics
1452.Dessert stand by Wilson
1453.Revell PT-109 1:72 scale kit
1454.2 ceramic planters; largest 10.5"
1455.Dog sculpture; 13" long
1456.Dog sculpture; 17" long
1457.Upholstered footstool; 19" wide
1458.Vintage Smith Corona typewriter
1459.Mahogany shelf with mirror back; 28" tall
1460.Assorted trading cards, assorted toys, gaming console
1461.3 trays vintage photographic slides
1462.Box of assorted audio CDs, includes Elvis Pressley, Irish dreams, Frank Sinatra, Christmas Joy, Vienna Boys Choir and others
1463.Vintage LP records storage box
1464.Floor lamp with leaded glass shades; 54" tall
1465.Box of assorted CDs and DVDs, includes Friends season 1- 4, Homeland, Under The Tuscan Sun, Downton Abbey and others (preview for sleeve contents)
1466.Pair of Nady SM-120 audio speakers (preview for working condition)
1467.Wood bucket; 16" tall
1468.Box of assorted leather bound and other books
1469.2 wall mount light fixtures; 9"
1470.Hitachi drill, 3/4" fuel transfer hose and Callaway golf mat
1471.Large quantity of gift bags and wrapping paper
1472.Exxon Stearman bi-plane bank, includes box
1473.Black lacquer box with cover; 19" wide
1475.Mahogany finish wall shelf; 22" wide
1476.HP model 8600 Plus multifunction printer (preview for working condition)
1477.Walnut candle stand; measures 31 x 14"
1478.Brushed metal standing light; 72" tall
1479.Sligh wall clock with mahogany finish case, includes pendulum and key; 31" tall
1480.Howard Miller Ambassador Collection mahogany wall clock; 32" tall, includes pendulum and key
1481.SunJoe push mower with cuttings bag
1482.Audiovisual components, includes Sony model SDR-D715 video control center with remote control, pair Kenwood 3-way speaker system and model CD-404 5-disc changer with remote control
1483.Mahogany oval-shaped side table; 30" tall
1484.Walnut veneer cabinet; measures 29 x 26 x 12"
1485.Snowmaster snow scoop; 57 x 28"
1486.Antique deer trophy on wood plaque; 33" tall
1487.8 point deer trophy on wood plaque; 38" tall
1488.2 brushed nickel floor lamps
1489.Metal wine rack; measures 30 x 24 x 11"
1490.Black painted poplar side table on turned legs; 27 x 24 x 16"
1491.Antique Victorian lighting rod: measures 46"
1492.Minka Aire ceiling fan, includes box (review for contents and condition-matches 1493)
1493.Minka Aire ceiling fan, includes box (review for contents and condition-matches 1492)
1494.Aussie Walk-A-Bout gas grill
1495.Greenworks 11" electric tiller, includes book
1496.Assorted prybars; largest 62"
1497.Green fabric covered laundry hamper; 24" tall
1498.Performance slip on mufflers by Reinhart Racing (preview for specs)
1499.Bench and vice; 24" wide
1500.3 section room divider with painted birdhouses; each section measures 80 x 18"
1501.Crams Imperial globe with stand; measures 30" tall
1502.Plastic lighted nativity scene to include Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus; largest measures 27" tall
1503.Plastic lighted snowman; measures 38" tall
1504.2 maple swivel barstools with painted bases and backs; each measures 45" tall, preview for condition
1505.Speed Queen commercial electric dryer; preview for condition
1506.Espresso finish media cabinet with 2 storage doors; measures 20.5 x 59 x 21.5"
1507.Samsonite folding table with plastic top; measures 30 x 72 x 29.5"
1508.Lifetime folding table with plastic top; measures 29 x 48 x 24"
1509.Lifetime folding table with plastic top and adjustable height; top measures 48 x 24"
1510.Metal frame table wall mounted display with glass front and sides; measures 32 x 21 x 8.5"
1511.Kingsley Bate teak side table; measures 18.5 x 21 x 21"
1512.Wicker footstool with upholstered top; measures 10 x 15 x 13"
1513.2 painted metal outdoor chairs; each measures 34" tall
1514.Little Tikes play kitchen set; measures 45 x 36 x 28"
1515.Wrought iron outdoor table and 2 matching armchairs; table measures 28.5 x 30 x 30"
1516.Wrought iron outdoor glider; measures 36 x 44 x 26"
1517.Metal and glass oval-shaped table; measures 20 x 31 x 24"
1518.Metal and wood 2 tier table; measures 33 x 21 x 15"
1519.Metal and wood armchair
1520.Elite Outdoor Straight stair lift model SRE-3050-W2, date built 1-12-2021, includes 109" straight rail and accessories (preview for completeness and condition)
1521.2 matching black painted rattan side tables; each measures 23 x 23 x 12"
1522.Corinthian style metal and faux marble pedestal; measures 37 x 18 x 12"
1523.2 matching black painted metal and glass side tables; each measures 23 x 27 x 24"
1524.2 Woodward white metal patio chairs
1525.Filex 4 drawer file cabinet; 52 x 15 x 25"
1526.Countertop wine chiller by Haier, 40 x 12 x 20" (preview for working condition)
1527.2 white painted chairs with caned seats; floor to seat is 24"
1528.4 black painted wrought iron patio chairs
1529.Black painted metal lounger and side table (matches 1515 and 1516)
1530.Metal fireplace with chimney; 71" tall
1531.Vintage Wonder White Star rocking horse on metal frame
1532.3 truck size wheels with Ford rims (preview for sizes)
1533.Tru-Temper green metal wheelbarrow
1534.Gray plastic shelving; 56 x 34 by 15"
1535.Frigidaire apartment size fridge/freezer; 49" tall (gets cold-preview for condition)
1536.Black metal shelf on casters; measures 66 x 37 x 18"
1700.(2) Morgan silver dollars, 1879, 1891-O
1701.(4) Silver Eagles; 1986, 2004, 2005, 2008 (UNC)
1702.(2) Silver Eagles; 2015 (COA), 2016 (COA)
1703.(2) Silver Eagles; 2007-W, 2014 (BU)
1704.Misc. silver coins and miniature Ingots
1705.(7) Walking Liberty half dollars
1706.(2) Silver Eagles; 1986 (COA), 2008
1707.20-Eisenhower 1-dollar coins
1708.(2) Silver Eagles; 2- 1987, 1-2008 (UNC)
1709.50-Kennedy Bi-centennial half-dollar coins
1710.(3) Silver Eagles; 1986 (COA), 1996 (COA), 2014 (COA)
1711.40-Kennedy Bi-centennial half-dollar coins
1712.30-Kennedy Bi-centennial half-dollar coins
1713.19-Eisenhower 1-dollar coins
1714.15-Buffalo nickels
1715.2011 Silver Eagle MS-70, PCGS #20483963; 1969-S Kennedy PR-66, PCGS # 6805.66/4686184; 1978-S Kennedy SGSPR-PCGS #521070978.06081; 1979-S Kennedy SGSPR-70CA<. PCGS #521170979.06095
1716.20-Kennedy Bi-centennial half-dollar coins
1717.25-Kennedy Bi-centennial half-dollar coins
1718.25-Kennedy Bi-centennial half-dollar coins
1719.(2) Franklin silver half dollars, (1) Stone Mountain silver half dollar, (5) Mercury silver dimes, (1) Barber silver dime
1720.US Mint-Kennedy 50th Anniversary Silver Proof Set
1721.US Mint-Kennedy 50th Anniversary Silver Proof Set
1722.2013-US Mint Limited Edition Silver Proof Set
1723.2014-US Mint Limited Edition Silver Proof Set
1724.2016-US Mint Limited Edition Silver Proof Set
1725.(12) US Mint Proof sets; 1957, 1958, 1959, 1963, 1964, 2-1965, 2-1968, 2-1969
1726.2012 US Mint uncirculated set, Denver and Philadelphia mints
1727.(2) Morgan silver dollars, 1884, 1889-O
1728.(2)Morgan silver dollars, 1885, 1888
1729.(2) Morgan silver dollars, 1879-S, 1892
1730.(2) Morgan silver dollars, 1890, 1894-O
1731.(2) Morgan silver dollars, 1892-O, 1921
1732.(2) Morgan silver dollars, 1890, 1921
1733.(2) Morgan silver dollars, 1900-O, 1921
1734.(2) Morgan silver dollars, 1888, 1890
1735.(2) US Mint Silver Eagle uncirculated - 2018, 2019
1736.(1) Morgan silver dollar, 1878-CC
1737.(2) US Mint Silver Eagle Proofs - 2018, 2019
1738.(2) US Mint Silver Eagle Proofs - 2013, 2014
1739.US Mint sets; 1-Proof Liberty coin set, 1-Proof Liberty coin, 1-George Washington uncirculated silver half dollar, 1-Eisenhower 1971 Proof dollar
1740.(2) US Mint Silver Eagle Proofs - 2011, 2012
1741.(3) US Mint sets, (2) proof sets-1969, 1970 and (1) uncirculated-1972
1742.(1) US Mint Silver Eagle Proof, (1) Canadian $10 Silver Proof-2013
1743.(1) bag wheat pennies
1744.(1) bag misc. silver coins
1745.Bag of misc. silver coins, Gettysburg quarter, Virginia Transit Co. token, Virginia Railway token, wheat penny
1746.Bag of misc. coins including 1978 JFK half dollar, 1979 Susan B. Anthony dollar coin, Bi-centennial dollar coin, and additional coins
1747.(6) empty coin folders
1748.Misc. foreign paper currency
1749.Bag of assorted coins including Eisenhower dollars, Susan B. Anthony dollar coins, 1937 quarter, misc. foreign coins and others

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