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Item Description
140.Russian silver gilt and enamel demitasse cup and saucer; 4.25" diameter, combined weight 188.1 gms
141.3 sterling silver bowls, includes Wallace, Gorham and LaPierre; largest 6" diameter, combined weight 223.7 gms
142.Gorham sterling silver bowl and under plate, numbered 1134; 7" diameter, weighs 214.3 gms
143.Pair of sterling silver shakers by Gorham, numbered 1138, screw off top; each 4" tall, combined weight 85.6 gms
144.German 800 silver cup, crescent moon and crown mark, largest 3.75", combined weight 35.4 gms
145.Weighted sterling silver footed bowl and weighted sterling silver sugar bowl; largest 3.75"
146.2 sterling silver candleholders with weighted bases and 5 silver and glass coasters; largest 5"
147.2 pairs weighted sterling silver candleholders; largest 6.5"
148.10K gold class ring with green stone; size 7.5, weighs 3.9 gms
149.14K gold chain with 14K gold pendant and diamond; chain weighs 8 gms
150.Sterling necklace with pendant made from amethyst stalactites
151.Sterling and 10k gold necklace; weighs 5.7 gms
152.Pair of sterling silver earrings; combined weight 9.8 gms
153.14K gold triple ring; size size 9, weighs 1.3 gms
154.2 sterling silver bracelets; combined weight 7.3 gms
155.Sterling silver pin hand-painted porcelain miniature with sterling silver frame pin; largest 1.5"
156.Sterling silver and gold tone ring with blue stones, marked NH, size 8.5, weighs 15.4 gms
157.4 southwest design sterling silver rings and sterling silver and turquoise stickpin; rings size 8, 12 and 7, combined weight 17.7 gms
158.18k gold earring and chain; combined weight 5.3 gms
159.Mexican sterling silver mid century earrings; combined weight 23.4 gms
160.Sterling silver and gold tone ring with turquoise colored stone, marked NH; size 9, weighs 22.3 gms
161.2 sterling silver rings, size 5.5 and 7 combined weight 13.1 gms
162.3 rings, size 5.5 and 6; combined weight 12.1 gms
163.8 inch sterling silver bead bracelet; weighs 44 gms
164.Carved stone and 10K gold ring with blue stone; size 7 size 10
165.NH sterling silver and cameo filigree ring; size 9, weighs 9.4 gms
166.Stuart Nye sterling silver feather pin; 4" long, weighs 5.3 gms
167.Gold stone and sterling silver bead necklace
168.2 sterling silver and marcasite pins, green and black stones; combined weight 19.1 gms
169.Sterling silver ball bead chain with rush citrine and petrified wood pendant; chain weighs 11.7 gms
170.2 Amber and sterling pins
171.Malachite and sterling silver necklace
172.Vintage Mexican sterling silver jewelry, includes panel, bracelet, repousse bracelet and pendant; combined weight 51.6 gms
173.Sterling silver Celtic design pendant and chain; combined weight 16.8 gms
174.Sterling silver cross pendant; 3.25", weighs 16.9 gms
175.Heavy sterling silver and turquoise chain bracelet; weighs 36.1 gms
176.Mexican sterling silver pin, hardstone ring and pair of pink stone earrings
177.Opal garnet and sterling silver ring; size 7, weighs 2.6 gms
178.Waterman's sterling silver overlaid fountain pen; 5.25" long
179.Sterling and crystal bee pendant on sterling chain; combined weight 6.2 gms
180.Sterling and natural pearl necklace; 4.9 gms
181.Sterling and crystal Hello Kitty necklace
182.Sterling cameo with mother and child on sterling chain; chain weighs .8 gms
183.Sterling and genuine diamond hoop earrings; combined weight 2.7 gms
184.Smoky quartz pendant on sterling chain
185.Amethyst bead necklace
186.Rainbow quartz and sterling pendant on sterling chain
187.Rose design carved ivory pendant on silver tone chain
188.Navajo money clip with turquoise and gold overlay
189.2 pairs earring, heart-shaped sterling with green stones
190.Multi strand African pink coral and brass necklace
191.Amethyst and silver tone multi strand bead bracelet
192.Costume jewelry, includes matching necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings
193.Vintage costume jewelry necklaces, includes Weiss
194.Costume jewelry, includes 3 pins and one bracelet, Egyptian theme
195.10 silver tone and colored stone fashion rings, size 9-11
196.Sterling silver and clear stone pendant necklace
197.Costume jewelry, includes 3 rings, 2 silver tone pins and 5 pairs earrings
198.Costume necklace and to pendants
199.Silver tone jewelry, includes ring with clear stone, necklaces, 2 pendants
200.2 gold tone bracelets
201.2 gold tone necklaces
202.8 costume silver tone fashion rings, size 9-11
203.Collection of Egyptian revival costume jewelry, includes Napier pendant, brass and copper bracelets,
204.8 silver tone and colored stone costume rings, assorted sizes
205.8 costume rings, assorted sizes
206.Quantity of Kenyan copper and brass, alloy and beaded jewelry, includes bracelets, necklaces and pendant
207.Vintage turquoise bead and silver tone matching earrings
208.Quantity of gold tone, silver tone and colored stone fashion pins
209.7 pairs fashion earrings
210.Rumors stainless steel wristwatch, includes box
211.Shark quartz wristwatch with black fabric strap, includes box
212.Hamilton 14K white gold ladies wristwatch with diamonds, includes box
213.Vintage Bulova gold tone wristwatch with leather strap
214.3 vintage ladies wristwatches, includes Timex and Lady Nelson
215.Ladies stainless steel Coach wristwatch
216.Waltham gold tone hunting cast pocket watch with watch chain, with Keystone gold filled case, movement numbered 9811386; face is 1.75" diameter, secondhand detached (preview for condition)
217.Colibri battery-operated gold tone pocket watch; 1.5" diameter
218.Elgin open face gold tone pocket watch and chain, screw off gold filled case, movement numbered 33118658; face is 1.5" diameter (preview for working condition)
219.3 ladies wristwatches, includes Helbros, Belfort 17 jewel and Gruen 17 jewel, and 10K rolled gold
220.4 vintage Bulova wristwatches, 23 jewels, self winding and fob
221.Ladies wristwatches, includes Elgin 19 jewels, Elgin 17 jewel, Gruen and Waltham 17 jewel
222.Watches including Bulova fob, Casio, and Elgin 15 jewel with 10K gold filled case
223.2 folding multitool knives
224.Multipurpose tool and flashlight
225.Stainless steel knife with bone handle and leather pouch; 10" long
226.Folding camping knife and multitool with green canvas patch
227.Stainless steel machete with rubber handle, includes Gerber black canvas patch; 21" long
228.Blue fabric jewelry display box; 14.5 x 8"
229.20 assorted belt buckles
230.8 assorted belt buckles
231.8 assorted belt buckles
232.Saudi Arabia silver and gold tone metal, includes ribbon and case
233.United States Meritorious Service metal, includes ribbon in case
234.3 United automobile workers pins, 1937 to 1939, People's National Bank and metal angel decor
235.Flame Pokemon gold medallion
236.Plastic tub assorted playing cards, board games including roulette, rock, drawer poker and others
237.Plastic tub colorful beaded costume jewelry
238.Plastic tarp beaded and other faux pearl costume jewelry
239.Plastic tub US PGA golfing pins and souvenirs
240.Shannon crystal golf club paperweight, includes box
241.Butane cigarette lighter, includes box
242.Refine cigarette lighter includes box
243.Vintage Native American tobacco pipe with snakeskin
244.Antique carved mesh on pipe with original box (damaged-preview for condition) stem is damaged
245.Carved lion's head meerschaum pipe, includes case
246.Kaywoodie imported briar carved figural head pipe
247.Carved translucent hardstone pipe
248.Vintage Te-Amo cigars includes box
249.Western Super X ammunition, includes box of 500 .22 long, 4 boxes of 50 .22 long and 9 full and partial boxes .22 long ammunition
250.Ammunition, includes 2 partial boxes .22 long Western and one box Remington .22 long
251.1 box Winchester .22WRF ammunition and 2 boxes 1994 Winchester .22WRF
300.P Buckley Moss limited edition print, signed and numbered 112/1000 in pencil; frame measures 20 x 20"
301.Modernist lithograph with gold frame; 18 x 37.5"
302.John Barber advertising poster (Chesapeake Bay) 25th anniversary of the Chesapeake Bay foundation; frame measures 24.5 x 36"
303.John Morton Barber limited-edition print titled "A Fair Breeze and a Full Moon", signed in pencil and numbered artists proof 67/75, includes certificate, unframed; paper measures 21.5 x 34"
304.John Morton Barber limited-edition print titled "Returning Home", signed in pencil and numbered 142/950, includes certificate, unframed; measures 19 x 30"
329.Vintage wall-mounted clock with pendulum by Jul. Schirpf
330.2 bird themed colored sketches signed lower right by Paul Whitney Hunter; each frame measures 15 x 12"
331.Still life oil on panel, signed lower right; frame measures 17 x 21"
332.Framed charcoal drawing of Mickey Mantle; 17 x 11.5"
333.Jean Henry floral print on fabric; frame measures 18 x 20"
334.Lucy Gibb oil painting on canvas, Winter Camellias; gold frame measures 26 x 21"
335.Oriental watercolor, still life with flowers; frame measures 22 x 31"
336.Ted Kessler original watercolor, fly fishermen, signed lower right; gold frame measures 27.5 x 33.5"
337.Limited-edition print bourbon Street, signed and numbered 136/1000; frame measures 22 x 18"
338.Signed print Recuerdo de un Mexicano de Tomvia; frame measures 24 x 20"
339.Library print on board; gold frame measures 38 x 29"
340.Panoramic oil painting on stretched canvas, 4 engine airplane; 60 x 20"
341.George Semenov oil painting on canvas, portrait of a woman in staircase, signed on reverse; 28 x 20"
342.Print, birds on watch line; frame measures 16 x 42"
343.Mixed-media on canvas titled "The Jersey Shore with Mountains" signed and dated 2009 and inscribed on reverse; 16 x 20"
344.Oil on canvas of motorcycle racer, signed top left corner; measures 24 x 18"
345.Motorcycle oil painting on canvas titled "Flat out Bobbi" signed and dated 2010 and inscribed on reverse; 16 x 20"
346.Motorcycle oil painting on canvas titled "White out Corner Drifting", signed and dated 2010 and inscribed on reverse; frame measures 16 x 20"
347.Miniature landscape oil painting on canvas, signed lower right; frame measures 17 x 19"
348.Folk art style portrait print on board; oak frame measures 22 x 17"
349.Evelyn Andreas oil painting on canvas, nude portrait, signed and dated lower right; gold frame measures 43 x 31"

Evelyn Andreas is actually Evelyn Reed who had a strong association with Leon Trotsky, and was a well know feminine activist. Before that period in her life she was married to Osborn Andreas. She gave up painting after she became heavily involved in her activism. Read bio

425.Chuck Ayers of the Akron Beacon Journal framed cartoon: frame measures 8 x 10"
426.Oval framed mirror with walnut frame; 29 x 24"
427.Framed magazine cover The New Woman; frame measures 18.5 x 14"
428.2 framed prints with monkeys; 20 x 17"
429.Wall mirror with embossed gold frame; 11 x 13"
430.Gold framed antique style wall mirror; 26 x 23"
431.Norman Rockwell framed print; 16 x 13"
432.Framed print, Angel with children; 16.5 x 13"
433.Rectangular mirror with gold frame; 15.5 x 13"
434.Window frame with painted glass panels; measures 28 x 29"
435.Roberto Campus limited edition print titled "Fall", signed lower left, includes certificate of authenticity on reverse; 14 x 11"
436.Limited edition serigraph, Owl and tree; 11 x 8"
437.Assorted prints, Egyptian painting on papyrus, unframed; largest 13.5 x 9"
438.Metal advertising sign for Dukes Dolls Surf Club; 16 x 12"
439.2 Halloween theme holographic prints; largest 17 x 13"
440.Antique engraving "Mars, Asteroids and Jupiter" from the Illustrated Astronomy
441.Metal rodeo signed; 20 x 16"
442.Antique style mirror with gold frame; 27 x 31"
443.19th century oil painting on canvas, landscape with thatched cottage, appears unsigned; gold frame measures 30 x 24"
444.Rectangular beveled edge mirror with gold frame; 30 x 42"
445.The Last Supper 3-dimensional plaque with mirrored frame; 24 x 28"
446.Lindsay Hill abstract artworks with black frame; 19 x 32"
447.NCC-1701 Enterprise print; Star Wars; frame measures 18 x 31"
448.Martin Hardie engraving, signed lower right; plate size 5 x 4", frame size 15.5 x 13.5"
449.Cigar art matted with tobacco leaves, signed and numbered 79/500; frame measures 14 x 22"
450.Summit landscape lithograph with gold frame; 33 x 39"
451.19th century lithograph 13; mahogany frame measures 29 x 35"
452.Oriental hand-painted fan with wood sticks; gold frame measures 20 x 31"
453.Framed print with Painted Bunting and Golden Chain; frame measures 25 x 21"
454.2 vintage silhouettes horse-drawn buggies; each measures 6" diameter
455.Sun form wall mirror; 23" diameter
456.Beveled edge mirror with bronze finish frame; 34 x 47"
457.2 fashion prints; matching frames measure 20 x 18"
458.Ivan Semenov oil painting on canvas, oil painting on canvas, still life with fruit, signed and dated 1964; frame measures 15 x 19"
459.Colored foil still life artwork with gold frame; 22 x 20"
460.Framed squirrel print; 16 x 13"
461.Three 19thC medical cartoons; matching frames measure 14 x 11"
462.Viking ship needlepoint; 18 x 22"
463.American Country Life bookplate titled "May Morning"; gold frame measures 17.5 x 21"
464.Rudolph Voits etching of Munich; frame measures 12 x 8"
465.Pepsi-Cola advertising clock; 19 x 12.5"
466.Rectangular crackle finish frame mirror; 38 x 25"
467.2 hand colored engravings "Maggio" and "Decembre", framed exclusively for Pilgrim House; matching frames measure 11 x 13"
468.Floral print on board; 30 x 21"
469.Jeweled hand-painted mirror; 18 x 12"
470.Jesus portrait engraving with gold frame; 8 x 6"
471.SC Russell signed artwork titled "Happy Pups"; frame measures 12 x 12"
472.Bob Correll original cartoon artwork for the Richmond Times; frame measures 15 x 17.5"
473.Bob Correll original cartoon artwork for the Richmond News Leader; frame measures 11.5 x 14.5"
474.Bob Correll signed political cartoon Richmond Times Dispatch; frame measures 14 x 17"
475.2 medieval night original watercolors; matching frames measure 20 x 15"
476.Original pencil drawing, still life with fruit and teapot signed gib 76 lower right; frame measures 20 x 27"
477.Framed architectural print; 16 x 12.5"
478.2 Kensington Gardens still life prints for May and February; matching frames measure 15 x 12"
479.French restaurant theme prints; gold frame measures 32 x 27"
480.Architectural print "Old-Time Winchester Virginia"; frame measures 24 x 31"
481.2 ethereal prints; matching frames measure 21 x 17"
482.Perry Davis limited edition serigraph, signed and dated 1972 and numbered 89/150; frame measures 17 x 21"
483.Antique sepia photographic family portrait; frame measures 12 x 13"
484.Framed medical cartoons; 12 x 9"
485.Rustic style mirror with solid wood frame; 31 x 21"
486.Lynn Kaatz limited-edition print titled Out Of the Fog arm, signed in pencil and numbered 599/850; bronze frame measures 26 x 31"
487.Jean Moreau print with rustic frame; 22.5 x 26"
488.Vintage lithograph, grandma and grandsons fishing; frame measures 21 x 18.5" 8 Fox 1964 copyright
489.Fly-fishing theme print; frame measures 20 x 31"
490.Frederick E Allen serigraph, signed in pencil and numbered 54/83; frame measures 20 x 2 30", includes label on reverse
491.Alfred Sisley print Small Meadows and Spring; gold frame measures 23 x 28"
492.Vintage silhouettes, woman and cat; frame measures 9.5 x 12"
493.Vintage portrait print, General Robert E Lee; frame measures 12 x 10"
494.Warner Bros cartoon print; gold frame measures 12 x 9.5"
495.Miniature size landscape print; 9.5 x 8"
496.Wall mirror with mahogany finish frame; 35 x 22"
497.3 framed cartoons; each measures 12.5 x 11"
498.2 Kensington Gardens lithographs for April and June; matching gold frames measure 22 x 18"
499.Abstract print on stretched canvas; 35 x 35"
500.Herman Miller teardrop table with metal hairpin legs; measures 19 x 36 x 43"
501.Victorian-style marble top table with mahogany base; measures 17.5 x 21.5 x 33.5"
502.Henkel Harris fourposter bed with headboard, footboard and rails; headboard measures 66 x 54"
503.Vintage mahogany buffet with 2 storage doors, 4 full drawers and 2 half drawers; measures 36 x 61 x 21"
504.Antique mahogany dresser with 2 full drawers and 3 half drawers and marble top with mirror; dresser measures 28 x 47 x 21.5"
505.Walnut circular tilt top table with 3 legs; measures 29 x 29" diameter
506.Antique oak Empire loveseat with storage; measures 38 x 48 x 18"
507.Antique pine blanket chest with dovetail corners and original pulls and hinges; measures 18 x 37 x 18"
508.Solid wood cabinet with 1 drawer and 6 drawers on turned legs; 55 x 36 x 18"
509.Matched pair of carved oriental design side cabinets, each with 1 drawer and 2 doors; each measures 22 x 22 x 22"
510.Victorian double-ended sofa with carved walnut frame, red upholstery, carved legs and metal casters; 74" wide
511.Solid mahogany drop side table with 1 drawer and Queen Anne style legs; 18 x 14 x 21" closed, oval-shaped sides are 12" wide
512.Walnut veneer sideboard with 1 drawer and 3 doors, fitted with sliding compartments; 38 x 60 x 21.5"
513.Victorian mahogany empire style chest with 4 drawers, turned wood handles and turned legs; 45 x 37 x 19"
514.Antique Dwinell-Wright Roasted Coffee box with original paper decals; 21 x 15 x 15"
515.Antique style rosewood drop side empire style table with 2 drawers, lyre shaped supports and glass handles; 31 x 48 x 17.5" closed, sides are 12" wide
516.Antique solid walnut chest with 4 drawers and carved handles; 41.5 x 42 x 21"
517.Empire style mahogany writing desk with sloping front, fitted interior and 4 detachable turned legs; 33 x 36 x 20"
518.4 Eastlake carved walnut side chairs with caned backs and seats and turned legs
519.8 shield back mahogany dining chairs, includes 2 arm chairs, each with ready to upholster drop in seats
520.Antique walnut twin size bed frame, includes headboard, footboard and side rails; headboard measures 48 x 40"
521.Matched pair of walnut quarter veneer mahogany side tables; each measures 27 x 19" diameter
522.Eastlake style walnut side table with marble top; 28 x 18 x 14.5"
523.Victorian-style side table with marble top; measures 29 x 18 x 13"
524.Antique mahogany hall tree with umbrella stand and mirror; preview for condition, measures 85 x 23 x 13.5"
525.Natuzzi leather sofa with nail head trim; measures 35 x 90 x 38"
526.Vintage mahogany corner cabinet; measures 82 x 47 x 24", fits corner size 30 x 30"
527.Ekornes leather reclining chair with matching ottoman; chair measures 39" tall
528.Reclining rocking chair with matching ottoman; measures 43" tall
529.Vintage mahogany sideboard with marble top; measures 40 x 58.5 x 21"
530.Vintage cherry canopy bed with headboard, footboard, rails and canopy frame; headboard measures 85 x 63"
531.Mahogany tilt top table with 3 legs; measures 25 x 25" diameter
532.Vintage mahogany side table; measures 30 x 36 x 22"
549.Vintage veneer china press; measures 73 x 44 x 17"
600.Vintage 4 drawer mahogany chest; measures 46 x 32 x 18"
601.Vintage maple finish 3 drawer dresser with tilt mirror; dresser measures 34 x 20 x 44"
602.Duncan Phyfe mahogany dining table with one leaf; measures 30 x 60 x 40", leaf measures 12", preview for condition
603.Global Furniture mahogany 6 drawer chest; measures 53.5 x 36 x 17.5"
604.Thomasville mahogany chest with 3 narrow and 3 wide drawers on Queen Anne style feet; 37 x 46 x 22"
605.Antique mahogany nightstand with 2 hinged doors and 2 drawers; 28 x 25 x 18"
606.Vintage mahogany side table with 3 drawers and flip top storage on sides; measures 28.5 x 27.5 x 14"
607.Mahogany trestle type table; 31 x 49 x 30"
608.Pine fall front secretary with 1 drawer; 41.5 x 35.5 x 20"
609.Lane mid century modern oak veneer side table; 16.5 x 18 x 18"
610.Solid wood high top table; 37 x 42 x 22"
611.2 solid oak high seat armchairs; floor to seat is 30"
612.2 contemporary glass top side tables; 26 x 31 x 31" (1 glass is chipped)
613.Empire style mahogany veneer bedframe, includes headboard, footboard and side rails; headboard measures 51 x 55" wide
614.Twin size solid mahogany bed frame, includes headboard, footboard and side rails; headboard measures 56 x 42" (matches 615)
615.Twin size solid mahogany bed frame, includes headboard, footboard and side rails; headboard measures 56 x 42" (matches 614)
616.Maple twin size bed frame, includes headboard, footboard and side rails; headboard measures 49 x 41"
617.Antique bentwood rocking chair (damage-requires repair)
618.2 mahogany finish 2 drawer nightstands with metal handles; 28 x 26 x 17"
619.Antique walnut cradle; 31 x 43 x 20"
620.Solid wood rocking chair
621.Antique oak spindle back rocking chair
622.Vintage mahogany table with one drop leaf; measures 29 x 50 x 23", drop leaf measures 22.5"
623.Vintage mahogany 3 drawer side table; measures 31 x 15 x 18.5"
624.Upholstered armchair; measures 33" tall
625.Vintage mahogany rocking chair with cane seat and back; measures 38" tall
626.Vintage maple Harmony House four drawer chest; measures 44 x 34 x 18"
627.Four mid century modern dining chairs with plastic backs and upholstered seats; measures 34" tall
628.8 Scholar Craft metal frame chairs with maple seats and backs; each measures 29" tall
629.2 painted rattan dining chairs with rush seating; each measures 36" tall
630.2 cherry bookcases with lower storage; each measures 58.5 x 24 x 18"
631.2 painted wood two drawer nightstands; each measures 21 x 23.5 x 16"
632.2 painted wood barstools with upholstered seats and checkerboard back; each measures 42.5" tall
633.Vintage maple dining table with one leaf and turned legs; measures 30 x 56 x 38, leaf measures 12"
634.6 vintage mahogany dining chairs with upholstered seats, one has arms; each chair measures 39" tall
635.Pressed wood laminate credenza with pullout and 4 leaves to form table; credenza measures 30.5 x 40 x 21", each leaf measures 15"
636.Folding director's chair; measures 48" tall
637.Pine 2 section bookshelf; measures 72 x 60 x 12.5"
638.Four vintage mahogany dining chairs with leather upholstered seats; each chair measures 34" tall
639.2 Pem-Kay upholstered striped armchairs; each chair measures 32" tall
640.Pennsylvania House maple dining table with 3 leaves; table measures 30 x 58 x 40", each leaf measures 10" wide
641.2 maple arrow back dining chairs; each measures 37" tall
642.6 maple captain's chairs; each measures 30" tall, preview for condition
643.6 mahogany dining chairs with rush seating, one has arms; each chair measures 44" tall, preview for condition
644.Vintage natural wood table with metal base; measures 23 x 23" diameter
645.4 maple spindle back dining chairs; each measures 33.5" tall
646.4 vintage Dell chairs; each measures 27.5" tall
647.4 oak dining chairs; each measures 34" tall
648.4 vintage maple dining chairs; each measures 34" tall
649.Story's Custom Designers wingback upholstered chair; measures 44" tall
650.4 drawer maple chest; measures 45.5 x 28 x 17", preview for condition
651.Upholstered wingback armchair with slipcover; measures 35" tall
652.Pressed wood 5 tier bookshelf; measures 72 x 28.5 x 12"
653.Mahogany drop leaf side table with leather inlay; measures 28 x 23 x 21", sides measure 6.5"
654.2 mahogany nesting tables; largest measures 20.5 x 23 x 15"
700.Katmurt handmade 100% wool pile area rug; measures 98 x 118"
701.Trocadero 100% wool Turkish Kilim prayer rug, circa 1850s - 1890s; measures 35 x 59"
702.Karastan "Kerman" style pink rug; measures 26 x 48"
703.Orange hall runner; measures 27 x 104"
704.Purple hand knotted rug; measures 26 x 46"
705.Karastan 100% wool face area rug; measures 104 x 180"
706.Maroon hand knotted Persian 100% wool area rug; measures 59 x 146"
707.Chinese handwoven green and gold area rug; measures 105 x 140"
708.Surya "Natural Affinity" 100% wool area rug; measures 60 x 90"
709.Karastan "Kerman" 100% wool face rug; measures 26 x 48"
710.Karastan "Kerman" 100% wool face rug; measures 26 x 48"
711.Karastan "Kerman" 100% wool face rug; measures 26 x 48"
712.Karastan "Kerman" 100% wool face rug; measures 34 x 61"
713.Karastan "Kerman" 100% wool face rug; measures 26 x 48"
714.Safavieh "Mahal" collection hall runner; measures 26 x 96"
715.Capel hall runner; measures 26 x 62"
716.Tan hall runner; measures 25 x 95"
717.Karastan "Bokhara" collection rug; measures 26 x 48"
718.Karastan "Bokhara" collection rug; measures 35 x 60"
719.Orange Oriental style rug; measures 24 x 45"
743.Safavieh "Courtyard" collection indoor/outdoor area rug; measures 79 x 112"
744.Tayse "Elegance" collection area rug; measures 59 x 80"
745.Tan oriental style area rug; measures 66 x 112"
746.Safavieh "Florida Shag" beige area rug; measures 102 x 142"
747.Sisal square pattern area rug; measures 110 x 147"
748.World Market green and black geometric pattern rug; measures 57 x 81"
749.Multicolor floral pattern area rug; measures 94 x 117"
750.Shelf lot books related to cooking and food, Doctor Seuss, Disney, children's books and others
751.Shelf lot children's and other books, includes Roy Rogers, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Kids Say the Darndest Things, The Big Valley, Handbook for Boys and others
752.Reference books including Coalport Porcelain, English Decoration and 18th-Century, Great Georgian Houses of America and others
753.Assorted books and magazines, includes Above Hallowed Ground, Western Movies, The Armed Forces of World War II and Jackdaw reproduction documents for The Battle of Trafalgar, The Retreat from Moscow, The Battle of Waterloo and the Crimean War
754.Shelf lot assorted books includes George W Bush-Decision Points, High Calling, Killing the Rising Sun, Obama's America and others
755.Shelf lot books related to food and cooking, includes recipe books and others
756.Assorted books, includes Great Family Collections, the USA-A History of Art, Historic Houses Restored and Preserved
757.6 assorted books, includes Richmond's Fan District, Old Richmond Today, Norman Rockwell, American Art Deco, Old West
758.Assorted books, includes Barbara Bush, Living on the Ragged Edge, Through the Fire, Led by a Carpenter and others
759.8 art related reference books includes Impressionist Painting, Origins of Modern Art, Spanish Painting, Early Flemish Painting and others
760.Shelf lot reference books includes Little Peachling, Stories from the White House, Biographical Encyclopedia of the World, Mosaic History, The American Album for US Stamps
761.Group of vintage magazines and periodicals, Includes Good Old Days, Fuel Saving Cars, Classic Toy Trains, Modern Screen Art Is Book, Hot Rods, Farm Journal and others
762.Shelf lot books and magazines to do with dolls and doll collecting
763.Shelf lot James Patterson novels including Cross-Country, You've Been Warned, Guilty Wives, Fourth Of July, Step on a Crack, Kill Alex Cross and others
764.Shelf lot vintage books includes 3 volumes Universal Instructor, Thomas Jefferson, Our Father's House, Der Fuehrer, Proud New Flags
765.Shelf lot gardening related books
766.Group of assorted clock books including The Essence of Clock Repair, American Banjo Clocks, 2 volumes 150 Years of Electric Horology and other clock reference books
767.Group of firearm related books including 1964 and 1995 Gun Digest and Life the World We Live in
768.Shelf lot Civil War related books including 2 volumes Battles and Leaders of the Civil War, Stillness at Appomattox, Never Call Retreat, The Blue and The Gray and 2 Volumes, The Improvised War and others
800.Mounted brown bear on caster stand from Richmond estate acquired in the 1960s; measures 49" tall
801.Mounted 12 point elk head from Richmond estate acquired in the 1960s; rack measures 46" wide
802.German made mountain chalet cuckoo clock, includes pendulum and weights; 13" wide
803.Bronze finish metal Art Deco style lamp; 16" tall
804.Heavy crystal salad bowl; 9.5" diameter
805.Lego creator Ferrari F40, includes box (preview for contents)
806.Vintage Alko 7 x 35 mm binoculars with leather case (preview for condition)
807.Syma X11/X11C air-cam 4 channel remote control Quad copter, includes box (preview for completeness)
808.Painted cast iron golf theme coin bank; 9" wide
809.Vintage medical instrument, with box
810.Hahn 45 single action BB revolver, includes box and pellets
811.Stellar 14 x 35 mm binoculars, includes box
812.Arts and crafts style leaded and stained-glass lampshade; 18" diameter
813.9 McDonald's and other collectible drinking glasses
814.Vintage Reader Rocket nut cracker, includes box
815.Vintage brass field scale, includes box; 13" wide
816.3 carved wood dancing figures; 13" tall
817.Brookstone Rover wireless spy tank, includes box (preview for contents and condition)
818.Hand crafted glass arrangement lamp with ceramic base; 15" tall
819.Bag of miniature bisque and other dolls; largest 3.5"
820.Arts and crafts style leaded and stained-glass lampshade; 14" diameter
821.Oval shaped stained glass sun catcher of deer; 22 x 16"
822.Enameled custard glass Victorian vase; 12.5" tall
823.Single Bose audio speaker; 21 inch wide
824.Veranderlich barometer on wood panel; 8" wide
825.Bag containing a large quantity of vintage matchbook covers
826.Mattel Snoopy and Jack music boxes; each 5.5" tall
827.Ceramic elephant teapot and 4 mugs
828.Limoges floral decorated China, includes dinner plates, side plates, soup bowls, cups and saucers; largest 11" (matches 830)
829.Petite Maison cheese knife set and twine slate cheese board, includes box; 17" wide
830.Limoges floral decorated China, includes covered vegetable dishes, terrines, platters, graduated platter set, butter dish with cover and assorted serving pieces; largest 18.5"
831.International postage stamp album to includes large quantity of used international stamps (incomplete-preview for contents)
832.Enameled glass lamp with marble base; 24" tall
833.Rubbermaid plastic tub assorted Lego figures
834.3 green metal ammunition boxes; 12" wide
835.3 German carved wood wall panels; largest 13 x 10.5"
836.Cow horn; 12" long
837.Vintage Whiting and Davis mesh purse, 2 beaded purses
838.Cast iron skillet with cover (damaged) and cast iron Dutch oven with cover; largest 13"
839.Thomas type tabletop mahogany case radio; 14" tall
840.Sango Kenwood china, setting 46 with extras, includes dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, cups saucers, platters and vegetable dishes; largest 15"
841.Plastic tub containing Harry Potter Lego game, Atlantis Lego game, Lego gadgets, lava Dragon Lego game and Miniotaurus Lego game(excludes plastic tub)
842.Aberdeen floral design china, includes dinner plates, side plates, salad plates, soup bowls, cups and saucers, oval-shaped platters, gravy boat, vegetable dish with cover; largest 15"
843.Large quantity Lego blocks in plastic
844.Regent Crown Ming old Imari China, includes dinner plates, side plates, cups and saucers, oval-shaped platter, creamer and sugar; largest 14"
845.Box of assorted minerals, fossils and semiprecious stones
846.Vintage Native American doll; measures 9.5" tall
847.Large plastic tub assorted Lego building blocks and construction pieces
848.Liberty blue Historic Colonial Scenes Staffordshire china, includes dinner plates, platters, soup bowls, side plates, cups and saucers, dessert bowls, salt and pepper shakers, assorted serving pieces, coffee pot and water pitcher; largest 14"
849.Norma banjo; 39" long numbered Ba1530
850.Vintage Mickey Mouse hat and alarm clock; clock measures 3.5" tall
851.Portmeirion Botanic Garden china, includes mugs, plates, dishes, bowls and serving pieces; largest 13"
852.6 side arm holsters
853.Vintage Mahjong set includes wood case with 5 drawers, bamboo and ivory tiles and instruction booklet
854.5 plastic tubs with jewelry making beads and supplies
855.Small dolls carriage; 24" long
856.Floral decorated Japanese made child's tea set with box
857.Italian made hand painted ceramic statue of flute player; 25.5" tall (preview for damage)
858.Antique parianware porcelain Roman-inspired statue; 21" tall (arm is detached - preview for damage)
859.Pink, maroon, blue and yellow Fiesta-ware; largest platter is 14" long
860.12 Wedgwood plates with various Yale scenes; 11" diameter
861.Pair of modern Chinese blue and white pottery ginger jars; 20" tall
862.West African carved tribal figural group; 14" tall
863.1 Longaberger 1998 Collectors Club basket with insert and additional unmarked basket; largest 11" across
864.Circa early 20th c. carved wood Chokwe stool from Angola Zaire; measuring 18.5" tall
865.Large ceramic Japanese planter with multiple-character scene; 14" tall
866.Carved wood African fertility statue featuring man and woman holding baby; measuring 28" tall
867.A Standing Nude circa 1940s/1950s carved wooden Zairean statue; 13" tall
868.Carved wood boars head mask; 14" long
869.Carved African wooden statue of pregnant woman; 23" tall
870.Assorted decorative limited edition ceramic plates including mostly plates featuring Elvis by Delphi and Franklin Mint
871.Hand made and painted wooden doll house with lifting roof; 26" tall
872.Steiff Replica 1994 Museum-Collection Zirkus-Bar Mit Schnappgliedern 1935 Braun 32 bear in box; bear measuring 12" tall
873.World War II era gas mask with accessories (damaged-preview for condition)
874.Limited edition 1987 Corolle creation Catherine Refabert doll with wooden box; doll measuring 17" tall
875.Tan glazed crock without lid; 13" tall
876.Carved wooden African statue depicting man and woman with baby and dog; 25" tall
877.Morgantown/Seneca/Pilgrim 9.5" glass bubble vase
878.Pyrex cornflower blue bowl with daisy print; 9" diameter
879.Florn desk alarm clock, with box; 3.5" tall
880.Brass bell marked "Titanic 1912"; 6.5" tall (preview for authenticity)
881.Hand painted ceramic pitcher; 10" tall
882.The Roanoke World News bound book of newspapers from 1949; 23" tall
883.4 metal beer advertising signs including Weizenbier, Aventinus, Great White and Tangerine ; largest measuring 19.5" across
884.Blenko cobalt blue art glass scalloped pedestal bowl circa 2001 #9964; 15" diameter
885.PSE Nova Jr. bow and arrows (preview for working condition)
886.Lamp with white ceramic base with floral detailing; 18" tall (preview for working condition)
887.Faux tulips in glass pedestal vase; 26" tall
888.Large ceramic black cat; 16" long (preview for condition)
889.Polaroid OneStep Closeup camera (preview for working condition)
890.23 And Me personal genetic service, appears to be unopened
891.Craftsmen 8 piece wood turning chisel set with box, rigid heavy-duty pipe cutter, assorted dies
892.Olympus C-765 ultra zoom digital camera, includes box (preview for contents and completeness)
893.Lost in Space collector's cookie jar, in box; 16" tall (preview for condition)
894.Coors Winterfest wooden crate; 17" across
895.Pair of distressed metal hanging candle holders; 17" tall
896.2 pressed glass decanters, Brahms and Mozart ceramic busts; largest 12" tall
897.Pair of bronze tone metal decorative birds; 18" tall
898.10" Polish pottery dish with handles, marked "WR Unikat"
899.Monogrammed silver plate coffee service
900.Cobblers shoe iron
901.Tan glazed jug; 10" tall
902.Vintage serving tray with ship motif; 18 x 11"
903.Rubber-faced Woolno dog toy and Polish souvenir doll; largest 14" tall
904.Scored and brown glazed stoneware vase; 13" tall
905.2 Corning ware coffee carafes; 10" tall
906.Magazines and periodicals including The Story of John F Kennedy, JFK Coloring Book, Look-The Death of a President and vintage Rand McNally map of the moon
907.Brenda Bickerstaff-Stanley original watercolor titled Creek Way-Rappahannock, signed lower right and titled on reverse, unframed; image size 2.5 x 4", mat size 7.5 x 9"
908.Bavarian castle Puzz-3D jigsaw puzzle by rabbit, sealed in original box
909.Horse and buggy cast iron bell includes mounting bracket; 13" wide
910.Vintage toy tin lithograph tool chest; 16" wide
911.8 turquoise glass Ball jars with screw off covers; 7" tall
912.Crossly model CR 704C stereo and turn table; 17" wide
913.Jet battery operated wall clock; 14" diameter
914.Wilton oval shaped platter and acanthus design platter; largest 20"
915.Hamilton Beach multi-bowl shredder-slicer, model 70800 (includes box-preview for condition)
916.2 carved white marble lamps including harps; 27" tall
917.Carved wood and metal eagle lamp; 28" tall including harp and eagle finial
918.Sony CDP-C321 compact disc player (preview for working condition)
919.Group of Hot Wheels Muscle Mania and other scale model cars and vehicles
920.2 floral enameled porcelain lamps, wood bases and floral shades with metal finial; 28" tall
921.Group of art painted porcelain floral arrangements; largest 7"
922.2 vintage baseball gloves
923.Adjustable brass lamp; 26" tall including harp
924.Motor Trend 2 in 1 air compressor inflator/deflator, includes box (preview for contents and completeness)
925.Craftsman 4 in 1 level with laser track, includes case and owners manual (preview for working condition)
926.Pfaltzgraff stoneware pie dish and Pennsylvania Dutch pies and pastries recipe book
927.Brass box with cover and brass cruet set on stand; largest 9"
928.3 painted porcelain head dolls with cloth bodies; 20" tall
929."Bameleke" Cameroon Royal Ancestral figure, circa 1940, includes gallery label from Z Rosa Richmond Virginia; 68" tall (preview for damage)
930.Mexican made painted rustic wood altarpiece; 20" tall
931.Fire King milk glass batter bowl, 2 cups, made in Japan oil lamp and other milk glass; largest 7"
932.2 Royal Doulton porcelain plates with bird motif; 9" diameter
933.2 vintage camera's, includes Canon C115 and Kinetic
934.Vintage record albums, includes Bobbi Goldsboro, Johnny Cash, Lawrence Welk, Bill Anderson, Jimmy Dean, Perry Como and others
935.Vintage Mexican painted carved wood figure of a tiger; 27" long
936.Antique carved face wood wall shelf; 25 x 25 x 8"
937.Brass and glass scale; 24" tall
938.Adams and Son ironstone pottery pitcher; 8" tall
939.Antique engraved brass bed warmer with turned wood handle; 45" long
940.Lee Middleton Collectible Porcelain Head Doll Bunny Surprise includes box; 24" tall
941.2 enameled oriental Chinese health balls, includes box
942.2 hand cranked torque wrenches by Safe Tran systems, includes boxes
943.Bag of green plastic soldiers and military figures
944.Pottery Barn white porcelain soup plates, assorted saucers and 4 white porcelain cups; largest 9"
945.2 pieces amberina glass; largest 5"
946.4 router bits by Harbor Freight, includes boxes
947.2 framed black and white photographs, vintage football player and Lion Head Special race car; largest 13 x 11"
948.Sony model DDP-SR 101P DVD player (preview for working condition)
949.Bronze finish sculpture; 23" tall
950.2 oriental glazed porcelain lamps with gold trim, brass bases and pleated mismatched shades; 31" tall
951.Handmade and painted Nativity arrangement; 30 x 17"
952.2 vintage pedestal telephone ornaments; largest 12"
953.Heart-shaped plastic tote with assorted candleholders and candlesticks; largest 11"
954.2 stained and leaded glass corner brackets; largest 12 x 10"
955.Chinese pottery vase; 8" tall
956.Large clam shell shaped dish; 15" wide
957.Plastic head vintage doll on stand and cloth body souvenir dolls; largest 20"
958.4 marble cheese slicers by Kitchen Collection includes boxes; each 9 x 8"
959.Envelope with President Clinton ephemera including The White House magazine and Bill Clinton poster and photographs of Bill and Hillary Clinton
960.Handmade and painted Nativity arrangement; 30 x 17"
961.Antique glazed pottery bottle; 8.5" tall
962.Japanese hand-painted porcelain figural decanter; 12" tall
963.Galvanized metal pitcher; 14" tall
964.8 Star Trek porcelain coffee mugs
965.2 tall glass footed vases with long stems; each 24" tall
966.Black & Decker blender, model BL-10450 HB, includes box (preview for contents and condition)
967.2 vintage German green fabric hats, 1 with metal pins and badges, includes Bergman's hat box; 12" diameter
968.NASCAR, winners circle and other scale model cars
969.Aluminum cooking pots and cattle and teapot; largest 10"
970.2 fleur de lis form lamps; 31" tall including harp's
971.Assorted ceramics, includes Bavarian made hand-painted porcelain dish, 2 Greek made porcelain ashtrays and collectible porcelain plates; largest 9"
972.Metal airplane sculpture; 16" wide
973.3 ceramic and 11 plastic Koi fish; largest 11"
974.2 silver edged bowls, silver plate bowl and mother-of-pearl abalone and Lucite ashtray; largest 10"
975.4 Lost in Space Robot B-9 toys, includes boxes; largest 13"
976.Sango floral decorated china, includes dinner plates, side plates, cups and saucers, creamer and sugar and salad bowl; largest 13"
977.2 vintage Pyrex fridge dishes with covers; largest 10"
978.Ceramic candlestick with cream shades; 26" tall
979.7-Up soda bottle dispenser, includes box; 13" wide
980.31 day wall clock; 21" tall (preview for working condition)
981.6 industrial spindles, vintage masher; largest 13"
982.Pineapple metal and glass lamp with inverted shade; 29" tall
983.Fenton style glass bowl with ruffled edge, Japanese hand-painted porcelain double handled vase, 2 miniature Satsuma vases and transfer printed bowl with cover; largest 11"
984.10 Lost in Space Robot B-9 talking keychains, original packaging; each 4" tall
985.Ceramic lighthouse lamp; 13" tall
986.NASCAR scale model cars and other NASCAR souvenirs
987.Brass pineapple lamp; 15" tall
988.Metal Eiffel tower lamp; 28" tall including harp and finial
989.Assorted toys, includes Space Explorer, Planet Robot Gum, Big Farm Tractor, Carboy with Whip, Railroad Handcart and others, includes boxes; largest 10"
990.Mid century modern Pyrex number (25) 4 quart bowl; 14" wide
991.Hanging brass scale with 2 pans; 10" diameter
993.Press glassware, includes 8 footed tumblers, 8 footed desserts, 2 circular serving trays; largest 14"
994.Group of early 20th century black and white school photographs including St Patrick's Academy Brooklyn; largest 12 x 14"
995.Group of decorative curtain and drapery accessories, holdbacks and stacked backs
996.Black lacquer and mother-of-pearl inlaid divided dish with cover; tall .5" diameter
997.Ashton Drake Galleries collectible porcelain head doll includes box; 12" tall
998.Empire pewter candleholders with weighted base, Noritake Somerset oval-shaped platter, blue-and-white checked tablecloth and 2 glass and metal candle stands; largest 13"
999.Current quantity of miniature size Little Golden Books, circa 1991; each book measures 3 x 3" (unopened original packaging)
1000.2 miniatures size Kensington Garden prints for April and November; gold frames measure 9.5 x 7"
1001.4 ceramic mixing bowls; largest 8.5"
1002.Matchbox Super Kings, Speed Kings and Tootsie Toy with Boxes; Largest 12"
1003.2 green finish matching lamps; 27" tall
1004.Frosted glass cat, ceramic cats, ceramic birds and other animals ornaments; largest 8"
1005.Mid Century Modern Pyrex 1.5 quarts oven dishes; largest 10"
1006.Vintage made in Japan and other salt and pepper shakers; largest 4"
1007.4C creature theme disposal stoppers; largest 4" by Billy Joe Handmade Pewter Stainless Steel and Natural Rubber
1008.Collectible miniatures, wood, porcelain metal; largest 4"
1009.Antique style porcelain lamp with metal base and fabric shade; 32" tall
1010.Assorted ceramics, includes creamers, covered dishes, candleholders, miniature vase and salad servers, wedding cake toppers; largest 6"
1011.Carved stone fruit, carved alabaster bird, green Jade cat and hieroglyphics calendar cube; largest 4"
1012.5 miniature metal clocks, includes alarm clock, tall case clock and 3 shelf clock; largest 5"
1013.2 Native American musical instruments includes drum; largest 8"
1014.Vintage First flex box camera
1015.2 Barbie Happy Holidays dolls, by Mattel includes boxes; 14" tall
1016.2 scale model NASCAR stock cars; largest 9"
1017.Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey revolving figurine snow globe, includes box; 7" tall
1018.Vintage toys, cowboys, horses, My Friend harmonica
1019.Austrian gold edge soup cups with holder
1020.Made in Thailand papier-mache fish dish; 21" wide
1021.Wire baskets; 11" wide
1022.Made in Japan transfer printed china, includes dinner plates, side plates, cups and saucers; largest 9.5"
1023.Large box assorted seashells and fossils
1024.Care Bears 25th anniversary bear, includes box; 13" tall
1025.Vintage handheld toys and cars
1026.Assorted milk glass, includes footed bowls, vases, semicircular dishes, ceramic pitcher, oil lamp, cups, saucers, shell shaped soap dishes; largest 7"
1027.Owl collectibles, includes covered jar, soap dispenser and figures; largest 8"
1028.Framed portrait; 7.5 x 9"
1029.Assorted toys and collectibles, includes Outerspace saving bank, windup UFO, rooster tape dispenser, woodpecker bank outdoor wireless remote 2 Warner Bros Tasmanian devil kids cups and other collectibles; largest 10"
1030.Sangean model WR-11 2 band receiver (preview for working condition)
1031.Vintage Viewmaster with assorted slides includes 7 Wonders of the World and others includes original case
1032.Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game; 4015" long
1033.Antique hand painted dollhouse dresser; 14" tall (mirrors missing)
1034.Vintage toys, includes FisherPrice American History Cards set, Budweiser barbecue sauce set and other items
1035.3 vintage Corningware glass mixing bowls; largest 10" diameter
1036.Golf theme placemats by Pimpernel, unopened box of 4; 16 x 12"
1037.2 pressed metal excavator and Crane toys by Happily; largest 15"
1038.Vulcan Park blue enamel cast iron pot with cover; 13" diameter
1039.Genuine Walnut table top jewelry display; 18 x 12"
1040.The Simpsons chess set, lie detector boardgame and Tickle Bee Game; largest 17"
1041.2 jewelry boxes, one has lithograph on top; largest measures 4.5 x 11.5 x 7.5"
1042.2 Lord of the Rings Gollum toys, assorted Disney toys and other collectibles; largest 14"
1043.Blue and white Oriental ceramics, includes teapot with cups, brush pot, saucers and tray; largest 12"
1044.McCoy oval shaped pottery planter; 11" wide
1045.Miniature Mediterranean landscape oil painting on canvas appears unsigned; 10 x 8"
1046.Vintage world globe on stand; 18" tall
1047.Assorted toys and dolls, includes Coca-Cola Splash Barbie, Rio, Tweety bird, McDonald's cars and other toys; largest 15"
1048.Group of soda and other bottle form salt and pepper shakers includes Budweiser, Pepsi-Cola, Absolute Vodka and others; largest 4.5"
1049.Etched glassware, ceramic butter dish with cover, Lady Vornado electric shaver and wicker basket with fabric liner; largest 17"
1050.Fiesta and others ceramics, includes plates, bowls, cups saucers and dishes; largest 10"
1051.2 Walnut framed jewelry and coin table top displays; each measures 10 x 24"
1052.English luster glazed terra-cotta teapot with gold trim; 9" wide
1053.Vintage gray enameled bakeware, muffin dishes, colander, frying pan and other items; largest 16"
1054.Large size clown shoes and crown print with frame; largest 15"
1055.Merrythought and Althans German made Mohair teddy bears and accessories, teddy bear pins, includes certificates; largest 14"
1056.4 multicolored studio pottery vases; largest 9"
1057.Kitchen items, Pyrex pie dish and oven dish, cutting boards, coffee pot and other items; largest 15"
1058.6 painted cast iron birds and ducks; largest 6"
1059.3 vintage circular weights; each measure approximately 4" in diameter
1060.Die cast cars, trucks and plastic farm animals
1061.Williamsburg Virginia and Old Dominion State and Virginia Museum souvenir porcelain plate; largest 10"
1062.Vintage ovenproof mixing bowl and 2 mid century modern Pyrex glass dishes with covers; largest 9"
1063.Vintage toys including VHS box set Funny World of Lucy, vintage noisemaker, baseball figures, electric irons, Hopalong Cassidy and other toys; largest 12"
1064.3 replica resin whales teeth, glove stretcher, ceramic mushroom and frog collectible; largest 7"
1065.Stainless steel grilling set with box; 19" wide
1066.Mexican hand-painted carved wood angels; 17" wide
1067.Antique brown glazed pottery pitcher; up 10" tall
1068.Antique green painted cast iron harvester and Playskool game; largest 12"
1069.2 wrought iron candleholders; largest 18"
1070.Bachmann and other model railroad accessories, includes locomotives, railroad cars, layout accessories, transformer and other items
1071.7 Fenton and other painted glass fairy lamps, Raggedy Ann and Andy book ends, ceramic oil burner and book titled Fairy Lamps by Emelia and Max Wiggin
1072.Crystal pitcher with silverplated top and handle, 6 Portmeirion Potteries plates and 1 ceramic dish; picture measures 14" tall
1073.Painted cast iron poodle doorstop; 8" tall
1074.8 Yo-Bonic novelty yo-yos
1075.Scale Model NASCAR Collectibles, Card Sets, Coors Light 2-car set with boxes, NASCAR collectibles
1076.Aluminum ice bucket with its ceramic liner, silver plate basket and lampshade; largest 10"
1077.2 framed Mickey Mouse prints, Disney figures and other collectibles, wicker basket with fabric liner; 15" wide
1078.Dollhouse furniture, includes cradle, chair and baby with 2 wheels; largest 11"
1079.German made model railroad layout accessories
1080.Large size pink willow transfer printed cup and saucer by Adams and green transfer printed porcelain tureen with cover; largest 12"
1081.Glass prism wall mount light fixtures; 24" long
1082.Bungholer, single hame, nozzle, large size liquor flask and glass bottle; largest 10"
1083.Ceramic owls, ceramic birds, glass bird and other items
1084.Suite of fancy etched glass ware, includes wine goblets and champagne stems; largest 8"
1085.Antique porcelain head doll, ceramic doll and framed Raggedy Anne print; doll measures 16" tall
1086.2 Walnut cased tabletop jewelry displays; largest 9 x 12"
1087.Italian made pottery ashtray and marble ashtray; largest 8"
1088.Oval-shaped pottery tray and bowl; largest 21"
1089.2 gold finish book ends; each 6"
1090.Ceramic Pokemon Pikachu coin bank; 13" tall
1091.2 wire baskets, brass lamp, cigarette candleholder Graham, Horn of Plenty vase, glass vase with candle and miniature minute terrarium with artificial greenery; largest 10"
1092.Pair 1 blue and white pottery jar with cover, plate and pepper shakers; largest 8"
1093.2 antique oval shaped mahogany trays, 1 with glass top, 1 with fruit wood inlays; largest measures 26 x 14"
1094.Lynn Chase Jungle Jubilee porcelain tureen with cover; 11" diameter
1095.Fall themed ceramic pitcher, tureen with cover, dogwood flower bowl and pottery mug; largest 12"
1096."Colors" Happy Everything plate; 17" diameter
1097.Blue glazed Pier 1 pottery teapot and 4 cups; largest 9"
1098.Steiff plastic sign and 2 wood cutouts; largest 11"
1099.11 unopened box sets Star Trek UNO
1100.Americana Collection family collectibles, includes boxes 3 crystal candleholders, Pier 1 Imports penguin bottle stopper; largest 5"
1101.Assorted table linens, placemats, ostrich feather fans, photograph frame and blue throw; largest 19"
1102.Antique table linens, handwork lace, crocheted doilies
1103.Vintage General Electric turntable (preview for working condition)
1104.Blackbird pottery bowl and Mexican made hand painted pottery rooster; largest 13"
1105.Fabric throw
1106.2 Russ Troll Christmas dolls; 14" tall
1107.2 pressed glass decanters; 11" tall
1108.Kodak slide projector and carousel model 5600, includes box
1109.Original Tinkertoy and American Plastic Bricks; largest containers 10" tall
1110.Gold plated punch ladle with box and silver plate pitcher with box; largest 14"
1111.Tonka pressed steel grader and camping truck; largest 19"
1112.Vintage 1930s and earlier portrait and group photographs; largest 12 x 10"
1113.Collectible elephants in ebony, carved wood, ceramic, fabric; largest 7"
1114.2 brass lamps with printed fabric shades; 27" tall
1115.Ceramic elephant collectibles, figures, elephant ornaments; largest 7"
1116.Rogers silver plate creamer and sugar bowl, silver plate trivet, jam jar
1117.6 floral form wax candles, 2 with boxes; largest 4"
1118.5 collectible Thermos lunchboxes includes Indiana Jones, Alf, Close Encounters, Star Trek, Six Million Dollar Man
1119.2 glass water carafes, vases, plates, blue glass plate set, assorted ceramics and bowls; largest 10"
1120.Star Wars Queen Amidala doll, mermaid and Toy Story doll; largest 14"
1121.Glass miniature size Christmas collectibles; largest 4"
1122.Star Trek Pez collectors series candy dispensers, includes box; 14" wide
1123.Six Six Eight vacuum jug; 13" tall
1124.Box of Bachmann Big Haulers G scale Christmas tree ornaments, Gund pins, Crazy Bones collectibles and other items
1125.Build A Bear workshop bunny, includes box; 19" tall
1126.Megafesa stainless steel pressure cooker
1127.Green finish metal wall pockets and candleholders; largest 16"
1128.Quantity of silver plated items, creamer, sugar, water pitcher, candleholders, mugs, goblets, salad bowl, napkin rings, trivets, butter dish and serving pieces; largest 13"
1129.Metal stand with glass candleholders; 20" wide
1130.Ceramic lamp with cream fabric shade; 27" tall
1131.Antique kitchen model 137 wood and metal boat and wall shelf; largest 15"
1132.Bag of vintage plastic wild animals and farm animals; largest 7"
1133.Bag of plastic pistols
1134.Large ceramic salad bowl; 14" diameter
1135.Department 56 Dickens Village Series collectibles, includes Big Ben and Tower Bridge of London with original boxes; 16" wide
1136.Wood and chromed metal lamp with fabric shade; 47" tall
1137.Electronics, includes Panasonic hand held telephones with base station
1138.Vintage Crackerjack tin, Planet of the Apes thermos and vintage PAL bottle
1139.Scale model NASCAR and other toys and trucks in original packaging; largest 10"
1140.2 acanthus form wall shelves; 11" tall
1141.Group of Gund and other stuffed bears
1142.Porcelain bowl, largest dish, pressed aluminum trays; largest 10"
1143.NASCAR collectibles, scale model cars and other souvenir; largest 9"
1144.Rose decorated made in Japan ceramics, soup bowls with dishes, Japanese painted demitasse cups and saucers; largest 8"
1145.Springfield Riviera thermometer and humidity meter, includes box; 11" wide
1146.Fenton hobnail vase, assorted press glass dishes, Lenox trumpet form vase and other items; largest 9"
1147.Silver plated items, includes 3 trays, tea and coffee pots, creamer and sugar, candlesticks, butter shell, baskets; largest 24"
1148.Wildlife gifts collectible, coasters, made in Japan ceramic salt and pepper shakers, napkin holders; largest 9"
1149.Milk glassware, includes vases, dishes, bowls and other items; largest 9.5"
1150.Unused boxes of Holiday Time curtain light sets
1151.Assorted wall timers, electronic calculator, video transfer system (preview for working condition)
1152.Rotel RSP-1069 surround sound processor (preview for working condition)
1153.Assorted Fostoria glassware, includes centerpiece, trophy bowl, Rose bowls, assorted punch cups, serving plates, large size pitcher and oval-shaped tray; largest 15"
1154.6 Fletcher pottery soup dishes; largest 7"
1155.3 Furby electronic collectibles with boxes; each 8" tall
1156.DVD box set Little House on the Prairie
1157.Assorted paintings and prints, includes hand colored Alpine engraving, miniatures; largest 14 x 11"
1158.Vintage CB radio Midland model 13-882C CB radio with accessories (preview for condition)
1159.Silver plated items, spoon holders, collectible teaspoons, oval-shaped dishes, plates and bowls and sterling silver toothpick holder; largest 11"
1160.Assorted glassware, RS and herringbone goblets, milk glass triangular plates with cups
1300.Vintage window frame with metal art; measures 40 x 27"
1301.Camouflage parachute by Pioneer Parachute Co.
1302.Star Wars spaceship, light sabers, Jabba the Hutt and other items; excludes tote
1303.Wagon made from vintage Pepsi Cola crate; measures 8 x 18 x 16"
1304.Ibanez practice bass amplifier; model IBZ10B
1305.Hamilton Beach countertop microwave oven; model P70B20AP - WC
1306.2 wooden painted swans; largest measures 17" tall
1307.Presto Heat Dish electric heater; preview for condition
1308.Lorex security cameras; model CVC 6950
1309.Pez dispensers, toy dinosaur, action figures and other items
1310.Silverplated teapot, bowl, plate and basket
1311.6 jewelry display blocks
1312.Woven hat, 4 port USB, decorative plates, wooden paddle and other items
1313.Busch Beer billiard table light; measures 48.5" long
1314.Ceiling mounted glass light fixture; measures 52" tall
1315.New Traditions King quilt
1316.Vornado air quality system in original box
1317.Brass waste receptacle; measures 11.5" tall
1318.3 candleholder stands; largest measures 21" tall
1319.Union clamp on adjustable roller-skates
1320.Various vintage Victor records
1321.Wedding dress in storage box; preview for size
1322.George Foreman Hot Metal Colors grill with original box
1323.Holmes electric fan; model HT17FM
1324.Coca-Cola bottle, Dr. Pepper bottle, Pepsi cans and various glassware
1325.One folding food tray with painted art top; measures 24 x 21 x 15"
1326.One pair of hip waders; preview for size
1327.2 vintage gas powered model airplanes; preview for condition
1328.Visions pots and pans set; preview for completion
1329.Various books to include "American Dreamer", "Undaunted Courage", "John Adams" and other titles
1330.Cordless drill with battery and charger and various used golf balls
1331.2 tablecloths and soft sided tote bag
1332.Brass fireplace fender; measures 10.5 x 58 x 15"
1333.Elite Qubo Fluid Bike Trainer in original box
1334.Signicade plastic advertising easel; measures 46 x 27"
1335.2 light fixtures
1336.6 framed black and white photographs; largest frame measures 11.5 x 9.5"
1337.Ceiling fan light kit; preview for condition
1338.Dirt Devil handheld vacuum cleaner with attachments
1339.2 wooden storage boxes; largest measures 8 x 16 x 8"
1340.Radio Flyer wagon; measures 8.5 x 20.5 x 10.5"
1341.13 picture frames; largest measures 9.5 x 11.5"
1342.Various books to include "Three Days in January", "Game Changers", "All the President's Men" and other titles
1343.3 plastic grills; each measures 21.5 x 5.5"
1344.Various books to include "Lost Victories", "Is Paris Burning?", "Flags of Our Father's" and other titles
1345.Various books to include "The Cat Who Moved a Mountain", "The Danger", "In the Company of Cheerful Ladies" and other titles
1346.Ear protection, electric drills, fasteners and other items
1347.Vintage painted smoking table with lamp and brass tray; measures 38" tall
1348.Vintage toy train track with buildings on board; measures 42 x 24"
1349.Vintage wooden cradle; measures 19 x 26 x 14"
1350.2 wooden display cases with glass top; largest measures 5 x 24.5 x 20.5", other case measures 5 x 16.5 x 12"
1351.Five posters of Budweiser, Bud Light and Dale Earnhardt Jr.
1352.Regal Kitchen Pro beadmaker; preview for condition
1353.2 wooden ammunition crates; largest measures 8 x 37 x 12"
1354.2 Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus advertising posters
1355.Wooden display case with glass top; measures 2 x 18 x 24"
1356.Mitsubishi stereo preamplifier; model DA-P20
1357.Various books of Virginia interest to include "Birds of Colonial Williamsburg", "Greater Richmond; Region on the Rise", "Where Banners Flew" and other titles
1358.Ceiling mounted vintage 3 bulb light fixture; measures 17" tall
1359.7 light fixtures with glass globes; each globe measures 6.5" tall
1360.Lost in Space radio controlled B-9 robot in original box
1361.Fender practice amplifier; model 15 G
1362.Various DVDs to include "Ghost Rider", "Slap Shot", "Try, Try Again!" And other titles
1363.2 hanging light fixtures with woven shades; each measures 18" tall
1364.4 Jelly Bar portable UV black lights
1365.2 vintage mahogany wall mounted shelving units; each measures 18 x 12 x 11"
1366.Wrought iron doll chaise; measures 29.5" tall
1367.Manual clamping vise on board
1368.Various vintage books to include "Children's Digest" and others
1369.Metal tripod stand
1370.Vintage Dr. Pepper crate with empty Dr. Pepper bottles and 3 Schweppes tonic water bottles
1371.Vintage pine doll cradle; measures 10 x 16 x 8.5"
1372.Various albums and CDs to include Kenny Rogers, The Oak Ridge Boys, Dolly Parton and others
1373.Electric faux fireplace heater by Allen; model HT-ST-1006
1374.Tailor's dress form; measures 48" tall
1375.Vintage wooden carpenters box and wall-mounted coat hooks; carpenters box measures 35" long
1376.Pine doll rocking bench; measures 15" tall
1377.Plastic planter and 2 lampshades; planter measures 12 x 12.5" diameter
1378.Painted wood doll rocking chair; measures 15" tall
1379.Camera tripod and wooden tripod
1380.2 toy trucks; largest measures 27" long
1381.Painted metal candleholder; measures 7 x 23.5"
1382.Various playing cards, change purse, stationery holder and other items
1383.Various DVDs to include Stevie Ray Vaughn, Cream, Yellowjackets and other artist
1384.Christmas door wreath; measures 16" diameter
1385.4 vintage light fixtures; largest measures 19" tall
1386.Duraheal drafting mat; measures 37 x 25"
1387.1 Dale Earnhardt plaque and 1 Davey Allison plaque with clock
1388.Disney themed girls toy box; measures 25 x 31 x 16.5"
1389.Vintage pine floor lamp with table and shade; measures 53" tall
1390.Star Wars theme throw pillow; measures 14 x 14"
1391.Exerciser 2000 Elite passive motion machine; preview for working condition
1392.2 wall-mounted chrome light fixtures with swivel arms; each measures 21" long
1393.Eastwood homes plastic entry mat; preview for dimensions
1394.2 plastic gasoline cans; one 5 gallon and one 2 gallon container
1395.Wicker doll cradle and chair; cradle measures 17" tall
1396.Brass planter; measures 14 x 15.5" diameter
1397.Various games to include "Starburst", "Foot Loose", "What's Gnu?" and others
1398.Mahogany doll chair with velvet seat; measures 20" tall
1399.Various 3 ring binders and file sorters
1400.Wooden storage box with wicker sides; measures 12 x 20 x 12.5"
1401.2 vintage metal fuel cans; largest measures 15" tall
1402.Black & Decker Workmate 225 clamping table
1403.Black & Decker Workmate clamping worktable
1404.GE countertop microwave oven with stainless front; preview for condition
1405.Child's wicker rocking chair; measures 20" tall
1406.Wooden wall sconce with brass candleholders; measures 21" tall
1407.Vintage motorcycle helmet with face shield
1408.9 sets of drawer slides
1409.Various DVDs and VHS tapes to include "Bruce Almighty", "Collateral", "War, Inc." and other titles
1410.3 glass lighting globes; each measures 8" tall
1411.2 framed paper cut out art; each measures 13 x 13"
1412.One trowel, 2 edgers, 2 sprinklers and one digital door lock
1413.20 Rattan and wicker food trays; each measures 13 x 19"
1414.2 twin size quilt sets in original packaging
1415.Vintage brass floor lamp with harp; measures 56" tall
1416.Vintage metal floor lamp with articulating arm; measures 50" tall
1417.Vintage brass floor lamp with glass accents; measures 55" tall
1418.Titan Industrial manual generator transfer switch
1419.Various cookbooks
1420.Various Raggedy Ann and Andy collectibles to include plates, bowls, figurines and other items
1421.Painted wooden serving tray; measures 26 x 19"
1422.Various Playmobil figurines
1423.Ladies camouflage tote
1424.Various cookbooks
1425.4 sets of Opalhouse sheer curtains
1426.Mahogany finish wine table with marble top; in original box
1427.5 picture frames; largest measures 18 x 14.5"
1428.Vintage wooden doll stroller; measures 24" tall
1429.Ceiling mounted light fixture; preview for completeness
1430.Various Civil War books to include "The Civil War Extra", "The Commanders of the Civil War", "The Battlefields of the Civil War" and other titles
1431.2 metal candle stands; largest measures 30" tall
1432.Copper floor lamp designed like a still; measures 45" tall
1433.Camera tripod stand with adjustable height
1434.2 brass andirons; each measures 21" tall
1435.ProScan flatscreen television; model PLED2435A - D
1436.Handheld pruners; measures 28" long
1437.Soft sided tote and various bags
1438.Outdoor floodlight; measures 9 x 7"
1439.Poulan 14 inch gas powered chain saw; preview for working condition
1440.Slinky, beaded necklaces, vintage doll and other items
1441.2 painted metal wall sconces, each holds 3 candles; each measures 15" tall
1442.Vintage child's rocking chair with stenciled back; measures 27" tall
1443.2 brass wall sconces; each measures 9.5" tall
1444.Food saver containers and vacuum sealer; preview for condition
1445.Vintage metal door side mailbox; measures 15.5" tall
1446.Various CDs to include Miles Davis, Eurythmics, Bob Dylan and others
1447.Trailer hitch
1448.Various LaserDisc to include "Sing and in the Rain" "Never Say Never Again", "The Mirror Crack'd" and other titles
1449.2 chrome wall sconces with shades and glass accents; each measures 19" long
1450.Vintage hardwood side chair with cane seating; measures 34" tall, preview for condition
1451.Pine toy chest; measures 16 x 35 x 18"
1452.Painted metal hanging basket; measures 17" tall
1453.Premier paper cutter
1454.Magic Bullet, thermos, ninja blender and other items
1455.Various Christmas items to include stockings, upholstery reef, plates and other items
1456.2 vintage brass chandeliers; largest measures 20" diameter
1457.2 brass andirons; each measures 14.5" tall
1458.Incomplete set of Winston's encyclopedias
1459.Various tools to include screwdrivers, drill bits, folding ruler and hammer heads
1460.3 lampshades, 2 are matching; matching shades measure 11" tall
1461.Various books to include "The World Around Us", "Contract with America", "Inside the White House" and other titles
1462.Vintage miter box saw mounted on board; board measures 36" long
1463.Concrete frog statue; measures 11" tall
1464.Glenoit faux fur coat; preview for size
1465.Grandella faux fur coat; preview for size
1466.Faux fur coat; preview for size
1467.Russell Taylor faux fur coat; preview for size
1468.Intrigue faux fur coat; preview for size
1469.Vintage gold tone art frame; measures 31 x 26.5"
1470.Wood framed beveled mirror; measures 28 x 25.5"
1471.Vintage military footlocker; measures 13 x 31 x 17"
1472.Faux fur coat; preview for size
1473.Ladies fleece trenchcoat with faux fur lining and collar; preview for size
1474.Ladies fleece coat with faux fur collar; preview for size
1475.Fairmoor faux fur coat; preview for size
1476.5 Star Wars posters; each measures 37 x 24.5"
1477.Wood framed wall mounted mirror; frame measures 38.5 x 32"
1478.Various tools to include 4 shovels, 1 garden rake and one axe
1479.Vintage mahogany framed dresser top tilt mirror; measures 34 x 34"
1480.Plastic dollhouse; measures 27 x 23"
1481.Glenoit faux fur coat; preview for size
1482.Dubrowsky & Joseph faux fur coat; preview for size
1483.Faux fur coat; preview for size
1484.G. Casserati faux fur coat; preview for size
1485.Fellowes electric paper shredder
1486.Scott's 3000 broadcast spreader
1487.30 fluorescent light tubes; each measure 48" long
1488.Office Max electric paper shredder
1489.Painted wood side table; measures 24 x 13 x 13"
1490.Truck bed camper; preview for condition
1491.Kingsford stainless steel 50/50 sink; measures 33 x 22"
1492.2 Tommy Bahama folding outdoor chairs
1500.Vintage speaker console; measures 28.5 x 33 x 19"
1501.Vintage speaker console; measures 24.5 x 32 x 17"
1502.3-tier wire rack shelving unit on casters by Inter-Metro; measures 60 x 48 x 24"
1503.Vintage painted storage trunk; measures 23.5 x 36 x 21"
1504.Child's maple dining table; measures 23.5 x 48 x 30"
1505.2 wicker armchairs; each measures 35" tall
1506.Painted wicker console table; measures 29 x 51 x 18.5"
1507.Sony LCD projection flatscreen television with remote; model KDF-50E2000
1508.Rattan lounge chair with loose cushion; measures 20 x 79 x 27"
1509.Painted wood picnic table and 2 benches with collapsible metal legs; table measures 29 x 78 x 20"
1510.Plywood side table; 18.5 x 27 x 21"
1511.Antique fabric and wood rocking horse; 41" wide
1512.2 wood grain finish rectangular tables, 1 with drop in tinted glass top (1 glass missing); 28 x 49 x 14"
1513.Rectangular solid pine work table, legs detachable; 29 x 71 x 27"
1514.GE upright freezer; model FUF 20DMERWH
1515.Wicker outdoor sofa with loose cushions; measures 34 x 66 x 35"
1516.Wicker Ottoman with loose cushion; measures 16 x 26 x 26",
1517.Wicker outdoor coffee table with glass top by Brown Jordan; measures 18.5 x 37.5 x 19.5"
1518.Vintage oak office chair on casters with loose cushion; measures 34.5" tall
1519.Vintage child's desk chair; measures 28" tall
1520.Painted wood side table with flip top; measures 23 x 24 x 20"
1521.Painted wood side table with one drawer; measures 29 x 24 x 17"
1522.4 metal framed chairs with upholstered seats and backs; each chair measures 36.5" tall
1523.3-tier metal framed cart; measures 34 x 16 x 16"
1524.Painted wood child's bench; measures 27.5 x 26.5 x 12"
1525.Leg-O-Matic folding card table with leather inlay; measures 29 x 29 x 29"
1526.Wicker storage Ottoman with upholstered top; measures 17 x 35 x 19"
1527.2 vinyl upholstered Ottomans; each measures 17.5 x 17.5 x 17.5"
1528.Painted wood four tier shelving unit; measures 49 x 23.5 x 13.5"
1529.2 wrought iron armchairs with loose cushions; each measures 36.5" tall
1530.2 vintage painted metal outdoor chairs; each measures 33" tall
1531.Painted wood shelving unit with walnut top and mounting bracket; measures 16.5 x 65 x 11"
1532.Glass top table with metal frame; measures 29.5 x 40 x 40"
1700.1917 United States walking liberty half dollar
1701.1916 United States walking liberty half dollar
1702.3 United States flying Eagle quarters (1920, 1924 and 1929-S) and 4 United States Franklin half dollars (1932, 1941-S, 1941-D and 1944-S)
1703.6 United States Mercury dimes (1920, 1925-S, 1929-D, 1931-D, 1931-S and 1939-S)
1704.5 United States Barber dimes (1900, 1900-S, 1901-O, 1905-S and 19 418) and 2 United States Mercury dimes (1918 and 1916-S)
1705.4 United States Barber nickels (1910, 1911, 1912-D and 1912), and for United States Buffalo Nichols (1913 type I and type II, 1914 a 1915)
1706.10 United States liberty nickels, assorted dates 1900 through 1909)
1707.Mercury head dime coin folder with assorted coins (incomplete-please preview)
1708.Singapore, Malaysia and other vintage banknotes
1709.5 United States Barber nickels, assorted dates including 1884, 1893, 1891, 1895, 1898 and 1899
1800.5 Villinova Head Coach Roland Massimino autographed basketballs and 1 George Brett baseball; preview for authenticity
1801.Various NASCAR trading cards and Ernie Irvin license plate
1802.Various NASCAR baseball cards
1803.3 boxes of various baseball cards
1804.Photos of various baseball players to include Pete Rose, George Foster, Nolan Ryan and others; each measures 5 x 7"
1805.2 complete sets of Topps baseball cards for 2018 and 2019 in unopened boxes
1806.One box of various Traks NASCAR collectible cards

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