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Item Description
101.Scrap 14K gold bracelets, set with clear and red stones; combined weight 12.7 gms
102.14K gold tennis bracelet set with clear stones; 7.25" long, weighs 10.1 gms
103.14K gold ring set with amber colored stones, size 8, weighs 5.8 gms
104.14K gold and green stone ring; size 7, weighs 4.8 gms
105.14K gold bracelet with gold tone clasp (damaged-requires repair); 8" long, weighs 11.2 gms
106.Pair of 14K gold and clear stone earrings; combined weight 2.4 gms
107.14K gold bracelet set with clear stones; 7.25" long, weighs 13.1 gms
108.4 gold tone and 14K gold earrings with colored stones
109.2 x 14K gold earrings with clear stones; combined weight 2.2 gms
110.Sterling silver ring with cabochon cut green stone; size 7, weighs 4.3 gms
111.14K gold ring set with blue colored stones; size 8, weighs 3.9 gms
112.14K gold ring set with amethyst colored stones; size 8, weighs 2.8 gms
113.2 sterling silver spiral form earrings; 3" long, combined weight 7.7 gms
114.Pair of 10K gold earrings with clear stones; combined weight 3.9 gms
115.Pair of 10K gold earrings; combined weight 0.9 gms
116.14K gold coin ring; size 8, weighs 4.1 gms
117.Gold tone sterling silver bracelet with colored stones; 2.75" diameter, weighs 4.8 gms
118.10K gold ring set with green and clear colored stones; size 6, weighs 1.9 gms
119.Scrap 14K gold earrings; combined weight 10.9 gms
120.Gold tone, 14K and other scrap jewelry; combined weight 9.2 gms
121.Silver and gold tone link bracelet; 6.5" long; 6.5" long
122.Pair of sterling silver Espo earrings; 17 gms
123.Sterling silver bracelet with marcasite and clear stones; 3" diameter, weighs 19.8 gms
124.8 sterling silver and gold tone earrings with clear and colored stones; 17.6 gms
125.Sterling silver ring with opaque stones; size 6.5, weighs 6.7 gms
126.Sterling silver multi-link necklace; 17" long, 118.8 gms
127.Sterling silver and pearl pendant and chain; 15.5"
128.4 sterling silver, amethyst and marcasite earrings; combined weight 12.8 gms
129.Sterling silver and amethyst pendant on silver chain; 13.6 gms
130.Art Deco sterling silver and multicolored stone bracelet; 7" long, weighs 27.5 gms
131.Pair of sterling silver and marcasite earrings; 9.8 gms
132.Sterling silver and marcasite ring with amethyst colored stone; size 7, weighs 5.8 gms
133.Sterling silver ring with amber colored stone; size 7, weighs 5.7 gms
134.Black Hills Gold and Baumb & Mercier stainless steel ladies wristwatches
135.Sterling silver pendant with clear colored stones; 6.9 gms
136.Scrap sterling silver earrings and pin; combined weight 27.2 gms
137.Bag of rosary charms
138.2 x 14K gold heart-shaped earrings
139.Sterling silver and black polished stone bracelet; 3" diameter, 48.4 gms
140.2 silver tone bracelets with colored stones
141.Gold tone necklace and earring set
142.Gold tone costume bracelet and necklace
143.Sterling silver necklace; 17.7 gms
144.Bag of assorted costume jewelry, includes sterling silver bracelet, rings, pendants and chains; sterling bracelet weighs 16.3 gms
145.Bag of silver tone and other costume jewelry, silver tone bracelet
146.Ladies Ecclissi sterling silver wristwatch
147.Ladies Ecclissi sterling silver and DMQ wristwatches
148.Ladies Vicence Quartz wristwatch with Milor 14K white gold case, Swiss movement with diamond markers
149.Bag of bead and shell jewelry costume jewelry
150.Bag of gold tone, beaded and silver tone costume jewelry
152.Bag of assorted gold tone, beaded and other costume jewelry
153.Bag of assorted beaded and other costume jewelry, wristwatches
154.Bag of assorted beaded and other costume jewelry
155.Bag of vintage and vintage style costume jewelry
156.Bag of assorted costume jewelry
157.WE Tech PX4 airsoft pistol with BLACKHAWK! Beretta PX4 CQC holster, includes 3 grip sizes, 3 green gas magazines and Phantom Gear dual magazine pouch, preview for condition
158.APS ACP (Action Combat Pistol) airsoft pistol with 2nd generation CO2 magazine and key in original case, includes APS ACP Matrix holster, preview for condition
159.CZ P-09 CO2 blowback airsoft pistol with 2 CO2 magazines, includes Matrix CZ P-09 holster and Matrix thigh mount, preview for condition
199.Orrefors Sweden studio art glass bowl, engraved signature and paper label, 8" wide
200.Swarovski crystal paperweight; 1.25" diameter
201.Oval shaped Waterford crystal bowl; 7" wide
202.Box of Federal .22 long rifle ammunition
203.Olympus Stylus Water camera, includes case and battery
204.US military medals, badges, pins,
205.US military medals, includes 2 Air Medals with ribbons, and Purple Heart with ribbons and boxes
206.Hummel pottery figure "Blessed Event"; 5.5" tall
207.Hummel pottery figure "Post Man"; 5.5" tall
208.Hummel pottery figure "Autumn Harvest"; 5" tall
209.Hummel pottery figure "Easter Greetings"; 5" tall
210.Hummel pottery figure "Playmates"; 5" tall
211.Hummel pottery figure "Is It Raining"; 7" tall
212.Hummel pottery figure "Mother's Darling"; 5.5" tall
213.Hummel pottery figure "A Fair Measure"; 6" tall
214.Hummel pottery figure "Feathered Friends"; 5" tall
215.Hummel pottery figure "Lost Stocking"; 4.5" tall
216.Hummel pottery figure "I Wonder"; 5.5" tall
217.Hummel pottery figure "Merry Wanderer"; 6.5" tall
218.Hummel pottery figure "Valentine Gift"; 5.75" tall
219.Hummel pottery figure "Weary Wanderer"; 6" tall
220.Hummel pottery figure "Sing With Me"; 5" tall
221.Hummel pottery figure "Volunteers"; 7" tall
222.Hummel pottery figure "Schoolboys"; 7.5" tall
223.Hummel pottery 1985 anniversary plate "Auf Wiedersehen"; 10" diameter
224.Hummel pottery 1975 anniversary plate "Stormy Weather"; 10" diameter
225.Hummel pottery 1980 anniversary plate "Spring Dance"; 10" diameter
226.Takumar 100mm lens
227.Isco-Gottingen telephoto lens
228.Tiffen series 8 adapter ring, Tiffen filters and case
229.Canon model VT camera with 50mm f:1.2 Canon lens
230.Vintage French made LeMaire opera glasses
231.Nikon 18-55mm lens
300.Oil painting on canvas, still life with flowers in a vase, signed V. DeRosa lower right; frame measures 21 x 17"
301.Landscape oil painting on canvas, signed lower right; frame measures 31 x 43.5"
302.Portrait pastel drawing, signed lower right; frame measures 21 x 16.5"
303.Oil painting on canvas, still life with roses and basket, illegible signature lower right; frame measures 32 x 36"
304.Landscape etching, canal with barge, signed in pencil lower right; frame measures 28.5 x 34.5"
305.Landscape oil painting on paper, framed behind glass, appears unsigned; frame measures 17.5 x 21.5"
306.Oil painting on canvas, still life with floral arrangement and vase, signed Jan lower right; frame measures 30 x 35"
307.Oil painting on canvas, landscape with boat and cottages, appears unsigned; frame measures 12.5 x 19.5"
308.Carrie Stafford Wood oil painting, on board, child with chickens, signed lower left; frame measures 17.5 x 14"
309.Winslow Homer collotype, "Waterfall In The Adirondacks", includes New York Graphic Society tag on reverse, frame measures 22 x 27.5"
310.Oil painting on canvas, seascape with sunset, signed Hardi lower right; gold frame measures 22 x 25"
311.19thC colored print, James River Richmond Virginia; frame measures 21 x 31"
312.19thC colored print, James River Richmond Virginia; frame measures 25 x 33"
313.Cityscape oil painting on canvas, Brooklyn Bridge New York, signed lower right; frame measures 25 x 21"
314.N.S. Wood oil painting on board, henhouse with chickens, signed lower right; frame measures 9.5 x 7.5"
315.Carrie Stafford Wood oil painting on canvas, still life with fruit, pitcher and wineglass, signed lower right; frame measures 11.5 18.5"
316.Susan Lory calligraphy "The Flowers of Shakespeare", signed in pencil and numbered 152/250; frame measures 23 x 23", includes certificate on reverse
317.Gerald W. Putt limited edition print "Backwater Green Wings", signed in pencil and numbered 3477/4700; frame measures 22 x 37"
318.Japanese framed print, Buddha at Kamakura; 15 x 19"
319.2 Japanese woodblock prints; matching frames measure 15 x 20 x 19.5"
320.2 Japanese framed woodblock prints; each measures 15 x 19"
321.K.S. Walters signed print, signed in pencil and numbered 481/950; 22.5 x 21"
322.Carrie Stafford Wood oil painting on canvas, landscape with moonlit buildings, signed and dated 1912 lower right; frame measures 8 x 14.5"
323.Carrie Stafford Wood still life oil painting on board, still life with fruit, signed lower left; frame measures 8.5 x 15"
324.Abstract oil painting on stretched canvas, appears unsigned; 30 x 24"
325.Landscape oil painting on board, appears unsigned; frame measures 11 x 16"
326.Antique landscape oil painting on board, appears unsigned; frame measures 6 x 16.5"
327.19th century oil painting on board, interior with figures, appears unsigned; frame measures 9.5 x 15.5"
328.Antique walnut cased wall clock, includes pendulum and key; 22" tall
329.Art Deco oak German made wall clock, includes pendulum, no key; 34" tall
330.East African hand made marimba, requires assembly; 50" wide (preview for completeness)
331.Oil painting on canvas, landscape with covered bridge, signed Webb lower left; frame measures 28 x 32"
332.M S Franco framed print of Adobe pottery, framed together with pottery fragments; measures 23.5 x 35"
333.Framed fish print; 18 x 20"
334.Original drawing, still life with fruit and candlestick, signed JCG lower right; frame measures 31 x 35"
335."No Boys Allowed" framed print; 13 x 11"
336.Antique wall mirror, beveled edge and oak frame; frame measures 22 x 33"
337."Mardi Gras Carnival Ball" advertising print from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts; frame measures 22 x 35"
338.Maple framed wall mirror; 33 x 22"
400.General Robert E Lee portrait print with gold frame; 21.518"
401.Oil painting on canvas, seascape with waves and rocks, signed N. Tabor lower left; gold frame measures 26 x 30"
402.1979 map of East Africa, published by East African Publishing House; 47 x 36"
403.Original oil painting on canvas, golfing figure, appears unsigned; gold frame measures 41 x 34"
404.Iris print with silver finish frame; 27 x 27"
405.Hawaiian Islands framed map; 9.5 x 11.5"
406.Framed dog print; 13 x 11"
407.European street framed print; 23 x 18"
408.Michel Delacrois print with oak frame; 32 x 26"
409.Antique beveled edge mirror with wood frame; 19 x 15"
410.Oil painting on canvas, woman portrait signed CL MacNelly 72 lower right; frame measures 45 x 40"
411.1967 second edition "Atlas of Uganda", and unbound Uganda atlas
412.Limited edition print "Benedictine Chapel", signed in pencil and numbered 1/100, unframed, 21 x 14.5"
413.Scott Howard limited edition print "First Encounter",signed and numbered 112/850, unframed
414.2 unframed prints, Times Square and Kurtzman Cabinet Grand, and "The Lord Your God" watercolor
415.Margaret Cramer limited edition woodblock print "Stop Nuclear Arms", signed and titled in pencil, unframed, 27 x 19"
416.Heart-shaped metal plaque; 12 x 15"
417.Floral still life print with green color frame; 16 x 19"
418.Wine theme print on canvas; 21 x 18"
419.Margret May Dashiell sketches, French market New Orleans and Charleston South Carolina; matching frames measure 11.5 x 9"
420.Vintage portrait print with frame; 14 x 12"
421.Miniature watercolor, snowy landscape with birds, appears unsigned; frame measures 5 x 6.5"
422.Still life rose print with gold frame; 17 x 15"
423.Andrew Wyeth framed print "The Berry Picker"; frame measures 18 x 21"
424.Oriental print on fabric; gold frame measures 12 x 29"
425.French engraving "Manoir de la Salamandre"; frame measures 9 x 7"
426.Print on board, frame measures 16 x 13"
427.Vintage Velazquez print "The Spnners"; gold frame measures 11 x 13.5"
428.Abstract print on stretched canvas and beveled edged mirror; largest 26 x 20"
429.4 mid century modern prints by Lee; frames measure 18 x 9"
430.Fruit orchard print with gold frame; 12 x 14"
431.Still life print, flowers and oriental bowl; frame measures 19 x 22"
432.Snoopy and Woodstock framed print; 30 x 24"
433.Oil painting on board, Rat and Cat, signed H Parvez Art; 24 x 14"
434.M S Catlett limited-edition photographic print, signed in pencil and numbered 3/100; frame measures 12 x 15"
435.Oval-shaped mirror with gold frame; 22 x 18"
436.Ballerina drawing; frame measures 16 x 12"
437.Group of vintage prints, artworks, landscape drawing signed Loretta Bolling, and others; largest 9 x 10.5"
438.3 vintage framed quilt work panels; largest 15.5 x 12.5"
439.Antique wall clock with octagonal face, time and strike movement; includes pendulum, 22" tall
440.1930s advertising print for "Green River Whiskey"; frame measures 20 x 24.5"
441.Troy Anderson limited edition print titled "Slipping In", signed in pencil and numbered 468/500; frame measures 21.5 x 27"
442.Vintage frame containing world banknotes, includes Italy, France, Scotland, India, Egypt and others; frame measures 13 x 17.5"
443.Crossan H Curry woodblock print titled "Equus Asinus Kin", signed and dated 1977; pine frame measures 20.5 x 23"
444.Cream framed wall mirror; 26" tall
445.2 East African tribal portrait prints on fabric; matching frames measure 17 x 14"
446.Silkscreen stenciled artwork on canvas, appears unsigned; 18 x 14"
447.Williamsburg print with white metal frame; 26 x 22"
448.Framed print; 16 x 20"
449.French fashion print with antique style frame; 22.5 x 21"
450.Antique style mahogany framed mirror with beveled edge; 24 x 20"
451.Print titled "Foxtrot", signed lower right; frame measures 12.5 x 10.5"
452.Black-and-white old Yankee Stadium photographic print; frame measures 12 x 14.5"
453.Abstract landscape print on canvas; frame measures 32 x 32"
454.3 oriental floral prints; matching frames measure 37 x 17.5"
455.Island sunset print on canvas; 30 x 40"
456.Twinkle Twinkle Little Star nursery rhyme framed print; 17.5 x 41.5"
457.3 original dog drawings, each signed Maggie; matching frames measure 20 x 16"
458.Framed print, praying Jesus; frame measures 20 x 17"
459.Peyton Manning #18 Broncos print with frame; 37 x 25"
460.3 oriental paintings on board, unframed; each measures 14 x 10"
461.Sea Shapes I framed artwork; 18 x 18"
462.John clown print on stretched canvas; 28 x 22"
463.Museum of the Cherokee Indian framed advertising print; 19 x 23"
464.2 floral still life colored prints; matching frames measure 11.5 x 9.5"
465.2 Kay Nielsen framed book illustrations; matching frames measure 15 x 12"
466."The Sisters" vintage print by True & Co; frame measures 19 x 15"
467.Oval-shaped mirror with gold frame; 15 x 12"
468.Tom Ball signed architectural photograph "Main Street Station, Richmond VA"; frame measures 36 x 28.5"
469.3-dimensional ceramic wall plaque, still life with grapes, vines and vase; 27 x 27"
470.Church Paxson and Co framed advertising print; 17 x 14"
471.2 watercolor paintings, European rural landscapes, signed lower right; matching frames measure 14.5 x 16"
472.2 Kay Nielsen framed book illustrations; matching frames measure 15 x 12"
473.2 Kay Nielsen framed book illustrations; matching frames measure 15 x 12"
474.Still life print, flowers and oriental porcelain bowl; gold frame measures 24 x 28"
475.Framed print, Times Square; frame measures 10 x 20" photographic print
476.3 framed bird and animal prints; largest 5.5 x 6"
477.Mixed-media portrait on board, signed Hopkins lower right; 16 x 12"
478.Framed print "Grant in the Wilderness", War Memorial Association, frame measures 17 x 14"
479.2 Monet framed prints; matching frames measure 18.5 x 22"
480.Bird embroidery with oak frame; 21 x 17"
481.Antique rectangular mirror with gold frame; 28 x 22"
482.Rural landscape framed print, measures 15 x 18"
483.2 abstract prints on board; matching frames measure 32 x 23.5
484.2 abstract framed prints; matching frames measure 26 x 26"
485.Rabbit artwork on fabric; frame measures 8.5 x 10"
486.Oval-shaped portrait print "Major John Biddle" by Thomas Sully; gold frame measures 12 x 9.5"
487.Vintage print, girl feeding bunnies; gold frame measures 32 x 26"
488.Abstract still life abstract print with brass frame; 20 x 8"
489.Framed print "Spherical Movement II"; frame measures 23 x 23"
490.Medical Emergency framed jigsaw puzzle; 20 x 26"
491.Oriental serigraph, harvest pumpkins, signed lower left; oak frame measures 22.5 x 32"
492.National Geographic Society 1978 edition map of the United States; frame measures 29 x 43"
493.A. Taylor limited-edition fox print, signed in pencil and numbered 172/7500; frame measures 14 x 12"
494.Give Us This Day framed print; frame measures 13 x 16.5"
495.Vintage print gold frame, 2 putti with fruit; 11" diameter
496.Elephant print and camel print; matching frames measure 29 x 29"
497.Oil painting on canvas, landscape with dog; 17.5 x 21.5"
498.2 Kay Nielsen framed book illustrations; matching frames measure 15 x 12"
499.2 still life rose prints with gold frames; 18 x 15"
500.Henkel Harris solid mahogany drop side table with 2 drawers and brass handles; measures 26.5 x 17.5 x 25" closed, sides are 9" wide
501.Henkel Harris solid mahogany butlers table with inlaid cross banding and brass hinges; 18 x 31 x 20"
502.Karastan Kirman area rug; 144 x 144"
503.Hand knotted oriental rug, floral design on blue ground with red border; 140 x 105"
504.Hand knotted floral oriental style rug; 144 x 106"
505.Chinese floral rug, cream ground with blue border; 128 x 96"
506.Hand knotted oriental rug; 28 x 40"
507.6 reproduction mahogany dining chairs by Norris, Richmond Virginia
508.Chippendale style mahogany cabinet, 1 door over 2 short drawers and 2 long drawers with brass handles; it's 84 x 45 x 22"
509.Victorian oak bow front sideboard with mirror back; 79 x 59 x 24"
510.Colonial cherry fall front writing desk by Jasper Cabinet Co, 2 glass doors, fitted interior and Queen Anne style legs; 83 x 36 x 17"
511.Made in Iran hand knotted oriental rug; 112 x 56"
512.Oriental painted fabric on wood 3 panel floor screen; each panel measures 85 x 22" (268)
513.George III style mahogany bow front sideboard with 1 drawer, 2 doors, brass handles and string inlays; 37 x 66 x 23" (115)
514.George II style child's mahogany armchair; 34" tall (114)
515.Antique mahogany flip top gate leg Georgian style games table with 1 drawer and brass handles; 29 x 33 x 16" closed (248)
516.Georgian style mahogany bow front dressing table, 1 drawer and brass handles; 31 x 39.5 x 22" (113)
517.Antique Georgian style mahogany and oak cabinet with 3 drawers and brass handles; 26 x 30 x 16.5" (120)
518.Queen Anne style mahogany tilt top gate leg game table; 29 x 36 x 17" closed (901)
519.Antique mahogany display cabinet, 15 pane glazed door with fitted shelves above paneled door; 83 x 29 x 18" (119)
521.Georgian style mahogany break front cabinet in 3 sections; 96 x 95 x 24"
522.Mahogany finish secretary bookcase by Pottery Barn, 2 glass doors above sloping front, fitted interior, 2 doors and 3 drawers below; 87 x 51 x 22"
523.Mahogany open front bookshelf on casters; 37 x 33 x 12.5"
524.2 Chippendale style mahogany child's arm chairs; each 29" tall
525.Antique stained pine candle stand on base; 21 x 16" diameter
526.George III style mahogany corner chair with drop in seat (262)
527.Duncan Phyfe style mahogany double pedestal extending dining table; 30 x 66 x 42" closed
528.Antique style butterfly upholstered carved wood armchair, made in Spain
529.Chromed metal cafe type table with 2 chairs; 29 x 29 x 29"
530.2 vintage oak dining chairs
531.2 red Loewenstein bar stools with rush seats
532.Mahogany 2 door cabinet; 65 x 33 x 19"
533.Drexel American Treasury dresser, 2 doors, enclosed drawers above 3 drawers with brass handles; 53 x 42 x 19"
534.Mid century modern walnut chest with 3 drawers; 32 x 39.5 x 19"
535.Antique mahogany writing table with one drawer, turned legs and brass handles; 29 x 37 x 24"
536.Nichols & Stone arrow back rocking chair
537.Mahogany finish library table on carved legs; 30 x 46 x 26"
538.Antique painted side chair with cane seat; 33" tall
539.Suters mahogany poster bed, includes headboard, footboard and side rails; 82 x 57" wide
540.Mahogany arts and crafts style vanity with 2 drawers and attached mirror, Miller & Rhoads Richmond VA; 63 x 44 x 20"
541.Imperial solid mahogany drop side serving cart on wheels; 28 x 28 x 17"
542.Mahogany 2 drawer serving cabinet on fluted legs; 34 x 34 x 17"
543.Mahogany china cabinet, swan neck pediment above 2 glass doors with fitted shelves, 1 drawer and 2 doors below; 74 x 36 x 17"
544.Solid cherry cutlery chest with 4 drawers and Queen Anne style legs; 36 x 22.5 x 14"
545.Mahogany fall front secretary with fitted interior, 4 drawers and metal handles; 76 x 33 x 19"
546.Antique mahogany chest with 4 drawers, turned handles and turned legs; 43.5 x 42.5 x 21"
547.Mahogany poster bed frame, includes headboard, footboard and side rails; headboard measures 71 x 55" wide
548.Vintage brass bed frame, includes headboard, footboard and side rails; headboard measures 55 x 54" wide
549.Simmons Company antique style brass bed frame, includes headboard, footboard and metal side rails; headboard is 58 x 57" wide
550.Pine open front bookshelf; 37 x 25 x 8"
551.Circular drop side table on blue turned legs; measures 30 x 42 x 22" closed, sides are 10" wide
552.Antique oak spindle and pressed back rocking chair
553.Antique oak draw leaf refectory type table and 2 antique oak dining chairs on turned legs; table measures 30 x 36 x 36" closed, leaves are 12" wide
600.Oriental style green and cream floral rug; 63 x 90"
601.Beaulieu oriental style floral rug; 90 x 62"
602.Pottery Barn Teen pink and gray rug; 96 x 60"
603.Home Dynamics Royalty floral rug with bamboo motif; 86 x 72"
604.Oriental style area rug; 93 x 64"
605.Cream floral rug; 66 x 42"
606.Oval-shaped braided rug; 108 x 84"
607.Floral design circular rug; 64" diameter
608.Camel back sofa with linen pastel parrot and porcelain upholstery; 81" wide (144)
609.2 matching upholstered armchairs with loose cushions by Thomasville
610.Upholstered armchair with matching ottoman
611.Mahogany finish rectangular coffee table; 17 x 48 x 27"
612.3 panel folding screen with beveled mirrors; each panel measures 79 x 20"
613.Queen Anne style pink upholstered high wingback armchair with loose cushion
614.Pink upholstered child's high wingback armchair and miniature loveseat; largest 31"
615.Brown leather upholstered high wingback armchair
616.2 mid century modern armchairs
617.Rattan serving cart on wheels; 35 x 28 x 19"
618.Stickley solid oak cabinet with adjustable shelves, glass door and 1 drawer; 51 x 24 x 23"
619.3 tier hall table on turned supports; 24 x 21 x 11"
620.2 crate style pine side tables; each measures 20 x 27 x 21"
621.Cream painted drop front writing desk with 3 drawers; 42 x 26 x 16"
622.White painted jewelry chest with 7 drawers and chromed metal handles; 48.5 x 20 x 12"
623.Cherry finish DVD and CD storage cupboard with 2 doors; 41 x 24 x 13 (251)
624.Lane mid century modern rectangular shaped coffee table; 13 x 71 x 18"
625.Oak pink painted 2-tier table; 27.5 x 19 x 19"
626.4 solid wood children's chairs
627.Mahogany butlers table; 19 x 29 x 20"
628.Mahogany vanity bench; 20 x 24 x 15"
629.2 brown painted metal stools with wood seats
630.Antique style ladder back armchair with rush seat
631.Yellow wicker chair; 35" tall
632.2 ladder back chairs with rush seats
633.2 Lane mid century modern single drawer side tables; 22 x 21 x 29"
634.3 mid century modern Heywood Wakefield dining chairs
635.2 mid century modern Heywood Wakefield upholstered dining chairs
636.3 matching mahogany finish dining chairs
637.Mahogany side table, pull out slide and glass top; 26 x 18.5 x 30"
638.White painted storage side cabinet; turned legs; measures 22 x 20 x 26"
639.Maple extending draw leaf kitchen table with 4 matching chairs; table measures 31 x 45 x 32" closed
640.2 matching mahogany cherry finish side tables; 25 x 17.5" diameter
641.Grey painted nightstand with 2 drawers; measures 25 x 26 x 19"
642.Black painted bench; 40 x 32 x 12"
643.Mid century modern dresser with 6 drawers; 31 x 54 x 18"
644.Open front mahogany bookshelf; 36 x 30 x 10"
645.Antique mahogany swan neck rocking chair
646.Schnadig upholstered 2-seat sofa
647.Victorian walnut headboard; 52 x 44" wide
648.Bassett oak bedframe, includes headboard, metal rails and slats; headboard measures 50 x 50" wide
649.Pine bed frame, includes headboard, footboard and side rails; headboard measures 48 x 62" wide
650.2 Ethan Allen matching maple open front bookshelves; each measures 48 x 24 x 8.5"
651.Pine bench; 16 x 62 x 14"
652.Solid wood side table; 22 x 26 x 22"
653.Vintage plywood foot locker, Ens. Thomas C. Campbell, SC-USNR; 39" wide
654.Blue-and-white striped sofa by Temple Furniture; 70" wide
655.8 matching mahogany framed office armchairs
656.5 matching mahogany finish upholstered office armchairs
657.Antique solid oak extending dining table on turned legs; 30 x 45 x 44"
658.2 faux leather footstools, American of Martinsville; each measures 18 x 24 x 18"
659.3 matching arrow back solid wood dining chairs
660.White painted wrought iron 3-piece patio sofa and matching side table
661.Metal headboard and matching footboard; 53 x 53"
700.5 BOOKS ON PHOTOGRAPHY. Antigua Black; Runnin' on Rims; On Firm Ground; R.C. Gorman and The Garden & The Wilderness.
701.4 BOOKS ON ARCHITECTURE. The Elements of Style; Ying Yu Tang; Classic Savannah and Early Architecture of Islam.
702.4 BOOKS ON DECORATIVE ARTS. Gold Boxes; Glass of Frederick Carder; Louis Comfort Tiffany and Laurelton Hall; and Bedouin Jewellery.
703.4 ART BOOKS. Jewel Rivers; Master of Deception; Down to the Sea and Saints Alive.
704.4 BOOKS ON SKOLE. The Blood Soaked Saga-one copy in English, one in Hebrew; Skole to their Memory and Skole The Jews of the City and Vicinity.
705.10 BOOKS FOR CHILDREN. 10 Little Golden Books.
706.2 VOLUME SET: THE AMERICAN RAILROAD PASSENGER CAR. 2 folio sized volumes with numerous photographs.
707.4 BOOKS ON GEOLOGY. Including Herbert Hoover's De Re Metalliga.
708.2 BOOKS ON FURNITURE. Three Centuries of Furniture and American Furniture of the 19th Century-1840-1880.
709.6 BOOKS ON THE JEWISH FAITH. Law & Providence; Destruction of Sodom; Chambers of the Palace; Hebrew English Lexicon; Hebrew Concordance of the Old Testament and Historic Synagogues of the World.
710.Shelf lot firearm reference books, includes Exploded Gun Drawings, Automatic Pistols, Revolvers, State Laws and Published Ordinances, Volumes 1-3 Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun Parts and others
711.Shelf lot books, includes Grey's Anatomy, Dick Cheney, Confederates in the Attic, Fighting Confederates, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and others
712.Vintage pamphlets, ephemera, advertising cutouts and comic books
713.Presidential Dollars 2007-2016 coin holder with dust sleeve (no coins)
714.Assorted books, food, cooking and recipes, includes Martha Stewart's Christmas, Betty Crocker's Breads and others
715.Shelf lot books, includes Ship of Gold, Holy Bible, The Jesus Papers, Killing Lincoln, Willpower and others
716.Hammond's New World Atlas,1939 edition
717.Reference books including CorelDRAW 5, Historic Virginia Inns, Andrew Wyeth, The Perfect Setting and others
718.Group of reference books including China Today, Impressionism, Treasure Houses of Britain, The British Museum, The Book of Europe and others
719.Group of children's books
800.East African carved ebony tall totem sculpture; 45" tall
801.East African carved ebony animal sculpture; 20" tall
802.African teak carved table with elephant and giraffe motif; 20 x 18" diameter
803.3 Longaberger baskets with Halloween theme inserts; largest 10"
804.3 pieces East African carved sculptures; largest 22"
805.Hand crocheted bedspread
806.3 assorted Longaberger baskets, all signed and dated, 1 with fabric liner; largest 10"
807.1960s East African cowhide drum; 17 x 16"
808.2 Longaberger step baskets, signed and dated 1989; largest 15"
809.Armand Marseille Queen Louise 29" porcelain head doll
810.German made Handwerck porcelain head doll with jointed composition body; 24" tall, includes stand
811.Antique German made Kestner porcelain head doll with jointed leather body; 26" tall including stand
812.Antique Armand Marseille German made porcelain head doll, 390N, with jointed composition body; 25" tall, includes stand
813.Antique Armand Marseille 370 porcelain head doll with jointed composition body; 25" tall, includes stand
814.Antique Simon & Halbig German made porcelain head doll mold no. 403 with 27" jointed composition body, includes stand
815.Antique Floradora porcelain head doll with jointed composition body; 26" tall, includes stand
816.Antique Ernst Heubach porcelain head doll no. 250 with jointed composition body; 22" tall
817.CM Bergman porcelain head doll with jointed composition body; 25" tall including stand
818.Antique Joel Ellis carriage with antique china head doll; 35" long
819.Art Nouveau style bronzed metal lamp with leaded glass shade; 24 x 17" diameter
820.Art Nouveau style bronzed metal lamp with leaded glass shades; 16 x 14" diameter
821.Art Nouveau style bronzed metal dragonfly lamp with leaded glass shade; 21 x 15" diameter
822.Hand painted old Paris porcelain vase; 16" tall
823.Antique miniature mahogany Queen Anne style chest on chest (2 pieces); 20 x 12 x 8.5"
824.Miniature mahogany 3 drawer chest; 14 x 13 x 8.5"
825.Rosewood cased shelf clock, eight-day time and strike movement and reverse painted door; 18" tall includes pendulum
826.6 carved and polished onyx demitasse cups and saucers with brass mounts; each 4.5" wide
827.Westerstrands Swedish made gilt wood wall clock, includes pendulum and key; 20" tall
828.Small World Rhythm quartz wall clock, Japanese movement; 19" tall
829.Leaded glass and copper 8 sided lamp shade; 20" diameter
830.Cast iron 8" skillet and oval-shaped cast iron dish; largest 22"
831.African 1960s stringed instrument; 28" long
832.East African 1960s wood and cowhide stringed instrument; 35" long
833.East African 1960's wood and cowhide stringed instrument
834.2 carved East African cowhide drums; each 9" tall
835.2 East African 1960s cowhide drums; largest 8"
836.2 East African 1960s musical instruments; largest 24"
837.3 1960s East African wood and cowhide stringed instruments; largest 22"
838.Pair of brass and red finish lamp; measuring 32" tall including harps
839.Tele-Lentar 350mm F5.6 lens
840.Vivitar 135mm F2.8 auto telephoto lens
841.Bower 135mm F2.8 lens
842.Sun 85-210mm F4.8 zoom telephoto lens
843.Pentax ME Super 35mm camera with Vivitar 70-210mm macro focusing auto zoom lens and Tiffen 67mm Sky filter
844.3 lenses, includes Vivitar 35mm F2.5 with Tiffen step down converter, Vivitar 28-70mm F3.4-4.8 and Vemar 28mm F2.8
845.Authentic handcrafted southern African bushman bow and arrows with leather quiver; 43" long
846.Fender Squier Strat electric guitar, includes case
847.Benjamin 317 vintage cal 177 air rifle (preview for condition)
848.Gone with the Wind Style glass and brass table lamp with green shade; 21" tall
849.Washburn Lyon 6 string acoustic guitar electric
850.Oriental collectibles, dolls, carved hardstone Buddha on stand, miniature animal carvings; largest 3"
851.Leather clad decanter with stopper, 2 brass lamps musical lamps; largest 11"
852.Glass decanter with chrome stand, and uniform decanter; largest 16"
853.2 carved wood elephant book ends; 7" tall
854.Virginia Metalcrafters 3-2 brass setter ashtray; measures 4.5 x 3"
855.Vintage embroidered fabric purse and Art Deco beaded purse; largest 7"
856.Flatware chest containing assorted flatware, knives, forks, spoons and serving pieces
857.Gold finish ceramic box including darts and dart flights; box is 13" wide
858.M 1940 US Cavalry 3 buckle boots, size 8 1/2 C
859.Egyptian theme gaming pieces; largest 6"
860.World War II era Canadian motorcycle boots, size 9 1/2
861.Pair vintage leather riding boots
862.East African carved wood sculpture with rhinoceros; measures 14 x 20"
863.8 Madame Alexander dolls with stands; largest 13"
864.Vintage machete; 23" long
865.Large group of Madame Alexander "Little Women" dolls with stands; each 8" tall
866.Group of East African ebony carved figures, decorative items and 2 bone blade knives; largest 10"
867.Crystal ashtray and Norman Rockwell porcelain plate; 9" diameter
868.Large group of Madame Alexander "Miniature Showcase" dolls, some with stands; 9" tall
869.Gorham ceramic clown musical figure and metal musical figure; largest 9"
870.Grouping of African woven wicker baskets, trays and handmade kufi hat; largest 19"
871.7 East African carved ebony musical figures; largest 7"
872.5 East African carved ebony sculptures; largest 9"
873.5 East African carved ebony sculptures; 9" tall
874.Millers Falls chair drill; 19" tall
875.3 East African carved ebony sculptures; largest 12"
876.Bronze finish metal cross; 15" tall
877.Brass lamp with black metal shade; 24" tall
878.Zebra foot lamp; 19" tall
879.Framed portrait print Robert E Lee and framed Civil War theme stamps; frames measure 14 x 11"
880.US military metal first-aid box; 9.5" wide
881.Enameled oriental porcelain lamp base; 26" tall including harp
882.Bose Wave radio model AWR1-1W, includes power cable and remote control (preview for working condition)
883.Hand turned wood screw clamp; 25" long
884.Ertl scale model collectibles, includes Campbell Soup, Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola and others, with boxes; largest 14"
885.Oriental enameled ceramic lamp base; 27" tall including harp
886.Vintage clear, colored and opaque glass marbles
887.Wings of Texaco 1932 Northrop Gamma scale model airplane coin bank, includes box; 15" tall
888.Fred Bear compound bow and 3 arrows
889.Wood blocks and wood cart; 616" wide
890.Bear Club 23" compound bow
891.Group of antelope horns; largest 22"
892.6 pairs size 9 Zoot running shoes, new with boxes
893.5 Victorian stereo slide viewers, including Underwood and Perfectscope
894.Victorian blue transfer printed porcelain bedpan; 13" wide
895.Tyco model railroad accessories, railroad cars, transformer and model railroad accessories
896.Pleasant company doll with American girl clothing; 18" tall
897.Pleasant Company fabric body doll; 17" tall
898.Pleasant Company doll; 18" tall
899.American Girl cloth body doll; 18" tall
900.Sharp VL-HX10U video camera and accessories in London Fog camera bag
901.Orrefors glass vase, Shannon covered glass dish, Rosenthal glass vase, and glass plate; largest 8"
902.Minolta XG-M 35mm camera body, Minolta SRT 101 camera body with 50mm F1.7 lens, assorted lenses and camera bag
903.Pier 1 Imports gold and silver tone chargers; 13" diameter
904.Mahogany multi-drawer jewelry chest; 15.5" wide
905.Copper and wood wall mounting lamp; 12" tall
906.Blue-and-white ceramics, includes crock, pitchers and bowls; largest 9"
907.Photography equipment, includes Nikon with 50mm F2 lens, Nikon FG-20 with 35-135mm F3.5 zoom lens, flash, assorted filters and camera bag
908.Dome top bamboo storage box; 16" wide
909.Minolta X-7A 50mm F1.7 camera with, flash and camera bag
910.2 pairs size 11 1/2 Asics running shoes, new with boxes
911.Enameled glass and brass lamp; 17" tall
912.Wedgwood Swansea china, includes dinner plates, cups and saucers, salad plates; largest 11"
913.Compur Rapid bellows camera with side lens,Synchro Compur bellows camera with camera bag, and Kodak Number 1 Super Metric bellows camera
914.Wedgwood Patrician china, includes cups and side plates
915.Mid century modern turquoise glazed pottery, includes 2 large plates, 4 small plates and 2 bowls; largest 11 x 11"
916.4 pairs size 8 woman's Zoot running shoes, includes boxes
917.Canon A1 35mm camera with 50 mm F1 .8 lens, 28 mm f2 .0, 200 mm and auto 383 flash, includes camera bag
918.Assorted wicker baskets and bowl; largest 13"
919.Assorted audio CDs, CD cleaning accessories
920.Group of assorted stemware; largest 11"
921.Pair of toy pistols with holsters and boxes of roll caps
922.Assorted doll wigs, doll related magazines
923.2 framed prints with gold frames; each measures 10 x 12"
924.Rapid Omega 100 camera with 90 mm lens, Mamiya C330 camera, assorted light meters and accessories and cloth camera bag
925.3 vintage tinplate noisemakers; largest 8"
926.2 wood and wicker storage boxes; largest 17"
927.Beach Body jump mat, Beach Body Insanity fitness program and accessories
928.Glazed pottery pitcher and walnut stool; largest 19"
929.Antique cast iron shoe forms, 5 antique Victorian shoes; largest 12"
930.2 painted porcelain and brass figural lamps with shades; 28" tall
931.Assorted table linens
932.Fitness accessories, includes Insanity The Asylum CD box sets and agility ladder
933.Set of gold edged stemware; 7" tall
934.Wicker basket, assorted pamphlets, stamp catalog and unframed prints; largest 17"
935.6 assorted dolls; largest 17"
936.Ceramic milk can cookie jar glass orb, pottery bowl and rustic metal bowl; largest 15"
937.Yamaha electric keyboard; 37" wide (preview for working condition)
938.5 pairs size 8 Zoot running shoes, includes boxes
939.3 lenses, includes Soligor, Miranda 400 mm, Soligor 28 mm wide-angle
940.2 Home Collectibles porcelain head dolls, includes Tiffany's Tea Party, includes boxes; 13" tall
941.2 bronze finish lamp; 26" tall
942.US military hat and neckties
943.5 Effanbee and other world dolls; largest 9"
944.Audio CDs, includes Alan Jackson, Susan Boyle, Queens of Country, Best of Country, Rodney Dangerfield and others
945.Kitchen items, includes frying pans, pots, pie dishes, butter dish, incomplete needlepoint, assorted linens in tote; largest 16"
946.Mosaic candleholders and wall brackets
947.Vintage Polaroid 430 camera with box
948.Ceramics including W&J mid century modern turquoise glazed planter, fiesta hand-painted coffee pot, carved wood bird; largest 10"
949.Safety helmet (preview for condition)
1000.Brass door handles and canvas cooler
1001.Small appliances, includes Black & Decker travel iron and VHS audiotape eraser
1002.Victorian style handmade dolls house; 38" wide, includes doll house accessories
1003.Large glass grouping, includes bowl sets, stemware, serving pieces, pitchers, vases, storage canister; largest 13"
1004.Prestige and Applause dolls, teddy bears, toys and Gund Winnie the Pooh; largest 8"
1005.2 blue-and-white ceramics trough planters; 13" diameter
1006.Extra-large kitchen and general lot, includes oak serving trays, salad spinners, Polaroid monitor, oriental ginger jar with cover, assorted ceramics, candles, juicer, knives with knife block, SchlemmerTopf clay cooker, mixing bowl, metal kettle, salt and pepper shakers, general ceramics and glassware, University of Virginia pewter porringer
1007.Large general grouping of ceramics, glass, candles, shells, china, general kitchen items
1008.2 floral decorated ceramic lamps; 29" tall including harps
1009.Vintage coal iron, glass oil lamp, vintage coffee bean grinder, vintage hand tools, carpenters plane and beaded necklace
1010.Alabaster lamp; 21" tall
1011.Large grouping kitchen items, includes white china tea cups, coffee cups, lighting, 2 crockpots, food warmer, ceramic dishes, stemware and Corningware Elegance server; largest 18"
1012.Singer Handy -Stitch, sewing machine attachments, Seamstress II toy iron, assorted playing cards, Robert E Lee portrait photo
1013.Cuisinart 6 piece silicone kitchen set, includes box
1014.2 metal and glass candleholders; 18" tall
1015.Pepsi and and Coca-Cola bottles and holders
1016.Rosenthal porcelain, includes dinner plates, tea cups, saucers, side plates and RS Prussia style double handled plate; largest 10.5"
1017.Ertl, Texaco tug boat, Gulf, Havoline and other collectibles with boxes; largest 10"
1018.Handmade Holgate Cherry 3 piece wood train and model car; largest 13"
1019.2 boxes hand glazed Mexican ceramic tiles; each measures 4 x 4"
1020.Assorted Disney toys, Vtech electronic games
1021.Kitchen items, mixing bowls, bottles, kitchen gadgets, assorted ceramics, salt and pepper shakers, baking trays
1022.6 pairs assorted running shoes, includes Brooks, Zoot and others, assorted sizes, and size 8 1/2 leather Bostonians
1023.4 floral decorated pottery plates in case, includes plate holders; 8" diameter
1024.Angel print with oval-shaped gold frame, assorted toys; largest 10"
1025.3 boxes Stieff pewter Jefferson cups, large pewter punch bowl with ladle
1026.Group of kitchen items, cutting boards, sterno food heater, fondue set, stainless steel pots, oven dishes, cutting board; largest 13"
1027.Vintage Salton hot tray, Oneida silver plated buffet caddy, 2 wire baskets, silver plate and brass candlesticks; largest 25"
1028.Artificial flowers in vases, quartz clock, wall sconces, ceramic plaque, metal cross barber pole, pottery wall pocket; largest 23"
1029.4 pottery coffee mugs
1030.Zoot running shoes size 9, Apex shoes size 13
1031.Kitchen items, steamer pots, glassware, waffle maker, mixing bowls
1032.3 dried gourds; largest 43"
1033.Ceramic and metal dog figures; largest 4"
1034.General ceramics and other collectibles, includes coffee pot, vintage automobile horn, Corningware, cameras, vintage brass weights, blue glass jar with cover, ginger jar; largest 9"
1035.English leather saddle; 12" seat
1036.Western leather saddle; 12" seat
1037.3 antique and later silver plate double handled serving trays; largest 30"
1038.Coach tan leather purse; 11" wide
1039.Bronzed metal lamp with cream fabric shade; 29" tall
1040.Group of American Girl dolls clothing
1041.Wings of Texaco and Ertl airplane coin banks, includes boxes; largest 14"
1042.Group of American Girl and other dolls; largest 16"
1043.Mrs Beasley talking doll with box; 22" tall
1044.Brass lamp; 13" tall
1045.2 ceramic lamps; largest 29" including harp
1046.Painted wood building; 15" wide
1047.3 bronzed metal elephants; largest 7"
1048.Antique oak wall mounting cabinet with mirror front; 17" tall
1049.Brass and enamel ceramic lamp with shades; largest 29"
1050.Coin-operated gumball machine and brass lamp on marble base; 12" tall
1051.2 Vengeful Spirit collectibles with boxes
1052.2 boxes assorted semiprecious stones, quartz crystals other collectibles from the Ron Coleman Mine, Arkansas
1053.Ceramic collectibles, plates, figures, painted cast iron coin bank and ceramic dishes; largest 11"
1054.Lincoln Logs building blocks and other toys
1055.2 Zitronik pressurized steam cleaners, includes boxes (preview for working condition)
1056.Amethyst tree and quartz crystal
1057.Assorted picture frames, electric insulator, wood barrel, mid century modern oven dishes; largest 9"
1058.Maisto and Dub City collectible scale model cars; largest 10"
1059.Painter 4 CD-ROM, includes manuals and original tin
1060.2 Star Wars collected puzzles, unopened boxes
1061.Purple prism hanging light fixture and turquoise plastic container; largest 10"
1062.2 brass table lamps, 1 with shade; largest 22"
1063.World War II Call of Duty collectible, unopened in original box
1064.Fostoria coin footed bowls, 2 Norman Rockwell collectibles; largest 5"
1065.Antique and later silver plated items, trays, bowls, pewter mugs, salt and pepper shakers, serving pieces; largest 10"
1066.Ceramic ornaments, animal figures, collectibles, includes Lefton sheep; largest 3"
1067.WaterPik power spray shower head, unopened packaging
1068.Box of decorative items, metal plates, fabric bird dolls, silver plate bell, bear toys, driving gloves, assorted ceramics, lampshades
1069.Animated victorian couple dolls by Traditions, includes box; 28" tall
1070.Collectible porcelain head dolls, includes Rockin Santa, Danbury Mint grandma and grandchild, and Home Collectibles Club, with boxes; largest 19"
1071.Stanhome Anniversary and Mary Elizabeth Yesterday's Dreams porcelain head collectible dolls with boxes; largest 20"
1072.Court of Dolls and Kingsgate porcelain head collectible dolls with boxes; largest 26"
1073.Hamilton Heritage and Tuss Claudia porcelain head collectible dolls with boxes; largest 28"
1074.Little Companion Carina and Sharon Hofer porcelain head dolls with boxes, includes Little Companion; largest 24.5"
1075.3 Dynasty Doll collectible porcelain head dolls with boxes, includes Winter Wonderland, Lainey and Noel & Carole; largest 18"
1076.Brinns, Cathay Collection, Seymour Mann and Grandma Day collectible porcelain head dolls with boxes; largest 19"
1077.Joyce and Gorham Pretty in Peach collectible porcelain head dolls with boxes; largest 24"
1078.1st Impressions Estelle and Court of Dolls collectible porcelain head dolls with boxes; largest 29"
1079.Ashton-Drake and House of Lloyd collectible porcelain head dolls with boxes; largest 18"
1080.World Gallery Sharon Hofer and Brinns collectible porcelain head dolls with boxes; largest 26"
1081.6 small Collectors Choice and other porcelain head dolls in Towle box, and Tuss collectible doll with box; largest 28"
1082.Treasures Forever and Tuss William Tung collectible dolls with boxes; largest 28"
1083.Tuss William Tung and Laura Wedding porcelain head dolls with boxes; largest 28"
1084.Tuss William Tung and Welden Museum Danielle collectible porcelain dolls with boxes; largest 35"
1085.Ashton-Drake Galleries and Cal-Hasco porcelain head collectible dolls with boxes; largest 22"
1086.3 Treasury Collection collectible porcelain head dolls with boxes; largest 23"
1087.Lauren Elizabeth, Seymour Mann and Franklin Heirloom collectible porcelain head dolls with boxes; largest 21"
1088.Dynasty Doll and Princeton Gallery porcelain head dolls with boxes; largest 21"
1089.Paradise Galleries and Treasury Collection Snow White collectible porcelain head dolls with boxes; largest 20"
1090.2 Danbury Mint collectible porcelain dolls, Wedding Day aFinal Touches and Moments Most Dear, includes box, 23" tall
1091.Court of Dolls and Jeanne Wilson Priscilla collectible porcelain head dolls with boxes; largest 23"
1092.3 Treasure Collection Paradise Galleries collectible porcelain head dolls with boxes; largest 20"
1093.3 Design Debut collectible porcelain head dolls with boxes; 22" tall
1094.2 Moments Treasured porcelain head collectible dolls with boxes; largest 21"
1095.Tusco Moments Treasured porcelain head collectible doll, includes box and certificate; 23.5" tall
1096.Grandpa day and Ashton-Drake Galleries porcelain head dolls with boxes; largest 20"
1097.2 Tuss William Tung collectible porcelain head dolls with boxes; largest 28"
1098.Two 1st Impressions collectible porcelain head dolls with boxes, Rita and Val; largest 25"
1099.2 Court of Dolls collectible porcelain head dolls with boxes; largest 32"
1100.Marie Osmond porcelain collectible doll with box; 24" tall
1101.2 collectible porcelain head dolls, Danielle and illuminated doll, includes boxes; largest 35"
1300.Stinger wet dry vac (preview for working condition)
1301.Bargain Hound pet crate; 18" wide
1302.DIDseth professional security system, includes box (preview for contents and completeness)
1303.Vicks cool moisture humidifier, includes box (preview for working condition)
1304.Large size woven grass mat
1305.Sonicwall Internet switch, and 2 Mean Well HVG 320-24B LED power supplies (preview for working condition)
1306.Equestrian and horse riding accessories, bridles, whips and girth strap
1307.Leaded and stained glass hanging lampshade; 18" wide
1308.Brass hanging light fixture; 22" tall
1309.Steel file cabinet; 30" tall
1310.Painted wood side chair on turned legs; 36" tall
1311.Wood storage box on metal stand; 21 x 18 x 10"
1312.Brass form hanging light fixture; 19" diameter
1313.Vintage table fan; 19" wide
1314.Metal hanging lamp; 14" tall
1315.Wrought-iron tongs, bench vice
1316.Wicker picnic basket with contents
1317.Demo M20 rocket launcher and two 3.5" practice rounds
1318.Igloo 12v Koolmate 40 cooler (preview for working condition)
1319.Oreck XL vacuum cleaner (preview for working condition)
1320.Wicker vanity bench; 21" wide
1321.Wood tool chest; 36" wide
1322.Antique cast iron and gold painted metal floor lamp; 62" tall
1323.Husky 1650psi power washer (preview for working condition)
1324.Coleman PowerMate Pro-Gen 5000 generator (preview for working condition)
1325.Assorted tarps
1326.Assorted cookware, blue enamel pot; 15" wide
1328.Ceiling fan, includes box (preview for completeness)
1329.Vintage footlocker and antique wood bound travel box; largest 34"
1330.Metal US mailbox, includes box
1331.McCulloch chainsaw with hardshell case
1332.4 Near-Shore buoyant vests, type II; general boating vests
1333.Vintage blankets, 3 vintage East African safari suits, embroidered cotton tie and handkerchief
1334.Antique style picture frames; 36 x 28"
1335.3 tier metal shelf with LP records shelf; 30 x 24 x 15"
1336.Vintage animal hides, leather shoes, vintage sandals and assorted footwear
1337.6 boxes of 6 Diamant blown crystal stemware
1338.2 Portfolio ceiling lights, includes boxes
1339.Moen towel rail 18" long
1340.8 gallon shop vac (preview for working condition)
1341.4 assorted lampshades
1342.Vintage walnut shoeshine box; 15" wide
1343.Plywood footlocker; 31" wide
1344.Box of party favors, assorted toys
1345.Brass floor lamp with green fabric shade; 60" tall
1346.Limited-edition Betty Jane Carter doll design by Bette Ball, manufactured by Goebel, 42" tall, signed and numbered 164/5000; 40" tall
1347.Wood finish folding tray table; 24" wide
1348.Honda EM 1600X generator (preview for working condition)
1349.Folding gaming chair
1350.Box of assorted picture frames, key hooks
1351.Rubber floor mat
1352.Box of electronics, cables, power cords, power strips, audio and computer cables
1353.Folding table, vintage auto flares
1354.Copper and brass fireplace coal containers; largest 19"
1355.Bosch Fine Cut 1640VS, includes case
1356.Box of assorted yarns, knitting supplies
1357.Sports safety equipment, baseball bats, baseball vest
1358.Mahogany framed antique style mirror; 46 x 25"
1359.Antique gold framed mirror with beveled edge; 44 x 34"
1360.2 boxes kitchen items, serving trays, glassware and general ceramics
1361.Baking trays, kitchen gadgets and utensils
1362.Dome top trunk; 26" wide
1363.Sleeping bag
1364.Crybaby doll, used golf balls, heavy glass paperweight, general kitchen items
1365.Plywood stool; 18" wide
1366.Linens, halogen lamps, assorted frames, atomizer, software and decorative items
1367.Pneumatic nailer and tree saw attachment (preview for working condition)
1368.Quantity of woven grass mats
1369.7 boxes 12" self stick luxury vinyl tiles and bag of sanded grout with polymer
1370.Virginia Tech photo frame with crest; 27 x 23"
1371.Gold finish metal floor lamp with inverted glass shade; 61" tall
1372.Brass finish fireplace tools on stand
1373.Electrolux vacuum cleaner (preview for working condition)
1374.Bridal dress, includes box
1375.General household items, linens, woven shield, Japanese lanterns, tea cloths carved wood flutes and other items
1376.CDs and DVDs (preview for box contents)
1377.2 adjustable photography tripods
1378.Assorted wood and other picture frames; largest 8"
1379.Thigh exerciser, assorted board games and puzzles to include Taboo, Mindtrap, Christmas Trivia Game and Puzzle Within a Puzzle
1380.2 wicker basket; largest 18"
1381.2 corn hole boards with bag
1382.4 metal folding chairs
1383.Group of grass brooms
1384.Ever Earth toy tool bench; 27" tall
1385.Vintage vanity case
1386.3 wicker baskets, glass lamp shade; largest 18"
1387.Children's toys, children safety helmets
1388.Silver plated lamp motifs, stuffed animals, decorative items
1389.Assorted computer cables, routers, networking cables
1390.6 inch bench grinder
1391.Assorted hand tools
1392.Christmas items, plates, dishes, bowls, decorative items
1393.Stinger bug killer (preview for working condition)
1394.Assorted fasteners, general household items
1395.Hopper Apparel Company size medium spandex pants, unused unopened packaging
1396.Cast iron fireplace grate; 20" wide
1397.Just like Home kitchen play center; 37" tall (preview for condition)
1398.Aluminum 12 1/2 foot telescoping extension ladder
1399.Assorted tools, length of chain and galvanized bucket
1400.Assorted hand tools, galvanized tub, length of chain, multi tester, foot pump
1401.Chromed metal stool; 14" wide
1402.Eager Beaver chainsaw and Black & Decker edge trimmer
1403.Embroidery and sewing supplies
1404.Box of assorted board games, puzzles and toys
1405.Quilt covers
1406.Wood magazine holder on metal stand; 18" wide
1407.Sam's Club auto emergency kit
1408.Wicker hamper with cover; 22" wide
1409.Porter Cable multitool, belt sander, jigsaw (excludes tote)
1410.Metal shelf; 28" tall
1411.Rubbermaid hard plastic sled for snow
1412.Yellow painted prism form floor lamp; 60" tall
1413.Wrought iron pot hanger; 24" wide
1414.Rose shaped painted wood stool; 12" diameter
1415.2 rustic wood stool; largest 13"
1416.Metal trashcan; 18" tall
1417.4 assorted lampshades
1418.Assorted hand tools
1419.Lighted garland
1420.AquaStar gas water heater (preview for working condition)
1421.Wall mounting wood shelf; 23" wide
1422.Sony CDP-C215 multi-CD player, includes box (preview for working condition)
1423.Metal Jack stands
1424.Antique style rectangular mirror with gold painted frame; 29 x 39"
1425.Electrolux Precision vacuum cleaner (preview for working condition)
1426.Samsonite luggage
1427.Canvas rooftop carrier
1428.Box of assorted computer and other cables
1429.2 electric bar heaters; 40" wide
1430.Sewing and embroidery supplies, Christmas tree ornaments and general items
1431.Box of Halloween theme decorative items
1432.Epson Artisan 837 printer (preview for working condition)
1433.Assorted hand tools, garden tools
1434.Box of framed prints; each measures 18 x 13"
1435.Vintage plywood skim board; 43" long
1436.Sand finish pedestal; 36" tall
1437.Rectangular gold framed mirror with beveled edge; 33 x 27"
1438.2 blue ceramic planters; largest 19"
1439.Box of audio CDs (preview for contents)
1440.Box of assorted books, puzzles and games
1441.Large quantity of children's books
1442.2 electric floor heaters; 48" wide
1443.Latch Hook supplies, knitting supplies and wicker basket
1444.Box of Christmas ornaments and decorations
1445.White-Westinghouse frost proof dehumidifier (preview for working condition)
1446.Craftsmen 10 inch tablesaw (no stand-preview for working condition)
1447.Assorted yard tools, shovels,
1448.6 1/2 foot Monroe pine Christmas tree, includes box
1449.Pottery Barn wood finish shelf; 27" wide
1450.Brass finish fireplace screen; 33 x 47"
1451.Metal and wicker corner shelf; 55" tall
1452.Brown upholstered swivel office armchair
1453.Wicker finish shelf; 39 x 18 x 13"
1454.Bombay Co 2-tier vitrine table; 27 x 16" diameter
1455.Chromed metal stool with rush seat; 24" tall
1456.Box of doll display stands
1457.Animal hide
1458.Vintage folding camp cot
1459.Child's painted table and 2 matching chairs; table measures 20 x 24"
1460.General items, grilling accessories, feather duster other household items
1461.Child's travel high chair, childs plastic golf set, assorted puzzles, remote control helium blimp and other items
1462.2 oak children's feeding chairs; 28" tall
1463.Air Pogo swing by Dr. Toy
1464.Scott's Turf Builder EdgeGuard DLX broadcast spreader
1465.Fur stole
1466.Vintage wool jacket
1467.Faux fur coat
1468.Swivel office armchair
1469.Painted wood rocking horse; 31" wide
1470.Guardian walker
1471.Generac 3500 XL generator (preview for working condition)
1472.Corby 5000 electronic trouser press
1473.Oriental black lacquer panel inlaid with green stone and carved bone; 53 x 12"
1474.Adjustable metal floor lamp; 53" tall
1475.Mahogany framed wall mirror; 30 x 26"
1476.Wall mounting key cabinet with door; 26 x 22"
1477.Solid wood hat and coat stand; 65" tall
1500.Antique pedestal desk with 7 drawers, includes glass top; 31 x 53 x 32"
1501.Electrolux chest freezer; 34" tall (preview for working condition)
1502.Singer sewing machine and sewing accessories with mid century modern walnut cabinet
1503.Cedar chest on wheels; 17 x 39 x 18"
1504.Lane cedar chest; 27 x 45 x 20" measures 20 x 45 x 19"
1505.Heavy-duty plastic sorting table on wheels; 35 x 48 x 24"
1506.Rubbermaid mop bucket
1507.Black painted metal shelf; 46" tall
1508.Storage ottoman with hinged cover; 42" wide
1509.Walnut wall mounting shelf; 44 x 23"
1510.Oak writing table with 1 drawer; 28 x 33 x 19"
1511.Solid oak arts and crafts style table; 37 x 35 x 26"
1512.2 solid wood barstools
1513.Pine corner shelf; 60" tall, to fit corner 8.5 x 8.5"
1514.Pine storage box with cover; 30 x 16 x 9"
1515.Yellow painted ladder back dining chair with rush seat; 35" tall
1516.Painted chest with 6 drawers; 49 x 27 x 15"
1517.4 wrought iron patio chairs
1518.4 steel barstools
1519.Victorian bamboo and cane 2-tier table; 28 x 20" diameter
1520.Metal hose reel on wheels; 39" tall
1521.2 vintage child size chairs; each 26" tall
1522.3 black painted aluminum patio chairs
1523.Yellow painted crib with turned spindles (310)
1524.Vintage Singer sewing machine and white painted wood cabinet (preview for working condition)
1525.Vintage Singer sewing machine with accessories and folding stand; 29" tall
1526.Manhasset music stand; 40" tall
1527.4 similar metal and canvas patio chairs
1528.White wicker cabinet with 1 drawer and 2 doors; 29 x 27 x 16"
1529.White painted wicker armchair
1530.4 plastic stacking chairs
1531.Brown upholstered solid wood solid mahogany armchair
1532.Toy 4 wheeler (preview for working condition)
1533.Maserati Gran Cabrio sport battery-operated ride on toy car, includes users guide and power supply (preview for working condition)
1534.Pink pressed steel pedal car; 37" long
1535.Healthometer platform scale
1536.Child's whiteboard on stand; 40" tall
1537.Metal and fabric laundry hamper on wheels; 37 x 32 x 20"
1538.Delta ShopMaster scroll saw on stand, model SS350 (preview for working condition)
1539.Ultimate Racer child's car, includes power supply (preview for working condition)
1540.Honda Harmony II HRT 216 QuadraCut system lawnmower (preview for working condition)
1541.Toro Recycler 22" lawnmower (preview for working condition)
1542.Craftsman 2700 psi pressure washer (preview for working condition)
1543.Karcher 2400 psi pressure washer (preview for working condition)
1544.Ryobi gas powered tiller (preview for working condition)
1545.White painted metal 2 tier table; 34 x 53 x 16"
1546.Craftsman gas powered chain saw (preview for working condition)
1547.Stihl gas powered hedge trimmer (preview for working condition)
1548.Black & Decker electric edge trimmer (preview for working condition)
1549.Troy-Bilt model TB E515 gas powered edger (preview for working condition)
1550.Clean Force 1800 psi electric power washer (preview for working condition)
1551.Little Tikes trampoline; 38" diameter
1552.Outdoor metal fireplace with cover; 30" diameter
1553.Child's basketball hoop on stand; 54" tall
1554.Mobile hose reel
1555.Victorian cast iron and copper fireplace fender; 36" wide
1556.Metal and mesh fireplace screen; 33 x 38" wide
1557.Brass and glass floor lamp with shade; 60" tall
1558.Scott's Classic 20 push mower
1559.Homelite gas powered trimmer (preview for working condition)
1560.Black & Decker electric trimmer (preview for working condition)
1561.Black & Decker 12" electric trimmer (preview for working condition)
1562.Alan bike carrier, model 540 RR
1563.Schwinn Legacy bicycle with stand; 27" wheel
1564.Roadmaster Graphite Peaks bicycle with stand; 27" wheel
1565.Mongoose Camrock 24 bicycle with stand; 23" wheel
1566.Honda HR-200FS bicycle with stand; 20" wheel
1567.Disney Pixar Cars child's bicycle with training wheels; 15" rim
1568.Umbrella base
1569.School speed limit sign; 61 x 30"
1570.2 green painted wood shutters; each measures 47 x 14" wide
1571.Cast iron garden bench panel; 46 x 13"
1572.OldPal/WoodStream fishing tackle box with contents, 2 fishing rods with reels
1573.Whirlpool swash drycleaner (preview for working condition)
1574.VQ ActionCare fitness chair
1575.Pilates Pro chair
1576.4 metal clamps; largest 65"
1577.Metal garden decoration; 58" tall
1578.Wrought-iron railing; 31 x 77" wide
1579.Metal 5 light floor lamp; 84" tall
1701.1787 New Jersey Colonial copper coin
1702.1814 United States classic head large cent
1703.1822 United States large cent
1704.1858 United States flying eagle cent (large letters)
1705.Lot of 10 pre-1900 United States Indian head cents
1706.Lot of 10 early United States Lincoln cents (1909, 1909-VDB, 1915, 1916-S, 1917, 1917-D, 1918, 1918-D, 1918-S and 1919-S)
1707.Lot of 10 early United States Lincoln cents (1920, 1920-D, 1920-S, 1921, 1923, 1924, 1924-S, 1925, 1925-D and 1926-D)
1708.1972 double date Lincoln cent
1709.1864 United States 2 cent piece
1710.1862 United States silver 3 cent
1711.1866 United States shield nickel with rays
1712.Roll of full date United States Buffalo nickels
1713.Lot of 14 proof Jefferson nickels
1714.2 United States Barber quarters (1898 and 1899)
1715.1857 United States seated liberty half dollar
1716.1925 Stone Mountain commemorative half dollar
1717.1938-D United States walking liberty half dollar (key date)
1718.1902 United States Barber half dollar
1719.1962 Mexican silver peso
1720.1964 Canadian silver dollar
1721.Lot of miscellaneous foreign coins
1722.1993 silver eagle, graded PCGS PF 69 ultra cameo (key)
1723.1994-P silver eagle, graded PCGS PF 69 ultra cameo
1724.1996-P silver eagle, graded PCGS PF 69 ultra cameo
1725.1997-P silver eagle, graded PCGS PF 69 ultra cameo
1726.Lot of 4 United States 2016 first strike silver eagles, graded PCGS MS 69
1727.1893-CC United States Carson City Morgan dollar
1728.1926 United States peace dollar
1729.1925 United States peace dollar
1730.1923 United States peace dollar
1731.1924 United States peace dollar
1732.6 United States walking liberty half dollars (2 x 1943, 2 x 1944 and 2 x 1945)
1733.Roll of Zachary Taylor United States silver dollars ($25 face value)
1734.Roll of Franklin Pierce United States silver dollars ($25 face value)
1735.38 United States Kennedy half dollars, assorted dates 1970s to 1990s
1800.3 unopened boxes Donruss baseball and puzzle cards, Best of the American league
1801.3 boxes Upper Deck 1991 3-D team holograms and baseball cards sets
1802.3 boxes Fleer 1991 baseball cards
1803.NFL Pro Set Platinum 1991 series 1 and series 2 cards, unopened boxes
1804.3 boxes Tops MLB and other baseball cards
1805.4 Boxes Upper Deck 1991 NFL football cards
1806.3 unopened boxes Upper Deck 1990, 1993 factory set baseball cards
1807.Topps 1993 and 1994 baseball card boxes and 2007 Target baseball cards
1808.5 unopened boxes Upper Deck 1992 baseball cards
1809.Leaf unopened baseball card boxes
1810.3 boxes Upper Deck baseball cards
1811.Fleer unopened boxes baseball cards
1812.2 unopened boxes Topps Finest 1994 baseball cards
1813.3 unopened boxes Fleer baseball cards

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